AUGUST 7, 1976

Continued From Preceding Page again the next day- That was Saturday, when i t rained most of the day,wd ha lest it again going around the little loop a t the top of the pits. "This time she finished!" he told h i s suffering mechnics with a shmpbh smile; it's $he smile *at saves be wbritintotheracewith him meay-. the ex-Memm=io'car ( w m haviag heen swapped over fo WfiBams for the resb of the yew in some obscure backroom deal that ousts Ickx frmy the $erun),and pretty shabby it looked witfitbe bottom half still sponsoring "Ovoro" and the top selling "Beta". But not so shabby a s when Vittorio walked back from it this W time. . . Partway round that second lap S squeezed by Other Carlos, and & o alone in m n d phce to see-whatcouldbe done about theHunt lead. It was up to 10.3 seconds by the end of that lag, and James had done the lap a t 7 minutes24.1 &econdsr, which wss quickest. Pace came along still third a t the end of that, but the gap to the next lot had vanished fm &gga was close behind ilsd so was Nilsson: M m c had olo8ed up and overtaken Andre% again, the JPS engine having begun to lose power on this second lap. Johes' impressive run had dissolved in a spin back to 14th-place at the Adenau bridge.


Memario for the lead of it. Around the third lapdody was quickest, at 7m 1% 1to James' 19.8, and the gap was unde~ 10 seconds between them. Hey, this might be quite a race after all, with snother 11 laps to g a But Iluat had the message, and stepped up just enough to hold the gap stead2 EDurth time around, and after another lap the gap wrts just had the lap over 10 seqonds, and J-es speed down to 7m 14.4. That broke Jody's resolve, he realized he 'was going to be second, and from then on his deficiency

James Hun4 jumps his k l a r w i M23 through the German forest an his way to a win inthe German Grand Prix.
began to grow: 12.1 seconds, 12.9, then 14.6, 17.5, md 21.7 after 10 laps. So Hunt W e d free and clear to his fourth GP trictary of the season, but with a maple of laps to go Scheckter's pit signalled'him some new resolve. "Aw, they g&e me a bogus gap back to Regga," he explained. "I thought he was closer than he was, so I tried a s hard a s X could again." It was noticable from the sidelines, a s Jody had the nimble six-wheeler cocked sideways out of every one of the

Chris k l b photos ~


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Rolf Stommek, back tor his Ttrst GP of the year, chats with car owner Bernie Ecdestone, Stommdenbrought the team's extra Brabham BT45/Alfa Romeo horn irl sixth place.

174corners around the circuit. On the 13th lap, one to go,he-did a lap at 7m 10.8s,to aoe James out of something, at least. "And I made a mistake on that one, too..." Regaziani was aotually less of a threat than he thought anyway. At the end of the 12th lap the surviving Ferrari was late, and eventually came into the pits with its nose wing all curled up. Clay was well out

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of the points by the time he got out again with a new one. Andretti had lilr8wiare stopped in the pits, his engine's high-speed miss getting so bad he decided to m k a cure. Team Lotus strapped on a new battery and sent him back out, but the cure only lasted about a lap, and after that the miss came back. "It's a damn shame, 'cause she was really workin'. I wgs finally gettin' to know the track a little, too." So the final stage of the race was just a dice for third piace between Pace and Mass. Carlos, who had been looking and feeling prettx grey during practice with a bad case of 'flu, was going like a champion during the raee and afteward, al- . though he was prettx tired, he denied he'd slacked off because of illness. It was the car that was going a little off, its handling getting unstable as the tanks emptiedand the engine's all-too-famillr poor lows p e d piekup worsening too. Mass finaJly caught him up and passed, t o finish-third in the full scale re-run of the race he'd "won" the first time around. Nilmon came home fifth, a fine result Sfcrr b o a him and the tea&, but even better was Stommelen's one point for Brabham in his first GP this year. Considering that after legal difficulties took away his first ride of the weekend (when the R A M . Brabhrtms were both impounded for breach of contract on % h e instigation of driver Loris Kessel) and he never.srat in the Alfa car until the rain-soaked Saturday he did well indsed

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