Wachs Tak'es His, Second
Straight Scirocco Race
driver in the race, moving through the
back half of the field with ease from his
10th starting spot.
Ted Roberts finished ninth, with Jol\n
Williamson tenth. Williamson came very
close to not making the race. As the cars
were wheeled to the grid, he threw the
keys onto the dash while getting his suit
on. The keys went down. the defroster
vents causing several anxious and hilar-
ious minutes while John fished around
for the needed parts.
I-Eddie Wachs, 2:04.424 for ao average speed of 69.44mph: 2-
Lou Gigliotti, 2:05.453; 3-Paul Hacker, 2:05.825; 4-Chris Gleason,
2:05.825; 5-Charley Pannier, 2:06.373; 6-John Ryan, 2:07.175; 7-
Ted Roberts, 2:07.267; 8-Joel C Bradley, 2:07.626; 9-John
Williamson, 2:08.115; IO-Tim Startup, 2:08.330; ll-R. Jeff Marsh,
2:08.541; 12-Bill Koeblitz, 2:08.66S; 13-Les Hudelson, 2:09.209;
14-Duane S. Eitel , 2:09.527; 15-Ray Clark, 2:09,781: 16-lrwin
Dollinger, 2:09.941; 17-Phillip Pate, 2:10.613; IS-Thad Gutowski ,
2:10.905; 19-Jerry Bergman, 1:15.546.
LEXINGTON, Ohio-Eddie Wachs cap-
tured his second Bilstein/ Scirocco victo-
ry in a row with a 2.7-second victory over
Tim Startup in the 38-mile race around
the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. Wachs,
averging89.18mph, led the race from
start to finish to become the first double
winner in the series.
Startup turned in an excellent" perfor-
mance, starting 10th, moving to sixth on
the first lap, fifth on the second, fourth on
the third, third on the fifth, and finally
into second after nine laps. However, he
just wasn't able to close the gap between
himself and Wachs and had to settle for
Third place went to Lou Gigliotti, who
held-the spot until displaced by Startup.
He stayed on Tim's tail for the balance of
the race to take third but simply could not
get by the flying Startup.
Fourth place went to paul Hacker who
was up to third i!l the early going,
dropping back a notch when Startup
came through. Hacker had a rather
uneventful race, neither threatening nor
being threatened in his position.
Fifth place went to Chris Gleason in a
commendable effort in, his first start.
Charlie Pannier held on for sixth, while
Erwin Dollinger was eighth. Besides
Startup, Dollinger was the most inspired
Completing the finishers were Thad
Gutowski,Les Hudelson, Bill Koeblitz,
Ray Clark, John Ryan, who dropped back
after a pit stop with an exhaust problem,
Phillip Pate, Jeff Marsh and Jerry Berg-
I -Wachs . 17 laps or40.8 miles in 35min 23.177sec or an average
speed of 69.ISmph: 2,Startup, 17; 3-Gigliotti. 17; 4-Hacker, 17; 5-
Gleason, 17; 6-Pannier, 17; 7-Dollinger. 17; g,Roberts. 17; 9-
Williamson, 17; IO-Gutowski. 17; ll-Hudelson, 17; 12-Koeblitz,
17; 13-Clark, 17; 14-Ryan, 17; 15-Pate, 17: 16,Marsh, 17: 17-
Bergman, 16.
DNF: IS-Bradley, 13, exhaust; 19-Eitel, 7, lost power.
Small Field For Scirocco Bash
Overall, the race was a rather dull
affair, with the exception of the efforts
turn in by Startup and Dollinger. The
drivers are beginning to realize that the
pushing and shoving which makes the
series interesting is also very expensive
Lauda, Ferrari
when it comes time to make repairs. The
series still has potential, but unless
something happens soon, mainly in the
form of more to liven things up, it
could unfortunately become one of the
shortiest-lived series in racing, as it just
hasn't seemed to have hit the fancy of the
fans or the promoters.-Bruce Czaja
cause of debris on the track and FIA rules
call for cars not finishing the first lap in
circumstances such as ths to be eliminat-
ed from any restart. Hunt, however, was
allowed to restart and Went on to win.
Ferrari filed a protest, but to no avail.
LEXINGTON, Ohio-Once again, a
relatively small field wason hand for the
Mid-Ohio round of the Scirocco/ Bilstein
Cup Championship. Leading things off
was Elkhart Lake victor Eddie Wachs,
who set the pace in his Prototype
Engineering car with a time of 2:04.424.
Second fastest was Lou Gigliotti in his
Budlong car, coming in a few hundredths
of a second slower.
Paul Hacker was third best, sharing the
second row with s,eries newcomer Chris
Charlie Pannier and Mosport winner
John Ryan made up the third row, their
times being 2:06.3 and 2:07.1 respectively.
Ted Roberts and Joel Bradley formed
the fourth row, followed by John William-
son and Tim Startup, who completed the
top ten. Startup had a few problems in
qualifying which left him further back in
the field than he is normally accustomed
to. '
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August 9. Lurz told reporters thatLauda's
first words were, "Will I be able to drive
again?" He reportedly also asked the
results of the German GP, won by James
Hunt in a McLaren;
Better Sales Predicted For Subaru
Chances appear slim that Lauda will
race again this season, even if his injuries
heal to the extent that he once again can
handle a Formula One racing car. Team
Ferrari, for whom Lauda drives, has
announced that it is withdrawing its
Grand Prix cars from competition for the
. remainder of this season, a decision that
was taken, according to company
sources, qecause of FIA appeal rulings
anfa vorable to Ferra.ri. Specifally, those
appeals reinstated James Hunt's win in
the Spanish Grand Prix May 2 (Hunt had
been disqualified and the win given to
Lauda) and allowed Hunt's win in the
British GP to stand, even though his car '
was unable to finish the race's first lap
because of an accident involving the two
Ferrari cars. That race was halted be-
. Grand watchers, however, put
Ferrari's decision to withdraw from
Formula One for the rest of the season
down to yet another reason. After Lauda' s
crash, they say, Ferrari tried desparately
hard to find a front line driver to rep1ace
Lauda in the team's nearly invincible
312T/2. It was thought that a top driver
could not only make a good showing for
the company, but perhaps protect Lauda' s
points standings. ' He now leads James
Hunt by 58 points to 44 and with six GPs
remainging Hunt could pass Lauda's
total. The only Fl driver not under
contract to a works team is Ronnie
Peterson, but Peterson proved to be
unavailable. So with no top driver avail-
able for what some insiders consider to be
the best F 1 car today, Ferrari had no
choice but to withdraw.
Subaru of America, Inc. (OTC), with
year-to-date sales of 22,520 for the six
months ending June 1976-22% above
sales of 18,465 during the corresponding
period of 1975, has, according to . UPI,
moved into sixth position among
automotive import companies in the
United States.
During June Subaru recorded
sales of 4487 compared with sales of 4344
during June 1975.
Fits all foreign & domestic cars with two headlights (NOT
. four) . Unequalled lighting at any price
H-4 bulbs give
High beam light up to 5000 feet
Universal mounting
allows quick, plug-in installation and easy replacement
of all conventional 7 inch dia. lights. (add $1 .50 for
Subaru president Harvey Lamm
projects continuing. upward sales during
the second six months of 1976. "Steadily
increasing recognition of the Subaru
styling and quality in engineering and
service continues to create greater
consumer demand for . the Subaru
product, and Subaru of America wi ll
continue to maintain its availability of
Subaru front-wheel and four-wheel drive
automobiles in the U.S."
Insiders are quick to say that the team's
decision could be reversed at any time.
The European GT look! Applies inside . PM,
upper part of windshield. Outs sun gl3re, CATALOG!
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(With Lexan dial protector)
Rated within 3% accuracy, built- in bleeder
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