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Back-to-School Supplement • August 29, 2013 • 2
Back-to-School Supplement • August 29, 2013 • 3
For your inFormation
Child and Adult Nutrition Services
in the South Dakota Department of
Education has announced the policy
for free milk or free and reduced price
meals. The policy applies to children
unable to pay the full price of meals or
milk served under the National School
Lunch, School Breakfast, and/or Spe-
cial Milk Programs. The administra-
tive office of each school that
participates in the Lunch, Breakfast,
and/or Milk Program has a copy of the
policy that is available for review.
Children from families whose in-
come is at or below the levels shown
are eligible for free or reduced price
meals. Children from a household
whose income is at or below the level
shown for free meals may be eligible
for free milk if the school participates
in a federally funded pricing Special
Milk Program. Families may apply for
free or reduced price meals or free
milk for their children for school year
2013-2014 according to guidelines ef-
fective July 1, 2013. Applications will
be provided to all households by the
local school.
The school will use the prior year’s
eligibility status (free, reduced price,
or paid) from last year for up to the
first 30 days of school or until a new
application is approved or direct certi-
fication is obtain, whichever comes
Households that are currently on
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Program (SNAP) or Temporary Assis-
tance for Needy Families (TANF) will
receive letters from the school indicat-
ing that their children are eligible for
free school meals. These families
should not complete an application for
free meals. If the family became eligi-
ble for benefits after school got out in
the spring, the family should fill out
an application and list their case num-
ber so they get the free benefits right
away. All children in household with
any household member receiving ben-
efits under TANF or SNAP are eligible
for free meals.
Families receiving commodities
through the Food Distribution Pro-
gram on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
can request an Interagency Action No-
tice that can be brought to the school
in place of an application to document
eligibility for free meals. All children
in household with any household
member receiving benefits under
FDPIR are eligible for free meals if the
school knows they are in the house-
If the school knows of children who
are homeless, runaway, foster, from a
migrant household, or who are en-
rolled in Head Start, they will send a
letter to the household telling them
the children are eligible for free meals.
If the household does not get a letter
or has questions, they should contact
the school. The household must notify
the school if it chooses to decline ben-
Foster children that are under the
legal responsibility of a foster care
agency or court are eligible for free
meals. Any foster child in the house-
hold is eligible for free meals regard-
less of income. Households may
include foster children on the applica-
tion, but are not required to include
payments received for care of the foster
child as income.
To apply for free or reduced price
meals, other households should fill out
the application and return it to the
school. An application must include the
names of children for whom benefits are
requested, all household members and
their monthly income or designation
that they do not have any income, and
be signed by an adult household mem-
ber with the last four digits of that per-
son’s social security number.
Incomplete applications cannot be ap-
proved for free and reduced price meals.
Additional copies are available in the
school office. The information provided
on the application is confidential and
will be used for the purpose of deter-
mining eligibility status for school
meals and Title I programs.
An eligibility determination is good
for the whole year; however, applica-
tions may be submitted at any time
during the year. Contact the school if a
household member becomes unem-
ployed or if the household size changes.
The children from that household may
be eligible for free or reduced price
meals or free milk during the time of
unemployment if the household’s in-
come falls within the income eligibility
guidelines. Information on any applica-
tion may be verified at any time during
the school year by school or other pro-
gram officials.
If a parent or guardian is dissatis-
fied with the ruling on the application
for eligibility, she/he may contact the
determining official on an informal
basis. If the parent or guardian wishes
to make a formal appeal, an oral or
written request may be made to the
school’s hearing official for a hearing
to appeal the decision.
Some schools may choose to send a
special notice about the Children's
Health Insurance Program to house-
holds with the application. It provides
a way for school personnel to know if
families will allow them to use stu-
dents' eligibility status for other pro-
gram benefits. The decision whether
or not a household is eligible for meal
benefits or not is not affected by this
Non-discrimination Statement:
This explains what to do if you believe
you have been treated unfairly. In ac-
cordance with Federal law and U.S.
Department of Agriculture policy, this
institution is prohibited from discrim-
inating on the basis of race, color, na-
tional origin, sex, age, or disability. To
file a complaint of discrimination, write
USDA, Director, Office of Adjudication,
1400 Independence Avenue, S.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20250-9410, or call
toll free (866) 632-9992 (Voice). Individ-
uals who are hearing impaired or have
speech disabilities may contact USDA
through the Federal Relay Service at
(800) 877-8339; or (800) 845-6136
(Spanish). USDA is an equal opportu-
nity provider and employer.
If a child needs a special diet as pre-
scribed by a doctor, the household
should contact the local school’s food
service manager.
The income scales below are used to
determine an applicant’s eligibility for
free or reduced price meals if the house-
hold is at or below the guidelines.
Guidelines for 2013-14 free or reduced meal programs
Annual Annual Monthly Monthly Weekly Weekly
House Size Free Reduced Free Reduced Free Reduced
1 14,937 21,257 1,245 1,772 288 409
2 20,163 28,694 1,681 2,392 388 552
3 25,389 36,131 2,116 3,011 489 695
4 30,615 43,568 2,552 3,631 589 838
5 35,841 51,005 2,987 4,251 690 981
6 41,067 58,442 3,423 4,871 790 1,124
7 46,293 65,879 3,858 5,490 891 1,267
8 51,519 73,316 4,294 6,110 991 1,410
Add for each
5,226 7,437 436 620 101 144
By Tresa Erickson
Bullies are a part of life. There's usually
one in every school, and most children ei-
ther know of them or encounter them fre-
quently. While some children can handle
bullies, others cannot and find themselves
stressed out. Fortunately, there are steps
that you can take to help your child deal
with a school bully effectively.
Although some children will inform their
parents that they are being bullied, others
will keep it to themselves. To determine if
your child is being bullied, look for these
warning signs:
•Your child suddenly hates school or
changes the route they take to school with-
out explanation.
•Your child appears moody and with-
drawn and experiences a loss in appetite.
•Your child cries in bed, wets the bed or
has nightmares.
•Your child seems distracted at school
and performs poorly.
•Your child becomes aggressive and be-
gins to bully those at home.
If you notice any of these signs in your
child and suspect they are being bullied,
ask them directly. Some children will
admit it; others will deny it and fess up
later. Whatever the situation with your
child, be patient, and if necessary, discuss
your suspicions with school officials.
Once you know for certain that your
child is being bullied, you can help them
cope with the situation by encouraging
them to do the following:
Avoid the bully whenever possible. In
this case, out of sight really is out of mind.
The less confrontations you have with the
bully, the more likely they are to lose in-
terest in you.
•Surround yourself with friends. Bullies
prefer picking on others when no one is
•Act with confidence. Look into the
bully's eyes when they confront you and
make certain they know that you are not
bothered by their threats. The stronger
and more confident you appear, the less
likely the bully will continue to pick on
•Try to disarm the bully with humor.
Again, act as though the bully's threats do
not bother you and try to laugh them off.
The fact that you do not take the bully's
threats seriously may make them lose in-
•Learn to walk away. Don't stand
around and argue with the bully. Not only
will you give them more time to taunt you,
but you could wind up saying something
that the bully could use against you. React
calmly to the bully, say little and leave
•Don't try to buy off the bully. Don't give
them money, food or anything else they re-
quest. Doing so will only keep the bully
•Report the bully to school officials.
Most bullies' threats are empty, so if the
bully informs you that they will do such
and such if you tell on them, pay no atten-
tion. Be brave and notify school officials
anyway. They may take action against the
These are just some ideas your child can
try to effectively deal with a bully. None of
them are foolproof. Depending upon the
bully, some may work and some may not.
For further ideas, consult a professional.
If you know that your child is being bul-
lied, it is important that you take action
and help them cope with the situation. Bul-
lying is not a harmless rite of passage that
builds character, as some might think.
While some children do get through the or-
deal fairly well, others are scarred for life.
Bullying can make a child fearful, anxious
and insecure, and over time, lead them to
believe that there is something wrong with
them and that they deserve to be mis-
treated. In some cases, bullying can get so
out of hand that serious harm or injury oc-
curs. Don't let it happen to your child. Be
on the lookout for the warning signs of bul-
lying and take action as soon as you dis-
cover that your child has encountered a
Bullied No More
F8lllF "$0011ll$¨
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 4
Haakon School District stakeholders can find the PUBLIC COM-
PLAINTS FOR FEDERAL PROGRAMS Policy and Complaint form
on the school website - and in the stu-
dent handbooks.
The complete REPORT CARD with the colored graphs can be
found in the Haakon School District`s Administration Office, the High
School Office, and the Elementary Office as well as Haakon County
Library. There is a link to the state`s site where the reports are found
on the school website -
Haakon School District stakeholders can find the ELEMENTARY
school district website - and in the stu-
dent handbooks.
Tho 20l3-l4 schooI yonr Is undorwny! Tho Ðnkofn Sfoµ fosfIng ro-
suIfs nro In nnd onco ngnIn our sfudonfs dId vory woII. ThIs Is n crodIf
fo our sfnff nnd µnronfs who work hnrd nf hoIµIng fho sfudonfs bo-
como succossfuI.
Thoro Is onIy ono nddIfIon fo fho sfnff fhIs yonr. Mr. Cory !nmbIoy
wIII bo fho ?-l2 µrIncIµnI. Ho Is comos fo us from WhIfo !Ivor whoro
ho wns n hIgh schooI socInI sfudIos fonchor. I hoµo whon you soo hIm
you woII gIvo hIm n wnrm ScoffIo woIcomo.
Tho jnnIforInI sfnff hns dono n fromondous job of goffIng fho fncII-
IfIos rondy for fho 20l3-l4 schooI yonr. Somo Imµrovomonfs mndo
hnvo boon fo µour concrofo onco ngnIn on fho soufhwosf cornor of fho
IIno Arfs IuIIdIng, frIm somo froos, µnInf fho hnIIwnys nnd onco
ngnIn sfrIµ nnd wnx ovory room In fho dIsfrIcf.
Tho bronkfnsf µrogrnm Is sfIII goIng on nnd hoµofuIIy fho kIds fnko
ndvnnfngo of fhIs oµµorfunIfy. Hours for bronkfnsf wIII bo from ?:30
fo ?:55 n.m.
Inronfs nnd fho communIfy nro romIndod fo como uµ fo fho hIgh
schooI offIco nnd µurchnso fhoIr ncfIvIfy fIckofs for fho schooI yonr
sµorfIng ovonfs. AIso, wo hnvo n sIgn-uµ shoof fo bo fIckof fnkors.
Thoso shoofs nro In fho hIgh schooI offIco. Inronfs nro nIso romIndod
fo fIII ouf fho Iroo nnd !oducod MonI Irogrnm nµµIIcnfIon Iocnfod
In fho offIcos. Tho moro wo gof fo sIgn-uµ nnd qunIIfy, fho moro If
hoIµs our dIsfrIcf whon nµµIyIng for grnnfs!
Thnf Is nII for now. If you hnvo nny quosfIons or concorns µIonso
fooI froo fo confncf us nf fho schooI.
Ono Insf romIndor, grndunfIon Is Snfurdny, Mny l?, 20l4, nf 3:00
<æ.æ¬ *e:æ/c:z
:.;æ:·¬z欬æ¬z/¹/æ»æ¬zc:¸ ´:·¬
Supcrintcndcnt Ncws | Kcvcn Horchart
by Ðe! Buvte!s
Cory !nmbIoy Is fho now µrIn-
cIµnI for fho IhIIIµ JunIor HIgh
nnd IhIIIµ HIgh SchooI.
!nmbIoy sfnrfod Mondny, Au-
gusf l2, Ioss fhnn ono wook bo-
foro somo fnII sµorfs µrncfIcos
bognn nnd onIy nIno cnIondnr
dnys boforo fho fIrsf dny of
¨I`m from fho MIdwosf. Wnnfod
fo sfny In fhIs nron. I como from
nn ng bnckground, so If mndo n
Iof of sonso,¨ snId !nmbIoy. ¨I`vo
honrd n Iof of good fhIngs nbouf
fho sfudonfs, fonchors nnd com-
munIfy. Ivoryono hns boon vory
woIcomIng so fnr.¨
!nmbIoy hns n fonchIng bnck-
ground, nnd Is now bogInnIng hIs
fIrsf yonr ns nn ndmInIsfrnfor.
Affor fInIshIng hIgh schooI In
Iurko, ho onrnod n bnchoIors of
scIonco In oducnfIon, wIfh n
mInor In conchIng, from Þorfhorn
Sfnfo !nIvorsIfy In Abordoon.
HIs fIrsf couµIo of yonrs of fonch-
Ing woro In Irono/Wnkondn, foI-
Iowod by fhroo yonrs In TImbor
!nko nnd four yonrs In WhIfo
WorkIng wIfh youfh cnmo nnf-
urnIIy. ¨I wnnfod fo go Info conch-
Ing, nnd bo nround kIds,¨ snId
!nmbIoy. ¨HIsfory mndo sonso fo
mo. If cnmo n Iof onsIor fhnn
ofhor subjocfs.¨ Ho nddod, ¨Iosf
fhIng nbouf fonchIng Is sooIng fho
kIds succood.¨
Ho hns now onrnod n mnsfors
In schooI ndmInIsfrnfIon from fho
!nIvorsIfy of Soufh Ðnkofn In
VormIIIIon. ¨I jusf wnnfod fo fur-
fhor my oducnfIon. I foIf I wnnfod
n now chnIIongo,¨ snId !nmbIoy.
Ho wIII nIso bo fuIfIIIIng hnIf of
fho nfhIofIc dIrocfor`s dufIos,
nIong wIfh Kory Ioss.
Though nof In nn offIcInI conch-
Ing cnµncIfy, ho hoµos fo bo nbIo
fo voIunfoor n bIf of hoIµ wIfh fho
foofbnII fonm. !nmbIoy hns µrovI-
ousIy conchod foofbnII nnd frnck.
Ho nIso hoIµod rosfnrf !ogIon
bnsobnII In ono communIfy. ¨If`s n
Iof of work sfnrfIng uµ somofhIng
you hnvon`f hnd for n Iong fImo,¨
ho snId.
Ho IIkos smnII fowns nnd Is Im-
µrossod wIfh fho communIfy of
IhIIIµ. ¨Tho µooµIo nro ronI
frIondIy, nnd fho sfroof I IIvo on
sooms fo bo fho busIosf sfroof I`vo
IIvod on yof. I dIdn`f ronIIzo fhoro
wns fhnf much frnffIc In IhIIIµ,
S.Ð.,¨ ho snId. ¨Thnf`s ono fhIng
I`vo nofIcod, fho counfry ronIIy
doos Iook good uµ horo. If`s good
fo soo.¨ Ho nddod, ¨SchooIs nro n
bIg µnrf of fhoso communIfIos.
Thoy kInd of rovoIvo nround fho
Ho grow uµ In n fnmIIy fhnf
IIkos fo hunf. Thoy usod fo ovon
hunf coyofos wIfh frnInod groy-
hound dogs. !nmbIoy µInns fo go
woIf hunfIng In wosforn Monfnnn
somofImo noxf fnII. As for fIshIng,
¨I IIko my fIsh on n µInfo,¨ snId
!nmbIoy. IIrds, fhough nro nn-
ofhor fhIng, ¨!of of µhonsnnf,
grouso, ducks, gooso I`m moro
Info fho bIrds.¨
!nmbIoy µInnnod n sImµIo nnd
sfrnIghf forwnrd fIrsf dny of
schooI. ¨I`m goIng fo Infroduco
mysoIf fo fho sfudonfs nnd woI-
como fhom fo n now schooI yonr,¨
snId !nmbIoy.
Lambley jolns Raakon 0lstrlct
l. Why Is n schooI bus yoIIow¨
n) If`s such n brIghf, IovoIy coIor
b) IodornI Inw mnndnfos fhnf schooI
busos bo µnInfod fhnf coIor
c) Iocnuso ofhor drIvors musf uso
cnufIon nround fhom
2. Whnf InsµIrod fho InvonfIon of fho
gIuo sfIck¨
n) Ico µoµs
b) Corn dogs
c) !IµsfIck
3. How much monoy dId fho fIrsf box of
CrnyoIn brnnd crnyons cosf¨
n) IIvo confs
b) 25 confs
c) Ono doIInr
4. Abouf how mnny words cnn fho nv-
orngo numbor 2 µoncII wrIfo¨
n) l,000
b) l0,550
c) 45,000
5. Tho onrIIosf µoncII ornsors woro
mndo from.
n) Irond
b) Sµongo
c) Thoy sImµIy couIdn'f ornso fhIngs
6. Truo or fnIso¨ Tho µoµuInr µIny-
ground gnmo of kIckbnII wns Invonfod
In fho !nIfod Sfnfos.
n) Truo
b) InIso
?. Truo or fnIso¨ A µoncII cnn wrIfo In
oufor sµnco, uµsIdo down, nnd undor-
n) Truo
b) InIso
8. Whnf Is cnIcIum suIfnfo moro com-
monIy cnIIod¨
n) A mIIkshnko
b) ChnIk
c) A dry-ornso mnrkor
9. In l98? four µubIIc schooIs sfnrfod
suggosfIng fhnf sfudonfs fo wonr n
schooI unIform. Whnf sfnfo woro fhoy
n) CnIIfornIn
b) MnryInnd/WnshIngfon, Ð.C.
c) Toxns
l0. Truo or fnIso¨ Consumors sµond
moro durIng bnck-fo-schooI fImo fhnn
durIng fho Ðocombor hoIIdny sonson¨
n) Truo
b) InIso
by KnfIo MIIIs CIorgIo
A n s w e v s
l . I ; 2 . C ; 3 . A ; 4 . C ; 5 . A ; 6 . A ; ? . A ; 8 . I ;
9 . I ; l 0 . I
Back to school qulz to test your knowledge
Bes1 u1sÞes ]or o Hoppg
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l||||ç l|rts|st|
SS9-2S?? º PÞ111p
Here´s 1o o suooess]u1
seoson 1n o11 gour ooodem1o
ond o1Þ1e11o endeovors!
Good Luck, ScottIes!!
Hatc a succcssfu| acadcnic
and spcr|s scascn!!
Drlte carefu||µ S hate a safe
and en]oµab|e schoo| µear!
859-2568 · PIili¡, SD
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M-F: ? a.m. to S p.m.
SAT: S a.m. to Noon

Sgq-¿1oo · Philip
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to a brand
new schoo| year!
Sooo |uck |n a|| ,our
sporr|ng & acaoem|c en-
F8lllF "$0011ll$¨
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 6
Phlllp Rlgh 8ports 8chedule for 2013-2014
30 IHS ¸ Þ!HS.................?:00
6 !ymnn ¸ homo
(HomocomIng) ................6:00
l3 IHS ¸ SfnnIoy Co. .........6:00
2l IHS ¸ !ond vs.
HIII CIfy..........................3:00
2? IHS ¸ Kndokn. .............?:00
4 Iyo
ll IHS ¸ Jonos Counfy .....6:00
l8 WnII ¸ Homo ..................?:00
24 WhIfo !Ivor ¸ homo.......6:00
29 lsf !ound IInyoffs ........TIA
4 2nd !ound IInyoffs .......TIA
9 SomI-fInnIs.....................TIA
l4-l6 9A IInnIs ¸ VormIIIIon
(Subjocf To Chnngo)
3 Þ!HS ¸ homo................5:30
9 ¸ !ymnn.........................4:00
l6 ¸ SfnnIoy Co...................4:00
23 ¸ HIII CIfy ......................4:30
30 Kndokn ¸ homo..............4:00
l4 Jonos Co. (JH) ¸ homo ..4:00
2l ¸ WnII .............................4:00
5 IHS ¸ Kndokn ...............6:00
l0 Jonos Co. ¸ homo...........5:30
l2 TrInnguInr (!ymnn & Sfnn-
Ioy Co.) ¸ If. IIorro .......4:00
l4 IhIIIµ Tournoy ...............9:00
2l TrInnguInr (WnII & WhIfo
!Ivor) ¸ WhIfo !Ivor .....2:00
24 InIfh Tournoy ................5:00
26 HnrdIng Co. ¸ homo ......5:30
28 IoIIo Iourcho Tournoy ..9:00
3 IHS ¸ !ommon .............5:30
5 Ðuµroo ¸ homo ..............5:00
l0 WnII ¸ homo...................6:00
l2 TrInng (Þ!HS & !.C.
ChrIsfInn) ¸ IhIIIµ ........3:00
l? !ymnn ¸ homo...............5:30
l9 ÐougIns Tournoy............9:00
25 IHS ¸ Ionnoff Co. ........4:30
26 IHS ¸ !ond/Ðondwood
(9fh) ................................8:30
28 IHS ¸ Þ!HS.................6:00
5/?/8 ÐIsfrIcf l4I ¸ TIA ....TIA
l2 !ogIon ?I ¸ TIA ..........TIA
2l-23 Sfnfo ¸ Huron ...........TIA
(Subjocf To Chnngo)
l2 ¸ InIfh............................5:30
l6 ¸ Þow !ndorwood.........5:00
l9 ¸ WnII .............................6:00
23 ¸ Kndokn........................6:00
3 Jonos Co. ¸ homo...........4:00
5 WCI Tournoy ¸
SfnnIoy Co ......................9:00
8 WnII ¸ homo...................4:30
l0 ¸ WhIfo !Ivor.................4:00
l2 Ionnoff Co. Tournoy....l0:00
l? Kndokn ¸ homo..............5:00
l9 WhIfo !Ivor Tournoy .....8:00
30 IHS ¸ ÐougIns ..............9:00
6 IHS ¸ InIfh.................l0:00
9 IHS ¸ WhIfo !Ivor........2:00
l4 IHS ¸ WnII....................TIA
2l IHS ¸ !ymnn................TIA
25 WCI Conf. - IhIIIµ.......l0:00
2? IHS ¸ !.C. ConfrnI .......3:00
l IHS ¸ !ond...................2:.30
5 IHS ¸ HIghmoro ...........9:00
l2 IhIIIµ InvIfnfIonnI .......l0:00
l6 !ogIon Moof ¸ IHS.....l2:00
26 Sfnfo ¸ !nµId CIfy ........TIA
l2 WnII ¸ homo...................6:00
l4 !.C. ChrIsfInn ¸ homo...l:00
l9 IHS ¸ SfnnIoy Co..........2:30
2l IHS ¸ Idgomonf ...........2:30
23 Kndokn ¸ homo..............3:00
4 IHS vs. TImbor !nko ¸
? IIson ¸ homo .................5:30
9 IHS ¸ Þ!HS.................6:00
ll Ðuµroo ¸ homo ..............5:00
l4 McInfosh ¸ homo...........5:00
l6 IHS ¸ Kndokn ...............6:00
20 IHS ¸ WnII ....................6:00
23 !owor IruIo ¸ homo......5:00
25 IHS ¸ Ionnoff Co. ........2:00
l IHS ¸ ÞowoII ................5:00
4 IHS ¸ InIfh...................6:00
? IHS ¸ !ond/Ðwd...........3:00
ll Jonos Co. ¸ homo...........5:30
l4 IHS ¸ !ymnn ................3:00
20 WhIfo !Ivor ¸ homo.......5:30
24/25/28 ÐIsfrIcf l4I...........TIA
8 !ogIon ¸ TIA................TIA
l3-l5 Sfnfo I .....................TIA
(TImos Þof AvnIInbIo
& Subjocf fo Chnngo)
2 IhIIIµ Tournoy
9 ¸ Kndokn
ll ¸ Jonos Counfy
l6 Ionnoff Co. Tournoy
l8 ¸ WnII
2l ¸ SfnnIoy Counfy
25 Jonos Counfy ¸ homo
26 Þow !ndorwood ¸ homo
2 WnII ¸ homo
6 ¸ WhIfo !Ivor
? WCI ¸ IhIIIµ
9 Þow !ndorwood ¸ homo
l4 Kndokn ¸ homo
l3 IHS ¸ WnII ....................6:00
l4 !.C. ChrIsfInn ¸ homo...l:00
l9 IHS ¸ SfnnIoy Co..........2:30
2l IHS ¸ Idgomonf ...........2:30
23 Kndokn ¸ homo..............3:00
4 TIm. !nko ¸ Kndokn .....TIA
l0 Jonos Co. ¸ homo...........5:30
l6-l8 Jonos Co. InvIfo. ........TIA
2l WhIfo !Ivor ¸ homo.......5:30
25 IHS ¸ Ionnoff Co. ........2:00
4 IHS ¸ Þow !ndorwood 6:00
l0 WnII ¸ homo...................6:00
? IHS ¸ !ond/Ðwd...........3:00
l4 IHS ¸ !ymnn ................3:00
l5 IHS ¸ Ðuµroo................5:00
l? ÞowoII ¸ homo ...............5:00
22 InIfh ¸ homo..................6:00
28 IHS ¸ Kndokn ...............6:00
3/6/? ÐIsfrIcf l4I.................TIA
l2 !ogIon ...........................TIA
20-22 Sfnfo I ....................TIA
(TImos Þof AvnIInbIo
& Subjocf fo Chnngo)
l0 Jonos Counfy ¸ homo
23 IHS ¸ WnII
24 SfnnoIy Counfy ¸ homo
28 IHS ¸ Þow !ndorwood
l IhIIIµ Tournnmonf
? WhIfo !Ivor ¸ homo
8 WCI ¸ WhIfo !Ivor
l0 WnII ¸ homo
2l Kndokn ¸ homo
22 IHS ¸ Ionnoff Co. Tournoy
? KImbnII/WhIfo !nko
l3-l4 !.C. ConfrnI
Tournoy ..................2:00/9:00
2l VnIonfIno, ÞI,
Tournoy. .......................l0:00
l0-ll !ymnn Tournoyll:00/9:00
l?-l8 IhIIIµ Tournoy ...3:00/9:00
25 WInnor Tournoy ............TIA
3l IIorro (MS) Tournoy......9:00
l Wngnor Tournoy ............9:00
l !od CIoud Tournoy
(JV) ...............................l0:00
l5 IhIIIµ InvIfo ¸ WnII .....TIA
22 !ogIon 4I ......................TIA
28-Mnrch l Sfnfo I
¸ Abordoon ....................TIA
(Wnfch for schoduIos In fho
WInfor AcfIvIfIos CuIdo)
Cbamglons do noI become cbamglons wben Ibey wln Ibe evenI, buI ln Ibe bours, weeks, monIbs
and years Ibey sgend gregarlng for lI. Tbe vlcIorlous gerformance lIself ls merely Ibe demonsIraIlon
of Ibelr cbamglonsblg cbaracIer. · 1. ¬|an ¬tms|tong
Nay thìs schoo¦
year Le a GREAT
one íor a¦¦ the
teachers 8
8ç,-,o8; - Phì¦ìp
Good Iuck, students,
with aII your schooI endeavors!
· Certified welder with more than 20 years of
welding experience
· We have a full line of tires to fit your needs
· Plasma Cutting
ß8ß 1lf0 8 80¢8lf
Aaron and Angie DooIittIe
843-2521 · MidIand
8890 8 M0M0f80l0 80880ßI
From your State Farm agent:
Jan Hewitt
Philip, SD
(605) 859-2559
Kim Deuter
Licensed Associate
24-Hour Phone Service
Like a good neighbor,
State Farm is there.®
State Farm Insurance Companies
Home Offices: Bloomington, Illinois
F8lllF "$0011ll$¨
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 ·
by Nuncy HuIgL
Tho IhIIIµ voIIoybnII fonm ro-
furns somo koy µInyors fo fho
courf fhIs yonr nIong wIfh n Iof of
oxµorIoncod junIors, who nII Iook
fo n gronf sonson of ncfIon.
Throo sonIors, Jordyn Ðokkor,
MndIson Hnnd nnd KncI OIIvIor
wIII Iond fho ScoffIo voIIoybnII
fonm fhrough fho sonson. ¨Tho
fhroo sonIors fhIs yonr nro vory
vocnI. Thoy µush fhomsoIvos nIong
wIfh fho ofhors. Thoy nron`f wIII-
Ing fo jusf bo comforfnbIo,¨ snId
hond conch KIm Ioumnn.
JunIors IncIudo Courfnoy
InrfIoff, Iroff CnrIoy, JusfInn
Cvnch, Ioyfon ÐoJong, Tynnn
CoffsIobon, KnfIo HnIgh, Hnnnn
HosfufIor nnd Ashfon !oody.
Amnndn McIIrnvy swIfchos ovor
from µInyor fo mnnngor fhIs son-
Soµhomoros nro IIIIo CoyIo,
Krny KIng nnd !IbbI Koosfor.
Iroshmon joInIng fho sqund fhIs
yonr nro TIn CuµfIII, Shny Hnnd,
Ioyfon Kuchonbockor, Choyonno
IInnoy, SnmmIo SchofIoId, InIgo
SIovok nnd IIIso WhooIor.
Tho IondorshIµ of Insf yonr`s
sonIors, Snm Johnson, KoIsIo
Kroofch nnd KrIsfn WoIIs, wIII bo
mIssod, buf Ioumnn Iooks for
fhoso sIofs fo bo fIIIod wIfhIn n fow
gnmos. Ioumnn nofod fho Ioss of
WoIIs` ns IIboro wIII bo n bIg nd-
jusfmonf for fho fonm.
Ioumnn IIkos fho cohosIvonoss
fhnf fhIs yonr`s fonm brIngs fo fho
courf nnd boIIovos fhIs wIII bo n
bIg sfrongfh for fho fonm. Sho
nofod fhnf fhoy IIsfon fo onch
ofhor nnd fnko ndvIco woII. ¨Wo
hnvo somo gIrIs who hnvo como
nIong In fhoIr hIffIng nIong wIfh
our soffIng boIng vory consIsfonf,¨
snId Ioumnn.
Ivory yonr fho fonm goos
fhrough chnngos In µosIfIons ns
mombors grndunfo or bocomo bof-
for nfhIofos. ¨!onrnIng fo frusf
ofhors In dIfforonf µosIfIons wIII bo
nn ndjusfmonf for fho gIrIs,¨ nofod
Ioumnn. ¨Somo of fhom wIII bo In
dIfforonf µosIfIons fhnn ofhor
yonrs, so IonrnIng fo ndjusf fo fhnf
wIII bo somofhIng wo wIII work
Ioumnn Iooks for WnII fo bo
fhoIr foughosf comµofIfIon In fho
dIsfrIcf for 20l3 wIfh !ymnn In
fho rogIon comµofIfIon.
Tho !ndy ScoffIos wIII frnvoI fo
Kndokn for fho sonson oµonor
Thursdny, Soµfombor 5 nf 6 µ.m.
ThoIr fIrsf homo ncfIon wIII bo
ngnInsf Jonos Counfy, Tuosdny,
Soµfombor l0 nf 5:30.
3ootties' volleyball team looks forward to season
Nancy Haigh´fionccr hcvicw
Toking |o |he cour| lor |he 20T3 volleyboll seoson ore bock row lrom lel| Ash|on keedy, Cour|ney ßor|le||, ßre||
Corley, 1us|ino Cvoch, Ko|ie Hoigh, Honno Hos|u|ler, Pey|on Kuchenbecker ond Tyono Go||sleben. Niddle row
ore Poige 5lovek, Pey|on De1ong, 5hoy Hond, Tio Gup|ill, Ellie Coyle, Elise Wheeler ond Cheyenne Pinney.
Fron| row ore Koci Clivier, 1ordyn Dekker ond Nodison Hond. No| pic|ured ore 5omon|ho 5cholield, Kroy King,
Iibbi Koes|er ond Amondo NcIlrovy.
Ònc man practl clng sportsmanshl p ls lar bcttcr than lllty
prcachlng l t. Knutc Iocknc. lootball coach
Watch the sports
section of the
Pioneer Review
for results of the
Scotties` games!
P.O. Box 788
PhiIip, SD 57567
Welcome Back
to School!
Willow Seeds
Midland, SD
Welcome back to school,
Students & Faculty!
Be sure to stop in and check
out our full line
of school supplies!!
Petersen’s Variety
F8lllF "$0011ll$¨
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 7
Raakon 8chool 0lstrlct Board of Educatlon
!oµrosonfIng you on fho
Hnnkon SchooI ÐIsfrIcf 2?-l
bonrd of oducnfIon nro:
Ðoug TLovson
2096? I. CrIndsfono !d., IhIIIµ,
SÐ 5?56?; 859-3538; omnII -
Juke IItzgevu!d
IO Iox l02, IhIIIµ, SÐ 5?56?,
859-2832; omnII - jfIfzgornId¸wr
Scott BvecL
20605 23?fh Sf. QuInn, SÐ
5???5; 386-2652; omnII -
Bvud KucLenbeckev
IO Iox 223, IhIIIµ, SÐ 5?553;
?86-232?; omnII - fwonfyfwonfy-
AnItu Petevson
IO Iox ?35, IhIIIµ, SÐ 5?56?;
859-2304, omnII - dnµoforson
Muvk Rudwuy
2220l SÐ Hwy 34, MIIosvIIIo, SÐ
5?553; 544-32l4, omnII - mjrnd-
Muvk Ne!son
22440 Kronk !d, IhIIIµ, SÐ
5?56?; 859-2l8?, omnII - mkknoI-
Tho moofIng dnfos for 20l3-
20l4 nro: Soµfombor l6 - ?:00
µ.m.; Ocfobor l4 - ?:00 µ.m.; Þo-
vombor l8 - 6:00 µ.m.; Ðocombor
l6 - 6:00 µ.m.; Jnnunry 20 - 6:00
µ.m.; Iobrunry l? - 6:00 µ.m.;
Mnrch l? - ?:00 µ.m.; AµrII 2l -
?:00 µ.m.; Mny l9 - ?:00 µ.m.;
Juno l6 - ?:00 µ.m.; JuIy 2l - ?:00
µ.m.; nnd Augusf l8 - ?:00 µ.m.
MoofIngs nro hoId In !oom A-
l In fho IhIIIµ HIgh SchooI.
If you hnvo nny concorns
µIonso confncf fhom, fhoy nro
your voIco for fho schooI dIsfrIcf.
Tho schooI bonrd moofIngs nro
oµon fo fho µubIIc. If you wIsh fo
bo µIncod on fho ngondn cnII
IusInoss Mnnngor IrIfnI !oss nf
859-2680 or you mny sµonk uµ nf
n moofIng durIng fho communI-
cnfIons from fho nudIonco µnrf of
fho ngondn.
Nembers ol |he Hookon 5chool Dis|ric| ßoord ol Educo|ion ore, bock
row lrom lel|, 1oke Fi|rgerold, Nork Nelson, Doug Thorson ond Nork
kodwoy. Fron| row lrom lel| ore Ani|o Pe|erson, 5co|| ßrech ond ßrod
Dc| ßartc|s´fionccr hcvicw
F8lllF "$0011ll$¨
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 8
by Ru!pL KvoetcL
A dozon ondurnnco nfhIofos
wIII roµrosonf IhIIIµ HIgh SchooI
In 20l3.
ThIs yonr`s fonm consIsfs of fwo
sovonfh grndors, JnsmIno Iorgu-
son nnd KhnIon MnrfIn;
IIghfh grndors nnd socond yonr
cross counfry runnor Connor
Ðokkor; froshmon Shny Hnnd In
hor socond yonr who brIngs sfnfo
moof oxµorIonco fo fho gIrIs fonm
nnd ÐnmInn InrfoIs In hIs fhIrd
Soµhomoros TyshIn Iorguson,
nffor fwo yonrs of runnIng
swIfchos fo our fonm mnnngor,
Cnrroff Snook nnd Koognn Iur-
noff bogIn n fhIrd yonr, onch hnv-
Ing onrnod sµofs on fho 20l2
sfnfo cross counfry fonm, IIIIo
CoyIo sµonf n summor µroµnrIng
for n now sonson nffor µIncIng
26fh nnd oIghfh, rosµocfIvoIy In
20ll nnd 20l2, nnd Iooks fo bo
fho onrIy fonm Iondor;
JunIors ÞoIson HoImnn nnd
TrIsfon !ush Iond Insf yonr`s
sIxfh µInco boys` fonm onrnIng
fho 22nd nnd l4fh µIncos modnIs,
rosµocfIvoIy In fho 20l2 sfnfo
moof, KnfIIn Knufson hnvIng ox-
µorIoncod succoss on fho frnck
fonm wIII furn hor nffonfIon fo
cross counfry for fho fIrsf fImo;
Our Iono sonIor, AIIIson Iokron
onfors hor sIxfh yonr In cross
counfry, brIngIng fwo yonrs of
sfnfo oxµorIonco nnd n sfrong
summor of runnIng fo fhIs yonr`s
Though wo hnvo Iosf fhroo
fIrsf yonr In fho Insf l0 sonsons
fhnf fho 20l2 grnd wIII nof bo
µnrf of ScoffIo cross counfry.
WIfh Iwnn, IndIvIdunIIy goos sIx
sfrnIghf sfnfo moof qunIIfIcnfIons
nnd fIvo consocufIvo nµµonrnncos
on fhnf nwnrd`s sfnnd. Iwnn, ns
woII, confrIbufod fo fho ScoffIos`
rogIonnI chnmµIonshIµ In 20l2.
Snm SfnngIo, who sµonf fho
Insf fIvo yonrs bocomIng n qunIIfy
mnnngor, doIng ovoryfhIng from
µhofos fo sfnfIsfIcs, wns Iosf nIso
fo grndunfIon.
AII fhroo young µooµIo wIII bo
gronfIy mIssod.
Tho ScoffIos oµon fhoIr sonson
nf fho ÐougIns InvIfnfIonnI In
Iox IIdor, Augusf 30, nf 9:00
Runners prepare to hlt the cross country flelds
The 5co||ie cross coun|ry |eom hos been |roining hord |o prepore lor |his loll´s compe|i|ion. 5|onding lrom lel|
ore Domion ßor|els, Nelson Holmon, Tris|en kush, Conner Dekker, Keegon ßurne||, Gorre|| 5nook ond Kholen
Nor|in. 5i||ing lrom lel| ore 1osmine Ferguson, 5hoy Hond, Ellie Coyle, Ko|lin Knu|son ond Allison Pekron.
Nancy Haigh´fionccr hcvicw
20l2 mombors:
IInko MnrfInoz, n mombor of
fho ScoffIos` fIrsf ovor boys` ro-
gIonnI chnmµIonshIµ nnd fhIrd
µInco sfnfo µIncIng fonm In 20l0,
ns woII ns confrIbufod fo fho boys`
sIxfh µInco fonm fInIshos In bofh
20ll nnd 20l2, choso fo frnnsfor
from IHS for fhIs sonson.
HoIIy Iwnn, fhIs wIII bo fho
ÍaaKon Lo. ^bslracl
uouíd ííIc to ucíconc
uíí Studcnts ö Fucuít¸
to tIc 2UlJ-l4
scIooí ¸cu¡!!!
PIííí¡ O¡¡ícc. S59-24bl
Sundí Hcuton
Íave a Lreal Aear¹¹
CeII: 60S-441-2SS9 - Res: 60S-SS9-2S?S - Fax: 60S-SS9-32?S
S20 E. Hwy. 14 PO Box 3S
PbIIIp, SD S?S6? -
°1 oon ]1nd
1ooK1ng ]or!"
÷Duuíd Hu¡nctt,
Btlt6Æt kztk
8tk4tztt 8
6664 lktk
lz zll y6kr
tp6rtlzg trtztt|
F8lllF "$0011ll$¨
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 9
Raakon 8chool 0lstrlct 27-1 personnel
Keten Morelor/ .......Suµf./IIom.
IrIncIµnI/Hond IoofbnII Conch
Cor, LonIle, .............Socondnry
IrIncIµnI/HnIf fImo
AfhIofIc ÐIrocfor
Melonie Morelor/ .KIndorgnrfon
SIIÐ ÐIrocfor/Tonchor
Jo,ne Go//eleIen..........lsf grndo
Mor,L,nn Cror,........2nd grndo/
AssIsfnnf VI Conch
Jeeeico Wleeler ...........3rd grndo
Bonnie Mor/elloro .......4fh grndo
Lee Vouglon................5fh grndo
Morie Slote/...............6fh grndo/
Toch CoordInnfor
Vic/i Knu/eon.....TIfIo I/!ondIng
Cornen One S/un/ ..........TIfIo I
SµocInI Id.
Luro Ieeelnon .......Sµ. Thornµy
Mor, Aeleon....SµocInI Id. AIdo/
KIndorgnrfon AIdo
LoIoe Corle, ...SµocInI Id. AIdo
Tlereeo McDoniel ...........SµocInI
Id. AIdo
Koren Aeleon...................SµocInI
Id. AIdo
Ruvu! Attendunce Centevs
Tlereeo Deuclor......Ðooµ Crook
Lono 1lelere ...AIdo-Ðooµ Crook
Doni Ioee ....................MIIosvIIIo
!ufh CnrIoy........AIdo-MIIosvIIIo
Gvudes ?-12
Be//, Berr,..............HS Sµoc. Id
Kin Bounon ............JH Mnfh &
Hond VI Conch
BorI Bouen..............K-l2 VocnI/
Insf. MusIc/Jr. CInss AdvIsor
Brigi//e Bruc/locler ............9-l2
InmIIy & Consumor ScIonco/
ICC!A AdvIsor/
Jr. CInss AdvIsor
Pon DeJong ......K-l2 CuIdnnco/
Sfudonf CouncII Adv.
Line//e Donnell,......AIfornnfoId
AIdo/ÐofonfIon MonIfor
Mo// Donnell,...............K-l2 II/
Hond WrosfIIng Conch
Kor, Ioee ....8-l2 SocInI SfudIos/
Coogrnµhy/HnIf TImo AcfIvIfy
ÐIrocfor/ Assf. CII Conch/
Assf. II Conch
Troce, HonJ.....SµocInI Id. AIdo
Doug Hou/.........9-l2 VoAg/IIA
AdvIsor/CoIf Conch
Soll, Jon/orJ.......?-8 !nngungo
Arfs/?fh SocInI SfudIos/
AµµIIod Mnfh
Louro O`Connor ....9-l2 IngIIsh/
Ono Acf & AII-SchooI IInys
Ton Porque/ ....?-l2 Comµufors/
CAÐ ÐrnffIng/Woods I & II/
Hond Trnck Conch
Kornen MorIr, ....9-l2 ScIonco/
Hond CII Conch
Pennie Slote/...............K-l2 Arf/
Jr. CInss AdvIsor
DeIorol Snoo/..........9-l2 Mnfh/
Suppovt StuII
Bri/ni Ioee....IusInoss Mnnngor
Lieo SclofielJ.AdmIn. Socrofnry
Po/ Wee/erIerg ..........IIom. Soc./
Ko/l, Pe/ereon...........Socondnry
Miclelle Bu/ler..........Hond Cook
Jolonno Bo,e............CusfodInn/
AssIsfnnf Cook
S/ete Lei/loueer ....MnInfonnnco
BrenJo Grenc .............CusfodInn
Coee, Seoger ..............CusfodInn
Iic/ Co,le..................Ius ÐrIvor
IiclorJ Ioc/ofellou.Ius ÐrIvor
Horlon Mooe ..Ius MnInfonnnco
£xtvu CuvvIcu!uv
So,Je Slote/.........JH VI Conch
Trotie DeJong.......JH II Conch
Iolpl Kroe/cl .....Cross Counfry
Conch /AssIsfnnf Trnck
DeI Sni/l...........ScoffIo AnnunI
WeutLev Cunce!!utIons
!ndIo sfnfIons - KCIX, IIorro; KIHI, SfurgIs;
KIMM, !nµId CIfy; nnd TV sfnfIons KIVÞ nnd
KOTA, !nµId CIfy, nro fho offIcInI sfnfIons fhnf
Hnnkon Counfy SchooI ÐIsfrIcf usos fo nofIfy µn-
frons of Info sfnrfs, cnncoIInfIons nnd onrIy dIs-
0e/came 8ack
FuneraI Home
ChapeIs in
Studcnts ö Fucuít¸
to tIc 2UlJ-l4
ScIooí Ycu¡!
und good íucI
ín uíí ¸ou¡
und s¡o¡ts!
Dcan Fiizgcrald
WeIcome back,
srudenrs O tacuIry .
and Besr WIshes In
rhe new schooI year!
Auto · Home · Life · Annuities · Commercial · Farm/Ranch · ÌRAs
Glenn Parsons
110 S. Center Ave., P.O. Box 758, Philip, SD 57567
Bus. (605) 859-2902
Registered Representative · EquiTrust Marketing Services, LLC
5400 University Avenue, West Des Moines, IA 50266, 877/860-2904
Stazt th¡s schooI
yeaz w¡th a
Reg 11ems 1o oÞeoK ore:
O11 ~ T1res ~
W1ndsÞ1e1d RooK CÞ1ps,
W1pers & F1u1d ~ Rod1o1or Leve1s ~
Heod11gÞ1s & B11nKers ~
BroKes ond BroKe L1gÞ1s
Stop In Ior your 23-poInt InspectIon!
BuckIe Ug G
Have a Sa£e SchooI Yeaz!
ll$` 800f $80F
Be Wise .
Teach Your
ChiIdren to Save!
Children learn by example. What
you say and do as a parent is
what your children will learn.
We offer several safe, insured
ways to help young people
save. Ìf you encourage your
children to save when they are
young, chances are they'll
continue to save
when they are
605-859-2525 605-967-2191
Member FDÌC
·Bill Pay ·Voice Access
·Internet Banking
·24-Hour Phone Banking Service
859-3521 or 1-866-859-2525
F8lllF "$0011ll$¨
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 10
by Nuncy HuIgL
Ivon fhough fho IhIIIµ foofbnII
sqund Is IIghf on numbors fhIs
sonson wIfh jusf 2l mombors,
hond conch Kovon Morohnrf Iooks
forwnrd fo fhIs fnII`s sonson wIfh
n gronf bunch of kIds.
Iour Iondors nro gono from Insf
sonson, Chnnoy Iurns, who
kIckod mnny fIoId gonIs for fho
ScoffIos, IInomon Qundo SIovok
nnd CnssIdy SchnnboI, whoso
bIockIng nbIIIfy woro koy, nnd
Tnfo ÐoJong who fIIIod ns qunr-
forbnck nnd rocoIvor µosIfIons.
Tonm mombors fhIs yonr In-
cIudo sonIors Jndo Iorry, CnvIn
IruckInchor, Sofh HnIgh, ÞIck
HnmIII, !ood Johnson, IrInn
IfoIfIo nnd !ynn VnnTnssoI; jun-
Iors InuI CuµfIII, Irody Jonos,
AusfIn IInnoy, Ion SfnngIo nnd
Irnydon IIfch; soµhomoros Jnco
CInnnonnffI, Crndy CnrIoy, Jncob
Knmmoror, Chnso WrIghf nnd
!nnco Johnson; nnd froshmon
ÞIck ÐonnoIIy, !IIoy HoIfzoI,
IhIIIIµ !oIfhnusor nnd Cooµor
Sfudonf mnnngors for fho yonr
nro sonIors InIIoy !ndwny nnd
KnfIo HosfufIor.
JoInIng Morohnrf In conchIng
dufIos Is nssIsfnnf conch Kory
Morohnrf nofod fhnf wIfh jusf
n fow dnys of µrncfIco If wns foo
soon fo foII who wouId fIII fho µo-
sIfIons. Somo fhnf fho conchos
hnvo nofIcod ns µossIbIos nro Sofh
HnIgh, Crndy CnrIoy, AusfIn IIn-
noy, Ion SfnngIo, Jnco CInn-
hnrf boIIovos wIII µush fho oIdor
µInyors fo mnko fhomsoIvos bof-
for. Ho cIfod fho gnmo oxµorIonco
fho µInyors hnvo wIII bo n
sfrongfh for fho fonm. ¨Thoy hnvo
µInyod nnd boon µnrf of n Iof of
gnmos ovor fho µnsf couµIo of
yonrs, so hoµofuIIy fhIs wIII hoIµ
fhIs sonson,¨ snId Morohnrf.
Morohnrf nofod fhnf Inck of
doµfh on fho sIdoIIno Is n froubIo
sµof for fho fonm.
ComµofIfIon Is nIwnys fough
nnd Morohnrf Iooks fo WnII,
Kndokn, WhIfo !Ivor nnd !ymnn
boIng good chnIIongos for fho
ScoffIos. Inrfhor nfIoId In fho ro-
gIon ho nddod !ommon nnd TIm-
bor !nko fo fIoId good fonms.
¨I fhInk fho fhIng our fnns nood
fo romombor fhnf ns conchos wo
nro fryIng fo hoIµ moId fhoso
young mon Info fonm µInyors nnd
guys fhnf cnn bocomo succossfuI
down fho IIno,¨ snId Morohnrf.
¨Wo wnnf fhom fo bo wInnors nnd
nIso bo nbIo fo donI wIfh ndvorsIfy
whon If hnµµons. ThIs Is n gronf
grouµ of kIds nnd who nro fun fo
hnvo nround. !omombor - If Is nII
nbouf fho momorIos.¨
Tho ScoffIos frnvoI fo Þow !n-
dorwood IrIdny, Augusf 30, for
fhoIr fIrsf gnmo nf ?:00 µ.m.. Tho
foIIowIng wook Is HomocomIng
whon fho ScoffIos fnko on !ymnn
nf 6:00 µ.m.
nonnffI nnd Chnso WrIghf.
Tho IncomIng froshmon, whIIo
sfIII dovoIoµIng fho skIIIs, Moro-
0rldlron boys take to the dust bowl
A smoll squod ol gridiron boys |ook |o |he proc|ice lield Augus| T5 |o s|or| |he 20T3 loo|boll seoson. ßock row
lrom lel| ore Poul Gup|ill, ßrody 1ones, 5e|h Hoigh, 1oce Gionnono||i, ßen 5|ongle, Nick Donnelly ond Grody
Corley. Third row lrom lel| ore Phillip Iei|houser, 1ocob Kommerer, ßroyden Fi|ch, Aus|in Pinney, kyon Von
Tossel, Nick Homill ond 1ode ßerry. 5econd row ore Cooper Wes|, konce 1ohnson ond kiley Hel|rel. In lron|
ore keed 1ohnson ond Govin ßrucklocher. No| pic|ured ore ßrion Pleille ond Chose Wrigh|.
Nancy Haigh´fionccr hcvicw
1c|comc /ac/,
ò|udcn|+ u Jacu||¿!!
Have a sale and enjoyable school year!
S03 WesI PIne SI.
P.O. Box 790
PhIIIp, SD S7S67
David Holman, M.D.
Coen Klopper, M.D.
Terry Henrie, PA-C
|anell Gerberding, PA-C
Dave Webb, PA-C
Monday·IrIday 9:00·S:00
SaIurday 9:00·Noon
(605) 859-2511
CIInIc: 8S9·2S66
NursIng Home: 8S9·2S83
Kadoka CIInIc & Lab: 837·22S7
F8lllF "$0011ll$¨
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 11
by Ðe! Buvte!s
Sfovo !oIfhnusor, Coffonwood,
bognn hIs dufIos ns fho now
mnInfonnnco dIrocfor nnd cusfo-
dInI suµorvIsor for fho Hnnkon
SchooI ÐIsfrIcf on Mny l, fInIsh-
Ing ouf fho dIsfrIcf`s fIscnI yonr.
In JuIy, ho bognn n fuII confrncf.
!oIfhnusor hns workod for fho
IndInnds ÞnfIonnI Inrk nnd hns
rofIrod from µIumbIng work In
!nµId CIfy. ¨I`vo run µIumbIng
crows nnd IIko fhnf, buf fhIs Is n
IIffIo dIfforonf,¨ snId !oIfhnusor.
Ho hns boon fryIng fo gof
fhIngs cnughf uµ nnd moro offI-
cIonf. Ho snId fhnf ho nnd fho
crow nro usunIIy vory busy fIxIng
fhIngs horo nnd fhoro, In IhIIIµ
nnd nf fho counfry schooIs. If Is
InforosfIng work, osµocInIIy sInco
If Is nn oId schooI sysfom. HIs job
covors from chnngIng IIghf buIbs
fo fnkIng nµnrf n honfIng unIf fo
fIIIIng In crncks In sIdownIks, on
foµ of nII fho µnInfIng nnd cIonn-
Ivoryono hns woIcomod hIm
Info fho schooI. !oIfhnusor nc-
knowIodgod fhnf mnInfonnnco,
Insfrucfors, ndmInIsfrnfIon nnd
ovoryono oIso hns fhoIr IIkIngs on
how somo fhIngs shouId bo. Ho
snId fhnf mosf µooµIo nro wIIIIng
fo hoIµ In µoInfIng ouf whoro
fhIngs nro. Cnsoy Songor hns
boon horo for 22 yonrs. !oI-
fhnusor snId Songor Is µroffy
knowIodgonbIo nnd knows how
fho sfnff IIkos fhoIr sysfom. AIso
on fho mnInfonnnco sfnff nro
Irondn Cronz nnd Johnnnn
Inyo, who µnrfIcuInrIy ¨kooµ fho
vo ng, oIomonfnry nnd whnf wo
cnII fho fwo-sfory, nII fho jnnIfor-
InI sfuff,¨ snId !oIfhnusor.
!oIfhnusor snId fhnf fho sum-
mor sfnff wns good. Tho fhroo
sfudonf summor workors woro
Sofh HnIgh, InuI CuµfIII nnd
IrInn IfoIfIo. ¨So fnr, my summor
hoIµ wns fho mosf InforosfIng
µnrf of my job. KInd of IIko sum-
mor cnmµ wIfh fhom. Somo of fho
fhIngs fhoy sny nnd do romInd
you of whon you woro n kId. Iufs
IIfo In µorsµocfIvo. Thoy hoIµod;
somo µrobnbIy Ionrnod somo
fhIngs from mo nnd Songor,¨ snId
!oIfhnusor. Thoy gof fo do n
whoIo bunch of sfuff (such ns
sfrIµ nnd wnx fIoors) ofhors mIghf
nof do unfII Infor In IIfo, If ovor.
Thoy Ionrnod whnf If fnkos for
Songor nnd !oIfhnusor fo kooµ
fho schooI oµornfIng nnd func-
fIonnI, from bIonchors fo bnfh-
ÐurIng hIs summor work, ho
hns soon kIds comIng uµ fo IIff
woIghfs nnd bo In voIIoybnII
cnmµs. Þow, durIng fho schooI
yonr fhoro`s nII fho ncfIvIfIos.
Thoro wIII bo soffIng uµ nnd fonr-
Ing down of chnIrs, IIko for µInys,
nnd sfuff IIko fhnf. Tho schooI
yonr wIII µrobnbIy bo shorf, If`II go
by fnsf. ¨If goos by µroffy fnsf
whon fho schooI`s In sossIon. If
Isn`f so quIof nround horo,¨ snId
Ono of !oIfhnusor`s mnIn ron-
sons for fnkIng fhIs µosIfIon Is
fhnf fhIs nron Is somo µInco fo
rnIso n fnmIIy. HIs son, IhIIIIµ, Is
In fho nInfh grndo nf IhIIIµ HIgh
SchooI. Tonchors know fho kIds.
KIds nron`f ¨rushod¨ IIko In Inrgor
schooIs. ¨Tonchors Iook nffor fho
kIds, rnfhor fhnn somo fnIIIng bo-
fwoon fho crncks. I guoss fhnf
mny bo why fnmIIIos nro IookIng
nf smnIIor schooIs,¨ snId !oI-
Lelthauser new head of malntenance
The task oI the exceIIent teachei is to
stinuIate 'appaientIy oidinaiy' peopIe to
unusuaI eIIoit. The tough piobIen is not
in identiIying winneis: it is in naking
winneis out oI oidinaiy peopIe.
K. Patiicia Cioss
All tbe talent
in tbe
won't take gou
witbout gour
_o a|| |/c ò|udcn|+ u Jacu||¿
1c a|+/ ¿ou a|| |/c |uc/ |n ¿our
+|ud|c+ u a|/|c||c ¿amc+
|/|+ ´Jl··l! ¿car!
Stop in after the sporting events
for supper or munchies!!
I|t ä|ta||sast
Don & Debbie
Downtown Philip
Wc arc PROLD Wc arc PROLD
Scottic Boostcrs!! Scottic Boostcrs!!
It`s that timc
It`s that timc
of ycar!!
of ycar!!
Wc wclcomc back all thc
studcnts & faculty. may you
havc a grcat ycar!!

Welcome Back,
5tudents &
to the 2013-14
5chool YearII
859-2254 · Phlllg





To Our Teachers And SIall:
z,zÁ ¸z/ Ior your
commIImenI Io exceIIence In Ihe
academIc and spIrIIuaI educaIIon
oI our sIudenIs. You serve as roIe
modeIs Ior chIIdren and Ihe
communIIy wIIh your IIves oI
dedIcaIIon and InIegrIIy.
We Ihank you and honor you
Ior aII IhaI you do.
Your Hometown Newspaper
F8lllF "$0011ll$¨
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 11
by Ðe! Buvte!s
Sfovo !oIfhnusor, Coffonwood,
bognn hIs dufIos ns fho now
mnInfonnnco dIrocfor nnd cusfo-
dInI suµorvIsor for fho Hnnkon
SchooI ÐIsfrIcf on Mny l, fInIsh-
Ing ouf fho dIsfrIcf`s fIscnI yonr.
In JuIy, ho bognn n fuII confrncf.
!oIfhnusor hns workod for fho
IndInnds ÞnfIonnI Inrk nnd hns
rofIrod from µIumbIng work In
!nµId CIfy. ¨I`vo run µIumbIng
crows nnd IIko fhnf, buf fhIs Is n
IIffIo dIfforonf,¨ snId !oIfhnusor.
Ho hns boon fryIng fo gof
fhIngs cnughf uµ nnd moro offI-
cIonf. Ho snId fhnf ho nnd fho
crow nro usunIIy vory busy fIxIng
fhIngs horo nnd fhoro, In IhIIIµ
nnd nf fho counfry schooIs. If Is
InforosfIng work, osµocInIIy sInco
If Is nn oId schooI sysfom. HIs job
covors from chnngIng IIghf buIbs
fo fnkIng nµnrf n honfIng unIf fo
fIIIIng In crncks In sIdownIks, on
foµ of nII fho µnInfIng nnd cIonn-
Ivoryono hns woIcomod hIm
Info fho schooI. !oIfhnusor nc-
knowIodgod fhnf mnInfonnnco,
Insfrucfors, ndmInIsfrnfIon nnd
ovoryono oIso hns fhoIr IIkIngs on
how somo fhIngs shouId bo. Ho
snId fhnf mosf µooµIo nro wIIIIng
fo hoIµ In µoInfIng ouf whoro
fhIngs nro. Cnsoy Songor hns
boon horo for 22 yonrs. !oI-
fhnusor snId Songor Is µroffy
knowIodgonbIo nnd knows how
fho sfnff IIkos fhoIr sysfom. AIso
on fho mnInfonnnco sfnff nro
Irondn Cronz nnd Johnnnn
Inyo, who µnrfIcuInrIy ¨kooµ fho
vo ng, oIomonfnry nnd whnf wo
cnII fho fwo-sfory, nII fho jnnIfor-
InI sfuff,¨ snId !oIfhnusor.
!oIfhnusor snId fhnf fho sum-
mor sfnff wns good. Tho fhroo
sfudonf summor workors woro
Sofh HnIgh, InuI CuµfIII nnd
IrInn IfoIfIo. ¨So fnr, my summor
hoIµ wns fho mosf InforosfIng
µnrf of my job. KInd of IIko sum-
mor cnmµ wIfh fhom. Somo of fho
fhIngs fhoy sny nnd do romInd
you of whon you woro n kId. Iufs
IIfo In µorsµocfIvo. Thoy hoIµod;
somo µrobnbIy Ionrnod somo
fhIngs from mo nnd Songor,¨ snId
!oIfhnusor. Thoy gof fo do n
whoIo bunch of sfuff (such ns
sfrIµ nnd wnx fIoors) ofhors mIghf
nof do unfII Infor In IIfo, If ovor.
Thoy Ionrnod whnf If fnkos for
Songor nnd !oIfhnusor fo kooµ
fho schooI oµornfIng nnd func-
fIonnI, from bIonchors fo bnfh-
ÐurIng hIs summor work, ho
hns soon kIds comIng uµ fo IIff
woIghfs nnd bo In voIIoybnII
cnmµs. Þow, durIng fho schooI
yonr fhoro`s nII fho ncfIvIfIos.
Thoro wIII bo soffIng uµ nnd fonr-
Ing down of chnIrs, IIko for µInys,
nnd sfuff IIko fhnf. Tho schooI
yonr wIII µrobnbIy bo shorf, If`II go
by fnsf. ¨If goos by µroffy fnsf
whon fho schooI`s In sossIon. If
Isn`f so quIof nround horo,¨ snId
Ono of !oIfhnusor`s mnIn ron-
sons for fnkIng fhIs µosIfIon Is
fhnf fhIs nron Is somo µInco fo
rnIso n fnmIIy. HIs son, IhIIIIµ, Is
In fho nInfh grndo nf IhIIIµ HIgh
SchooI. Tonchors know fho kIds.
KIds nron`f ¨rushod¨ IIko In Inrgor
schooIs. ¨Tonchors Iook nffor fho
kIds, rnfhor fhnn somo fnIIIng bo-
fwoon fho crncks. I guoss fhnf
mny bo why fnmIIIos nro IookIng
nf smnIIor schooIs,¨ snId !oI-
Lelthauser new head of malntenance
The task oI the exceIIent teachei is to
stinuIate 'appaientIy oidinaiy' peopIe to
unusuaI eIIoit. The tough piobIen is not
in identiIying winneis: it is in naking
winneis out oI oidinaiy peopIe.
K. Patiicia Cioss
All tbe talent
in tbe
won't take gou
witbout gour
_o a|| |/c ò|udcn|+ u Jacu||¿
1c a|+/ ¿ou a|| |/c |uc/ |n ¿our
+|ud|c+ u a|/|c||c ¿amc+
|/|+ ´Jl··l! ¿car!
Stop in after the sporting events
for supper or munchies!!
I|t ä|ta||sast
Don & Debbie
Downtown Philip
Wc arc PROLD Wc arc PROLD
Scottic Boostcrs!! Scottic Boostcrs!!
It`s that timc
It`s that timc
of ycar!!
of ycar!!
Wc wclcomc back all thc
studcnts & faculty. may you
havc a grcat ycar!!

Welcome Back,
5tudents &
to the 2013-14
5chool YearII
859-2254 · Phlllg





To Our Teachers And SIall:
z,zÁ ¸z/ Ior your
commIImenI Io exceIIence In Ihe
academIc and spIrIIuaI educaIIon
oI our sIudenIs. You serve as roIe
modeIs Ior chIIdren and Ihe
communIIy wIIh your IIves oI
dedIcaIIon and InIegrIIy.
We Ihank you and honor you
Ior aII IhaI you do.
Your Hometown Newspaper
By Heud CoucL
Kent Andevson
Tho WnII IngIo IoofbnII fonm
Is oxcIfod fhnf fhoIr 20l3 cnm-
µnIgn hns nf Insf como. Affor ond-
Ing fho sonson Insf yonr fo fho
fhroo-fImo Sfnfo ChnmµIon Cnn-
Isfofn grIdsfors, fhoy nro nnxIous
fo bogIn nnofhor yonr.
AIfhough wo Iosf mnny sonIors
from Insf yonr`s sqund, IncIudIng
AII Sfnfo µInyor TyIor Trnsk, nnd
AII Conforonco µInyors Tnrnn
IIsonbrnun nnd !nkofon
Mc!nughIIn, wo rofurn mnny
wIfh oxµorIonco.
Our numbors Iook fo bo uµ ns
33 sfudonf-nfhIofos nro oxµocfod.
Tho IngIos wIII hnvo fwoIvo son-
Iors IondIng fhom fhIs sonson. Wo
nof onIy nro qunIIfy nfhIofos, buf
wo nro nIso oufsfnndIng ncndomIc
sfudonfs. CombInIng fhoso fwo
nssofs wo oxµocf gronf IondorshIµ
from fhom.
Ono of fho gonIs fhIs sonson Is
fo hnvo gronf fonm chomIsfry.
WIfh fhIs mnny sonIors wo soo
fhIs ns n µosIfIvo In mnny wnys.
Affor nffondIng n fonm cnmµ nf
Ðnkofn Sfnfo, I soo gronf fonm
unIfy µofonfInI.
A µhIIosoµhy of don`f Iof your
fonmmnfo down nnd frusf your
noIghbor nro oxµocfod. I boIIovo
fhnf fho nffIfudo of whnf`s In If
for mo Is ouf nnd whnf cnn I do
for fho fonm Is In. If Iooks fo bo n
vory comµofIfIvo nnd oxcIfIng
sonson for fho IngIos.
Mnny of fho IngIo sonIors hnvo
fwo or fhroo yonrs of oxµorIonco
µInyIng vnrsIfy bnII. AIong wIfh
nfhIofIcIsm, dosIro, nnd dodIcn-
fIon fhIs couId bo n gronf formuIn
for succoss. Wo nro forfunnfo fo
hnvo mnny µInyors who cnn µIny
muIfIµIo µosIfIons. Thoso µosI-
fIons mny nof bo fInnIIzod unfII
gnmo wook.
Wo nro nIso oxcIfod fhnf wo nof
onIy hnvo nn oIghf gnmo vnrsIfy
schoduIo buf fhnf wo hnvo nn
oIghf gnmo junIor vnrsIfy schod-
uIo ns woII. WIfh l6 froshmon
nnd soµhomoros fhIs wIII bo n
gronf fImo fo soo ncfIon on fho
gnmo fIoId.
SonIors !nno IInsIus nnd
Trovor Andorson nro rofurnIng
AII-Conforonco µInyors. Andorson
wns nIso HonornbIo MonfIon AII-
Sfnfo ns n kIckor nnd n µunfor.
Ofhor sonIors who Iook fo sonr
wIfh fho IngIos nro Ðusfy Ðnrff,
Cndo Kjorsfnd, Ion !Inn, CInncy
!yfIo, Tuckor O`!ourko, TyIor Io-
forson, !Idgo SnndnI, !os
WIIIInms, CJ SchuIz, nnd JonquIn
JunIor Cnrson Johnsfon nnd
Soµhomoro Cnbo SnndnI nro nIso
oxµocfod fo ndd somo sµIco fo fho
IIno-uµ. Þow comor Ðnnny MuzIk
wIII nIso bo joInIng fho fonm nnd
If wIII bo oxcIfIng fo soo whnf ho
offors. WIII Housomnn nnd fIrsf
yonr IngIo ÐnvId Shnrµ round
ouf our foµ fwo cInssos.
Wo nIso µInn on mnny µosIfIvo
oufcomos from our soµhomoros
nnd froshmon In junIor vnrsIfy
comµofIfIon. Somo couId fInd
fhomsoIvos µInyIng on IrIdny
nIghf buf wIII gof moro oxµorI-
onco In JV gnmos.
Our soµhomoros nro !nodon
Andorson, TrnvIs Ironnor, !IIoy
Iorfuno, Cnbo SnndnI, Cnmdon
SnwvoII, !ood HorfoI nnd !yIoo
If`s nIso oxcIfIng fo soo n com-
µofIfIvo grouµ of froshmon com-
Ing In. Thoy nro comIng off nn un-
dofonfod junIor hIgh sonson n
yonr ngo. Thoso sfudonf-nfhIofos
IncIudo Cnrfor IIshoro, Irnndon
Hnmnnn, Cody Huofhor, Jncob
!Inn, Cnss !yfIo, AIInn McÐon-
noII, Cnmoron !Ichfor, !IIoy !u-
Innd, nnd Josso SnwvoII.
Tho IngIos nro IookIng fo µIny
fnsf nnd µhysIcnI foofbnII. Our uI-
fImnfo gonI Is fo sonr nnd scoro.
Woll Eogles 20T3 Foo|boll |eom. Pic|ured bock row: lrom lel| |o righ| ...
Will Housemon, Cody Hue|her, 1ocob Iinn, Cor|er Elshere, ßronden
Homonn, Allon NcDonnell ond Coss Iy|le. Third row: lrom lel| |o righ| ...
1esse 5owvell, kylee 5chreiber, kiley For|une, Gobe 5ondol, Comden
5owvell, Corson 1ohns|on, Tyler Pe|erson, Dovid 5horp, Donny Nurik,
keed Her|el ond koedon Anderson. 5econd row: Code K[ers|od, C1
5chulr, Cloncy Iy|le, Trever Anderson, Ione ßlosius, Ies Willioms, Tucker
C´kourke, ßen Iinn ond 1ooquin Con|reros. Fron|: Dus|y Dor||. (No| pic·
|ured kidge 5ondol, kiley kulond, Comeron kich|er ond Trovis ßrenner.)
Wall Eagle Football - 2013
Woll 5enior Foo|boll ployers. ßock row: lrom lel| |o righ| ... Code K[er·
s|od, C1 5chulr, ßen Iinn, Trevor Anderson, Tyler Pe|erson ond Cloncy
Iy|le. Fron| row: lrom lel| |o righ| ... Dus|y Dor||, Ione ßlosius, Ies
Willioms, Tucker C´kourke ond 1ooquin Con|reros. (No| pic|ured kidge
Look Botb Ways BeIore
CrossIng Tbe LIne.
Enicring a ncw scIool ycar can lring ncw cIallcngcs and
fricndsIi¡s as wcll as ncw o¡¡oriuniiics io gci involvcd wiiI
alcoIol and drugs.
And lccausc you'll wani io fii in, iIcsc aciiviiics nay sccn
lilc a good idca ai iIc iinc. Dui if you ialc a lool down iIc
road, you'll scc iIai sulsiancc alusc can also lcad io dc¡rcs-
sion, scIolasiic failing, ¡sycIological or ¡Iysical dc¡cndcncc,
IcaliI and cnoiional ¡rollcns and
cvcn arrcsi. And iIcrc's noiIing cool
aloui all iIai.
If onc of iIcsc ºo¡¡oriuniiics"
sIould conc your way, ialc iIc iinc
io sio¡.lool.and your
own good judgcncni!
279-2135 · Wall, SD
L·trir Hixov·x rno¡os
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 12
Nßll "lß6ll$¨
By Heud CoucL
ÐunI HevvIng
ThIs summor fho gIrIs nffondod
numorous IndIvIdunI cnmµs nf
dIfforonf coIIogos nII ovor fho
MIdwosf nnd 2l hIgh schooI nnd
junIor hIgh µInyors cnmo ouf for
our fonm cnmµ nf fho bogInnIng
of JuIy. Þof onIy dId fho gIrIs
Ionrn n Iof from fho cnmµ, If wns
n gronf wny fo soo whnf wo wouId
hnvo fo offor ns fho sonson nµ-
Wo wIII bo rofurnIng quIfo n
fow µInyors from Insf yonr nnd
wIII nIso bo sooIng somo now fncos
on fho courf.
Our fIrsf fwo gnmos wIII bo
ngnInsf Jonos Counfy nf homo on
Soµfombor 3 nnd ngnInsf !nµId
CIfy ChrIsfInn nf homo on Soµ-
fombor 5.
I hoµo fo soo ovoryono como
suµµorf fho gIrIs!
20TT Eogle volleyboll ployers. ßock row lrom lel| ... 1enniler Emery, Au|umn Deering, Coi|lin Ausmonn, Emily
Iinn, Toyoh Hue|her, Corlee 1ohns|on, 1osie ßlosius, Nicole Eisenbroun, Koi|lin 5chreiber ond 5ovonno 1ohnson.
Niddle row ... Koiley koe 5owvell, Kim ßillings, Au|umn 5chulr, Iibbi 5ykoro, Noddi ßouer ond ßoiley Iy|le.
Fron| row ... 1essico Cos[ens, Elle Noon, Kollie Anderson ond Toylor kich|er. (No| pic|ured: Nonico ßielmoier,
Ko|y ßielmoier, 5|erling Ellens ond Ellysso Wes|by).
2013 WR8 Volleyball 8eason Prevlew
Volleyboll seniors lor |he Woll Eo·
gles. From lel| ... 1enniler Emery,
Koi|lin 5chreiber ond Nicole Eisen·
broun. Photos by Lourie Hinomon
Te ma0e qe| aq
Jac0 Je Sc0ee|
ea·q a·
Good Luck
Wall 1ood
Wall, SD
279-226I - Woll, 5u
¬ove o greo1
school yeor
51uden1s & 51o££
would like to welcome all students and staff
back to school. Have a great year!
20% off all Serv¡ces.
(Offer good through September 29, 2013)
Wall, SD • 279-2772
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 13
Nßll "lß6ll$¨
Tho WnII SchooI ÐIsfrIcf wIII
uso fho foIIowIng fncIIIfIos fo no-
fIfy fho µubIIc In cnso of schooI
cIosIng bocnuso of bnd wonfhor or
ofhor cnusos: KIHI, KOTA,
KIVÞ, IOX nnd KI!O. Wo nIso
wIII hnvo our dIgIfnI sIgn In uso
nnd SchooI !onch.
If schooI Is cIosod Mondny
fhrough Thursdny of fho wook,
fho dny wIII bo mndo uµ on IrI-
Tho WnII SchooI ÐIsfrIcf on-
courngos sfudonfs nnd nduIfs fo
dIsµIny µroµor rosµocf for fhom-
soIvos nnd fhoIr µoors, nfhIofos,
conchos, fnns, fonchors, ndmInIs-
frnfors, offIcInIs, nnd for fho fn-
cIIIfy. Tho Courfosy IoIIcy nIso
nddrossos hnrnssmonf of ÐIsfrIcf
omµIoyoos by fho µubIIc. Tho
sfnff Is nvnIInbIo fo nssIsf you In
moofIng your noods. Howovor, If
you uso obscono Inngungo,
fhronfonIng or offonsIvo bohnv-
Ior, or nro InfoxIcnfod you wIII bo
nskod fo Ionvo fho µroµorfy nnd
wIII bo oxµocfod fo comµIy. Wo
nµµrocInfo your cooµornfIon.
$¢0fl8M8ß80l¢ F0ll0¶
Tho WnII SchooI ÐIsfrIcf boIIovos In fho Imµorfnnco of
sµorfsmnnshIµ. In fho Inforosf of µromofIng sµorfsmnnshIµ
wo hnvo dovoIoµod fho foIIowIng guIdoIInos fo bo foIIowod by
nII µInyors, conchos nnd sµocfnfors.
Tho nfhIofos nro ongngIng In nn ncfIvIfy fhnf Is dosIgnod
for oxorcIso, fun, nnd ImµrovIng chnrncfor. Wo oxµocf fho
nfhIofos fo bohnvo In n sµorfsmnnIIko mnnnor, nnd so If foI-
Iows fhnf ovoryono oIso In nffondnnco do fho snmo. Wo ox-
µocf fhnf nduIfs modoI fho nµµroµrInfo bohnvIors for fho
youngor chIIdron In nffondnnco. IIonso do nof ombnrrnss
your fonm, schooI nnd communIfy by booIng or commIffIng
nny ofhor unsµorfsmnnIIko ncf.
Wo Infond fo hoId nII fhoso In nffondnnco nccounfnbIo for
fhoIr ncfIons nnd wIII ImmodInfoIy romovo nnyono from fho
µromIsos fhnf oxhIbIfs unsµorfsmnnIIko bohnvIor. ThIs In-
cIudos fhoso vIsIfIng from ofhor schooIs. Wo nsk fhnf nII vIs-
IfIng schooIs mnko fhoIr µInyors, conchos nnd communIfy
mombors nwnro of our InfonfIons, fo µossIbIy nIIovInfo nny
µrobIoms boforo fhoy occur.
2013 cross country season
wIfh mnny mIIos In µroµnrIng for
fho sonson. Ho Is n rofurnIng nII-
conforonco µIncor nnd sfnfo
modnI µIncor. Ho brIngs n gronf
work ofhIc nnd IondorshIµ nbIII-
fIos fo fho µrogrnm.
AIso joInIng hIm fhIs yonr Is
ÐnvId Sykorn. ThIs Is hIs fIrsf
fImo wIfh cross counfry nnd wo
nro oxcIfod fo hnvo hIm bo n µnrf
of fho fonm. Ho hns boon µroµnr-
Ing ovor fho summor ns woII.
ÐnvId IonfIIff wIII nIso bo run-
nIng for WnII fhIs yonr. Ho hns
oxµorIonco In dIsfnnco runnIng
nnd wIII hoIµ wIfh fho fonm`s suc-
Anofhor runnor fhnf wIII bon-
ofIf fho sqund Is !oInnd Trnvony.
!oInnd, sovonfh grndor, hns do-
formInnfIon fo succood whIch wIII
ndd fo fho fonm's µrogrnm.
Conch`s Commonfs: Ivory son-
son Is n now bogInnIng nnd fhIs
yonr goos wIfh fhnf fIow. I nm ox-
cIfod nbouf fho sonson wIfh now
runnors joInIng, ns woII ns
Huofhor confInuIng wIfh hIs
sfrong µorformnncos.
Wo hnvo n schoduIo fhnf fnkos
us fo runnIng hIIIs nnd fhon fo
roIIIng hIIIs. Inch moof wIII bo n
dIfforonf chnIIongo.
Sfnfo Is In !nµId CIfy fhIs yonr
so runnIng hIIIs wIII fIf rIghf Info
our schoduIo. Wo shouId hnvo n
soIId showIng wIfh fho fonm for
!ogIons nnd Sfnfo.
So If Is fImo fo hIf fho goIf
coursos runnIng cross counfry
durIng fho fnII sonson of 20l3!
By Couch Putteroon
WoIcomo fo fho 20l3 Cross
Counfry sonson. ThIs yonr wIII
ngnIn bo oxcIfIng wIfh momornbIo
AusfIn Huofhor, JunIor, Is bnck
20T3 Woll Eogles Cross Coun|ry |eom. Pic|ured lrom lel| |o righ| ...
Aus|in Hue|her, Dovid 5ykoro, kolond Trovney ond Cooch Korol Po|·
|erson. (No| pic|ured Dovid ßen|lill.)
Photos by Lourie Hinomon
WtShtH§ T0H Å
Huþþy Q óu]£ T£ut
WaII HeaIth Services, Inc.
MedicaI Board & Staff
·Alvin E. Wessel, Jr., M.D.
· Michael C. Goodhope, D.O. · Dave Custis, PA-C
· Genie Ellis, CNP
Moni, Stacey, Ester
Mon. - Thurs., 8:30 a.m. - 12 noon & 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Fri.: 8:30 a.m. - 12 noon & 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Phone 279-2149 112 Seventh Ave., Wall, SD
Cutt¡ag Edge
Saloa & Taaa¡ag
Aíí Coío¡ Sc¡uíccs
on Suíc
Tonn1ng - 2 mon1Þs - SSD
279-2935 · Wall, S0
Roud Trip Cufe
Fut ßoys ßßQ
weIcome Sfudenfs, Teochers
& Sfoff bock fo schooI.
ßring in t|is ad and rcccivc \¡.oo c|| any mca|.
Z79-Z1õZ - WuII¸ SD
Wall Lube &
Espresso Bar
·Laiic ·Ca¡¡uccino
·SnooiIics ·Tracgcr Woodfirc Crills
·Oil CIangc ·Focl CIi¡ Fc¡air
605/279-2227 • Wall, SD
W£ WtSh utt Íh£ SÍHu£HÍS
Íh£ D£SÍ 0] tH£K WtÍh
Íh£tt u£uu£mt£ uHu
uÍht£Ít£ £Hu£uv0tS.
Wutt PtH§ óÍ0t£
2/V-2J/o * Wutt, óP
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 14
Nßll "lß6ll$¨
Bave a super year,
Teacbers aad Studeatsl
Get your oil changed and your tires
and muffler checked before the
kids start driving to school!
0e¹s 0¡l,
216 W. 7th Ave., Wall, SD

Hamburger & French Fries
Call for del¡very
0ood Luck
WIshIng a Safe û
SuccessfuI schooI
year to aII of our
IocaI students.
Wa¡¡ ½ea¡ Provess¡ng
2?9-2348 · Wa¡¡
Supcrintcndcnt/HS Principal Ncws | Dcnnis hiccknan
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 16
Nßll "lß6ll$¨
I wIII bo sfnrfIng my oIghfh
yonr In WnII nnd fho sfudonfs
hnvo confInuod fo Imµross mo
wIfh fhoIr ncndomIc nchIovo-
Onco ngnIn fho IIomonfnry
nnd HIgh SchooI woro IIsfod ns
IxomµInry SchooIs (foµ fIvo µor-
conf) by fho Sfnfo Ðoµnrfmonf of
ThIs Is fho socond yonr whoro
IxomµInry SchooIs woro nnmod
nnd fho oIomonfnry nnd hIgh
schooIs hnvo boon IIsfod bofh
Tho MIddIo SchooI nIso dId
woII nnd wns IIsfod ns n µrogross-
Ing schooI.
CongrnfuInfIons fo fho sfu-
donfs, sfnff, µnronfs, nnd com-
munIfy for workIng fogofhor fo
mnko fhIs hnµµon. I nm vory
µroud of our sfudonfs nnd sfnff
nnd fhoIr confInuous ncndomIc
I wnnf fo woIcomo our now nd-
dIfIons fo fho sfnff nf fho schooI.
WIfh fho rofIromonf of fhroo
fonchors; wo juggIod somo of fho
sfnff nround.
Mrs. Mnry !oodor wIII bo
fonchIng 9-l2 IngIIsh nnd bo nn
nssIsfnnf mIddIo schooI voIIoy-
bnII conch.
Mrs. MnrIIo Trnsk wIII movo fo
kIndorgnrfon nnd Mrs. KoIIy
McMIIInn wIII fonch fIrsf grndo.
Mrs. !nchoI McConnghy wIII
movo fo fourfh grndo nnd Mrs.
Infforson fo fho fIffh grndo.
Mr. Shnwn CufIor wIII fnko
ovor hIgh schooI scIonco.
Mrs. !ornynn Inµousok wIII bo
fho fonchor nf IIg WhIfo.
Mrs. AshIoy KIor wIII fonch
mIddIo schooI/hIgh schooI mnfh.
Mr. Todd CrImmoff hns boon
hIrod ns n cusfodInn nnd Ms IIIn
CnmbµoII wIII bo fho now dIroc-
for of WASI.
IInnIIy, Mrs. JossIcn KrooIIs
hns boon hIrod fo work In fho
fronf offIco.
Tho now schooI yonr wIII brIng
somo chnngos In fho socurIfy of
our schooIs. Wo wIII bo InsfnIIIng
n now sof of doors nf fho ond of
fho foyor nf our onsf onfrnnco.
ThIs wIII nIIow µnronfs, grnnd-
µnronfs, ofc. fo droµ off fhoIr sfu-
donfs In fho foyor. OnIy sfudonfs
nnd sfnff wIII bo nIIowod boyond
fhoso doors wIfhouf n µnss.
Inronfs nnd vIsIfors wIII nood
n µnss nnd sIgn In nf fho offIco fo
bo nIIowod In fho hnIIs nnd go fo
fho cInssrooms.
Wo hnvo InsfnIIod fwo vIdoo
cnmorns on fho onsf nnd norfh-
wosf onfrnncos. Wo wIII Iock nII
doors nf ?:55 n.m. nnd nnyono
wnnfIng fo onfor fho buIIdIng
nffor fhnf fImo wIII nood fo buzz
In nnd bo rocognIzod boforo boIng
nIIowod fo onfor fho buIIdIng.
AII vIsIfors nro roquosfod fo
uso fho onsf onfrnnco; fho norfh-
wosf onfrnnco Is usod for mIddIo
schooI/hIgh schooI sfudonfs.
I know wo wIII hnvo somo µrob-
Ioms nf fho sfnrf of fho schooI
yonr nnd If wIII fnko fImo fo bo-
como nccusfomod fo fhoso
Tho offIco sfnff wIII nnswor
quosfIons nnd hoIµ ovoryono
ndnµf fo fho now guIdoIInos. Wo
nro doIng fhoso chnngos fo mnko
fho sfudonfs snfo; nof fo mnko
fhIngs dIffIcuIf.
If Is snd schooIs ovon hnvo fo
mnko fhoso chnngos, buf In fho
Inforosf of sfudonf snfofy wo foIf
wo noodod fo mnko fho chnngo.
Wo wIII mnko nocossnry
chnngos fo hoIµ onso fho frnnsI-
fIon nnd mnko fho fIow In nnd
ouf of fho foyor nron ns smoofh ns
Wo noodod fo Incronso fho
µrIco for Iunch duo fo rIsIng food
cosf, buf If`s sfIII n bnrgnIn wIfh
fho K-5 µrIco nf $2.50 nnd 6-l2 nf
$2.?5. Sfudonfs nro nIIowod fo
como bnck for soconds on fruIf
nnd vogofnbIos ns much ns fhoy
cnn onf. Tho mIddIo schooI nnd
hIgh schooI sfudonfs hnvo nn oµ-
µorfunIfy fo µurchnso soconds on
fho onfroo for $l.00.
ThIs sysfom hns workod woII
nnd nII sfudonfs shouId bo nbIo fo
gof µIonfy fo onf. WIfh nII of fho
now fodornI guIdoIInos comIng
ouf If bocomos moro dIffIcuIf fo
snfIsfy ovoryono`s nµµofIfo.
I wouId oncourngo ovoryono
who fooIs fhoy mny qunIIfy for
froo or roducod monIs fo fIII ouf
nn nµµIIcnfIon nnd furn If In
ASAI. Thoro Is n hIgh IovoI of
confIdonfInIIfy In who rocoIvos
froo or roducod monIs.
Wo confInuo fo movo forwnrd
wIfh fho Common Coro Sfnn-
hr. 0ennIs PIeckman
In comµIInnco wIfh fho Ixocu-
fIvo Ordor ll246; TIfIo II of fho
IducnfIon Amondmonfs of l9?6;
TIfIo VI of fho CIvII !Ighfs of
l964, ns nmondod by fho IqunI
ImµIoymonf OµµorfunIfy Acf of
l9?2; SocfIon 504 of fho !ohnbII-
IfnfIon Acf of l9?3; nnd nII ofhor
IodornI, Sfnfo, SchooI !uIos,
!nws, !oguInfIons, nnd IoIIcIos,
fho WnII SchooI Ionrd shnII nof
dIscrImInnfo on fho bnsIs of sox,
ngo, rnco, coIor, nnfIonnI orIgIn,
roIIgIon, or hnndIcnµ In fho odu-
cnfIonnI µrogrnms or ncfIvIfIos
whIch If oµornfos.
If Is fho Infonf of WnII SchooI
Ionrd fo comµIy wIfh bofh fho
Ioffor nnd sµIrIf of fho Inw In
mnkIng corfnIn dIscrImInnfIon
doos nof oxIsf In Ifs µoIIcIos, rog-
uInfIons, nnd oµornfIons. CrIov-
nnco µrocoduros, for TIfIo IX nnd
SocfIon 504, hnvo boon osfnb-
IIshod for sfudonfs, fhoIr µnronfs,
nnd omµIoyoos who fooI dIscrImI-
nnfIon hns boon shown by fho
SchooI/ÐIsfrIcf/Agoncy. SµocIfIc
comµInInfs of nIIogod dIscrImInn-
fIon undor TIfIo VI nnd TIfIo IX
shouId bo roforrod fo:
ChnrIos Sykorn
IIomonfnry IrIncIµnI/IodornI
Irogrnms ÐIrocfor
IO Iox 4l4
WnII, SÐ 5??90
Mr. Sykorn cnn nIso bo ronchod
nf: Ihono: (605) 2?9-2l56 oxf.
2l59 nnd ChnrIos.Sykorn¸kl2. Inx: (605) 2?9-26l3.
SµocIfIc comµInInfs of nIIogod
dIscrImInnfIon undor SocfIon 504
shouId bo roforrod fo:
ÐonnIs !Iockmnn
SuµorInfondonf/?-l2 IrIncIµnI
IO Iox 4l4
WnII, SÐ 5??90
Mr. !Iockmnn cnn nIso bo
ronchod nf: Ihono: (605) 2?9-
2l56 oxf. 2l5? nnd ÐonnIs.!Iock-
mnn¸kl2. Inx: (605) 2?9-
Iurfhor InformnfIon nnd com-
munIcnfIon cnn nIso bo dono
fhrough fho Soufh Ðnkofn !o-
gIonnI !S OffIco for CIvII !Ighfs:
!S Ðoµnrfmonf of IducnfIon
OffIco of CIvII !Ighfs
8930 Wnrd Ikwy, Sfo 203?
Knnsns CIfy, MO 64ll4-3302
IH: 8l6-268-0550
TÐÐ: 8??-52l-2l?2
ImnII: OC!.KnnsnCIfy¸
AII sfudonfs nffondIng fho WnII
IubIIc SchooIs mny µnrfIcIµnfo In
oducnfIon µrogrnms nnd ncfIvI-
fIos, IncIudIng buf nof IImIfod fo
honIfh, µhysIcnI oducnfIon, musIc
nnd vocnfIonnI nnd fochnIcnI od-
ucnfIon, rognrdIoss of rnco, coIor,
nnfIonnI orIgIn, roIIgIon, ngo,
hnndIcnµ, or sox. (Augusf 20ll).
0cR V0c/E0 guldellnes
dnrds In fho cInssrooms. Somo of
our fonchors hnvo confInuod fo
fnko workshoµs fo hoIµ fhom Im-
µIomonf fho sfnndnrds In fhoIr
cInssos. Sfudonfs nnd µnronfs
wIII soo confInuod chnngos In fho
wny fonchors fonch fhoIr Iossons.
Thoro wIII bo Ioss workshoofs
ofc. nnd moro sfudonf InvoIvo-
monf In fIndIng InformnfIon fo
soIvo nnd como uµ wIfh n soIufIon
fo fho µrobIom.
Tho Common Coro sfnndnrds,
fonchor ovnIunfIon, nffondnnco,
nnd coIIogo/cnroor rondInoss nro
µnrf of hoIdIng schooIs nccounf-
nbIo. Wo nro µrovIdIng n good od-
ucnfIon for our sfudonfs nnd wo
wIII confInuo fo work fo do so. If
fnkos ovoryono workIng fogofhor
fo µrovIdo n qunIIfy oducnfIon for
our sfudonfs; fho schooI bonrd,
ndmInIsfrnfIon, sfnff, sfudonfs,
µnronfs, nnd communIfy.
I Iook forwnrd fo fho uµcomIng
schooI yonr nnd oncourngo nny-
ono who hns n concorn fo sfoµ nf
fho schooI fo fnIk wIfh mo.
Tho Insf fwo yonrs hnvo boon
oxcIfIng nf WnII IIomonfnry nnd
IIg WhIfo SchooIs. AIfhough fhIs
Is n now yonr, I oxµocf fho oxcIfo-
monf fo confInuo. Thoro hnvo
boon chnngos In µorsonnoI fhnf
wIII fnko somo fImo fo ndjusf fo.
Tho sfnff wIII bogIn ImµIo-
monfIng fho Common Coro Sfnfo
Sfnndnrds. IInnIIy, wo wIII con-
fInuo fo ImµIomonf nnd cnrry-ouf
chnrncfor oducnfIon ncfIvIfIos.
Tho µnsf fwo yonrs found us
coIobrnfIng nnfIonnI rocognIfIon.
ÐurIng fho 20ll-20l2 schooI
yonr fho IIomonfnry SchooI wns
rocognIzod ns n TIfIo I ÐIsfIn-
guIshod SchooI from fho ÞnfIonnI
TIfIo I AssocInfIon.
ThIs µnsf yonr fho IIomonfnry
SchooI wns nnmod ns ono of fho
ÞnfIonnI IIuo !Ibbon SchooIs.
Iofh nwnrds woro fho rosuIf of
fho sfudonf nchIovomonf. AddI-
fIonnIIy, fho IIomonfnry SchooI
wns rocognIzod ns nn IxomµInry
SchooI fhrough fho Soufh Ðnkofn
Ðoµnrfmonf of IducnfIon.
AIfhough rocoIvIng fhoso
nwnrds ngnIn ronI soon Is un-
IIkoIy, wo wIII confInuo fo work
fownrd fho gonI of l00 µorconf of
our sfudonfs scorIng µrofIcIonf or
ndvnncod In rondIng, mnfh, nnd
Whon you como fo schooI you
wIII soo fnmIIInr fncos In fo µosI-
IIg WhIfo wIII hnvo n now
fonchor. Tho ndjusfmonfs fo µor-
sonnoI hnvo nIIowod !ornynn In-
µousok fo sfoµ In ns fho now
fonchor. Affor workIng ns n µnrn-
µrofossIonnI for sovornI yonrs,
Mrs. Inµousok wIII fInnIIy bo
nbIo fo µuf hor oxfonsIvo oxµorI-
onco nnd oxµorfIso fo work ns n
MnrIIo Trnsk hns movod Info
fho KIndorgnrfon µosIfIon. KoIIy
McMIIInn (usod fo bo Ironfz) wIII
fInnIIy µuf hor coIIogo frnInIng ns
nn oIomonfnry fonchor fo work
nffor fonchIng nf fho HIgh SchooI
IovoI In Cusfor nnd WnII.
!nchoI McConnghy wIII bo ro-
unIfod wIfh hor fIrsf KIndor-
gnrfon cInss, now In fourfh
grndo. KnroI Infforson wIII bo
bnck ns n fIffh grndo fonchor.
Knfhy !Iockmnn Is now ns-
sIgnod fo fho TIfIo I room nffor
workIng In fho SµocInI IducnfIon
doµnrfmonf. Ðnnn !uodomnn Is
now n SµocInI IducnfIon µnrn-
µrofossIonnI nffor workIng nf IIg
WhIfo for fho µnsf fwo yonrs.
IInnIIy, AshIoy KIor wIII oc-
cuµy fho mIddIo schooI nnd hIgh
schooI mnfh µosIfIon.
AIfhough fhoro wIII bo nn nd-
jusfmonf µorIod for ovoryono, I
boIIovo wo wIII hnvo nnofhor
good yonr.
In nddIfIon fo fho mnny now
nssIgnmonfs nf fho K-6 IovoI, fho
Common Coro Sfnfo Sfnndnrds
wIII confInuo fo movo Info fho
cInssrooms. As I`vo monfIonod
boforo, gono nro fho dnys whoro
fho sfudonfs honr n Iocfuro bo-
foro rocoIvIng n workshoof fo
comµIofo. Tho bIggosf nd-
jusfmonf InvoIvos Incronsod
rondIng nnd wrIfIng, whIIo com-
µIofIng nssIgnmonfs fhnf InvoIvo
moro fhnn sImµIy roµonfIng
whnf Is wrIffon In fho book or
fIIIIng In bInnks on n workshoof.
Chnrncfor oducnfIon hns boon
n focus fho µnsf fow yonrs nnd If
wIII confInuo durIng fho 20l3-
20l4 schooI yonr.
In fho µnsf wo`vo nnmod nnd
rovIowod dosIrod chnrncfor
frnIfs. Tho sfudonfs hnvo Ionrnod
nbouf !osµocf, KIndnoss, nnd
ThIs yonr wo wIII confInuo fo
rovIow nnd work wIfh fho µrovI-
ous frnIfs whIIo InfroducIng nnd
covorIng InfogrIfy. Mrs. SundnII
hns dono nn oxcoIIonf job covor-
Ing fho mnforInI nnd fho sfnff hns
foIIowod uµ roInforcIng fhnf In-
Tho hnrd work by fho sfudonfs
nnd furfhor roInforcomonf by fho
hns µnId dIvIdonds ns wo nro bo-
gInnIng fo soo n µosIfIvo cuIfuro
dovoIoµ wIfhIn fho dIsfrIcf.
I`m IookIng forwnrd fo nnofhor
µroducfIvo yonr. IIonso fooI froo
fo confncf mo wIfh nny quosfIons.
I cnn bo ronchod nf, 2?9-2l56.
My oxfonsIon numbor Is 2l59.
I cnn nIso bo ronchod vIn fho
Infornof nf, ChnrIos.Sykorn¸kl2 Injoy fho rosf of fho sum-
Mr. CharIes Sykora
Wz|| 8rhee| P|s!r|r! 8!zff 201J-11
ScLoo! Bouvd
Scof IIsonbrnun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ChnIrµorson
Inm Johnson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .VIco ChnIrµorson
CnroIynn Andorson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mombor
Mnry WIIIInms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mombor
Todd Trnsk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mombor
KovIn IIoImnIor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mombor
Sµoncor Cordos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mombor
ÐonnIs !Iockmnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SuµorInfondonf/?-l2 IrInc.
ChnrIos Sykorn . . . . . .K-6 & I. Wh. IrInc./Iod. Irogrnm Coord.
ÞIkI Mohr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IusInoss Mnnngor
AImoo InuIson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AdmInIsfrnfIvo AssIsfnnf
JossIcn KrooIIs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .!ocoµfIonIsf/Socrofnry
?-12 Iucu!ty
Konf Andorson . .8fh Comµ/8fh SocInI SfudIos/Ius. !nw/Infroµ.
/IorsonnI IInnnco/IIom. Comµ./AcfIvIfy & AfhIofIc ÐIr./Hond II
Mnry !oodor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9-l2 IngIIsh/Assf. MS VI
ÐnnI HorrIng . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Vo-Ag./Shoµ/Hond VI/IIA Adv.
ÐnvId IrmIsh . .Amor. & WorId HIsfory/AI HIsfory/Amor. Covf.
/WorId Coog./Sr. Irojocf/Hond MS II/Assf. MS III/Assf. CoIf
ÐInno CoIgIo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SIIÐ ÐIrocfor/SµnnIsh I & II/
IIom. SµnnIsh/Soµhomoro CInss Adv.
!orI WnIkor . . . . . .6fh, ?fh & 8fh Ing./!IbrnrInn/?fh Crndo Adv.
Shnwn CufIor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ihy. ScIonco/IhysIcs/ChomIsfry/
5fh ScIonco/MuIfI-ModIn
InndI IIffmnn . . . . .IIoIogy I/6fh, ?fh & 8fh ScIonco/AI IIoIogy
/Iroshmnn CInss Adv.
Snmrn Trnsk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AIgobrn l & 2/TrIg./Iro-CnIc
/Odyssoy Wnro IncIIIfnfor/AI Ing./Sr. CInss Co-Adv.
K-6 Iucu!ty
MnrIIo Trnsk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KIndorgnrfon
KoIIy McMIIInn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .lsf Crndo
Irondn CnrmIchnoI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2nd Crndo
MIchoIIo !uInnd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3rd Crndo
!nchoI McConnghy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4fh Crndo
KnroI Infforson . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5fh Crndo/Hond CC/Hond Trnck
/IIom. Sfudonf CouncII Adv.
JonnIno Sykorn . . . . . .TIfIo I Tonchor & IIomonfnry VocnI MusIc
AnIfn Honfhorshnw . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TIfIo I Tonchor
BIg WLIte ScLoo! Iucu!ty
!ornynn Inµousok . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .K-8 Tonchor
ÐIstvIct Ieve! AssIgnments
Andron ChrIsfInnson . . . . . . . . . .?-l2 Chorus/5-l2 InsfrumonfnI
ChoryI !osfor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Arf/8fh Crndo CInss Adv.
KoIII SundnII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CounsoIor/ÞHS Co-Adv.
Mnrk Amnnn . . . . . . . . . . .II/HonIfh/!IfofImo IIfnoss/Hond CoIf
!nndnII Iosfo . . . . . . . . .Toch. CoordInnfor/Comµ./IC IssonfInIs
/TrnnsIfIonnI Mnfh/ÞHS Co-Adv.
!ondn WIIson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sµooch & !nngungo ThornµIsf
/Sfudonf CouncII Adv./Sr. CInss Co-Adv.
AshIoy KIor . . . . .5fh, 6fh, ?fh & 8fh Mnfh/Coomofry/Assf. CII
Susnn WIIIIs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IIom. SIIÐ
Suppovt StuII
CIndy Wonvor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond Cook
!ynn Ðunkor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Assf. Cook/MS S.A.Ð.Ð. Adv.
Cwon McConnoII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I/T KIfchon HoIµ
Honfhor SchroIbor . .SIIÐ AIdo/Wobµngo ÐosIgnor/MuIfI-ModIn
/Yonrbook Adv./Jr. CInss Adv.
JnckIo !osofh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SIIÐ AIdo
Ðnnn !uodomnn SIIÐ AId/Assf. VI/Jr. CInss Adv./ HS S.A.Ð.Ð.
Knfhy !Iockmnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TIfIo I InrnµrofossIonnI
Sfncy Sfownrf . . . . . . . .TIfIo I AIdo/Hond MS VI/Assf. MS CII/
Assf. Trnck
Ðnn Hnuk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond MnInfonnnco/IH ÐIrocfor
KIm Morgnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CusfodInn/MnInfonnnco
Todd CrImmoff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CusfodInn/MnInfonnnco
Ðnvo Jonos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ioworhouso SuµorvIsor
IIIn CnmµboII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .WASI ÐIrocfor
Bus ÐvIvevs
Ðnn Hnuk . CornId JuIson . JunnIfn IIffmnn
KnroI Infforson . KIrby Koysor . InndI IIffmnn
Iofo Ðunkor . Sfunrf KIfformnn
£xtvu CuvvIcu!uv
John Hoss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond CII
!ynn ÐIngor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond III
Josh ÐoIgor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Assf. III
HoIdI CoIIor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond CymnnsfIcs
Trncy Indors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Assf. CymnnsfIcs
!usfy !yfIo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond MS CII
Joo Mooro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond MS III/Assf. MS IoofbnII
Wnyno ShuII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Assf. II
ConnIo WoIf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ICC!A Adv.
!on Iurfz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ono Acf/Throo Acf Adv.
Flcm. Principal Ncws | Char|cs Sykora
wouId Iike fo weIcome
sfudenfs ond sfoff bock for
onofher schooI yeor.
Scbool Suppl¡es 20% off
Phone: Z79-ZIb8 WoII, SD
Rush FuneraI
ActIvIty PvIces
AduIf .................................$30.00
Sfudonf (K-l2) ..................$l0.00
IuncL PvIces Indv./tIcket
BveukIust Indv./tIcket
Sfudonf ......................l.50/30.00
MI!k (K-3) Indv./tIcket
WnII ..................................40/8.00
IW (K-3) ..................................20
Actlvlty and
lunch prlces
Tho WnII SchooI ÐIsfrIcf wIII
uso fho foIIowIng fncIIIfIos fo no-
fIfy fho µubIIc In cnso of schooI
cIosIng bocnuso of bnd wonfhor or
ofhor cnusos: KIHI, KOTA,
KIVÞ, IOX nnd KI!O. Wo nIso
wIII hnvo our dIgIfnI sIgn In uso
nnd SchooI !onch.
If schooI Is cIosod Mondny
fhrough Thursdny of fho wook,
fho dny wIII bo mndo uµ on IrI-
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 16
Nßll "lß6ll$¨
Notlflcatlon of Rlghts under FERPA for
Elementary and 8econdary 8chools
Tho InmIIy IducnfIonnI !Ighfs
nnd IrIvncy Acf (II!IA) nffords
µnronfs nnd sfudonfs who nro l8
yonrs of ngo or oIdor ("oIIgIbIo sfu-
donfs") corfnIn rIghfs wIfh rosµocf
fo fho sfudonf's oducnfIon rocords.
Thoso rIghfs nro:
l. Tho rIghf fo Insµocf nnd ro-
vIow fho sfudonf's oducnfIon
rocords wIfhIn 45 dnys nffor fho
dny fho WnII SchooI ÐIsfrIcf 5l-5
rocoIvos n roquosf for nccoss.
Inronfs or oIIgIbIo sfudonfs
shouId submIf fo fho schooI µrIncI-
µnI |or nµµroµrInfo schooI offIcInI]
n wrIffon roquosf fhnf IdonfIfIos
fho rocords fhoy wIsh fo Insµocf.
Tho schooI offIcInI wIII mnko
nrrnngomonfs for nccoss nnd no-
fIfy fho µnronf or oIIgIbIo sfudonf
of fho fImo nnd µInco whoro fho
rocords mny bo Insµocfod.
2. Tho rIghf fo roquosf fho
nmondmonf of fho sfudonf`s odu-
cnfIon rocords fhnf fho µnronf or
oIIgIbIo sfudonf boIIovos nro Innc-
curnfo, mIsIondIng, or ofhorwIso In
vIoInfIon of fho sfudonf`s µrIvncy
rIghfs undor II!IA.
Inronfs or oIIgIbIo sfudonfs who
wIsh fo nsk fho WnII SchooI ÐIs-
frIcf 5l-5 fo nmond n rocord
shouId wrIfo fho schooI µrIncIµnI
|or nµµroµrInfo schooI offIcInI],
cIonrIy IdonfIfy fho µnrf of fho
rocord fhoy wnnf chnngod, nnd
sµocIfy why If shouId bo chnngod.
If fho schooI docIdos nof fo nmond
fho rocord ns roquosfod by fho µnr-
onf or oIIgIbIo sfudonf, fho schooI
wIII nofIfy fho µnronf or oIIgIbIo
sfudonf of fho docIsIon nnd of fhoIr
rIghf fo n honrIng rognrdIng fho
roquosf for nmondmonf. AddI-
fIonnI InformnfIon rognrdIng fho
honrIng µrocoduros wIII bo µro-
vIdod fo fho µnronf or oIIgIbIo sfu-
donf whon nofIfIod of fho rIghf fo
n honrIng.
3. Tho rIghf fo µrovIdo wrIffon
consonf boforo fho schooI dIscIosos
µorsonnIIy IdonfIfInbIo Informn-
fIon (III) from fho sfudonf's odu-
cnfIon rocords, oxcoµf fo fho oxfonf
fhnf II!IA nufhorIzos dIscIosuro
wIfhouf consonf.
Ono oxcoµfIon, whIch µormIfs
dIscIosuro wIfhouf consonf, Is dIs-
cIosuro fo schooI offIcInIs wIfh Io-
gIfImnfo oducnfIonnI Inforosfs. A
schooI offIcInI Is n µorson omµIoyod
by fho schooI ns nn ndmInIsfrnfor,
suµorvIsor, Insfrucfor, or suµµorf
sfnff mombor (IncIudIng honIfh or
modIcnI sfnff nnd Inw onforcomonf
unIf µorsonnoI) or n µorson sorv-
Ing on fho schooI bonrd. A schooI
offIcInI nIso mny IncIudo n voIun-
foor or confrncfor oufsIdo of fho
schooI who µorforms nn InsfIfu-
fIonnI sorvIco or funcfIon for whIch
fho schooI wouId ofhorwIso uso Ifs
own omµIoyoos nnd who Is undor
fho dIrocf confroI of fho schooI
wIfh rosµocf fo fho uso nnd mnIn-
fonnnco of III from oducnfIon
rocords, such ns nn nffornoy, nudI-
for, modIcnI consuIfnnf, or fhorn-
µIsf; n µnronf or sfudonf voIun-
foorIng fo sorvo on nn offIcInI com-
mIffoo, such ns n dIscIµIInnry or
grIovnnco commIffoo; or n µnronf,
sfudonf, or ofhor voIunfoor nssIsf-
Ing nnofhor schooI offIcInI In µor-
formIng hIs or hor fnsks. A schooI
offIcInI hns n IogIfImnfo oducn-
fIonnI Inforosf If fho offIcInI noods
fo rovIow nn oducnfIon rocord In
ordor fo fuIfIII hIs or hor µrofos-
sIonnI rosµonsIbIIIfy.
4. Tho rIghf fo fIIo n comµInInf
wIfh fho !.S. Ðoµnrfmonf of Idu-
cnfIon concornIng nIIogod fnIIuros
by fho |SchooI] fo comµIy wIfh fho
roquIromonfs of II!IA. Tho
nnmo nnd nddross of fho OffIco
fhnf ndmInIsfors II!IA nro:
InmIIy IoIIcy ComµIInnco OffIco
!.S. Ðoµnrfmonf of IducnfIon
400 MnryInnd Avonuo, SW
WnshIngfon, ÐC 20202
II!IA µormIfs fho dIscIosuro
of III from sfudonfs` oducnfIon
rocords, wIfhouf consonf of fho
µnronf or oIIgIbIo sfudonf, If fho
dIscIosuro moofs corfnIn condI-
fIons found In § 99.3l of fho
II!IA roguInfIons. Ixcoµf for
dIscIosuros fo schooI offIcInIs, dIs-
cIosuros roInfod fo somo judIcInI
ordors or InwfuIIy Issuod subµoo-
nns, dIscIosuros of dIrocfory Infor-
mnfIon, nnd dIscIosuros fo fho µnr-
onf or oIIgIbIo sfudonf, § 99.32 of
fho II!IA roguInfIons roquIros
fho schooI fo rocord fho dIscIosuro.
Inronfs nnd oIIgIbIo sfudonfs hnvo
n rIghf fo Insµocf nnd rovIow fho
rocord of dIscIosuros. A schooI mny
dIscIoso III from fho oducnfIon
rocords of n sfudonf wIfhouf ob-
fnInIng µrIor wrIffon consonf of
fho µnronfs or fho oIIgIbIo sfudonf

:To ofhor schooI offIcInIs, In-
cIudIng fonchors, wIfhIn fho odu-
cnfIonnI ngoncy or InsfIfufIon
whom fho schooI hns doformInod
fo hnvo IogIfImnfo oducnfIonnI In-
forosfs. ThIs IncIudos confrncfors,
consuIfnnfs, voIunfoors, or ofhor
µnrfIos fo whom fho schooI hns
oufsourcod InsfIfufIonnI sorvIcos
or funcfIons, µrovIdod fhnf fho
condIfIons IIsfod In §
99.3l(n)(l)(I)(I)(l) - (n)(l)(I)(I)(2)
nro mof. (§ 99.3l(n)(l))
:To offIcInIs of nnofhor schooI,
schooI sysfom, or InsfIfufIon of
µosfsocondnry oducnfIon whoro
fho sfudonf sooks or Infonds fo on-
roII, or whoro fho sfudonf Is nI-
rondy onroIIod If fho dIscIosuro Is
for µurµosos roInfod fo fho sfu-
donf`s onroIImonf or frnnsfor, sub-
jocf fo fho roquIromonfs of § 99.34.
(§ 99.3l(n)(2))
:To nufhorIzod roµrosonfnfIvos
of fho !. S. ComµfroIIor ConornI,
fho !. S. Affornoy ConornI, fho
!.S. Socrofnry of IducnfIon, or
Sfnfo nnd IocnI oducnfIonnI nu-
fhorIfIos, such ns fho Sfnfo oducn-
fIonnI ngoncy (SIA) In fho µnronf
or oIIgIbIo sfudonf`s Sfnfo. ÐIscIo-
suros undor fhIs µrovIsIon mny bo
mndo, subjocf fo fho roquIromonfs
of § 99.35, In connocfIon wIfh nn
nudIf or ovnIunfIon of IodornI- or
Sfnfo-suµµorfod oducnfIon µro-
grnms, or for fho onforcomonf of or
comµIInnco wIfh IodornI IognI ro-
quIromonfs fhnf roInfo fo fhoso
µrogrnms. Thoso onfIfIos mny
mnko furfhor dIscIosuros of III fo
oufsIdo onfIfIos fhnf nro dosIg-
nnfod by fhom ns fhoIr nufhorIzod
roµrosonfnfIvos fo conducf nny
nudIf, ovnIunfIon, or onforcomonf
or comµIInnco ncfIvIfy on fhoIr bo-
hnIf. (§§ 99.3l(n)(3) nnd 99.35)
:In connocfIon wIfh fInnncInI
nId for whIch fho sfudonf hns nµ-
µIIod or whIch fho sfudonf hns ro-
coIvod, If fho InformnfIon Is nocos-
snry fo doformIno oIIgIbIIIfy for
fho nId, doformIno fho nmounf of
fho nId, doformIno fho condIfIons
of fho nId, or onforco fho forms nnd
condIfIons of fho nId. (§
:To Sfnfo nnd IocnI offIcInIs or
nufhorIfIos fo whom InformnfIon Is
sµocIfIcnIIy nIIowod fo bo roµorfod
or dIscIosod by n Sfnfo sfnfufo fhnf
concorns fho juvonIIo jusfIco sys-
fom nnd fho sysfom`s nbIIIfy fo of-
focfIvoIy sorvo, µrIor fo ndjudIcn-
fIon, fho sfudonf whoso rocords
woro roIonsod, subjocf fo § 99.38.
(§ 99.3l(n)(5))
:To orgnnIznfIons conducfIng
sfudIos for, or on bohnIf of, fho
schooI, In ordor fo: (n) dovoIoµ, vnI-
Idnfo, or ndmInIsfor µrodIcfIvo
fosfs; (b) ndmInIsfor sfudonf nId
µrogrnms; or (c) Imµrovo Insfruc-
fIon. (§ 99.3l(n)(6))
:To nccrodIfIng orgnnIznfIons fo
cnrry ouf fhoIr nccrodIfIng func-
fIons. (§ 99.3l(n)(?))
:To µnronfs of nn oIIgIbIo sfu-
donf If fho sfudonf Is n doµondonf
for I!S fnx µurµosos. (§
:To comµIy wIfh n judIcInI ordor
or InwfuIIy Issuod subµoonn. (§
:To nµµroµrInfo offIcInIs In con-
nocfIon wIfh n honIfh or snfofy
omorgoncy, subjocf fo § 99.36. (§
:InformnfIon fho schooI hns
dosIgnnfod ns ¨dIrocfory Informn-
fIon¨ undor § 99.3?. (§
99.3l(n)(ll)) |II!I: JO of fho WnII
SchooI ÐIsfrIcf IoIIcy Hnndbook
nddrossos ¨dIrocfory InformnfIon¨]
Hove o Super Yeor.
S1uden1s ond TeooÞers
For o11 gour Fue1 Needs:
Dicscl Fucl Oil Casolinc
Crowa 0¡l
Doug Crown, Owncr/Managcr
PIonc 279-2245 Wall, SD
Ne|come Øack fo
8choo| 8f0de0ft,
Teachert 8 8fall
We have a full menu available for dine
in, carry out or delivery.
·Pizza ·Burgers ·Ìce Cream
·Tacos ·Chicken ·Steaks
·Homemade Soups, Salads & Pies
Open daily: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
K£u K0£K K£SÍuHtuHÍ
Q L0HH§£
2?9-2388 : CIonn Sf., WnII
Best oí luck on a
successíu¦ schoo¦ year.
·ommon ·ents
±;,-±((o - va¦¦, SD
See us for all of your
automotive needs.
6000 l00k l8¶l08I
Phone 279-2827 · Wall, SD
TIfIo I Inrf A, SocfIon
llll(h)(6) sµocIfIos fhnf nII µnr-
onfs In n TIfIo I schooI bo nofIfIod
nnd gIvon fho oµµorfunIfy fo ro-
quosf InformnfIon nbouf fho µro-
fossIonnI qunIIfIcnfIons of cInss-
room fonchors InsfrucfIng fhoIr
chIId. If you nro Inforosfod In fhIs
InformnfIon, you mny sond your
roquosf fo fho buIIdIng µrIncIµnI
who wIII µrovIdo n rosµonso.
Parents Rlght
to Know
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 17
Nßll "lß6ll$¨
Back-to-School Supplement • August 29, 2013 • 18
For your inFormation
Child Find for Special
With the start of the new school year,
the local school districts would like to re-
mind patrons that Special Education and
related services are available to eligible
children with disabilities, 0 to 21 years of
age, without cost to parents.
Services are available, if appropriate, to
children who have been identified as:
deaf, deaf blind, hard of hearing, mental
retardation, multi-handicapped, orthopedi-
cally impaired, other health impaired, se-
riously emotionally disturbed, learning
disabled, speech impaired, visually im-
paired, or developmentally delayed.
If you know of any child who may qual-
ify for special services, but are not already
receiving them, please contact your
school: Jones Co. – 669-2297; Wall –
279-2156; New Underwood –
754-6485; Philip – 859-2679; or Kadoka
– 837-2175.
By Tresa Erickson
You can hardly believe it, but that beau-
tiful baby you brought home four years ago
is all grown up and will be ready to go off
to kindergarten next fall. You've got one
full year before you have to worry about all
of the details, right? Wrong. Most schools
start registering students for kindergarten
in the late spring, and if you live in a large
area, chances are the school will be count-
ing on you to know when enrollment be-
If you have a child who will be attending
kindergarten this fall, do your homework.
Find out what school they will be attending
and keep an eye out for announcements in
the spring regarding the date of kinder-
garten enrollment. Some schools also have
screening dates when they test children on
specific skills to ensure they are ready for
If the school has a Web site, read
through the materials on it, especially any
pertaining to kindergarten. This will give
you a sense of the school and may even pro-
vide you with a date for enrollment. If you
cannot find any information on the Web
site about kindergarten enrollment, con-
tact the school and ask. Write down any
important dates on your calendar.
In all likelihood, you will need certain
documents to enroll your child in kinder-
garten. These will vary according to the
school and state requirements. In addition
to a social security card and birth certifi-
cate for your child, for example, you might
need proof of a physical exam. Find out be-
forehand exactly what documentation you
will need and work to gather it before en-
rollment begins.
As for any medical exams required, find
out if you can use previous exams your
child has had. If you need proof of a dental
exam, for example, you might be able to
have your dentist make of a copy of your
child's last exam rather than scheduling a
new appointment and getting the data
Should you make any new medical ap-
pointments for your child, don't leave the
office without the appropriate documenta-
tion for kindergarten enrollment. If the
staff is unaware of what you need, have
them contact the school. The school will in-
form them exactly what is needed, whether
a copy of the exam or an actual form. Sit
tight until the paperwork is completed.
You don't want to have to return to the of-
fice later.
The more you know about kindergarten
enrollment, the better prepared you will be
and the sooner you will get everything
done. Remember, school generally lets out
in late May or early June, so there will be
no one around in the summer to answer
your questions or gather the documents
you collect. You will have to wait until Au-
gust or September when you will ex-
tremely busy doing other things to get your
child ready for school. Do everything you
possibly can before school lets out in the
Preparation Is Key
No matter what country you are from,
something has probably been invented
there. This is particularly true of Australia
and Canada. However, chances are most
people can only name a few of the inven-
tions that have come from each country.
Here's a quiz on that subject. Can you
name which of the two countries the fol-
lowing inventions have come?
1) Bionic ear
2) Electric organ
20) Music synthesizer
21) Tuck-away-handle beer carton
22) Walkie-talkie
23) Blast glass or stop shot
24) Vegemite
25) Chocolate nut bar
26) Goalie mask
27) Kiwi shoe polish
28) Jolly jumper
29) Aspro or aspirin
30) Electronic pacemaker
1) Australia, 1978
2) Canada, 1928 by Morse Robb
3) Canada, 1962 by Edward A. Assel-
4) Australia, 2002 by Dr. Fiona Wood
5) Canada, by Warren Marrison
6) Australia, 1889 by Arthur James
7) Australia, 1945
8) Australia, 1902 by J.A. Birchall
9) Canada, 1878 by Cyril Duquet
10) Canada, 1934 by F.C.P. Henroteau
11) Australia, 1958 by Dr. David Warren
12) Australia, 1838
13) Australia, 1965 by Jack Grant
14) Canada, 1979 by Chris Haney and
Scott Abbot
15) Canada, 1857 by Samuel Sharp
16) Canada, 1968 by Grahame Ferguson,
Roman Kroitor and Robert Kerr
17) Australia, 1925 by Eric Waterworth
18) Australia, 1965 by Thomas Angove
19) Australia, 1946 by George Shepherd
20) Canada, 1945 by Hugh Le Caine
21) Canada, 1957 by Steve Pasjac
22) Canada, 1942 by Donald L. Hings
23) Australia by Peter Stephinson
24) Australia, 1923 by Fred Walker
25) Canada, 1910 by Arthur Ganong
26) Canada, 1960 by Jaques Plante
27) Australia, 1906 by William Ramsay
and Hamilton McKellan
28) Canada, 1959 by Olivia Poole
29) Australia, between 1915 and 1917 by
George Nicholas
30) Australia, 1926 at the Sydney's
Crown Street Women's Hospital
Inventions usually improve on an existing
product or make a process easier. That is
exactly what all of these amazing inven-
tions have done. They represent just a
small portion of the inventions that have
come out of Australia and Canada over the
The Pride Of A Nation
3) Instant mashed potatoes
4) Spray-on-skin
5) Quartz clock
6) Electric drill
7) Latex gloves
8) Notepad
9) Telephone handset
10) Television camera
11) Black box flight recorder
12) Pre-paid postage
13) Inflatable aircraft escape slide and
14) Trivial Pursuit
15) Railway sleeper car
16) Imax movie system
17) Record changer
18) Wine cask
19) Shepherd's castors
WIfh nnofhor schooI yonr rnµ-
IdIy nµµronchIng, wo nro ongor fo
soo whnf fho now schooI yonr
wIII brIng. Wo roconfIy rocoIvod
fho SchooI Iorformnnco Indox
(SII) scoros from fhIs µnsf yonr,
whIch hns roInvIgornfod our of-
forfs In fho Kndokn Aron SchooI
ÐIsfrIcf. I nm µroud fo roµorf
fhnf nII of our schooIs: InforIor,
!ong VnIIoy, MIdInnd, Kndokn
IIomonfnry, nnd Kndokn HIgh
SchooI hnvo mndo gnIns from
µrovIous yonrs. I nIso wnnf fo
congrnfuInfo fho MIdInnd nffon-
dnnco confor for hnvIng fho hIgh-
osf SII scoro In fho Sfnfo! Thoso
scoros nro nvnIInbIo on fho Soufh
Ðnkofn Ðoµnrfmonf of Iducn-
fIon`s wobsIfo If you nro Infor-
osfod In IookIng nf fhom. As wo
bogIn fho now yonr, wo focus on
rnIsIng fho ncndomIc bnr onco
Mnny of our schooIs hnvo ro-
coIvod uµgrndos fhIs summor.
Tho jnnIforInI sfnff hns com-
µIofod numorous µrojocfs nround
fho schooI nIong wIfh µnInfIng
nnd fIoor µroµnrnfIons for fho
uµcomIng yonr ns woII. Wo hnd
sovornI bIggor µrojocfs com-
µIofod ns woII. Wo hnvo InsfnIIod
now cnrµof In sovornI rooms nf
InforIor nnd !ong VnIIoy nnd
sµrucod uµ onfrywnys nnd cInss-
rooms for our sfudonfs. In fown
wo hnvo InsfnIIod n koyIoss onfry
In fho oIomonfnry nnd hIgh
schooI wIngs ns nn nddIfIonnI
snfofy monsuro nnd wIII confInuo
fo work on cronfIng fho bosf µos-
sIbIo oducnfIonnI onvIronmonf
for our sfudonfs.
Anofhor nofnbIo chnngo fhIs
yonr wIII bo n now µosIfIon In fho
Iowor oIomonfnry. Wo nro sooIng
nn InfIux of youngor sfudonfs
onfor fho schooI dIsfrIcf nnd ovor
fho summor hnvo ndjusfod our
oducnfIonnI sfrucfuro fo nccom-
modnfo for fhoso sfudonfs. WIfh
fhIs chnngo, fho oµµorfunIfy for
n soIId oducnfIonnI foundnfIon
cnn bo gIvon fo fho sfudonfs fo
onhnnco fhoIr oducnfIonnI
µrocoss Infor on down fho rond In
fhoIr cnroors.
Wo nµµrocInfo fho suµµorf
fhnf fho fnmIIIos hnvo gIvon fo
fho schooI dIsfrIcf nnd moro Im-
µorfnnfIy, fho oncourngomonf
you gIvo you chIIdron.
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 ·
kß00kß ß8lß "k006ß8$¨
Supcrintcndcnt | Janic Hcrnann
JnmIo Hormnnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SuµorInfondonf
Coorgo SoIIor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .HIgh SchooI IrIncIµnI
Joff Þomocok . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IIomonfnry IrIncIµnI
Chnd IIsonbrnun . . . . . . . . . . . . .TochnIcnI CoordInnfor/Hond IoofbnII
JoIofh !hIIr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IusInoss Mnnngor
IIIoon SfoIIoy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Imµncf AId CoordInnfor
Kny !ockIIng . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AdmInIsfrnfIvo AssIssfnnf
ÐnnIoIIo Sfoddnrd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IIomonfnry Socrofnry
Andron Johnsfon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .HIgh SchooI Socrofnry
CIndy VnndorMny . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InyroII CIork
Knron Iyrd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .!ondIng IIrsf Irogrnm Conch
InmoIn Iononborgor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Iro-SchooI/Sµooch
Ðnnn IIsonbrnun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Iro-K/Assf. Trnck
Iocky Koognn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KIndorgnrfon
CnII !ouffor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IIrsf Crndo
CnssIo Ðo!ochor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Socond Crndo
MnrIbofh !oghnIr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ThIrd Crndo
Mnry Crnuµmnnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Iourfh Crndo
ArIono HIcks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IIffh Crndo
MIchoIIo MnnsfIoId . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MIddIo SchooI !nngungo Arfs
Inrry HufchInson . . . . . . . . . . .MIddIo SchooI SocInI SfudIos/Hond VI
!nurIo IrIchnrd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TIfIo I TochnoIogy
Jonn HoIzknmµ . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MIddIo SchooI ScIonco, I.I. & HonIfh
Crogory ÞorrIs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .K-l2 InsfrumonfnI MusIc
AnIfn !IggIns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InsfrucfIonnI AIdo
!ufh McCubbIn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InsfrucfIonnI AIdo
Jonn Indors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sµooch IncIIIfnfor/!Ibrnry
Knfhy Irown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI IducnfIon
!Isn Osburn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI IducnfIon
Ðnnn IIsonbrnun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI IducnfIon/Assf. Trnck
MorIIoo CrImos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI IducnfIon AIdo
ÞIcoIo ÐoVrIos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI IducnfIon AIdo/ChoorIondIng
Cnrmon Huffmnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InsfrucfIonnI AIdo
JnnIco AIIon-IorkIns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InsfrucfIonnI AIdo
Snrn Sµoor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InsfrucfIonnI AIdo
ÞIchoIo Thomµson . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MS !osµonso fo InforvonfIon (!TI)
KrIsfIo Sfono . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CuIdnnco CounsoIor
Idnn Knry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KIndorgnrfon
MIn WhIrIwInd Horso . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IIrsf & Socond Crndos
CInIro Iock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ThIrd, Iourfh & IIffh Crndos
JonnIfor Vnn IoIf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SIxfh, Sovonfh & IIghfh Crndos
CnrrIo Snnffnor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI IducnfIon
Oµon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI Id AIdo
Inrb IroInnd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TIfIo I
VnInrIo Kruso . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InsfrucfIonnI AIdo
VnIorIo Ohrfmnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KIndorgnrfon & IIrsf
Skyo IruckInchor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Socond & ThIrd
Þnncy WoIIor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Iourfh & IIffh
MIsfy Hnmnr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SIxfh, Sovonfh & IIghfh
!onoo SchofIoId . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KIndorgnrfon - ThIrd
Mnry Inrquof . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Iourfh - IIghfh
ÞIcoIo ÞoIson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InsfrucfIonnI AIdo
JossIcn MngoIky . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IngIIsh
ÐnvId Ohrfmnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SocInI ScIonco & HIsfory/Trnck
Susnn Sudbock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CuIdnnco CounsoIor/!ogIsfrnr
Jonn HoIzknmµ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ScIonco/IIrsf AId
Irnndy Knufson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IndusfrInI TochnoIogy & Vo-Ag
CnroI Kroofch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mnfh/TIfIo I
ÐyInn Moro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ScIonco/Assf. Ioys` InskofbnII
Jonn Indors . . . . . . . . . . .l/2 fImo Sµooch IncIIIfnfor l/2 fImo !Ibrnry
Mnrk !oImnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I.I./Ioys` InskofbnII
CoIby Shuck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .K-l2 VocnI/Ioµ Innd
Torosn Shuck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Isych/Soc/IIocfIvo
Amy SmIIoy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI IducnfIon
Ðooffn TorkIIdson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Comµufor TochnoIogy
Hnrry WoIIor . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TIfIo I/AcfIvIfIos ÐIrocfor/Cross Counfry
ChrIsfy WIIIorf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .HIgh SchooI Mnfh
Crogory ÞorrIs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .K-l2 Innd/Ioµ Innd
IoIIy Irown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kndokn
Irnd Sfono . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Kndokn
Mnffhow IInggomoyor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Kndokn
!nrry MnnIoy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InforIor
!oubon VoIImor, Jr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MIdInnd
!Ichnrd IroInnd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond Cook - Kndokn
CnroI Tuckor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AssIsfnnf - Kndokn
!Indn !IggIns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KIfchon HoIµor - Kndokn
Tnrn !onch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cook - InforIor
!nrry MnnIoy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KIfchon HoIµor - InforIor
Amoo IIock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cook - MIdInnd
Jody Sudbock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AssIsfnnf IoofbnII
Annoffo VnndorMny . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CIrIs` InskofbnII
John Horbor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AssIfnnf CIrIs` InskofbnII
Jnko VnndorMny . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AssIfnnf CIrIs` InskofbnII
Kadoka Area 5choo| 0ìstrìct Admìnìstratìon and Iacu|ty
26 IIrsf Ðny of SchooI
2 !nbor Ðny - Þo SchooI
6 SchooI In SossIon
2? HomocomIng
SchooI In SossIon
3 Inronf/Tonchor Conforoncos
ÐIsmIss nf 2:30
ll Tonchor In SorvIco
24 Ind of IIrsf Qunrfor
8 Tonchor In SorvIco
2? ÐIsmIss nf 2:30
28-29 ThnnksgIvIng
6 Tonchor In SorvIco
23 ChrIsfmns VncnfIon IogIns
Þo SchooI
6 SchooI !osumos
l6 Ind of IIrsf Somosfor
l6 SchooI In SossIon
l? Tonchor In SorvIco
l3 Inronf/Tonchor Conforoncos
ÐIsmIss nf 2:30
2l Tonchor In SorvIco
l4 Tonchor In SorvIco
20 Ind of ThIrd Qunrfor
ll Tonchor In SorvIco
2l Insfor Mondny - Þo SchooI
25 SchooI In SossIon
l5 Ind of 2nd Somosfor
l5 !nsf Ðny of SchooI
ÐIsmIss nf ll:00
l6 Tonchor In SorvIco
l8 CrndunfIon - l:00
Kadoka Area 3ohool Uistriot
3ohool Calendar 2013-2014
3C¬00L P0LlC¥

Tho Kndokn Aron SchooI wIII
nof dIscrImInnfo bocnuso of sox,
rnco, coIor, nnfIonnI orIgIn or
CIO/SuµorInfondonf JnmIo
Hormnnn Is fho dosIgnnfod coor-
dInnfor of TIfIo IX nnd TIfIo VII.
ToIoµhono numbor: 83?-2l?5.
IrIncIµnIs Coorgo SoIIor nnd
Joffory Þomocok nro fho dosIg-
nnfod coordInnfors of SocfIon
TLvougL: Student Assuvunce
SevvIces, Inc.

SInco chIIdron nro µnrfIcuInrIy
suscoµfIbIo fo InjurIos, wo oncour-
ngo you fo rovIow your µrosonf
honIfh nnd nccIdonf Insurnnco
µrogrnm fo doformIno If your cov-
orngo Is ndoqunfo. If you do nof
fooI your Insurnnco Is ndoqunfo
bocnuso of n doducfIbIo or co-In-
surnnco cInuso, or If you do nof
hnvo Insurnnco, wo oncourngo you
fo rovIow fho sfudonf Insurnnco
µrogrnm. ThIs µInn wIII µrovIdo
bonofIfs for modIcnI oxµonsos In-
currod bocnuso of nn nccIdonf. An
oxµInnnfIon of fho cosf nnd bono-
fIfs Is oxµInInod on fho µromIum
onvoIoµo. IIonso rofurn onvoIoµo
nnd chock fo schooI If covorngo Is
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 ·
kß00kß ß8lß "k006ß8$¨
¨InfoIIIgonco µIus chnrncfor-
fhnf Is fho gonI of fruo oducn-
fIon.¨ MnrfIn !ufhor KIng Jr.
Tho dnys of summor nro sub-
sIdIng nnd wo nro oxcIfod fo woI-
como you nII bnck for fho
20l3-20l4 schooI yonr.
Affor n good showIng on fho
Sfnfo !oµorf Cnrd wIfh nII
schooIs In fho dIsfrIcf mnkIng
gnIns, our gonIs nnd oxµocfn-
fIons for fho sfudonfs wIfhIn fho
Kndokn Aron SchooI ÐIsfrIcf con-
fInuo fo rIso. WIfh fho oxfromoIy
hnrd work µuf In by fho oducn-
fors horo In our dIsfrIcf, fonmod
uµ wIfh your µnronfnI nnd com-
munIfy suµµorf for oducnfIon,
fhIs uµcomIng schooI yonr hns
fho µofonfInI fo bo n fromondous
yonr for oducnfIonnI growfh for
fho sfudonfs!
Thoro Is n sImµIo snyIng fhnf
I`vo honrd muIfIµIo fImos sInco
nrrIvIng In fho Kndokn Aron
SchooI ÐIsfrIcf: ¨If fnkos n vII-
Ingo fo rnIso n chIId.¨ A snyIng so
sImµIo, yof vory comµIox In fho
worId of oducnfIon. Inch IndIvId-
unI communIfy fhnf Is n µnrf of
fho Kndokn Aron SchooI dIsfrIcf
mny soom IIko n soµnrnfo onfIfy,
buf Is ncfunIIy n µnrf of ono ¨vII-
Ingo¨ In oducnfIng nII sfudonfs In
fho schooI dIsfrIcf. Tho succossos
nf MIdInnd IIomonfnry, !ong
VnIIoy IIomonfnry, InforIor IIo-
monfnry, nnd Kndokn IIomon-
fnry nood fo bo vIowod ns
succossos for fho Kndokn Aron
SchooI ÐIsfrIcf. Wo nro n fonm of
oducnfors, fnrmors, rnnchors,
busInoss µooµIo, sfny nf homo
moms, sorvIco Indusfry workors,
ÞnfIonnI Inrk workors nnd nny
ofhor occuµnfIon, fhnf nood fo
como fogofhor ns n ¨vIIIngo¨ nnd
rnIso fho bnr for fho oducnfIon of
our kIds.
Affondnnco µInys n Inrgo roIo
In oducnfIng sfudonfs. If fho sfu-
donfs nron`f In nffondnnco nf
schooI, fhoy nro mIssIng nn oµ-
µorfunIfy fo gnIn knowIodgo
from our fnIonfod nnd cnµnbIo
oducnfors horo In fho Kndokn
Aron SchooI ÐIsfrIcf. IxcossIvo
fnrdIos nIso nffocf sfudonf Ionrn-
Ing. !of`s rnIso fho bnr for nffon-
dnnco nnd nIm hIghor fhnn fho
roquIrod 94° fodornI nffondnnco
!of`s suµµorf sfudonf Ionrn-
Ing by IncronsIng nffondnnco, ns-
sIsfIng wIfh homowork,
suµµorfIng our oducnfors, suµ-
µorfIng onch ofhor, nnd bocom-
Ing OÞI vIIIngo for oducnfIon.
!omombor, ¨If fnkos n vIIIngo fo
rnIso n chIId.¨
Flcmcntary Principal | Jcff Ncnccck
Bu3 3C¬LUuLL
SchooI bogIns nf 8:00 nnd onds nf 3:40. Sfudonfs nood fImo fo onf
bronkfnsf If fho schooI sorvos bronkfnsf.
Iong Vu!!ey - Me!Issu VundevMuy
!onvos 6:50 n.m. : ArrIvos ?:50 n.m. :!onvos 3:45 µ.m.
IntevIov - Iuvvy Mun!ey
!onvos 6:l5 n.m. : ArrIvos ?:45 n.m. : !onvos - 3:45 µ.m.
Wunb!ee - Ted ScLnee
!onvos 6:00 n.m. : ArrIvos ?:45 n.m. :!onvos 3:45 µ.m.
If you chnngo rosIdonco durIng fho schooI yonr, confncf fho schooI
fo doformIno your cIososf bus sfoµ.
3C¬00L LuNC¬ 3LRvlCL

Wo Iook forwnrd fo nn oxcoIIonf schooI Iunch µrogrnm fhIs yonr,
wIfh schooI Iunchos nnd fho mIIk µrogrnm bogInnIng on fho fIrsf dny
of schooI. Inronfs, µIonso oncourngo your chIIdron fo µnrfIcIµnfo In
fho schooI Iunch µrogrnm. AIn cnrf µrogrnm wIII nIso bo offorod.
IrIcos nro ns foIIows nnd onch fIckof µnys for 20 sorvIngs:
BveukIust: Kndokn & InforIor: K-8: $l.l5/$23.00 µor fIckof

IuncL: Kndokn, MIdInnd & InforIor
K-5, $2.30/$46.00 µor fIckof; 6-l2, $2.?0/$54.00 µor fIckof
AduIfs, $3.80/$?6.00 µor fIckof
£xtvu MI!k: 30¢/$6.00 µor fIckof.
Student Second Meu!s: $l.45/$29.00 µor fIckof - !unch
$l.40/$28.00 - Ironkfnsf

IrovIdos covorngo nround-fho-cIock. Þo doducfIbIo - µnys l00 µor-
conf of cusfomnry foos uµ fo $2,000 µor nccIdonf.
Your chIId wIII rocoIvo nµµIIcnfIon forms from fho Kndokn Aron
SchooI for fhoso Insurnnco µInns. Inronfs nro oncourngod fo Iook
fhom ovor cnrofuIIy nnd mnII fhom bnck fo fho comµnny. If your chIId
doos nof brIng fho nµµIIcnfIons homo, µIonso confncf fho schooI busI-
noss offIco.
MId!und ScLoo!
Mon., Soµf. 23
Iong Vu!!ey ScLoo!
Mon., Soµf. 23
IntevIov ScLoo!
Mon., Soµf. 23
Kudoku ScLoo!
Thurs., Soµf. 26
A blsIory of servlce Io rural Amerlca!
PO Box 288 · Kadoka, SD 57543 · email:
Office: (605) 837-2144 · Cell: (605) 441-6786
Iarm · Panch Insurance
Auto · Pomeowners · ßusìness
Lìfe Insurance & Annuìtìes
Long-1erm Uare Insurance
Clad to see all the students & staff
filling the school rooms once
again. Have a great yearl
C0 K0UCAk5l
D---+ 5-«.-:. ~,.-:
W£´t£ £XÍ£HutH§ 0Ht D£SÍ WtSh£S
]0t u ]uHÍuSÍt£ S£h00t y£ut!
FuII Menu IncIudIng:
BUFFALO Steaks & Burgers
Char-Broiled Steaks,Seafood
Complete Salad Bar
Homemade Pies · Soups · Rolls
And our tasty SUNDAY BUFFET!
B&B Il Lentre
Metel & Bestaurant
"we invite you to
come dine with us!"
Restaurant: 837-2265 Motel: 837-2287
Ìndependently owned by Ken & Cindy Wilmarth
I wouId IIko fo woIcomo our
sfudonfs, µnronfs, nnd commu-
nIfy mombors bnck fo fho
Kndokn Aron MIddIo nnd HIgh
SchooI ns wo µroµnro for fho
sfnrf of nnofhor schooI yonr. !nsf
yonr wns n gronf oxµorIonco for
mo, fho sfudonfs In fho Kndokn
schooI dIsfrIcf nro somo of fho
bosf sfudonfs In fho sfnfo. ThIs
yonr wo wIII focus on IncronsIng
fho nffondnnco IovoI nf Kndokn,
whIch our ndmInIsfrnfIon fonm
fooIs dIrocfIy corroInfos fo ncn-
domIc succoss wIfh our sfudonfs.
AIong wIfh fho focus on In-
cronsod nffondnnco wo wIII bo
fuIIy ImµIomonfIng n sorvIco
IonrnIng µrogrnm In fho hIgh
schooI fo µrovIdo sfudonfs wIfh
fho oµµorfunIfy fo sorvo fhoIr
communIfy. If you nro Inforosfod
In boIng n mombor on ono of fho
sorvIco IonrnIng commIffoos, wo
nro IookIng for IndIvIdunIs fo bo
µnrf of fho sorvIco IonrnIng
fonm. Tho fonm wIII Iook nf fho
ovornII µrojocfs nnd fho µInns
onch cInss hns dovoIoµod for
fhoIr sorvIco IonrnIng µrojocfs, If
Inforosfod µIonso confncf mo.
Tho Kndokn schooI dIsfrIcf hns
nn ACT nnd SAT µroµ courso
fhnf junIor nnd sonIor sfudonfs
wIII hnvo nccoss fo fhIs yonr nnd
fho µroµ courso Is comµIofoIy on-
IIno. Tho µrogrnm cnn nIso µro-
µnro Inforosfod sfudonfs for fho
fosfs noodod for onfrnnco Info n
VocnfIonnI InsfIfufIon nnd vnrI-
ous brnnchos of fho !.S. mIII-
fnry. Sfudonfs nf Kndokn wIII
hnvo nn oµµorfunIfy fo fnko vnr-
Ious onIIno oIocfIvo cInssos whIch
Is n noodod skIII for mnny sfu-
donfs µInnnIng on onroIIIng Info
I Iook forwnrd fo n succossfuI
schooI yonr nhond nnd workIng
wIfh my qunIIfIod sfnff who on-
suro fhnf fho Kndokn nron sfu-
donfs nchIovo ncndomIc succoss.
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 ·
kß00kß ß8lß "k006ß8$¨
Sccondary Principal | Ccorgc Sci|cr

TrnnsµorfnfIon mIIongo Is µnId fo µnronfs who frnnsµorf fhoIr oI-
omonfnry chIIdron fo n bus sfoµ or fo schooI If fho mIIos frnvoIod nro
In oxcoss of fIvo (5) mIIos. Tho mIIongo rnfo for fhIs frnnsµorfnfIon
Is sfnfo rnfo -- curronfIy .3? µor mIIo. TrnnsµorfnfIon Is µnId fo fho
schooI or bus sfoµ cIososf fo fho rosIdonco. If fho µnronf choosos nof
fo uso fho bus or fo sond fhoIr chIId fo nnofhor schooI wIfhIn fho dIs-
frIcf, mIIongo Is µnId onIy fo fho cIososf bus sfoµ or cIososf schooI. If
your rosIdonco wIfhIn fho dIsfrIcf chnngos durIng fho schooI yonr,
confncf fho schooI fo doformIno fho bus sfoµ cIososf fo you.
Af fho bogInnIng of fho schooI yonr, n cnIondnr Is sonf fo onch µnr-
onf who wIII bo cInImIng frnnsµorfnfIon mIIongo. Inronfs nro nskod
fo uso fhIs cnIondnr fo kooµ frnck of fho dnys drIvon. Af fho ond of
fho yonr n frnnsµorfnfIon mIIongo cInIm vouchor wIII bo sonf fo fho
µnronfs for fho µurµoso of submIffIng fho mIIongo cInIm. Tho
mIIongo vouchor Is fo bo comµIofod nnd fho schooI nsks fhnf you nIso
nffnch fho cnIondnr fo fhIs vouchor. If fhoro nro nny quosfIons ro-
gnrdIng frnnsµorfnfIon mIIongo, µIonso cnII fho schooI busInoss offIco
nf 83?-2l?5.
!oquosfs for nssIgnmonf fo nn nIfornnfo nffondnnco confor wIfhIn
fho dIsfrIcf: A µnronf or gunrdInn musf submIf fho roquosf, In wrIf-
Ing, fo fho oIomonfnry µrIncIµnI fo bo nµµrovod by fho schooI bonrd.
MIIongo wIII bo µnId nccordIng fo fho nbovo µoIIcy.

Ior vnrIous ronsons If mny bo
nocossnry fo cIoso schooI or fo
nIfor schooI hours. In cnso of nny
omorgoncy, such ns n bIIzznrd,
mnkIng If nocossnry fo cIoso
schooI, fho nnnouncomonf wIII bo
mndo ovor rndIo sfnfIons KIMM,
!nµId CIfy; KCIX, IIorro; KI!I,
IIno !Idgo; ChnnnoI 6, KC!O
(CIS); ChnnnoI 3, KOTA (AIC).
If wonfhor condIfIons IndIcnfo
fhnf schooI mny bo cIosod or do-
Inyod In oµonIng, µIonso kooµ
funod fo ono of fhoso sfnfIons for
such InformnfIon or for ofhor
chnngos In fho bus schoduIos.
Honr nnnouncomonfs bofwoon
6:30 - ?:30 n.m., for fhoso nn-
0ot. 3 & leb. 13

Two µnronf-fonchor conforoncos nro schoduIod: Thursdny, Ocf. 3
nnd Thursdny, Iob. l3, 3:00 fo 8:30 µ.m. bofh dnys. As oducnfIon of
fho chIId Is n cooµornfIvo schooI nnd homo rosµonsIbIIIfy, nII µnronfs
nro urgod fo nffond µnronf-fonchor conforoncos; nnd nII µnronfs nro
oncourngod fo vIsIf fho schooI buIIdIngs nnd fho schooI Iunch µro-
grnm nf nny fImo.
31A1LMLN1 lR0M
ULP1 0l ¬LAL1¬

Irom fImo fo fImo durIng fho
yonr, scroonIngs or oducnfIon mny
bo µrovIdod fhrough n confrncf
wIfh fho SÐ Ðoµnrfmonf of
HonIfh (ÐOH), who Is subjocf fo
fho ruIos nnd roguInfIons of fho
HonIfh Insurnnco IorfnbIIIfy nnd
AccounfnbIIIfy Acf (HIIAA).
You mny vIow fhoIr nofIco of
µrIvncy µrncfIcos on fho ÐOH
wobsIfo or roquosf n µrInfod coµy
by confncfIng fhom nf l-800-305-
µ/900vVI Fv£t
Broasted Cbicken
Cbicken 9trips
Stop for anytime snacks
or meals on the go!
Open 24 Hours 837-2271
BuIk FueI DeIivery ·Propane
· Heating FueI
K400k4 Ç/t
605-837-1840 · Kadoka, South Dakota
Good Luck Kouqarsl
Shop: 410 8th Avenue · House: 802 Locust Street
Convenient location just north of the school!
Tires Batteries A/C
New Freon Machine!
Exhaust - Pipe Bender
Brake Lathe for your brake work
Clutches & Motors installed
General Auto Repair
º0n the farm" tractor and tIre repaIrI
for your tire
and service work.
to make aa appo¡atmeat
Vc cun nou nuIc I¸d¡uuííc Ioscs!
Av! Shucks
Daily Specials!
909 Main St. · 837-2222
Bubez¶ Jtems
5pecIuIt¶ CcIIee
megu 5bubes
Kougar football senlors leadlng the pack
Tho Kndokn Aron foofbnII
fonm Is goffIng gonrod uµ for fho
20l3 sonson. Wo nro oxcIfod for
fho now chnIIongos fhnf IIo
nhond nnd nro nnxIous fo gof fho
sonson undor wny.
!nsf sonson fho Kougnrs fIn-
Ishod In n socond µInco fIo In fho
Wosforn Cronf IInIns foofbnII
conforonco wIfh n 4-2 ovornII
conforonco rocord. Tho Kougnrs
fInIshod fho 20l2 cnmµnIgn wIfh
n 5-4 rocord nffor IosIng In fho
fIrsf round of fho 9A µInyoffs fo
InIfh. Wo Iosf n numbor of ronIIy
good sonIors fo grndunfIon fhnf
hnvo Ioff IondorshIµ µosIfIons
fhnf nood fo bo fIIIod, howovor
wo hnvo n soIId grouµ of kIds ro-
furnIng fhIs yonr fhnf I boIIovo
wIII sfoµ Info fhoso IondorshIµ
roIos nnd do woII.
Tho rosfor fhIs yonr IncIudos n
Iof of oxµorIoncod µInyors who
shouId µrovIdo good IondorshIµ
on nnd off fho fIoId. SonIors fhIs
yonr IncIudo !ognn Ammons,
Truo IuchhoIz, !ognn ChrIs-
fonson, CnvIn ÐoVrIos, !nno
Infforson, Snm Iroffy Ionr, nnd
ChnndIIor Sudbock. Þow son-
Iors nddod fo fho fonm fhIs yonr
IncIudo Irndy Jnndronu nnd
Mnffhow Wnfors. !ofurnIng jun-
Iors for fho Kougnrs fhIs yonr In-
cIudo Jod Irown, Wynff Indors,
Anron JnnIs, HorbIo O`ÐnnIoI,
Irondon Iorch, nnd ÐyInn !Ig-
gIns. !ofurnIng soµhomoros In-
cIudo KyIor Iorguson, Mnffhow
Iroffy Ionr, nnd Jnrroff Vnndor-
Mny. Wo hnvo nddod 9 froshmon
fo fho rosfor fhIs yonr IncIudIng
AJ Iondf, Cooffroy ÐoVrIos,
CoIby Indors, ÐnvId Knry,
AusfIn !Ivormonf, !ynn
SchInbnch, InuI SmIIoy, McKon-
zIo SfIIwoII, nnd Sform WIIcox.
OffonsIvoIy fho guys uµ fronf
wIII bo n bIg µnrf of our succoss.
Wo rofurn n Iof of oxµorIonco uµ
fhoro wIfh !ognn ChrIsfonson,
!ognn Ammons, CnvIn ÐoVrIos,
HorbIo O`ÐnnIoI, nnd Truo Iuch-
hoIz IondIng fho wny. Wo hnvo
hIgh oxµocfnfIons for fhom.
WIfh ChnndIIor Sudbock, !nno
Infforson, Snm Iroffy Ionr, nnd
ÐyInn !IggIns, wo nIso rofurn n
good numbor of guys wIfh oxµo-
rIonco In fho bnckfIoId fhnf wo
wIII Ionn on fo gof fho job dono
ÐofonsIvoIy wo Iosf n Iof of
fnckIos wIfh grndunfIon. CIInf
Sfouf nnd Chnnco Knufson who
bofh wIII bo µInyIng coIIogo foof-
bnII fhIs fnII, broughf n Iof of
IondorshIµ nnd sfnbIIIfy fo Insf
sonson`s Kougnr dofonso. I Iook
for guys IIko CnvIn ÐoVrIos,
ÐyInn !IggIns, HorbIo O`ÐnnIoI,
nnd !nno Infforson fo fIII somo of
fhoso µosIfIons. Wo Iook for con-
fInuod IondorshIµ from rofurnIng
dofonsIvo sfnrfors, !ognn Am-
mons, !ognn ChrIsfonson, Truo
IuchhoIz, ChnndIIor Sudbock nnd
Snm Iroffy Ionr.
Tho Kougnrs hnvo movod down
n cInss fo joIn fho 9I rnnks In ro-
gIon 4. Tonms In our rogIon In-
cIudo IIson, Idgomonf, InIfh,
HnrdIng Counfy, Jonos Counfy,
nnd WnII. Our rogIon wIII bo com-
µofIfIvo wIfh n Iof of gronf fonms
whIch IncIudos fho roIgnIng 9I
chnmµs In HnrdIng Counfy.
Our conforonco hns oxµnndod
fo IncIudo SfnnIoy Counfy nnd
!nµId CIfy ChrIsfInn who hnvo
nIso boon nddod fo our schoduIo
fhIs yonr In roµIncomonf of
CoIomo nnd Idgomonf. I boIIovo
our conforonco wIII onco ngnIn bo
vory dIffIcuIf fo wIn nnd hIghIy
comµofIfIvo foµ fo boffom. If`s
hnrd fo sny who wIII como ouf on
foµ fhIs yonr, buf wIfh fhnf boIng
snId I fhInk our fnns wIII bo In for
n fronf ovory IrIdny nIghf fhIs
sonson wIfh n Iof of oxcIfIng foof-
--I, Coocl 1ieenIroun
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 22
kß00kß ß8lß "k006ß8$¨
hobyn Joncs´Kadoka frcss
The Kougor loo|boll |eom is preporing lor |he seoson. ßock row: Heod Cooch Chod Eisenbroun (I), N5 Cooch Nork DeVries, Ione Po||erson, No||hew Wo|ers, ßrody 1ondreou, Iogon
Ammons, Iogon Chris|ensen, Chondlier 5udbeck, True ßuchholr, 5om Pre||y ßeor, Govin DeVries, Ass|. Cooch 1ody 5udbeck. Niddle row: Korson Eisenbroun, No||hew Pre||y ßeor, 1orre||
VonderNoy, Kyler Ferguson, 1ed ßrown, Wyo|| Enders, Herbie C´Doniel, ßrendon Porch, Dylon kiggins, Aoron 1onis. Fron| row: kocheol 5huck, NcKenrie 5|ilwell, Colby Enders, 5|orm
wilco×, Dovid Kory, kyon 5chloboch, Poul 5miley, Aus|in Iivermon|, Geollrey DeVries, A1 ßend|, Greyson DeVries.
ßrody 1ondreou (I), Iogon Ammons, Iogon Chris|ensen, Chondlier 5udbeck, 5om Pre||y ßeor, Ione Po||erson, True ßuchholr. No||hew Wo|ers, Govin DeVries.
Great Friends, Great Times
Great Food

Good Luck to a e
Kougar aletes !
Ir|4zy 8 8z!er4zy
h|]h! 8pcr|z|s
|r|mc K|| 8 8z|z4 Bzr
Tho 20l3 vnrsIfy voIIoybnII
fonm wIII bo InoxµorIoncod, buf
I'm hoµIng fhnf wo wIII hnvo
somo gIrIs sfoµ Info µosIfIons
fhnf woro hoId by our fIvo grnd-
unfIng sonIors. MnrfI Horbor,
Tossn Sfouf, KwIncy Iorguson,
ShnIoy Horbor, nnd MnrInh
IIorco woro nII soIId µInyors for
us Insf yonr, nnd fhoy wIII bo
!nvon Jorgonson nn nII-con-
foronco µInyor Insf yonr, nnd
TnyIor Morchon nro our onIy fwo
comIng bnck wIfh vnrsIfy oxµorI-
onco. Wo wIII hnvo fwo ofhor son-
Iors, MnckonzIo Word nnd
ShoIby !hIIr, nnd fwo junIors,
MyIn IIorco nnd ÐosfIny ÐnIo,
fhnf wIII gof oµµorfunIfIos.
Wo nIso hnvo somo cnµnbIo
soµhomoros nnd µossIbIy somo
froshmon fhnf wIII IIkoIy soo
somo fImo on fho vnrsIfy. Wo
hnvo fwo now nssIsfnnf conchos:
JuIIo Hormnnn wIII bo fho junIor
vnrsIfy conch, nnd Ioccn Þomo-
cok wIII bo fho "C" fonm conch.
I consIdor our µrogrnm vory
Iucky fo hnvo fhoIr voIIoybnII
knowIodgo nnd fhoIr µnssIon fo
work wIfh kIds. Our fIsf vnrsIfy
mnfch Is Tuosdny, Soµfombor 3,
In Kndokn for n frInnguInr.
--I, Coocl Hu/clineon
Volleyball team showlng power at the net
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 23
kß00kß ß8lß "k006ß8$¨
hobyn Joncs´Kadoka frcss
The Kougor volleyboll |eom reody lor o chollenge. ßock row: 5hoi Iomon| (I), Emily Knu|son, Nockenrie Word, 5honio 5olon, koven 1orgensen,
5cou| 5udbeck, Cioro 5|oddord. Niddle row: Nirondo Dole, Aybree Pi|mon, Tyro Fugo|e, Comi Uhlir, Allie komero, Vonesso ßu×cel, Nylo Pierce.
Fron| row: Des|iny Dole, Kossie Hicks, 5helby Uhlir, Toylor Nerchen, 5yd Word. No| pic|ured: Heod Cooch ßorry Hu|chinson, Ass|. Cooch 1ulie
Hermonn, Ass|. Cooch ßecco Nemecek.
5enior leoding |he |eom. 5eo|ed koven 1orgensen (I), 5helby Uhlir, Toylor Nerchen. Kneeling, Nockenrie Word.
Main Strcct - kadoka, SD Phonc: 837-2232
Rich & Shawna Bcndt
¶I0P /V $
0v£0k 0vI
0vk 90v00t 9vPPt/£9Í
We're your fuII servIce
grocery store here to
serve youI
If we don't have what
your Iooking for,
Iet us know .
we wouId be
gIad to get it in!
Open Monday - Saturday · Local delivery available!
x. +ee-.-.+:. ,-«- ---:.-«.«
:«ee--: +-« e+:---+,./
Your locally owned & operated
AffIlIated Ioods HIdwest 6rocery Store!
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 ·
kß00kß ß8lß "k006ß8$¨
Cheering the
Kougars to a viotory
Wishing Kadoka students &
sta a successful year!
800-658-5535 •
Rod Knutson, Manager • 837-2235
• Bulk Fuel
• Propane delivery
• Grain
• Agronomy
Your local
cooperative providing
for your needs
AthIetic Activities
Adults · $3.00
Students K-12 · $2.00
(Boys/Girls' Events)
Adults · $5.00
Students · $3.00
Family Season Ticket · $100.00
Good for all athletic contests (ex-
cluding drama & tournaments),
for all members of the immediate
Adult 10-Punch · $25.00
Students K-12/All
Activities · $20.00
Students & children under age 5
are admitted free.
Free admission to grade school
60 years & older, residing in the
Get pass request at the business
office of the Kadoka SchooI.
The pass must be presented at
every sporting event.
Kadoka, SD · 837-2350
ßefore the
game or anytIme,
stop In for
ºFood on the 0o"
Kodoko Cos & Co
Cheese ßaIIs
3 pc. ChIcken
Check out
our New
¨Yenesl te/eases! qeql et ba, 0F0's"
Lct us Icí¡ ¸ou uítI uíí ¸ou¡
Iuíídíng nccds
ErnIe's ßuIIdIng Center
º0oodIuck to aII the teamsI"
ºHere's wIshIng you a great season."
11's e×o111ng 1o ue1oome evergone booK 1o soÞoo1 ond ue 1ooK
]oruord 1o sÞor1ng o greo1 geor u11Þ o11 o] gou!
Peters ExcavatIon
Home: (605) 837-2945 · Cell: (605) 381-5568
Directional Boring
Cobett Waters
Tire Tanks

Located in
Kadoka, SD
Excavation work of ALL types!
20T3 Foo|boll cheerleoders include bock row (I·k): Kirs|en Kiewel,
Chloe ßoldwin, Nylo Pierce, 5helby Uhlir, Comi Uhlir, koven 1orgensen,
5cou| 5udbeck, Vonesso ßu×cel, Allie komero, 1erico Coller, 5hoi Iom·
on|, Toylor Nerchen.
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 26
kß00kß ß8lß "k006ß8$¨
Kadoka Area Kougars 8ports 8chedule
14 Faith - Here
16 RC Stevens - Here
20 Dupree - There
23 Philip - There
27 Stanley County - There
4 Kadoka Classic
11 New Underwood - Here
16-18 Jones Co. Ìnvite
30 Jones County - There
31 Bison - Here
4 Bennett Co. - Here
6 RC Christian - Here
7 Wall - There
11 New Underwood - There
14 RC Christain - There
21 Lyman - Here
28 Philip - Here
District 15 .
Mar. 3, 6 & 7 - TBD
Regions .
Mar. 11 - TBD
State .
Mar. 20, 21 & 22 - Aberdeen
13 Hot Springs - 5:00
21 Stanley Co. - 11:00
28 Vermillion Winter
Wonderland - 10:30
11 Stanley Co. Ìnv. - 10:00
24 Chamberlain Tri. - 5:00
31 Hot Springs - 5:00
7 Kadoka/Wall Ìnv. - 12:00
15 Wagner State Qualifer - 11:00
State .
Feb. 21 & 22 - Aberdeen
10 Todd County
12 Belle Fourche
15 Harry Weller
22 Kadoka Community
25 People's Market/Discount Fuel
26 Chamberlain
1 Lyman
3 Sturgis
9-10 Howard Wood, Sioux Falls
10 Lead/Deadwood
16 Western Great Plains Conf.
17 Kadoka Area
12 White River - There
14 Faith - Home
17 RC Central - There
23 Philip - There
27 Stanley Co. - There
4 Kadoka Classic - Here
7 Lyman - There
11 New Underwood - Here
16 Philip - Here
23-25 Southern Plains Tourney
Lyman & Kadoka
30 Jones Co. - There
31 Bison - Here
3 New Underwood - There
6 RC Christain - Here
7 Wall - There
14 Colome - Here
18 Dupree - Here
20 Bennett Co. - There
District 15-B .
Feb. 24, 25, & 27 - TBD
Regions .
Mar. 4 - TBD
State .
Mar. 13, 14 & 15 - Huron
30 Jones Co. - Home - 6:30
Parents Night
6 Open
13 Wall - There - 7:00
20 RC Christain - There -7:00
27 Philip - Home - 7:00
4 White River - There - 6:30
11 Stanley Co. - Home - 6:30
18 Lyman - H - 6:00
24 New Und. - Home - 7:00
PIayoffs .
Oct. 29 - 1st Round
Nov. 4 - 2nd Round
Nov. 9 - Semi-Finals
Nov. 14-16 - State Finals
@ Vermillion
All times listed are Mountain Time.
7 Kimball/White Lake
13 RC Central
14 RC Central
21 Valentine, NE
10 Lyman Tourney
11 Lyman Tourney
17 Philip Tourney
18 Philip Tourney
25 Winner Tourney
31 Pierre MS
1 Wagner Tourney
1 Red Cloud
15 Philip Area Ìnvite
at Wall
State .
Feb. 28 & Mar. 1 at
3 Kadoka Triangular
5 Philip - Home
10 Little Wound - There
12 Wall - There
14 Philip Tourney
17 New Underwood - There
21 Faith - Home
24 White River Tourney
1 Bennett Çounty - Home
5 Lead/Deadwood
8 Lyman - There
17 Jones Co. - There
19 Douglas Tourney
22 Kadoka Triangular
28 R C Christian - There
District 13-B .
Nov. 5 & 7 - Kadoka
Region 7-B .
Nov. 12 - Site TBD
State .
Nov. 21, 22 & 23 - Huron
30 Douglas
5 Spearfish
7 Faith
14 Wall
19 Chamberlain
21 Lyman
25 Western Great Plains - Philip
3 Sturgis
12 Philip
Regions .
Oct. 16 - TBD
State .
Oct. 26 - Rapid City
Hardware &
PIumbIng, Inc.
Sto¡ ín ö
cIccI out
r A
°We1oome BooK"
S1uden1s & S1o]]
Main Street · Kadoka, SD
We 1ooK ]oruord 1o sÞor1ng o
greo1 geor u11Þ o11 o] gou!

Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 26
kß00kß ß8lß "k006ß8$¨
Kadoka Area 8chool 0lstrlct Board
5|onding (I): Dole Chris|ensen, Nork Willioms, Ken Iensegrov. 5eo|ed: koss ßlock, Don VonderNoy, Down
··.--. ¸.-·
Pat Volmer, Manager
Midland, SD
´·|.· ´i+!.»i· «»! ´i«jj
« g·.«i ¸.«·||
Craig, Diana or
Sauntee CoIIer · 605-837-2690
Craig's ceII: 390-8087
Sauntee's ceII: 390-8604
West kiver
$0 K0v64k9Í
Call us for all your
trenohing or
boring work!
East Highway 18 in Mission, SD
605-856-4243 ToII-free 1-888-502-3066
Screen Printing · Embroidery · Graphic Design
Team Shoes & Uniforms
ZAX± dZAZ±õï
8ack /a 5càaa/ /aaà/aa
/àa/ ///a raar 5/,/e/
Let us suppIy you wItb
aII your FaII Iarm and
rancb needs!
Ws|tsøs 8st|
îls1sals 8 îlsll
Hwy 73 -Kadoka, S0 - 837-2204
-Fly Products
thru Friday
8 a.m. to
5:30 p.m.
8 a.m. to
12:00 p.m.
The 20T3·20T4 1ones Coun|y 5chool Dis|ric| 5|oll o||ended in·service |o prepore lor |he new school yeor. ßock
row, lrom lel|: Gron| Vonder Vors|, 1eone||e Droyer, Norcello 5chmid|, Kelcy Nosh, kose Comp, Tomoro
No|hews, ßeverly ßoll ond 1ody Gi||ings. Third row lrom lel|: Ioren Iu|r, 1oyTee 5eoley, Ieo Glore, 1one
5pringer, 5horon Amon, Tereso Polmer, 5|ocey ßoo|h, Deb Venord, Tommy Von Dom, Iono Feddersen ond
1one Doum. 5econd row lrom lel|: Iorrie Esmoy, ße||y ßenedic|, ßonnie Dowling, Chris|y ßros|, Noribe|h
Trumbo, 1eonne||e Newsom, Teri Kinsley ond ßri|ony Willis. Fron| row lrom lel|: 1ennings Newbold, Norgie
Pe|ers, Ko|ie Venord ond Tony ßendo. No| pic|ured: Cormen Niller, Tomi 5chreiber ond 5|ephonie Hespe.
Welcome back, students and staff
Title I Instructor
Reading/Physical Ed/1H Girls BB
Athletic Director
W.R. Route Bus Driver/Custodian
1H Football Coach
21st Century Program Director
Math/Elementary Instructor
Vocal Music/1azz Choir/Instrumental
Computer Technician
7-12 Math/ Girls Track Coach/S.C.
Special Education
Elem. Instructor/21st Century Staff
Elem. Principal/RTI Coord/SE Director
Special Education Aide
Volleyball Coach
Assistant Boys Basketball Coach
Industrial Arts/Golf Coach
Nurse/Spec. Ed Aide/DDN Monitor
Secretary/Staff Assistant
1H/HS Library Aide/Staff Assistant
Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
Elem. Instructor/1HVB Coach/21st C.
Girls Basketball Coach
Counselor/Financial Aide
Board President
Board Vice President/BBB Coach
Science/1H Music Instructor
Draper Bus Route Driver
1H-HS Librarian/6th Physical Ed.
Title & Elem S.E Aide/21st Century Staff
Girls Track Coach
Elementary Instructor
Lang Arts/1ourn./Lit./Comp./Yearbook
Board Member
Elementary Instructor
Business Manager
History/Geography/SS/PE/FB Coach
Title I & Spec.Ed Aide/21st Century Staff
Superintendent?1H-HS Princ./Title Dir.
Special Ed Aide/Asst. VB Coach
Elementary Librarian/Staff Assistant
Kindergarten/Elem Vocal Music
Language/Science/21st Century Staff
Board Member
Board Member
Special Education Instructor
Sharon Aman
Beverly Ball
Larry Ball
Anthony Benda
Betty Benedict
Michael Boni
Stacey Booth
Christy Brost
Rose Comp
Dale Convey
1ane Daum
Bonnie Dowling
1eanette Drayer
Lorrie Esmay
Lana Feddersen
Ashley Geigle
David Geisler
1ody Gittings
Lea Glaze
Stephanie Hespe
Betty Hoar
Michael Hunt
Teri Kinsley
Ronald Knispel
Neil Krogman
Carrie Lolley
Loren Lutz
Scott Mathews
Tamara Mathews
Carmen Miller
Susan Moreland
Kelcy Nash
1ennings Newbold
1eannette Newsam
Lori Nix
Teresa Palmer
Margie Peters
Andy Rankin
Marcella Schmidt
Tami Schreiber
1ayTee Sealey
1ane Springer
Maribeth Trumbo
Grant Vander Vorst
Beth Van Dam
Tammy Van Dam
Deborah Venard
Katie Venard
Dean Volmer
Chad Whitney
Britany Willis
Jones Uounty 5choo|
5taff Posìtìons
ktIiviIy ¡itkeIs ler l.f.
kIhleIit £veaIs
available at the high school office
Student: $15*
Adult: $35*
Family Pass: $40 w/adult pass
Regular price of admission:
Student: $3 · Adult: $5
Stop in before or
after the game!
Tbe Rus1y 5pur
K0yut btH£
If you are 60 or
get your free
at the JCHS office
for all
regular season
home games.
First pass
is free,
is $5
Pass is
at the
No invitational tournaments
or post season games.
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 27
l08l$ 00081f "00f01l$¨
Kar|cc Hoorc´Hurdo Coyotc
Get that winning grin before you head back to school!
Murdo Dental Clinic
James C. Szana, DDS · Aaron Rumpca, DDS
Open Tuesday-Friday · 669-2131 · Murdo, S.D.
JonES County “CoyotES”
2013÷2014 Jones County
Sports Schedules
2013 Volleyball
3 @ Wall 6:30 p.m.
7 @ Gregory Tourney 9:00 a.m.
10 @ Philip 6:30 p.m.
12 vs Colome 6:30 p.m.
14 @ Philip Tourney 10:00 a.m.
17 @ White River 6:30 p.m.
19 @ Stanley County 6:30 p.m.
24 @ RC Christian 6:30 p.m.
26 vs Todd Co. 6:30 p.m.
28 @ Kimball Tourney 9:00 a.m.
1 vs Wall 6:30 p.m.
3 vs R.C. Christian 6:30 p.m.
5 @ Bennett County 4:00 p.m.
10 vs Dupree 6:30 p.m.
15 @ Lyman 6:30 p.m.
17 vs Kadoka Area 6:30 p.m.
19 vs New Underwood 3:00 p.m.
28 @ Chamberlain 6:30 p.m.
5 & 7 District 13B @ Kadoka
12 Regions TBA
21-22-23 State TBA
13 @ White River 6:30 p.m.
20 @ Wall 4:00 p.m.
21 vs Highmore 1:00 p.m.
23 vs Stanley Co. 2:00 p.m.
28 @ Colome 4:30 p.m.
30 Holiday Classic @ Colome
31 Holiday Classic @ Kimball
10 @ Philip 6:30 p.m.
11 @ RC Christian 3:00 p.m.
16-17-18 J.C. Invitational
28 @ Lyman 6:30 p.m.
30 vs Kadoka 3:30 p.m.
1 vs Dupree 3:00 p.m.
4 @ Sully Buttes 4:00 p.m.
8 @ Highmore Classic
15 vs Gregory 4:00 p.m.
21 vs Bennett County 6:30 p.m.
28 vs New Underwood 6:30 p.m.
3 District Tourney Murdo
6 District Tourney Murdo
7 District Tourney Murdo
11 Region Tourney
20-21-22 State Tourney
Girls Basketball
10 vs N. Underwood 6:30 p.m.
20 @ Wall 4:00 p.m.
21 vs Highmore 1:00 p.m.
23 vs Stanley County 3:30 p.m.
30 Holiday Classic @ Colome
31 Holiday Classic @ Kimball
11 @ RC Christian 1:30 p.m.
14 @ Colome 6:30 p.m.
23-24-25 Southern Plains
30 vs Kadoka Area 4:00 p.m.
1 @ Bennett County 4:00 p.m.
4 @ Sully Buttes 4:00 p.m.
6 @ N. Underwood 6:30 p.m.
8 @ Highmore Classic
11 @ Philip 6:30 p.m.
18 vs White River 6:30 p.m.
20 vs Lyman 6:30 p.m.
24-25 & 27 District Tourney
@ White River
4 Region Tourney
13-14-15 State Tourney
2013 Football
30 @ Kadoka 7:00 p.m.
6 vs Wall 7:00 p.m.
13 @ Hill City 7:30 p.m.
27 vs White River 7:00 p.m.
4 @ Stanley Co 7:00 p.m.
11 vs Philip 7:00 p.m.
18 @ New Underwood 7 p.m.
24 vs Lyman 7:00 p.m.
29 1st Round Playoffs TBA
4 2nd Round Playoffs TBA
9 3rd Round Playoffs TBA
14-15-16 State @ Vermillion
All times Central
Please drive
New employees in |he 1ones Coun|y 5chool Dis|ric| ore pic|ured lrom
lel| |o righ|: 1ennings Newbold, Gron| Vonder Vors|, Ioren Iu|r, 1one
5pringer, ßri|ony Willis ond Kelcy Nosh.
We hope it`s a
great school year!
Sc0ee| |· ¡a·t
a0ead .
·tep |a je-
a|| qea- ·aac0
aeed· at t0e
J| eaee-
Ceaat-q Æa-t
Kar|cc Hoorc´Hurdo Coyotc
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 28
l08l$ 00081f "00f01l$¨
The 20T3 Coyo|e cross coun|ry |eom is lrom lel|: kochel ßu×cel, Nolly Dowling, 5kylor Green, Kolli Hespe ond
Colli Glore.
Kar|cc Hoorc´Hurdo Coyotc
coyote cross country
2013 Cross Country 2013 Cross Country
September September
6 - Winner @ 2:30
16 - White River @ 2:00
19 - Chamberlain @ 2:30
25 - WGP Conf @ Philip @ 11:00
October October
9 - Lyman @ Presho @ 2:00
12 - Philip @ 11:00
16 - Region @ Philip @ 1:00
26 - State @ Rapid City TBA
Fuel · Propane · Snacks
Full-time Mechanic
1ee! I«ckStudents & Athletes
Have A we«!er!«!
2013-2014 School Year!
We’re Cheering For You
Coyotes & Lady Coyotes
Karlee & Lonna
JonES County “CoyotES”
Tho !ndy Coyofos voIIoybnII
fonm cnn bo oxµocfod fo hnvo
nnofhor gronf sonson fhIs yonr.
Wo nro n young fonm ngnIn wIfh
onIy fhroo sonIors ouf of oIghf-
oon gIrIs.
Our sonIors IncIudo: MIknyIn
WnIdron (OH), KnyIon !nrson
(MH), nnd SkyInr Croon (OH/!).
Tho gIrIs hnvo dodIcnfod fImo
fhroughouf fho summor µInyIng
In n Ionguo nnd nffondIng
cnmµs. ThoIr dodIcnfIon wIII
bonofIf fho fonm by offorIng n
vnrIofy of now dofonsIvo nnd
offonsIvo µInys. Tho gIrIs hnvo
obsorvod how communIcnfIon
nnd fonmwork cnn bonofIf fhom
In fhoIr gnmo µIny.
Wo wIII confInuo fo sook Iond-
orshIµ from our sonIors nnd jun-
Iors nnd Iook forwnrd fo nII of
fho gIrIs oxµnndIng fhoIr knowI-
odgo of fho gnmo fo mnko fho
mosf of our fnIonf nnd nbIIIfy
fhIs sonson. You wIII bo nbIo fo
wnfch fho IndIos In ncfIon bogIn-
nIng Soµfombor 3 In WnII.
Tho !ndy Coyofos wIII nIso bo
hosfIng fhoIr Iourfh AnnunI
IInk Iowor nIghf on Ocfobor l
nf fho HnroId Thuno AudIforIum
In Murdo ngnInsf fho WnII !ndy
IngIos. Wo wIII hnvo our ¨IInk
Ing AucfIon¨ ns woII ns n bnko
snIo. SµocInI guosf Jonh !oyor of
If. IIorro wIII bo nf fho ovonf
wIfh hor IInk Ings of Hoµo.
Jonh`s cnuso Is n wny fo hoIµ
brIghfon fho dnys of µnfIonfs
who nro rocoIvIng chomofhorn-
AshIoy CoIgIo
JCHS VoIIoybnII Conch
Lady coyotes put ln summer
hours to prepare for season
1ones Coun|y volleyboll ployers ore, bock row, lrom lel|: Colli Glore, Honnoh High|, Ali Kell, Gorline ßoni,
Nodison No|hews, kochel ßu×cel ond Allison Green. Niddle row, lrom lel|: Nodison Gyles, Tono Volmer,
Ale×is Hullinger, 1omilyn Addison, Nolly Nies ond Holey ßoo|h. Fron| row, lrom lel|: Nikoylo Woldron, Kolli
Hespe, Colleen Greense|h ond Koylen Iorsen. No| pic|ured: 5kylor Green. The Iody Coyo|es ore cooched by
Ashley Geigle, ße|h Von Dom ond 1ill konkin.
Welcome back, and
good luck this year!
We have the best
burgers and
french fries and
Indian tacos!
Come on in!
I-90 Exit 192
· S
· P
· K
Let us help make it come true.
See us for ALL your
home improvement needs!
Gn t a
Dr c a m ?
Glenna, Dennis & Kevin ~ 669-2201
Charles Baker
Trucking, LLC
P.O. Box 444
103 Main Street
Murdo, SD 57559
Keep on truckin`, Coyotes!
You`re #1 with us, and we prove it.
We treat you right with friendly, full-service financial options
whether you`re planning for college or retirement - checking
accounts, savings accounts, IRAs, safe deposit boxes and more!
Member FDIC
669-2401 Draper
223-2337 Ft. Pierre
895-2595 Presho
Welcome back, students and faculty!
We hope this school year is the best one yet!
We¹re Your
B¡ggest Faal
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 29
l08l$ 00081f "00f01l$¨
Murdo Ford: 605-669-2391 · Terry Van Dam: 605-669-2918·
Jim Butt: 605-381-2007 · Travis Van Dam: 406-239-8020 ·
Toll Free: 1-800-658-5585 ·
880k l0 $0000l $¢00l8l
2012 Chevrolet Malibu
·Low mileage · Clean · Gold Exterior·

$00 08 l0f ¶00f 080k·l0·80000l 900l0l0I
JonES County “CoyotES”
Wo nro onco ngnIn oxcIfod fo
bo sfnrfIng foofbnII! Wo nro
sfnrfIng our fwo-n-dnys nnd
wo`II hnvo nround l8 boys µIny-
Ing foofbnII fhIs yonr. Tho boys
hnvo boon workIng oxfromoIy
hnrd sInco fho ond of Insf sonson
by goffIng In fo fho woIghf room
nnd goIng fo n numbor of cnmµs
fhIs summor. Wo nro goIng fo
hnvo n fnIrIy young fonm fhIs
yonr wIfh onIy 4 sonIors. Tho
undorcInssmon wIII hnvo fo sfoµ
uµ nnd fIII somo hoIos cnusod by
grndunfIon. I nm confIdonf fhnf
fho youngor µInyors wIII bo nbIo
fo sfoµ In whon noodod.
Our schoduIo hns chnngod n
IIffIo from Insf yonr. Wo wIII bo
µInyIng HIII CIfy nnd SfnnIoy
Counfy fhIs yonr Insfond of
CoIomo nnd !owor IruIo. If wIII
bo fun fo µIny somo dIfforonf
fonms. Wo wIII hnvo n now nssIs-
fnnf conch fhIs yonr ns woII, !ovI
Þowsnm, who wIII bo runnIng
fho dofonso for us. Wo nro Iook-
Ing forwnrd fo n gronf yonr nnd
µInyIng nII of fho fonms In our
JnyToo SonIoy
JCHS IoofbnII Conch
coyote football looks to
underclassmen to flll shoes
The 20T3 1ones Coun|y loo|boll |eom is preporing |o s|or| |he seoson. ßock row lrom lel|: keed Venord, 1ocob
Arend|, Aus|in Venord, Dol|on Kinsley ond Zoch Hespe. Niddle row lrom lel|: Connor Venord, 1ohn King,
Cody Nonke, Cody High|, Dylon Kinsley ond Wyo|| Weber. Fron| row lrom lel|: 5eniors Cloy|on Evons, ßron·
don Porsons, Chod 1ohnson ond 5kyler Niller. No| pic|ured: Chondler Tollokson
Good luck to all of the area
students and faculty during the
2013~2014 school year!
Owned by those we serve
Murdo, S.D.
Member FDIC
°We're Your Neighbors & Friends¨
· Saving Accounts
· CDs · Loans
· Checking Accounts
· Mortgages
· Investments
· Annuities ~ Insurance
·Business Banking
· Security/Safety
See us for
We go the extra mile to make sure
our customers get the quality
service they deserve and expect.
ú0tH§ Íh£
J|-·t J|de||tq Jaa0
tee0|aq je-
a aea qea¹

The Mop
Call Karen for an
appointment today.
Go Coyot es!
Kar|cc Hoorc´Hurdo Coyotc
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 30
l08l$ 00081f "00f01l$¨
Whlte Rlver, 8.0.
We|come back to schoo|
Jones Uounty students
and staff!
JonES County “CoyotES”
1ones Coun|y 5chool ßoord members lor 20T3~20T4 include Deon
Volmer, Andy konkin, Chod Whi|ney, 5co|| No|hews ond Corrie Iol·
WoIcomo bnck fo schooI! Inch
now yonr brIngs mnny chnI-
Iongos nnd oµµorfunIfIos! If fho
chnIIongos cronfo sfross for your
chIId, fonch fhom fhnf fhIs Is
µnrf of IIfo nnd show fhom fho
undorsfnndIng fhnf wo wouId
nµµrocInfo ns nduIfs goIng
fhrough sfross nnd how fo coµo
wIfh If. Tho oµµorfunIfIos fhnf
como wIfh n now yonr cnn nIso
bo oxcIfIng, somofImos fhoso
oµµorfunIfIos nro n rosuIf of n
now oxfrn-currIcuInr oµfIon or
froodom fhnf comos wIfh fho
ndvnncomonf of n now grndo or
schooI. Sfny In fouch wIfh your
chIId`s fonchors fo hoIµ fhom
fhrough fhoso somofImos dIffI-
cuIf frnnsIfIons.
SµonkIng of frnnsIfIons, I nm
In ono ns nn nduIf horo nf Jonos
Counfy ns fho now SuµorInfond-
onf of your dIsfrIcf. I Iook for-
wnrd fo moofIng mnny µnfrons
who µny fnxos In suµµorf of fhIs
schooI. Your suµµorf In ncndom-
Ics nnd oxfrn-currIcuInr ovonfs
Is oqunIIy nµµrocInfod by sfu-
donfs, sfnff, nnd schooI bonrd
mombors nf Jonos Counfy
SchooIs. As n fncuIfy nnd sfu-
donf body wo nIso Iook for wnys
fo suµµorf fho communIfy fhnf
suµµorfs us fhrough vnrIous
sorvIco µrojocfs. If your grouµ
hns n nood or nn Idon fhnf wIII
sfrongfhon our communIfIos
µIonso bo In confncf wIfh mo
bofh vIn µhono 669-2258 or by
omnII grnnf.vnndorvorsf¸kl2.
If you µny nffonfIon fo fho
nows you hnvo moro fhnn IIkoIy
honrd fho words common coro
fIod fo oducnfIon In fho !nIfod
Sfnfos. Tho Soufh Ðnkofn
Ðoµnrfmonf of IducnfIon hns
µuf fogofhor n gronf wobsIfo
rosourco for fho gonornI µubIIc
fo gnIn n boffor undorsfnndIng
of whnf fhIs Is nII nbouf. IIonso
I nm vory hnµµy fo roµorf
fhnf our schooI hns onco ngnIn
dono vory woII on fho sfnfo
oxnms. A bIg fhnnk you goos ouf
fo our µnronfs nnd sfnff for your
confInuod suµµorf of oducnfIon
nnd oncourngomonf for oxcoI-
Ionco for our kIds.
IducnfIonnIIy yours,
Crnnf Vnndor Vorsf
WoIcomo bnck! Tho fIrsf dny
of schooI onforcos my boIIof of nII
fho wondorfuI oµµorfunIfIos wo
hnvo fo mnko n dIfforonco In fho
IIvos of our sfudonfs nnd fhnf wo
nro forfunnfo fo IIvo In n commu-
nIfy fhnf vnIuos oducnfIon. As
wo bogIn fhIs schooI yonr, µIonso
know If fnkos oxcoµfIonnI sfnff,
Informod µnronfs nnd InvoIvod
communIfy mombors fo cronfo
fho bosf µossIbIo nronn for
IonrnIng. Wo hnvo hIghIy qunII-
fIod nnd dodIcnfod sfnff sorvIng
our sfudonfs fo hoIµ fhom grow
nnd succood.
I InvIfo you fo bocomo
InvoIvod wIfh us horo nf Jonos
Counfy IIomonfnry. Tho sfnff
sIncoroIy boIIovos fhnf oducnf-
Ing sfudonfs Is n fonm offorf,
nnd fhnf, fogofhor, wo cnn mnko
n µosIfIvo dIfforonco In your
chIId`s IIfo. If you wIsh fo voIun-
foor µIonso sfoµ nf fho offIco for
n IIsf of wnys you cnn hoIµ.
IogInnIng Soµfombor 30fh
nnd fho Insf Mondny of onch
monfh nf 8:20 wo wIII conducf
our Chnrncfor Awnrd coromony
In fho mIn-gym. A sfudonf from
onch grndo, kIndorgnrfon fhru
4fh grndo, wIII bo choson on fho
chnrncfor frnIfs of !osµonsIbIII-
fy, TrusfworfhInoss, CIfIzon-
shIµ, CnrIng, InIrnoss, nnd
!osµocf. 5fh nnd 6fh grndo sfu-
donfs wIII hnvo fho oµµorfunIfy
fo bocomo n MIghfy Coyofo; crI-
forIn IncIudos: homowork
furnod In (on fImo), no offIco
roforrnIs, on fImo for cInssos,
sfudonf Is n modoI cIfIzon, nnd
sfudonf Is frusfworfhy, fnIr,
rosµocffuI, nnd cnrIng fownrds
ofhors. Affor fhroo MIghfy Coy-
ofo nwnrds fho sfudonf Is µro-
sonfod wIfh n f-shIrf.
I wouId IIko fo woIcomo oIo-
monfnry cusfodInn Jnno
SµrIngor, !oron !ufz ns fho
counsoIor nnd 6fh grndo socInI
sfudIos fonchor, nnd KoIcy Þnsh
wIII bo fho I.I. fonchor for 5fh
nnd 6fh grndo sfudonfs. If you
hnvo quosfIons or commonfs
µIonso sfoµ In fho offIco or cnII
!orrIo Ismny
Good nutrition is essential for good learning!
Murdn FamI!y Fnnds
We work hard to bring you fresh produce, milk, meat,
coffee beans and so much more. We are your family
friendly grocery store, here to serve the Jones County
community.We appreciate your business!
Wishing Jones County a year to be proud of.
Corkµ´s Corkµ´s
Auto Suµµ|µ Auto Suµµ|µ
We|come back, students S
staff. Hate a great µear!
See us for belts, hoses,
windshield wipers, filters etc.
to keep your car running
efficiently this school year.
24-hour service
Light to Heavy Towing
0ood luck,
& Lady
¡a your
A|| Fro Iow|ng
669-2075 + Murdo, S.D.

$l8f f8Mll¶ 808l80f8ßl
welcomes fans and students!
Meet your friends here for a great meal!

Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 ·
l08l$ 00081f "00f01l$¨
Supcrintcndcnt Ncws | Crant \andcr \orst
Flcmcntary Principal Ncws | Lorric Lsnay
N0 Nlll 00
0Fl8 0ßlll
Kar|cc Hoorc´Hurdo Coyotc
JonES County “CoyotES”
19 School Begins
2 Labor Day No School
9 School Board 8 p.m.
27 Homecoming
11 Staff In-Service
Dismiss 12:30
14 School Board 8 p.m.
18 End of First Quarter
21 Parent/Teacher
11 No School Veteran`s Day
11 School Board 7 p.m.
27-29 Thanksgiving Break
No School
6 Staff In-Service
Dismiss 12:30
9 School Board 7 p.m.
20 End of Second Quarter
21-31 Christmas Break
1-5 Christmas Break cont.
6 School Resumes
School Calendar
13 School Board 7 p.m.
16-18 J.C. Invitational BB
Tourney-Dismiss 11:47
10 School Board 7 p.m.
14 Staff In-Service
Dismiss 12:30
7 End of Third Quarter
10 Parent/Teacher
10 School Board 7 p.m.
13-14 Spring Break
No School
20-21 Spring Break
No School
4 Prom
8 School Board 8 p.m.
18 Good Friday No School
21 Easter Break No School
2 Staff In-Service
Dismiss 12:30
12 School Board 8 p.m.
18 Graduation
20 Last Day of School
End of Fourth Quarter
(605) 869-2150 or 1-888-868-3390
We value honesty, hard work and integrity.
You'll find that
when you call us
for all your
electrical needs!
The PowerCom
team wishes
Jones County
a year to be
proud of.
·Yellow flashing lights mean slow to
no more than 20 mph when passing
·Red flashing lights mean stop no
closer than 15 feet from the bus.
°cLee! l«s sa!et, reoi«!ers
Homecoming Week 2013
Monday, Sept. 23
Coronation 7 p.m.
Tuesday, Sept. 24
VB @ Rapid City Christian
6:30 p.m.
Wednesday, Sept. 25
Cross Country WGP Conf
@ PhiIip 11:00 a.m.
Thursday, Sept. 26
VB v. Todd County
6:30 p.m.
Friday, Sept. 27
Parade 1 p.m.
Powder Puff game 3 p.m.
FB vs White River 7 p.m.
Have a
Membev I.Ð.I.C.
. when your hometown banker
knows you by name!
We offer free checking,
competitive rates for both loans and
investments and professional
financial advisors.
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 ·
l08l$ 00081f "00f01l$¨
weIcomes everyone back to schooII
Homemade Soup and SaIad ßar & NIghtIy SpecIaIs
Pk0U0 T0 SUPP0kT 0Uk Pk0U0 T0 SUPP0kT 0Uk
ßuffaIo ßar & kestaurant
1:sí:uq Sruacurs & Srajj
¹ Su..cssjuí Sjcrrs
& ¹.aac¤:. Scascu¹¹¹
Ph¡¡¡p & Audre¶ ½a¡hevs
JonES County “CoyotES”
Kanaria Lalricr
209 Main Sircci Murdo, SD · 605-295-1414
WeIcome back
to scbooI!
Dring iIis cou¡on in for
20% oII one Item!
CIccl oui iIc grcai
sclcciion of lacl io scIool
cloiIcs and acccssorics!
The 20T3 Coyo|e Foo|boll cheer |eom received new unilorms ond is
reody lor |he upcoming seoson. Top: Nikoylo Woldron. 5|onding lrom
lel|: 5helby ßork, Corol Droyer, Honnoh High|, Nodison No|hews ond
Nelysso Nonecke. The girls ore cooched by Noribe|h Trumbo.
Kar|cc Hoorc´Hurdo Coyotc
The 20T3 Coyo|e Foo|boll Chorlie Coyo|es ore Colleen Greense|h (lel|)
ond 5hoylo Noron.
Kar|cc Hoorc´Hurdo Coyotc
1ones county Rlgh coyote cheer team
Welcome back to school Welcome back to school
Jones County students! Jones County students!
Proud supporter of our
Jones County
Have a wonderfuI year!
Bad River Bucks
& Birds
Hunting Lodge

Venard, Inc. &
Venard, Inc. Powersports
Tires & Service, ATV & UTV Service
605-669-2077 · Exit 191, Murdo SD
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 33
l08l$ 00081f "00f01l$¨
08ll 08 l0f ¶00f ß0N
00ß8lf00ll0ß 8ß0
f0M000ll߶ ¢f0(00l8I
We support
Murdo Coyote
The Source
for all your school news
Welcome back,
students &
Phone: 669-2271 · Fax: 669-2744 · ·
JonES County “CoyotES”
The Hall
412 South A Avenue
New Underwood, SD
Open Thursdays, Fridays &
Saturdays 3 p.m. to closing
Ft0Hu SHþþ0tÍ£t 0] Íh£ 1t§£tS!
Good LuoK,
Larry, Lcc & Todd Cossard
754-6760 · 798-2140 · 716-9860
Gossard DIrt Work, Inc.
Ncw Undcrwood, SD
ô 0//0n/40
4ea baderaaad
4 Praad 5aaaar/er a/ /àe //qera/
Good Luck, Tigers,
in aII your activites!
FMG Feed & Seed
Travis &Nena Madsen, Owners

701 S. A Ave.,
New Underwood
0ood Iuck
& sfoff
in fhe
schooI yeorl
ßock row, lel| |o righ|, Tineole Pe|erson, Korlee kober|son, Abbi Nocie[ewski, cooch ßrondi ßrosslield, ossis·
|on| cooch Ionnie Phillips, ßrooke Wolken, ßrionno Philipsen ond 5hye ßin|lill. Fron| row, lel| |o righ|, Adrienne
Gossord, 5ierro Cberlonder, Koylee Clork ond ßreonno Worren. Niddle row, righ| |o lel|, Toylor ßrindley,
Au|umn Cogdill, Corisso Anderson, Hoiley Gueno| ond 1ode Nosher.
Ready, set . splkel
fondor for n dIsfrIcf chnmµI-
onshIµ. Wo wIII buIId on ovory
wIn or Ioss nnd bo dodIcnfod nnd
n hnrd workIng fonm,¨ commonf-
od IrnssfIoId.
¨Wo hnvo fhroo sonIors on fho
fonm. Irooko WoIkon wIII brIng
gronf oxµorIonco In fho fronf
yonr, TInonIo Ioforson hns
µInyod mnny roIos on fho fonm so
µInn fo fInd hor fho bosf sµof for
fho fonm, nnd HnIIoy Cuonof Is
goIng fo hoIµ wIfh fho soffIng,¨
sfnfod IrnssfIoId.
Tho conch Is nnxIous for fho
sonson fo bogIn. ¨I nm oxcIfod fo
fnko on fho hond conchIng µosI-
fIon nnd work wIfh n voIIoybnII
sfnndouf ns my nssIsfnnf, !onI
Tho !ndy TIgors hosf fho
WhIfo !Ivor !ndy TIgors on
Thursdny, Soµfombor 5 nf 6:00
wolken, Peterson and
0uenot look to lead
Tho Þow !ndorwood !ndy
TIgors voIIoybnII fonm woIcomos
bnck hond conch IrnndI Irnss-
fIoId ns fhoIr Iondor who hns
boon InvoIvod wIfh fho fonm for
fho Insf fhroo yonrs. SonIors
Irooko WoIkon, TInonIo Iofor-
son nnd HnIIoy Cuonof wIII bo
soffIng n hIgh bnr for fhoIr
undorcInssmon bohInd fho nof
fhIs sonson.
IrnssfIoId fnIkod nbouf fho
fonm`s doµfh of oxµorIonco. ¨I
hnvo conchod voIIoybnII from fho
junIor hIgh IovoI uµ fo fho vnrsI-
fy IovoI. I wns fho conch for jun-
Ior hIgh for mnny yonrs,¨ sfnfod
IrnssfIoId. ¨Our fonm Is young
nnd nof Iofs of vnrsIfy oxµorI-
onco, buf I Iook for gronf fhIngs
from our youngor µInyors.¨
Tho !ndy TIgor gonIs nro sIm-
µIo. ¨Wo nro workIng fownrds
succoss nnd hoµo fo bo n con-
Cris Andcrson | Ncw Indcrwood fost
5eniors Tineole Pe|erson, ßrooke Wolken ond Hoiley Gueno|.
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 34
8lN 080l8N000 "1l6l8$¨
The New Underwood cheerleoders prepore |o pep. ßock row, lel| |o righ|, Keiro Allen, Hope kucker, Ashley
Porsons ond No|hon Ni×on. Fron| row, Tillony 5chell ond Cossidy Goe|r.
5por1smonship Þolicy
1he New Underwood 5chool uis1ric1 believes in 1he impor-
1once o£ spor1smonship. Jn 1he in1eres1 o£ promo1ing spor1s-
monship we hove developed 1he £ollowing guidelines 1o be £ol-
lowed by oll ployers, cooches, ond spec1o1ors.
1he o1hle1es ore engoging in on oc1ivi1y 1ho1 is designed £or
e×ercise, £un ond improving choroc1er. We e×pec1 1he o1hle1es
1o behove in spor1smonlike monner, ond so i1 £ollows 1ho1
everyone else in o11endonce do 1he some. We e×pec1 1ho1
odul1s model 1he opproprio1e behoviors £or 1he younger children
in o11endonce. Þleose do no1 emborross your 1eom, school, ond
communi1y by booing or commi11ing ony o1her unspor1smonlike
We in1end 1o hold oll 1hose in o11endonce occoun1oble £or
1heir oc1ions ond will immedio1ely remove onyone £rom 1he
premises 1ho1 e×hibi1s unspor1smonlike behovior. 1his includes
1hose visi1ing £rom o1her schools. We osk 1ho1 oll visi1ing
schools moke 1heir ployers, cooches, ond communi1y members
owore o£ our in1en1ions, 1o possibly ollevio1e ony problems
be£ore 1hey occur.
Good Luck,
ln the
schoo| µear!
Open 7
Days a Week
“Good Luck, Tigers!”
Nursing Home Care
& Related Services
Good LuoK T1gers!
oe’s Bar
& G
New Underwood
Open at 3 p.m. Daily
Monte & Shari Sandal
ßock row, lel| |o righ|, Cody 5co||, Ioyne ßyrne, Nick ßoker ond 5|e|son 5|over. Niddle row, lel| |o righ|, Coleb Gunn, Derek Knodel, Kellyn Flin|,
ßrondon Koch ond Wolker Phillips. Fron| row, lel| |o righ|, Kyle NcCloren, 1oce Philipsen, Tonner ßrindley, Tyler ßloom, Philip ßole, Clin| 5|ongle ond
Trovis 5mi|h.
WIfh fho cooIor fomµornfuros
ushorIng In fho nufumn sonson,
fho Þow !ndorwood TIgor foof-
bnII fIoId hns bocomo homo fo
nnofhor grouµ of fhrIvIng young
foofbnII onfhusIsfs. Tho 20l3
Þow !ndorwood TIgor fonm woI-
comos bnck conch CIInf ÞoIson
nffor n yonr hInfus.
¨If fooIs gronf fo bo bnck fonch-
Ing nnd conchIng fho TIgors,¨
sfnfod ÞoIson. ¨ThIs Is jusf n
gronf schooI dIsfrIcf wIfh gronf
ÞoIson fnkos fho hoIm bnck
from hIs IongfImo nssIsfnnf
conch TIm HnII who fook fho
TIgors fo fho µInyoffs Insf yonr.
HnII wIII ngnIn sIf In fho nssIs-
fnnf conch cnµncIfy nIong wIfh
Joff Jonos, IrInn IhIIIµson,
Cnroff WhIµµIo nnd Ðnn Andor-
ÞoIson Is nnxIous fo unvoII fho
fonm fhIs yonr. ¨You gof fo Iook
forwnrd fo n young TIgor fonm
µorformIng nf nII IovoIs onch nnd
ovory IrIdny nIghf,¨ snId ÞoIson.
¨Wo nro ImµIomonfIng n now fnsf
µncod offonsIvo mIxod wIfh nn
Back to Frlday actlon
1iger football team ready for aotion Good
LuoK 1n
1Þe neu soÞoo1
Neu Underuood
s1uden1s ond s1o]]
¡¡on uíí
o¡ us
TÞe Neu
Underuood Pos1
& Rove11e11e Pub1.
Cris Andcrson | Ncw Indcrwood fost
nggrossIvo dofonso fhnf wIII
hoµofuIIy oqunI IfsoIf fo wIns.¨
Tho Þow !ndorwood TIgor
foofbnII µrogrnm hns hnd n soIId
show unfII fhIs yonr. ¨ThIs fonm
dIffors from µrovIous fonms In
forms of numbors. Wo curronfIy
onIy hnvo l8 boys ouf. Tho fonm
nIso dIffors In oxµorIonco. Wo
hnvo hnd n fow sonIor Iond sonIor
drIvon fonms, honco fhIs yonr`s
fonm hns somo InoxµorIonco In
somo nrons,¨ snId ÞoIson.
Tho conch Iooks fo hnvo n com-
µIofo sonson. ¨Our sonson gonI Is
fo comµofo In onch nnd ovory
gnmo by µInyIng nggrossIvo foof-
bnII whIch wIII nIIow us fo moof
our gonI of mnkIng fho µInyoffs.
I sIncoroIy boIIovo wo cnn
nchIovo bofh,¨ ho snId.
Tho TIgors wIII bo Iod by son-
Iors CIInf SfnngIo, IhIIIµ InIo,
KyIo McCInron, TrnvIs SmIfh,
Tnnnor IrIndIoy, CnIob Cunn,
Ðorok KnodoI, Jnco IhIIIµson
nnd TyIor IIoom.
Tho TIgors` sonson oµonor Is nf
homo ngnInsf fho IhIIIµ ScoffIos
on IrIdny, Augusf 30.
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 36
8lN 080l8N000 "1l6l8$¨
20T3 New Underwood Tiger seniors
Board oI EducatIon
Sc¡icnlcr 18 · Ociolcr 16
Novcnlcr 21 · Dcccnlcr 20
January 18 · Fclruary 19
MarcI 19 · A¡ril 16
May 21 · Junc 18
Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. in the
school's cafeteria, unless
otherwise posted!
BooK 1o SoÞoo1 Reo1pe
Seven Iuyev
Tuco ÐIp
l (l ounco) µnckngo fnco sonson-
Ing mIx
l (l6 ounco) cnn rofrIod bonns
l (8 ounco) µnckngo cronm
chooso, soffonod
l (l6 ounco) confnInor sour
l (l6 ounco) jnr snIsn
l Inrgo fomnfo, choµµod
l groon boII µoµµor, choµµod
l bunch choµµod groon onIons
l smnII hond Icoborg Ioffuco,
l (6 ounco) cnn sIIcod bInck
oIIvos, drnInod
2 cuµs shroddod Choddnr chooso
In n modIum bowI, bIond fho
fnco sonsonIng mIx nnd rofrIod
bonns. Sµrond fho mIxfuro onfo n
Inrgo sorvIng µInffor.
MIx fho sour cronm nnd cronm
chooso In n modIum bowI. Sµrond
ovor fho rofrIod bonns.
Toµ fho Inyors wIfh snIsn. IInco
n Inyor of fomnfo, groon boII µoµ-
µor, groon onIons nnd Ioffuco ovor
fho snIsn, nnd foµ wIfh choddnr
chooso. CnrnIsh wIfh bInck oIIvos.
Fron| row, lel| |o righ|, Nory Wiebers, Adrienne Gossord, Tillony 5chell, Nercedes Winegor, Wylie Flin| ond
Kooper Gossord. ßock row, cooch 5|ocy Finkbeiner, Cloy Forlond, 1he|| Finkbeiner ond Code Venhuiren.
l|ann|ng ro go rhe o|sranoe
Whon If comos fo runnIng,
Þow !ndorwood frnck conch
Sfncy IInkboInor cnn foII you n
Iof. And whon fho Þow !ndor-
wood SchooI ÐIsfrIcf docIdod fo
brIng bnck fho sµorf of cross
counfry, sfudonfs IInod uµ fo joIn
fho fonm.
Affor n yonr on fho cuffIng
bonrd, fho sµorf of cross counfry
Is boIng offorod ngnIn undor fho
IondorshIµ of IInkboInor.
¨I nm ronIIy IookIng forwnrd fo
fhIs sonson! My gonI Is fo fry fo
gof fIvo fo sIx kIds qunIIfIod for
fho sfnfo cross counfry moof,¨
sfnfod IInkboInor. ¨I fhInk wo
ronIIsfIcnIIy hnvo n chnnco fo
µInco ono fo fhroo kIds nf fho
sfnfo moof.¨
WIfh Þow !ndorwood frnck
sfnrs Jhoff IInkboInor nnd AdrI-
onno Cossnrd on fho rosfor fho
fonm Iooks fo bo n sfrong ono.
¨Jhoff nnd AdrIonno nro comIng
off gronf frnck sonsons nnd
shouId bo our Iondors. CIny (Inr-
Innd) Is µnrfIcIµnfIng In fhIs fyµo
of sµorf for fho fIrsf fImo buf dIs-
fnnco runnIng dofInIfoIy runs In
hIs fnmIIy. TIffnny (SchoII) qunII-
fIod for sfnfo fwo sonsons ngo,
nnd wo hnvo uµ nnd comIng run-
nors In Cndo (VonhuIzon) nnd
Morcodos (WInognr). HnIIIo
(Moshor), Kooµor (Cossnrd),
WyIIo (IIInf), nnd Mnry
(WoIbors) nro nII vory young run-
nors buf shouId Imµrovo ns fho
sonson µrogrossos.¨
IInkboInor µInns fo uso fho
cross counfry nfhIofos ns n fonm
Insfond of µrovIous yonrs` µor-
formnncos. ¨Wo shouId bo nbIo fo
comµofo ns n fonm fhIs sonson
nnd shouId bo vory comµofIfIvo.¨
Cris Andcrson | Ncw Indcrwood fost
1lgers cross country team
Quote oI tbe season:
ºIf you can'i oui¡lay iIcn, ouiworl iIcn."
- Hcn Hogun
Hollie Nosher is olso o member ol
|he |eom.
Tho now schooI yonr offon-
fImos brIngs now fncos or woI-
comos fncos from yonrs µnsf.
ThIs schooI yonr, fho Þow
!ndorwood SchooI ÐIsfrIcf woI-
comos bnck n boIovod subsfIfufo
musIc fonchor Snrn CuIvor who
Is fnkIng ovor fho musIc doµnrf-
¨I`m oxcIfod fo bo fonchIng
horo In Þow !ndorwood,¨ sfnfod
Tho musIc doµnrfmonf µInns
on boIng vory ncfIvo fhIs sµorfs
sonson wIfh fho hoµos of µoµ
bnnd nmµIng uµ fho crowds nf
fho gnmos. ¨Wo hnd l5 sfudonfs
Musìc beat back ìn parade
como fo n mInI bnnd cnmµ Insf
wook whoro fhoy sfnrfod work-
Ing on now µoµ bnnd musIc for
fhIs yonr,¨ snId CuIvor.
Tho Þow !ndorwood schooI`s
homocomIng µnrndo wIII ngnIn
bo nIIvo wIfh n bonf of fho
schooI`s bnnd. ¨Wo µInn on boIng
rondy fo µIny for fho homocomIng
µnrndo nnd gnmo,¨ snId CuIvor.
¨Tho sfudonfs nro nII sfoµµIng uµ
fo fhnf chnIIongo. I`m oxcIfod fo
hnvo fho bnnd µInyIng nf gnmos
fhIs yonr. I`m nIso vory oxcIfod
for our concorfs.¨
Tho homocomIng µnrndo Is sof
fo run Ifs courso on Soµfombor
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 29, 2013 · 36
8lN 080l8N000 "1l6l8$¨

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