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SITE 3-318 AGRICULTURE (CATEGORY 18) 21Reserved. Farm Sales 22. Farmer's Market 23. Petting Zoo PLAN












Permitted Accessory Uses 27. The following activities shall be allowed by-right on farms greater than one (1) acre in size: A. The sale of (i) raw agricultural products produced on the farm; and (ii) the sale of Value-Added Agricultural Products produced on the farm. B. Processing activity for the sale of goods on the farm; provided that such processing activity conforms to Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACs) standards. Processing activities for the sale of goods on the farm that are beyond VDACs standards may be authorized by Site Plan and/or special permit approval pursuant to Section 3-315.2 & 3 of this Ordinance. C. The sale of (i) agricultural products produced at other Virginia farms; and (ii) the sale of Value-Added Agricultural Products from other Virginia farms. D. In the RA zoning district only, Agriculture-Related Activities that (i) specifically promote, and are directly connected to, agricultural products actually produced on the farm where the activity is taking place, or (ii) specifically promote, and are directly connected to, Value-Added Agricultural Products produced on the farm. The number of such events is not limited, except that if such events allow customers or members of the public to utilize, or result in their utilization of, buildings or structures located on the farm more than twelve (12) times per year, then such structures and buildings shall comply with the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code, and Site Plan and Special Exception approval shall be required pursuant to Sections 3-309.14, 15 & 16 of this Ordinance. Activities or events that are not Agriculture-Related Activities as specifically defined and permitted herein shall require Special Exception approval for Class A, B or C events. E. Sale of Incidental Farm-related Promotional Items. F. The percentage of Annual Sales Revenue from the activities described in Sections C, D, and E above shall not exceed 50%.


G. Private personal gatherings held by the owner of a farm who resides at the farm or on property adjacent thereto that is owned or controlled by such owner at which gatherings products are not sold or marketed and for which no consideration is received by the owner or its agents, except that fundraisers shall be subject to the general requirements set forth in Section 6-102.29 of this Ordinance. H. Deleted. . 15-300 Definitions Value-Added Agricultural Products are raw agricultural products changed into something new through packaging, processing, cooling, drying, extracting or other type of process that differentiates the value-added product from the original raw agricultural commodity. ValueAdded Agricultural Products may be processed on or off the farm, and may include: honey, jams and jellies; baked goods; dried flowers, herb and vegetable preparations; finished meats and sausages; dairy products, including cheeses; canned or frozen fruits and vegetables; soaps; thread and fiber products; fruit baskets; and wreaths and garlands. Agriculture-Related Activities are the specific activities listed below that are advertised, managed and run by the farmer who owns or resides on the particular farm where such activities are occurring, and which are designed to promote the raw agricultural commodities produced on the farm where such activities are occurring, or the Value-Added Agricultural Products having at least 50% content produced on such farm: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) pick-your-own operations; pumpkin patches; corn mazes; hay rides; agricultural demonstrations; meetings of agricultural groups; agriculture-related lectures or classes; and farm tours.

Incidental Farm-Related Promotional Items are farm-related, artisanal (home or farm produced in Virginia), or refreshment items that are not either raw agricultural commodities or Value-Added Agricultural Products, but are sold or provided on the farm as a convenience to a farm’s customers who are visiting such farm either (i) to purchase agricultural commodities or Value-Added Agricultural Products, or (ii) to participate in permitted Agriculture-Related Activities. Annual Farm Sales Revenue is the aggregate gross revenue from all sales on the farm, including raw agricultural products produced on or off the farm, Value-Added Agricultural Products produced on or off the farm, sales of goods from any processing facility located on the farm, revenue from Agriculture Related Activities and revenue from Incidental Farm Related Promotional Items. 5-1812 Reserved. Additional Standards for Farm Sales 1. The minimum lot size shall be five (5) acres. 2

2. Farm sales shall only be allowed on property owned or leased by the Farmer or his family and utilized for farming. 3. Sales shall be limited to agricultural products and value added agricultural products. 4. At least 50% of the products for sale (based on display area) shall be produced on-site or on other properties owned or leased by the farmer in Fauquier County. The remainder of the products for sale shall be produced within the Potomac and Chesapeake (upper and lower) watersheds. Any products produced outside of Fauquier County shall display their location of origin. 5. Agricultural activities such as a pick-your-own, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, etc. shall be allowed provided they are based on products grown onsite. 6. Any new structures utilized for Farm Sales shall not exceed 1,000 sq. ft. Existing structures may be utilized, regardless of size. All structures shall meet the setback regulations of the Zoning District. 7. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 7-104, one parking space shall be provided for each 200 square feet of retail space. Such spaces and access to them may be provided with a pervious surface, providing measures to maintain a dust-free environment are taken. 8. In conjunction with each application for an Administrative Permit, the Zoning Administrator shall identify the applicable parking design and improvements required that are at least the minimum necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare by providing safe ingress and egress to and from the site, safe vehicular and pedestrian circulation on the site, and the control of dust as deemed appropriate in the context of the use.


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