they taught the Darmins (Maldecians who are not ‘indoctrinated’ by the elohim Lucifer) about the sacred numbers & mathematics. In a rage. using. Settling down in the planet Maldec. after the GREAT REBELLION IN THE HEAVENS which was SUCCESSFULLY DISPELLED BY THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. never to return. They demanded many things from the teachers. (teach) tell him something about the sacred numbers. During their preparation for departure. gratifying their egotistic selves. acting in self-defense.About 252 MILLION YEARS AGO.. & those that had chosen to remain to serve the Master Plan of the Creator of All that Was. No more Uranians were killed or injured. It was these honest traits that attracted the great teachers to Maldec. Arriving with their starships. IN OUR OWN SOLAR SYSTEM. abusing others for the sake of one's selfish ends & pursuit of happiness. until they developed into puberty. OrdoSambilth strangled the Uranian. The Uranians. who collectively felt ashamed to the depth of their souls. They are called by the Earth natives as the “Radiant Ones”. The elohim of Maldec was 1 of the former. they too became remorseful. or what we can refer here on earth as the Nordics. The Uranians later refused to procreate as penance for their actions on Maldec. The teacher replied that it would be covered over the course of a month or so later. The act of killing another human being was devastating to the ultimately benign Uranians. killed 2 of the attacking quains. The benevolent teacher race from Uranus chanced upon this race of people early in their stage of soul evolution of being indoctrinated to the ways of self-gratification. Frocent of Uranus. tall. the elohim called in the ancient texts of the Babylonians as Ba'al or Lucifer indoctrinated its inhabitants in the ways of serving the self. that Is. There occurred a great disagreement & polarization of the els/elohim into 2 factions: those that had chosen to be served themselves by their minions & subordinates. but found it exciting to acquire such things by using their knowledge & by physical work if necessary. gratifying materiality almost without regard for the well beingness of the human soul. This psychic program by Lucifer was done through means of putting their newborn infants in suspended animation inside the dark "awakening caverns" of Maldec. The Uranian reaction to this crime was to pack up & leave the planet Maldec. & that will Be. things that the loving teachers were not ready to give prematurely. Today no more than 18 Uranians live in physical bodies in the molar (3 dimensional) level of the universal life field on the planet Simcarris which orbits the 8th planetary position of the sun/star you call Thurbal . exploiting. have blue eyes & golden blonde hair.. Maldecians are almost 8 ft. After these other explorer groups returned home & learned of the events that had taken on Maldec... have creamy white complexions. One day a quain named Ordo-Sambilth demanded that his teacher. or the “Watcher Race”.. A darmin would never break his/her word. During their stay on Maldec they had contacted other races such as the Gracians. they were attacked by a number of quains who wanted to obtain any written material about the sacred numbers that had not been previously imparted. During the period that the great teachers from Uranus resided on Maldec. more & more quains ("ordained ones" to the ways of Lucifer) awoke. Darmins were motivated by the desire to gain personal wealth and loved material things.

. tall. Those who are allowed to live are psychically attached to the conscience of the el. the Earth was to act as the Maldecian proving ground. likes to wear plumed hats. A secret study was conducted by the Maldecians to determine why they didn’t & to determine if they had any weaknesses the Maldecians could exploit for their benefit. The name “Maldec” is where the mathematical term deci-mal originated. feathered head ornaments. They traveled from planetoid to planetoid of that radiar & found only beautiful forms of plant life.One of the 1st things the Gracians noticed was the absence of Maldecian children below the age of sexual maturity. but no sign of animal life or any form of human construction. Gracians are in average 7ft. Meanwhile. ……Some have spelled the name Maldec as Maldek with a k & not c. The ‘k’ sound in the universal Sol-Tec language has a very harsh meaning – notice the way it is used in the English words kick & kill and that it is represented silently in the spelling of knife. The Gracians landed & established contact with the people of that world……. they went to this solar system & into the Hamp radiar (Uranus). with several large cities whose buildings & layout were designed & constructed on the order of the sacred numbers. they were placed 2nd on the list after Sarus. Maldecian leaders’ plan for conquest was long ranging. In other words.(Thuban. They come out of their hibernation fully nourished. & because the gentle folk of Wayda would have offered only minimal resistance. grown & educated in the . also known by its Bayer designation Alpha Draconis (α Draconis. the Uranians. & are wearing sandals. Spelling Maldec with a k is very insulting to the Maldecians. Maldec.. or the Dragon.The Maldecians were very disappointed to find that the learned Gracians & the highly technical Nodians did not have the same goals as the Maldecians did. it is allowed to live. after the departure of the great teachers from Maldec. We eventually learned that at birth a Maldecian infant is visited by one who speaks for the elohim of that planet. the military order of the krates (Maldecian soldiers & generals) was formed & Maldec’s world leaders began to form plans for the conquest of the local solar system. Upon the Gracians’ quest for their ancient teachers. Then they found the 4th planet at that time. α Dra)) in the constellation Draco. have fair complexions. Sarus (Earth) & Wayda (Venus). & the expected various reactions of the people of Earth were to provide Maldec with data that would assist in the development of methods that would assist in the development of methods that could later be employed to bring other off-world races under Maldecian control. it is put to death. If the child meets the ‘standards’ set by the Maldecian el. where they remain in suspended animation until sexual maturity. If the child does not. meaning “those who have fractionalized (decimalized) the One… . whose people were expected to become adversarial when the noose was eventually tightened. …. knowing from their ancient records that the home planetoids of the teachers circled that particular blazing globe. This plan was put into operation on the very 1st day that the space-traveling Gracians arrived on Maldec & willingly offered to transport Maldecian scouts & emissaries to the other 2 oxygen breathing worlds of the solar system.

Nodia has a surface area 26 times greater than planet Earth but only has the gravitational strength comparable to our planet Mars. but originally found them very uptight about some things the Gracians cared little about…. & [the Gracians] wondered why the ancient teachers hadn’t taught it to them. Mars. are considered royalty & quite exceptional (such as the case of Marduk). the object will not become weightless. The Maldecians had not told the Gracians of their intention to send vril energy from Earth to Maldec by way of the Great Pyramid of Giza(h). & Venus were originally part of a ‘plan’ that the ancient teachers from Uranus imparted to them before leaving them alone to ponder the reason why.Basically. & have silver white to silver gray hair. Vitronians are very much similar to Nodians in appearance but the only difference is that they have a lighter complexion than Nodians. but . Vitron's gravitational pull is only minutely stronger than that of Earth. Nodians have brown tan to dark tan complexion. …. who rarely awaken early from their induced sleep. occupying the 4th planetary orbit & is orbited by its only planetoid Vitron. The Maldecians feared the Nodian presence & must have burnt out their mental circuits trying to figure out what to do about them. The Maldecians did not want any off-world child to be born on their planet because such a child’s living presence in the planet’s biosphere would disturb the growth of their own sleeping offspring. . Because the ancient teachers had left the Gracians to develop spacecraft & other useful things on our own.. If too much energy is applied. Those “benign” purposes had interested the Gracians & they wanted to be part of their manifestation. in average 7 ft... so the Gracians eagerly cooperated. The companion star of Polaris or what we call on Earth as Alpha Ursae Minoris Ab is actually the gigantic Ampt radiar. The Maldecians are able to understand the meaning & importance of sacred geometry. The Maldecians told [the Gracians] that they had always known about the “ancient plan”. The people of Gracyea admired the Nodians’ technical successes. Vitron has a surface area 30 times larger than planet Earth. They told (the Gracians) that they wanted to build the pyramid for totally different purposes. The Maldecian children. the Maldecians claimed that the constructions they proposed for Earth. therefore can be designated as Alpha Ursae Minoris A3. They were lacking a few key factors that the Gracians understood quite well. The Nodian arrival in the local solar system (they came from planet Nodia which occupies the 3rd planetary orbit of the star we call Polaris.ways of every Maldecian who ever came before them. tall. we readily accepted as fact that they had done the same thing with the Maldecians. in the constellation Ursae Minoris or Small Dipper) & their contact with the people of Venus (Wayda) put a hold on Maldecian plans to build a pyramid on Venus at that time. the stone will shatter to dust – as happened to the planet Maldec. But since the gravitational field of Ampt radiar is comparatively weak. A Gracian primary student could have told the Maldecians that would happen. …If the stolfa (Gracian priests who levitate stone blocks used for construction) provides too little life force (in the required frequency for levitation). THEIR LACK OF THIS INFORMATION KEPT THEM FROM DEVELOPING ANY FORM OF LONG-RANGE SPACE TRAVEL.

Simms are tall. from the planet Simm which orbits the star Druma or Lalm. behind our solar system’s field of view. they probably would have destroyed the great face of Cydonia or disfigured it in some way. …. It would have been a diabolical thrill they would have been unable to resist. Furthermore. the teachers had told them that people from other worlds they had contacted would come & help them fulfill the divine plan. the planet Gracyea occupies the 4th orbit. It was estimated that after a short period of time. Planet Simm occupy the 2nd planetary position of Lalm. their Gracian students. gentle race who became servants of the Maldecians.It was quickly realized that the astrastone capstone that the Maldecians provided the Gracians to place on top of the Great Pyramid on Earth had been somehow acquired from Bantivail 3. during their association with the Maldecians. The Maldecians secretly did not approve. If the Maldecian plan for the pyramids had been successful. The star system Druma or Lalm is located a few light years beyond the star system Tau Ceti. The Gracians are the students & protégé of the Uranians. …In honor of their ancient Uranian teachers. the loss of the Earth’s vril energy would cause the native Earth people to become physically tired & confused. & also the master engineers & builders of the pyramids in Giza(h). They also told that when the buildings were completed. thin. . Mars & in other places such as Venus. The place called the Citadel (Cydonia). so they would have to be replaced immediately by darmins & Simms. & were not specified by the galactic citizens as to what Earth astronomers called it (Alcyone?). …. His name was Sormel. added to the fact that the Maldecians originally had not developed any form of space-traveling vehicle. had not known about the existence of the 5-star system & played no part in shaping the capstone. The Gracians.wanted to be sure that their cultures could get along. the Gracians carve in the plain of Cydonia of Mars the face of one who was the chief of those teachers who first came to their home planet.It was expected that the native people of the Earth would react to this event. but could do nothing about it at the time. The Earth people who performed certain jobs would not be able to work. It was their hope that this monument would please the teachers and bring them back to visit Gracyea wherever they are. were carrying forward their divine plan. in which the Martian zone-rex resided in that 1st lifetime. the transference of Earth’s reserve vril energy to Maldec. Teotihuacan. the teachers would return. in a number of hostile ways. They wanted to see them. Bantivail is 1 of the 5 brightest stars in the open star cluster Pleiades. which is the home of the Gracians. & the question of who provided the tremendous amount of psychic energy to cut the stone so precisely in the required shape for the pyramid capstone also adds to the mystery. why would they lie about such holy things? [The Gracians] were very happy to be part of the plan of the ancient teachers & did everything they could to materialize it… …It is also the teacher race from Uranus who had taught the early Martians how to select their supreme ruler they called the zone-rex & who had placed them on the path to greater spiritual development. These facts. had also been built by those of Uranus. The Gracians believed everything they said – after all. The Martian zone-rex (planetary supreme ruler) approved of this monument to the teachers.

have opposed the malevolent psychic program of their el & have switched their consciousness to the opposing side of the wheel.. Marduk was at the time about 15 Earth years of age. The Federation is presently assembling the chaire-salbas into 1 body on a moon of Uranus so they can form a civilized society that can be the basis of a new Maldecian culture composed of all types of Maldecians who wish to pursue the ways of the forces of light… . at high noon or 1200 GMT. And on that fateful day of summer solstice. Some Maldecians were very concerned with the unknown factors that could influence the aftermath. many Maldecians (both darmins.It was also expected that many Earth people would die from psychic shock because they might become disconnected from the consciousness of their parent el. . any newborn Maldecians (those who had never before experienced human life) came to be called chaire-salbas (those on an uncharted path).The Maldecian construction of the great pyramids on Earth was a small part of the plan to conquer & control the physical universe.. & in doing so have joined with the forces of light.000 of these Maldecians living today on a number of different worlds located in other solar systems. There are about 35. the daughter of the supreme ruler of Maldec. These 2 young men were carrying on the same 3 dimensional debate that is still going on to some degree in the macro level of perception between the els (elohim) of dark & the els of light. A pillar of brilliant red fire (energy) shot from the building’s capstone . four days after the great pyramid’s capstone ceremony & 2 days after the unveiling of the Sphinx. You might say that Andart was the counterpart of what you call the devil’s advocate. for there are those Maldecians (who outnumber the converts) who still believe in racial superiority & practice the ancient ways. the priest king Mic-Corru.. Marduk was to play 1 of the most important roles in the transference of the Earth’s vril energy to Maldec by way of the great pyramid of Mir (Egypt). There are indeed millions multiplied by many more millions of these cultures that have already united & are fanatically bent on conquering the physical universe & those who oppose them. Marduk awoke (from the awakening caverns) & took up 3-dimensional life after sleeping only 7 months.. …After Maldec was destroyed. …. It was for this reason that he was on the Earth & awaiting the day he would perform his `holy duty’. Beware..After tremendous torment & anguish. This alliance is sometimes referred to as the Confederation or the forces of darkness.It has been speculated that the building of the great pyramid & the destruction of Maldec was permitted by the Creator of All that Is in order to disconnect the el of Maldec from the Maldecian newborns & save them from any malevolent psychic indoctrination. Maldecians were aware that there were people that originated from els who shared Lucifer's agenda & with whom they would someday unite when they encountered them in the 3-dimensional state of life. It was Andart’s job to argue the case of the forces of Light & keep Marduk mentally sharp concerning his “divine” mission. Living with Marduk was Prince Andart... He was cared for in his infancy by Misshemoo. and quains or ordained). They can be found today among those of dark-force worlds that ravage certain parts of the universe & cast a lustful eye at the planet Earth… The central figure in the Maldecian plan to subjugate the entire solar system is a demigod youth named Marduk.. the vril transference process was commenced. who was also 15 years old & who deliberately performed as Marduk’s mental adversary.

By dawn the only sounds heard were the inquiring voices of those who gathered below. The pillar of fire continued to reach skyward for many more hours & then gradually receded. the pyramids became very hot. “… Somencar also told me that he was 1 of those who took the vessels of soil & water into the pyramid & placed them as instructed in the 27 pairs of slots in the curbs of the (Giza pyramid's) Grand Gallery.. driving away those gathered around it. & held his vril stick inside his assigned vessel…” “… As was our custom.. “What caused the great light? What did it mean? Was it an omen?” Then the high priest Savacanopy spoke to those who had gathered & advised them to come into the temple or seek a quiet place to pray. The flash of white light was produced when the planet Maldec exploded. as their silver craft rose. and birds flew in circles. At dusk I watched my wife. Dovinta. without removing their sticks from their vessels. Lightning was occurring continuously. They would be disappointed this day.At the exact time of the summer solstice. driving away those gathered around it. The pillar of fire continued to reach skyward for many more hours & then gradually receded. each pair of Watcher elders.. It was the day of the summer solstice. but it did not rain. We were of such an age that women gave us honor by walking among us unveiled.. The Earth shook violently. Nearing the 11th hour of the night there was a great light that appeared in the northern sky. We of the temple would not join the revelry. The vessels were alternated water of Maldec. but would talk & enjoy the starry sky till dawn.into the heavens for miles.. the surrounding air was filled with smell of burning sulphur. The pyramid became very hot. soil of Earth. a legion of gaily robed elders of the watcher race had arrived from their world. The day before. Thousands of river animals & birds run & fly in every direction. In many languages I heard them ask. frightened from their nests by the deafening sounds of other animals & perhaps by the silent sounds made by the souls of men. The river Nile turned red with blood as the birds were devoured by crocodiles & other amphibious predators. soil of Maldec. I heard him murmur a prayer requesting of God permission to cry. The plaza below was filled with visitors from many other worlds who came to hear the words of the Watchers (Watchers . I myself watched servant Simms come & go from the Maldecians’ spacecraft for the purpose of seeing to their comfort. The sky was a dark & dismal gray in color. They also saw a great light from the direction of the constellation Orion's Belt. water of Earth.” . & our spirits were stabbed with spears of foreboding & overwhelming concern. & there would be much feasting & merrymaking throughout the night. When this was done the Earth shook violently & a red pillar of whirling fire rose from the pyramid’s apex. 1 by each slot. The light grew larger & brighter. we gathered on the roof of the temple to pray & make music. There was a brilliant white flash of light that came from the direction of the constellation Orion. appearing first as a moving star. Their cries were deafening.. for the Radiant Ones (Maldecians) had all left to assemble in the Land of Mir to view the Great Pyramid they had raised for the sake of of the names given to the Maldecians by Earth dwellers). tipped them toward each other until they touched. then passing out of sight over the eastern horizon. Two of the Watcher (Maldecian) elders stood side by side. As he departed. Those on the surrounding plain were terrified & cried out to God. A circle of dead Watchers (one of the names given to the Maldecians by Earth . for they were wise in the ways of heaven. & was rapidly turning black. which is called Maldec. waiting for the Watchers to return.

Women & female animals in the area were tormented by the sound & felt a primal urge to help them. prince Andart. Remaining Maldecians living on Earth have begun a program to impregnate every healthy female living on the Earth.dwellers) were found later in the white tent. The majority of locally based Gracyean space fleet (local to our solar system). They performed their killing using swords. They blamed the disaster on the Gracians. Rolander & his brother Sharber are to be considered the highest ranking krate generals. For the meantime. the darmin prince who is the debating partner to the demigod Marduk. temporarily took over Her-Rood’s position. When their home world shattered. the streets of Miradol were filled with wild female animals en-route to the Maldecian encampments. They walked about bumping into things & wailing. the woman will receive some type of material reward. Their victims were anyone who had anything to do with the construction of the pyramids." …The tyrannical Maldecian rule continued on. Some women had to be physically restrained from going to their aid. They offered food & shelter to any woman who will allow herself to be impregnated by a Maldecian male or by artificial insemination. They had stripped naked & had taken their own lives. went on a killing spree. sounding collectively like a crying baby. Throughout the night. the completed buildings of Miradol sent a deafening screech that was hardly bearable by those of us not native to the Earth. killing anyone in their path. The Gracians on Mars also related telepathically to those in Miradol that their finished constructions also issued a loud screeching sound when Maldec exploded. as was the planet on which once lived the people who thought him an infallible god. by order of their commander Rolander. Women who do not agree to take them up on their offer are eventually rounded up & forced to bear half–breed Maldecian children against their will. The skies over the Maldecian tents were filled with female birds & bats. not on their own arrogant stupidity… they encircled the city of Miradol & closed in. Imhotep was an adviser to King Djoser during that reign). To the Maldecians the tone was overwhelming. Marduk’s psychic essence (soul) & body were imprisoned in the pyramid for a VERY long time. Put Her-Rood back in charge no matter what his physical & mental condition is. were also wiped out when Maldec exploded. during the reign of the Third Dynasty. It was nighttime in Miradol (Teotihuacan) when the Maldecians sent the holy creative energy of Earth to their home planet Maldec. The next day the krates. the Maldecian governor-general to Earth as the latter was drunk & speaking in an incoherent manner. When the child is born & turned over to be raised by the Maldecian governing powers. ordered prince Sant “Tell that darmin. The slaughter took over 2 days & nights. Marduk was blown into microscopic pieces. due to some universal law (& to be freed after some time thru the assistance of Imhotep between the Earth’s time periods 3336 – 2613 BC. no matter what world she came from. which were in the form of cobras. They also used poison gas that killed everyone instantly except themselves. The Maldecian elders. situated on Maldec. Andart. spears & axes & ejected liquid poisons from their finger injectors. Several hundred million . those who had not took poison & several of whom were of higher royal rank than Andart & prince Sant. to immediately cease giving orders like a quain prince. We are declaring martial law.

5 feet tall. upsetting the gravitational balance of the solar system. Nodian scientists were forecasting that Earth was in for geological changes & calamities. In its shattered form (asteroids) Maldec does not provide a concentrated mass for perfect solar gravitational balance. It was nearing the time for the Sumer radiar’s (Saturn’s) energy bands to begin their waning . The surviving Maldecians intended to continue to rule the people of Earth. the 2nd planet of the star Carrdovan or Task (Earth astronomers call this star Electra. so those who wished to leave the other worlds of the system were being moved to the Earth for safety. When the doomsayers (who proved to be right) warned that the Sol system would eventually begin to adjust to the loss of Maldec’s mass from its midst. & the ring system are actually pieces of the planet Maldec & chunks of its now-frozen atmosphere. They wanted to do this as soon as possible. Knowing that the father determines where the psychic essence of the child comes from (native planet of the father). as well as the other radiar systems Sumer (Saturn). • The bodies Pluto & its moon. but this was not the worst of what was expected. the Maldecians devised their plan to reembody those of their kind who had lost their lives when their world was destroyed. Two other planetoids of Trake took up orbits beyond Pluto & Charon & are now called. It is also 1. Planet Mollara is inhabited by fair-skinned people about 3. Banlon & Nylo. 61 with secure orbits. Charon were ejected from the Trake (Neptune) system after the disastrous event & now orbit the central sun. • Jupiter (Relt radiar) is originally twice its present distance from the central sun when it was dynamically functioning as a ‘sun’ to its planetoids. & Trake (Neptune). the 8th planet of the star called on Earth as Thuban (Alpha Draconis-8 or Thuban-8) in the constellation Draco. Hamp (Uranus). they were scoffed at. • The other planetoid-like bodies that now encircle the (Saturn) Sumer radiar (about 8 of considerable size) out of ~200 observed. …. Other planets & radiar systems are feared to spiral into their doom by crashing into the sun: • Sovia (Mercury) was ripped away from the Relt radiar system due to a change in the sun's gravitational pressure field when Maldec was destroyed.Maldecians perished when their planet exploded. …The Nodians forecasted that things were going to turn very bad on Earth. making private studies & designing contingency plans based on all possible disastrous scenarios…. but about 10 million of them survived because they were on Earth during that time. little attention was given to those who expressed concern or were scientifically capable of predicting the eventual aftermath. Arrangements were being made with other solar systems to receive any & all people who would leave the ill-fated world. Meanwhile. therefore designated on Earth as Electra-2) in the Pleiades star cluster. the planets & the radiar system of the solar system are now beginning to assume new orbits & experience upheavals & changes detrimental to their inhabiting lifeforms. Some of these worlds are Mollara. The leaders of the major Nodian trading houses took these warnings seriously. Only Earth seemed to be maintaining its natural orbit. & Simcarris. …Because the planets & radiars of the Sol system did not feel the 1st hand effects of the destruction of Maldec until many years later.8 times larger than planet Mars & at that time has a native population of about 9 million. as they were originally.

It was not just the movement of people from 1 planet to another. but because the light of our central sun is composed of spectral energy better suited to the biology of its natives than would be the light of a different sun. small pieces of the planet began to take up orbits around the Sumer radiar. faunal & floral emigration of the solar system’s different lifeforms not just because it is the only planet maintaining its natural orbit around the sun. Other events prevented a large number of willing emigrants from leaving. Hamp & Trake are nitrogen breathers. The once predictable movement of the radiar bands stopped for about 20 minutes. Four spacecraft from this mothership landed at the nearly deserted Federation base…. Even though they knew of the dangers that lay ahead. This craft had a diameter of about 6 miles (tiny compared to present-day motherships). The crews of those that did return related that the uncountable pieces of the illfated planet were moving at very high velocities in every conceivable direction. After a short time (about 2 ½ Earth months) Omuray suddenly had a constantly pacing companion in the form of a large Federation space vehicle (mothership) called the Commiva. not just considerable loss in human. Additionally. The Babs (ruling council of all the Sumer planetoids) announced that this phenomenon was caused by the explosion of Maldec. a minority of people of the Sumer (Saturn) planetoids preferred not to prepare for emigration. They wondered how such a thing could have happened. thus any attempt to pass through them was impossible. the bands of energy waxed & waned for another period of time. At their normal point of recession. animal lives. then they moved rapidly to their normal location during that time of day. some of them staying permanently. Nearly 80 Federation craft left Omuray to inspect the physical condition of the other worlds in the solar system & to return to their home world. then corrected their position again & again. Inhabitants of Mars. the impact of those Maldecian meteorites in the planets & planetoids of the Sol system cause great dusts to rise into their atmospheres.” What appeared to be an impossible task was begun. The majority of these craft never returned.cycle. This stopping & catch-up action of the energy bands went on for about 90 Earth hours & then returned to normal. cracks & scorch marks on the hulls of the Federation spacecraft emphasized their terrifying accounts. & up to this day we see some of those huge impact craters solar system-wide. …The Babs stared for days at the face of the radiar. Those who eventually left the slowly dying planetoids numbered about 3. Earth was more preferred for human. all others of their particular species would be left behind to perish. This also made their winter seasons or night times much cooler due to the sunlight being blocked by dust clouds… . it essentially said: “Tell the people to start packing. When the divine message finally came. but every type of plant & nitrogen breathing animal (including every form of microbe) had to be prepared for transport in order to be preserved. as well as the planetoids of radiars Relt. Dents. The only thing that the animal & human immigrants have to contend against upon arrival on Earth was their conversion from breathing nitrogen into oxygen. but elected to die with their particular world when the time came. Sumer. & currents of energy were producing very erratic forces. seeking the El’s instructions. It was concluded that after the strongest of the various species were selected for transport. The meteor bombardment occurred in almost all the planets & moons of the solar system.8 million… …About 3 Earth years after the destruction of Maldec. Suddenly the inhabitants of Sumer planetoids felt very ill & faint. Earth & Maldec inhabitants are oxygen breathers. Venus.

Some of these vehicles would act as shuttles to carry Martians to larger spaceships waiting in orbits circling the Sumer (Saturn) radiar. The recently arrived Trakians brought with them their eyewitness accounts of the destruction of the planet Maldec. so the House of Cre’ator & the Federation used the planetoids of the Trake as storehouses and staging areas for supplies they would eventually move to Earth to aid the hordes of refugees. Ironically. but mostly to Earth. They are all going to just everywhere. While this was happening. the Martian year was getting longer & longer. in the 2nd planet of the star we call Electra (federation name is Task. and illusionists just like their skates who are their governing council & are tattooed master illusionists and educators. the planet would have continued to wobble faster & faster until it reached the point where it would have flown apart. one would see 2 very bright stars in the sky that were actually 2 large spacecraft that were placed in orbit by the newly formed federation. most of whom had been employed by either a Nodian trading house or by the recently formed Federation. specimens of the plant & animal life of the Trake planetoids were being gathered by crews of Sumerians (Saturnians) & taken away for preservation in safe havens located outside their home solar system. which was becoming more distant from the sun with every solar cycle. While this operation was under way shiploads of . From Greek mythology these artificial moons were known on Earth as Phobos (fear) & Deimos (terror) which are the names of the 2 ferocious dogs of Mars. This was done to slow down the unnatural wobbling motion the planet was beginning to exhibit. numbering in the hundreds or even a thousand. named after the human from planet Moor who founded it & is facilitating it. the ancient Roman god of war (Ares to the Greeks) that are chained at the gates of hell… …Approximately 81.Eventually the Cre’ator complex in the planetoid Vitron began to fill with Trakians (Neptunians) training to become expert telepaths. They also narrated the mass migrations under way of the human populations of the planets & planetoids of the solar system. In other words. The 2nd reason for exerting drag on the magnetic poles was to stabilize the planet’s orbit. Those smaller ships that were equipped with interstellar propulsion systems would join the larger ones & form a fleet before departing for Mollara. using a far less advanced & sophisticated interplanetary craft. …During nighttime on Mars. the second great evacuation of the Martians from Earth to the Pleiades. If left unchecked. The Trakian planetoids were totally devoid of native Trakians. the nearly vacant Trake planetoids were the last to feel the detrimental effects caused by the destruction of Maldec. or Carrdovan which means “the dragon star” after the Martian zone-rex or planetary supreme ruler. The average travel time from Mars to Earth during those times is three-and-a-half Earth days. the Nodians replaced their orbiting spacecrafts with 2 artificial moons that were designed to handle the planet’s wobble & solar orbital problems. These craft were providing mass that exerted drag on the planet’s magnetic poles. Rancer-Carr – “the red dragon”) took place in an off-world station named Petrimmor’s station. Nodian spacecraft of every size & model began to land at Petrimmor’s station. or their illusions will be a valuable tool for confusing the trading house’s enemies during a hostile military encounter.…. esperers (remote viewers).75 Earth years after Maldec was obliterated. Several years after the Martians were evacuated from their planet. They will eventually be employed by the Trading House of Cre’ator for initiating first contact with non-telepathic races.

eventually picking up hurricane speeds that they lifted up the roofs of some shelters & blew small aircars from where they are parked.4 million were left behind on Earth because there were not enough Nodian spaceships to transport them to Mollara. ….The winds on Wayda (Venus) began to become hot. but decided to give those who actually went to Mollara a better chance.. In the following days. death prior to bringing to full term a child fathered by one type of alien or another. These dangers are presently known as the runaway greenhouse effect in Venus’s atmosphere where the average surface temperature is now 462 °C (863 °F). the Martian population on Mollara is about 258 million and the Mollarans number some 417 million. those who had the food supply in their control increased their demands on them as well as on other types of off-world immigrants. hurricane winds continued to blow throughout the night. & in order to do so in peace. …The 1. The Nodians could also have transported probably a fifth of those left behind. …It took about 9 Earth months to travel from Earth to Mollara… …The Nodians were. the magnitude of the damage becomes apparent. When the Nodian spacecraft left the solar system they were later filled to capacity with nearly 1 million surviving Martians out of about 29 million living on Mars before the destruction of Maldec. …They secretly began to organize & arm those Martians (as they did with the Sumerians and Trakians then living on the Earth) into military groups led by Nodians such as Abdonel the Coate-Grol (meaning “the sun cat” in Martian language). Not openly mentioned was the fact that the sudden environmental impact of more than a million Martians joining the native population of Mollara would have been very detrimental to the planet.Martian animals that had never been on Earth joined the fleet. and as well as thru starvation. The females of their world were constantly approached for sexual favors.. There was no place known at that time anywhere in the universe where the Waydians were more suited to live than the Earth. against the Maldecians especially. to be evacuated into Earth.. All Martian animals of any type were left behind for the Sumerians living on Earth to either remove later or humanely destroy at their own discretion.1 million Venusians (Waydians) that originally came to Earth were reduced to about 390.000 due to the effects of the diseases acquired on Earth – especially sexually transmitted ones. they were planning to invade the Earth & subdue the Maldecians. They saw 1. something had to be done. & it was determined that more than 600. The hot.000 people of Wayda & much animal life had died as a direct result of Maldec’s explosion. in their minds. At that time. The various off-world militias attempted to teach the Waydians to defend themselves. When food became scarce. The Nodian named Ostrocran then asked for volunteers (recruits from different races residing on .. A census was taken of those who could respond. but they would rather become slaves or die before they would hurt anyone. These groups were also assigned Trakian telepaths who kept them periodically in communication with Nodia. dry & forceful. Several types of immigrants fought back. being practical.. & their menfolk were physically harassed in an attempt to intimidate them. Another 1.4 million Martians as ground-based allies…. but the Waydians who had never experienced the ways of those who follow the dark side of life were at a loss about what to do at the situation…. …Today. The flight from Venus to the planet they called Teen (Earth or Sarus as it was called during those times) took 11 Earth hours. Planet Wayda is in great danger and the newly formed Federation of the worlds assembled the entire population of the planet in a number of its bases there.

tattooed master illusionists/educators who could draw power from the macro level of perception of the Universal Life Field where the elohim interact) …. who would go to Earth & telepathically keep the Nodian Trading House of Cre'ator & the newly formed Federation apprised of the ever changing conditions there & anything about the Maldecians & their activities. followed some 80 years after the explosion of Maldec. The display was which is called The Great Catastrophes. Its presence on the Earth prevents humans living on the planet FROM USING THEIR HIGHER MENTAL FREQUENCIES (100 % mental abilities) NECESSARY TO PERMIT THE BRAIN TO FUNCTION IN WAYS THAT ARE . He would have fooled anyone were it not for the white roots of his black-dyed plume.105531 . even down to the Mohawk-style haircut. a Nodian who was convincingly disguised as a Martian. the planet experienced feedback that caused key strata in the Earth's crust to fracture & separate. https://www. shatters a glass goblet.facebook.101072546026. This is similar to an opera singer who. Searches and rescue missions cannot be done safely this way.2207520000.php?fbid=10151863345871027&l=8b19cc3f54. & lasted for about 1750 It also caused the molten core to begin vibrating erratically. The Martians called him the Coate-Grol ("the sun cat").576951026& high above & beyond earth’s atmosphere./261218984035026) plagues this planet as well as the local solar system.2207520000. most especially the skates from planetoids of Trake radiar. https://www. Also the debilitating condition which is called by the galactic citizens as the Frequency Barrier ( torrential rains. the outer hulls of the crafts glow reddish orange & cause their interiors to fill with pungent toxic fumes. Because the energy originated from Earth. When they transmitted the vril energy to their planet thru the pyramids. sending out energy waves that were not harmonious with the bioelectrical activity of the human brain.php?fbid=10150374388446027&set=a.facebook. which were later followed by hundreds of exploding volcanoes & seemingly non-stop earthquakes shook the single continent we call Pangaea. it shattered.1411723842. The Earth appeared to be ablaze beneath while at the same time very strong hurricane winds. in sustaining a note.facebook. The feedback phenomenon was similar to what is observed when a live microphone is held close to a connected audio speaker.157703511053241. so they have to raise their altitudes above the clouds where there are no lightning./254958857994372). With each lightning strike into an aircar attempting to lower their altitudes. These detrimental waves generated by the Earth's core are collectively referred to as the Frequency Barrier.1411723683. The earth paleontologists refer to this time period in Earth’s paleo-history as the Great Permian-Triassic Extinction event. A series of upheavals on Earth. From a great height of an aircar. (Skates are originally the governing council of all the Neptune’s planetoids.Earth as well as emigrants from the planets & radiars of solar system). This was due to the passing of the Earth thru a Deuterium cloud that was produced by Maldec’s explosion (https://www. which was considered a badge of honor among Martian warriors. They were led by Abdonel.157703511053241. which several millions of years later form the continental layouts more closely resembling our global map of today. one will see an unforgettable sight of millions of lightning strokes occurring at the same time. And so they formed the Earth underground fighters spying on the Maldecians.

The Earth also hosts persons who physically stem from thousands of off-world races. …the Earth presently hosts 62% of all living Martians. 92% of all living Maldecians. & 77% of all living Waydians (Venusians). 37% of all living Trakians (Neptunians). 100% of all living Reltians (Jupiterians). . but their individual numbers are very low compared to Earth's overall population. 84% of all living Sumerians (Saturnians).PRESENTLY CONSIDERED TO BE EXTRASENSORY.

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