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24-TON 4x2 DUMP TRUCK (IHG K-7) 37-PASSENGER BUS (IHC K-7 AND KS-7) its on OF ResTRIeTne. ESTRICTED oissem er ances ont oe a an WAR DEPARTMENT WAR DEPARTMENT TECHNICAL MANUAL TM 9-822 ‘This manual, ogether with TM 91822, supercdes TM 10.113, 26 Jl 1941; TM 10-14, 20 Aag 198 TM 1047S, 26 Jul 1941; TH. 10-1545, 26 Jol 1941; TM. 10.1511, 2 Mar 1942; TM 10-156, 10 Joo 1943; and TM 10-1685, 14 May 1943. This sneha fin oben iar hy opti mal. Th Pains in oc aa ach tne as they ate incorporated i other afected manuals or specifically rescinded: OFSTB 80015, 14 Jal 1943; OPSTB 800-21, 30 Now 1943; WOT ORD 20, 24 Jan 1964; WOT ORD 60,1} Mar 1944; and WOTB ORD 126,19 Jul 1944, S6Y TD 2%-TON 4x2 DUMP TRUCK (IHC K-7) 37-PASSENGER BUS (IHG K-7 AND KS-7) WAR DEPARTMENT 7 NOVEMBER 1944 RESTRICTED DISSEMINATION OF RESTRICTED MATTER— ‘The information contained in restricted documents and the essenteal char- acteristics of restricted materiel may be given to any person known to be in the service of the United States, and to persons of undoubted loyalty and discretion who are cooperating in Government work, but will not be com- municated to the public or to the press except by authorized military pub- lic relations agencies. (See also paragraph 23, AR 380-5, 15 March 1944.) erent WAR DEPARTMENT Washington 25, D. C., 7 November 1944 TM 9-822, 24ton 4x 2 Dump Truck (IHC K-7) and 37-Passenger Bus IHC K-7 and KS-7), is published for the information and guidance of all concerned. LA. G. 300.719 Jan 1944) ] By oper oF THe Secretary or WaR: G. C. MARSHALL, Chief of Staff. Ornctat: J. A. ULIO, Major General, The Adjutant General. Disrarsution: Armies (10); Corps (10); Sv C (10); Depr (10); D (2); Tech Sv (2); Arm & Sv Boards (2); P, C, and Stas (1); Gen & Sp Sv Schools (10); Ord Decentralized Sub-O (3); PE’s ‘Mark for Ord O" (5); H & R Points (5); Ord Dist Off (5); Ord Reg Of (3); Ord Dist Br O (3); Ord Establish- ments (5).