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Users guide to A7Toolkit

A ”complete guide” and read me file on how to use Alphawave's tool called 7AToolkit. Originally it was called ”Windows 7 OEM Brander with {cert+key + AIO Tool}” It started out as a regular tool to apply OEM branding (logos etc) to Windows 7 on any computer, as time passed alot more OEM's was added and it got the option to apply both OEM branding during setup and SLIC 2.1 activation (which was added in V1.0) and alot more features was added as you will see;) Lets get going shall we?

Quick information about
You may apply as many brandings, certificates or oem keys you'd like!

File: A7Toolkit2.2.rar (EXE Only!!) CRC-32: a353095f MD5: b71351619866be60dc71b2685521bc68 SHA-1: f43d3eaebfb60134018fea0aeaee2cb3235c310d File: A7Toolkit2.2.rar (Complete!!) CRC-32: d21d0a81 MD5: 28c4dfdfe5e077771a2092dc563d0886 SHA-1: 2443bdb47189b555cb5afc26364159fc2a36fcbf Always ask in the forum if you have any questions, thoughts or ideas about this tool, just make sure your question isnt already answered or your idea isnt available yet. Note that this tool is still under development so your ideas, suggestions and thougts are very valuable of creating a one of a kind application. Supportforum & DL Link: Windows 7 OEM Brander / Alpha7Tool / 7AToolkit/A7Toolkit

V1: Initial release to support Alpha7Tool 2.0 V2. Namechange (7AToolkit), Backup/Dump activation/, Fixed 64Bit recovery mode, Delete task folder, Single integrate button, Added option to AIO creator, V2.1 Enabled Unattended, Added Windows Loader with Setupcomplete option, Option to create ISO, Option to rebuild selected image or all images when integrating V2.2 Added escape button, Fixed Install.wim being deleted, Added progressbar to AIO integrator, Fixed loader directory, Updated logo & small bugs

This tool belongs to Alphawaves @ MDL Forum and may not be edited or redistributed as your own. This document belongs to tcntad @ MDL Forum and may not be edited or redistributed as your own.

First when we start the tool we see this window and OEM brand is automatically chosen, it does that by checking BIOS, manufacturer and others stuff.

We have the following buttons: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) Set Refresh explorer Clear Desktop Logon Custom AIO Tool Integrator Branding / Activation to setup Check for updates / Activation option Create ISO when done Apply Windows Loader

Below is an explanation of all the buttons/options

1. Set
This is the button you want to press if you just installed Windows 7 on your computer, easiest and fastest way to apply branding. You might want to change OEM-brand in the list by clicking the down arrow right next to the button

2. Refresh Explorer
Sometimes the UAP (User Account Picture) may not change when your new theme is applied, if it doesnt use this buttin and you should be good!

3. Clean
Best way to REMOVE ALL BRANDING is to use this button called clean, very selfexplanatory

4. Desktop
By pressing this button you can set wallpaper to stretch, fit, tile or center

5. Logon
This is very hand if you want to change your logon image, press this button, then ”Select”, find the wallpaper you want to have as logon image and press set

6. Custom
With this option you can set wallpaper, logon image, theme and ALSO the OEM info such as model, manufacturer, support phone etc, this will be visible when rightclicking ”My computer” and then Preferences. You can access preferences by clicking ”System” instead. Also there are two other options to either enable or disable user tile, this option is for users who cant change their UAP due to it being pre-installed, if you enable it you wont be able to set UAP from the control panel

7. AIO tool
With this option you are able to create a socalled Windows 7 AIO (All In One) By doing that you can have one (1) ISO/USB with all windows 7 editions instead of two (2), you can choose either copy to USB or create a ISO to be burned on DVD, you can also apply 64Bit recovery mode, OEM Branding and SLIC 2.1 Activation. Before doing that make sure to set label :)

8. Integrator
Integrating option lets you integrate drivers, language packs and updates to an image you mounted. First choose your folder where you copied W7 Installationfiles, then choose version (Any between 7 Starter to Ultimate or enterprise), then press mount. It will mount to the Tasks folder. After you simply choose what you want to integrate either single update, driver or a complete folder with them. Whenever you are done you have to unmount it by pressing ”Unmount” Commit option will save changes while discard will undo them.

9. Branding / Activation to setup
This will copy OEM branding to the W7 Installationfolder which you have copied to your computer or have on USB. You can also choose to copy SLIC 2.1 activation if you want. Either one or both.

10. Check for update / Activation option
Check for update button will check if there is a newer version and download it. The ”Cert – Key” option lets you install a OEM:SLP key and certificate for SLIC 2.1 activation in Windows. You can also check if the key is valid, its type, ID etc 11. Create ISO when done This will automatically create an ISO when you are done modifying files 12. Apply Windows Loader Option to have the famous Windows Loader 2.0 by Daz integrated to windows and have it preactivate your computer during setup phase! With or whout SLIC 2.1