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Theory June, 2004 Answers

1. a) i) Control Unit ii) Main Memory iii) ROM

b) The monitors resolution and the quality of the saved image. 2. a) i) scanner ii) OMR iii) Microphone

b) i) dot matrix- tiny wire pins or hammers on a print head in the shape of the letter hit against an inked ribbon onto the paper. ii) Thermal printer- pushes electrically heated pins against heat sensitive paper to form the image. iii) Inkjet Printer- sprays tiny drops of ink on the paper to produce text and images. 3. Two advantages of an integrated software package. (a) Easy to use the applications contained in there share an interface and share some common features. Data from 1 application flows easily into the others. (b) Maybe cheaper than buying all the required applications separately.

Two Disadvantages: (a) (b) 4 a). The applications included have limited features compared to standalone applications brought separately. Such as Microsoft Excel. Each application included cannot be purchased separately.

187 to Binary is


BCD of is

1 8 0001 1000

7 0111


11 = 10112 = 0000 1011 as 8 bits 7 = 1112 = 0000 0111 as 8 bits

-7 (twos complement) = 1111 1000 + 1 = 1111 1001

NB. 11 7 = 11+ -7 = 0000 1011 +1111 1001 1 0000 0100

Drop the overflow ie. the 9th bit on the left.

Answer 0000 0100 = 100 5. a) Command Line Interface: the user has to type instructions at the keyboard. A graphical user interface (GUI) contains icons, buttons and menus which the user can click to perform tasks. b) - It increases a computers processing speed. - the computer can become fault tolerant. (ie. if one operating system or memory fails it switches to the other and continues working). 6. a) Two Network Advantages files and programs can be shared devices such as printers can be shared users can communicate with each other Two Disadvantages virus can spread unauthorized persons can view sensitive information if the network is down, certain files may not be available for use b) Create separate folders for school, home and work.. Place all files in the folder to which they refer. c) Check the monitor power button, the monitors connection to the PC and the monitors power cord to ensure that they are in place and the power is turned on. 7. a) i) a microphone ii) a modem iii) subscribe to an internet service provider b) i) Search Engine - a software program used to find internet files, webpages and websites. ii) It helps a person to find information quickly. Also gives a lot of results according to the search criteria.


a) i) Scan photos of criminals iii) Store and math fingerprints

ii) Record criminal cases iv) Preparing police reports

b) 3 Computer crimes : Software Piracy, Hacking, Computer fraud or internet fraud 3 measures to prevent them - Stiffer penalties, Surveillance, Tighter Security using passwords, firewalls. 9. a) i) CAD- Computer Aided Design CAM- Computer Aided Manufacturing

ii) The computer is used to design the product (CAD) then used to control the manufacturing process (CAM). They are integrated since production follows design naturally. The measurements established for the design are passed on to the manufacturing stage. b) Network Manager 3 functions - Starts and shuts down the network - Grants access to network - Monitors the use of the network and its resources (such as files & printers etc) - Trouble shooting network problems

10. a) Two qualities for useful information is that it must be correct & collected by legal means. b) Virus Protection measures - Avoid opening e-mails or attachments from unknown sources - Install antivirus software and update it ofte. - Scan all floppy disks before opening the files. c) Backing up is making a copy of files or your storage media to use in case the originals get damaged. Archiving is storing files that are rarely used eg historical files or the daily transactions of a business (eg the passenger list on flight 356 on June 23rd 2004). - Use passwords or access privileges to restrict the number of persons using thefiles. - Keep Taped and disk in a locked cabinet - Encrypt the data; keep unauthorized persons away from the computer room. - Use paper shredders to cut up printed waste paper. - Have audit trails I place or surveillance cameras.



Read Cost Age, Tax = 2% *Cost LandCost = Cost + Tax If Age <= 5 then TransportTax = 15%* Cost Else

TransportTax = 20%* Cost End IF Final Cost = LandCost + TransportTax 12. a) Input Enter 2 numbers and the letter A or S, Num1, Num2, Letter $ If Letter$ = A then Sum = Num1+Num2 Print The sum is, Sum Else Difference = Num1-Num2 Print Difference is, Difference End IF End IF 13. a) i) 10011 ii) SELECT NAME FROM List iii) MUL 6, 2 Level 1, Machine Language Level 4, Fourth Generation Level 2, Assembly Language

b) i)Interpreter translates each instruction and runs it before moving on to the next. Advantage: an instruction can be tested before the program is completed, or it is easier to find where an error starts. A complier advantage: program runs faster as the machine code was saved and does not have to be created every time the program is run. 14. i) iii) /XY ii) -A (*BC) or - A*BC *A*AA