Just for Her

ATTENTION LADIES!! Last night we kicked off our ‘Just for Her’ 2013 conference!! What an amazing night! We are so excited and expectant for God to move in each woman’s heart as we share our stories of hope. Tonight Ps Darlene Zschech will be leading us in worship. Doors will open at 7pm, it’s not too late to come so bring along your friends & relatives to join us for this Australian Christian Churches’ event. Night sessions are $20 at the door and Friday’s day session is $65. For more information please click here.

P s D a r l e n e i n o u r f r i d ay n i g h t s e r v i c e
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Good news Church! This Friday night we have the privilege of hearing from Ps Darlene Zschech! Ps Darlene is acclaimed all over the world as a singer, songwriter, worship leader & speaker. Although her success simply stands as a testimony to her life’s passion to serve God with all her heart. This will be a great evening to finish off ‘Just for Her’ 2013 event and is a night for everyone! Please be thinking of someone you can invite.


Join us in celebrating Fathers Day on Sunday 1st September in our 9am & 11am services at our North Campus and 11am at our South Campus. If you are a dad in church this is a great opportunity to invite your family, or if your dad isn’t in church bring him along! Also, there will be ‘Grill’d bacon & egg rolls before each service for all the dads, so make sure you arrive early!

healing service

We have had some great testimonies already this year from our Healing Meetings. Many people have been healed or have had major breakthroughs. If you need prayer, we invite you to join us this Wednesday 4th September at 10am in The Venue, 3 Lincoln Lane, Joondalup. If you have any friends or family who need prayer, they are welcome to join us too. We also invite you to join our pre-service Prayer Meetings: Friday Service - 7pm (Prayer Meeting 6:15pm) North Campus Sunday Services - 9am & 11am (Prayer Meeting 8:10am) South Campus Sunday Service - at 11am (Prayer Meeting 10:20am) For last week’s messages, please check out our Bookshop or simply click here to listen to the Podcast. Ps Gerard Keehan ‘Restoring the Orphaned Heart’ Part 4A 25/08/2013 - North Campus Sunday 9am Ps SPENCER NICHOLLS ‘Restoring the Orphaned Heart’ Part 4B 25/08/2013 - North & South Campus Sunday Ps Gerard Keehan ‘Restoring the Orphaned Heart’ Part 4 25/08/2013 - South Campus Sunday 11am

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