Valentine Hearts
Difficulty Level Materials
(sufficient to work all 5 articles), Anchor Stranded Cotton: 1 skein each Viotet 108 and 110, Periwinkle 118 and Hyacinth 941. Use 3 strands throughout. 6 pieces white medium weight fabric 23 cm x 15 cm (for 3 lavender bags), 1 piece white medium weight fabric 16 cm x 16 cm (for trinket box) and 1 piece white medium weigh fabric 26 cm x 18 cm (for card). 3 pieces 50 cm x 9 mm wide matching ribbon for lavender bags. Dried lavender. Trinket Box with lid insert measuring 9 cm in diameter (available from ‘frame craft’ – Ref No: W4E [see below for address]) Gular Card with aperture measuring 14 cm x 9.5 cm (available from ‘framecraft’ – Ref No: CPRB [see below for address]). Dressmakers’ carbon paper. Milward International Range Crewel needle No 7.

The outline diagram gives the design for all five articles. Using dressmakers’carbon paper, trace: -the whole design for the trinket box. -the whole design with the three central hearts repeated underneath for the card. -the three central hearts for one lavender bag. -the centre heart for the other two lavender bags. Trace each outline diagram centrally on to the appropriate piece of fabric. (For the lavender bag with the centre heart repeated, trace the heart on to the fabric as many times as required, evenly spaced – approx 12 times). Work the embroidery following stitch diagram and key to diagram. All parts similar to numbered parts are worked in the same colour and stitch. On completion of embroidery, press lightly on wrong side. To make up the trinket box, follow manufacturers instructions. To make up the card, follow manufacturers instructions. To make up the lavender bags, place an embroidered piece of fabric on top of a plain piece, right sides together, and allowing a 1.5 cm seam allowance stitch along both sides and along the lower edge. Make a 4.5 cm turning at the top and stitch 5 mm in from the edge. Turn to right side and press. Fill with dried lavender and tie a ribbon round each bag.

Satin Stitch – Proceed with Straight Stitches worked closely together across the shape, as shown in the diagram. Care must be taken to keep a good edge. Chain Stitch – Bring the thread out at the top of line andhold down with left thumb. Insert the needle where it last emerged and bring the point out a short distance away. Pull the thread through keeping the working thread under the needle point. Feather Stitch – Bring the needle out at the top centre, hold the thread down with the left thumb, insert the needle a little to the right on the same level and take a small stitch to the centre keeping the thread under the needle point. Next intert the needle a little to the left on the same level and take a stitch to centre keeping the thread under the needle point. Work these two movements alternately. 1 (O) – 110 ) Satin Stitch 2 (P) – 108) 119 – Chain Stitch – 941 – Feather Stitch

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