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FRANCE AIR The air architects

As of today, the France Air group is asserted as the European specialist of aeraulic techniques. The success of a France air project is based on a perfect project management, a successful architectural integration and an elaborated spatial ergonomy.

France Air - The

H o u s i n g

Innovating solutions for your comfort and for the environment

In the housing sector, France Air is acknowledged as an innovative company, capable of designing advanced systems meeting the technical and environmental requirements of the main contractor.

Social housing - Mcon (71)

For any type of project: collective or individual housing, social housing or property housing, France Air guarantees an optimised solution. France Air offers global solutions for ventilation, air treatments, heating and air conditioning that are in line with the sustainable development and energy saving demands, meeting todays global building regulations. For your future projects, take advantage of the expertise and the know-how of our specialists.

Collective housing (01)

Collective housing Social housing Individual housing

Individual housing

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T e r t i a r y
For adjustable and efficient global solutions.
Thanks to our large range of products, from ventilation to air conditioning, France air will be your trusty representative and offer you a variety of efficient global solutions for your projects of today and tomorrow.

River plaza offices (92)

We meet your expectations: Reducing the installation and exploitation costs Energy savings Architectural integration Respecting the regulations Easy maintenance Anticipating the premises evolution (Renewable energy) Air quality

Offices Commercial agencies Education Hotels Shops/trades Health care centers

Caisse dEpargne bank (44)

Yves Rocher - Paris (75)

Saint Paul les 3 Chteaux hotel (26)

A i r

q u a l i t y
Clean rooms: when quality demand is extreme
The protection of people, products and manufacturing processes needs aeraulic systems where the security, the reliability and the quality are the major concerns. Keeping this in mind,, France Air develops air treatment solutions especially adapted to the constraints of health, food and biotechnical industries, as well as hi-tech sectors (aeronautic, electronic, spatial).

St Jean de Roubaix hospital (59)

Quimper Hospital (56)

France Air is also a major actor in Hospital hygiene, thanks to its large range of filtering systems for operating rooms or its cooling equipments for lodging facilities. Our department specialized in Air quality, which often specifies and advises professional of this domain with high technicality, has set up a large range of services to manage these sensitive operations: Equipment installation by expert teams Installation of very high efficiency filters and verification in situ of the air sealness. Validation of the particles cleanliness of the premise needing protection. The organization and the coordination of these services are individualized and ensured by France Air.

Strand Cosmetics (69)

Hospitals Private hospitals Health care buildings Industrial clean rooms

The industries are confronted with more and more constraints concerning the management of their interior air quality and their air discharge.

Managing the interior air quality and the air discharge.

France Air has developed an acknowledged expertise in the following fields: Depollution Industrial heating Air conditioning Clean rooms To meet the large variety and needs of the different industrial sectors: Automotive Mechanic Plastic Printing Thanks to its large range of products, France Air offers complete solutions adapted to today concerns, such as: Energy saving Environment preservation Increasing the productivity Improving the work conditions

Industry: automotive,  mechanic, aeronautic...

Volkswagen factory

P r o f e s s i o n a l k i t c h e n s
France Air: your best professional kitchen partner
For the last 45 years, France Air has proposed to commercial and collective catering air treatment systems for professional kitchens. ISO 9001 certified, France Air guarantees the staff comfort at the best price. All captation methods in catering are offered, from the traditional hood to the ceiling with incorporated cleaning, as well as energy recovery systems.

Le 7 de Pic restaurant of Anne-Sophie Pic (26)

Professional kitchens Restaurants

The comfort in a kitchen depends on the air treatment management.

Extraction of heat pollutants: France Air offers a range of hoods and filtering ceilings adapted to all types of kitchens: traditional hoods, induction hoods, specific hoods in section and in shape for special adaptations, filtering ceilings especially recommended for collective catering.

Hlne Boucher high school (69)

Air Compensation: France Air provides Air Handling Units, hot air curtains, air conditioning chilled water cassettes, extraction roof units for pollutants and smoke as well as fans for kitchens and restaurant premises.

La plage du Carlton International restaurant (06) LOuest brewery of Paul Bocuse (69)

Studio Alfieri

Our specialized experts will accompany you throughout your project, by sharing the experience acquired with the most prestigious and the most demanding worldwide industries (Airbus, Renault).

Automotive factory

SKF factory

300 pages catalogue, Solutions for industrial premises air treatment

air architects
T hree ke y as sets:
Some France Air figures:
500 employees Turnover of 137 M euros 50 000 projects throughout the world Catalogue translated into 7 languages Permanent stock 35 distribution platforms in Europe 25 000 clients all over the globe 200 salesmen in France 135 000 shipments per year Present in 25 countries ISO 9001

A customized offer, based on an advanced

technical knowledge in every main building sector: tertiary, housing, hygiene, hospitals and clean rooms.

An efficient and powerful distribution force organized on a European scale and based on satisfying the price, quality and delivery commitments.

A hotline service including highly trained


The France Air markets:

Tertiary Housing Professional kitchens Hospital hygiene Clean rooms Industry

A dm inis trati o n

Hote ls

Foreign affairs Ministery - Algeria Maroc Tlcom headquarters - Morocco National library of Rabat - Morocco CAF Pointe Pitre - Guadeloupe
P ro fe ss i onal k itchen s

Hasdrubal hotel - Tunisia Hotel Marriott - Algeria Palace LA MAMOUNIA - Morocco Royal Mansour Marrakech - Morocco Hotel Sipopo, Malabo - Guinea
I ndus try

St Martin kitchen - Antilles Sheraton kitchen - Morocco Varadero Kitchen - Cuba

Hos pital s

Paul Ibanga Hospital - Gabon CMCK (Medical center) Guyana St Pierre et Miquelon Hospital St Pierre et Miquelon

Electrical plant - Algeria SNH (Hydrocarbures) - Cameroon Cayenne high school lab - Guyana VALEO Bouznika - Morocco Technopolis Rabat - Morocco

EDC Headquarters (Electricit Alger subway - Algeria BEAC Libreville - Gabon Anfa place Casablanca - Morocco Banque populaire Rabat - Morocco Plexus offices - New Caledonia Tower Crystal - Romania Mall Baneasa - Romania City center Tunis - Tunisia

Chelef hospital - Algeria Laboratory GALENICA - Morocco MARRAKECH Hospital - Morocco El Kofra hospital - Tunisia Papeete Hospital - French polynesia
Sp ort s com pl ex

Dveloppement Corporation) - Cameroon

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Marrakech stadium - Morocco Olympic swimming pool of Tiraspol Moldavia

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