Foreign Chemist Scientist

Danish physicist Niels Bohr's contributions to science: Developed the Bohr model of the atom. Developed the correspondence principle, the basic tool of Old quantum theory.

French chemist Louis Pasteur's contributions to science: Developed pasteurization. Found cures for chicken cholera, anthrax and rabies.

English physicist Isaac Newton's contributions to science: Developed calculus. Developed theory of universal gravitation.

English physicist and chemist Michael Faraday's contributions to science:

Built the first electric motor. He later built the first generator and transformer. Also discovered benzene, a common carbon compound.

Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann's contributions to Thermodynamics: He developed The Boltzmann equation.

British theoretical physicist Paul Dirac's contributions to science: Developed his own widely-acclaimed theory of quantum mechanics. Essentially founded quantum electrodynamics. Became recognized as the 'discoverer' of antimatter

British physicist Joseph J. Thomson's contributions to science: Discovered the electron Development of the mathematical theory of electricity and magnetism.

Italian physicist Enrico Fermi's contributions to science: Invented the first nuclear reactor. Made important discoveries about the atom, which led to the splitting of the atom (atomic bombs) and the harnessing of its heat into an energy source (nuclear energy).

Russian chemist and inventor Dmitri Mendeleev's contributions to science: Discovered the periodic table of elements.

Filipino Chemist

French chemist Antoine Laurent Lavoisier's contributions to science: proved the law of conservation of mass. Developed theory of the chemical reactivity of oxygen. Coauthored the modern system for naming chemical substances

Julian Banzon - Filipino Chemist: Filipino chemist, Julian Banzon researched methodsof producing alternative fuels. Julian Banzon experimented with the production of ethylesters fuels from sugarcane and coconut, and invented a means of extracting residual coconut oil by a chemical process rather than a physical process

Francisco Santos: Filipino agricultural chemist, Doctor FranciscoSantos studied the nutritive values and chemical composition of local foods from thePhilippines. His data was used to help detect and solve problems with Filipino diets.

Lourdes Jansuy Cruz, PhD is a Filipina biochemist. She is best known for her research on the properties of toxins found in Conus snails. She was conferred the rank and title of National Scientistin 2008.\

Doctor Alfredo Santos-is a noted researcher in the chemistry of natural products, in particular the isolation and elucidation of the phaeantharine and other alkaloids from Philippine medical plants

Francisco Quisumbing - Filipino Inventor: F i l i p i n o c h e m i s t , F r a n c i s c o Quisumbing invented Quink ink, which is used in Parker Pens. Quink ink is named after the inventor. It is a quick drying ink with a cleaning property that prevents the ink fromclogging the pen.

Amando Kapauan (J u l y 4 ,1931– October 12, 1996) w a s a c h e m i s t a n d researcher. He graduated magna cum laude fromUniversity of the Philippines, Diliman in1952,w i t h a b a c h e l o r ’ s d e g r e e i n chemistry. H e o b t a i n e d h i s d o c t o r a t e f r o m t h e University of Southern California in1959

Anacleto Del Rosario-His formula for the production of a pure kind of alcohol from tuba of a nipa palmwon for him the first prize at the World Fair in Paris in 1881. He extracted castor oil from a native plant called palma christi.

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