Secret Sidequest

What was it?
Many fans of the URA Project are aware that there was to be an optional, secret sidequest. What was it, you may ask? Well, it would start you out by talking to a series of NPC's based off of team members. This would lead you to the Tower of URA, where you would have a show down with Zeth himself as the secret superboss(really, he inserted himself into that position). After laying the smack-down on Zeth, he rewards you the blade beam ability, as well as Hylia's Armor! Kind of decent, I guess? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Easter Eggs
1. Palace of Souls: There was to be, located in the Palace of Souls, the tomb of Skyward Sword's Zelda herself. It was meant to be a cool, yet unsettling easter egg. 2. Hyrule Castle(Underground): Somewhere in this dungeon, you would also find a tomb where Skyward Sword's Link rests. There would also be a memorial plaque detailing his battle with Demise, celebrating his victory. 3. References: There was to be various references to other Zelda games in the series in URA.

Hollow Spires 13.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Locations Light World 1. Tower of URA 11. Village of Outcasts 2. for now) Dark World 1. Tower of Fate 3. Tempest Rift 12. Eastern Highlands 7. Pyramid of Power 4. Hyrule Castle (the rest seem to be lost. Deadspark Marsh 15. Frostwind Valley 10. The Silent Kingdom 8. Thieves' Town . Dusk Dunes 14. Death Mountain 6. Palace of Time 5. Windpeak 9.

Temple of Light 6.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dungeon Roster 1. Tower of Ura (optional) 13. Hyrule Castle(Underground) 2. Deepwood Shrine 3. Palace of Darkness 11. Palace of Thunder 7. Palace of Wind 10. Pyramid of Power ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enemy Roster 1. Lakebed Grotto 5. Tower of Fate 14. Goriyas (The rat/wolf shaped creatrues that throw boomerangs) 2. Palace of Ice 8. Helmasaurs . Palace of Earth 9. Turtle Rock Cavern 4. Palace of Souls 12.

Hookshot . you have to kill it with the specific matching magic arrow) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item Roster 1. Hyu (Dark world equivalent of the poes) 6. and depending on which it is. Elemental Arrows: • • • • • • Fire Ice Lightning Wind Light Dark 4. Medusa(facelike statues that shoot fireballs) 8. Freezor (With more of a similar gibdo/redead design) 5.3. Chain Chomps 4. Ocarina 2. Bow & Arrw 3. Rat 9. Stateshifter (An enemy which cycles between different elemental states. Kodondo (perhaps used as a faster fireball spitting dodongo?) 7.

where he keeps tabs on Princess Ruto's mother. a prisoner whom is sealed within the palace for allowing herself to be corrupted by the evil . Fishing Rod 8. joking. Transformation masks 11. Magic Gauntlets ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NPC Roster NPC Details Sages: Name: Tamrik. He is a guard at the Palace of Ice. Powder Keg 7. Bottle x 4 10. Sage of Ice Race: Zora Age: 17 Personality: Kind. Hover boots 12. joyful. loyal Location: Palace of Ice Biography: Tamrik is a Zora who is of a really kind and loyal nature. Longshot 6. 6 spell medallions 9.5.

Thunder Medallion • • Spell: N/A Arrows: Lightning arrows . where they could then cast spells. Another thing about Tamrik. and could never quite manage to tell her. In addition. Tellea. for now) 1. He knew he'd never get to see her again. Sage of Souls 3. Sage of Darkness 2. 1. Sage of Thunder 4. he was saddened. Sage of Wind ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Magic System The six medallions gained from conquering the palaces would be equiped and used to cast spells. they would also energize your arrows with elemental abilities.temptation of dark magic. Baron. the day she became a sage. Maru. though this does not stop him from keeping his happy personality. abeit for a shorter-ranged attack. is that he always loved Princess Ruto. Fado. Gauntlet magic would throw the player in a stationary first person viewpoint. as well as having the same effect on your gauntlets. Other sages(cannot find bios.

Darkness Medallion • • • Spell: N/A Arrows: Dark Arrows Gaunlets: N/A 6. Soul Medallion . Ice Medallion • • • Spell: N/A Arrows: Ice Arrows Gaunlets: N/A 3. Wind Medallion • • • Spell: N/A Arrows: Wind Arrows Gaunlets: N/A 5.• Gaunlets: N/A 2. Earth Medallion • • • Spell: N/A Arrows: Fire Arrows Gauntlets: N/A 4.

These alternate textures would be stored in the Hero of Light's actor file.• • Spell: N/A Arrows: Light Arrows • Gauntlets: Ball of light(Hero raises one hand and gathers light into a ball and then throws it. thanks to the medallions. essentially OoT Ganondorf's attack) 7. upon acquiring the blade beam. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . you would also unlock the ability to imbue your sword with an elemental glow. This would change the blade beam attack depending on your element. Master Sword: • In the Tower of URA. rather than textures being the original idea. and be loaded upon purchasing a new style. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shield Customization It was planned for the player to be able to customize the texture of their shield by purchasing different styles from a vendor in the Village of Outcasts. it was to be actual model swaps. However.

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