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blender 3d Bad Sides (a dagger to the heart!

Its about to be 3 years from January 2011. Blender is still a huge undiscovered island for me. It is really very different from learning an Office program or a programming language. Without a tutor most people will fail and do nothing more with its complicated interface and shortcuts. I advise you to download online tutorials and pages, do them step by step. When you try to use blender, you will see many strange usage, maybe you will love or maybe you will hate some of them Here are some of my confusing things: 1- Very thin panel borders:

Borders are 1 pixel and you cant grab them easily. 2- Jamming keyboard shortcuts:

For example i hate pressing H while trying to press G. G is for grabbing and H is for hiding Another key is B for box selecting. Accidentally i press V, the same is for extruding key E, wrong key is R. The reason is clear: frequently used keys are next to the other keys Have you ever got mixed up while listening E (i:), A (ey) and I (ay) keys from an English tutor? 3- Long render times:

Cycles or blender internal is very slow when trying to make good soft shadows, glass/transparent/reflective materials or many objects with millions of faces. Sometimes i use old engine but it is also slow for some time later too. Slow is a time over 5 minutes for only one frame for me. If you multiply it maybe 250 frames, it is about 20 hours (250*5/60 minutes) for only 10 seconds (250/24 frames) animations. 20 hours rendering for 10 seconds animation is a torture for both our computers and us.

4- Uneasy game logic bricks panel:

For the beginning, you can say wow, making a game is so easy with logic bricks. I think you will leave this panel when you try to go deeper. Using a programming language is also very hard for many people. Python is easy, however as a programmer, I dont want to struggle a write and try loop many hours... 5- Frequent Updates:

If you want to use an up-to-date blender, you need to download about 50 MB file for now. Totally it makes many megabytes in a year. Free software is good for all, but no one can catch an up-to-date software everytime. Your software will be old in a very short time. 6- Tough Bones and Weight Painting:

I can never do a proper animation with using armature. It is a very long way to make a nice running man or talking mouth/face/eyes animations. I think this is a seperate expert job for talented people. * Rigify addon is making easy human body animation.

7- Slow Simulations:

Physics simulations are always interesting for me. However when you dive any of them you need to tweak a lot for performance and a realistic render. Trial and fails may tire you. You also need to have a very powerful CPU/GPU and lots of RAM/Disk area. Mostly I must say dealing with nature is the hardest product 8- Kissing Object Parts:

You have do modeling part by part, at last you need to bring closer them like they are there for one product. But we have a very hard problem; they have different loops and face counts. Whenever you fix a corner, you feel so happy; but why is it so difficult? 9- Making Rubbish: is an art work. Putting random objects, breaking windows, bending metals, putting grass and ivy, making old These are really art works. Your first renders may look smooth, clean and dull Making a realistic scene is not so easy for beginners. Rubbish, particles in the air, dust, rust and light effects extend rendering time so much. Randomness is the key for getting rid of fluent looking scenes.