War on terrorism vs.

police state When Bush announced the birth of the, “War on Terrorism” on September 20, 2001, nine days after the attacks on America by alleged, “Arab terrorists supported and financed by Osama bin Laden,” what he was basically stating was that he wanted to fight an enemy is everywhere and nowhere. “Terrorism” and, “terrorists” do not exist in the concrete, real world of international relations. As far as history can be traced back to, terrorism has always existed. There is and never has been a society who labels themselves as, “terrorists” or created a nation that is called, “Terrorist International Incorporated.” Terrorism is a strategy; from suicide bombing to state-sponsored propaganda machines that uses, fear, intimidation and lying to get what it wants: more power. In this essay, I will demonstrate the war on terrorism is the pathway to will lead to a police state in America and the world. To think that, “we” can attack a third world country that poses us no threat is simply wrong, and illegal under international law. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan posed a threat to the United States or the world. They are barely able to have an organized army, let alone be capable of producing terrorist who can shut down NORAD, demolish three buildings, and yet suddenly appear as, “terrorists.” This is ridiculous, if not stupid. Some of these, “terrorists” are still alive. Most likely, they were patsies hired by the United States covert government to carry out its dirty work. Besides, as far as public opinion is concerned, the biggest threat to the world is not some Third World Arab country, it is the United States itself. There is a reason why the United States is the biggest terrorist in the world, this is because throughout its history, it has utilized the training and supplying of brutal dictators and corporatefriendly puppets to fulfill its imperial ambitions. It does this through the infamous School of the Americas, where the dark arts of terrorism, interrogation and torture are taught by the CIA and other covert intelligence agencies. The training of death squads also take place in this training facility. If real terror can be applied to other countries, it will not be long before the people of the United States themselves are labeled terrorists, traitors and, “unpatriotic.” It is a well established that Americans love their flag so much, it is almost pitiful, at least, according to my personal point of view. It is pitiful because an extreme, orgiastic, self-abasing nationalism is one step away from fascism. The United States Army and Military is the most supported institution in all of America. To not have a son or daughter join the Army in America is almost now views as disgraceful and disgusting by the narrowand egocentric view of most Americans. To not, “support our troops” is now seen as a disgrace and, “un-American.” We only need to look at this attitude objectively to see the true nature of American society and what it is allowing itself to become. This fervor of unrestrained and disciplined patriotism is very dangerous as any doubts, any skepticism by those who question the authenticity of the, “war on terrorism” (which has no end, even with Obama in office) can be labeled a, “terrorist.” This is just one example of how a society based on perpetual war will eventually become a police state fully supported by the people, since they know of nothing else but warfare, whether real or not. When George W. Bush stated during one of his political rallies that either nations are allied with him in his, “moral crusade” or are against him, what he basically stated was that there is only one way to save yourselves; “Join the War on Terror or We Will Label you a Terrorist, Rogue State.” This is a very imperialistic and oversimplified statement by Bush. It also shows his true attitude towards his people; either support the war or be considered a terrorist. In fact, the word, “terror” and any of its derivatives have been used so much by the Bush and ObamaMcCain gang that, it is just another means of fear mongering, propaganda and continuing the beating of the war drums. A society in endless war cannot find peace.

At last, we must study George Orwell’s warning of a society that is at permanent war. Such a society can never grow, and must ultimately become a police state. Freedom of speech, thought and expression are greatly limited to suit the ideologies of the state. The only economy, or lack thereof is an economy based on the building of weapons for destruction and the prevention of any surplus that might benefit the simple person on the street. Whenever the war drums are not being beaten so loud, people return to their daily lives, unaware, ignorant and naïve of what is going on in the outside world. The war, as far as we can tell, is just a sham. The war is a fraud, based on lies, built on other lies, and further reinforced on other lies. There were no, “mistakes” when Bush decide to declare a, “global war on terrorism.” That agenda has been in the works for decades, most notably was the formation of the Project for a New American Century which declared that imperialism is on the table, that America should fight multiple, simultaneous wars in many theatres, and that a, “new Pearl Harbor” is desired to catalyst the events of the up and coming police state. Furthermore, the Project for a New American Century called on more arms spending, and that the United States, like the rest of her new colonies, should be militarized, in other words; become a police state. In the words of Zbigniew Brzezinski, a dictatorship must either rise when a nation builds up its army and dominates the world, or a constitutional republic must fall. Neither are compatible with the other. The only way an empire can function is through emperors, dictators and tyrants. As Bush announced in 2000, he wanted to become a dictator, because, “it would a whole heck of a lot easier.” Already, as we can see, Bush and his Cabinet already had plans for empire. In fact, the American Empire was being forged right after the Revolutionary War of 1783. The westward expansion of America towards the Pacific was the first, subtle sign of American imperialism. The American-Mexican War further fueled the Empire building process. World War I and World War II, including the Cold War era greatly expanded the American postcolonial empire. NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization simply aided the American Empire in its conquests and coups of elected democracies from Nicuguara to Cambodia, to East Timor, Vietnam, Korea, Chile, Iraq, Colombia, Mexico, and even Italy during the infamous P2 Crisis that was led by the Freemasons, the Red Brigade, and the CIA. America has a history of state terror, almost all of them directed at other nations and other helpless people who cannot defend themselves. Long ago, nearly 50 years ago, it was distance that separated Americas distant tyrannies from America itself. Today, the police state is knocking on America’s door, and not far as the National ID card was implemented, and the North American Union is being created in utmost secrecy behind the façade of the Security and Prosperity Partnership. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence shall be eradicated as a super-state must have a big government, a big media, and a big corporate-sponsored police state to enforce its despotic policies of its self-appointed and selfelected elitists who are chosen by nobody, but amongst themselves. The road to police state is not very far, the only way for this movement to fascism to cease is by waking up to the terrorism orchestrated by our own government, first against other societies, then, gradually, towards us, its own citizens. Wake up.