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I hope you all had a fantastic summer holiday! Is it me, or has the last month fly by? Did you all have fun with your children, did you go away on holiday? Let me know your stories and we’ll feature some of the fun things you got up too in the next issue! We have some amazing features lined up for you this month from questions and answers relating to sleep issues you are experiencing with your children to great reviews of the some of the latest products and technology available on the market. We have our usual fabulous features including Dawn Isaac and the latest gardening project, Busy Bees Benefits and the latest benefit changes that will be affecting all families and also an in depth breakdown of childcare options available to suit your requirements from experts Mummy SOS. Send any questions to us at: or visit, our fabulous new website launched just last month! We hope all your children are prepared for school whether it’s nursery, primary or secondary school. Look out for our fabulous feature on the latest and best gadgets and products your children should have for school! See you all in October. Nickie, Editor and Mum

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COVER STORIES 10 Educate Business - with Laura Morris 11 Parents in Business - Inspirational stories 19 Your Legal Rights - with Louise Taft, ProLegal 20 The Childcare Challenge - Mummy SOS 30 Mum of The Year Awards - Tesco 2014 34 Get Growing - with Gardening Consultant Dawn Isaac 42 Harris + Hoole - The Story 49 Mr Ma - The Joys of Summer Holidays Family Focus 8 The Buggy Network - Mixing business with bottles! 22 Montessori Parenting - 10 tips for a happy home 23 BusyBeesBenefits - Tax Free Childcare 25 Daddy’s Little Secondary Citizen - by Elizabeth Katherine Hobson 26 Bebe Jacobs - Best Parenting Tips 29 Life with Pink Princesses by Jodie May-Smith 40 A Sassy Mummy Indeed - Sassy Bloom 41 Jodie Newman - Some perfect parents are better than others 69 The Great British Walk to School - Start-rite 70 Saturday Style Market - Spitalfield’s 76 What’s On?


Health & Wellbeing 28 Birth Your Way - Antenatal Courses, Where’s the Value? 32 Baby Buzz - Health & Wellbeing - The Perks of being a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, by Judith Landhausser 34 Child Sleep Works - by child sleep expert, Maryanne Taylor 36 It’s all Small Talk! - By Nicola Lathey & Tracey Blake 47 Calming Colic - by Christian Bates 48 Natural Birth - by Jani White, Naturechild Get Creative 65 Jo Jingles - Treat your children to some fantastic fun with Ursula! 66 Creation Station - Colour in Time 68 Popdance Tots - Getting Fit the Fun Way Food & Recipes 41 Little Dish News & Reviews 21 The latest business gadgets - Sony & Vodafone 50 Back to School - The Baby Buzz Favourites 52 Hauck Exclusive - The Duett and Beta Highchair 54 Baby Buzz Focus Group Reviews 56 The Golf S 1.2 - Family Car Review 57 Fabric Favours - Funky Fashion 58 Mummy and Mummy-to-Be Must Haves 59 Baby Must Haves 53 Baby Buzz Focus Group Reviews


Eve Tudor, Your Little Bear


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Welcome to the World …

Name: Elliott Stevens Jones D.O.B: 23.07.13 Weight: 6lb 12oz Parents: Chris and Paige Jones Name: Saskia Frankel D.O.B: 01.08.13 Weight: 8lbs 4oz Parents: Lindsey Jenkinson and Andrew Frankel

Name: Harrison Sidney Lee Fortune D.O.B: 20.07.13 Weight: 7lb 4oz Parents: Leanne Schmitt and Gareth Fortune

Name: Alexia Jean Whymark, D.O.B: 01.08.13 Weight: 5lb 1oz Parents: Christina and Ken Whymark.

Name: Sofia Andreia Ioannou D.O.B: 04.08.13 Weight: 8 lbs Parents: Elena and Mario Ioannou

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Every once in a while there is a gadget created that not only makes life easier for the parents who decide to formula feed but satisfies the techy mad dad! We saw this amazing “baby milk preparation machine” at a recent Baby Show and had to have one to try out. It cuts out the need for waiting for milk to cool down as the water comes out at the perfect temperature to feed your little one when they just don’t want to wait! To win this amazing machine, please like the Facebook Page: tommeetippeeUK” and answer this simple question:

We have one of the latest in Hauck systems - the Duett to give away after running a full review this month. I’ve been a fan of Hauck since I launched Baby Buzz Magazine and the price and quality consistently amazes me. One of the biggest things I recommend to any parents to be is that travel systems and buggies do not have to cost a fortune! To win this amazing Duett, simply like the Facebook Page: “hauckfunforkidsUK” and answer this simple question: What is the maximum age suitable for the Duett?

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The Buggy Network

soon in the day and lets face it its not only exhausting taking them out every day but its so expensive!!! Anyway, so get the kids back to school, nursery or the child minder (or even in bed), then go and make yourself a big cup of tea or coffee and take half an hour to put some music on, the telly or just enjoy the silence. Then get off your bum and take a piece of paper and divided into 12 boxes. Mark each one with the name of the months of the year. Think about each month and what it is that you need to sell or do or get ready for, but be honest and realistic. If you are planing for Christmas then you are probably getting ready for it if not now then over the next month or so. You may need help or advice about certain services you provide that area seasonal or just general every day things that you need to do as well! You may also need a massive piece of paper!! Not only are these boxes filled with the things that you need to advertise with or for but they are the things that you will need to network with!! If you provide a series of products then you could push a different one in each of the different meetings. Networking, even at The Buggy Network needs to be about you choosing the right thing to advertise and talk about with your new friends at the right time. Make it easier for those looking to help you, by giving them the right tools too without even them knowing it. Those seasonal changes or even a monthly ones, can make a difference to not only what you are selling but who too. Now that The Buggy Network has expanded over the summer to new areas some older members are excited with newer members coming into our groups, others can't join us in new areas due to their business being area specific. But regardless of where you are and what you do its great to write these things down. You may need several pieces of paper as your lists are long first time round. Keep those first ones but write one as your simplest version for you to use week to week or month to month. Don't over load yourself with things to network keep it simple to, its easier for you to have fun with. Remember the kids are there too and it is a social gathering, but you may also generally need help with something too that month which will take up part of your time to speak, so maybe keep that in mind.

I'm really excited that I'm organising a conference for November but its hard work!! I'm continuing meetings through the summer and even though loads of people are away, its been a nice time for new-comers to take part in meetings when they aren't at full capacity. But it seems that some people are still afraid of the word Networking and that you will need to speak in Public!! Wikipedia Says: Many Business people contend business networking is a more cost effective method of generating new business than advertising or public relations efforts. This is because business networking is a low cost activity that involves more personal commitment than company money. As an example a business network may agree to meet weekly or monthly with the purpose of exchanging business leads and referrals with fellow members. To complement this activity, members often meet outside this circle on their now time, and build their own 121 relationships with the fellow members. This isn't quite how I work networking at The Buggy Network but its close enough.

My version of networking, is that its all about meeting new people that you wouldn't usually have access to before, due to where you live or what your businesses actually are and getting to know each other. In my network, we are yes about having the children with us, (which are a great ice breaker!!!) but we are about a relaxed way of getting to know each other and discussing our working lives not just The Buggy Network has a lovely habit of helping parents with their businesses. Yes a recommendation for a job is amazing!!! Of course businesses which is why its soooo good. but its about a business support group as well as meeting people that can pass on your details to those they know when they need you!! I hope that has been helpful, I will happily be giving help each month with business bits and bobs just to heighten your If you've been reading my articles then you know my crazy obsession networking experience or things that I've found helpful in business with helping parents with their quests to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! that is easy and simple to pass on over a coffee whilst you read. I I want to help they with their knowledge in areas of business by will continue to work on my conference for November so I hope to supplying social media workshops and a conference, (that is my star make it a great learning curve for us all, even me!!! at the moment). But what else?? I've started thinking that maybe i could do more with this article. So why don't I help you here, just a Enjoy your holidays. bit? The Buggy Network. What have you been doing over the last few weeks? Whilst the kids have been at home driving you nuts, as they are getting bored far too
For more information, details of events or to join up, please visit:


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Parents in Business

Are you in need of some inspiration or encouragement, is starting your own business the right thing to do? Read all about our fabulous businesses featured this month, plus legal advice, business and marketing advice and tax benefits to help you along the way. When I launched Baby Buzz Magazine in December 2012, I wanted to do something different. There are other baby and child magazines out there, but there aren’t any out there that go from birth until pre-teens or that cater towards the businesses created by parents as a result of having children. I’ve met the most amazing people whilst creating this section and I will continue featuring it in the sincerest hope that it gives a mum, dad, grandparent, or indeed anyone who has an idea, concept, light-bulb moment, the confidence to do something they wouldn’t normally do and create a successful business for themselves. From September onwards we are going to be helping all the budding entrepreneurs out there, who have that idea and aren’t sure how to proceed. We have advice from Louise Taft at Bell & Pottinger, providing corporate and brand legal advice, marketing advice from Laura Morris at EducateBusiness, networking intelligence from Eve Tudor at The Buggy Network plus news and reviews of some of the latest products that can help you on your way. I am always looking for businesses that have been created by parents for a variety of reasons, so if you or anyone you know would like to be a part of this feature, we charge a fee of £75.00 for the full A4 page. This provides a great editorial into behind the scenes and we’ve found that most of our readers really love to find out who is behind a product, a brand or a service. Needless to say, the businesses that do appear in the printed issues also appear on the website and all social media sites.
For more information, please contact me: Nickie Evans Editor & Owner Baby Buzz Magazine Tel: 020 8361 0727 Mob: 07944 240 321 Email:

Welcome to our All New Parents & Business Feature

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Parents in Business

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up every day doing what you love?! Work doesn’t have to be a daily battle! Starting a business can be a very daunting time but don't let that put you off! I come across so many people with great business ideas but they aren't sure how to put them into practice and the idea of pulling the ideas together can be frightening to say the least. I have been self-employed for seven years now and even though it has been a rollercoaster of a ride with up's and down's along the way it certainly has been thrilling to say the least. If you are thinking of starting a business, here are a few top tips to get you going: ∙ Have you thought about what hours you can work and when? And it can be done even if you are a mum or dad as you can fit the hours around to suit you! Working for yourself means you have the benefit of flexible working to be there for the school run etc. You may want to carry out some market research to evaluate your business. Try SurveyMonkey, which allows you to create your own survey questions and answers. You can then easily share the link with friends and family to collect the results. Having an online presence is huge nowadays so you may want to think about having your own website. Depending on what you need there are a good amount of user-friendly platforms which allow you to create, build and edit your own website. If you are looking for something affordable and professional then check out where packages start from only £2.99 per month and an additional option of having a full e-commerce website for an extra cost. Networking is a great way to connect with like‐minded individuals. I know that it can be daunting walking into a room of people for the first time but just remember that they are or have been in the same boat as you at some point. Being a parent and starting your own business from home can be isolating so make sure you use networks like this for support and guidance. Look on for networking events in your area.

Next month I will be talking about what steps you need to do to build your business.
Written by Laura Morris Director of - providing affordable business solutions Twitter: @2businessmum Facebook: Co-Director of - FREE networking events and affordable workshops for mums in business across the UK Twitter: @networkingmummy Facebook:

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Parents in Business
Who is behind the Product? Lara Bishop, Corporate Baby How did the company get started? Corporate Baby was originally started by a dear friend of mine Catherine Halliday-Taylor in 2006 and I took it over 2 years ago. Catherine approached me because of my extensive knowledge of the corporate market and marketing experience. She wanted someone who was passionate, ambitious and who would take Corporate Baby to the next level. Since then we have grown rapidly and as well as having many new clients on board, we have a very loyal client base too, some have been with us since the start. We are now being well recognised in the public market as a baby gift supplier through the help of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. We have just been awarded a 5 star rating by Nursery Trader for one of our nappy cakes. What is the company about? Putting smiles on new parents’ and babies’ faces! We hear so many happy stories as a result of a Corporate Baby box landing at their door. We offer gorgeous baby products all wrapped up in great customer service! All our gifts have been created with a lot of thought and made with lots of love. We are always there to answer any questions and often go the extra mile to help people. This is shown in the testimonials that we have received over the many years. What do you hope to achieve? To become one of the leading suppliers of baby gifts to corporate companies and the public. You do not have to work for a corporate company to buy from us! Anyone can! And personally, I hope to achieve stability for my family, so that my children can have the best in life and to make my family proud. What has been the highlight of starting your own company? One of the best things about running your own company is the great sense of achievement you feel and in the industry we are in, putting smiles on parents’ and babies’ faces is by far the best part! We love hearing from recipients of our gifts and have met many lovely people on our journey. It is wonderful to watch a company grow year on year and we are very proud of what we have achieved to date. I know Catherine is proud too as I am very much in contact with her. What has been the downside of starting your own company? I would say the only downside is that running a company is all consuming! You have to put in a lot of time and money to achieve results but its well worth it. I love being busy and running a business and household and being a wife and mother to my two little girls is rather hectic but I would not change it for the world. What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their own business? Follow your heart, I did. I left a successful career in corporate life to run Corporate Baby and have never looked back! I had a great feeling about the company back in 2011 when Catherine approached me about it and I am so glad I listened to my heart! Do a lot of research before you get started. Research your competition, your target market etc. Have your branding professionally created and never stop marketing! The main thing……enjoy it! I love what I do and I enjoy every single minute! Website: Mobile: 07843 246730 Twitter: @corporatebaby Facebook: Email:

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Parents in Business
Who is behind the Product? Hi I’m Elvin, the E of E Moores Photography! Along with my wife Samantha we are a family run photography company, based in Braintree Essex. How did the company get started? We have always had a keen interest in photography, but often life gets in the way and the direction you end up in differs from your original goal. In 2012 we had a gorgeous baby boy and towards the end of 2012 our day to day work commitments were under threat. Having taken some studio style images of our own son we had several requests from friends we had met on an antenatal course to capture images of their own children. As word spread, we saw our change in work commitments as an opportunity to set up and develop our own professional baby and family photography business. What is the company about? E Moores Photography is about capturing those all important family moments and milestones, to treasure for a lifetime. As parents ourselves we know only too well how precious those early weeks, months and years with your family are and how quickly they pass by. We strive to capture your newborn, baby or family in a relaxed but fun environment and produce a product that is both beautiful for you to treasure but is also affordable in today’s economic climate. What do you hope to achieve? We want to provide parents with timeless images of their beautiful family. There are lots of photographers out there but we aim to provide a bespoke service tailored to our clients needs, we are open to requests and each photo session we hold we aim to try something new to provide our clients with a range of styles of photography. What has been the highlight of starting your own company? We genuinely enjoy every single photo session we hold; sure each one presents new challenges like the eternal quest to get a newborn baby to sleep long enough to capture a wonderful range of images, or the cleanup operation after a fantastic messy cake smash session with a 1 year old! However, sharing that special time with parents and providing images that they love of their children gives us enormous job satisfaction. What has been the downside of starting your own company? We knew that setting up a business would be hard work but we didn’t realise just how many hours each day it requires! Once the website and Facebook pages are complete that’s just the beginning, we have found that the real test is letting people know you are there and what you are about. We have been very fortunate that our clients have been pleased with the service we have provided and therefore have passed on recommendations to their friends and family, this is the biggest compliment that we can receive. What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their own business? Setting up from scratch takes time, patience, and bundles of enthusiasm, therefore doing something you enjoy is the most important thing. There are times when you feel up against it, particularly with a young family, but providing you enjoy what you do, this will keep you going through the difficult periods.

For more information, please visit or contact us at: Our website: Our Facebook page: Our email address: Our contact number: 07702 242 825

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Parents in Business

Who am I? My name is Debra Phillips and I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International. In the past I worked for Debenhams Head Office and also lived abroad before settling down to get married and bring up my children. I have found my ideal business and am pleased to share it! Who is behind the Product? We have a top team of leading botanical scientists and a corporate team who are leaders in their field of health and wellness. How did the company get started? The company got started 33 years ago by one man who had a vision to create health/wellness and personal care products that were botanical, safe and beneficial for people to use - free of chemicals and toxins. What is the company about? The company is extremely dedicated to all that is good and are passionate about ingredients. We are 100% vegan, gluten free, hypoallergenic, pH correct, botanical, formulated without parabens or mineral oils. Even our packaging is recyclable, and our transportation is 96% carbon neutral. What do you hope to achieve? Personally, I would love to get more safer and beneficial products into peoples homes and educate them about how harmful over time these chemical laden skincare/shampoos/lotions/cosmetics can be to them and their families. I also recruit and teach other people who are interested in doing the same thing. What has been the highlight of starting your own company? The challenge! The ability to stay at home as this is an internet based business and manage all the other aspects of my life at the same time. In my business you work for yourself but definitely not by yourself. We have great team spirit amongst other consultants with their own businesses so I have made a lot of new friends. What has been the downside of starting your own company? So far I haven't got one (that must be good!) What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their own business? Just jump in! Life is too short - There are many companies like mine which offer very low start up opportunities, so you don't need to find capital or take out a loan to have your own business - all you need to bring to the table is commitment, drive and want to be successful. There is no ceiling to what you can earn and As an Independent Consultant, like myself with Arbonne International, your business is supported by the Home Office that provides the product, admin and marketing support. They take care of all the back end business and you are free to focus on income producing activity without the headache of anything else.

For more information, please contact:
Mobile: 07968 165446 Facebook: Email: Website:

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Parents in Business
Who is behind the Product? BodyCon Personal Training & Nutrition provides specialist Pregnancy and Post Natal exercise sessions in a one-to-one and group format, as well as nutritional therapy, and strength and fitness training for the general population. My aim is to provide a service for women from pregnancy into the post-natal period and way beyond, and I am behind the company, the idea and everything involved with BodyCon. How did the company get started? I graduated from the world renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in Nutritional Therapy back in 2006. I practiced from a clinic in central London until I stopped work when my youngest son was born. After a couple of years at home with the boys I was keen to get back to work and the world of nutrition, and thought about setting up a Nutritional Therapy clinic here in Enfield. However, having been with two very energetic children, I had become used to being active for much of the time, and the idea of sitting in a clinic all day was no longer very appealing – I just didn’t think I could do it. I knew that I wanted to stay in the field of nutrition and health but I needed something more, something that would fit in with my desire to be moving and active during working hours. Personal Training is an obvious fit, and having been sporty most of my life it seemed the natural progression for me. I began my journey of fitness training and education, and BodyCon Personal Training & Nutrition was born! What is the company about? Like many businesses, BodyCon has developed over time. Initially, I wanted to help anyone who was trying to get and stay active, fit and healthy. I trained men and women of all ages and fitness levels, and really enjoyed working with lots of different types of people. However I soon began working with new mums who needed help, so I got the best training and education I could for training pregnant and post natal women, and decided to focus on helping those two groups. So today, BodyCon Personal Training & Nutrition is about providing a service that will help women to safely stay fit during pregnancy; a service that will support them with health and fitness advice during the initial post-birth phase when exercise may not be appropriate; and a service that moves with them into the post natal phase when exercise requirements are highly specific and individual to each new mum. I’m all about empowering women to take back control of their health and fitness, their bodies and their confidence after the life-changing experiences of pregnancy, labour and child-birth. What do you hope to achieve? I am passionate about women’s health and frustrated by the lack of information and support available for women about health, fitness and exercise during and after pregnancy. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have heard stories of women visiting a health professional with a pregnancy/labour/birth-related health concern only to be told “You’ve had a baby, what do you expect?” I feel this lets women down massively, at a time when they need help the most. I hope to make a real difference to women, to help them maintain their fitness during pregnancy which could make labour shorter and easier and which will help them regain their fitness after the baby is born. I hope that through working with me, new mums will be able to achieve the results they want (weight loss, flatter tummy, tone up, more energy, strong pelvic floor etc.) in a way that supports their body, their new lifestyle and their needs, and which doesn’t push them to exhaustion or add to their stress! What has been the highlight of starting your own company? Getting back to work after being a stay-at-home mum has been wonderful. I loved being a full-time mum to my boys, but I also love work, helping other people and staying fit. Starting my own business has given me something outside of the family to nurture and develop, and it has helped to grow my own confidence which took a big dive after being out of the world of work for some time. Being a mum can be isolating and lonely at times, and you wonder what you have to offer. Having my own business has enabled me to rediscover my passions and skills in a way that also helps others. What more could you ask for? What has been the downside of starting your own company? Without a doubt, spending less time with the children. But this happens naturally as they grow, and now I try to ensure quality not always quantity. It’s hard at times, but I know my kids are happy, and they love what I do. Also social media means that you are always available so it sometimes feels I’m For more information, please contact: working 24/7! What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their own business? Sit down with your family and significant others and really try to understand and plan for how a business will affect everyone. How will you cope if a child is off school poorly? Who will be able to cover your work or look after your child? How will your new role affect your ability to take on domestic chores? You might not have time for cleaning or ironing so how will that be dealt with? What about school holidays – how will you manage childcare? Making sure that everyone involved understands that running a business can significantly change family life and how can go a long way to preventing stress and strain as your family does its best to adjust to your new role. Then GO FOR IT!

Denise Chester BodyCon Personal Training & Nutrition Web: Mob: 07811 954739 Email: FB: Twitter:

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Parents in Business
Who is behind the Product? Me, Jennifer David, although Debutots itself was initially founded by two lovely ladies (now both mums) in 2003. I’m a mother of three (8, 6 and 3 years old) and a franchisee of Debutots, running classes, clubs, parties and holiday camps in North London as well as storytelling workshops for parents. In my ‘previous life’ I was very close to qualifying as a solicitor! I’d finished a Law Degree and a year at Law School, was just about to start my training contract at a city law firm, when I decided to go to drama school instead. After training for 4 years there in acting, directing and teaching I then gained lots of professional acting and teaching experience before having my first child in 2004. How did the company get started? I came across it when searching for franchises in 2007, as I was looking to run a family-friendly business. I was concerned that I didn’t have the time to start a business from scratch (as my children were then aged 10 months and 2 years old) so a franchise seemed like an ideal option. When I met the founders and experienced a Debutots class I knew it was perfect for me. I’ve always loved working with children, and to combine that with stories and drama and the chance to run my own business was literally a perfect match. 6 years on and I’ve not looked back once! What is the company about? We offer unique interactive and storytelling classes to children aged between 6 months and 7 years. We believe learning should be about doing, and learning should be about fun. The classes we remember from our childhood are the ones where we were actively involved in making, creating, experimenting and discovering. We also believe in the value of play: pretending, imagining and cooperating with others. And we all know about the joy of stories we each experienced as a child ... of adventuring in our minds to different lands with all sorts of wonderful characters. Debutots brings fictional tales to life. We combine learning and play to create unique weekly group adventures. Our classes empower children with confidence, creativity and a love of language. At a time when they're learning about everything ... Debutots makes it fun. What do you hope to achieve? I aim to keep steadily growing my business, at a pace that suits me and my family. It’s great to be consistently adding more and more classes, reaching more and more children, nurseries and schools, parents, teachers, etc. I also plan to keep recruiting more practitioners, as it feels amazing to be providing job opportunities for others. Some of my practitioners are also mothers with children of school ages – it’s an ideal job for them as so many of our classes are within school hours, and nearly always during term times only. What has been the highlight of starting your own company? Being able to work the hours I choose, being able to take the children to school/nursery and pick them up, plus having the school holidays free to spend with my children. I feel like I’ve got my cake and I can eat it! I can do a job I love, but I don’t feel like I’ve sacrificed any time with my children along the way. What has been the downside of starting your own company? Working at night, doing all the admin! Things will change though in September as my youngest starts nursery every morning, and even more the following year when she starts school, as it’ll free up time during the day to work. What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their own business? Go for it! If you enjoy what you do, and you consistently put 100% into it, there’s no reason whatsoever why you shouldn’t succeed. It’s hard work, but incredibly fulfilling at the same time.

Jennifer David 020 8442 2380 finchley-hampstead-muswellhill.html

Full contact details:

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Parents in Business
Who is behind the company? Michelle Eshkeri is the CEO & founder of Birth-Your Way. Michelle worked in finance for more than 20 years before deciding to retrain as an antenatal teacher. How did the company get started? Just before Michelle’s elder son Alex was born in 2003, she and partner Peter attended an NCT antenatal course to prepare for the birth and early parenting. Although the information provided at the course was very useful, the best thing they gained was a support group which was invaluable after the birth. Michelle became actively involved in volunteering for the NCT between 2003 and 2008 and when an opportunity to change career became available in 2011, Michelle decided to take the time to retrain with the University of Bedfordshire and the NCT to become a qualified antenatal teacher. The concept for Birth-Your Way was born in 2012 and since qualifying in July this year Michelle has been actively setting up the company. What is the company about? Birth-Your Way is all about enabling women and their partners to achieve the birth and early parenting experience THEY want. It’s not about preaching to parents about what they should and shouldn’t do. We aim to help our clients make choices, be prepared and get support for labour, birth and the first few weeks of parenthood. We provide NCT courses, private group courses and tailored 1-2-1 sessions for first time parents and those having subsequent babies. Our facilitators are qualified antenatal teachers who have completed a Diploma in Higher Education, studying for between 2-3 years. We offer impartial, non-judgemental evidence-based information, an opportunity to explore concerns around birth and parenting in a comfortable, supportive environment and most important of all, our parents leave our courses with an on-going support network which can be invaluable in the first few months after the birth. What do you hope to achieve? I would like to grow Birth-Your Way in my local area (Cockfosters, Hadley Wood & Barnet) over the coming year and spend time increasing the awareness of the benefits of antenatal courses to the community in these areas. I plan to run free evening and weekend taster sessions and talks with the help of other NCT practitioners with the aim of increasing the uptake of NCT antenatal courses. For the private side of my business, I am beginning to work with other private healthcare providers such as GPs, midwives and complementary health therapists to offer antenatal education services to their clients. I would like Birth-Your Way to become the company which local parents and healthcare givers recommend when parents ask about antenatal courses. What has been the highlight of starting your own company? Creating a brand has been fun. Of course, it’s only just at the start, but I do hope that Birth-Your Way can become a recognisable brand in antenatal education in my local area. I am enjoying networking with other local businesses, both in related and unrelated fields and it’s been exciting building my own website too. Knowing that I am responsible for everything is an exciting challenge and it’s great to be able to do things without having to consult anyone else if I don’t want to. What has been the downside of starting your own company? Having loads of ideas for ways to grow the business, but not really having enough time to get them all off the ground. I have had to choose between several services which I would like to provide, as I cannot work on them all at the same time. I also have a part-time job analysing the media which I hope to scale down when Birth-Your Way takes off. I’m studying a Humanities degree with the Open University and I am a parent governor at my boys’ school, so it has been hard to be spread across several different activities. I don’t sleep much! What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their own business? Do your market research before investing too much money. Join local business networks, real and virtual, to help you reach a wider audience and become part of the local community. I’ve just joined Love Your Doorstep, a successful business community website. I’m hoping that this and my many other networking opportunities will help to increase awareness of my services.

To find out more about our antenatal courses, contact Birth-Your Way: m: 07789 928530 e: f: t: @BirthYourWayUK

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Parents in Business
Who is behind the Product/Service? My name is Maryanne Taylor, and I am originally from Dublin, Ireland. I now live in North London with my husband and three children, aged 10, 7 and 2. Through my own experiences as a mum, and the ups and downs that arose with regard to sleep, I developed a keen interest in the subject of sleep and decided that this was an area in which I would like to work. How did the company get started? Having had babies who were not great sleepers, and a baby with severe reflux which caused significant sleep problems, I understood first-hand how a lack of sleep can affect parents and indeed the whole family. Sleep is an essential part of health and well being for children (and adults), and as someone who likes to research things in great detail, I was fascinated by what I read. So much so, that I decided to train as a sleep consultant in order to make my career in helping other tired families get the sleep they need. When pregnant with my 3rd child in 2010, I finished my training, got certified as a Child Sleep Consultant and that year, both a little baby girl and Child Sleep Works were born! What is the company about? At Child Sleep Works, we very much recognise the need to help tired families get their child’s sleep on track (or back on track). There is so much information available on children’s sleep - in books, online, and from well-meaning family and friends - that it can become hugely overwhelming, especially when parents are already exhausted. We help parents make sense of all the conflicting information available and decide on the best approach for their child and themselves. As well as providing clear, personalised sleep programmes, Child Sleep Works also provides support to families at an exhausting and sometimes difficult time in their lives, and be an understanding and empathetic ear. We at Child Sleep Works very much recognise that each family’s preferences and requirements are different when it comes to helping their child sleep well, and what works for one family does not necessarily work for another. We therefore take great care to ensure that our families are provided with a plan that suits them specifically and one they feel comfortable to carry out. Child Sleep Works also runs many talks and workshops on children’s sleep at which we provide clear, concise information on how to encourage good sleep habits for children. Lots of tips and suggestions are discussed, and people leave these talks armed with many strategies for helping their child sleep well. What do you hope to achieve? I hope to be able to help as many families as possible get their child’s sleep on track. For anyone who has ever experienced lack of sleep, they will understand the huge impact this can have on families. Being able to give parents the tools they need to help their child sleep well at night is hugely rewarding for me. As well as helping individual families, I also want to reach as many people as possible with my talks and workshops and help them make sense of all the conflicting information available in order to decide what approaches would work best for their child. What has been the highlight of starting your own company? The highlight has undoubtedly been the amazing positive feedback from the families I have worked with as their child starts to sleep better, and the difference that has made to their child and their family life. Seeing how I have made a difference in their lives is an unbeatable feeling! Having started the company at the same time as having a new baby (not to mention two older children) was challenging at times, but also gave me plenty of opportunity to put the theory into practice myself. On occasion, being able to experience some of what my families were going through at the same time as them, allowed me to have an on-the-spot insight into what they were going through. Also, the flexibility of having my own business has given me the opportunity to be available for my children and a presence in their lives which I may not have otherwise been able to be. What has been the downside of starting your own company? The challenge has been juggling my family life with my work, especially as my work often involves evenings and weekends. It is so important for me for my families to feel supported and at times I have found that finding the balance between the needs of my family and my clients is not so easy. What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their own business? Do it! Do the research, be prepared, but don’t spend too long weighing up the pros and cons as you will never be 100% sure that this is the right time. Also, don’t get put off by the competition. There is generally enough work to go round and considering the competition may put you off. There is always space in any market for good people.

For more information, please contact Maryanne at Child Sleep Works on: Tel: 07760 252 750 Email: Web: Come and visit our facebook page for lots of tips and funny perspectives on children’s sleep and keep updated with Child Sleep Works on: Facebook:

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Parents in Business

For all the budding authors out there……
What made you want to become an author? I was a musician for many years, then when I found out my wife was expecting our first child, I decided I really wanted to write something for him. What has been the hardest part of your career? I guess initially it was getting published, but what has been far harder is sustaining a career, and it is something I have struggled with for a longtime What do you have planned for the future? I have a new book out this month, 'Things You never Knew About Dinosaurs' and will be doing lots of events to promote that, then I have another book coming out in January 2014 called 'Princess Stay Awake'. I'm going back into the studio with my band, Burnthouse, in the autumn to record a single, so pretty busy over the next 12 months! What has been the highlight of writing your own stories? Being able to read the finished books to my own children at bedtime, it's really special What has been the downside? Like all creative industries, there is a lot of politics and nonsense that goes on behind the scenes, But I try and keep out of it! What would your advice be to any parent wanting to follow in your footsteps? Go for it, I got really lucky, just keep writing and honing your craft and just get out there and sell yourself.

For more information please visit:

To buy your copy, please go to:

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Your Legal Rights

Despite these rights, outright pregnancy discrimination is still common. Many of my clients tell me their employers’ attitudes towards them changed once they announced their pregnancy. They say their employers think they are no longer committed to their work, won’t return after maternity leave or will only want to work part time. A number of employers respond by raising performance concerns out of the blue or suddenly announcing their role is redundant. Sometimes complaints are ignored on the basis that an employee is pregnant – one of my clients who complained about something her manager had said In this regular column I will talk about what rights mothers have at work to her was told her memory must have been affected by her pregnancy. before, during and after pregnancy. In future columns I will talk about maternity leave and mothers’ rights to fair treatment on their return to All of this means many women are wary about telling their employer work, but I will start at the very beginning, when you first find out you’re they are pregnant. But there are some important points to bear in mind when making a decision: pregnant. There are three key rights women have at work during their pregnancy: ● ● ● paid leave for antenatal appointments; ensuring your job remains safe for you and your unborn child throughout the pregnancy; the right not to suffer unfavourable treatment, a detriment or from being dismissed because of your pregnancy or pregnancy related illness. ● ● ● Your right to maternity leave depends on you notifying your employer when you are 25 weeks pregnant; Has your employer guessed that you are pregnant? If you haven’t told them, it can be very difficult to prove that any unfavourable treatment was because of your pregnancy; Do you need time off for ante natal appointments? If so, you might consider telling one manager or HR but asking them to keep it confidential until you are ready for it to be public knowledge; Will you need adjustments to your role for health and safety reasons? You might want to speak to the relevant manager, HR or health and safety manager in confidence to arrange this.

There’s a lot to think about when you first find out you’re going to have a baby. One of the biggest worries is how the baby will affect your position at work. Many women fear that taking maternity leave may put their job at risk and are worried their employer will look at them differently when they are pregnant. When having a baby, it’s essential you’re aware of your rights – employers aren’t allowed to put anyone at a disadvantage because of pregnancy. Having a baby should not mean you’re at a disadvantage at work and if you feel this is the case it’s important to assert your rights.

Unfavourable treatment The Equality Act 2010 protects you from unfair treatment, discrimination or dismissal while pregnant. This covers things like changes to your role, reducing your hours without your consent or treating days off due to pregnancy related illness as a disciplinary issue.

Ante-natal appointments You are entitled to reasonable paid time off for ante-natal appointments. These include medical appointments and parenting classes if this has been recommended by your midwife. Your employer is entitled to ask you to make arrangements outside working hours but if this is impossible, any time off must be paid at your normal rate of pay. You should not be asked to make up the time. I’ve advised women whose employers object to the number or timing of ante natal appointments. As long as you provide evidence of the appointment (except in respect of the first appointment where you have no appointment card or letter), your employer must grant you paid leave to attend. Safety When you are pregnant, risks that you would ordinarily take could be harmful to you or your baby, meaning that your normal course of work may no longer be safe. Your employer has a duty to carry out a risk assessment where any processes or working conditions could cause risk to you or your baby’s health and safety. If it is assessed as unsafe for you to continue in your usual job, your employer is obliged to alter your working conditions or hours of work. For example, they might move you from night to day shifts or specify that you should not carry out particular aspects of your role, such as lifting. The duty might extend to redeploying you to a different role. You should not lose basic pay as a result of any changes. If it is not possible to change your role or redeploy you, you should be suspended on full pay.

Anyone experiencing problems at work because they are pregnant should get something in writing as soon as possible: an email is usually best. If your employer has an HR department, get in touch with them as well as speaking to your line manager. If things aren’t resolved internally, get legal advice. Too many women are still being discriminated against when they become mothers – but there’s no need to be afraid to take a stand. For more information see our website: Alternatively, please contact me for a “no obligation” chat if you are experiencing problems at work: 020 7743 6775

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An Introduction to Childcare

Alexandra Zetter owns and runs Mummy SOS Ltd, alongside studying for her degree in childcare management. She currently holds a Level 3 National Vocational Qualification in Children’s Care, Learning and Development, and a Level 4 Certificate in Playwork. Alex is a member of the British Association of Professional Nannies and the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years, as well as being involved with policy initiatives, such as those put forward by the Family and Childcare Trust and the Department for Education. ___________________________________________________

Family and Friends a personal acquaintance with whom no money exchanges hands Babysitters - generally provide evening care in the child’s home whilst parents are out Au Pairs - main role is housework and should only provide mother’s help, not have sole charge Mother’s Help - general assistance for parents including looking after the children with the parent present Nannies - generally provide sole charge care in the child’s home during the day throughout the working week and regular babysitting, may live in or out, often belong to an agency Childminders - generally provide care in their own homes for several children from different families, during the day throughout the working week

Nurseries - a group setting providing care for children aged 0 – 5 during Childcare is simple to define: it is all about caring for children. So what ‘normal’ working hours makes childcare such a challenge? Changing childcare As society continues to evolve, so must the services available. The community and structure of the family have changed, transforming the way childcare is delivered. It is now less common for people to have family members close-by, who they can turn to for help. People need a professional childcare industry that they can rely on to look after their children. Childcare is now recognised as being important as evidenced by increased backing by governments in recent years. All parents should be aware of the childcare available to them, as regardless of their situation, every parent will, at some stage, need a form of childcare, and this is ok! Childcare services may often be aimed at working parents, but it is important that ‘stay at home’ mums and dads also have access to such provision. Pre-schools - a group setting providing care for children aged 2 – 5 usually for 3 hours in the morning on week days during term time Daycares/ Creches - generally provide care for children whilst the parent remains onsite, such as at a gym Parent and Toddler Groups - ctivity or general play sessions where parents must remain with their child throughout, often organised through local libraries and Children’s Centre Where I fit in When I began to work in childcare three years ago, I felt that there was a category missing: flexible childcare. Services would be easily accessible to parents, as and when they needed them. So I started Mummy SOS, uniquely flexible childcare services. I wanted to offer parents the option for childcare that would revolve around them.

Being a parent is a full time job, but for most, it is but one of their many roles; providing support for parents by caring for their children, is the In respond to demand, Mummy SOS has expanded rapidly over the past role of the childcare practitioner. few years. Our success has been driven by a determination to provide childcare exactly when and where it is needed. In my role as Managing It is important for parents to have time to themselves, to maintain Director of Mummy SOS Ltd, I have the privilege of a wide range of balance across the various roles they play. For mothers who feel guilty interactions within the childcare sector. I am a childcare practitioner, a about taking time out, it is worth reflecting that taking a couple of hours business manager, a student, an employer (and a proud Godmother!) As for themselves can enrich the parent-child relationship overall. Similarly, a member of professional childcare organisations my attendance at practitioners give the child their full attention so mums can get jobs can industry events keeps me up to date with developments in the sector. get done without a little helper, or spend quality time with siblings. Parents in work need to know that children are being looked after by properly qualified professionals who can provide childcare that suits their working schedule. While parents who wish to return to full-time work need adequate childcare, it is also important that those who chose not to, do not face restriction because of a lack of flexible childcare options. So what are your childcare options? There are different types of childcare to match these differing needs. These can be broadly divided into the following categories: Through this series, I hope to provide guidance for parents on the childcare options available, how to match them to your needs, your child as a unique individual and how this links to what we might expect to see in the future from currently evolving policy initiatives.

If you have any questions about any of the information in this piece, or would like further information, please do get in touch! 07595 053 512

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The latest technology for your family…
The Sony Xperia Z Tablet
The Sony Xperia Z is the lightest, slimmest tablet on the market with the added bonus of being both water and dust resistant. A definite bonus for the family. It is a device designed to take on the iPad with a quality screen and innovative features . The 16GB Wi-Fi-only model will set you back £399, the 32GB Wi-Fi version costs £449 and the 16GB LTE/4G model is priced at £499. 4G-ready Sony Xperia Tablet Z, £99 on Vodafone Mobile Broadband price plans for £31 per month (including 4GB of UK data and 2GB of BT Openzone Wi-Fi access) The Sony Xperia Tablet Z doesn't try too hard. It's a simple black rectangle. High gloss glass on the front made from toughened, scratch-resistant glass and on the back of the tablet, a matt-style polycarbonate. Aside from the standby, power buttons and volume buttons on the side, there are no others. All navigation is done via the screen's software buttons. This is currently the thinnest tablet on the market - and it really shows. The other thing you'll notice is just how light it is. This is a tablet you can comfortably take into the bath and not worry about (provided you make sure the waterproof plugs are in the sockets). For watching movies in the bath or at the bus stop in the rain, you'll be fine. We're not totally sold on the dust resistance though. Yes, it means that dust won't get in beneath the screen but the Sony Xperia Tablet Z has a ridge all the way around the edge that seems to attract lint. You can clear it with a blow or a blast from a vacuum but it'll just come back. And don't get us started on fingerprints - this is a magnet for them. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z sports a Full HD display and photos and videos pop out of the screen brilliantly. We did notice that the screen isn't as responsive as we'd have liked. When browsing the web it bounced all over the place at times, and we want something amazing - really amazing - in a tablet that costs this much. If your little’uns are movie fans, a microSD card slot is another big bonus here. It means that you can buy a 16GB model and easily bump your storage up by an extra 64GB without breaking the bank. The included keyboard is one of the best we've ever used on a tablet. Charging is done via a micro USB connection, which means you can use any other chargers you have lying around the house too, though you have to have a wall socket, since it won't charge off a laptop. We won't lie, the act of charging is a pain. For one thing, you have to take the waterproof cover out each time (this is the downside of having a waterproof tablet) - unless you're using the pricey official dock with charging contacts - and although high quality and secure, we can't help but wonder how long they will last. Add to that, this is not a quick charging device. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z takes forever to charge up. We found it's definitely an all-night job. Apple has the edge on tablets when it comes to newbies for the simple reason that iOS is such an easy operating system to learn. But Android really is closing the gap. While we don’t think a Sony Xperia Tablet Z is suitable for absolute beginners, if you have even the slightest bit of experience when it comes to using a tablet, you'll find the Sony Xperia Tablet Z intuitive and user friendly. Surfing the web is likely to be what you'll use the Sony Xperia Z for most often. The tablet excels in some ways. It's light to hold, the screen is razor sharp and it's ultra-portable. But it falls down on the basic principle of web browsing. Loading pages is not particularly fun. It's not that it can't load web pages properly or that things don't look right. Our issue was that it's too sluggish. We'd try to swipe up and notice we couldn't because a page was still loading, where other browsers would still enable us to pan around in the interim. And this happened on loads of websites. When pages do load, they look great zoomed out or in. Tap to zoom works brilliantly. Loading times vary, depending on your browser. One other omission is flash. Yes, we know Google has dropped it and Adobe no longer supports it on Android but when you do a lot of browsing, which you will on a tablet, you'll inevitably land on a huge number of websites that still require it. You can still load Flash onto your tablet manually but if you're not too tech-savvy it can be confusing. The Sony Xperia Z offers amazing audio via headphones and the inbuilt speakers have a 3D surround sound mode. It won't rival the cinema experience but it's very, very impressive for a tablet and makes watching and listening to media a real pleasure. If you're reading this section because you plan on buying the Sony Xperia Tablet Z to use as a camera, then our best advice is don’t. Taking photos outdoors on the Sony Xperia Tablet Z isn't ideal in any way, because the glossy screen reflects sunlight and makes it difficult to view in bright, outdoor light. The camera on the back is an 8.1MP job, with another 2.2MP unit on the front. This is by no means a camera replacement. If it were, Sony would have included a flash. Which it doesn't. Shooting in anything but amazing light yields pretty poor results, as does shooting in the dark, since you have no help in the form of a flash or LED light. Your best bet is to stick to using the front camera for Skype video calls. That works well enough as advertised. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z is also adept at shooting Full HD video (1080p at 30fps) on both the front and back cameras. Again, you'll need perfect lighting here and a memory card, because those files are huge. We found that videos shot in decent light still looked quite grainy, and going between really strong light to poor light didn't seem to be something it could cope that well with. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z's front-facing camera is passable. Yes it's pricey, but this is a premium product from Sony. The screen response could definitely be improved but the Sony Xperia Tablet Z genuinely deserves consideration when you're in the market for a new top-end gadget. Sony has taken the best of Android and fused it with its own innovation to make a really great device and one we think would be great for family use.

Vodafone Smart Mini
The Vodafone Smart Mini was tested by Mia (12) whose first response upon seeing the phone was a joyful squeal of, “yay, it’s pink!”. She had the phone up and running on her own, in no time at all, had located her favourite games and was on the internet and searching the app store for new ones and so a thumbs up was given for user friendly-ness. A good inexpensive (£50 on a Pay As You Go tariff) smartphone with internet access, an average quality camera and a reasonably sturdy but pretty exterior with the option to add an SD card for extra storage. Battery life isn’t fabulous but by no means terrible. The phone is also available in black and white. This is a great phone for kids and cash-strapped teenagers – solid enough to survive in a schoolbag, flexible enough to do most of what you could with a much higher-end model, and cheap enough that it’s not the end of the world if it’s lost or destroyed-in-action.

For more information on either of these products, please visit:

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Do you wonder how to get your child to listen to you, do what they’re asked and still retain their natural spontaneity and inquisitive nature? Would you like your child to confide in you, respect your family boundaries and make good choices 6. throughout their life? These 10 tips will help you develop a mutually trusting, happy and loving relationship – starting right now! 1. Have faith in your child. Your child is born with 7 million years of human evolution inside them. They will naturally develop to become a happy, caring and independent adult. All you have to do is show them lots of love and be patient with their efforts. Sit back and watch before rushing in to ‘help’ them solve problems. Offer them opportunities to be involved with your family life. Show them how to do things and then watch how they put their best efforts in to be successful.

By: Rochelle Cutler, Montessori Parenting

Call: 07950 995771 Email:
Model the behaviour you want your child to imitate. You are your child’s guide for development - they absorb and imitate everything you do. If you speak calmly, so will your child. If you shout and smack, they will either copy this or retreat inside themselves. Show that you can stay calm in challenging situations. If you want your child not to hit others, give them encouragement e.g. “Use your words – what are you trying to say?” Try your utmost to control your frustration when they are testing limits. Limit-testing is developmentally important and when you stick to limits you’ll see your child is very happy afterwards! Prepare your child beforehand – tell them how you expect them to behave. As long as you explain in advance, you can tell your child how you expect them to behave in any situation and expect them to do as they’ve been told. This is really helpful if they will need to be extra quiet in a library, eat meals quicker, or get ready to come home without a fuss after a playdate. Include your child in purposeful, practical activities within the home each day. If you involve your child with household tasks while they are young they’ll be happy to continue as they get older. Purposeful, practical daily activities like cleaning, cooking and tidying lets even the smallest toddler feel useful, helpful and capable. They develop independence, coordination, confidence, and all-round good character! Limit screen time, especially for 0-6 year olds. TV and DVDs massively limit your child’s natural creativity and concentration. Images move so fast that your child’s brain can’t keep up and so it goes into a slow mode - similar to sleeping. If you want your child to develop concentration and creative thinking, ban or significantly limit screen time – you’ll be amazed by the changes in their attitude and imagination.



Allow your child time to do things at their own pace. Your child is capable of doing all kinds of wonderful things – but their world is much slower-paced than our adult world. They have a special, absorbent mind that takes in everything they experience including language, movement, feelings and sensorial impressions. With all this going on, it’s no wonder they think and act slowly! 8. Adults filter out most of what we experience but your child doesn’t. Demonstrate things using exaggerated slowness and you’ll see how your child focuses their attention on you, and is keen to have their turn afterwards. Leave more time than you need before you go out, so they can get ready at their natural pace. Believe what you are saying and your child will listen to you. Your child knows when you are being serious or when you’re playing around by your facial expression, body language and tone of voice. 9. If you want them to listen to you and do as you ask, don’t be hesitant or doubt yourself. You can be firm and still be kind. Practise having a neutral facial expression (no smiling) and a calm, low voice. Look your child directly in the eyes and gently say what you want them to do. Have faith that they will listen, and they usually will!



Be consistent, speak clearly and choose your words carefully. The child’s brain is programmed to make secure connections when 10. Spend quality time with your child every day - away from the TV things are repeated. If you have gentle, firm, consistent limits your and iPad. child will respond positively to them. If you keep changing your Set aside some time every day to do something with your child that mind about whether things are ok one day but not the next, your they like doing. How about making something beautiful, cooking, child’s brain can’t make strong connections and this results in reading, going for walks, playing sports, board games or cards, negative behaviour. Ask yourself if you’re being fair? When you’re dancing, gardening or looking through old photos? faced with unwanted behaviour, you can say “No, we don’t do that” or “This behaviour is not acceptable”. Be honest and give boundaries clearly, then move on to another activity and don’t dwell on their unwanted behaviour. It’s in the past and it must stay there. Give your child a choice between two options to avoid arguments. Children love to make choices. You can solve many arguments by giving your child two options that would be acceptable to you. For example, “Would you like to put your shoes on by yourself or shall I help you?” or “Are you going to wear the blue or red socks today?”. Sometimes you may find yourself in a yes / no battle of wills. You can redirect their thoughts with a choice because they really love to think, and they’ll feel responsible and respected. Interestingly, the more small choices you give your child when they’re young, the better they’ll be at making important choices as an adult.


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Busy Bee Benefits

Tax-free Childcare – What Do You Think? In previous money-saving articles in Baby Buzz, Busy Bees Benefits reported that the Government is proposing a new way of helping parents with the cost of childcare. The new scheme is designed to make childcare more affordable and to encourage parents who are put off working because of high childcare costs to get back into employment. Until 14 October, you have the chance to tell the Government what you think about the new scheme. Many families will be better off under Tax-free Childcare. The power to make savings will be put directly in the hands of parents and you will be able to choose your own scheme provider. The full consultation is a big document, so to help you get to grips with what the scheme means for you, here is a quick summary: What is Tax-free Childcare? The Tax-free Childcare scheme is a proposed Government subsidy scheme. Parents will pay 80% of their childcare bill and the Government will top it up with the remaining 20%. So, for a childcare bill of £100, the parent will pay £80 and the government will pay £20.

I cannot work as I am a full time carer? Will I get Tax-free Childcare? Where one member of a couple is in work, and the other is either a full-time carer receiving Carer’s Allowance, or a contributory Employment and Support Allowance, the couple will get Tax-Free Childcare. What if I’m sick and can’t work for a while? If you are not in work for a short time you will be allowed to continue to claim Tax-free Childcare as long as you stay in employment and continue to receive income. Unpaid ‘sick leave will not qualify. What if I’m on maternity, paternity or adoption leave? If you are on ‘parental’ leave such as maternity, paternity and adoption leave, you may continue to claim as long as you stay in employment and continue to receive income. Unpaid ‘parental’ leave will not qualify. Can I use it to pay family or friends when they look after my child? No. The Tax-free Childcare scheme will only be able to be used to pay for registered childcare.

I currently get Childcare Vouchers. What will happen to the Childcare Voucher scheme? The Childcare Voucher scheme will close to new joiners when Tax-free Childcare is introduced. It is expected to continue for existing users for at least five years after the Tax-free Childcare scheme is in place. If you change your employer after autumn 2015, you will not be able to join Tax… eek! Sounds complicated! The scheme is called Tax-free Childcare because 20% is equal to the another Childcare Voucher scheme. current basic rate of income tax, but otherwise it has nothing to do with I want to join a Childcare Voucher scheme. Can I? tax. Yes. Your employer can offer Childcare Vouchers to new joiners until the Tax-free Childcare scheme starts. Some parents will be better off under Phew! So how much can I save? Families which qualify for the scheme can save a maximum each year of the Childcare Voucher scheme and should join a scheme as soon as £1,200 per child. The top-up will be limited to childcare costs up to possible in order to maintain their right to the maximum amount of support. £6,000 per child (£4,800 from parents and £1,200 from Government). Who can get Tax-free Childcare? The Tax-free Childcare scheme will only be open to families where both parents work or the lone parent works. After the Tax-free Childcare scheme starts, two-parent families where only one parent works will receive no support for childcare unless they are already using a Childcare Voucher scheme (see below). How old will my child have to be? The Tax-free Childcare scheme will only be available to those whose children are born in or after September 2010 and are therefore aged 5 and under. What about older children? The scheme will grow over time, increasing by one year each year until it includes all children under 12. In the September following the child’s 11 birthday, parents will no longer be able to claim. The rules will be different for families with disabled children, who will be able to claim until the child is 16. I’m self employed. Can I get Tax-free Childcare? Yes, provided you meet the other criteria. I’m on low wages. Can I get Tax-free Childcare? Yes, although other forms of Government support may be worth more to you. I am not the child’s parent but I am their main carer. Will I get tax-free Childcare? Yes, if you have taken on primary responsibility for raising a child, and live with the child. What do I do now? The details above could change, depending on what people say in the consultation. Your views are important and could make a big difference to your pocket over the coming years. There are regular news stories about how much it costs to raise a child from birth to adulthood. Parents need to do everything they can to make family life affordable.

To give your views in the Government’s parent consultation, visit:
Busy Bees Benefits hopes to be a provider of the Tax-free Childcare scheme. If you would like more information about Tax-free Childcare, visit For more information about Childcare Vouchers, visit Busy Bees takes the position that the level of support should be higher when the scheme is launched, and that to continue to provide meaningful support, it will need to keep pace with rising costs. You can sign an e-petition to support this proposal by visiting here:

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Daddy’s Little Secondary Citizen
because their incomes are more likely to be supplementary but also because fathers are consistently excluded from taking on positive caring roles by public service providers and society at large. Where both parents work mothers still, on average, spend twice the amount of time on housework than fathers and, when a child is sick, it is more likely that it will be mum who takes time off work. In addition to this there are few men in early years education (prevented by low pay and stigma) with a growing presence in Key Stage 2 and beyond as well as in deputy and headmaster positions propounding the myth of their innate superiority. The gender gap is very clear in education where girls do better at every stage of the National Curriculum and where post GCSE students begin to divide into preordained channels with girls tending to choose arts and humanities and boys: science and technology. What is less clear is the extent to which nature and nurture play in all of this. However from the very earliest opportunities girls and boys are treated differently by even the most earnest of modern liberal parents which can only serve to reinforce values and traits normative to gender. It has been shown that parents respond to the cries of baby girls sooner than those of baby boys, that they cuddle them more and that they are more likely to encourage boys to try new and risky activities (such as learning to walk and explore) and girls in quiet and motherly activities. Girls are consistently complimented on their cuteness and clothes which, when repeated indefinitely, elevates both to an unhealthy importance in their minds whereas boys are more likely to be complimented on their achievements ("What a big boy you are, walking!"). Common insults too uphold gender divergence with boys maligned for "throwing like a girl" and girls bemoaned as tomboys. Even more prevalent and insidious is the tendency when gossiping about adult women to concentrate on their appearance and age ("fat old cow") which adds further support to the notion that these are their fundamental characteristics. At a summit on gender equality UNICEF labelled "Early childhood care key to gender equality" with their spokeswoman, Erma Manoncourt, stating that "What young children learn now and what happens to them now will influence them for the rest of their life. The early years are the most determinant of the child's psychosocial and cognitive development". Which is why enough stress cannot be placed on the importance of analysing and modifying our interactions with our children from the very start. We have been brought up with archaic assumptions about gender that are so ingrained that in most instances we fail even to acknowledge them but they play a real part in our life chances and satisfaction. It is only through real vigilance that we can hope to spare our children the same fate.

In 2006 The World Economic Forum set up the Global Gender Gap Index to measure and compare gender inequality in countries across the globe based on economic, political, education and health criteria. Back then the United Kingdom ranked 9th. By 2012 we had slipped back to 18th position. Legally women in the UK have never been in a stronger position but time and again research shows that we are perpetuating our own subjugation- and we're starting at home with our children. Research conducted by PKTMNY (a website that allows parents to pay money into accounts for their children whilst providing the latter with Pre-paid Visa cards and attempting to encourage both to adopt sensible financial habits) shows that on average boys do 2 hours less of chores than their female counterparts whilst, in households where their chores are compensated, they make and save more money. PKTMNY found "significant divides based on gender, age and the nature of the task being undertaken by each child" concluding that boys and girls work was segregated with girls being responsible for repetitive daily chores (dishes, laundry, cleaning) inside the home and boys taking on more sporadic, heavy and often outdoor work (lawn mowing, maintainance) which is not only valued more but also (being visible to neighbours) more likely to lead to offers of more work. It is not only in practice that we are training our children to accept gender divides in the workforce, the pay gap (which currently stands at women earning 20% less than men), the devaluation of domestic work and the prevailing belief that men's carreers should be prioritised over women's. Sigmund Freud suggested that biology determines gender identity through identification with the mother or father- and children are presented with supporting examples continuously. It still tends to be mothers whose carreers are put on hold to bring up baby- and not only

Written by Elizabeth Katherine Hobson Twitter: ElizabethHobso6 Blog:

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Start putting in place rules and boundaries when they are young – it gets harder when they’re older Sticks and stones… and names WILL hurt you. Don’t label your kids the stupid one, or tell them they’re lazy. If you think that and whatever they do they can’t prove it otherwise, they’ll BE that. Teach your kids to be resilient – life will knock them even if you’ve tried to over protect them. Help them to withstand life’s knocks Praise your children as if it’s a running commentary of praise (so be specific) “Well done for doing…, that’s so helpful” Don’t use all those expressions such as“You’re amazing” “You’re such a great kid” They won’t believe you and it doesn’t teach them what behaviour you’re pleased with and want them to copy. Surround yourselves with family, friends and community. Children learn by being surrounded by good role models around them that come from outside of the family and well as within. They need people apart from parents and teachers who they can trust and talk to. You are your child’s teacher and trainer as well as parent. So break down teachable skills into tiny steps and teach each step rather than assuming they can’t do it until they’re much older. Set expectations for your kids and let them know what they are. How can your kids assume they should behave in a certain way if you haven’t communicated your expectations to them? Kids need to develop independence long before they leave home so what are you doing NOW for your kids which they could be doing for themselves? Teach them self reliance. Remember to sometimes just BE as a family. Don’t over plan every waking moment. Just be together (not in separate rooms) but just talking, relaxing, chilling. Build the relationships between you and the family.

7. 8. 9. 10.

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Antenatal Courses: Where's the value?
Private and NCT antenatal courses often include information which empowers parents to seek appropriate external support when they need it most. During the early weeks of parenthood, tiredness can have a huge impact on people's ability to judge how they are coping. Parents and babies may be struggling with one of more aspects of their new lives, such as feeding, sleeping or general health. An example of this is mental health wellbeing. Courses often include invaluable information for both the woman and her partner on how to spot the signs of postnatal depression, which is thought to affect up to 10-15% of mothers [1] and as many as 10% of fathers [2]. Knowing about the risks, symptoms and where to go for help can reduce the chance of the problem being ignored in the early weeks and becoming a longer term issue. By attending antenatal courses together, the woman gains the commitment and support of her birthing partner towards the birth she wants. Many courses provide time for discussion about the role of the People often ask 'Why should I attend an antenatal course?' They birth partner, enabling them to consider how best they can support the perceive courses to be expensive and may find it hard to see the value woman and themselves during a time of immense emotions and in a course. Antenatal education should be a right, not a luxury, but change. with NHS provision being cut, more and more people are finding that they are left without adequate access to affordable antenatal In addition, antenatal educators also often provide postnatal support, education. by way of a post-birth reunion to bring the group full circle. In some

Getting Support..

Aside from the NHS, which tends to provide limited education that is often geared around hospital policies and procedures, there are a number of other alternatives on offer privately. NHS often does not provide any education for fathers or partners and sessions are most likely to be held during the day. The largest provider of antenatal education in the UK is the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) - see, one of whose aims is to make antenatal education available to as many parents as possible. Other private providers include companies such as Lazy Daisy, which offers breathing and relaxation classes and independent antenatal practitioners and midwives, whose courses may be similar in content and length to the NCT, but whose prices may vary considerably. Benefits of longer courses - Getting support. A longer, more expensive antenatal course has a number of benefits over NHS classes or simply reading books or the Internet. The biggest of these is the support group which develops out of the course. Courses are typically run with 6-8 pregnant women and their birth partners in comfortable, private venues. The facilitator will give a lot of thought to how the group is bonding over a number of weeks, with the aim of ensuring that by the end of the course, the clients feel part of a group which can be self-supporting in the weeks leading up to the birth and in the postnatal period.

cases, educators are available to clients for telephone, email and text support as well once the course has finished.

Whilst it is certainly true that much of the information you can learn during an antenatal course is available for free on the Internet or in books, it is generally accepted that many men do not prepare for parenthood by reading and tend to be kinaesthetic or visual learners they learn best by doing and seeing. Antenatal courses which adopt an active approach to learning, with practise sessions, demonstrations and participative discussions will be much more engaging for men and others who prefer to get involved rather than simply read by themselves.

In next month’s article, we'll consider a second benefit from attending antenatal courses - Making Choices.
[1] Lee, D, Yip, A, Leung, T and Chung, T, 2004, Ethnoepidemiology of postnatal depression, The British Journal of Psychiatry 184; 34-40 [2] Paulson, J.F., & Bazemore, S.D., (2010). Prenatal and postpartum depression in fathers and its association with maternal depression: a meta-analysis. Journal of the American Medical Association, 303(19), 1961-1969.

This article was written by Michelle Eshkeri, CEO & founder of Birth-Your Way, a Barnet-based company which provides private and NCT group courses as well as It is difficult to put a price on the value of such a support group, but it tailored individual birth and is very clear from talking to parents who have attended courses and parenting coaching sessions. built a support network that this aspect is most highly valued, especially in the first weeks and months of parenthood. Some groups For more information, email meet weekly after the birth of their babies and it is quite common for or groups to becoming long term friends, meeting up regularly as their visit children grow up, begin school and even go out to work or leave home. Such support after the birth is not available from attending an NHS antenatal session where it is much less likely that you will continue to see or socialise with other people who attended on the same day as you. For more information on NCT antenatal



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During pregnancy you get inundated with leaflets, information and advice. Breast or bottle? Travel system or pushchair? Vaccinations? Home birth or hospital birth? Open a savings account for the new arrival? Have bounty photos? Buy the new state of the art cot? Co-sleep or cot sleep? The list is endless, but there’s one thing that has only recently left me feeling deprived, nappies. I naturally used disposable nappies with my first daughter (P1). It was quite clear that everyone used disposables and cloth nappies were something your grandparents used many moons ago. I was frequently told horror stories about soaking nappies in a bucket for days, the horrible stench they produced, they would take ages to dry and were tricky to fold up and put together with safety pins. It was something I was very glad I didn’t have to do and in all honesty I thought cloth nappies had stopped being produced long before I was born. Back in May I was approached by a company to review a cloth nappy. This prompted me to do some research of my own. I was amazed to find that there are many companies, types and reasons to use cloth nappies. It was not what I’d expected to find and I was utterly shocked at the reality.

don’t need a calculator to realize that’s a lot of money going straight into the bin, literally. When you think of the environmental side of disposables, it takes somewhere between 250 – 500 years for just one measly nappy to completely decompose. Disposables quite clearly have advantages though or they wouldn’t be doing so well for the past 65 years. They are discreet under clothing, they are absorbent and easily disposed of with little effort.

Moving on to cloth nappies. A good start up, about 20 nappies, which will last the whole duration of nappy wearing costs roughly £200. That’s saving you a whopping amount of money! It will cost you £80 to wash your nappies for a period of two years, slightly more if you choose to tumble dry them. You can also save even more money if you use Everywhere we go there’s offers and enticing images of babies wearing washable wipes as well. I personally think the savings of cloth nappy disposable nappies or mothers using disposable wipes. Where are the seal the deal, but we have to remember the fantastic advantage they adverts for cloth nappies? Where are the leaflets and facts about cloth have to the environment too. nappies when we attend our antenatal classes or visit our midwife? There are hundreds of colours and designs to choose from. There are I went into a leading baby and child shop recently and purposely went four main types of cloth nappy; Fitted, pocket, all-in-one and flat, so looking for cloth nappies. I was pleased to find some, but very there will always be a nappy for every parent and every baby. Cloth disappointed when the only type was the very old fashioned terry wearing becomes slightly addictive, you end up choosing colours to toweling. The type that everyone cringes about and remises on the match every outfit and every season or even Christmas nappies! past. In my opinion it’s clearly the lack of availability that helps sway our decisions on nappies. It’s a fashion accessory all of its own whilst having fantastic benefits for your baby too. A lot of non-cloth users worry about the bulkiness of As a young mother it always feels like I’m being watched over more cloth or the way the baby ends up sporting a frog leg position, well this than an average aged mother would. Not only do I breastfeed but is actually a good thing. Cloth nappies help to develop correct hip when I dig inside my changing bag and pull out my wipes bag and cloth position and provide an amazing cushion for those moments of nappy I feel the eyes burning on me. I’ve had so many people ask about learning to walk. Cloth nappies are also chemical free so are safer and my cloth nappies. I’m no expert but I’m absolutely addicted to them softer on your beautiful baby’s skin. and if I can persuade someone that they aren’t as bad as everyone thinks then that gives me warmth When you know all this it really makes you wonder why the majority of inside. Quite frankly there is not parents choose to use disposable nappies and throw their precious enough advertisement of cloth money away? nappies. Recycling is encouraged, yet disposables are so easy to buy and get hold of, cloth nappies are not! People Written By: need to know the facts along with every Jodie May-Smith other bit of information we receive when we are pregnant. I’ll start with disposable nappies. On average, from birth to potty training, your baby will use 6,000 nappies which costs roughly £7 for a pack of 24. Now I

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Tesco are asking the public to nominate mums for their Mum of the Year Awards 2014. The family-friendly supermarket is looking for mums who make a difference in their community and to other people by their work, their passion and by just being a great mum. The public are being asked to send in details of mums who raise money for charity, help in the local area, support their families in difficult times and generally give back to others. Speaking in her role as Celebrity Ambassador, Denise van Outen said, ”Mums are so important and are our country’s true unsung heroes. There are so many mums across the UK who are inspirational, courageous and selfless and most have no idea how special they are.”
Winners of the 2013 award included:

Claire Lomas from Melton Mowbray was the Courageous Mum of the Year. Claire, despite being paralysed from the chest down after a riding accident, spent 16 days walking the London Marathon in a robotic suit and raised over £200,000 for spinal injury charities. And Melanie C, the Celebrity Mum of the Year 2013, who has global fame and girl power but still finds time to support a host of charities, said "I was so honoured to be awarded Tesco Celebrity Mum of the Year this year, and so incredibly humbled to meet the other amazing mums. It's was a wonderful afternoon and so inspiring to hear everybody's stories. All of us winners have stayed in touch and continued to support each other and our causes. If you know a super special mum who needs to be recognised for the fantastic things she does then nominate her today."

Achieving Mum of the Year. She remortgaged her house to set up a school for autistic children after her two autistic sons were turned away from mainstream and specialist education.

three-day trip that also involved quality time with David Cameron at 10 Downing Street. Anna Kennedy from Uxbridge was the

Margaret Aspinall from Liverpool was Campaigning Mum of the Year. Margaret lost her son in the Hillsborough tragedy and has spent the last twenty four years campaigning for the truth as part The mums attended a glitzy, star-studded luncheon of the Hillsborough Families event at London’s iconic hotel, The Savoy, as part of a Support Group.

Nominations for the 2014 awards must be submitted by 11.55pm on Friday 13 September 2013. Winners will again be invited to attend a glamorous celebrity ceremony in London in March next year.

Ann Maxwell from Midlothian was the To nominate someone for an award or for more Charitable Mum of the Year. Ann set up a children’s epilepsy charity after her middle son information on the Tesco Mum of the Year Awards was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a 2014, please visit severe form of epilepsy. She has raised over £7 million despite suffering from cancer. Mireille Williams from Bristol was the Community Mum of the Year. Mireille saved her son’s preschool from closure by rallying her local community and turning the school into a viable charitable business, saving seven jobs along the way. Kate Hardcastle from Huddersfield was the Enterprising Mum of the Year. She created a community group to help lesser-known charities raise awareness and staff in her own company are paid to volunteer one day a week.

Get nominating now for your Mum of The Year!

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Health & Wellbeing

The Baby Buzz Guide to Health & Wellbeing
The Perks of being a Women’s Health Physiotherapist
by Judith Landhausser HCPC, MCSP, MACPWH, PG Dip (Women’s Health)

You might think, as we all do, that this could never become a problem for you. Unfortunately there are some factors that contribute massively to this and one of them is being pregnant and the other one is child birth! This should not really be a long term problem, just as someone who has broken their leg will usually be able to walk and run again after some convalescence time and rehabilitation of their leg muscles. But do we really rehabilitate our pelvic floor muscles after child birth? Even I did not think about my pelvic floor then, as I was busy with being a new mum, having so many new things to focus on, being so overwhelmed with the love and dedication towards my child that my own needs took a backseat. I was convinced that MY pelvic floor muscles would be Patients ask me quite often how I could possibly choose a job okay and recover by themselves! like this! And yes, I would probably ask that same question. But sometimes in life you do the unexpected; I never thought that This is our downfall and why I am writing this article. I am truly looking at women’s pelvic floors could actually turn into a really grateful to BabyBuzz for offering to publish it. `uplifting´ job. Please girls, do not ignore your pelvic floor muscles! Ever! Women that come to see me usually have the sort of issues you Especially not if you are a mum; no matter whether you have might have seen on TV under “embarrassing problems” and are had a Caesarean or vaginal delivery; if you had an assisted often related to their pelvic floor. delivery (ventouse or forceps) then you really need to work extra hard, as those can be quite traumatic on the pelvic floor. When your pelvic floor has stopped doing its job well, you may Being pregnant in itself is stress on the pelvic floor, as the extra experience stress incontinence. This is a leakage of urine weight and the baby press down on it. If you have a toddler occurring when the bladder experiences stress e.g. when whilst you are pregnant, it is extra stressful for your muscles, as coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting or even just when moving you might carry your toddler on top of all this extra weight! abruptly. It also can contribute to “your bits falling out” or in more medical terms your bladder, bowel and/or uterus moving Pelvic Floor Exercises: downwards into the vagina, which is then called prolapse. Now the question is: how do I do pelvic floor exercises? The unlucky situation is that only 60% of us know how to do an So these are two really important jobs that your pelvic floor effective pelvic floor contraction. If you are unsure whether you does for you: it keeps you continent and stops everything from are doing it right, try to stop your urine flow midstream. This is falling out! not an exercise! Only a one off test!! 32 Baby Buzz Magazine l

Health & Wellbeing
If it stops then this means that you can activate your pelvic Often it takes just one visit to get reassurance and to have floor. someone check that your pelvic floor does what it is meant to do, sometimes it takes a couple of visits, with a second time If it doesn’t stop then it could be a wrong contraction or the ensuring that you are making progress. Some women need contraction is not strong enough to stop the flow. If the flow more input, but mostly it is quite straightforward. Of course gets stronger while you are trying to stop it, then you are you can always consult your GP or Obstetrician/Gynaecologist actually straining the pelvic floor, which is the wrong movement as well. altogether! Now why do I find my job uplifting? I can create an environment Once you are reassured that you are contracting your pelvic where women that have issues with their bladder floor correctly, you should aim to do 10 pelvic floor contractions (incontinence, urgency, frequency), vagina (pain during in a row. Aim to hold them for 10 seconds and each with a 4 intercourse, prolapse) or bowel (incontinence) can talk freely second break between. Follow these with 10 short (1 second about their despair, about the problems they are facing that but strong) pelvic floor squeezes, ensuring you relax your they would like to tackle. Not all those problems can be solved muscles after every contraction. Ideally repeat that sequence with physiotherapy alone, but we can achieve quite a lot for 2-3 times a day. most of our patients. It is a pleasure to see women leaving after the treatment with an understanding why they have these Please DO NOT do this while you are emptying your bladder, but problems and with the knowledge that they can help either afterwards or at another time while you are dressed! It themselves; it makes them feel empowered and more can be done in lying down, sitting, or standing, or in any other confident. position. For me the nicest thing in my job is giving women the ability to Whilst you breastfeed or bottle feed, might be a good time, make a difference in their lives. whilst in the play ground waiting for your child to come out of nursery, school or extra-curricular activities might be a good If you have any questions you can e-mail me on time too, commuters can definitely do it on the train. I always or you can see me for an do mine at night, when I am taking my son to bed, which helps appointment at: me stay awake, while I wait for him to go to sleep. ● 148 Harley Street, London W1G for appointments call People nearby should not be aware that you are contracting 07710 438125 your pelvic floor! If they are then either you are doing it wrong ● Sutherland House Natural Health Centre, 1a Ashbourne or are using your big muscle groups to help. If you struggle to Avenue, Temple Fortune NW11 0DP for appointments keep your facial expression relaxed, then pretend you are call 07710 438125 checking your phone or something similar. ● BMI The Kings Oak Hospital, Chase Farm (North Side), The Ridgeway, Enfield EN2 8SD for appointments call The knack 020 8370 9515 Another very important point is that whenever you feel a ● 999 Medical Centre, 999 Finchley Road, Temple Fortune sneeze or a cough coming or when you lift something, contract NW11 7HB for appointments call 020 8458 9939 your pelvic floor muscles beforehand and try to hold them tight during the activity. This will a) strengthen your pelvic floor We are also holding an Open Day at Sutherland House on during your daily activities b) help with leaking problems if Sunday 20 October 2013, 1-5 pm where I (and loads of other there are any, and c) support your pelvic organs, when pressure practitioners from all kinds of background) will be available to is coming down onto them. You teach your kids to cover their answer questions throughout the afternoon. mouth whenever they cough or sneeze and eventually they do that without being bugged about it. So I want you to focus on Wishing you all the very best with your pelvic floor exercise this technique until it just happens without you needing to think programme. about it. So, to conclude, if you recognise that you have a problem with stress incontinence or a prolapsed, then I strongly advise you to do these exercises religiously. If you are unsure if you are doing them correctly, seek help. The ACPWH (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health) keeps a list of physiotherapists qualified to deal with continence and women’s health issues. They are happy to inform you where you can find the nearest women’s health physiotherapist.
If you have any questions regarding this feature, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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Health & Wellbeing

Your sleep questions answered…
Case Study One
I have a one year old daughter who has never slept through the night mainly due to heath issues since birth such as reflux disease and asthma and up until she was 9 months old she used to wake up on average 15 times a night. We were advised to give her a dummy to help her produce more saliva and thus alleviate the pain from the reflux and she still has a dummy now for bedtime and naps. These conditions have been under control and Case Study Two managed with medication for the last few months but yet she still does not sleep through although now she only wakes up 2-3 times a night so a I have a 10 month old who is up 2-4 times a night he's my 3rd and massive improvement. so far none of my tricks are working. She goes to bed about 7pm and wakes up at 6am. The times that she wakes up in between are around 10/11pm, 1/2am and 4am roughly. When she wakes up she cries until I come into the room but all I need to do is to rub her back until she goes back to sleep which usually takes about 10 minutes and I have to do this each time. If I do not go in straight away then her crying will escalate and then we will end up being awake for an hour rather than ten minutes per time. The interesting thing is that she will only do this if I am home and does not seem to do it if only my husband is looking after her or if she is staying away overnight at family or friends. She is very clingy to me and only wants to be with me if I am in eye or earshot however out of sight out of mind so she is fine if I am away. I have tried to send my husband in during the night but once she realises it is not me she screams the place down until I come in. I am not sure what to do so that she will sleep through the night? Kind regards, Sam ________________________________________________ He is habit waking at 3am & up until 5am and is still demanding milk in the night even though he eats lots during the day. Kind regards, Marian Constantinou-Ioannou __________________________________________ Dear Marian, That sounds so exhausting, especially with 2 other children to consider too.

A few things you may want to consider. One is his daytime sleep schedule, which can have a significant impact on night-time sleep. At his age, he will need around 3 hours of daytime sleep in total, spread over 2 naps. How he settles at bedtime is also key in encouraging solid night-time sleep. Making sure that he is not overtired at bedtime will help in making the transition to sleep an easier procHi Sam, ess. Try and stick a maximum gap of 4 hours between the end of his afternoon sleep and bedtime in order to avoid him getting overIt sounds like your little girl is looking for reassurance from you during the tired. A structured, predictable and soothing bedtime routine, night and has gotten into a pattern of relying on this brief reassurance from leading up to bedtime will help him wind down and make it easier you in order to settle back to sleep. At 1 year of age, her sleep patterns will for him to settle to sleep. resemble adult sleep patterns in that she sleeps in sleep cycles, and in between these sleep cycles she has partial awakenings. It is at these partial I also suggest you work on breaking his association with milk and awakenings that she is looking for reassurance from you and needs this sleep. Make sure that he does not feed until he is fully asleep at interaction, albeit brief, in order to settle back into the next sleep cycle. bedtime. If this is happening, then move the milk to an earlier part of the bedtime routine. There are a few options to stopping the The key to encouraging her to settle herself during these wake ups at night, milk at night – one is to reduce the amount he drinks every few is to work on her settling independently at bedtime. One technique you nights or to go cold turkey and cut out the milk completely. You may want to consider is the gradual retreat approach, a step-by-step may need to use a sleep training technique to encourage him to go process whereby you initially sit in the room as she goes to sleep and over back to sleep at night without the need for milk. There are many a period of approximately 2 weeks, you slowly move yourself out of the different approaches and it is important that you find the approach room as she gets more confident at settling herself. You do the same at that feels right for you, and for him and one that you feel that you each of her wake ups throughout the night. can remain most consistent with. Another option to consider would be the timed checks approach, which is Good luck! also constant reassurance but without sitting in the room with her. This Maryanne, Child Sleep Works method would involve you leaving the room for a short period of time, going back in briefly to reassure her, leaving again for the same period of For more information, please contact Maryanne at Child time and continuing this back and forth until she falls asleep.

Sleep Works on:

It is essential that whatever approach you choose is one that feels right for her, and indeed for you. The more consistent you are around sleep, both at bedtime and for nighttime wake ups, the easier the process will be. Good luck! Maryanne, Child Sleep Works

Tel: 07760 252 750 Email: Web: Come and visit our facebook page for lots of tips and funny perspectives on children’s sleep and keep updated with Child Sleep Works on: Facebook:

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happening, at that moment in time. It involves following your child’s lead, observing him closely to see what he is interested in, and commenting and then pausing to give space for the child to respond. This powerful technique helps your child become involved in what he’s doing and link what he hears to what he is doing or thinking. Next time he repeats the action or play sequence he will hear your voice in his head, almost like a scratched record and, eventually, want to say it for himself. Getting the most out of story time A bedtime story should be read from a very early age – from birth, in fact. For very young babies, it’s best to simply point out one or two single words that relate to the pictures on the page. As you ‘tune in’ to the level of your child’s language and thought, you will be able to modify your storytelling accordingly – first reading out a word from each page, then a line from each page, then the whole story. Use your baby’s finger to point to the pictures you are talking about as it encourages the child to look at the same thing you are looking at. Snap to it Photo albums can work just as well as storybooks. Initially, simply name the people in the pictures, then add more detail. For example, first you might say ‘Mummy’, then this might become ‘Mummy swimming’ and finally ‘Mummy’s swimming in the sea on holiday last summer’.

We constantly hear about techniques or things we should or shouldn’t do in order to help our babies develop. What is actually beneficial and what is just myth? We were sent the latest in educational books from top speech and language therapist Nicola Lathey and experienced national newspaper journalist and mother of two, Tracey Blake called Small Talk. Each month I will follow a series of games and recommendations as written and described for my 24 month old and I’ll let you know how we get on. For this issue, we give you a brief introduction to the book and the writers and some of the games and activities you can do with your children, let us know how you get on? —–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Oxford-based speech therapist Nicola Lathey and journalist Please see Page 22 for a series of games and techniques to and Princes Risborough resident Tracey Blake have written a try with your family. book called Small Talk: Simple ways to boost your child’s To purchase your copy of Small Talk, please visit: speech and language skills from birth. It’s full of fun games to encourage your baby or toddler along the way to becoming a confident, chatty child and here they share their tips, tricks and advice with Baby Buzz readers… Small Talk: Simple ways to boost your child’s speech and Say What You See If you want to do one thing to boost your child’s speech it’s language skills from birth by Nicola Lathey and Tracey Blake is available now at Waterstones or from Amazon. the Say What You See Technique. It’s all about learning through play and you give a gentle running commentary of what your child is doing, and what is
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See below a fabulous range of activities and games to enjoy with your children. We would love for you to send us your comments on how they worked for you. Send all emails to: —––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Give reasons to communicate Mothers often try to pre-empt their baby’s every need, but by doing this your child no longer has a reason to communicate with you. Here’s a list of reasons why a baby might try to communicate, once you understand these you can begin to encourage them to express their needs – through gesture, babbling, words or eventualy sentences! Responding to someone (saying hi or bye) Asking for more (another biscuit!) Protesting/refusing (No!’/‘Go away.’) Getting attention – ‘Muuuummy!’ Making comments – ‘Look!’/‘Big bus.’ Giving information – ‘Me fall down.’ Seeking information – ‘What’s that?’/‘Where’s Daddy gone?’ Thinking and planning – ‘After tea’/‘Bath time.’ And sharing ideas – ‘Let’s go park!’/‘I like sweeties.’

Anticipation games Encourage your baby or toddler to interact with you by playing anticipation games, where you are anticipating a response from him and he is anticipating a word or an action from you. Peek-a-boo is our favourite. Trail a muslin briefly over your face, so your baby can see your face and then you momentarily disappear. As your face is covered, start saying, ‘Peek-aaaa . . .’ then pop out and say, ‘boo!’ Babies often find this hilarious and will give lots of smiles. You can then try trailing the fabric over baby’s face and use the same routine – encourage your baby to pull it off. Once he gets the hang of it you can make the game more interactive by leaving a long pause after saying ‘Peeka-. . . (pause)’ for your baby to make an excited movement or a noise (and then you say ‘boo’) – the baby’s noise should eventually become a ‘boo’. The key to this technique is in establishing a routine – so repeat, repeat, repeat until your child knows what to expect and when to play his part.

Container play Toddlers love ‘container play’ and all you need is a couple of old ice cream tubs or large tupperwares (lunch boxes work well too) and some objects to play with. Try a small range of objects that fit within a certain category or set, for example, vehicles, clothes, snacks, toys or animals. Interestingly, when words are learnt within their particular set, they are stored better in the language centre in the brain (a bit like a filing cabinet in your brain). This then makes it easier for a toddler to retrieve them in order to say the words when they are needed. Name each item as you pull it out of the bag and then throw it theatrically into a large container (kids will love the noise of is bashing and crashing in) – continue until the bag is empty then enthusiastically start all over again.

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Health & Wellbeing

Shortly after qualifying as a Beauty Therapist, Amanda opened her own beauty and make-up salon in Wales before freelancing as a professional make-up artist. Beauty already in the blood, Amanda’s interest in Skincare was sparked further by skin problems of her own, which led her to discover the benefits of AHA and BHAs for troubled skins. With a vision to make an effective yet simple treatment safe and accessible to everyone rather than just those who could afford to pay for salon treatments, Bravura London was founded in 2003 as the FIRST company in the UK to supply chemical peels for use at home. Following the launch, fiancée Ryan Heslop left his job to work alongside Amanda as the brand’s director, taking the family-run business to new, flourishing heights. A Mum of three and facial expert, Amanda prides herself on the quality, effectiveness and competitive pricing of Bravura London’s products and their dedication to providing trustworthy advice to customers.

Cold weather and central heating can play havoc with your skin; so keep your skin looking great heading into the colder season with top tips from facial therapist and Bravura London founder (, Amanda Elias. 1. 2. 3. 4. If normally oily or combination skin is getting a little dry, don’t use products designed for dry skin, this will only cause breakouts. Instead try using a more nourishing moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type and try changing from a cleansing wash to a cream cleanser. Central heating takes moisture out from the air; try leaving a dish of water near your radiators which will act as a humidifier to help replace the moisture that’s lost- you can also add a few drops of aromatherapy oils to fragrance your room. Don’t forget your SPF! Even in the winter UVA is present in the atmosphere and it’s this UVA that causes premature ageing. Just because the sun isn’t shining brightly, that’s not to say your skin doesn’t need protection. Use AHAs such as glycolic acid or lactic acid to exfoliate your skin rather than a scrub. Using a scrub on the face can dry out the skin. AHAs help to exfoliate by dissolving the glue that holds on the dead skin cells, leaving the skin instantly fresher and healthier without you having to scrub at your skin. Don’t forget the children; their skin can also become dry this time of year, especially if they suffer with eczema, so use an appropriate moisturiser for their skin or a gentle, non comedogenic oil such as jojoba or avocado oil. Humectants bind moisture to the skin; look out for ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerine, Lactic Acid, Aloe Vera and Urea in your moisturiser. In the cold weather, our bodies crave hot baths and showers, unfortunately the hot water can dry out your skin leaving it itchy. Opt for a warm but not hot shower or bath then wrap up in a nice, fluffy bathrobe to warm up. If your skin is dry, try adding a cupful or oats to your bath to sooth the skin, for less mess, put the oats in to the foot of an old pair of clean tights, tie and cut the rest of the tights, you can save them to make more oatmeal bags for the bath. Omega oils containing EPA are wonderful for helping to keep the skin and hair in peak condition. DHA keeps the brain functioning properly while the EPA in the oil helps by regulating oil production and acting as an anti-inflammatory. However, there are concerns that Omega 6 can actually make conditions such as acne worse so it’s best to buy a product that contains only Omega 3.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

10. Don’t forget the skin on your body and feet, because we’re covered up we tend to stop looking after the bits that aren’t shown, we then panic when the sun comes out, scrubbing and moisturising to make our legs and feet look healthy enough to show off. Treat yourself to some gorgeous smelling products, then choose a day to exfoliate and moisturise from head to toe, snuggle up in your bathrobe and go to bed early with a good book (ahhh bliss).

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A few comments from some happy customers:
“Really practical course, pitched at the right level and very interactive” Sarah Parkins (Mum of 2) “This class is just excellent, having it n my own home, with my friends and our babies was not only fun, but so beneficial: the best money I’ve spent” Emma Soloman (Mummy of 3 month baby) I found this course extremely informative, professional and easy to follow. Thank You” J McHernan (Mum of 2, aged 1 and 3) “Really helpful course, with practial advice. This course is specific and to the point” J Robinson (Mum of 2) “Really good to give you knowledge of CPR and an idea of how hard it is to do. Great focus on children” Julie Ainscough (Mummy of 3 & 9 months)

Franchise Opportunities
Would you like to run your own business that saves lives? Develop an exciting and rewarding business within your area with all the support. Full training included.

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A Sassy Mummy Indeed…
In April 2012, at 29 weeks pregnant, Hollie was admitted into hospital after passing out several times during the pregnancy and suffering from extensive breathlessness which left her almost bed ridden. After passing out several times over one weekend, she was referred to a cardiologist. During examination she lay there thinking she would be told everything was fine and not to worry. What she was told was quite different “You are in a critical condition, and need to be admitted into hospital right away. Your baby may have to be delivered tonight” There is always a need to find the perfect baby gift, something a bit different and Hollie strongly believes that she has created something special, a monthly box subscription containing a selection of top baby products personalised towards a baby’s age and stage of development. Customers can sign up for one, three, six, or 12 months, costing from £25 per month. A Sassy Bloom gift keeps the magic of a new baby alive, long after the visitors have left. Whether mum wants to treat herself, dads’ want to surprise their partner each month (without any effort), or friends and After being admitted into Watford General Hospital and then family want to show they’re still thinking about the new transferred into the Critical Care unit at Hammersmith addition after the initial excitement has subsided – Sassy Hospital, Hollie was diagnosed with rare and potentially fatal Bloom is perfect. heart condition, Arterial Pulmonary Hypertension, a condition which leads to extremely high blood pressure in A ‘Sassy box’, promises to hand pick the very best, tried and the artery between the heart and lungs. It is especially tested baby products and deliver them straight to mums’ dangerous during pregnancy and patients are told never to door. Each month, as baby continues to blossom, the Sassy attempt to have children due to the high risks to both Bloom stork will hand deliver a specially tailored box filled with the latest age-appropriate products. Having teamed up mother and baby. with leading brands such as Hipp Organic, Mam, Lansinoh, She was told by doctors that she had a 50/50 chance of Baby Einstein, Tomy as well as exclusive products new to the UK, parents can expect to receive an ideal selection of child survival. rearing and infant goodies, whether it’s to aid development, The mother of one added: “I was terrified. How do you get a practical solution or a tasty treat. Sassy Bloom has thought your head around being told to get your life in order and tell of everything, simply so you don’t have to! your friends and family? Sassy Bloom is currently offering customers the chance to “Luckily the baby was already at a stage where she would be win a 12 month subscription as well as 5 single monthly viable - but all I could think was that I was going to be leaving boxes. To enter please visit my husband behind alone with our new baby.” After being in hospital for 4 weeks and on continuous drugs to try and decrease the size of Hollies heart, via a large tube in her neck which lead straight to the heart, Hollies daughter Gabriella was born via Caesarian Section. Hollie then spent the next 10 days in Intensive Care whilst Gabriella was taken to Queen Charlotte Hospital Special Care unit. They only saw each other for about an hour each day. Whilst in Intensive Care Hollie received a box from friends, containing a selection of presents for herself and for Gabriella when she was home. She thought it was such a lovely touch and that, combined with the overwhelming choice of products on the market, gave her the inspiration to launch Sassy Bloom.
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By Jodie Newman not going to end badly and that under utterly no circumstances am I going to lose my temper. Shouting? Not today, thank you. I will be calm personified: how hard can it be? A few minutes later, and it transpires, it has become very hard. He is still refusing to get into bed, I have confiscated his favourite toy and all I can think about is going downstairs for a glass of wine. Already, the Perfect Parent is impatiently tapping her foot and rolling her eyes in the face of my incompetence. Finally, my son takes a tiny step. And then another. Steps so small that I can count progress by individual carpet tufts. Technically, he is now obeying my request. In reality, he isn't. And then it happens. I Little by little, as I shout. And the Perfect Parent curls into a ball and a tear rolls stumble across the down her flawless, pale cheek. obstacle course that is bringing up two And then there is the whole education thing. A mother children, slightly out informed me recently that she plays language tapes to her four of breath and a tad year old daughter and what marvellous progress she was fearful that I may making. I do not do things like this with my kids. On hearing this, not quite make it across the next hurdle, my Perfect Parent is my Perfect Parent threw me a disgusted look, which I duly slowly crumbling. In the face of such mediocrity, confronted by ignored as I was too busy trying not to blow a big, fat raspberry snot-smeared jumpers and eye bags that seem to touch my jaw at the uber-mother who has a bi-lingual child. My son is learning bone, there is little room left for perfection. stuff under my tutelage. He can sing the Spiderman theme tune, for goodness sake. But the perfect parent would also take their I know that my Perfect Parent is the model of parental children on a range of exciting, educational and inspiring discipline. Because in my head, I set out to be firm but fair. My activities when they are all together for the day. Me, I choose children should understand that when I say 'no', I will only say it the local soft play area every week. Because a) I get a sit down, once and I mean it, and we will all harmoniously move on from b) with a coffee c) with friends and d) my son runs off with his the request to buy that bit of plastic tat from the shop without friend and leaves us in peace for a bit. issue, back chat or tantrum. The perfect parent inside does say 'no' only once. It is the parent on the outside that has to say it a I think we all probably have the Perfect Parent inside of us, the further eight more times before having to drag a small child out parent we dream of being when we are first expecting a child, of the shop whilst bending to whisper-shout in his ear that if he when the delights of dealing with your offspring have yet to be doesn't stop whinging and pretend-crying about the crappy made a reality and you can see no earthly reason why you water pistol, he will be in Big Trouble. I know for a fact that the would not always be consistent with your discipline and can Perfect Parent never has to whisper-shout, that thing I do in confidently vow never to use confectionery as a legitimate way public when I want to shout at my son, but to do so with to persuade your child to get into the bloody car right now. It's onlookers would be the ultimate admission of my mothering just that some Perfect Parents are better hidden than others. mediocrity, so resort to whispering as loudly as I can right next Mine is currently lying under a pile of rubble, so deeply buried to his ear. I know that every time I do it, the Perfect Parent no one can hear her scream. Certainly not above my bloody cringes at my parental ineptitude, before a little bit of her shouting, they can't. shrivels up and dies. ___________________________________________________ Which brings me to shouting in general. The Perfect Parent would not shout. Because we all know that shouting is just you admitting that you have lost. Both the argument and the plot. But hey, that doesn't stop me. Take the other night, putting my four year old to bed. He suddenly decided, for no particular reason other than everything was going to bit too swimmingly, to refuse to get into bed.
Read more from Jodie Newman on her weekly blog, Mothering Frights: and get Womb with a View, her debut book about her experience of pregnancy and motherhood, from: about parenthood, sometimes even put in the right order.

I am the perfect parent. Okay, I may have to qualify that. I have the Perfect Parent, inside my head. I would like to think it she dying to get out, but I fear she may just be dying.

"Come on, into bed please. Now." I keep my tone as light as my irritation will allow, trying hard to convince myself that this is You can follow Mothering Frights at @motheringfright for more words 41 Baby Buzz Magazine l

Who is behind the H+H’s product? Harris+Hoole is run by me and my siblings Andrew and Laura. Our coffee is the result of our experience founding Taylor St Baristas and it’s looked after by Andrew who is our resident coffee expert and was head judge at this year’s UK Barista Championships. Laura handles the look and feel of our stores and she works to ensure each store is a unique and comfortable place to hang out and I handle the business side of things. How did the company get started? Our dream is to bring high quality coffee to the British high street, but to realise our vision we needed financial support. We had a great opportunity to partner with Tesco who recognised our ambition and have taken a noncontrolling stake in Harris+Hoole to help us grow. What is the company about? At the heart of what we do is our passion for great coffee. We want to offer our customers the best coffee available in a friendly and relaxing environment. All our stores also work hard to make sure they are contributing to their local community. Our stores put on regular community events, offer space to local artists, host open-mic nights, support local charities and even provide venues for yoga and pilates classes. We also look to stock products from local suppliers wherever possible and have built some terrific relationships with a range of small, local businesses. We also believe the key to providing our customers with a great experience is our people and that’s why we provide some of the best training in the industry to all our baristas to ensure they are all masters of their craft before they serve a coffee to a customer. Our people are at the heart of our business and we want everyone involved in Harris+Hoole to feel part of our extended family. What has been the highlight of starting the business? For me, our best achievement has been bringing new people into the fold who really buy in to who we are and what we do. Everyone in our business is dedicated to providing better coffee and a better coffee experience and I’m really proud of that. What has been the downside of starting the business? It’s been a great experience so far, but perhaps the most disheartening thing is being judged purely by association. We’re really proud of what we do and we hope people form their opinions about us having come in to see what we offer. You have backing from one of the most influential brands recognised all over the world, Tesco, was this always your intention to approach them? Our deal with Tesco is an unusual way of funding a start-up business and it’s tough to obtain funding through conventional channels, so it was great when we got an opportunity to speak to them. We were excited that Tesco shared our vision for the business and was prepared to back us.

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Did you know that you needed someone as influential as them to get the brand to where you are now? We knew that we would need to secure financial backing to grow as we wanted, but not necessarily through doing a deal with a retailer. Since we’ve been working with Tesco they’ve been a great partner and they have provided really helpful support in some of our back office functions like property and logistics while giving us space to grow and run our business as we see fit. You have broken into what is a fierce industry, what makes you different from the other baristas? The coffee industry in the UK is big and it’s growing so we feel there’s plenty of room for a new player in the market that offers high-quality coffee in a great environment. We’re bringing artisanal quality coffee to the high street for the first time and we hope people will see what we mean when they try their first cup with us. We’re also working hard to ensure all our stores are unique so customers feel they are part of what we do and that their local store is in keeping with their area. Would you change anything about Harris + Hoole? Not at all! We’ve got a great team here and we’re really happy with our offer. What do you want to achieve for Harris + Hoole in the future, hopes and aspirations? There’s certainly lots to do, but our main objective is to continue to grow and give more people a chance to try our great tasting coffee. Our stores are already doing great work with their local communities to make the high street a more exciting place to be and we want to continue this in our second year. Our In Good Company scheme (which offers loyalty cards that can be filled up by local businesses) worked really well so far and we want to extend this to more stores. We’re also working hard on our app which launched in August and allows customers to order ‘my usual’ whichever store they’re in. We’re going to continue to develop the app and hope eventually to allow customers to pay for their coffee through their phone. What would your advice be to anyone wanting to start up their own business? A business needs to have a heart, principles and substance. And it needs to deliver real value to its customers and its community. If you can tick all these boxes, then success is sure to follow.

Southgate Crouch End Barnet North Finchley Highbury Amersham

Tooley Street London Wall Canon Street

Twickenham St Margarets Pinner Osterley Imperial Wharf Ealing

Uxbridge Ruislip

Rickmansworth Watford

Walton-On-Thames Guildford

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Gardening with Dawn Isaac
By Dawn Isaac, garden designer and writer specialising in children's gardening -

Smart Growing
Reaping the Harvest After all your hard work this summer, it's now time to enjoy the bounty. This is probably the most exciting part of all for children - having the chance to taste all that they've grown. And best of all, even the fussiest children who turn up their noses at anything green are often tempted to sample their own produce. The first rule is - be alert. It's worth checking everyday, particularly with fruit, to see if crops are ready. In fact plants such as raspberries or peas and beans will produce bigger yields if they are regularly picked. Children are always eager to help so why not give them their own collecting container (preferably named) and let them patrol the borders. It's worth accompanying them if you can as ripe fruit can be very good at playing hide and seek. And when you've harvested your fruit and veg, why not make something delicious with your produce? Milkshakes work brilliantly as a way to use up fruit gluts, multi-coloured salads are great to showcase all your different lettuce varieties and edible flowers and why not try some muffins and cakes with added vegetable flavourings such as carrots or beetroot? You could even create a whole range of treats for a celebratory garden picnic. Of course the best way of all to enjoy your crops is straight from the garden. Raspberries, strawberries, carrots, salad leaves, peas, apples, plums - pick them when ripe, give them a quick wash if necessary, and munch on them raw. And don't forget you can also harvest seeds. This will save you money next year as well as being the perfect way to show children a plant's life cycle. The first thing to do is let one or two vegetables "run to seed" or "bolt". This is when the plant throws up a main shoot and flowers. When the flower has been pollinated, usually be bees, it will die off and from that spot the seeds will form. Some of the best ones to try are lettuce (with it's fluffy topped seeds designed to fly on the wind), radishes (with pods full of seeds), pot marigolds (with c-shaped, good-sized seeds) and beans (with pods that split open to fling out the seeds when ripe). Homemade seed packets are also fun to make with children. You can create the packet itself from plain envelopes which you've decorated. Make sure you have included the name of the crop and some growing instructions. If you have lots you could even gift some to friends and encourage them to get growing with you next year. 44 Baby Buzz Magazine l

What to harvest this month:
Aubergines Beetroot Summer cabbage Calabrese Salads Chillies Tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes Potatoes and sweetcorn French and runner beans Onions, garlics and shallots Strawberries Blackberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, raspberries and gooseberries Plums and damsons Early apples and pears Pumpkins and squash

Gardening with Dawn Isaac

This project is from Dawn's book - Garden Crafts for Children (CICO RRP £14.99)

September project: Ice Bowl
If you want to have a really special tea outside, this is a great way to impress your friends and family. Choose your favourite leaves or flowers and create a spectacular ice bowl. Not only is the bowl a lovely way to serve freshly picked fruit, it will also keep it perfectly chilled.

2 plastic bowls, one slightly larger than the other small jug selection of flowers or leaves towel large stones sticky tack crepe bandages aluminum foil
1. Take the larger of the two plastic bowls and fill it with water sing the jug to a depth of about 5cm. Ask a grown up to put the bowl in the freezer for a few hours until the water has frozen solid. 2. Take the bowl out of the freezer when the water has frozen. Start wetting your chosen flowers or leaves and then place them around the inside of the bowl. The wetness will help them to stick to the sides. 3. When you have added your selection of flowers or leaves, put the second bowl side the first one and place both of them on top of a towel (this will help mop up any spillages). 4. Put the large stones in the smaller bowl. This will help to keep the small bowl weighted down as the water freezes. 5. Take four equally sized lumps of sticky tack and place them around the edge of the larger bowl at even intervals. Mold them over the to of the rim so that they stay in place ad act as buffers to hold the smaller bowl at an equal distance on all sides. 6. Take two lengths of crepe bandage. Place the first under the two bowls and tie as tightly as possible on the top. Do the same with the second bandage at right angles to the first. 7. Pour in water using your small jug to fill up the gap between the two plastic bowls. Keep pouring carefully until the water level nearly reaches the top. 8. Ask a grown up to put the bowls back in the freezer carefully. You will have to be patient now and leave your ice bowl to freeze overnight. Next day, ask your grown-up to take the bowls out of the freezer. Stand them on a towel and leave them for a few minutes until you are able to loosen the bowls. Carefully untie the bandages and take out your finished ice bowl. If you are not using the bowl straight away, then you can store it in the freezer wrapped in aluminum foil.

You will need

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home interiors ltd


Pebble Home Interiors

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Calming Colic by Christian Bates
As a lot of parents will know, having a baby can be a stressful and trying time. This can be pushed to the extreme limits if your little one suffers from Colic. What is Colic you might ask? Well, if you take the description directly from the NHS, it is this: “Colic is a common, but poorly understood, condition that affects babies. The most common symptom of colic is excessive and inconsolable crying in a baby that otherwise appears to be healthy and well-fed.” I have been blessed that neither of my daughters suffered from this, but I have heard the horror stories of just how devastating it can be. We were contacted by Christian Bates, Osteopath & Naturopath who opened his award winning clinic in Haywards Heath in 2008, where he treats babies for colic and other birth traumas. It is his reputation with the local midwives and health visitors and no doubt his in depth knowledge and expertise that has led to him being the main destination of referrals. If you search the internet, you only read what every parent dreads to read “the cause of colic is unknown” or “there is no cure for colic”. Christian sent us a copy of his book “Calming Colic, How to help the 10 Causes of Colic” and I was amazed at the research that has been detailed, from what colic is to the various birth traumas that can be a causing factor. The book pulls no punches and doesn’t claim to be a quick fix but certainly covers every possibility using case history’s. There are also numerous techniques on what you can do to help yourself and your baby with additional dietary recommendations and diaries to monitor the severity of colic your child is suffering from.

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What is ‘Normal’ Birth?
We live in a culture where the current maternity services are geared to try and ensure the safest possible outcome, so there is a structure of policies, protocols and procedures that are there to help guideline safe practice. Add to this the fact that we do have a midwifery crisis, and that many of the hospital maternity units are working at way over the capacity they were built for. This is part of the picture of why we see a significant proportion of intervention labours. Our modern women are also at their capacity, often working right up into late pregnancy, often coming into their labours without much reserve energies, often feeling concerned or fearful, which has a dynamic influence on the chemistry of their labouring hormones, sometimes to the point of inhibiting the labours progress. This is part of the picture of why we see a significant proportion of intervention labours. I believe that when women describe that they are wanting to have a ‘natural’ birth, that on a deeply essential level what this really means is that they wish to come in to the place that is a normal part of birthing, whereby as they are handed their baby in that first moment that they will experience a rush of such pure love and joy quickly followed by a There is a really interesting debate going on amongst midwives and huge surge of triumph. birth supporters at the moment, asking what is the right word or phrase to describe ‘normal’ birth? But before we can answer that, we This is the most natural moment of a labour. have to ask, well, just what is a normal birth? I believe that what makes a birth both natural and normal is to reach What is normal for one woman may not be normal for another. Does this place of feeling this absolute sense of achievement, of normal mean natural? Is natural everyone’s normal? Can a caesarean accomplishment, a triumph of having endured the arduous process of ever be classed as normal? And what about the entire spectrum of birthing, and to have emerged with that precious wee babe in your different birth experiences in between? Just how should we classify arms. It matters not what avenues that may need to take, what what is normal? This was the question posed by midwife Sheena matters is that at each stage of the labour, from one step to the next, Byrom OBE who set up a twitter debate to ask ‘what word should we if you are making decisions and choices that you feel confident are the use to define vaginal birth without intervention?’ The key concern at right way for your baby to be born, this is the process that will take you the heart of the discussion is the question “ if we use the word normal, to that most natural and normal of places, whereby you feel that your will that promote disappointment in women who will then feel that birth was the right kind of birth for you. they ‘failed’ to achieve a normal birth if they did need some intervention help to deliver their baby?” We need to work together as a culture, both as birthing parents and as birth providers and supporters to change this either/or attitude to In reading through the debate responses, the shining factor that kept whether an intervention is normal or not, and instead let us all focus coming up was the recognition that it is the birth EXPERIENCE that is on helping parents to have birthing experiences that will bring that most important, not how the baby was birthed. rush of joy and triumph in knowing that your child is safely delivered and that you have been heroic in the attempt to bring this baby forth. My favourite comment in reading the transcript was ‘would we ask, did you have a normal baby? Then why ask, did you have a normal birth?? I do not wish to in any way diminish the fact that many women are not experiencing this surge of triumph. We need to look carefully at how The phrase which I was taught when I trained with Michel Odent was our maternity services are providing care and reflect on the myriad of the idea that every woman has a capacity for ‘normal physiologic birth’. ways that it is not being as well managed as it could and should be. It is What I have always appreciated about this description is that I feel it consistently heartening to be aware that there is dissatisfaction within encapsulates the fact that every woman is different, and that what is the midwifery community, and please know that a great many normal for her is completely unique to her physiology, to the size and wonderful midwives are doing their very best to help improve the shape of her pelvis and her pelvic outlet, to the size and shape of her current culture. baby, according to what position that baby is in according to the space and place where she is giving birth, according to the trust or fear she We also need though to look at the expectation of mothers and fathers may be experiencing, according to, according to, according to… approaching birth, and help to find a way forward out of this either/or language and come to a place where we can begin to realise that a All the factors that affect birthing women are a complex of both normal birth experience is whatever it may be that your particular internal and external influences that are driving what is a much physiology requires, and that the most natural part of a labour is that heightened hormonally mastered physiologic experience. It seems to moment when you first hold your child. me that it should not matter so much what happens in respect the various ways she may be helped in birthing that baby, BUT, it matters Website: in a most crucial way HOW that help is given.

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Mr Ma
By Lawrence McGrandles Jnr Of all the many splendid ways to start a summer holiday my least favourite is the “pack the car the night before and set off at dawn” approach. In fact I have so far managed to avoid this at all costs on both, count them, the family holidays we have taken. So when we prepared for our “big holiday,” a trip to the old country, Ireland it was definitely not going to involve leaving at dawn! Our original itinerary as drawn up by my other half was cleverly constructed to give us a leisurely three and a half hour drive to Wales, a couple of days with her sister and family then on the morning of our ferry crossing a quick one and a half hours jaunt into Holyhead. Easy. At this point I should explain that my other half has a Masters in itineraries. In fact I once described all the different things we had seen and done on a visit to Paris shortly after we were married only to be called a liar as we had only been there for a weekend and not the two weeks it would have taken to carry out the itinerary I had described.

and eventually we started to feel a little more human. Tuesday morning arrived and with it the promise of sick free travel. We loaded up the car, again, and set off for Holyhead. The drive and crossing were great with the ferry only taking two hours as it was a very fancy Sea Cat. Only later did I learn that they are renowned for breaking down. But as luck would have we got across safe and sound and landed into Ireland ready to drive, drive, drive. The journey down to West Cork was fairly uneventful and Monkey number one and Monkey number two were very good, probably in large part due to the portable DVD players they each had. Neither of which had headphones meaning that we in the front seats were treated to a radio play which featured Nemo being found by Scooby Doo and the rest of the gang. I can not recommend highly enough the personal entertainment system for kids on a big drive. Even if you forget all your luggage and money and tickets DO NOT forget the entertainment system. We arrived at our destination and as with all holidays we let out a collective sigh as we shrugged off reality in favour of holiday life.

We stayed with an aunt of mine who gives self reliance a swift kick in the backside and tells it to pull it’s socks up. In the 1950s she built her house, literally built it as in she made the blocks from scratch and then laid them! With the kids in their rooms and some of the many many things we had crammed into the car and (borrowed) top box unpacked we had a cup of tea and planned our visits. Visits to family, of which I have A LOT, visits to interesting guide book places, of which there are a lot and general holiday loafing. In the eleven days we were on holiday As I said, a Masters in it. First on our list was a Thomas Day Out in we managed to rack up one thousand four hundred and fifty miles of Llangollen. This is where a full size steam loco done up in the style and driving. colours of Thomas The Tank Engine steams up and down a section of track and gives people a chance to ride in the carriages. This was a treat As with all good things our holiday came to an end and yet again I found for monkey number one as one of his “things” is steam trains, which is myself being forced to utilise the “pack the car the night before and set very common among children on the autistic spectrum. The fact that I off at dawn” approach. This time though we set off at eight in the and my brother in law both get a kick out of it is a happy coincidence morning and a mere sixteen hours later arrived home in London! The and source of endless amusement to my wife. We were due to leave kids were amazing and did everything without too much complaint London on Saturday afternoon, drive up to Wales and have the whole although the promise of chips was often mentioned to maintain order. day Sunday to enjoy Llangollen, Thomas and all the steamy delights. Eventually to prevent a possible riot we paused briefly in Newport and Unfortunately this is where it all fell apart. Monkey number one was had our chips. violently ill and so we couldn’t leave on Saturday. This meant either we leave first thing Sunday morning or say goodbye to the fairly expensive Finally we arrived home and needless to say the little ones were family tickets we had bought in advance for Thomas. This put me in a absolutely disgusted as they had decided that they wanted to go dreadful quandry, get up at dawn and drive four hours to wales versus Nana’s house rather than home. Which just goes to show that when it waste all the money we had paid in advance and try to quell the comes to comfort and the warm feeling of being home there’s no place disappointment of not seeing the steam trains. It should be noted the like Nana’s, there’s no place like Nana’s. disappointment would be mine alone as we have long since taken to keeping major events like meeting Thomas The Tank Engine in real life a secret in case they do not happen as having to listen to fourteen hours of “why can’t we see Thomas” is a bit much to take. In the end we opted for the dreaded morning departure. We arrived in Wales only forty five minutes behind our original schedule so my wife was only partially agitated and the sight of Thomas puffing up the track as we walked to the station soon made everyone forget their worries. The day was wonderful and we were in a great frame of mind for the next leg of our journey the next day. To borrow heavily from the Thomas stories, then there was trouble. That night my wife was violently sick. Then I was violently sick. Then my wife was violently sick. Then I, well you get the idea. For the first time in the ten years we have been married my wife and I were both incapacitated through illness. Add to that the fact that in a few short hours we were due to drive to Holyhead and get on board a boat, a boat for goodness sake, it was all looking a bit grim. Luckily we had paid an extra ten pounds on the booking for a flexibility option and that was the best ten pounds we ever spent! We changed the booking online and arranged to go the day after our original departure day, intestines permitting. My wife’s sister and her family looked after us as we crawled, groaned and shambled around like underpaid zombie extras

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Back to School

Can you believe the summer holidays are almost over? Whether you are preparing yourself (as well as your child) to starting school and getting your children ready for school life or getting them ready for the start of a new year, there are lots to think about and plenty of things that need to be bought ! From school bags to lunch boxes and accessories to stationery must haves, we’ve teamed up with IdeasNetwork to source the most practical, funkiest, fun and essential products to help you on your way…(there’s also something for the “older” child or perhaps even yourself with the stunning original Filofax!)…


Courtesy of the fabulous micro-scooters is what we at Baby Buzz have affectionately nicknamed the “kiddy kit”. The set comprises of a micro-scooter, helmet, backpack and lunch bag What better way to get your little one to school in style! (for the complete set).. I wonder if there is one for my age …

Vertbaudet are renowned for their stylish fashion and home-wares but they also have a great selection of back to school products and storage accessories to help keep your children organised. This set of three storage baskets are suitable for everyone whether starting school or returning back to school and are for the set.

The Sistema Davina bottles have a unique Twist 'N' sip lockable cap which is leak-proof (but also provides a more hygienic way to drink), and seeing as they are stored in your child’s lunch bag for long periods of time this can only be a good thing! The Davina bottle is the perfect size for adults and children alike. The ribbed, curved body makes it easy to grip, they look funky and at Cargo Home Shop. are lightweight.

Once your little one starts school they are going to need a little workspace of their own. Why not start with this extremely affordable option.


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Back to School
Have you had the “When can I have a mobile phone?” question yet. We’ve seen children from as young as eight being given the latest in handsets and ultimately they don’t last too long or get looked after too well! So you’ve decided that yes, the time is right. Well what do you go for? You want something reliable and hardwearing but won’t break the bank and won’t break in two minutes!. That’s where Vodafone comes in to play. They recently launched the new Smart Mini for just £50.00. It isn’t super high tech but what it does provide is a great smartphone that satisfies the parents needs and also the child. For more information, please visit:

A fun, compact size retro schoolbook design with a tactile matt cover that you can write your name and details on. No diary is included, so it is ideal as a notebook or add your own choice of diary. Part of the Filofax File range.

You have to love the original Filofax! Filofax is instantly recognisable anywhere you go but now it’’s available with a colourful twist!.


The iconic design, created with a simple one-piece thick leather cover, slightly rounded corners and strap with gel popper cap, is worked with extra thick leather and uses traditional construction techniques. The personal organisers are made by a UK factory who piece together the components by hand, using thick thread to carefully stitch them together.
The Original Filofax)

Get yours now, with

(prices based on

Make keeping track of appointments or lessons or social outings fun with a huge array of diaries and notepads from the Noteletts range from Letts.

A bit of fun for the child or adult that wears glasses. Keep them protected and scratch free with this wooden glasses holder.


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Exclusive Reviews
Baby Buzz Magazine is always looking for products that provide style, comfort and most importantly great value for money. When I first launched the magazine, I came face to face with so many products that I found myself bewildered, not knowing where to look first and, if I thought that, then how on earth did a new parent know what to get? Sure there are lists all over the internet and the Bounty Packs that we all get, but they all differ and you ultimately end up buying so many things you just don’t need. Every week I have people ask me “What’s the best buggy / travel system / pushchair etc? And each time I say the same thing. It really depends on your budget and what style you require. There are so many factors whether the parents are tall, small, double buggy, single etc. At my very first baby show, I came across the Hauck brand and from then on I’ve been an avid fan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a preacher that you have to buy Hauck but I feel strongly about this particular brand, simply because you get a fantastic product at a fraction of the price you would pay for similar other branded products. This month we were given the privilege of reviewing two of the latest products that Hauck have launched. The first is the dual, four wheel pushchair, the Duett and the second is the Hauck Beta Highchair. If you have bought or are considering purchasing a Hauck product, we would love to know your reasons behind it and what you think of the product that you bought. Email your comments to us at PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Maximum number of children: Type of pushchair: Converts to a single or double: Minimum age in seat: Carrycot available from birth: Car seat compatible with: Raincover included: Safety harness: Seating positions:
What we thought: The Duett is a tandem, double seat buggy. As with previous Hauck pushchair’s that we’ve reviewed, the assembly is extremely straight. Once the parts are taken of the box, it is a simple case of clicking the wheels, seats and canopy into place and “voila” you have a tandem system up and ready to go. The Duett is one of the most versatile pushchair’s on the market today as you can create many different combinations that can be tailored to suit your needs. The Duett is suitable from 6 months+, of course the car seat makes it suitable from birth and the top push chair converts into a carry cot with a clever play with the straps underneath. Our first impressions were great and so we delved a little deeper… What is the assembly like? The unit is very easy to put together and can be used as either a single or double system, whilst being sleek and stylish. Great to have both seat units and mattress for the carrycot included in the price. Is it easy to handle? Extremely easy! For a double unit, manoeuvrability is very smooth. We expected it to weigh a fair bit more than some of the single travel systems we have reviewed over the months, but it really isn’t that much heavier yet feels sturdy. What car seat is the Duett compatible with? The Hauck 0+ car seat is compatible with the Duett. No adapters are needed as it simply clicks into place. The car seat is also one of the most affordable car seats on the market at just £79.99.


Two Tandem (Inline) Yes 6 Months+ Yes seat unit converts Hauck Car Seat 0+ No 5 Point Safety Harness Forward and Reverse

Is it cost effective? The Duett is a tandem unit and can be bought from as little as £240.00 depending on which website you look at. You don’t get additional extras but considering how much you are saving, you can afford to be fussy and buy these separately. How practical is it? The unit is quite bulky and heavy but considering you are carrying two children, you want the sturdiness to protect your cargo! The front wheels are a little small and trying to tilt the pushchair back to get up on kerbs is a little hard and requires a little strength. Looking at the base seat you feel that the child will be too close to the top seat unit but actually it is very much a case of looks being deceiving and there is adequate room to sit comfortably. Perhaps the only concern would be the carrycot being used facing towards the parent that the child below would be a little tight on space. Additionally if you are using the pushchair as a single unit you get an amazing amount of storage in the basket, this does diminish to about 1/3 once the bottom seat is put into place. Will the system fit into the boot of a standard family car? It will fit into most boot spaces, as long as the seats are taken out of the frame, but it is bulky and won’t leave a great deal of space for anything else. What age is it suitable from? The pushchair is recommended from 6 months but with the top seat unit converting into a carrycot and the option of adding a car seat, then this would be suitable from birth also. This wouldn’t be practical from birth for twins but if you have a toddler and a newborn this would be perfect. Anything Else? The pushchair works on so many levels due to the flexibility of seating options and coupled with the affordability makes it one of the best double buggies on the market.

Baby Buzz Rating: 4.8/5

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Exclusive Reviews

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Minimum age: Cleanable: Maximum Weight: Suitable for: Base Material: Measurements: Height Adjustable: Accessories: back 6 Months+ Yes 90kgs! Baby, Toddler, Child and Adult Wood 58 x 48 x 78 cm Yes Food tray, food bar, seat and cushions

Quite simply this is the definition of value for money! What other product can you buy that will cost less than £100 and will last from 6 months to adulthood? Answer: Nothing! I’ve seen a few products similar to this but at multiple times the price. First impressions are excellent! What is the assembly like? I am no DIY expert but I managed to put this together with relative ease. I did have to read the instructions and refer back to them a few times, but in total it took me about 25 minutes to put together. Is it easy to use? As a high chair it does everything it needs to do. With the addition of the large, solid food tray, it also provides ample space for reading a book or playing with toys. Is it cost effective? I am yet to find a product that is as cost effective as the Beta High Chair, I couldn’t recommend this highly enough! How practical is it? The high chair is tidy, compact and fits nicely in any room. The highchair comes with a food tray giving ample space for eating from or indeed playing from but there is also a food bar that allows a child to be integrated into meal times at the dinner table. For the old child no bars are necessary and it transforms into an adjustable, very funky looking, chair. What age is it suitable from? The highchair is suitable from approximately 6 months. Anything Else? I think it’s safe to say that the high chair is a firm favourite. My little one loves it, whether it’s the novelty of having something new to play with or just she feels nice and comfy in her chair, who knows. Hauck have also made a contribution to environmental protection with the Beta highchair: the processed wood comes from sustainably managed European beech wood cultivation. 53 Baby Buzz Magazine l

Baby Buzz Rating: 4.8/5

BABY BUZZ MAGAZINE ** BEST BUY at £59.99** Baby Buzz Rating: 5/5

News & Reviews


Each month we review an amazing selection of new and innovative products and clothing and this month is no different! From trainers to hair cream and toys to milk machines…read what we thought and what “Baby Buzz Rating” we gave each product… Would you like to join our Focus Group? Sign up now at
Editor: As a mum, I am always on the look out for wholesome, non-harmful products for my girls. You see so many products aimed at our children that have parabens and other harmful additives that seem to be hidden until you’ve either used half of the product or there’s a sudden news flash. It was at a recent PR launch that we came across Hip Peas, who have launched a new line of hair care products all of which are made with non-toxic ingredients and are fused with natural botanicals. As great as this is, it is ultimately in the test of a product as to how good it really is. We were sent the “Curl Tamer” and anyone who knows my oldest daughter can confirm that she has the most amazing tight corkscrew curls. Sadly, any parent will tell you that curls mean tangles and tangles mean “ouch”! The curl tamer can be used on damp or dry hair and promises to enhance waves and curls to make them silky, soft and manageable. We have used the product for a couple of weeks now and will happily continue to use it as it does exactly what it states on the packaging. The product doesn’t leave the hair greasy or sticky and leaves a nice healthy bounce. Definitely one to recommend to our readers and their curly haired little ones. Price: £13.95 If you would be interested in buying any of the products they have to offer, please visit: Editor: When it comes to fun we are always looking for new and innovative ideas and products and were thrilled when we were sent the cutest little turtle as part of the Maya Original range. The products are a range of children based themes i.e. cup and ball, chicken and eggs, spindle tops, trains, sausage dog and so much more. The difference between these and other similar products is that the toys are all eco friendly. The products are produced by a process called Lacware. Lacware refers to wooden articles that are turned on the lathe and finished with Lac (a non-toxic natural resin secreted by tiny insects which is found on certain trees). The wood for making the toys comes fro non-forest and agricultural land in and around Channapatna, India. Usually the entire tree is not felled and the tree grows back. This is a perfectly safe wood that has been used by artisans traditionally. When the box arrived we unpacked the cutest little turtle which is fantastic quality and handed him to our littlest one. She instantly fell in love with him and he was dragged all over the house and even into her cot! The products range in price but are not expensive with our little turtle, which is part of a set of 3 (Ma, Me & Pa) available from just £12.99. To see the full background behind this wonderful company and all the other products available, please visit: Eve: We were given a pair of the newly launched Skribbies to try with my four year old son. When they were delivered there was a great deal of excitement!! You can imagine the horror though of having two boys and only one pair of shoes, this was never going to be a pleasant experience but we persevered and took them out of the box to have a look. When my little one (who is just two) realised that the shoes weren’t for him he was devasted. My older son loved the fact that he could actually draw on his shoes, coupled with the fact that he got a new set of pens and stickers to to go with them was just the best thing ever!! We drew elephants and dinosaurs on our trainers in different colours and we honestly just love them. We won't wear them when it rains as we don't want them dirty but we are very happy with our shoes and proud to wear our drawings and show them off to all! Hurrah!! Our only criticism “Please make smaller sizes!!”. Thank you Eve for such a fabulous review, we too love the concept of these trainers and 100% agree with you that they should be made in smaller sizes. Many of the parents in my Focus Group spoke very positively about the product, but almost all of them had children who would require smaller sizes. Prices start from £35.95 and are available in sizes from Junior Size 10 to UK 3. There are a selection of colourways to suit boys and girls Pink/Red, Neon Yellow / Black and Blue/Navy. We’ve given this 4/5 purely because many people have stated they would like a bigger size range, otherwise it’s brilliant!

Baby Buzz Rating: 5/5

Baby Buzz Rating: 4/5


Baby Buzz Rating: 4/5

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News & Reviews
Editor: We all know that feeling, when our littlest one demands a feed and you have to quench that thirst, NOW! If you’ve decided to bottle feed or are combination feeding with both bottle and breast then this could be the answer to your prayers! Tommee Tippee have recently launched the “Perfect Prep”. This wonderful little gadget is the “espresso” machine for babies. The machine provides an initial hot shot of water which kills any bacteria that may be present in the formula powder and helps dissolve the formula easily. Once the balance of water has been added to the hot shot, the feed will be ready to serve at body temperature, just like breast milk and this all happens in just 2 minutes. The “Perfect Prep” works with any brand of powdered formula milk and features an adjustable base for different bottle shapes & sizes. The “Perfect Prep” can be purchased online from £79.99 from a number of retailers. For further information on the “Perfect Prep” please visit: We also have one of these amazing gadgets to give away this month, so see page 6 and enter for your chance to win! Editor: We are staying with Tommee Tippee for a little longer as, in tribute to the recent royal birth of Prince George, they have launched a “Limited Edition” range of baby bottles with two designs to choose from. Little Prince, which features a baby blue screw ring and palace guards logo; and Little Princess, which features a pink screw ring and royal carriage logo. Both are available to buy individually or as a pair in a gift pack that includes a matching limited edition soother. The Limited Edition collection are only available from Mothercare, so get yours whilst you can! They are absolutely gorgeous! We have a few to give out at our next Focus Group so keep an eye out for the next scheduled meeting. Editor: For more information, please visit: This year we’ve attended a fair amount of shows and exhibitions and each time I’m more and more amazed at the products that are being launched. When you see them you think “of course, that makes sense” or “what a fabulous idea, why didn’t I think of that?” This is one of those times. The Babycup range of open drinking cups allows your baby or toddler to sip rather than suck. Babycup's colourful mini cups are translucent so your child can see inside and are perfectly shrunken for little hands and little mouths. BPA & phthalates free, they are non-toxic, dishwasher and steam steriliser safe. Babycup open baby cups have the thumbs up from dentists and orthodontists. Whilst at first they might look really small, they really do help small hands get to grips with handling a cup. We asked a group of mums to try out the BabyCups and to give us their opinions. Frances: At first glance, these looked just too small to work and I thought it would be treated as a toy, but the more my son used the cup, the more he adjusted really well to it. We give him the cup at every mealtime to get him used to using a proper cup as opposed to his bottle or sippy cup and we are confident that when the time comes to give up his bottle and sippy cup he will do so with ease (Mummy of 10 month old son) Clare: We were very doubtful that this product would really work, but it really is very easy to use and more importantly to get used to, we’ve only been using it for a few weeks, but so far so good and we’ll continue to report how we get on (Mummy to daughter, 8 months). For someone who lives in flip flops come rain or shine as much as I’m loathed to admit it, my feet suffer for it! My sister started using the Face & Body Rescue Cream on her feet and unbelievably there has been a noticeable difference almost immediately. I decided to give it a go and see if it really could work on extremely dry feet and am amazed to say that this starts working instantly leaving my feet feeling soft and moisturised. We will keep you posted next month with further reviews on this product from some of our other parents, but if this is anything to go by, we are sure it will be fantastic for everyone who uses it.


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News & Reviews

Baby Buzz Getting there in style…
One of the tasks we’ve set ourselves this year is to find some of without any restriction. The doors have secure locking ability to prethe best, most affordable family cars on the market. We were vent the doors being opened by the child, which is a comfort. delighted to review one of the latest offerings from the VW Boot space is fantastic and easily held our buggy plus left more than range - the new Golf S 1.2 litre TSI. First impressions of the car are quite simply WOW! We had the vehicle delivered to us on a gorgeous sunny morning and the white pristine paint shone in the sunlight, instantly I was intrigued. What surprised me the most, was that the car appeared a lot larger than I had envisaged and the interior gave more than ample space with room left to spare. When you have two children and have to take numerous accessories on every journey, this is a very good thing.
enough room for shopping, changing bags and anything else I could possibly want to add. With the stop/start technology, on more than one occasion my oldest daughter asked if the car was still switched on. I’ve since discovered an additional feature on the latest models is the function of stopping at lights the car being kept in standstill mode until ready to accelerate. The car, when in motion, is smooth, quiet, an operates effortlessly. You can also expect great fuel consumption achieving anything from 47.9 mpg to 65.7 mpg dependent on journey. Would I Buy One?

The car was very easy to adjust to and felt extremely comforta- Without a shadow of a doubt! The basic model, which we reviewed, has more than adequate features, but there are additional extras i.e. ble to handle.
Engine capacity (litres / cc) 1.2 / 1197 (4 cylinders, 16 valves) Power output (PS @ rpm) 105@ 5,000 Max torque (lbs ft/Nm@rpm)129 / 175@ 1,550-4,100 Top speed (mph) 119 0-62 mph (seconds) 10.2 Fuel economy (mpg) Urban – 47.9; Extra-urban – 65.7; Combined – 57.6 CO2 emissions (g/km) 114 Insurance group (1-50) 11 E Warranty 3 years / 60,000 miles; 3 years paint; 12 years body protection Breakdown assistance 1 year VW Assistance (UK & Europe) The vehicle also qualifies for a £30 tax disc, and places itself comfortably in the group 11 insurance bracket. What is it like? Fantastic! All of the standard features that build the Volkswagen reputation – comfort, refinement and usability are all clearly present in what is the basic model. The vehicle comes with a wide range of features from ABS, hydraulic brake assist, traction control, front and rear airbags, active head restraints, engine immobiliser, remote central locking, battery regeneration, stop/start capability, semi-automatic air conditioning, dust and pollen filters, front electric windows, mis-fuel prevention device, bluetooth telephone preparation, Composition Media system with 5.8 inch colour touchscreen, Isofix child seat preparation - to name but a few! Installation of the car seats really emphasised how much space we had in the rear of the Golf, with my youngest having ample room to move


alarm, alloy wheels, electric rear windows and parking sensors, but you do get Bluetooth with audio streaming and a DAB radio here, packed into a gorgeous shell. The Golf is one of those cars that will never die!

OTR Price: £18,160.00

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Funky Fashion


Rolling Stones “Tongue” Vest £18.00 (0/6 - 12/18 months)

Gorrillaz T-Shirt £18.00 (1/2 yrs - 9/10 yrs)

Batman Vest £16.00 (6/12 months - 12/18 months)

Star Wars £16.00 (0/6 months - 12/18 months)

Disney - Minnie Mouse T-Shirt £16.00 (5/6 yrs - 9/10 years)

Dr Who “Exterminate” T-Shirt £16.00 - Coming Soon! (3/4 yrs - 9/10 yrs)

Dr Seuss PJ’s £22.00 (1/2 yrs, 3/4 yrs, 5/6 yrs)

Gruffalo’s PJ’s £24.00 (1/2 yrs, 3/4 yrs, 5/6 yrs)

Kids Company BabyGrow £18.00 (0/6 months - 12/18 months)

571 Finchley Road Hampstead London NW3 7BN
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Vest £16.00 57 Baby Buzz Magazine l (0/6 months - 12/18 months)

020 7195 2234

Must Haves

OUR BABY BUZZ MUST HAVES FOR MUM AND MUM-2-BE 100 ml from £18.00 £75.00 From £49.99

The Carriwell Bra From £240.00 £79.99 £31.99

Face Glow

Picture Books from £27.99

From £35.00

30 ml From £39.00

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Must Haves

OUR BABY BUZZ MUST HAVES FOR BABIES AND CHILDREN £12.99 (Pk of 3) £14.99 From £35.90

Introducing CALAFANT, 100% recyclable cardboard models that are easy to build, fun to decorate and wonderful to play with!, From £6.95 - £117.95 uk £7.99 (Pk of 4)

Magic Mitten is the first ever handheld baby calming aid that plays settling white noise sounds that only your baby can hear. £39.99

From £49.00

From £20.00

From £120.00

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Special Mention

Septembers special mention..
This month we were generously supported in our quest to support a new mummy of twins who has had the most horrific year, by Inch Blue. If you haven’t heard of Inch Blue before, let me give you a brief introduction. “Inch Blue have created a world of fun and adorable soft leather baby shoes. Inch Blue is a family run business with 3 kids, a dog, a cat and bees and whilst based in South Wales on the edge of the Brecon Beacons, they are available to anyone and everyone via their simply fantastic website, showcasing an amazing array of stylish footwear and gifts. If supplying some wonderful gifts for the new mummy wasn’t enough, they also sent us a couple of pairs to review, which will be featured in the October issue. Keep an eye out for our review of what already looks like high quality, gorgeous shoes. To check them out for yourselves, please visit:

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Food & Recipes

Apricots give this chicken casserole a subtle sweet flavour kids love. This dish is great on its own or served with lightly steamed mange tout or French beans. Note: organic dried apricots do not contain sulphur dioxide (a chemical that preserves colour) so the fruits are naturally darker and have notes of caramel and molasses. In addition to being rich in vitamin A, dried apricots are a valuable source of iron and fibre.


150g chicken breast 100g carrot 100g sweet potato 50g white potato (such as Desireé) 30g organic dried apricots (such as Crazy Jacks) 12g onion 1 small garlic clove 1/4 tsp (1.25ml) flat leaf parsley 250ml fresh unsalted vegetable stock (click here for recipe) 5ml extra virgin olive oil (or rapeseed oil)

1 tin of Tuna 1 Pot of Little Dish Fresh Tomato and Veg sauce 3 Potatoes 4 stems of Broccoli Handful of fresh Spinach ½ Pepper ½ Onion Handful of Fresh Basil Crushed Black Pepper (Total Cost of Ingredients: £4.89)


Here’s what you do: Peel and finely chop onion and garlic. Heat oil in pan and add onion and finely chopped garlic; sauté onion and garlic on low heat until onion begins to soften and brown slightly. Chop chicken breast into bite size pieces and add to garlic and onion in pan. Stir thoroughly and cook for 5 minutes until chicken starts to brown. Peel and chop sweet potato, white potato and carrot into small cubes and add to pan. Stir thoroughly. Finely chop apricots. Add fresh unsalted vegetable stock and apricots to pan and bring to the boil. Turn down heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Add finely chopped flat leaf parsley and continue to cook at low heat for further 5 minutes or until vegetables and chicken are tender and cooked through. Makes 2 meals Tips If you prefer a thicker sauce, after finely chopping apricots, cover with 100ml of boiling water. Leave to stand a few minutes and then pour mixture into a blender (or use hand blender) and puree until you have a thick, smooth sauce. Then add this mixture to the pan and continue with recipe above.

Here’s what you do: Preheat the oven to 180’C Wash and peel the potatoes. Bring a pan of water to the boil. Chop the potatoes into cubes and place into the boiling water, power boil for 8 - 10 minutes. Bring another pan of water to the boil and cook broccoli for 3 minutes. Drain both the potatoes and the broccoli. Chop and dice the onion, pepper, spinach and basil. Place the chopped onions, peppers, spinach and basil into a deep casserole dish along with the broccoli and potatoes. Open the tin of tuna drain, empty the tuna into the casserole dish. Pour in 1 pot of Little Dish fresh Tomato & Veg sauce and mix through. Sprinkle some crushed black pepper over and stir through again. Place the casserole dish into the over and cook for 20 minutes. Enjoy!.

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Food & Recipes

Simplicity: Serves: Prep Time: Cooking time:

Simple 6-8 children or a family of 4 5 minutes 15 minutes

Simplicity: Serves: Prep Time: Cooking time:

Straightforward 6 children or a family of 4 25 minutes 15 minutes

Ingredients: 4 x 125g (4 1/2 oz) salmon fillets 145g (5 oz) fresh basil pesto 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice, to taste 40g (1 1/2 oz) fresh breadcrumbs (1 slice brown bread)


Method: 1. Preheat the oven to 200’C/400’F/Gas 6. 2. Check the salmon carefully for bones, using your fingers to feel for them. Give the salmon a quick rinse under cold water, pat dry, then lay the fillets side by side in a lightly oiled baking dish, skin-side down. 3. Combine the pesto, lemon juice and breadcrumbs in a small bowl, then spread over the salmon. Bake for about 15 minutes or until the salmon is cooked through. Test by inserting the tip of a knife into the flesh. When done, it will have lost its transparency and look opaque all through. Tip 1: Serve with rice, couscous or pasta and a green vegetable. Tip 2: Fresh breadcrumbs are easily made with a grater or hand blender.

2 x 150g (5 oz) cooked skinless chicken breasts 200g (7 oz) broccoli, chopped into florets 200g (7 oz) short pasta, such as penne or fusilli Knob unsalted butter 100g (3 1/2 oz) mushrooms, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, crushed 1-2 teaspoons dried herbs 25g (1 oz) plain flour 360ml (12 fl. oz) chicken stock with no added salt 120ml (4 fl. oz) whole milk 60g (2 oz) Gruyere cheese, grated Freshly ground black pepper 40g (1 1/2 oz) fresh breadcrumbs (1 slice of brown bread) 2 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan cheese
Method: 1. Preheat the oven to 220’C/425’F/Gas 7. 2. Dice the cooked chicken breasts and set aside. 3. Cook the broccoli in boiling water for 5 minutes; remove the broccoli using a slotted spoon and set aside. Return the water to the boil and cook the pasta for 10-12 minutes or according to the directions on the packet. Drain and set aside. 4. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a large saucepan over a medium heat; add the mushrooms, garlic, herbs and saute for 4 minutes. Add the flour before gradually adding the chicken stock and milk; give it a good stir with a whisk. Bring to the boil and cook for 5 minutes, until thick, stirring from time to time. Add the Gruyere, a pinch of pepper and stir well. Take the pan of the heat and stir in the cooked diced chicken. 5. Grease a casserole dish and put a layer of pasta on the bottom, roughly half. Put half the broccoli on top, followed by half the chicken mixture, then repeat with a second layer of each. Sprinkle the top with the breadcrumbs and grated Parmesan an bake for 15 minutes, until bubbling and golden brown. Tip 1: Spaghetti or tagliatelle works well in this dish if you are making it for older children or adults. Simply substitute 200g of long pasta for the short pasta. Leftovers freeze well for up to 30 days.

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Food & Recipes

Simplicity: Makes: Prep Time: Cooking time:

Straightforward 12 muffins 10 minutes 20 minutes

Simplicity: Serves: Prep Time: Cooking time:

Straightforward 8-10 children 15 minutes 45-50 minutes

Ingredients: 125g (4 1/2 oz) plain flour 60g (2 1/4 oz) wholemeal flour 60g (2 1/4 oz) rolled oats 60g (2 1/4 oz) brown sugar 3 teaspoons baking powder 60g (2 1/4 oz) blueberries 60g (2 1/4 oz) peeled and chopped apple 2 medium eggs 180ml (6 fl. oz) milk, plus a little extra if needed 40g (1 1/2 oz) unsalted butter, melted Method:
1. 2. Preheat the oven to 190’C/375’F/Gas 5. Grease a 12-hole muffin tin or line with paper cases. Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Add the fresh fruit and toss briefly so it gets a little coating of flour. Beat the eggs, milk and melted butter together, then pour over the dry ingredients. Fold lightly together, adding a touch more milk if the mixture feels a little dry. Don’t overbeat: the batter should be lumpy and moist, not smooth. Spoon the batter into the muffin tin, filling each hole/paper case about two-thirds full, and bake until cooked in the middle, about 20 minutes. Remove from oven and let rest for 10 minutes before taking the muffins out of the tin.

Ingredients: Butter, for greasing 100g (3 1/2 oz) light muscovado sugar 150ml (5 fl. oz) sunflower oil 2 large eggs 125g (4 1/2 oz) wholemeal plain flour 125g (4 1/2 oz) plain flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon mixed spice Juice of 1 orange, or 100 ml (3 fl. oz) orange juice 2 ripe bananas, mashed 125g (4 1/2 oz) carrots, grated 60g (generous 2 oz) raisins or sultanas

1. 2. Preheat the oven to 180’C/350’F/Gas 4. Lightly grease an 18-cm (7-inch) cake tin with butter. In a bowl, beat the sugar and oil together with a wooden spoon until smooth, then beat in the eggs, one at a time. Sift the flour, then add baking powder, mixed spice, orange juice and stir in well. Fold in the banana, carrots and sultanas or raisins. Pour the mixture in the cake tin and bake for 40-45 minutes, until the cake is well risen and firm to the touch. Let the cake cool for a few minutes, then turn out on to a wire rack to cool completely.




Tip: Also very good with raspberries and pears substituted for the blueberries and apple

Tip: If you fancy icing the cake - mix 200g of cold cream cheese with 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Beat in 80g of sifted icing sugar. Use a knife to ice the cake.

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Get Creative - Herts
For the August issue we are pleased to re-visit Jo Jingles and also to introduce our new regular creative page provider, generously provided by Creation Station. We aim to give you access to a range of fabulous babies & toddlers classes, arty days out and just plain fun groups to keep you occupied during school holidays. For Jo Jingles and Creation Station there are classes available Nationwide and should you be interested in attending one not within the area we have visited, please visit the respective websites for location details. Have you tried Jo Jingles? If not, go and try it! The classes exhude fun and the children have an absolutely amazing time! I attended a class run by the lovely Ursula and the children were mesmerised. She had them all dancing and clapping and singing and smiling, what more could you ask for?? So what is Jo Jingles all about you might ask? Well quite simply it introduces music, singing and movement to our pre-schoolers. This isn’t anything like what you would imagine, nothing is regimented or made to feel like our little ones are being bamboozled into doing something they simply don’t want to do. I was introduced to Ursula, who runs the classes in Cheshunt, Ware, Hertford, Hoddesdon and surrounding areas and decided to take my little one along to see what it was all about. I was amazed to see 17 children present. The atmosphere in the room was very much alive and the children were all very keento get started. With many years experience working as a nursery nurse and teacher in Rome, Ursula is thrilled to be running the Jo Jingles classes and brings a huge amount of exhuberance to the class. With a strong voice and commanding presence the children all warmed very much to her, and whilst my little girl was quite shy at first, within no time at all she was happy to be jumping about and participating in everything going on. The group consists of various activities involving many accessories and props and the music is loud whilst not unbearable and Ursula continues to make herself heard aiming clear instructions to the children. Whilst this all just sounds like the children are having fun, the children also learn various coordination skills through interactive play and repeating the movements as shown by Ursula. Definitely something I would recommend taking your toddler to. There are now over 100 Jo Jingles franchisees running classes in more than 600 centres throughout the UK, Ireland and the company launched in Australia in October 2010 in Perth and Sydney. Jo Jingles classes are fun & educational, structured according to age and introduce different educational themes each week. The aim is to give babies and toddlers from 3 months to school-age a fun introduction to music through the use of songs, nursery rhymes, percussion instruments, movement and dance, sound games & stories.

Come Along and Have Some Fun !

E-mail: Web: Tel: 07815194303
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Fun Time

Getting your children active with dance…
There are many different groups for our children to attend and that we’ve been invited to try but we invited to attend the final session before school broke up to see what made this group so different. We walked into the hall and were amazed at the extent of children present. The age ranges were about the same but it was the excitement that you really noticed. The children were absolutely buzzing and eager for teacher Rachel to start. We were really pleased to see that as with any adult dance class there was a very fun warm-up session and making sure the children were familiar with the different dance techniques that would be used. This lasted for a very brief time and soon enough the children were good to go! Who is behind the PopDance Tots concept? Sue created Popdance as she wanted to learn dance routines to Pop music. There weren’t any classes around that Sue felt she could attend as a 38 year old who had no dance background or experience, and that offered the kind of thing she was looking for – an escape from busy life, children and mobile phones, where she could have fun in a relaxed and friendly environment with like-minded people. So, working with amazing dance teachers Popdance was born. Due to demand, Popdance quickly grew from one class in St. Albans to becoming an international business in less than 3 years. Popdance has proved so popular amongst adult and kids classes, they found themselves being asked for classes for pre-school children too. So in January 2013, Popdance Tots was launched and there are now classes run across the country. These fun classes offer a fabulous opportunity for little ones to really enjoy and express themselves by moving to ”pop” music. It’s a great introduction to dance and develops their musicality and an understanding of rhythm. Our Tots absolutely adore ”Popcorn”, the Popdance Tots teddy! So who is Rachel, who heads up the PopDance class in St Albans? Rachel Le Moeligou is originally from Jersey in the Channel Islands. She has been dancing since the age of two, gaining experience in dance and teaching from Liz Robinson and Emma Jane Cole. She graduated from The Margaret Howard Theatre College with ISTD teaching qualifications and a diploma in musical theatre. Rachel is now a freelance dance teacher, working all over London and the surrounding areas. She has also performed at the London Palladium and choreographed for shows at The Hackney Empire, Watford Palace Theatre and Battersea Arts Centre. Rachel recently appeared on “Slave To Food” teaching Claire Richards from Steps a Popdance Steps routine. Rachel heads up the Popdance Teacher Sessions and choreography alongside Lianne Cloot. Is it really suitable for any child? Absolutely! I took along my daughter who is just 2 years old and whilst I thought perhaps she would be too young to participate, she clearly proved me wrong and within minutes was running all over the room along with the other children. This is a sure fire way to get your child active but doing it whilst having a great deal with fun. The PopDance classes vary according to age so you are bound to find something suitable whatever your child. For more information, or to find your nearest class, please visit:

Cakes by Soulla
Engagement, wedding, anniversary, christening and birthday cakes, cupcakes cake pops Plus much more

For further details or to place an order, please contact Soulla on: Tel: 07958 557 521 website: 68 Baby Buzz Magazine l


‘The Great British Walk to School
Just before school ended for the summer holidays, you might have been made aware of Start-rite’s latest campaign - ‘The Great British Walk to School’.

The British walk to school is in decline. Eight in 10 parents of primary school children walked to school, but now nearly a third drive, and more than one in five parents has never even considered walking their child to school*. Start-rite, which has been protecting the nation’s feet for over 200 years, is celebrating The Great British Walk to School to re-ignite enthusiasm for this much-loved tradition. This got off to a cracking start, with parents and children alike getting involved, all over the UK. Start-rite asked parents and children, who walk to school, to film their journey during the last two weeks of school for inclusion in the #GBW2S film which has just been launched on The aim of the film is to depict the huge variety of experiences that British children enjoy every day during their walk to school. And the fun doesn’t stop there. Start-rite presents a series of Great British Walk to School (#GBW2S) activities for children and parents to get involved. From 2nd September, parents will be able to download the #GBW2S Fun Fact Pack and put their school on the map – quite literally – by submitting a photo of their walk for inclusion on the #GBW2S Map. The #GBW2S Film gives a taster of what the #GBW2S Map will represent. Crowd-sourced by school walkers from all over the country, it depicts the huge variety of experiences that British children enjoy every day. People who share Start-rite’s enthusiasm for walking can send the #GBW2S film to friends, to encourage more parents to consider changing their habits. You will soon be able to download the fun packs and watch our Great British heritage come to life through the eyes of our walking school children from this page. To prompt more people to consider walking to school, Start-rite has taken a light-hearted look at the school ‘walk’ versus the school ‘run’, with #WalkorDrive - a humorous insight into the trials and tribulations of those who drive, from the perspective of 500 parents polled across the UK. You can view the film now on Start-rite’s YouTube channel

For downloads and more information please go to:

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Spitalfield’s“Saturday Style Market”

I’m always keen to support a local event, so was delighted to be told about the new Saturday Style Market, which takes please every Saturday at Spitalfields. I have always loved the hustle and bustle of London but the thought of taking two children somewhat terrified me. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Whilst there aren’t lots and lots of children’s wear stalls, what they do have is funky, unique and fun fashion for children and adults that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. So what is it all about? Spitalfields is all about your own individuality. Choosing Your Own Style. At Spitalfields you will find original designers, surprising finds, award winning eateries, affordable art and free events… The Saturday Style Market will run from 11am to 5pm every Saturday with original clothing, accessories, homewares and ethical goods, coming from designers including, Edwyn UK, Amaya London, Reclaim Bags, Conquer, Kiwi Sumo and Bamboo Bay. Worth Visiting? 100%! The girls loved it and I found many unique and beautiful items that I wanted! The stalls were so varied and eclectic but you would be sure to find something to suit everyone and this will definitely be a place to re-visit soon! Spitalfields is also home to a tasty selection of eateries, including family focused Giraffe, locally sourced and healthy fast food specialists - Leon, Canteen who serve high quality British food and award winning Galvin Restaurant and its Café A Vin. Around the market visitors will find a range of shops to meet every retail desire including Benefit Cosmetics, Orlebar Brown, Montezuma’s chocolatiers, Bedales Wines and Bolongaro Trevor. Spitalfields E1 is so much more than just a market. It’s a destination and is fast becoming a day out for people in and around London. The full list of traders, events and further information can be found on the website:

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Old Spitalfield’s

Discovering sugary goodness amongst the fashionistas…
colourful mini milk chocolate eggs. Needless to say these were also divine and just the way cookies are supposed to be, crispy around the edges with slightly gooey chewy centres. I’m drooling remembering them. And finally, we came across a stall with piles of the largest ring, jam filled, custard filled doughnuts I think I’ve ever seen. There were mounds of beautiful brownies, enormous eclairs, platefuls of dainty Pasteis de Natas (traditional Portuguese custard tarts), and so much more. I’m horribly embarrassed to admit that I was so absorbed in the choosing of tempting morsels that I completely forgot to make a note of the name of the company. I’ve searched the internet but alas to no avail. Please search them out and try some of their goodies though. They were so good in the naughtiest way possible. There were other amazing looking foodie stalls but we’re saving those for another rainy day.

We visited Spitalfields to discover the hidden gems of childrens’ fashion and in the process uncovered stalls full of heavenly deliciousness and I just had to dedicate a paragraph or two to these wonderful foodie folk. Firstly let me introduce you to Flavourtown Bakery ( whose stall was overloaded with luscious cupcakes. Yes, I know that we’ve been told that cupcakes have had their day (they haven’t by the way) but these cupcakes not only looked beautiful but tasted utterly scrumptious and the lovely chap serving us was a sweetheart, despite the pouring rain. We chose four cupcakes (Salted Caramel, Badass Brownie, Snickers Champ and The Little Tart). They were all delicious but the Badass Brownie was my favourite. It had a cheesecake layer. Cheesecake I tell you! Just heavenly. We also discovered the delights of galeta (www., a beautifully presented stall with immaculately sinful towers of enormous cookies in a fabulous range of flavours served by a quietly spoken chap with a lovely smile. We chose four, to be enjoyed with a large cup of tea later that day. The chosen ones were double chocolate, choc chip and hazelnut, and the youngest member of our group chose one studded with

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Offering practical help for mummy’s ies alike… mummy’s and famil families

Nesters Kent

CRB checked. Last minute bookings available
At Nesters Kent, we offer a wide variety of services for expecting and new mothers, child care & household chores. Need a time out? We can help from housework to babysitting, walking the dog to help mummy rest. You also may be in need of a little TLC when pregnant or have just had a baby. We are here to help. Our services include: Babysitting Dog walking, School Runs, Cleaning preparing for baby: Sterilising, washing, food parcels, sleep.

For more information, please contact Call Karen 07725146727
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Do you wish you had kept a note of those cute things your little ones had said over the years? Have you thought about having somewhere to store all those holiday and childhood snaps to keep forever, just in case you lost your camera or computer? Well, Treasured, a new mobile and web based service, provides you with the answer! Designed by parents for parents, Treasured is a brand new safe and secure way to collate and share all of those special moments of your child’s life. Imagine having a shoebox full of your favourite photos, certificates and awards, clippings, homework and other memories. Now there is a place online to create your very own digital shoebox! Whether you want a private place to store your photos of them growing up, or you want somewhere to document the memorable things they say and do, Treasured enables you to do this in an easy, organised and safe way. The app is free and simple to download. Once you are up and running, you are able to create memory boxes for each child or occasion, and store within them photos, notes, and diary entries. What’s more Treasured enables you to share your chosen memory box with your closest family and friends, wherever they are in the world, and allows them to add in their memories, so you have one central memory box to keep forever! You will soon also be able to use all the contents of your “box” to create gifts such as calendars, memory books and photo albums.
those precious moments in your life from pregnancy, birth, first days at school, graduation and beyond! photos and memories from your friends and family by giving them the ability to view and add their moments to your Treasured boxes. your photos and memories forever – we store your original files securely so that you will always have them to hand.

Treasured co-founder, Amy Scott comments, “I had the idea for Treasured when my little girl was two years old. The original idea was for Treasured to be a cross between a memory book and a memory box, to record all the important milestones of my daughter's life, and it made sense for it to be an app and online as all my photos are digital, and I carry my phone everywhere. It was really important for me that it was quick and easy to use. As a busy Mum, I just wanted to be able to send off my entries to the box and carry on with what we were doing, not for it to become another chore that was never done. I feel we have achieved this, and more, and I am really delighted with the service we are now able to provide." Keep a record of those special occasions and events, with an easy to use and flexible app that will allow you to collect memories from the day they were born to their graduation and beyond – a collection of moments to keep forever! The Treasured iphone app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store, or online at The android app is coming soon. The first 250 Mb of storage are free, and then there are payment plans available from as little as £2 per month. For more information, please visit

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Mention “BabyBuzz” and get a free "Baby on Board" car sticker.

Call Carlos on 07921 287 850 for a quote or to book an appointment

Say NO! to tatty old sun shades and YES! to lovely, sleek, shiny, professionally tinted windows. Tinted windows provide that all important shade for the kids on sunny days and stop the bright winter sun getting in their eyes as well. And (we think, most importantly) if you were to have an accident, the tinting film would hold most of any shattered glass. And as an added bonus, this acts as a deterrent to smash and grab thieves. We can tint any model and have all shades in stock. We also offer a pick up and drop off service.

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July 23 – August 22 You are a born leader, let your personality and drive shine. Others will be drawn to your positive attitude. Avoid becoming over emotional. August 23 - September 23 This month you need to keep personal matters private. There’s more going on behind the scenes than you realise. Avoid arousing animosity or slander. September 24 - October 23 Have you been a bit distant lately with loved ones. Take some time out to spend with the family. Avoid neglecting those close to you. October 24 - November 22 Work looks good, a promotion maybe coming your way. You’re sparkling which makes you very popular at the moment. Avoid relying on others too much. November 23 - December 21 You may need to plan ahead for this month. There may be a chance of travel, with some delays. Avoid upsets with the in laws. December 22 - January 20 Capricorns just love there independence. Create your visions and be inspired you are on the right track. Avoid disclosing your assets. January 21- February 19 Relationships may seem strained this month. Take a look at what may be lacking in your love life. Avoid being inconsiderate. February 20 - March 20 Time to improve your eating and work habits. It will help put you back on top form. Avoid neglecting yourself.

March 21 - April 20 Your love life gets a bit of a boost this month. You may feel inspired to change your appearance. Avoid over spending. April 21 - May 21 You need some time off you have been working too hard. Fine some time to chill with your family and loved ones. Avoid letting others take up too much of your energy. May 22 - June 21 You like a good old chin wag, try to stay out of the gossip. By keeping a mutual stand all will end well. Avoid being displaying a negative attitude. June 22 - July 22 This month you will be sorting out your finances. We all like a bit of luxury go on spoil you a little. Avoid being too impulsive.

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