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April 22–May 5, 2013

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redesigning Nicollet Mall
/ / Design teams will be selected to compete for a chance to redesign the mall / /
B y N i c k H a lt e r
ph o t o b y d y l a n th o m a s

It’s Main Street for Minneapolis, a place where 140,000 downtown employees go to eat lunch, grab a drink or do some shopping when they come down from their office towers. Another 35,000 downtown residents use it almost daily. City and business leaders are preparing to redesign Nicollet Mall, opening up a competition among architects to come up with the best vision for the one-mile stretch through the core of downtown. Redesigning Nicollet Mall has been a top priority for the City

Council and Minneapolis Downtown Council for two years. It’s part of the Downtown Council’s 2025 vision. “Minneapolis, with this Nicollet Mall design, I believe, should set the standard for the great new urban street,” said Mayor R.T. Rybak. Rybak and Minneapolis Downtown Council President and CEO Mark Stenglein agree that whatever the new Nicollet Mall looks like, it should be greener, more pedestrian friendly, have more sidewalk cafes and connect to other city amenities.

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2013 city election

// Mayoral candidate profile //

Mark Andrew prides himself on ability to bring people together
By Sarah McKenzie

Minneapolis to study city-run utilities
/ / Study planned as franchise agreements with Xcel and CenterPoint set to expire / /
By Dy l a n T h o m as

Mark Andrew believes he has a natural gift that is essential for a modern mayor. “The single most important quality that I have is also the most important quality that a mayor has to have — I’m a natural uniter. I’m a collaborator. It’s my gift,” he said during a recent interview. The next mayor of Minneapolis will have

to be adept at bringing people together and working with different layers of government, whether it’s the county, School Board or Park Board, he said. Andrew, a resident of the Lynnhurst neighborhood, has a diverse background in public service and the private sector. Most recently he’s been an environmental entrepreneur with GreenMark Enterprises, a company

he founded in 2007. GreenMark helps buildings and public venues become more environmentally sustainable. One of Andrew’s most significant accomplishments with GreenMark has been helping Target Field secure LEED certification and create a partnership with Pentair to install a rainwater recycling system at the ballpark. Twins President Dave St. Peter had high praise

for Andrew for his work on Target Field. “He played a significant role in helping the Minnesota Twins understand the opportunities and the responsibilities that go with environmental stewardship, and I was personally very appreciative of having Mark’s knowledge and talents and his vision that played an important role in making Target Field what we think
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Before the city locks into new franchise agreements with its gas and electricity suppliers, Minneapolis will first explore the possibility of setting up its own municipal utility. Twenty-year agreements with Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy are set to expire in

late 2014. By then, city leaders aim to refine their goals for a cleaner, more sustainable energy system and examine all the potential routes for reaching those goals. One option is for Minneapolis to take charge of providing gas and electricity to its residents. Proponents argue
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