Circuit Training Workout # 71 Bring It On

Need: Dumbbell, Medicine Ball, Weighted Plate, Weighted Bar, Ugi Ball, Cable Pulley

Bounding Leap Hop Backs 1m (leap forward, hop back x 2, dynamic push up, repeat) TO Prone Lift Roll Tuck 1m (lift 3 count, roll tuck x 2) TO Low Jack Outs 30s

Burpee Dive Bombers 1m TO Rapid Overhead Dumbbell Chop Squat 1m TO Sumo Push Ups 30s (add a dumbbell for intensity)

Medicine Ball Single Leg V-UPs 30s Each Side TO Side to Side Medicine Ball Lunges with Tricep Extension 1m TO Wide Leg Medicine Ball Lift Through 1m

Weighted Plate (10lb) Knee 30s Each Side TO Weighted Plate (10 lb) Foot to Sky Twist 1m Each Side TO Alternating Weighted Plate (10lb) Kickback X 2 Tricep Push Up 1m

Wall Sit Weighted Plate (10lb) Raises 1m TO Burpee Weighted Plate (25lbs) Deadlifts to Weighted Plate (25lbs) Deadlifts 1m

Lunge and Bicep Curl 1m Each Side TO Weighted Bar Sit Ups 1m TO Alternating Sumo Twist Crunch Squats 1m

Rotating Touchdown Jump Squats 30s TO Diagonal Touch Down Squats 1m Each Side TO TO Ugi Ball Chuck & Tuck 1m

Ugi Ball Standing High Knee Dives 1m TO Ugi Ball Knee Tucks 1m TO Ugi Ball Kick Back & Tucks 1m Each Side (one hand on floor)

Sit Up Lower Table Reach 1m Each Side TO Elevated Leg Toe Touches 30s Each Side TO Alternating Side Oblique Push Ups 1m (knee tucks in middle)

Uneven Seated High Cable Pulley Rows 1m Each Leg (raise one foot on tower) TO Kneeling Cable Pulley Wood Chops 1m Each Side (raised knee closest to machine) TO Rear Delt Cable Rows with Squat 1m Each Lead Leg (cable a little above chest height)

Leaning Low Cable Pulley Lateral Raises 1m RIGHT Side TO Low Cable Pulley Front Raise 1m RIGHT Side TO Leaning Low Cable Pulley Lateral Raises 1m LEFT Side TO Low Cable Pulley Front Raise 1m LEFT Side

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