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The Thailand Trekker

August 2008
LCMS World Mission
Betsy Karkan
Serving the Lord and the LCMS in Thailand
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Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Risen People Glossary:
Savior Jesus Christ!
Sarah Longmire-
Fellow Deaconess
Here we go! The time is rapidly approaching for my Intern and missionary
departure to Thailand. I leave already on August 25th and to Thailand
Pastor Bob and Diana
now find myself in the midst of finals preparations. Each day Hedtke- Career
the excitement and anticipation builds as I get ready for the Missionaries to
opportunities God will provide for me to serve the people of Thailand.
Oratai Thaweesin
Thailand. Thanks to all of you who have supported me the (aka Dang)- She works
past couple months with your prayers, encouragement, for LCMS-WM through
and/or financial support. I have been tremendously blessed an organization called
CWEFT, and knows
by God to have such a wonderful network of friends, and the ins and outs of
family (YOU) surrounding me through this process. mission work in

Getting started… Many people (including myself) have

Trekking Log… wondered “what will Betsy be doing when she first gets to Thailand?”
∞ June 15-27
Well, here is a brief itinerary to give you a general idea of how my first
week to three months will go.

Orientation- Sarah and I will arrive in Bangkok August 27th to begin

orientation at the Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation-
Thailand (CWEFT) office. This is where we will meet many of the other
Thai and LCMS team members. Following orientation we will tour the
∞ June 29th Visit Grand Palace to study Thai culture and history. At the end of the week
home to Risen
we will join members of Concordia Lutheran Church- Phongphet in
Christ LCMS
∞ July – Airplane
Reservations Language School- After the first week, Sarah and I will begin Thai
made. Visa Docs language study at Bangkok Grace Polytechnic School. We will be here
are here! for at least 3 months learning basic conversation skills to effectively
communicate in the Thai language. On weekends and holidays I will have
an opportunity to visit various CWEFT projects throughout the country.
In other news… Dang (our go-to gal) sent pictures
of my new apartment in Bangkok! I am very excited about
this. It is on the 17th floor of an apartment complex called
Lumpini Place, which is located near the Saphakwai train
station. This will make it more convenient for me to travel
about the city to language school, the LCMS-WM office,
downtown, and a weekend market that Dang recommends.
Sarah will be living in the same building on the 8th floor.
We will be there for the first 6 months until we find an
apartment closer to our respective work sites. My living room!

Prayers Please!
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