Mousavi's Announcment - 24 June 2009 | Mir Hossein Mousavi | Nullification (U.S. Constitution)

Dear compatriots, I have received numerous reports of unrest and clashes from all over the country.

I’m confident these (protests) are not because of my person but due to a growing concern for a new way of political hegemony which is being forced upon us. The events that we all have witnessed in the past days were unprecedented in the Islamic Republic. The reason for the fearful concern of the people is due to the extreme sense of danger for the great achievements of the (Islamic) Revolution. Those who after massive cheatings have declared these unbelievable results for the presidential elections are now out to establish these results as undisputed facts and start a new chapter in the history of our country. I repeatedly warned about the danger of ignoring the rule of the land (cheating) before and during the elections, and pointed out that such measures will lead us only to dictatorship and tyranny, and today, this exact same fate in looming in the horizon for our nation. We respect and abide by the constitution and the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and regard our supreme leader as one of the important bases of our regime and (thus) will peruse our political struggle within the structure of the law. We hope that the future events prove the falsehood of our fears (of dictatorship and tyranny), but never the less, we warn that no one who cares and supports the Islamic Revolution (of 1979) will tolerate this (rigging the election), this is after all our national responsibility and patriotic duty that we owe to the thousands who sacrificed their lives for this country. Dear people, Today, I officially asked the guardian council (who oversees the elections in IR) in a letter to nullify the outcome of this election and I regard this (the nullification) as the only possible way for regaining the people’s trust and cooperation with the government. I strongly urge you again to peacefully protest and defend your legal rights civilly and without confrontation and violence all over the country. We have officially asked the authorities to give us the permission for large scale demonstrations in every major city throughout the country for tomorrow, so that people can demonstrate their protest against the way the election was conducted and its results peacefully. I believe that the authority’s compliance with this request is the best way to manage the current outbursts of anxieties. (Dear people) Do not stop using the color green which sings our spirituality, tolerance and “religious rationality” and keep chanting “Alloho Akbar” (God is great, in Arabic) which is a sign of our revolutionary roots. These two are the color and the slogan which give us more unity and are the best way to communicate and signal our allegiances. Unfortunately, there have been massive efforts to cut off all our communication channels and this fact has been ignored that cutting the communications will only result in transforming peaceful and goal oriented protests into blind rioting. I’m confident that your (the people) creativity will establish new ways of communication to enable us to achieve productive results for our country and regime (trying to avoid giving the impression the a regime change is intended). Out of care and respect for our police (law enforcement), I urge them not to use violence against the spontaneous protests so not to let that the people lose their trust in them. These people are your brothers and sisters and have come to the streets in protest to defend theirs and your own rights. The might of our armed forces and the police has been and will always be only due to its unity* with The People. In hope of better days Mir Hossein Mousavi - 24 Khordaad 1388 (14 June 2009) Tehran

PS: () brackets shows addition by the translator. The bold pieces marked with * are later revisions.

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