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W A S T E IN OIL REGIONS FOUND TO BE SERIOUS. Oil and Gas Will Eventually hausted.

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The report of Ui? National (jonservu lion commission o f ' l ' J O S , showing the recklesK manner in which euir national resources arc being wasted, llmls eel 10 In a b u l l e t i n (No. 3U4) just Issued hy Ihe U n i t ed Stales" Geological Survey, in w h i c h are reprinted the papers em mineral resources contributed by members of that survey to the conser vatlon report. The darn on which these papers nre based were not ohtaineel especially tor the occasion, bill were taken from the files of Ihe survey, where they had been aoeumulatIng for years. Taken together they present a state of affairs that may well awaken reflection. Ceml is considered Hrst, and it shown that waste In mining losef. forever about one-half as much as l^ marketed. This half is either left in the ground in t h i n beds or in the shape of pillars tei support the roof. Coal has been extensively mined In the Unitei' States for not much more Hum half : century, but the consumption is increasing so enormously that if this in crease should continue all the easily ;LC cesslblo clal would be exhausted by -ll year 2010 and all coal by the middle o the twenty-list century. It will, e> course, not continue at such a iitte, fo\ the iiicreasIiiL' scarcity will i-nlse prices and check prices anel check oonsump tion. Water power, text, w i l l uiuloubt ed largely take fits 'place. ': With regard to petroleum the Kvtnn, tion is a good deal .more serious. Pe troleimi h:>s been used for less than f>i years, and It Is estimated that t.he sup ply will last about 25 or 30 years long or. If production is curtailed ; wiisle sJiopiml if may hist till the em of the century. The most i m p o r t a nt el I'ec.ts of its disappearance will be in Ih - lack of lubricants and in the loss eif il lumlnnnt.s. A n i m a l ' and vegetable oil will not begin to supply its place. This being the case, it. ho feckless exploifas ion of oU fields, and he •coiiKumpiou of - oil fe>r fuel should be checked. y ; ! In natural gas the waste Is enormous b ; 1,000,000.000 cubic feet are estimated - • to bo wafted Into the air every 21 . hours. The gas supply w i l l last, aboui - •2~> years— nbenit as long as it has ald ready been utilized. .y Iron in nature, but e usually is very naboundant so poor t h a t . i t is f o u d in ores - cannot be exfracti-d at any reasonable - cos'c. The best ores arc being rapidly - worked and il is estimated that w i t h i n :','! years they will have been exhausted - ami it w i l l he necessary to resort to e ores that cannot now be worked at a d profit. This, of course, means higher ut>w o prices unless have and much e.UeapiHbeen invented. t v»rocess shall