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A Simple Conversation: Timing & Appropriateness by William F. Matters Jr.

After a rape or other traumatic incident, we seek answers in all of the wrong places. Adding up a time line of offenses to give a panicked report complicates the issue and disqualifies you. Thinking it is punishment for something you did or did not do does not help. Anxiously preparing yourself for trouble weakens you and helps the incident occur when it does not have to happen. In Christianity we understand people are fallen therefore nature equips them as they mature to worse and worse depraved acts as others even the bad ones are created in God’s image and are capable of great things. These two dynamics occur simultaneously in the same person. Sometimes when bad things happen to good people it just that, bad people hurting good people. So instead of you being wronged as your fault it might be due to you tending towards the good even more. Sometimes when we see ourselves forgiven and the others depravity we go beyond just indignation to pity, forgiving them and freeing ourselves of the drained energy and fearful future. There is no deity-like knowledge of the future to avoid tragedy and having faith is not stupid by any means. In basic liberty we tempt others, but who wants to deprive themselves for others to afford a greater chance at safety? Even if you tempt another does not grant them liberty to sin or sin gravely. Behind fear is the attempt to control everything, but just how much can a human control? Control is an illusion once it is a claimed achievement. If Republican & Democrat agree to often we have a PC world approaching dictatorship for non-conformist and if empirical & faith based societies fully agreed on a philosophical level or level of general thinking for the public we would have totalitarianism as reality. As a result to our frustration life can never fully make sense for humans whereby God is a road to sanity or abandoning logic aesthetically.

The Crutch: In the day they based on experience as I did with more recent knowledge, but no street smarts. Fear of men (snare) leading to other snares plus jealousy & rivalry w/ revenge or object lessons. Especially fear of men and jealousy. Bitterness. Never knew how to cut losses by forgiveness until It was too late. Rewriting the story as you go leads to madness, but not everything grants time or knowledge to plan. Grace is the issue and trust of God as what other choice do you have? Disgust: FamilyNotes. By being subject to God we become obj. to the world & truly appreciate. If you hurt someone & all soul’s belong to God then that act is sin. Bad relationships, etc. tried to present bad choices, can reverse position, gov 20%, church 10% So $40K per year potential as banker or teacher Does not have to do least & told needs to sacrifice & then have surplus taken away too. Be secure by making the right choices. Succeeding family to have them waste reserves in

celebration caused present habits & disgust so could not succeed.

Family was communist in tendency which discourages risk taking or industry & is satanic. Whether science or occult, all systems except family concept were evil as wanderer’s with false legacy. The economy was evil as matriarchy & belief in God only counted sins against the family or females. Separated by money instead of united God. Three Ideas:1) Even if you are defeated for fighting and you are right, God honors you. This is exemplified in the cross. Evil will end and be defeated. 2)In politics Republican & Democrat create each other’s crisis evolving into an appearance of needed socialism until Christian or Conservatives are involved.

3)Can a Roman Catholic be unholy yet accepted for his religious politics while a holy Protestant is condemned? In all the church God knows his own. God , not a chosen denomination decides your fate. a)Philosophy is its own religion as myth, mysticism, occult, logic, aesthetics or ethics. The God that blinds the world disappears when Jesus is involved. Babel vs. Pentacost

There is the issue of shared psychosis when it is do as I do not as I say as well as do as I say and not as I do.

Coffee with the Dead

by William F. Matters Jr.

It is odd when we are young we seek to unite the world even though we all know the history of the tower of Babel. We seek sides being poor, but one side leads to government growth lessening freedom and the other in hopes wealth and blessing will come to the poor with increased freedom when the wealthy’s concern is their own freedom. There is no satisfying anybody when you are young and poor since you lack experience with wealth and are incapable of being trusted. Good intentions are contrary to sound business and after we learn this miserable truth as with the previous ideas it is about security. Nobody likes waste unless it profits them. All of this weighed me down as I wandered by graveyards on foot, tired and hungry. When some saltines and a cup of coffee is the meal of the day maybe with a catsup packet and within you feel like God is a dictator and nobody can be trusted ghosts appear. They feel like the only company trustworthy since they profit nothing by lying except entertainment. You do not know whether it is a psychotic episode or you are led for a purpose as much as trying to discern God’s will from a proposed coincidence when God seeks no gain by unholy means you question the basis of holiness itself. Why? Anything that places humans in total control decreases human love which was not God’s intent and not fear of humanity.Without study I find answers right before someone needs it somehow. In every science or art there is the statement “Do not be ridiculous” which means be subject to human ridicule. In such a statement there is no awe or fear of God as a unifying aspect totally contrary his will. We think God wants us isolated so nature itself can wipe us out yet any ghost I’ve ever imagined or experienced has a sense of humor as we fight each other to be on the same side throughout life it is as high school. Sometimes I wonder as a believer in Jesus Christ, if life is to be ridiculed or feared and death welcomed even for the wicked so the planet may have rest to a degree.This is where we hope love is more than romantic chemicals and hormones to guide the body for the spirit’s sake. These where some of my adventures in heart in Virginia and Pennsylvania before 9/11 hitching rides with truckers. As usual the drama I was trying to escape distracted me from these questions which were the root of all evil. The goal of life is that it is to be survived. That is the value of spirituality and as for what fills the void, not even the dead answer that question yet laugh. No human is skilled at communing with the dead, but it happens accidentally when we are ill or in bad shape.I believe a lack of health closes the gap between life and death so insanity is not the only proposition. I’ve learned they come before and not

after an event so the reverse of this is Tommy Gavin’s ghost visits in post 9/11 Rescue Me.Although I can relate to the charater who is desperately trying to understand his world and be regrounded to sanity. Rather than bounce from obscene images of violence that haunt my memories suddenly from a glass world it will be better to have my memories that have unanswerable and haunting questions that drive to changing addictions and insanity or to create new ones with new people is the answer. The Holy Spirit is not like school spirit for it is a real leading entity into holiness and virtue by leading as opposed to a corrupt natural spiritual state that drives by fear and rage from our fallen sinful nature. Maybe with this new approach graveyards will not be the place of solace or rebellion against the originally intended gift of life. We as men feel the need to be self made men owing no debts and if it were possible there would be no credit. To say “Whatever does not kill me makes me stronger .” ignores the possibility of growing weakness or limits as steps to the edge of a cliff therefore I can not feed any longer on sites beyond negativity to witnessed tragedy. Family is the most useful unit of survival and life even if dysfunctional to a reasonable degree. God is calling and is real yet seven souls I knew took their lives.I believe this happened as none knew the Spirit and were driven instead of led to life. Souls that haunt are demonic and even their laughter is cruel company and that is why it is sinful according to Leviticus to attempt it. If they are earth bound then being condemned is their possible state so as misery loves company communion with them is death. This experience is like PCP, not in a hallucination, but as you are so paranoid you are certain beyond faith something is there. Life today is about out running fear or fulfilling a wanted ambition yet it always was not so. What do we work for in the land of the living? Shared commiseration or joyous profit or eventually destructive progress are options, but not to be God or in a state of grace so great death and life have the same meaning. Here Comes The Dishonor, Here Comes The Thunder By William F. Matters Jr. Nation, Family, God a business comes Mystery of all guilt gone Born in sin, never fallen from grace To this disgrace Here Comes The Thunder Wandering Stars and Moon, my future Never to walk in the sun, remembered in lore Love’s gone, passionate and demure Here Comes The Thunder Fatal slip in a war, instead of saint Demon named, heart maimed Tired foot staggered in the sand Instead of leader, alone from treacherous band Here Comes The Thunder All who see me say deriliction, satanic and low He crashes as lightning to the ground A one time commander from the most high Spit on him as his tithe Hear not his words, unholy sound

Here Comes The Dishonor Here Comes The Thunder.

Understanding Females Level 2
Storm Blue did not account for marriage and compatibility or needs of offspring as education, marriages, estates/inheritance due to investments. It also did not explain the feminine instincts based on future motherhood viewing life as by development or nurturing in such direction. Due to my background these are unfamiliar. Females do not have the physical strength to acquire by sheer strength or protect and their economy is based on maintenance of relationships. Give and take by money is exemplified by males by sports and gambling in some cases, but it is quite different. As the male falls asleep during discussion every detail of a relationship is planned by a female where possible to maintain relationships to achieve and exchange needs. This is why war is so foreign a concept to the female psyche as until recently most did not realize how desperate economics truly is for provision for family except by division of labor or duty or chores versus organization by function in all cases. This is not a discussion on menstruation as some may have expected or preparation for mating/reproduction yet as a male sees most relationships as temporary the opposite is forced on a female to care for her young. Therefore appreciation or quality of the act is appreciated by the male as achievement or conquest and to the female it is a matter of personal intimate knowledge of one person for life. Health & finance are continual concerns.

Why Smoke?
Most liberals do not understand creation or defense of an economy for maximum output demands serious sacrifices as in war. When a person sees enough occurrences of trauma in their life you need something to stimulate you. You do not crave or appreciate life the same way. You live as an obligation or an act of defiance, but not out of will. Therefore those with PTSD or OCD which can be related disorders find smoking therapeutic, especially when you’ve survived enough near death experiences saturated fat, impure water or tobacco seem not to matter.

In one scenario there is socialism whereby simplicity exist where everyone is of the same thought and in the other extreme capitalism all are separated by their own interest. Communism is a temporary event, but originally in the book of Acts there was a Christian communism without compulsion or revolution. In any event can freedom exist or any act today not be a mere tool of creating government or statecraft? I have the freedom to make no deliberate mistakes to correct later.