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JTW Series Worm Gear Screw Jack

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General Information ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Configurations------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 Permissible Buckling Load------------------------------------------------------------------- 5-6 The Relation Of Side Load, Axial Load & Screw Length---------------------------- 7-8 Worm Shaft Permissible Radial Force---------------------------------------------------- 9 Specifications 1. JTW-2.5T (Tr30x6), JTW-5T (Tr40x7) ----------------------------------------------------------- 10 2. JTW-10T (Tr58x12), JTW-15T (Tr58x12)-------------------------------------------------------- 11 3. JTW-20T (Tr65x12), JTW-25T (Tr90x16) ------------------------------------------------------- 12 4. JTW-35T (Tr100x18), JTW-50T (Tr120x20)----------------------------------------------------- 13 5. JTW-100T (Tr160x23), JTW-120T (Tr180x25) -------------------------------------------------- 14 Load Capacity And Critical Lifting Speed 1. JTW-2.5T, JTW-5T, JTW-10T, JTW-15T, JTW-20T--------------------------------------------- 15 2. JTW-25T, JTW-35T, JTW-50T, JTW-100T, JTW-120------------------------------------------- 16 Worm Gear Pair Overall Efficiency ------------------------------------------------------- 17 Selection Guides 1. Jack Brand----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 2. Jack Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 3. Load Capacity --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18 4. Screw Configuration & Mounting Orientation --------------------------------------------------- 18 5. Travel Stroke --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 6. Gear Ratio ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 7. Screw End Fittings--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 8. Worm Shaft Input Type ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 9. Accessories ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 Selection Example------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 Dimensions 1. Model JTW-2.5T (Tr30x6) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22 2. Model JTW-5T (Tr40x7) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23 3. Model JTW-10T (Tr58x12) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 24 4. Model JTW-15T (Tr58x12) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 25 5. Model JTW-20T (Tr65x12) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 26 6. Model JTW-25T (Tr90x16) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 27 7. Model JTW-35T (Tr100x18)----------------------------------------------------------------------- 28 8. Model JTW-50T (Tr120x20)----------------------------------------------------------------------- 29 9. Model JTW-100T (Tr160x23) --------------------------------------------------------------------- 30 10. Model JTW-120T (Tr180x25) ------------------------------------------------------------------- 31 Application Examples ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32 Operation Manual ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 33-37 Frequently Asked Questions ---------------------------------------------------------------- 38-41 Company History -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 42 Contact Us ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 43
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General Information

JTW Series Screw Jack Features:

1. Model JTW-2.5T, JTW-5T, JTW-10T, JTW-15T, JTW-20T, JTW-25T, JTW-35T, JTW-50T, JTW-100T, JTW-120T, customized 0.5T, 1T, 150T screw jack.

2. Loading capacity from 2.5Ton to 120Ton with JT/T8809-1998 Standard.

3. Self locking acme screw, precise positioning, uniform lifting speed

4. Translating screw, anti-rotation keyed screw and rotating screw configurations

5. Upright mounting, inverted mounting, double clevis pivot mounting

6. Top plate, threaded end, clevis end and plain end fittings

7. Hand operated, electric driven or both

8. Individual or multiple screw jack lift system arrangements

9. Each jack has two worm gear ratios, high speed, low speed

10. No standard travel length, all screw jack stroke produced following your needs

11. Duty cycle 20% / hour, 30% / 10mins

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Acme Screw 1. Acme screw rotary cutting processing machine, high precision 2. 40Cr or C45 steel material, customized stainless steel screw 3. Minimum friction for smooth operation and longer life 4. Self-locking, load holding without brake mechanism and locking system, accurate positioning 5. Minimum axial backlash Tapered Roller Bearing 1. Preloaded for reduced assembly spring rate and high thrust load 2. Provides excellent support for side loading and horizontal applications 3. Maintains exact gear alignment under separating and thrust forces 4. Bearing sized for endurance and maximum loading conditions Bronze Worm Gear 1. Precison hobbing machine for processing 2. Phosphor bronze 10-1 or Tin bronze ZCuSn10Pb1 10-1 material, high hardness, excellent wear resistance 3. Worm gear center design for long life Worm Shaft 1. Worm rotary cutting processing machine and grinding machine processing, high precision 2. High frequency heat treatment of worm, 40Cr or C45 steel material, high hardness, customized stainless steel worm shaft Rugged Housing 1. CNC precision automatic lathe processing 2. Cast iron or ductile cast iron material, customized alloy steel material Grease Seals 1. Double lip grease seal, prevent grease leak

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Permissible Buckling Load

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The Relation Of Side Load, Axial Load & Screw Length

Model JTW-2.5T (Tr30x6)

Model JTW-5T (Tr40x7)

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd

Model JTW-10T/15T (Tr58x12)

Model JTW-20T (Tr65x12)

Model JTW-25T (Tr90x16)

Model JTW-35T (Tr100x18)

About JTW-50T, JTW-100T, JTW-120T the relations of lifting screw permissible side load, axial load and screw length, please contact Jacton Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Worm Shaft Permissible Radial Force

When gear wheel, chain wheel or pulley are mounted on the worm shaft, it makes radial force Fr. The maximum permissible radial force is depend on lifting force and models. The maximum permissible radial force at I/2 position are shown in below figures. (Note: below parameters listed in the table are calculated according to = 30 degree or 330 degree)

Dmin = (19100 x P) / (Frmax x n) = 2M / Frmax Dmin (M): Minimum diameter of gear wheel or belt wheel P (KW): Driving power Frmax (N): Maximum radial force n (RPM): Worm shaft revolutions M (N.m): Driving torque

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JTW-2.5T (Tr30x6) Specifications

JTW-5T (Tr40x7) Specifications

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JTW-10T (Tr58x12) Specifications

JTW-15T (Tr58x12) Specifications

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


JTW-20T (Tr65x12) Specifications

JTW-25T (Tr90x16) Specifications

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


JTW-35T (Tr100x18) Specifications

JTW-50T (Tr120x20) Specifications

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


JTW-100T (Tr160x23) Specifications

JTW-120T (Tr180x25) Specifications

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Load Capacity And Critical Lifting Speed

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Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


Worm Gear Pair Overall Efficiency

Overall efficiency when thick grease lubrication

Overall efficiency when thin grease lubrication

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Selection Guides
JT 1 W 2 100 3 UR 4 300 5 H 6 II 7 C 8 HW 9

1. Jack Brand
JT: Jacton brand screw jack

2. Jack Series
W series screw jack W: Worm gear screw jack

3. Load Capacity
Frame No. Load (ton) 2.5T 2.5 5T 5 10T 10 15T 15 20T 20 25T 25 35T 35 50T 50 100T 100 120T 120

4. Screw Configuration & Mounting Orientation

US: upright translating screw IS: inverted translating screw

UK: upright keyed screw IK: inverted keyed screw

UR: upright rotating screw IR: inverted rotating screw

5. Travel Stroke
300, means travel stroke 300mm No standard travel stroke, all screw jack stroke produced following your needs

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5. Gear Ratio
Each JTM machine screw jack model has two gear ratios. H: high gear ratio Frame No. H L 2.5T 6:1 24:1 5T 6:1 24:1 10T 23:3 24:1 L: low gear ratio 15T 23:3 24:1 20T 8:1 24:1 25T 32:3 32:1 35T 32:3 32:1 50T 32:3 32:1 100T 12:1 36:1 120T 12:1 36:1

7. Screw End Fittings

I: Top Plate

II: Clevis End

III: threaded End

IV: Plain End

8. Worm Shaft Input Types

B: right side worm shaft A: left side worm shaft C: double worm shaft M4: right side motor flange with worm shaft M2: right side motor flange without worm shaft M3: left side motor flange with worm shaft M1: left side motor flange without worm shaft

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9. Accessories
N: no accessory HW: hand wheel SN: stop nut CS: connecting shaft PP: protective pipe EM: electric motor DC: digital counter SM: swivel mounting base BB: bellows boot GR: gear reducer SP: swivel plate BG: miter gearbox LS: limit switches FC: flexible coupling

PB: pillow block bearing

Example>>>>>> JT-W-10T-UR-1000-L-I-C-PP/BB/HW
1. Worm Gear Acme Screw Jack 2. 10 Ton 3. Upright Rotating Screw 4. 1000mm Stroke 5. Low Gear Ratio 1/32 6. Top Plate End Fitting 7. Double Worm Shaft Input 8. Protective Pipe 9. Bellows Boot 10. Hand Wheel

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Selection Examples
Examples: 2Ton load, upright mounting, lifting speed 450mm/min, travel stroke 200mm, full guided, top plate end.

Selection Method 1 1. Following 2ton load capacity, stroke 200mm, check permissible buckling load the 4th page, we can select JTW-2.5T screw jack. 2. 450mm/min, please check loading capacity and critical lifting speed the 14th pages, for JTW-2.5T screw jack, critical lifting speed 300mm/min. So JTW-2.5T model screw jack is not enough for clients required lifting speed. 3. We check the next model is JTW-5T screwjack, when 2 load, critical lifting speed 700mm/min, so select JTW-5T is correct model.

Selection Method 2 P = (Fa x V) / (6120 x ) P (kw): driving power Fa (kg): loading capacity V (m/min): lifting speed : overall efficiency M = 9550 x P / n M (n.m): driving torque P (kw): driving power n (r/min): input revolutions

Following P (kw) formula 1. P = (2000 x 0.45) / (6120 x 0.21) = 0.714kw 2. Check the 9th pages about JTW-2.5T (Tr30x6) Specifications, Input 500rpm, lifting speed 500mm/min, minimum required 0.72kw, so we can not select this JTW-2.5T model. 3. Check the 9th pages about JTW-5T (Tr40x7) Specifications, Input 500rpm, lifting speed 583mm/min, minimum required 0.9kw, so we select this JTW-5T model.

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Model JTW-2.5T (Tr30x6) Dimensions

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Model JTW-5T (Tr40x7) Dimensions

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


Model JTW-10T (Tr58x12) Dimensions

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


Model JTW-15T (Tr58x12) Dimensions

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


Model JTW-20T (Tr65x12) Dimensions

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


Model JTW-25T (Tr90x16) Dimensions

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


Model JTW-35T (Tr100x18) Dimensions

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


Model JTW-50T (Tr120x20) Dimensions

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


Model JTW-100T (Tr160x23) Dimensions

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


Model JTW-120T (Tr180x25) Dimensions

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Application Examples

JTW series screw jack is applications in coil sheet slitter line, paint coating line, corrugated machine, rewinding line, pickling line, cut to length line, electrolytic tinning line process, tension levelling line, continuous galvanizing line, beverage production line, continuous hot dip galvanizing line, continuous laminator line, adjusting synchronous coil feed lines rolls, steel mills line roller adjustment, bridge beams lifting system, continuous rotary blancher, continuous paper filter, foam concrete cutting machine, sanding machine, heavy vehicles mobile lifting platform, lower and upper linear freeze-dryer system, steel profiles alignment, bottle monitoring system height adjustment, conveyor adjustment, plate saw angle adjustment, wide belt grinding machine precise adjustment, open and close a sealed pressure tank, turning over foil coils and metallurgy industry, mining industry, chemical industry, construction industry, irrigation industry.

For examples>>>>>> lower and upper linear freeze-dryer system Upright type screw jacks are used for lower and upper linear freeze-dryer system. Four jacks system, six jacks system, eight jacks are used in a linear freeze-dryer system, regular jacks models and four way 2:1 ratio gearbox models: Screw jacks: JTW-5T-UR-900-L-IV-C-N Miter gearboxes: JT-25-2:1-1000R-500R-I-I-LR-B3 Models Explanation: 5T: maximum load 5ton with Tr40x7 self-locking acme screw UR: Upright rotating screw 900: Unit mm, its travel length 900mm L: Low ratio, 0.3mm travel per turn of worm IV: Plain end fitting C: Double worm shaft N: No accessory

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Operation Manual
Read this manual before installation or operation of screw jack. Failure to understand this manual, install or operate screw jack properly could result in damage to the Jack and or serious personal injury.

Do not exceed the screw jack ratings including design load, travel, and input speed. Install, align and shield all moving parts properly. Proper machinery installation practices should be followed. Safety codes for mechanical power transmissions apparatus are to be followed. Check for and adhere to all applicable safety codes. Bolts should be sized to fit the screw jack base mounting holes, at least grade 5 and tightened to the appropriate torque. Mounting bases should be flat and sufficiently strong to support the load on the jack. Properly lubricate and maintain the screw jacks. Use the operation manual only for the intended application. Failure to install, operation or maintain screw jacks could result in product failure and personal injury.

This screw jack operation manual is applicable to all screw jacks models. Information represents typical configuration and may different slightly from the actual screw jack being installed or repaired.

Notices Before Installation

Your screw jack was manufactured to high quality standards and is designed to provide long service life. Certain safety measures and procedures must be followed in handling, installing and servicing the screw jack to insure long trouble free service.

1. Any obvious or suspected damage to screw jack during transport from the factory must be immediately taken pictures and reported to Jacton corresponding sales and the carrier, The sales will submit this problem to Jacton engineers teams immediately.

2. Upon delivery all of the screw jack should be inventoried to determine if shortages exist. All shortages must be immediately taken pictures and reported to Jacton corresponding sales and the carrier, The sales will submit this problem to Jacton QC teams and warehousers immediately.

3. Installation, maintenance and safety instructions must be given to personnel directly responsible for the installation, maintenance and operation of the jack.

Screw jacks are normally self-locking. Vibration could cause a screw jack to self-lower or creep.

Stop nut is used to prevent lifting screw moving out of the screw jack base. Jacton standard screw jacks are not equipped with stop nuts unless special requirements in your purchase order.

Screwjacks are not meant for personnel support. All applications designed for personnel support must be approved by Jacton engineers team.

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Installation Instructions
1. Be certain that the screw jack load capacity exceeds the maximum load that may be applied to it.

2. Be assured the screw jack input speed is not be exceeded. Specifications show the max. speed.

3. The foundation for the screw jack should be rigid enough to maintain correct alignment with connected machinery and have sufficient strength to support the maximum load.

4. The foundation should have a flat mounting surface in order to assure uniform support for the screw jack. Be assured the opening in the foundation for the protective pipe or the lifting screw is as small as possible in order that the jack is supported over the greatest possible area.

5. Check the method of stopping the screw rotation, maybe translation will occur is sufficiently strong. When individual screw jack application without be guided, will need keyed screw jack.

6. It is extremely important that the screw jack be installed so that the lifting screw is perfectly plumb and all connecting shafts are aligned with the worm shaft.

7. After precise alignment, each member must be securely bolted and if possible doweled in place. Doweling will assure exact repositioning if ever removed. It is essential that a gear unit be securely bolted down to the foundation using bolts of proper diameter to fit the mounting holes.

8. After the screw jacks, bevel gearboxes, couplings, connecting shafts are installed and aligned, there should be no signs of binding or misalignment.

9. Couplings and connecting shaft are the responsibility of the customer and are not provided by Jacton side, unless special requirements in your purchase order.

10. Caution must be taken when operating your jack at either extreme of travel. If possible, hard external stop nuts should be provided.

11. If operating at the upper limits of the screw jack capacity, dont stop the downward travel of the jack by running the lifting screw attachments or the load against the gearbox without checking with Jacton side, as serious damage to the internal mechanism may result.

12. The customer is responsible for providing mechanical stops and limit switches for control of the prime mover. None are included unless special requirements in your purchase order. If limit switches are furnished by Jacton, normally, we install limit switches for controlling full travel stroke, also following customers special requirements.

The foundation of the screw jack is critical to insure alignment. Mount the jack and check that the axis of the lifting screw is parallel to the movement of the load and centered with respect to the load. Shim under the base to achieve this if needed. Both eccentric load or side load will cause premature wear

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and possible bending and failure of the screw jack. Once the alignment is correct hand tighten the mounting bolts.

The next step is to align the input shaft with the worm shaft of the screw jack. This alignment can be just as critical to proper operation. Test the alignment by rotating the shafts by hand and fully extend the lifting screws.

If the hand operation turns freely and the other components of the system are in alignment, tighten the mounting fasteners and attach the load to the screw jack. Start-up should be and break-in periods of several minutes with careful observation are required. Any vibrations, binding or excessive amperage draw of motors is reason to shut down and repeat the entire alignment procedure.

Finally the lifting screw should be re-greased with a light film, and the screw jack gearbox be checked that it is full of grease.

Your screw jack will perform satisfactorily if the suggestions described in the booklet are carefully followed. It is estimated the approximately 98 percent of screw jack failures can be attributed to improper lubrication, misapplication and misalignment. Trouble Inspection Point Solutions Reduce load or replace with unit of 1. Jack Overload Gearbox Failure 2. Improper Support 3. High Shock 4. Uneven Bolting Torque sufficient capacity Jack should be supported over entire base area, not just at bolt hole locations. Select larger Unit Take up evenly on mounting bolts Rigid Couplings can cause shaft Failure. 1. Type of Coupling Replace with coupling which will provide adequate flexibility and lateral float 2. Coupling Alignment 3. Excessive Overhung Load 4. Jack Overload 5. Shock Loading Worm Shaft Failure Re-align as required Check Jack for allowable loads See Gearbox failure #1 Install coupling capable of absorbing shock and if necessary replace with jack of sufficient capacity. Shock loads can significantly increase apparent dead weight 6. Ganging Jacks If several jacks are in-line, the worm shaft of the first jack will be subjected to the combined torque of all the jacks. If this torque exceeded 300% of the rated input torque you must replace with a larger jack

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


1. Jack Overload 2. Coupling Alignment 3. Excessive Overhung Load Bearing Failure

See Gearbox failure #1 See Worm Shaft Failure #2 See Worm Shaft Failure #3 Adjust spacing between connecting

4. Coupling Lateral Alignment 5. Bearing Adjustment

shafts to relieve end pressure Bearings must be preloaded Proper levels and grade must be

6. Bearing Lubrication 7. Shock Loading 1. Jack Overload 2. Load Screw Alignment 3. Lubrication Worm Gear Failure 4. Duty Cycle Limit Exceeded

maintained at all times See Worm Shaft Failure #5 See Gearbox failure #1 Lifting Screws must be perfectly plumb See Bearing Failure #6 Reduce the number of cycles per hour or reduce the load. Contact factory for the maximim allowable cycles per hour

5. Side load 1. Jack Overload Lifting Screw Failure 2. Load Screw Alignment 3. Side Load

Eliminate side load See Gearbox failure #1 See Worm Gear Failure #2 See Worm Gear Failure #5

The lubricant should not be corrosive to worm gear, ball or roller bearings and must be neutral in reaction. The lubricant must not contain any contamination that may be detrimental to operation of the screw jack. The lubricant must have resistance to oxidation and must be non-channeling. Operating temperatures must be considered when selecting a lubricant for a screw jack. We recommended the following extreme pressure greases or their equivalents. For applications outside these limits contact Jacton.

The screw jack normal working temperature -20 deg. C ~ +80 deg. C, Filled with NLGI EP 1 or 2 grade grease, Special working temperature, need special grease, please contact Jacton.

Jacton screw jacks are lubricated prior to shipment. Lubrication inspection is recommended at regular intervals. Intervals are determined by the duty cycles of the screw jack, but should be performed a minimum of once every two months.

Each screw jack is furnished with a grease nipple. The screw jack should be filled with grease until lubricant begins to seep from the lifting screw opening. For the screw jack is equipped with boots, remove the boot at the jack before you check for proper grease levels. Severe operating conditions may require more frequent lubrication.

Lifting screw must be checked regularly to insure that they are adequately lubricated. This is especially critical for the rotating design screw jacks where no lubrication is deposited because the lifting screw does not translate through the screw jack gearbox into the protective pipe.

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Maintenance Instructions
All mounting bolts must be retightened after a short period of operation. Under extreme operating conditions, the wear on the worm gear must be checked at shorter intervals, depending on the power-on time, by inspecting the play in the thread. The worm gear must be replaced if the axial backlash with a single-start thread is more than one-quarter of the thread pitch. After checking the wear, screw jack should be re-assembled by a fitter. Check carefully that rotation is smooth and light and free from axial play.

The Lifting screw must be kept free of contaminants and should be lubricated. If possible, lifting screw should be booted or returned to retracted position when it's not in use.

Along with periodic inspection, check the alignment of the lifting screw to the load. Misalignment will cause premature wear and possible failure. The load should be centered on the axis of the lifting screw and motion should be parallel to the axis of the lifting screw. The power output shafting must be aligned with respect to the screw jack input shaft. Binding during rotation will cause premature wear. After the screw jacks, connecting shafts, couplings, bevel gearboxes and gear reducers are coupled together in a system, it should be possible to rotate the shafts to fully extend the unloaded screw jacks by hand.

The screw jacks are lubricated by the Jacton and are ready for operation on delivery. The translating screw configurations must be lubricated via their grease nipples with one of the greases specified below at intervals of 30 50 operating hours. The lifting screw should be cleaned and greased at the same time. We recommend that the screw jack gearbox be cleaned to remove old grease and refilled with fresh grease after every 600 operating hours or every 18 months. The screw jacks can disassembly and assembly easily: 1. dismount the screw jack and clean. 2. disassemble the lifting screw and lifting screw protective pipe (only for translating screw). 3. Remove locking screws for screw jack gearbox cover. 4. Wash out the screw jack gearbox and components with a suitable wash medium. 5. Refill with grease

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an acme screw jack and a ball screw jack? The acme screw jack uses an acme threaded screw that is completely self-locking, meaning it will hold its position without a brake mechanism or locking systems. Ball screw jack use ball screws to convert rotary motion to linear movement, and require approx. 1/3 the horsepower compared to a acme screw jack. Due to the efficiency of the ball screw, brake mechanism must be used to stop and hold the load screw in position. Brake mechanism is also recommended for use on any screw jack if vibration is present.

Why use an acme screw jack and a ball screw jack? One type of screw jack is usually better suited to the operating conditions. Typically, fast travel speed and frequent cycle times may be more suited to a ball screw jack, particularly as the load approaches the rated capacity of the screw jack. High load at slow travel speed, less frequent cycles and the ability to hold the load in position when the system is at rest may be better suited for an acme screw jack.

How do I operate the screw jack? Most screw jacks are operated by electric motor, but air motors and hydraulic motors can also be used. Hand wheel or crank handle can be used for manual operation.

Can I use a larger motor than required in specifications? Yes, but it is not recommended. The screw jack or jack system components could be damaged if an oversize motor is used. Travel limit switches control must be used for each end of travel to stop the motor. If using solid mechanical stops, screw jack components can be subject to shock load conditions and oversize motors can cause catastrophic failure of stops and other components.

How do I stop the screw jack at the travel limits? Limit switches or other controls must be used to shut off the motor when the screw jack has reached its full extended or retracted position. Solid mechanical stops are not recommended. Their continued use can cause severe damage to the screw jack.

Can different size screw jacks be used in the same system? Yes, as long as the equal travel length per full turn of worm shaft input. This is sometimes done to accommodate varying load conditions.

What is the screw jack system efficiency?

2 screw jack system efficiency is 95%, 3 screw jack system efficiency is 90%, 4 screw jack system efficiency is 85%, 6 screw jack system efficiency is 80%. Bevel gearbox efficiency is 98%. Single reduction helical gear reducer efficiency is 98%, Double reduction helical gear reducer efficiency is 97%. Worm gear reducer efficiency is horsepower out x 100 / horsepower in

Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd


What is the maximum input speed? Jacton screw jack can be run at 1500Rpm. A gear motor, helical gear reducer, or a worm gear reducer is used to reduce the input Rpm to the screw jack to provide the required travel speed of the lifting screw. Many Jacton screw jacks can be driven directly by 1500Rpm and 900Rpm electric motors. Electric motors and reducers are available mounted directly to many Jacton screw jacks models.

What causes heat build up in the screw jack? The screw jack is a mechanical gearbox assembly. The friction of the worm and worm gear, lifting screw and worm gear, bearings and seals generate heat while the screw jack is operating. The combination of travel, loading, and input speed all affect the temperature rise of the screw jack. Jacton screw jack sizing calculations take these variables into account to insure that you select the right screw jack model for your application.

What is the screw jack load capacity and travel? This is based on the relationship of the lifting screw diameter and the length. Lifting screws in tension are rated for the full capacity of the screw jack, regardless of length, providing they do not rotate faster than the critical speed. For the lifting screw in compression, capacity is limited by the screw jacks permissible buckling load. The permissible buckling load of a lifting screw is reduced as the lifting screw gets longer. Use the maximum extended lifting screw length when using the permissible buckling load charts to determine screw jack load capacity.

How do I determine the full-extended lifting screw length? The extended lifting screw length is normally equal to the travel stroke. If screw jack is equipped with bellows boot and stop nut, must be added the bellows boot full retract length and the addition stop nut or special closed height. These must be increased the extended lifting screw length. For inverted screw jack, the thickness of the mounting structure must be included. This total extended lifting screw length should be used when determining the permissible buckling load of the screw jack.

Should the load being positioned be guided? It is highly recommended that the load be guided, however, it is not necessary. A guided system will provide more column stability and allow longer screw jack travel. Column length is greatly reduced on unguided systems. External load forces common with unguided systems are detrimental to the life and operation of the screw jack.

Can the screw jack withstand side loading or a bending moment? Yes, but this is not recommended. Consult Jacton if this condition will be present. These types of loads apply greater forces on the screw jack and housing assembly causing premature wear. Guides are highly recommended and should be used to eliminate side and bending loads.

Can the screw jack withstand shock loading? This is not recommended. Oversized screw jacks are required to handle shock loads. Solid thrust bearings are also available in many screw jack models when constant vibration and shock are present in an application.

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What is the difference between upright and inverted screw jack configurations? The difference between an upright and an inverted screw jack is the location at which the lifting screw exits the jack relative to the jack gearbox. For example, an upright screw jacks lifting screw exits the jack opposite the gearbox. An inverted screw jacks lifting screw exits the jack on the same side as the gearbox. The choice between inverted and upright screw jack is dependent upon the application. Note: An upright screw jack mounted upside down is still referred to as an upright screw jack.

How is the linear travel speed calculated? Each screw jack has an inherent number show lifting screw travel per full turn of worm shaft input. The result of the screw jack is equal to the lifting screw pitch divided by worm gear ratio. For example, JT-10T model screw jack, screw pitch 8mm, high worm gear ratio 1/8, the lifting screw travel is 1mm per full turn of worm shaft input. If 900Rpm is applied to the worm shaft, the linear travel speed is 900Rpm multiplied by 1mm/r, equal to 900 millimeter per minute.

Are screw jacks lubricated prior to shipment? All Jacton worm gear screw jacks and ball screw jacks are lubricated with an extreme pressure NLGI grade #1 or 2grease before leaving the factory. Bevel gear screw jacks are lubricated with NLGI grade #1 grease or VG220 gear oil. The upper bearing and jack screw are grease lubricated while the remaining internal components are oil lubricated. They are grease lubricated prior to shipment.

What electric motors options are available? Electric motor options vary among product lines. Customers can use AC 3-phase motor, AC single-phase motor, DC motor. Standard voltage of China is 380V/220V, 3-phase, 50Hz, or 220V, single-phase, 50Hz. Customized international voltage motors like America 110V-single phase-60hz, 240V/480V-three phase-60Hz, other voltages 230V/240V-single phase-50hz, 400V/415V/440V-three phase-50hz etc.

Are screw jacks corrosion resistant? Stainless steel screw jacks are inherently corrosion resistant. All exposed surfaces are stainless steel and aluminum bronze. Most other screw jacks can be modified with special finishes, coatings, and seals.

Can bellows boots be supplied for an screw jack model with inverted screw? Yes, but allowance must be made in the length of the lifting screw for both the closed height of the boot and structure thickness. Since we can make no provision for attaching a boot on the underside of your structure, we suggest that a circular plate similar to the lifting screw top plate be welded or bolted to the bottom of your structure supporting the screw jack, thereby making it possible to use a standard bellows boot.

Is there backlash between the lifting screw and worm gear? Yes. This is necessary to allow for sliding or rolling action of the lifting screw through the worm gear. Anti-backlash nut screw jack is available when the backlash needs to be minimized. Input torque requirements are greater for anti-backlash nut screw jack.

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How is the lifting screw protected? Standard translating screw jack is fitted with a lifting screw protective pipe that stores the lifting screw when the screw jack is in the closed position. Bellows boot is available and recommended to protect the lifting screw in the extended position. Double bellows boots are required for rotating screw jack with traveling nut.

How do I attach the load to be positioned to the lifting screw? For translating screw jack, the lifting screw has a standard threaded end that can be used to attach the load, top plate, clevis end, plain end and forked head are also available. For traveling nut design, the traveling nut has a flange with mounting holes. The screw jack gearbox has a mounting base and is also available with a clevis mount for double clevis requirements.

Will the lifting screw rotate? Yes. You need to prevent the lifting screw from rotating to produce linear motion. The lifting screw will not rotate in a multiple screw jack system with all the lifting screws attached to the same structure. If rotation of the screw cannot be prevented in the application design, a keyed screw configuration is available for either the acme screw jack and ball screw jack. Input torque will increase for keyed screw jack and the capacity may be reduced to 25% of rating.

What is the maximum and minimum operating temperature? Standard Jacton screw jacks are designed to operate at maximum 80 deg.C (185 deg.F) ambient temperature. For higher temperatures, special grease and seals are required, contact Jacton of these special requirements. Minimum minus 20 deg.C (minus 4 deg.F) ambient temperature. For lower temperatures, special grease and seals are required, contact Jacton of these special requirements.

How do I lubricate a screw screw jack? Use the proper grease. Fill the gearbox by pumping grease into the grease fittings supplied in the screw jack housing. The lifting screws should have grease applied directly to them with a rag or paintbrush. This must be done as part of a regularly scheduled maintenance program.

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In 1997, Established Jacton Hardware Fabrication Plant, mainly processing kinds of hardware following customers requirements. Occupied 500 square meters. In 2000, Established domestic sales department, started to develop local market, mainly processing gear transmission parts such as worm and worm gear, acme threads screw, square threads screw and acme lead screw nut. Meanwhile, sales also sell straight bevel gear and spiral bevel gears for customers. In 2002, According to some regular customers of steel plants and machines manufacturers, which used Taiwan screw jacks and miter gearboxes, due to long delivery and high price, would affect the normal operations. Jacton Hardware Fabrication Plant started to processing JT acme screw jack and JT miter gearbox following above customers samples. In 2003, Established engineering department, research and development others models of JT acme screw jack and JT miter gearbox, and draw some factory production drawings and local sales' customers drawing with 2d autocad software. In 2005, According to local market demands, Jacton Hardware Fabrication Plant is committed to research and development JB/T8809-1998 standard JTW worm screw jack, JTM machine screw jack, JTB ball screw jack and JTP cubic body miter gearbox. In 2006, Because of local markets fiercely competitive. Established Hongkong office-Jacton International Limited with own US dollars and EURO account. Established international sales department, focused on overseas markets. Meanwhile, "JACTON" as company only brand. In 2008, According to intl sales market report, cubic body screw jacks and another type cubic body miter gearboxes are very popular in Europe and America markets. After managements meetings, we started to develop JTC cubic screw jack, JTS high speed bevel gear jack, JTV cubic body miter gearbox and JTA corrosion resistance aluminium body miter gearbox. In 2009, Jacton Hardware Fabrication Plant extension, occupied 5000 square meters. Company improves the processes and products through technology investment, brings in advanced technology, production and testing equipment. In 2010, Jacton Hardware Fabrication Plant Passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system, we are strictly implement the work flow of ISO9001:2008 certifications, which ensures oversea and local customers are satisfaction with our screw jacks and miter gearboxes and fast delivery time. In 2012, In order to facilitating management, according to management decisions, sales department and design department moved to Taibao business building. Meanwhile, Jacton Hardware Fabrication Plant changed to be Dongguan Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd.

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