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NOTICE OF MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that default has occurred in the conditions of that Real Estate Mortgage dated April 6, 2009, executed by RDJ Companies, LLC, a limited liability company, as Mortgagor, to Blaine State Bank, as Mortgagee, filed with the Wright County Recorder on April 22, 2009, as Document No. A1115633; which Mortgage was modified by a Modification of Mortgage dated November 14, 2011, and filed with the Wright County Recorder on December 5, 2011, as Document No. A1189379; which Mortgage and Modification of Mortgage were assigned to CorTrust Bank N.A. by an Assignment of Mortgages dated March 22, 2013, and filed with the Wright County Recorder on June 5, 2013, as Document No. A1238756; That no action or proceeding has been instituted at law to recover the debt secured by said mortgage, or any part thereof; that there has been compliance with all notice provisions and conditions precedent as required by law; and that the mortgagee or assignee has elected to declare the entire sum secured by the note and mortgage to be immediately due and

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A few months after graduation I began working for Douglas County in Superior, Wis., as a public health nurse. Finally, after a year of working up north, I decided it was time to come back to my hometown area to be closer to my family. As a Licensed School Nurse, I am most looking forward to working with children of all ages. My favorite part of nursing is being able to provide care for others and I can't think of a better population to serve than our youth. First of all, I am honored to be taking the place of such an experienced school nurse, Leah Wagner. One of my primary goals is to model after her example and help support families with this adjustment. My overall goal for this year is to keep students as healthy as possible so they can be successful in their learning environment. Elise Beckel My name is Elise Beckel and I grew up in Burnsville. I recently graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education. I am an instrumental major with a strong background in piano and flute. In Duluth I had a great experience working as the piano accompanist for Hope United Methodist Church and I also continued teaching private piano lessons to students, which I have been doing for about seven years now. I had two extremely diverse student teaching experiences,

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payable as provided in the note and mortgage; That the original or maximum principal amount secured by the mortgage was Two Hundred Forty Thousand and No/100 DOLLARS ($240,000.00); That there is due and claimed to be due on the mortgage, including interest to date hereof, the sum of One Hundred Eighty-Five Thousand Nine Hundred Seven and 51/100 DOLLARS ($185,907.51); And that pursuant to the power of sale therein contained, said mortgage will be foreclosed and the tract of land lying and being in the County of Wright, State of Minnesota, described as follows, to-wit: The Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter, the East Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 20; the North 1 rod of the West 42 rods of the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 29, all in Township 121, Range 26, Wright County, Minnesota. Except: The East 576.99 feet of the North 754.99 feet of the South Half of the Southwest Quarter, Section 20, Township 121, Range 26, as measured at right angles to the east and north lines thereof, Wright

County, Minnesota; will be sold by the sheriff of said county at public auction on the 17th day of October, 2013, at 10:00 o'clock a.m., in the lobby of the Wright County Sheriff’s office located in the Law Enforcement Center, 3800 Braddock Avenue N.E., in the City of Buffalo, in said county and state, to pay the debt then secured by said mortgage on said premises and the costs and disbursements allowed by law, subject to redemption by the mortgagors, its personal representative or assigns within twelve (12) months from date of sale. The real property’s street addressis: N/A. The real property’s identification numbers are: 210-100-292201 and 210-100-203401. Transaction agent: N/A. Transaction agent’s Mortgage identification number: N/A. Mortgage originator: Blaine State Bank. THIS COMMUNICATION IS FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. THE RIGHT TO VERIFICATION OF THE DEBT AND IDENTITY OF THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING To Whom It May Concern: Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the City Council of the City of Maple Lake, at City Hall, at 7:00 p.m., on Tuesday, September 10, 2013, to consider the transfer/sale of the City owned land located at the corner of Spruce Avenue and State Highway 55, from the Liquor Store Fund to the General Fund. Such persons as desire to be heard with reference to this transfer/sale will be heard at this meeting. Linda E. Hruby

WITHIN THE TIME PROVIDED BY LAW IS NOT AFFECTED BY THIS ACTION. Dated this 7th day of August, 2013. CorTrust Bank N.A., Mortgagee /s/ Jeff C. Braegelmann Jeff C. Braegelmann #174701 GISLASON & HUNTER LLP Attorneys for Mortgagee 2700 South Broadway P. O. Box 458 New Ulm, MN 56073-0458 Phone: 507-354-3111 Fax: 507-354-8447 (46-51c)

CORINNA TOWNSHIP NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that Corinna Township Planning Commission/ Board of Adjustment will convene Tuesday, September 10, 2013, at 7:00 PM at Corinna Town Hall to conduct the following public hearing(s): Variance to adjust lot lines between two legal, nonconforming lots. Variance to replace the existing dwelling with a new 3 bedroom home with walkout basement and attached garage approximately 60 ft from Sugar Lake (min. 75 ft required), 42 ft from the centerline of a road (min. 65 ft required), and 9 ft from the south property line (min. 15 ft required) Variance to install a new sewer system approximately 2 ft from the north property line (min. 10 ft required), 2.5 ft from the edge of a road easement (min. 10 ft required and 13.6 ft from a new septic drainfield (min. 20 ft required). Applicant(s): Gregory and Joni Selle. Property Address: 10829 Hollister Ave. NW, Maple Lake. Sec/Twp/ Range: 11-121-27. Parcel Number(s): 206000111102 Conditional Use/Land Alteration

City Clerk/Treasurer

for the movement of approximately 150-200 cubic yards of earth and materials in a shoreland district to prepare a building pad and driveway for a new garage. Variance to construct a garage approximately 50 ft from the centerline of a Township road (min. 65 ft required) and 5 ft from a road right-of-way (min. 20 ft required). Applicant(s): Leslie Kreutter. Property Address: Across from 6868 Inman Ave. NW. Sec/Twp/Range: 34-121-27. Parcel Number(s): Split from 206024000124 that is tied by deed restriction to 206025000020. All interested persons are invited to attend these hearings and be heard or send written comments to the Township. Application information and a staff report are available for viewing at (staff report typically 5-7 days prior to the hearing date). A quorum of the Town Board may be present at the meeting, but will not hold deliberations or make any decisions. Ben Oleson, Zoning Administrator, Corinna Township

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but I learned an incredible amount being placed in the band classroom at Woodbury Middle School and the music classroom at Sonnesyn Elementary School in New Hope. My fiancé, Tyler, and I have some pretty big plans coming up. We are getting married this October in Eagan, and then taking a Southern Caribbean cruise the following week for our honeymoon. Tyler works in Eden Prairie as an actuary for United Health Group. In our free time we both enjoy playing on a fun co-ed softball team together in the fall and the spring seasons. This is my first teaching position out of college and I am looking forward to all of the new experiences this coming school year. I hope to bring a new and vibrant learning atmosphere for the sixth-grade band students and I am looking forward to choosing some fun pieces to perform. I will be teaching grades K-3 general music and I am excited about creatively planning every lesson and utilizing the new technology and Orff instruments. I am also teaching piano to students after school. After leaving the studio of piano students I had in Duluth, I look forward to teaching private lessons once again. My main goals for this year are to take everything in with an open mind, go with the flow, and soak up all the new learning opportunities that are presented. Susan Bjorstrom I grew up near Osakis and attended St. Cloud State University for my degrees in music and


special education. I previously taught elementary band for eight years here at Maple Lake. After returning to school for special education, I taught students in a resource room for Midstate Education District in Royalton. I have enjoyed returning to Maple Lake Schools, and look forward to meeting and working with my new students. It has been a real treat to reconnect with the fantastic staff here. I have three grown childrenPeter, who is in the Air Force and stationed in San Antonio; Matthew and wife, Sarah, who are completing their final year of schooling for engineering and nursing at Mankato State; and Kristina, who starts her second year in the nursing program at College of St. Scholastica. I still find time to play in several music groups ranging from concert to jazz bands. My goals for this year are to get more miles on my motorcycle and complete a home remodeling project, both before the snow arrives. Danielle Blumhoefer I went to school at the College of St. Benedict. I completed my Master’s Degree in special education at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Then I moved back home to Minnesota and worked in Sauk Rapids and in Brooklyn Center schools before accepting a position closer to home in Monticello. I have a 2-year-old retriever named Molly. I’m looking forward to being back in a smaller community

and able to make more personal connections with families and coworkers. I am looking forward to incorporating technology into my lessons because I’m in a district that has more than most other districts. I’m looking forward to using existing curriculum and developing new curriculum. Andrew Boman I was born and raised in Twin Valley, a small town in northwestern Minnesota. I'm the third son in a family of six. I attended college at Minnesota State University in Moorhead. During college, I traveled twice to Europe. One of those trips included my student teaching practicum at the International SchoolAugsburg in Germany. I have also taught for Barnum Public Schools in northeastern Minnesota. I am looking forward to the new experience here in Maple Lake. From coaching seventhgrade football to teaching world history, world geography or United States history, I cannot wait to work with the students, teachers and parents. Over the next year, I hope to become a respected member of the Irish community. I also hope to develop professionally as much as my students grow academically. Beyond this year, I plan to further my education. Future travels to Europe and every corner of the United States are also on my bucket list. Other than that, I plan to enjoy life as it comes.

Nathan Mitchell I’m originally from Newport. I graduated from Woodbury High School in 2003 and the University of Minesota Duluth with a BM in Instrumental Music Ed degree. I substitute taught in South Washington County ISD 833. During that time, I was marching band director and pit orchestra director at Park High School. I then went on to teach at WatervilleElysian-Morristown in 2010 and was there the past three years. I'm also involved with Minnesota Brass Drum and Bugle Corps as both a march member (2008-2012) and trumpet field tech (2013). I currently hold positions as the assistant director of the Marching Crusaders out of Faribault and am the newly-appointed Brass Caption Head for Chops Drum and Bugle Corps for the upcoming seasons. I'm looking forward to getting to know the students, staff, parents and the community of Maple Lake and to get started as soon as possible. My goal is to continue to help grow this band program both in numbers and in skill level while having fun creating music with these great kids. Jodi Raisanen I live in Buffalo with my husband, five children and cat named Bowser. I graduated from St. Cloud State with a math degree, but this will be my first classroom. I have taught as a long-term substitute at Wright Learning Center, Buffalo High and Middle Schools, Delano,

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Waconia and Big Lake. I hope to be at Maple Lake for many years. I also hope that the Irish will accept me, as I am 100 percent Finnish and a Yooper. I will wear green on St. Patty's Day if you wear purple for St. Urho. I am looking forward to helping students in grades 7-12 in every subject, especially math. Our goal is to boost math and reading scores at least 2 percent and to incorporate TruThought curriculum. I can't wait to work with students and their families to achieve personal academic goals. I will have several students assigned their study hall with me, but the Focus Room is available to all students who need a place to make up tests, get extra instruction, or do research. Tia Skay I currently live in Buffalo, my home town, with my husband and two children. I attended St. Cloud State University, where I earned my B.S. in Elementary Education. I taught for the ROCORI School District since 2007, where I was a kindergarten teacher. 2. I am most looking forward to getting to know the staff, parents and children at Maple Lake Elementary as well as the community of Maple Lake. 3. My goals for this year are to create a website to connect with parents, develop student resources for math and reading and incorporate technology in my classroom as much as possible.

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