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Fr Michael Taylor PP
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St Patrick’s Parish Ingham
Ingham District Parishes

Dear Flock,

WELCOME – ARCHBISHOP LAZZAROTTO! With great joy and a deep sense of honour,
we welcome to our district the Apostolic Nuncio to Australia, His Excellency Archbishop
Giuseppe Lazzarotto. It is a sign of great blessing upon us that he should lead us in Eucharist
at Bemerside this weekend. Saint Anthony was a young man filled with the love of God and
an enormous dream that people could be transformed by God’s spirit and the world can be
healed. We pray this weekend that young people especially may “catch” this great zeal of St
Anthony. As this Saint has blessed our district through God’s grace in times past, we pray
that our hearts will be open to the fullness of everything God calls us to be as His faithful
witnesses to the power of the Cross and the presence of Our Saviour in these exciting times.


celebrated over last weekend at Gilroy Santa Maria College. The Gilroy Chapel of Our Lady
was dedicated and blessed by Bishop Michael Putney at a Special Mass celebrated there.
Friends from across many years (and even decades) gathered and shared memories with each
other – some have not seen each other in over half a century! All in all, it was a marvellous
time, and a historic moment not only for the College, but for the wider district.

Until next week – keep cool! Fr Michael Taylor PP

“Fr Michael’s Little Anniversary Book”

from St Magdalene of Canossa
13 June. Ted Strambio (died.1993).
Renee George (bapt. 1993)
14 June. John Roggero & Paula Reinaudo (wed 1992);
Adam Geaney (bapt. 1992).
Francesco Fenoglio (died 1993).
‘Let us do what we can Caleb Demorest & Leanne Adams (wed 2008)
Franco Zaini & Kim-Maree Tomba (wed 2008).
and not be anxious about 15 June. Fr Dave O’Meara (died 1987)
16 June. Antonietta Pelleri (died 2008).
what we cannot do.’ Fr Micky Mullins (died 2004)
18 June. Eileen Healy (died 2003).


20 & 21 June 15 to 19 June
St. Patrick’s Ingham – Sat Vigil 6.00pm; St. Patrick’s Ingham - Monday 5.30pm &
Sunday 8.00am & 7.00pm Friday 6.30am
St. Peter’s Halifax – Sunday 7.00am Canossa – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 6.45am
St Teresa’s Abergowrie – Sunday 10.00am

Rosary – Rosary this Monday at 9.30am in the Grotto.

Holy Hour & Benediction this Tuesday 16June commencing 7.30pm in St. Patrick’s Church.
Adoration for Vocations – this Wednesday 17 June from 4.00pm at Canossa Chapel.
Please come and join the Sisters and residents as they pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.
Get More out of Mass – Week 4
This week we continue our exploration of the Liturgy of the Word paying particular attention to the Creed: Where does
it come from? How did it end up in the Mass? What exactly are we professing each and every Sunday???
Times and Venues: St Peter’s Halifax - Tuesday 16 June 7pm; St Teresa’s Abergowrie - Wednesday 17 June 7pm;
St Patrick’s Ingham - Thursday 18 June 9am and 7.30pm.
Grief Prayer Support – This Monday 15 June from 9.30am to 10.30am at the
Parish Centre Meeting Room.
Retiro de Evangelizacion en espaňol Se realizara un retiro de Conference on St Paul
evangelizacion en espaňol por dos dias 22-23 de agosto del 2009, de 8.30ama Australia’s top scholars on St Paul
6.30pm en la House of Prayer, 17 Thomas St, Pimlico. El retiro sera dirigido (Fr Brendan Byrne SJ,
por un grupo evangelizador del Padre Hector Zuňiga de Brisbane. La Sr Michele Connolly RSJ,
inscripcion es de $20 e inciuye recesos en la maňana y la tarde. Para los Fr Richard Leonard SJ)
almuerzos se les pide a los participantes a que traigan comida para conpartir Will be leading an electronic conference
para dos personas preferiblemente que necesita poco o no calentamiento. broadcast throughout Australia. We will
Para mas informacion llamar: David Renderos al 0417 740 422 or Maureen be hosting this conference in the
Mosch al 4726 3240. presbytery meeting rooms on
Tuesday June 30 (10.30am-4.00pm).
Refugee Week 2009 will be held from Sunday 14 June to Saturday 20 June. Registrations are essential.
This year’s theme is “Freedom From Fear.” The quest for freedom from fear is
Please contact the parish office.
at the heart of refugee’s flight from danger. During this week you may be able
to reach out, at least in though and prayer, to the millions of refugees in our
Books: Do you have books or comics that you no longer want. Fr Peter Quilty is collecting unwanted novels (hard or soft covered)
and comics in reasonable condition to distribute to prison inmates at the Townsville Correctional Centre. The books can be
delivered to Mundingburra Parish Office or the Diocesan Office or contact Fr Peter on 4726 3200 and he will arrange to collect
them from you. Thank you for your generosity and support.


Counters This Week: S Di Bartolo J La Rosa F Di Bartolo A La Rosa R Romano

Counters Next Week: M Duffy J Busuttin A Duffy D Benedetto Envelopes Last Week:
Children’s Liturgy Sat 20 June: David Pelleri Lawrence & Anna Di Bella $1936
Altar Servers 20 & 21 June: Sat. 6.00pm: Meegan Coco Adrianna Di Bella
Sun 8.00am: Claire Martin Kiara Spampinato
Sun 7.00pm: Chiara Cosentino Michael de Leo
Organists/Musicians 20 & 21 June: Sat. 6.00pm: Pam Harris
Sun 8.00am: Monica Vitale
Sun 7.00pm: Lynette Di Bella
Commentators 20 & 21 June: Sat. 6.00pm: Felix Reitano
Sun 8.00am: Helen Palmas
Sun 7.00pm: Trevor Pallanza
Readers 20 & 21 June: Halifax: 1 Santina Cross 2 Del Orreal
Sat. 6.00pm: 1 Judy Reitano 2 Michael Pisano 3 Linda Pisano
Sun 8.00am: 1 Bernie Heron 2 Sue Heron 3 Helen Palmas
Sun 7.00pm: 1 1 Flavia Menegon 2 Ellison Leotta 3 Trevor Pallanza
Abergowrie: College
Special Ministers 20 & 21 June: Halifax: Mary Cavaliere Elizabeth Castorina
Sat. 6.00pm: Dudley Duffy Edna Garutti Carmel Sorbello
Sun 8.00am: Sam & Josie Di Bella Alex Pietrobon
Sun 7.00pm: Tim Ham Debbie Sartor Adrian Scovazzi
Abergowrie: College
Please Pray For: Nino Coco, Norman Worrell (died this week), Pompey Poggio (Townsville) (died recently), Guerrino & Mary
Piotto, Roman Olivero, Alfio Di Bartolo, Vera Spina, Grace Stufano, Ciro Grilz, Salvatore & Giovanna Licciardello, Flo Fuller, Frank
(Bluey) Fenoglio, Dolores Aguillar Torres (annivs at this time), Mick Carmelito, Alf Marano, Joe Vella, Joe & Jessie Sartoresi, Eddie
& Lina Gileppa, Pina Marino, Domenico Catalano, Concetta Grasso, Joe Di Giacomo, Ross Torrisi, Mario Cristaudo, Frank Jayo,
Vittorio & Maria Cantoni, Micky Menegon, Baldo Fanti, Paolo Fichera, Felix & Emmanuel Scerri, Gejtano & Carmela Bondin,
Colleen Bartsch, Guido Cervellin, Dante Accornero, Ottorino Brescacin, Elena Girgenti, Maria Ferrari, Mark & John Mappas, Isabel
Rodriguez- Grassi.