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Maple Lake Messenger Page 2 August 28, 2013

On Sunday one of the fans who came through the pass gate was toting a camera and shooting quite a lot of volunteers, fan pictures, members of the tournament committee and some of the Lakers. Curiosity finally got the best of me and I asked the gentleman who he was taking photos for. It turns out hes putting together a history book of amateur baseball in Minnesota. He said hes learning a lot about baseball in the earlier days and was already familiar with Pearl Lake and Marty when that team played on a baseball diamond without an outfield fence. Another team he mentioned was the Midway Snurdbirds which isnt from a town, but is located someplace north of Menagha. Incidentally, the Snurdbirds were in this years tournament and played at the Delano site defeating Upsala and then losing to Luverne. . . He didnt give me a definitive answer when his book will be out, but I suspect it wont be in the immediate future. Hopefully, hell keep baseball fans posted. . . Tournament chairman Daryl Hennen and his host of lieutenants have all been doing Yeomans duty at each game and they honored him with a message on the scoreboard, Daryl is awesome, prior to Sundays game. He pays a lot of attention to detail and that helps keep the tournament running smoothly. * * * I managed to fish on Maple Lake Thursday morning with Mike Muller and one of his grandsons, Harrison, for sunfish. Harrison was looking for keepers and soon learned it took quite a bit of sorting. We were using leeches for bait and he was a little squeamish about handing them to Mike when it came time to rebait his hook. We had eleven keepers in the live-well, not necessarily a good day, but he had some keepers and was happy. We were in the 12-15 foot range where the sunfish were feeding. Vanna gave me a point on a pheasant last Tuesday and when I walked into the weeds the hen flushed as did six chicks. They were quite small and didnt fly very far. I suspect it will be late October before they get any color in their feathers. . . Im trying to zero in on a good pheasant spot and asked a fellow from Springfield if they had any birds. He said yes, and when I asked them if there were enough to hunt, he smiled and said no, we hunt the Pipestone area. My apologies to Cole Trager for referring to him as Taylor in last weeks paper about goose hunting out west. Thats the second mistake Ive made this year. Fortunately I cant remember the first one.

by Harold Brutlag
After a wild weekend of baseball in Maple Lake its kind of difficult to get back on track with this weekly column. Anyway, the Maple Lake Lakers battle with Watkins was the featured game of Friday evening which attracted the largest crowd yet when the official count was given as 1,003 paid and approximately 1,500 total fans. Maple Lakes Irish Stadium has seating for 900 and those who didnt get a seat lined both sides of the field from the bleachers to the outfield fence. Fans were lined up in the bullpen areas and made room for the pitchers who were warming up in the later innings. Maple Lake won their game with Watkins decisively, 9-2, but the scuttlebutt was the fans to the west outdid the ML fans hands down in the beer count. One Watkins fan, after the game, remarked they were trying to drown their sorrows. And so the battle continues for the defending champion Lakers who meet Luverne Saturday in a 5 p.m. game. Maple Lake has a great selection of baseball games on Saturday with teams that have a good following of fans. The games start at 11 a.m. with the final game of the day at 7:30 p.m. My purpose in dwelling on the state tournament is two-fold. One is to keep fans informed, and two, to acknowledge the great response from the volunteers who have been showing up at appointed times which helps keep the tournament running smoothly. This Saturdays fans are expected to outnumber the previou,s 1003 paid fans last week and there is a definite need for additional volunteer assistance on Saturday. Dale and Vicki Decker are in charge of volunteers and anyone who can lend them a hand can call them at 963-5835. It takes a lot of volunteers to fill the numerous concession, food, souvenir and refreshment stands. This is the final weekend of the tournament when the championship games will be played on Monday, Labor Day, Sept. 2. * * *


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Dear Editor, Law enforcement, emergency responders, tow truck drivers and maintenance crews working on the shoulder of the roadway have got your back. Do you have theirs? Minnesotas Ted Foss Move Over Law was named in honor of Minnesota State Patrol Corporal Ted Foss who was killed when hit by a semi truck while on a traffic stop on the shoulder of I-90 in Winona on Aug. 31, 2000. Minnesota State Statute 169.18 subd. 11 and 12 tells us: -When approaching and before passing an authorized emergency vehicle with its emergency lights activated that is parked or stopped on or next to a street or highway having two lanes in the same direction, you shall safely move your vehicle to the lane farthest away from the emergency vehicle, if it is possible to do so. If the roadway

has more than two lanes in the same direction, you shall leave one full lane vacant between your vehicle and any lane in which the emergency vehicle is completely or partially stopped. -This includes law enforcement, fire, ambulance, tow trucks and road maintenance and construction vehicles. -If you are unable to safely move a lane away, you must reduce your speed. If you fail to take these actions, you could receive a citation with a fine of more than $100. Ignoring this law endangers those who are risking their lives every day to provide critical and lifesaving services to all of us. Move over for flashing lights and keep everyone safer! Trooper Kari Zenzen MN State Patrol Safe Communities of Wright County Board Member

Good News
This column is not intended for items of personal thanks, promotion or editorial comments. Its purpose is to simply give recognition to local residents for their contributions to our community.

Ask a Trooper:

Police officers out of their jurisdictions

by Sgt. Jesse Grabow
Question: I see a lot of city police officers out of their jurisdictions. Are they allowed to patrol outside the city and stop vehicles? Answer: Being that I am not familiar with what municipal police department you are referring to and their policy and procedures I will explain this simply, yes they can. Any peace officer with a current and up-to-date Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) license has the ability. Again, this agency will have general limits in place for their operations and patrol but due to the nature of this work a peace officer can find themselves outside their general jurisdiction due to a variety of opportunities (training, court, warrant/prisoner transports, etc.) You may also see many more municipal agencies outside their city during enhanced enforcement Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) projects for DWI, speed, distracted driving,

Michael b.
Love, Mom, Augs, Ez, Brandy & the rest of the family!

etc. The City, County, and the State Patrol are all partners when working these TZD projects. One of the requirements for all of the agencies that receive grant funding for TZD projects is that we work High Visibility enforcement projects in high crash areas. It is a data driven approach to solving crash causing issues. The areas that all of these agencies are working have been identified based on crash data and, specifically, crash severity. By working together even outside of our normal jurisdictions, we create a much more visible patrol presence (the number one best way to gain voluntary compliance) even with the limited resources that many agencies are faced with. In greater Minnesota, one agency alone cannot typically provide enough staffing for these projects and

that is why we work as partners. It puts extra law enforcement officers out on patrol to focus on traffic safety while the regular shift officers take the normal calls for service that peace officers provide. Traffic safety is everyones business and is not just limited to a specific jurisdictional area. By working with our City and County law enforcement partners, we are creating a much safer environment is specific areas that have high crash and severity rates. If you have any questions concerning traffic related laws or issues in Minnesota send your questions to Trp. Jesse Grabow Minnesota State Patrol at 1000 Highway 10 West, Detroit Lakes, MN 565012205. (You can follow him on Twitter @MSPPIO_NW or reach him by email at,

Thank you to the following for their generous donations and to our family and friends for all their hard work. A big thank you: To all the fishermen that took time to fish the ninth annual Christopher Schneider Bass Tournament, Jeff Nelson and all the kids that did Casting Kids, my family and friends that helped so much, Maple Lake Messenger for the great stories and pictures in the Messenger, all the businesses and individuals that were so generous with their donations and time and The V for the use of the room. Businesses and individuals: Maple Lake: Maple Lake Messenger, Maple Lake General Store, Rogers BP Amoco, Tims Taxidermy, S.A.M. Quilters, Shear Attitudes, C.S. Salon, Lake Region Co-Op. and Country Store, Hegle Garage Doors, Robs Custom Upholstery and Flooring, A-Meat Shoppe, MP NexLevel, Star Bank, Irish Blessings Coffeehouse, PACE, St. Patricks Books & Gifts, Chris Dombrovski, Deb & Ed Biegler, Mary McBrady, Peg Plaggerman, Jeff & Christine Keeler, Aimee & Tim Kittock, Better Than Ever Interiors, Maple Lake Ambasfair, make sure to pair them with 6. All you can drink milk. For a buck.: Theres not many things you can buy for a dollar these days, let alone unbelievable milk. And they will refill your cup as many times as youd like. Seriously. They usually go through about 20,000 gallons of it over the course of the fair. 7. Seed art: These unbelievable works of art (also known as crop art) are made from thousands of seeds like barley, flax, or soybeans. The seeds must be Minnesota grown. And no rice or sesame seeds. Really. Its in the rules. Take a look at a couple of amazing entries from last years fair. Followed by another fantastic work of crop art that was lent to my office. 8. Minnesota sweet corn: Its the best corn in the world. Oh, you dont want to take my word for it? Then consider this: according to a 2011 Star Tribune article, the sweet corn stand sells 180,000 to 190,000 ears of corn over the fairs 12-day run, all of it from a farm near Waverly, Minnesota. 9. Pork chop. On a stick: The seasoning is perfect, the smell of their grill makes you swoon, and you can walk and eat without any trouble. Nobody does a pork chop quite like this. 10. Fish pond: Seen a fish pond, you say? Well, you havent. Not really. Not until youve seen the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources fish pond, which boasts 45 different species of fish. Cant make it to the fair this year? Then check out this 2010 underwater video of the pond, or this video of last years pond being stocked.

sadors, Snap Fitness, Paula Willard, Margaret and Ken Paumen, Cedar Lake Engineering, Inc., H&H Sports, Helen Jude, Becka Beads Buffalo: Wayne and Brenda Gangl South Haven: J&J Marine Big Lake: Laurie Barlett Annandale: Lundeen Bros. Ford, The Marketplace, Subway, Theresa Heinekes, Ron Freeman Bemidji: Northland Tackle Bagley: Mark Ronning Ramsey: Wayne Chapman Monticello: Dahlheimers Distributing, State Farm Insurance, Loch Jewelers, Von Hansons, Brad Bitzer, Linda Cooper, Monticello Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, First Minnesota Bank, Bev and Rick Skoog, Muller Family Theater, Moon Motors St. Cloud: Tiffany Kuledge, Darrell Gilberton Rice: Amanda and Joe Smith Excelsior: Joshua Hayes Billings, Mont.: Corey Baker, Missye Schneider Thank you and God bless you all, The Christopher Schneider Foundation Bob and Barb Schneider

Al Frankens 13 reasons why the Minnesota State Fair is the best in the country
1. The mind-blowing creativity of new food: In addition to standard fair food like fried cheese curds and fresh mini donuts, each year brings the debut of insanely imaginative new dishes. This year you can try wine-glazed deep fried meatloaf, candied bacon cannoli, or cocoa cheese bites. And if you really dig the mini donuts, you can also try the new mini donut batter crunch ice cream. You can read the full list of new foods at new_food/ 2. Dairy princesses carved in butter: Since 1954, one talented young lady has won the title of Princess Kay of the Milky Waythe top prize in a contest of young women whose families are involved in Minnesotas dairy industry. The winner is selected from 12 finalists, all of whom get their likenesses carved into 90 pound blocks of butter. Oh, and how long does it take to carve 90 pounds of butter? About 8 hours. 3. Seeing old friends, even in a sea of thousands: Last years average daily attendance at the fair was about 150,000. Even though the fair is hugethe 320 acres of permanent fairground

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are more than three times the size of the Mall of America you still get the chance to see old friends. Like my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Molin, who taught me when I lived in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, more than 50 years ago. Shes the best. 4. The tradition: I loved going to the fair as a kid, and for a lot of people in Minnesota, the fair has become one of the few times each year when entire families get together. Take, for example, this recent Star Tribune profile of Ed Ericksen, whos gone 75 years in a row. Which is impressive. Especially considering that for two of those years, the fair was ACTUALLY CANCELED, but his Dad didnt want to break with tradition, so they walked around the fairgrounds anyway. Heres what things looked like at the fair back around 1928. 5. Sweet Marthas cookies: A state fair staple since 1979, Sweet Marthas is known for their generosity: not only does each bucket come stacked with cookies so high that carrying it requires some serious concentration, but the operation is also known for sending cookies to troops overseas. 10,000 of them at a time. And if you eat Marthas at the

Card of Thanks
Thanks to our relatives, neighbors, and friends for the support and kindness shown at the time of the passing of our beloved husband and dad, Greg Jude. Special thanks to Father Mark Juettner and Father John Meyer, Deacons Ron Freeman and Mike Medley, the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus Honor Guard, St. Timothys Eucharistic Ministers who brought the Holy Eucharist each Sunday, the staff at Annandale Care Center and Cardinal Cottage, Marge Pavlik and the Resurrection Choir, to The V for the luncheon and Dingmann Funeral Care for their excellent services. We shall never forget your kindness. Anabel Jude and family

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11. The Music: At this years Grandstand, youll find acts like Macklemore, Tim McGraw, Depeche Mode, Sheryl Crow, and Dwight Yoakam. But there are stages throughout the fair where you can see musicians perform pretty much any time of day. And one night at the Grandstand, you can even hear a bunch of local musicians at a concert called Minnesota Music on a Stick. But my favorite? The Army Band, who I got to see in 2011. 12. We make history: Vice President Teddy Roosevelt visited the fair in 1901, where he delivered his famous speak softly, and carry a big stick speech, in which he outlined his trademark foreign policy vision. Just a few days after the speech, President William McKinley was assassinated, and Vice President Roosevelt became President Roosevelt. But just to be clear, President McKinley wasnt assassinated at the Minnesota State Fair. That happened in Buffalo, NY. 13. The people: I love traveling around the state and hearing whats on peoples minds. But the fair is the one time of the year where the state comes to me. And one of the things that I think makes Minnesota such a great state is that everyone is so engaged (our state consistently has the highest voter turnout in the country), which makes talking with Minnesotans the best part of my job. And while weve got great food and really cool stuff to see, at the end of the day, our state fair is tops because of the wonderful people who go year after year. And they are why Im so honored to have this job.