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A New Beginning

Southern Colorado Youth for Christ Summer 2013

Wa l k by Fa i t h N o t by S i g h t

Johnson FamilyPacking It all in a U-Haul

Faithful. Trustworthy. Real. True. These are words that come to mind when I think of our amazing God. He can be trusted-completely. This past winter, our family had been sensing that God was preparing us for something different. Years earlier, Nancy and I had attended YFC trainings in Colorado Springs and met Mike Rueffert, the YFC Executive Director in Colorado Springs. With this connection along with other trainings and trips in the Springs, we had often remarked that we could see ourselves living there someday. Throughout the winter months, we met and talked with Mike and his Board of Directors. Each time we spoke, our hearts were drawn to this place and this ministry. We were impressed by the amazing impact that Southern Colorado YFC staff and volunteers were having with incarcerated teens. We could see that they had a desire to put prayer, time and effort into the continued development of an aftercare program. This is a critical need for young men and women coming out of incarceration and back into a challenging world where they make their own choices. In early March, it was time to take steps of obedience as we followed Gods call. Informing my Board of Directors, the ministry staff and supporters was a hard step in this process. What happened in the weeks that followed was nothing short of miraculous as we watched God meet every need for Martin County YFC. God continued to confirm our call by slowly and methodically answering each of our prayers so that Martin County YFC could flourish in the wake of a significant transition. We are humbled that God used

us to pioneer ministry in Martin County. We are also forever grateful for the relationships that God has provided for us in Martin County that have given us the courage to step out in faith as God leads. Recently, God gave me a beautiful picture from the Bible of how He can be trusted to work out important details. In the book of Joshua chapter 3, God is leading the Israelites into the Promise Land. Just as Moses had done, Joshua trusted God and knew that He would get them there even though a raging flood stage river stood between them and the Promise Land. Picking up the narrative in verse 15b and 16b, As soon as the priests who carried the ark reached the Jordan and their feet touched the waters edge, the water from upstream stopped flowing so the people crossed over the Jordan. From 12 years of ministry experience, we know God can be trusted. Theres nothing quite like packing up your family of six in a 26 U-Haul with all your earthly belongings and Gods promise and plan unfolding. As we step into the water, we thank God for the call to be missionaries for Southern Colorado YFC. As the new Aftercare Director, I get to trust God to raise $60,000 annually to support the work that God is giving me and my family to do in Colorado Springs. I have no doubt that He can be trusted to complete this task. Im trusting God to raise up 40 to 50 financial supporters along with a mountain of prayer supporters. God will use your partnership to reach and transform some of the most significantly at risk teens in the country with the truth of the Gospel. Would you please prayerfully consider partnering with us in this important work? Thank you in advance for your encouraging support as together we will watch our amazing God do miraculous work in the lives of young men and women who cant escape the pursuit of our amazing and gracious Savior. In Christ Alone, Michael and Nancy Johnson

God continued to confirm our call by slowly and methodically answering each of our prayers

I look forward to talking to each of you personally. Thank you for filling out the enclosed pledge card and investing in Gods work.