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Tuned to Yesterday Line-Up September 2013

Sunday Sept. 1st 10pm Western GUNSMOKE Solomon 4/17/60 CBS FORT LARAMIE The Galvanized Yankee 10/7/56 CBS 11pm Crime COUNTERSPY The Case of the Cold-Blooded Professor Part 1 8/30/49 ABC COUNTERSPY The Case of the Cold-Blooded Professor Part 2 9/1/49 ABC

Monday Sept. 2nd

10pm Comedy MILTON BERLE SHOW A Salute to Football 11/4/47 NBC FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY Rummage Sale 1/15/52 NBC 11pm Drama NBC UNIVERSITY THEATER Monsieur Vincent 6/11/50 NBC

Tuesday Sept. 3rd

10pm Series LES MISERABLES The Grave Part 5 of 7 8/20/37 MBS SHADOW OF FU MANCHU #18 6/16/39 Syndicated FIREFIGHTERS Episode #5 11/18/49 Syndicated 11pm Western LUX RADIO THEATER Virginia City 5/26/41 CBS

Wednesday Sept. 4th

10pm Sitcom THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 6/11/44 NBC MEL BLANC SHOW 6/6/47 CBS 11pm Crime DRAGNET The Big Gone 11/30/54 NBC / AFRS THE WHISPERER Fight Game 8/12/51 NBC

Thursday Sept. 5th 10pm True History CAVALCADE OF AMERICA Port of Missing Men 1/15/52 NBC ENCORE THEATER Yellowjack 6/18/46 CBS 11pm Mystery SHERLOCK HOLMES The Case of the Six Napoleons 3/6/55 NBC SUSPENSE Mission Completed 12/1/49 CBS

Friday Sept. 6th

10pm Sci-Fi X MINUS ONE Tsylana 9/19/57 NBC ESCAPE Conquerors Isle 3/5/49 CBS 11pm Horror THE SEALED BOOK Death Rings Down the Curtain 7/1/45 MBS LIGHTS OUT Cat Wife 4/6/38 NBC

Saturday Sept. 7th

10pm True History YOU ARE THERE Fort Sumter 5/22/49 CBS HALLMARK PLAYHOUSE Lincoln and the Baltimore Plot 2/9/50 CBS 11pm Adventure DANGEROUS ASSIGNMENT Road to Mandalay 5/24/50 VOYAGE OF THE SCARLET QUEEN Winchester Rifle and the Ambitious Groom 2/25/48 CBS / AFRS

Sunday Sept. 8th

10pm Mystery YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR The Mickey McQueen Matter 4/14/51 CBS THE FALCON The Case of the Raw Deal 12/10/50 NBC 11pm Drama PRUDENTIAL FAMILY HOUR Deeper Shadow 11/7/48 CBS THIS IS MY BEST Anything Can Happen 4/24/45 CBS

Monday Sept. 9th

10pm Comedy JACK BENNY SHOW 3/27/55 CBS JOAN DAVIS TIME Guest: Danny Thomas 10/4/47 CBS 11pm Drama CAMEL SCREEN GUILD THEATER Command Decision 3/3/49 NBC AFRA WORKSHOP Night Flight 11/8/46 AFRS

Tuesday Sept. 10th

10pm Series LES MISERABLES The Barricade Part 6 of 7 8/27/37 MBS SHAODW OF FU MANCHU #19 6/19/39 Syndicated FIREFIGHTERS Episode #6 11/21/49 Syndicated 11pm Western WILD BILL HICKOK Two Gun Justice 1/7/53 MBS SIX SHOOTER Jenny 9/20/53 NBC

Wednesday Sept. 11th

10pm Sitcom ADVENTURES OF TOPPER 8/30/45 NBC SMITHS OF HOLLYWOOD The Trailer 2/14/47 Syndicated 11pm Crime CBS RADIO WORKSHOP Cops and Robbers 3/16/56 CBS SUSPENSE For Old Times Sake 12/14/58 CBS

Thursday Sept. 12th 10pm True History I WANT TO COME BACK 8/1/41 Audition NIGHTWATCH 8/21/54 CBS 11pm Mystery FAT MAN The Black Angel 7/8/46 ABC ITS A CRIME, MR. COLLINS Brown Alligator Briefcase 1956 MBS

Friday Sept. 13th

10pm Sci-Fi DIMENSION X The Martian Death March 1/14/51 NBC EXPLORING TOMORROW Flashback 10/29/58 MBS 11pm Horror HERMITS CAVE The Blackness of Terror 1944 Syndicated MYSTERY IN THE AIR The Marvelous Barastro 8/7/47 NBC

Saturday Sept. 14th

10pm Quiz BREAK THE BANK 10/5/49 NBC YOU BET YOUR LIFE 2/10/58 NBC 11pm Horror ONCE UPON A MIDNIGHT Malice Aforethought 5/11/45 Audition HAUNTING HOUR A Corpse There Was 1945 Syndicated

Sunday Sept. 15th

10pm Comedy PENNY SINGLETON SHOW The Admiral 1950 NBC JOAN DAVIS TIME Guest: Garry Moore 2/14/48 CBS 11pm SItcom MY FAVORITE HUSBAND Dinner for Twelve 10/14/50 CBS / AFRS THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE Leroy Gets the Flu 2/17/47 NBC

Monday Sept. 16th

10pm Comedy JACK BENNY Renting Out the Maxwell 4/24/55 CBS EDDIE CANTOR SHOW Guest: John Charles Thomas 4/1/42 NBC 11pm Drama LUX RADIO THEATER National Velvet 2/3/47 CBS

Tuesday Sept. 17th

10pm Series LES MISERABLES Conclusion Part 7 of 7 9/3/37 MBS SHADOW OF FU MANCHU #20 6/21/39 Syndicated FIREFIGHTERS Episode #7 11/22/49 Syndicated 11pm Western HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL French Leave 1/17/60 CBS GUNSMOKE Hack Prine 7/5/54 CBS

Wednesday Sept. 18th

10pm SItcom ITS HIGGINS, SIR The Elopement 8/21/51 NBC HALLS OF IVY (last show) 6/25/52 CBS 11pm Crime YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR The Syndicate Matter 3/24/53 CBS CRIME CLASSICS The Generals Daughter 4/7/54 CBS

Thursday Sept. 19th

10pm True History CAVALCADE OF AMERICA Greeley of the Tribune 2/6/51 NBC

NBC STANDS BY World War II Coverage 5/5/44 NBC 11pm Mystery SUSPENSE The Moonstone Part 1 11/16/53 CBS SUSPENSE The Moonstone Part 2 11/23/53 CBS

Friday Sept. 20th

10pm Sci-Fi X MINUS ONE Protection 3/20/57 NBC ESCAPE The Earthmen 7/25/51 CBS 11pm Horror HAUNTING HOUR Till Murder Do Us Part mid-1940s Syndicated WEIRD CIRCLE The Phantom Picture 1944 Syndicated

Saturday Sept. 21st 10pm Broadway MERCURY THEATER Seventeen 10/16/38 CBS 11pm Romance FOUR STAR PLAYHOUSE Corey 8/28/49 NBC ROMANCE Home on Approval 7/23/55 CBS

Sunday Sept. 22nd

10pm Western GUNSMOKE Chesters Love Affair 1/31/60 CBS TALES OF THE TEXAS RANGERS Square Dance 5/20/51 NBC 11pm Crime ITS A CRIME, MR. COLLINS Case of the Pink Elephant 1956 MBS CRIME CLASSICS Incredible History of John Sheppard 2/3/54 CBS

Monday Sept. 23rd

10pm Comedy FRED ALLEN SHOW Guest: Frank Sinatra 5/16/43 NBC BOB HOPE SHOW 1/14/53 NBC 11pm Drama ON STAGE The Bear 5/7/53 CBS YOUR PLAYHOUSE OF FAVORITES Rip Van Winkle 5/13/48 Syndicated

Tuesday Sept. 24th 10pm Series WORLDS GREATEST NOVELS A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court Part 1 6/4/48 NBC ADVENTURES BY MORSE A Coffin for the Lady Part 1 3/18/44 Syndicated 11pm Western FRONTIER GENTLEMAN Kendalls Last Stand 2/23/58 CBS STRAIGHT ARROW Long Summer 6/21/51 MBS

Wednesday Sept. 25th 10pm Sitcom BURNS AND ALLEN 7/8/40 CBS DUFFYS TAVERN Archie the Lion Tamer 4/20/51 CBS

11pm Crime BULLDOG DRUMMOND The Book Store 12/24/47 MBS COUNTERSPY Dope Addict 2/14/52 NBC

Thursday Sept. 26th 10pm True History DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA The 4th of July in Albany: 1831 1/31/62 NBC CAVALCADE OF AMERICA Oliver Wendell Holmes 2/9/38 NBC 11pm Mystery YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR The Edward French Matter 4/7/51 CBS ADVENTURES OF THE THIN MAN Case of the Haunted Hams 7/13/48 NBC

Friday Sept. 27th

10pm Sci-Fi X MINUS ONE The Light 10/24/57 NBC CBS RADIO WORKSHOP Season of Disbelief, Hail and Farewell 2/17/56 CBS 11pm Horror QUIET, PLEASE My Son John 11/26/48 MBS LIGHTS OUT The Ball 3/9/42 CBS

Saturday Sept. 28th

10pm True History HALLMARK HALL OF FAME Story of Lee Deforest 2/7/54 CBS CAVALCADE OF AMERICA Valley of the Swans 5/27/52 NBC 11pm Adventure LUX RADIO THEATER Union Station 4/7/52 CBS

Sunday Sept. 29th

10pm Mystery THE BIG STORY Case of the Unfinished Love Song 12/1/47 NBC QUIET, PLEASE Thirteen and Eight 4/26/48 MBS 11pm Drama ENCORE THEATER Green Light 6/23/46 CBS HALLMARK PLAYHOUSE Afterward 8/5/48 CBS

Monday Sept. 30th

10pm Comedy PEOPLE ARE FUNNY The Con Man 1/5/54 CBS BOB HOPE SHOW Guest: Gracie Allen 3/25/52 NBC 11pm Drama QUIET, PLEASE Let the Lillies Consider 6/28/48 MBS COLUMBIA PRESENTS CORWIN Untitled 5/30/44 CBS

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