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Business Communication Analysis

We would like to thank our honorable course teacher of Business Communication (BUS251), Hasan Shirazi (HSz) for assigning us to write this excellent report. Browsing net provided us valuable information to write this report. We are thankful to the course instructor for giving us his valuable time and suggestions. We are also grateful to each of our group members who have contributed significantly to prepare this report.


Business Communication Analysis

Executive Summary
Business Communication Analysis survey has given us an impression that till now most of the business organizations are interested in advertising their product. In the present day marketing, advertising has become a communication tool for all type of business enterprises including large and small. Even non-business enterprises have recognized the importance of advertising. Advertising is a non-personal tool of stimulating the goals and services. It has acquired the distinction of being the most pervasive channels of marketing communications. In our daily life, we perceive, listen and experience numerous products at home, in a shop, while traveling in the bus or train etc, and many talk about their individuality. It is, therefore, anything which turns persons attention towards it is termed as 'advertising' and the way through which the advertiser makes people aware, is communication. In this what advertising and communication are related to each other? The major objective of advertising communication is to boost up sale figures as to maximize the profits. It is one of the most important tools of modern marketing for business Organizations. The main objects of advertising communication are given below: To position the product before the consumers widely: - To eliminate or conquer competition. - To inform people about the use of products. - To produce demand for new product. - To amplify sales. On the other hand as there are more and more Ads coming to promote various products for consumers, here the vast majority of advertising used a feminine form whose key features like thinness, particular figure, unblemished complexion which actually do not correspond to most womens bodies. This can create false expectations on the part of women and their partners, as well as society at large. So, there the approach is important no matter what product a business organization is promoting. Because an advertisement creates an image on the people who are seeing it and they like to meet their expectation as they view it. 10

Business Communication Analysis

Table of Contents

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Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Positive Approaches of Advertising----------------------------------------------------------Negative Approaches of Advertising --------------------------------------------------------4 examples of bad print advertisements----------------------------------------------------Mediums Uses for Advertising and Its Approaches-------------------------------------Observations-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------References---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Business Communication Analysis

For years, businesses have used advertising in the hope of generating an increase in
product sales. Advertising allows businesses to reach a large number of potential buyers at one time, and can be especially effective when targeted to people that have a need for the product. Advertising can not only explain the features and benefits of a product, but also provide information that helps consumers make an informed buying decision. Advertising is a means of communication because it is presenting a verbal and pictorial image using various media vehicles to send a message to sell a product, service or goods. It could create interest in a product, promote awareness, and persuade the consumer to try the goods. The advertisers want consumers to understand their branding or marketing concept and present this to them. People are consciously and unconsciously affected by ads and there are different target markets advertisers want to send their message to and then get a response. Advertising is based on a lot of social psychology, research, and consumer focus groups, and surveys in order to develop this method of communication. It is business and communication combined. Advertisements are nothing but information about a product or service, put together in a visually attractive way and explaining why that particular product or service is most suited for the customer. As it helps the customer make an informed choice from various options available to him, it is an important means of communication. It reaches the product message to the customer(s) cost effectively, creatively and in a concise manner. Advertising is a form of communication whose purpose is to inform potential customers about products and services and how to obtain and use them. Many advertisements are also designed to generate increased consumption of those products and services through the creation and reinforcement of brand image and brand loyalty. For these purposes advertisements often contain both factual information and persuasive messages. Every major medium is used to deliver these messages, including: television, radio, movies, magazines, newspapers, video games, the Internet and billboards. Advertising is often placed by an advertising agency on behalf of a company. Advertisements can also be seen on the seats of grocery carts, on the walls of an airport walkway, on the sides of buses, heard in telephone hold messages and instore public address systems. Advertisements are usually placed anywhere an audience can easily and/or frequently access visuals and/or audio and print. Organizations which frequently spend large sums of money on advertising but do not strictly sell a product or service to the general public include: political parties, interest groups, religion-supporting organizations, and militaries looking for new recruits. Additionally, some non-profit organizations are not typical advertising clients and rely upon free channels, such as public service announcements.

Positive Approaches OF ADVERTISING


Business Communication Analysis Advertising is the most important tool in the marketing of products and services. Companies all over the world universally accepted this fact. The expenses on advertising are considered to be a profitable investment that reaps profits both in the long and short run. Businesses that keep on advertising regardless of rise or fall in the economic times get a competitive advantage over those that cut their ad budgets.

Advertisement that Speed have come up with, has actually based on reality. The incident took place in their advertisement is kind of incident that normally takes place, specially in clam and quite environment this occurrence had taken place a lot of time and still continuing, so basically they have tried focused on something thats is usual and relevant.

Targeted wide range of consumer

They did not narrow down the range of the consumer by selecting a specific range of participant. Which means that, starting from the grown up even the young lads will get influence by the advertisement they have come up with.

Disclosure of the price range

They have clearly mentioned and shown that each drink cost 22 taka, which will make the consumer know about the price and hence they dont need to go to store to make sure about the price, instead they could decide sitting in their home weather to go try the product.

Availability of the product

In the advertisement it has been particularly shown that the guy, who played the lead character has got the drink out of nowhere, it may seem kind of impractical, but that indirectly shows that the product is available in wide range.

Degree of energy

Business Communication Analysis

In their advertisement that they have come up with, the lead character gets energize and beat the hell out of bad guys. When he punched the 1st guy, the guy flew like in a blink of an eye, when kicked the 2nd guy he goes out of the scene. This two event actually shows the degree of energy he got after taking the drink.

Crystal Clear

In their advertisement, the lead character has clear had the drink, unlike the lead character in the existing advertisement.

Appropriate colure selection

In out advertisement the bad guys, has actually wear dark cloths, which determines ruggedness, indecency, UN soberness, messy, danger. While the good guy seems to be in white sweat shirt, which refers to decency, soberness, ethical and indeed a good heated person.

Social and ethical factors are taken into consideration

In their advertisement, when it will get telecasted, most of the people will get the concept, and it indirectly says that indency always has one ending i.e punishment. Even when the young lady will see the advertisement, they will get to know that, why the bad guys were getting beaten up. That will let the young heart know that, the kind of behavior that has been perform by the bad guys, arent acceptable in the society, hence they will take theme very carefully.

Product Introduction


Business Communication Analysis For years, businesses have used advertising in the hope of generating an increase in product sales. Advertising allows businesses to reach a large number of potential buyers at one time, and can be especially effective when targeted to people that have a need for the product. Advertising can not only explain the features and benefits of a product, but also provide information that helps consumers make an informed buying decision. Information to the customer In their advertisement, they keep the customer informed about the new developments in the industry. They help to provide them information regarding the newly launched products. Takes care of customers In their advertisement, they take care of customers. It helps in holding on to the loyal customer, decreasing the number of lost customers and enlisting new customers. Thus the overall effect of advertising is increase in the number of customers that will gradually become loyal to the product.

Clearing Misconceptions
Advertising a product also helps reinforce its brand's name and image to the public, which can be part of a long-term marketing strategy. For example, when Coca-Cola produces an ad for Diet Coke, it is not only touting the benefits of that product but is also keeping the Coca-Cola brand in the minds of consumers, which can also help the sales of its other products.

Product Improvement
A product may have a negative image in the eyes of consumers due the lack of information or knowledge. Advertising allows a company to further explain the features and benefits, which can help clear up any misconceptions. This technique is also beneficial when a product contained a defect that the company has corrected.


Business Communication Analysis

Increased Sales
Advertising can also be used to introduce improvements to existing products. For food products, advertising can explain how changes to the recipe have improved the flavor. Car dealers can introduce upgrades to models from the previous year. Makers of household cleaners can demonstrate how a stronger chemical makes the product more effective.

Brand Reinforcement
When a company has developed a product that it feels is better than anything currently on the market, advertising allows that company to let the world know about the product. Using advertising to demonstrate the features and benefits that set it apart from the pack as well as to introduce any special promotions or pricing.

Negative Approaches OF ADVERTISING

Small Target Market
The advertisement clearly targeted the youth generation, but shouldnt a energy drink should mostly get consumed by people who are weak? Sure that doesnt mean youngster cannot have the drink, but the part that we are concern with is that, they have minimized the market. In the advertise all the young boys and girls are having fun in a concert, which somehow have a impact on grown up minds thats, the enrgy drink is meant for the young boys and girls.

High Budget
A rock star didnt necessarily have to get out of a Celica; a normal car would have done the trick. They spend enough money to promote the advertise, but a small survey in NSU says that more then 95% of student didnt like the advertise. Which clearly tells us that in spite of spending so much money they couldnt get to capture the market?


Business Communication Analysis

The first scene of the advertisement had taken in a park, while the next scene has been shot in Coxsbazar. How did that happen? And personally speaking, (I am so familiar with Coxsbazar city, that I am willing bet literally against every thing I possess.)

Now, then again, we wonder what does energy drink had to do with being in a concert??? Well actually nothing. If a celebrity shows up in front of me and willing to sing me a song, I guess I wont be needing an energy drink to make my self stronger. Naturally, I will be so excited that am going to start making the most out of the situation, likewise every individual will ended up doing the same thing. Now the above description, shows the degree of irrelevancy the advertise had been.

Lack of information
In the entire advertisement they didnt mention anything about the price range, which should have been the vital information they should have taken under their consideration. If they had mention the price then, many consumer would have been willing to try the energy drink, instead of sitting home wondering, what if the price is high?

Have we ever came across such situation, where a celebrity shows up in front of and due to high demand he ended singing a song with a energy drink on his hand??? Well, I guess no. There had never been such case. Which lead to fact that, the advertisement they come up with was impractical enough get out run by new arrival of energy drink in the market? 10

Business Communication Analysis

Failure to deliver the concept

Like I have mentioned before, being in a concert has nothing to do with energy drink. Even if it does, for instance lets say, they have tried to say that, we need to get energetic to be in a concert, but if we give it a deeper thought then we will see that we have other better thing to get energized about, then being energetic in a concert. e.g. - Study, Work, Physical Exercise, etc

The Celebrity- Is he actually drinking the drink???

Increases the cost

It increases the cost of goods. The cost of the advertisement is included in the price and is ultimately borne by the customers

Misleads the public

It misleads the public by giving false statements about the product. (It may be true in some cases but majority of advertisers know the value of honest statements.)

Creates dissatisfaction

It creates tastes and desires for some people whose income may not allow them to buy. Such people feel dissatisfied.

Creates the confusion


Business Communication Analysis It creates the possibility of wrong purchases. Being impressed by the advertisement, in some cases, a person is not able to purchase the commodity, which he actually wants to purchase.

Encourages luxury
This encourages luxury. Mostly the commodities related to comforts and luxuries are advertised, for example, cigarettes, and cosmetic goods and so on. Due to advertisement of cigarettes several persons start smoking cigarettes, which becomes habit.

Reduces cleanliness

It reduces cleanliness. Large number of posters and writings on the walls are used for advertisement. This makes the roads and the walls of the houses look dirty. Thus, it reduces the natural beauty. Causes wastage: It is a cause of wastage of natural resources. As a result of advertisement, style and fashion change quickly. It makes the goods out of fashion.

Misleading claims
Some advertisers cleverly create misleading impressions of their goods. They present a very rosy picture of their products, before the consumers with the object of increasing their sales.

Disconnection of business
Small firms cannot properly advertise their products due to limited resources. But on the other side entire market is controlled over by great advertisers. It becomes impossible for small firms to continue their business in the business field, so small firms disappear from the market.

Misuse of advertising


Business Communication Analysis Some beautiful switch lights hoardings, posters and moving pictures are fixed generally in front of some important road or places which have been harmed by the misuse of advertising. Glaring red neon lights have actually been hazards at certain cross roads.

Creating unrequited desire

Another aspect is that advertising influences the mind of public. It creates the desire and taste for new products which are not actually necessities of life and income of consumers will not let them enjoy. Advertising may thus be regarded as the cause of unrequited desire which may result in unhappiness.

Promotion of social evil

It presents immoral program and features and crime stories in Television and Radio for advertising their products which have a very bad influence upon new generation. So advertising results in creating social evils in the society and wasting of economy.

4 examples of bad print advertisements

Every once in a while we have to remind ourselves that the everything wasnt better in the good ol days. Sure, the marketing messages that bombard our daily lives are full of sexual innuendo, over consumption, and generally bad taste, but did we ever infer that babies that drink soda are more likely to be social? How about that its ok to kill your secretary because you have a postal meter?


Business Communication Analysis

This is a great example of how wonderful soda can be. I dont know about you, but Ive seen a 4 year old hopped up on sugar and caffeine. They look like the Tazmanian devil. It surely CANT be good for babies.

We dont know what is worse- the thought of blowing cigarette smoke in this womans face, or the thought that she would actually follow you around like a puppy dog. No wonder the company isnt around anymore. 10

Business Communication Analysis

Because if my doctor chose Camel, Id choose another doctor. I wonder if they meant they choose Camel because it brings them more Cancer patients? I digress.

This ad was sponsored by the Soda Pop Board of America. Really? Is that like the Dairy 10

Business Communication Analysis industries got milk campaign? I like this one because laboratory tests show that soda drinking leads to more social behavior. We think it probably leads to A.D.D.


Business Communication Analysis

Mediums USES for Advertising and its approaches

While there are a number of venues where we can promote our business, we need to ask three important questions:

Where are our target buyers? What is the best medium to reach them? Can we afford to launch an effective campaign using this medium?

An important step to developing our sales and marketing plan is to select the right media to send out our message. There are no hard-and-fast rules as to which media is better. The right media for one business may be wrong for another. Below are the relative positive and negative approaches of the advertising media most frequently used by businesses are:


Newspapers are one of the traditional mediums used by businesses, both big and small alike, to advertise their businesses.

Positive Approaches

Allows to reach a huge number of people in a given geographic area Has the flexibility in deciding the ad size and placement within the newspaper 10

Business Communication Analysis

Ad can be as large as necessary to communicate as much of a story as one care to tell Exposure to the ad is not limited; readers can go back to the message again and again if so desired.

Free help in creating and producing ad copy is usually available Quick turn-around helps the ad reflect the changing market conditions. The ad one decides to run today can be in the customers' hands in one to two days.

Negative Approaches

Ad space can be expensive The ad has to compete against the clutter of other advertisers, including the giants ads run by supermarkets and department stores as well as the ads of the competitors

Poor photo reproduction limits creativity Newspapers are a price-oriented medium; most ads are for sales Expect the ad to have a short shelf life, as newspapers are usually read once and then discarded.

One may be paying to send ones message to a lot of people who will probably never be in the market to buy that product.

Newspapers are a highly visible medium, so the competitors can quickly react to ad givers prices

With the increasing popularity of the Internet, newspapers face declining readership and market penetration. A growing number of readers now skip the print version of the newspaper (and hence the print ads) and instead read the online version of the publication.



Business Communication Analysis Magazines are a more focused, albeit more expensive, alternative to newspaper advertising. This medium allows reaching highly targeted audiences.

Positive Approaches

Allows for better targeting of audience, as one can choose magazine publications that cater to the specific audience or whose editorial content specializes in topics of interest to the audience.

High reader involvement means that more attention will be paid to the advertisement Better quality paper permits better color reproduction and full-color ads The smaller page (generally 8 by 11 inches) permits even small ads to stand out Negative Approaches

Long lead times mean that one has to make plans weeks or months in advance The slower lead time heightens the risk of the ad getting overtaken by events There is limited flexibility in terms of ad placement and format. Space and ad layout costs are higher

Yellow Pages:
There are several forms of Yellow Pages that one can use to promote and advertise ones business. Aside from the traditional Yellow Pages supplied by phone companies, one can also check out specialized directories targeted to specific markets (e.g. Hispanic Yellow Pages, Blacks, etc.); interactive or consumer search databases; Audiotex or talking yellow pages; Internet directories containing national, local and regional listings; and other services classified as Yellow Pages.


Business Communication Analysis Positive Approaches

Wide availability, as mostly everyone uses the Yellow Pages Non-intrusive Action-oriented, as the audience is actually looking for the ads Ads are reasonably inexpensive Responses are easily tracked and measured Frequency Negative Approaches

Pages can look cluttered, and your ad can easily get lost in the clutter Your ad is placed together with all your competitors Limited creativity in the ads, given the need to follow a pre-determined format Ads slow to reflect market changes

Positive Approaches

Radio is a universal medium enjoyed by people at one time or another during the day, at home, at work, and even in the car. The vast array of radio program formats offers to efficiently target the advertising cost to narrowly defined segments of consumers most likely to respond to the offer.

Gives companys business personality through the creation of campaigns using sounds and voices

Free creative help is often available Rates can generally be negotiated During the past ten years, radio rates have seen less inflation than those for other media 10

Business Communication Analysis Negative Approaches

Because radio listeners are spread over many stations, it needs to be advertised simultaneously on several stations to reach the target audience Listeners cannot go back to the ads to go over important points Ads are an interruption in the entertainment. Because of this, a radio ad may require multiple exposure to break through the listener's "tune-out" factor and ensure message retention

Radio is a background medium. Most listeners are doing something else while listening, which means that your ad has to work hard to get their attention

Positive Approaches

Television permits to reach large numbers of people on a national or regional level in a short period of time Independent stations and cable offer new opportunities to pinpoint local audiences Television being an image-building and visual medium, it offers the ability to convey your message with sight, sound and motion Negative Approaches

Message is temporary, and may require multiple exposure for the ad to rise above the clutter Ads on network affiliates are concentrated in local news broadcasts and station breaks

Preferred ad times are often sold out far in advance


Business Communication Analysis

Limited length of exposure, as most ads are only thirty seconds long or less, which limits the amount of information you can communicate

Relatively expensive in terms of creative, production and airtime costs

Direct Mail:
Direct mail, often called direct marketing or direct response marketing, is a marketing technique in which the seller sends marketing messages directly to the buyer. Direct mail includes catalogs or other product literature with ordering opportunities; sales letters; and sales letters with brochures. Positive Approaches

The advertising message is targeted to those most likely to buy the product or service. Marketing message can be personalized, thus helping increase positive response. The message can be as long as is necessary to fully tell the story. Effectiveness of response to the campaign can be easily measured. One has total control over the presentation of the advertising message. The ad campaign is hidden from the competitors until it's too late for them to react Active involvement - the act of opening the mail and reading it -- can be elicited from the target market. Negative Approaches

Some people do not like receiving offers in their mail, and throw them immediately without even opening the mail. Resources need to be allocated in the maintenance of lists, as the success of this kind of promotional campaign depends on the quality of the mailing list.

Long lead times are required for creative printing and mailing 10

Business Communication Analysis

Producing direct mail materials entail the expense of using various professionals copywriter, artists, photographers, printers, etc.

Can be expensive, depending on the target market, quality of the list and size of the campaign.

Telephone sales, or telemarketing, is an effective system for introducing a company to a prospect and setting up appointments. Positive Approaches

Provides a venue where one can easily interact with the prospect, answering any questions or concerns they may have about ones product or service. It's easy to prospect and find the right person to talk to. It's cost-effective compared to direct sales. Results are highly measurable. Company can get a lot of information across if the script is properly structured. If outsourcing, set-up cost is minimal Increased efficiency since enable to reach many more prospects by phone than can be reached with in-person sales calls.

Great tool to improve relationship and maintain contact with existing customers, as well as to introduce new products to them

Makes it easy to expand sales territory as the phone allows calling local, national and even global prospects. Negative Approaches

An increasing number of people have become averse to telemarketing. 10

Business Communication Analysis

More people are using technology to screen out unwanted callers, particularly telemarketers

Government is implementing tougher measures to curb unscrupulous telemarketers Lots of businesses use telemarketing. If hiring an outside firm to do telemarketing, there is lesser control in the process given that the people doing the calls are not the companys employees

May need to hire a professional to prepare a well-crafted and effective script It can be extremely expensive, particularly if the telemarketing is outsourced to an outside firm

It is most appropriate for high-ticket retail items or professional services.

Specialty Advertising: This kind of advertising entails the use of imprinted, useful, or decorative products called advertising specialties, such as key chains, computer mouse, mugs, etc. These articles are distributed for free; recipients need not purchase or make a contribution to receive these items. Positive Approaches

Flexibility of use High selectivity factor as these items can be distributed only to the target market. If done well, target audience may decide to keep the items, hence promoting long retention and constant exposure

Availability of wide range of inexpensive items that can be purchased at a low price. They can create instant awareness. They can generate goodwill in receiver The items can be used to supplement other promotional efforts and media (e.g. distributed during trade shows). 10

Business Communication Analysis Negative Approaches

Targeting the market is difficult. This can be an inappropriate medium for some businesses. It is difficult to find items that are appropriate for certain businesses Longer lead time in developing the message and promotional product Possibility of saturation in some items and audiences Wrong choice of product or poor creative may cheapen the image of advertiser


Business Communication Analysis

The analysis on business communication gives us an impression that the product market is becoming wider day by day due to rapid growth of population. The new companies are also coming up to tap the market according to its demand and size. All the companies have a thrust to capture the consumers mind to reach their optimum target sales. As a result, there is a severe challenge and competition among the companies and firms to familiarize and position their product through market penetration. This, therefore, necessitates companies to go for any medium of advertisement to enable them to do that. The first requirement is that the advertisement captures the attention of its audience after communicating the message to them. In other words, the advertisement has to go through the attention filter of the target audience. Advertising communication gives new information, or it may attempt to alter existing views or beliefs of the entire audiences. It is vital that the advertisement communication should appeal to them and influence their attitude, thought process and purchase behavior in favor of the advertised brand. In doing so, initial survey is required as to which medium of ad is popular and reach the optimum level of consumers to position the product, to let know its features, uses and quality. Keeping in mind these, the companies and firms are nowadays going for ads in different Medias. In general, TV Ads are found popular and effective due to convenience of audio-visual displaying and presentation of the particular product. Other medias like Radio, Newspaper, Internet, Magazine, Billboard, Crowdie or important places like Railway Station, Airport, Important junctions or walkways are also chosen depending on how and which particular segment of consumers are going to be attracted by a company or firm depending on its product and strategy. This strategy may vary over a period of time. Whatever media is used as ad for displaying, positioning and market penetration of a product, our sincere opinion would be that the purpose should be to give a clear picture of the product, its feature, uses and quality correctly so that the consumers are not deceived. Because, the exaggerated and alluring Ads may have immediate and temporary effect but in the long run it cannot survive in the market due to lack of quality and competitiveness in the market, at the same time, it may so happen that such company or firm may lose its goodwill & image and ultimately shall be compelled to vanish from the market.


Business Communication Analysis


In this very world starting from a simple pin, ending in airplanes, each and every object that is being taking place in this world has advantages and disadvantage. Each and every type living or non living existence on this earth has Brightside and a darkside, likewise so does this advertisement of ours. We might be immature enough to select the location, to place cameras, to evaluate the position of the environment, to analyze major and vital information yet unknown to us, but sure that doesnt change the fact that, we have a very pure theme of the advertisement, we have come up with. We are not saying that our concept is unique, we have a usual random normal concept, but the way we arrange the sequence is smart enough to attract consumers in the wide scale. However, if our advertisement can be handover to a professional advertisement firm then, we are sure that with help of our solid concept, the advertisement firm could make such an advertisement, which will boost of the sales volume of the ROYAL TIGER ENERGY DRINK 10

Business Communication Analysis

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