McKinney Letter August 29 2013 About Rotenberg Statements


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August 29, 2013 Carl Elliott Professor N504 Boynton 410 Church St SE University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN 554855-0346
RE: Records request

Dear Mr. Elliott This letter is in response to your request of July 28, 2013. You cited a September 1, 2010, statement by the University that "the issues raised in the article . . . have been reviewed by Federal, State, and academic bodies over the last five years, including the University and its IRB" You requested "reviews" by the University and its M. The death of Daniel Markingson was reviewed at meetings of the IRB following Mr Markingson’s death The matter was immediately reported to the FDA, which was going to conduct a full Investigation Once that report was made, the HM’s role was to cooperate in the FDA’s investigation, which did occur, and the FDA issued a report, which you apparently have in your possession There is no written IRB report The University reviewed the death of Daniel Markingson in the course of the extensive discovery and other proceedings of the litigation that occurred in regard to Mr. Marking s - on’s death Depositions were taken of every person who had involvement in Mr. Markingson’s care, analysis of the issues were performed and submitted to the court It also reviewed the matter in response to lengthy and detailed letters of inquiry/complaint submitted by Mike Howard and/or Mary Weiss Those letters were responded to in detail You were copied on the letters, and appear to have copies of the responses


Susan A. McKinney Records and Information Management

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