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HISTORICAL BACKGROUND JOTNO baby diaper is the product of Comfort Hygiene care Pvt. Ltd.

The company was established in November 2, 2005 at Gazipur. In the beginning the company had been producing only toilet tissue and facial tissue. At the end of 2006 the company started to produce paper napkin and sanitary napkin. By 2007 we had been one of the leading tissue and napkin manufacturers of Bangladesh. Then we have noticed that 100% of the diaper in Bangladesh comes from abroad. Moreover we have observed that we have a great opportunity to produce baby diaper because we are already producing sanitary napkin which production procedure is almost similar to diaper production. Finally we have undertaken the decision to manufacture the baby diaper.

CURRENT COMPANY POSITION The name of our company is Comfort Hygiene care Pvt. Ltd. We are offering variety of Facial tissue, paper napkin, Perfumed pocket tissue, toilet tissue and sanitary napkin of different sizes and packages. Now we are introducing our new product JOTNO Baby Diaper. Our marketing offerings are designed in such a way that it will enable our supplies to choose from number of similar products. Our business has already established in the market and also we have captured our market suppliers. We have built a strong position in the market and in the mind of buyers. Our marketing plan is to expand our business with a vision to regulate our profit margin. We have estimated that if we could run the business according to our plan, we will be able to increase our net profit every year from the business and expand our product line to attract more and more customers towards our products.

MISSION STATEMENT Our Companys mission is to enhance the quality of human life by adding more vitality. The aim of our company is to help mother by providing our product for their children and take their life into a whole new level of standard where they can get more out of their life. Comfort Hygiene care Pvt. Ltd. Companys intention is to offer baby diaper which is very comfortable and non hygienic with an affordable price. By achieving our goals, we will hold a good position in our target market. We believe that satisfaction of our esteemed customers will be the ultimate result of our baby diaper. We will be driven by our commitment to continuous quality improvement and to exceeding all of our customers' expectations. And thus we will be able to maximize customer and shareholders value. SLOGAN

Jotne thakuk apnar shontan.

MARKETING OBJECTIVE AND GOALS GOALS 1. Ensure product satisfaction with superior quality. 2. Ensure strict and regulation in every phase of manufacturing, quality of control, quality assurance and delivery of our products. 3. Making export quality product. 4. Offer lower prices than other competitors and satisfy the customer with the product. 5. Ensure all activities through documented total quality management (TQM) complying international standard requirements through continuous developing Human Resources by regular program and participation. 6. Ensure customer satisfaction by exceeding their level of experience. 7. Undertake appropriate review, evaluations and performance measurements with quality.


Comfort Hygiene care Pvt. Ltd. has two of objectives. a) Short-term objectives b) Long-term objectives

SHORT TIME OBJECTIVES 1. To achieve at least 25% growth rate in sales. 2. To do better than all the other existing diapers company. 3. Creating good image as a new product. LONG TERM OBJECTIVES 1. To survive in the competitive market of Diaper. 2. To have a healthy growth through adequate return on investment. 3. To maintain its image as an ethical, scientific, high quality diaper company of Bangladesh. 4. To survive as a market leader. Although it seems to be intimidating task, our main objective is to get hold of the current market. But we have developed a very much practical and applicable strategy keeping our objective in mind. We are trying our level best to keep our price at the minimum level to meet the increasing demand. We will use business promotional tools to help the target market get acquainted with our brand. We are concentrating on providing our customer with quality Diaper.

MARKET DESCRIPTION Our main business is tissue and napkin. We have decided to produce the baby diaper. The market that we have chosen is divisional city and district town of Bangladesh and our target customers are mothers who have children age of less than 4 year. Moreover, we have targeted the customers who are financially solvent. Keeping our available resource and opportunities in our mind we have selected our initial target market. Though our target market is larger compare to the market competitors, our plan is to capitalize on this small segment and delivering the desired satisfaction for this segment keeping customers demand in our mind that is not yet recognized by the competitors. Though there is vast competition in the market, our target is to offer a lower price than the competitors to increase the growth in market share.

CONSUMER PROFILE Our target customers are the people whose lifestyle, income is moderate. Specially we have targeted the mothers of the babies. 80% of the mothers are housewife, 18% of the mothers are service holder, 2% of them business person. We are preparing the product for babies whose age is up to four years. We will sell our product at divisional cities and district cities of Bangladesh. Target customer Occupation Mothers of babies Housewife (80%), service holder (18%), business person (2%)

Age of the user Location Social class Income

Babies up to 4 years Divisional cities, district cities of Bangladesh Middle class, Higher middle class, Higher class Above 10,000 (monthly)

SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Positive image in customers mind: We have already set a positive image about our company and our existing product in the customers mind. So if we go for launching our new product, JOTNO Baby Diaper customer may accept the product by analyzing the reputation of our existing products. Technological skill: We are using machineries with latest technology. With these latest technologies we can make more quality product within a short period of time. Comparatively lower price: The price of the offering product, JOTNO Baby Diaper is comparatively lower than other competitor. There is no Bangladeshi product in the market, so the competitor has to pay the import cost which increases the selling price. On the other hand as a local company we can offer lower price by saving some costs like import. Weaknesses

Lack of experience of manufacturing the product: JOTNO Baby Diaper is completely a new product. Actually we dont have any experience of manufacturing the product. So in the initial stage we may face little problem to manufacture the product.
Low Incentives for Sales People: After analyzing our current market, we can see that our worker are not offer sufficient incentives, they should be offered seasonal incentives, so that they can get some recreation like bonus, tour programs, vacation, promotional activities. We have to keep in mind that a good working force is the strength of the company. Excessive promotional cost: Here we are following number of promotional strategy like advertisement, vaccination campaign, painting festival etc. So cover these promotional activities our promotional cost is being very high.

Opportunities Absence of local manufacturer: Presently there is no reliable local manufacturer of baby diaper. So there is a big opportunity to provide our product at low cost because no import cost will be occurred for our diaper. Existing distribution channel: As our intended target markets are in relatively accessible areas we intend to be able to meet their requirements in the shortest possible time because already we have the distribution channels of our existing products. Low manufacturing cost: All of we know that the labor cost in Bangladesh is very cheap. The other thing is that as an existing company we have already some machinery. So, with cheap labor cost and existing machinery we can keep our manufacturing cost low.

Threats Misconception about foreign product: The "Foreign is good, local is poor" belief may present a difficult hurdle to be overcome. Most of the customers of our country think that the foreign good is always better than our local products. Thats why they may not purchase our product. Existing competitor: Wholesalers and institutions may express satisfaction with their current diapers. The existing competitors have already built the market position. So it is very difficult to compete with market leaders.

New entrants: More new company may come to the market. Some company may use new technology as well.


Political Factor

Our business is favorable in terms of political environment. There is no straggle or restriction about this business in political environment. Laws, government agencies, presser groups and various organizations are favorable to start this business. Bangladesh Government, laws, legislation, and political laws will not hinder our business. There are no harmful chemical or component that are used in this business.

Economic Factor Diapers are very important for economic environment. Our products can play a major role about the economic position of our country. Government can earn through taxes. Through exporting at abroad we can earn a lot of money. Our business will create a great source of employment. GDP will increase as well. The other thing is that if can capture the target market, import of diaper will be decreased.

Social Factor The social factor is consisting with societys belief, value; moral etc .The social factor is made up of institution and other forces that affect a societys basic values, perceptions, preferences and behaviors. Two types of values are very important. The first one is core beliefs and the second one is secondary beliefs. Core belief is unchangeable value of a society, which expresses attitude and behaviors.

Technological factor Our firm has sufficient technology to produce our objectives. We will use technology to assure environmental control. We will use the latest technology to make our product better than others. That is the way we are not improving the technology of our company. We are improving the above all technology of the country as well.

JOTNO Baby Diaper consumers can be divided in three segments depending on their age, lifestyle and income. On the basis of their purchasing power, rate of consumption and the cost to serve each segments attractiveness is discussed below:

Demographic We are segmenting the market on the basis of gender, age and occupation. We have targeted female customer, mothers of the children. We are producing the diaper for different ages

of children. Here we are preparing diaper for the children whose age is below four years. The people whose income is healthy will make purchase our product. Whose income is very poor may not purchase our product. Geographic We are trying to establish our outlets in all divisional cities and vital cities of Bangladesh. The first reason is that, there are many reputed departmental store and Pharmacy around these areas where we can reach easily. Another reason is that the people who are living in the rural area may not purchase our product thats why we have chosen the urban area.

Psychographic We are choosing different kind of customer whose life style and personality is better. The rickshaw pullers lifestyle and a business persons lifestyle are not same. The probability purchasing Baby Diaper for rickshaw pullers child is very low whereas the probability of purchasing Baby Diaper for business persons child is higher. Thats why we have chosen the customer whose lifestyle is better.

MARKETING STRATEGY Though we are working on an uniform product, our marketing strategy is developed in a bit different way as we did initially, due to the limited resources available to us, we are trying to serve a segmented market rather than going for the mass market through chosen our target market, specifically the wholesalers. We segmented our market demographically, more specifically, on location basis. At first we have targeted the local market of metropolitan cities as it promises higher market growth rate because of the high population. Some of the marketing strategies we follow are: POSITIONING STRATEGY Our target is to position our product in a way that will eventually help us to build some loyalty among the target market, which are the wholesalers, by offering them something extra such as offering them some allowances to avail, rewarding them with some discounts etc. As our business based on a uniform product, to do the positioning by modifying the basic feature of our product is not feasible enough.

POSTERS Posters are also effective method for attracting customers. Especially colorful posters are very eye catching and create quick customer attention. We are decided to use the traditional paper poster and also the special plastic posters for the advertisement. Both types of posters will be colorful to grab the quick attention the customers. Plastic posters will be hanged on inside of the hospital/clinic wall, in front of school wall and affixed on the walls of the shops and outside the shop. To attract the target customer we will be using some essential heath tips on the poster. We also post our poster on the POLIO Vaccination day at POLIO vaccination camps of targeted area. Our business slogan, product type & quality information will be written in the poster. Price for each 1.5 by 1 traditional paper poster rated Taka 7.Hanging poster will cost Taka 200 each and the dimension will be 4 by 2. Every outlet will be provided two hanging poster.

ELECTRONIC MEDIA The most popular electronic media is television all over the world. Advertising through very expensive but extremely effective. For the first year advertising promotion we have no plan to introduce our company through television media. Moreover for first 6 month we will advertise through 5 popular TV channel and local cable channel(video channel) . These are also useful medium to attract the customers. LOCAL CABLE CHANNEL Everybody has cable connection in their house. And every satellite cable channel provider has own video channel. Local video channels are new advertising media for the business organizations like our Comfort Higiencare Pvt Ltd. This video channels are used to entertain people by broadcasting dramas and movies. Also general information about our product- product depth, quality of the product will be showed 20 hours as footnote in the video channel and it will cost us taka 800 per day . Showing the advertising will cost us Taka 1200 each day.

TV channel: TV channel is the most widespread media of advertising. We have decided to show the advertisement on Ntv, Channel-I, Bangla Vision, ATN Bangla and Rtv. In the interval of the cooking related TV show, drama serials and package drama the JOTNO Baby Diaper advertisement will be showed. Because these program's usual viewers are women, our target customers. For first month we will show the advertisement for 30 second in 5 channel. After that we will show our advertisement for 10 second in 3 channels for 5 month. Then we will prepare the new strategy of advertising. OTHER WAY OF ADVERTISING: Packet: The packet itself can be an advertisement. We will put some necessary information about the standard weight of children according to the height at the backside of our packet. So after consuming the product customer will not left the packet because of this measurement. Only because of the measurement the mother of the baby may show it to another mother. Therefore it has been an indirect advertisement of the JOTNO Baby Diaper.

ADVERTISING BUDGET This is our tentative Advertising budget part.

Advertising budget

Print media

Electronic media

TV channel
Newspaper Poster Leaflet

Advertising Budget

Taka 33,79,000

Print Media News paper

Budget: 2,59,000 Unit


Taka 140,000 Unit Price(TK) 4 90 0.30 Sub Total 80,000 9,000 30,000 2,59,000

Poster(Paper) Poster(Plastic) Leaflet

20000 100 100000

Electronic Media

Budget: Taka 31,20,000

Local Cable Duration Channel Visual 20 seconds advertising Footnote 20 Hours Tv Channel 30 seconds 10 seconds

Channel 2 2 5 3

Price Per Month Day(TK) 1200 12 800 15000 5000 12 1 5 Sub Total Grand Total

Taka 72,000 48,000 22,50,000 7,50,000 31,20,000 33,79,000

CONCLUSION: Our plan is to establish the JOTNO Baby Diaper in a good position in the market in profitability and reputation as well. We have targeted our customers according to discussed segments for performing our marketing task as easily as possible. We believe that if we follow the strategies that have been discussed throughout the marketing plan, we are very optimistic to fulfill the organizations goal and objective very easily.