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New Forms in Art


Instructor: Jeff Hensley


New Forms in Art is an advanced studio art class designed for Juniors and Seniors. Students explore contemporary art theories and concepts through multi-media processes as well as digital media. Studio problems are designed to build creative and critical thinking skills through practice in the principles of composition, design, elements of art, and contemporary artists.

Course Topics
Elements of Art Composition Ordinary to Extraordinary Art History Aesthetic Theories Learning Contemporary Art Practices Photographic Processes Alternative Processes Digital Media PhotoShop CS 6 Craftsmanship Developing Film Digital Portfolio Development Art Criticism Principles of Design

small three-ring binder - Look for one under an inch Pencil

Eraser- white vinyl, not pink

Name __________________________________ Period__________________________________

Photo I 2013 - 2014

Students and Parents or Guardians, please read the statement below:

Mr. Hensley went over the syllabus, course content, art studio expectations, grading, attendance, and tardy policies. He also covered the Howard High School policy regarding cell phones and other electronic devices. I have seen a copy of Howard High Schools Discipline Ladder and understand the consequences outlined. Mr. Hensley answered any questions I had about the syllabus and I understand what is expected of me in Art class.

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Art Studio Expectations

Sit in your assigned seat. Respect others space No inappropriate language or bullying Voice level should suit activity Cant be seen, cant be heard... phones or headphones are not allowed from bell to bell at Howard- if either is seen or heard in class you will receive an immediate ofce referral. Food and Drink Policy: nothing but water in a clear container is allowed in the art room.
*Adherence to the school-wide Student Handbook policies is expected at all times. If you choose to break any of the above rules, then you have chosen to accept the consequences as outlined on Howard High Schools Discipline Ladder.

1st Offense - Conference with you, one on one 2nd Offense - Another Conference and a call home 3rd Offense - Phone call home and 30 min. detention after school 4th Offense - Administrative Referral

Class Routine 1. Drill - what are we going to do today? (the warm-up gets us started) 2. Instruction/ Demo - This is when I talk about or show you things you
need to know... pay attention :) 3. Studio Time - Independent time to make art! 4. Critiques - A great way to share and learn from on anothers work

5. Clean - Up 6. Closure - Did we learn what we set out to learn?

Tardy and Attendance Policy

Be in the room and ready to learn when the bell rings. If you are late, you must sign the Tardy clipboard before joining the class. Discipline Ladder applies. The only excused tardy that I accept must be accompanied by a teachers signature in your agenda book. All assignments are expected by the specied due date which will be clearly posted for you.

If you are Sick or Out of Class for any reason, it is your responsibility to nd out
what you have missed and make it up. That means you must ask a classmate what you missed or initiate a conversation with me. Late assignments will not be accepted without an excused absence, in which case, you will have the same amount of time you were absent to make up the work (outside of class). Extensions on a nal assignment will be given at my discretion and only to those students who work diligently in class and cannot nish or work meticulously... not to those who waste studio time. Do-over Policy - If you are not happy with the job you did on a nal assignment the rst time around you can submit 1 re-do per quarter.

Dills: Daily warm-ups are meant to help you focus and participate in class
discussions. (2 pts. Each) Process Journal: an exploratory journal to keep sketches and ideas in throughout the process of completing the product. (10 points an activity)

Final Assignment: Four each unit, you will be given the following information: " lesson objective - tell you what the problem is that youll need to solve. " criteria - tells you what the problem is that youll need to solve Homework: Enrichment or research done outside of class to help reinforce what
youre learning. (10 points)

Exams: Midterm and nal exams, including content weve covered up to that point.
(100 points)