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Advantages of App Engine

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. A.E is a PeopelTool Object. Easy upgradation Supports Restart facility. Meta SQL support. Encapsulation 6. Portable to operating system 7. Supports Parallel processing 8. Reuse bussiness logic 9. GUI 10. Effective Dating

Encapsulation: Application Engine programs reside completely within the database. In COBOL or SQR; programs reside completely within the File server. If we make any changes on objects it will effect across the database. In Application Engine, there is no need to compile our programs, there are no statements to store, and there is no need to directly interact with the operating environment. We can develop our entire program from scratch, including the table definitions; we can run and debug our applications without leaving the PeopleTools environment. We can Build, run and debug our applications without existing PeopleTools. Easy Up gradation: For this PeopleSoft People gave some scripts, by running these scripts we can upgrade easily. But we can't do this things in COBOL and SQR, for this we have to do the record change then modify our batch programs using some other mechanism all while make sure to keep track of what was changed and how and where it affects the batch program. With Application Engine and PeopleTools, it's all taken care of automatically. Portable to Operating System: We can call different versions of a section for different platforms, as needed. Supported RDBMS platforms are DB2, Oracle, Informix, DB2/Unix, Sybase, and Microsoft. If there is no RDBMS-specific version, Application Engine uses the default version. PeopleCode & SQL Editors: PeopleCode & SQL Editors are available in the Application Engine, these are useful to validate the program while writing program. In SQR we can write the programs on Notepad or WordPad. Here we wont validate the program. Meta-SQL support: It supports the meta-SQL, so that we can make the program platform independent that is RDBMS independent. By using Meta SQL we can generate portions of SQL statements. Graphical Development Interface: It supports the GDI environment, so that we easily develop the objects. The Application Designer offers Application Engine developers the following benefits: I. At a time we can open multiple Application Engine programs. II. Ability to work at once on the entire Application Engine program. III. It supports two views. The Definition view and the Program flow view. In the Definition view we can create and modify the programs. In the Program Flow view we can see the actual order in which the program will execute the statements (It shows the graphical representation of the program execution). Effective Dating: Application sections are effective-dated, means at a particular date we can activate/deactivate a section. Reuse Business Logic: In the Application Engine program we can invoke the peopleCode using the call Application Engine program. Using this we can call other Application Engine program.