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Janet Leahr -CIED 7602

Research Course Syllabus

Title: Middle School Research Class Required Textbooks: No required textbook. Content will be available through Power Point Presentations, Online Video and Websites, as well as PDF Documents

Optional Supplemental Resource Purdue OWL website

Target Audience This course is intended for Middle grades 6-8 students. Course Description
Students will be involved in a variety of learning activities designed to build on the report writing skills learned at the elementary level. These activities include the use of reference materials, online databases, and the online catalog. Students will learn MLA formatting for parenthetical citations, bibliographic citations, and proper MLA formatting for the final research paper. Students will develop strategies for website evaluations, outlining techniques and note taking. Students will develop the organizational skills needed to create a successful research paper. Students will also improve on their writing skills.

Course Standards
8th Grade English Language Arts Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (ELA CCGPS) ELACC8W7: Conduct short research projects to answer a question (including a selfgenerated question), drawing on several sources and generating additional related, focused questions that allow for multiple avenues of exploration. ELACC8W8: Gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, using search terms effectively; assess the credibility and accuracy of each source; and quote or paraphrase the data and conclusions of others while avoiding plagiarism and following a standard format for citation.

Course Objectives: Using the syllabus, guidance from the instructor and other external tools, students will:

Janet Leahr -CIED 7602 a. Recognize that information has a social or cultural context base in currency accuracy, authority and point of view. b. Evaluate and select information based on usefulness, currency, accuracy, authority and point of view. c. Combine and categorize information by using an outline or semantic web to show connections among ideas. d. Use appropriate organizational patterns to capture point of view and draw conclusions. e. Avoid plagiarism by rephrasing information in ones own words. f. Document quotations and cite sources using correct bibliographic format. g. Abide by Acceptable Use Policy by accessing only appropriate information. h. Use programs and websites responsibly and ethically. Adapted from Standards for the 21st Century Learner (AASL)

Outline of Content, Activities and Assignment Requirements Content Module1 Research Components Activities -Research paper power point. -Topic Narrowing Worksheet -Topic Narrowing Drop box -Submit Topic Drop Box Module 2 Thesis Statement -Thesis Statement Power Point -Thesis Statement Checklist pdf -Submit Thesis Drop Box - Read Developing a Strong Thesis Statement pdf -Topic Thesis Worksheet -Topic Thesis Worksheet Drop box Assignment Requirements -Complete Module 1 Discussion Questions

Module 3 Sources, MLA Format Bibliographic Citations

-Bibliography/ MLA Format Power Point -Getting to know Galileo video - Locate 5 sources -Purdue OWL:MLA Formatting

- Submit Sources Drop box

Janet Leahr -CIED 7602


Module 4 Plagiarism & Parenthetical Citations

-Rutgers Plagiarism video -Writing Tips pdf -Bibliography/ MLA Format Power Point - Parenthetical Citations Worksheet -Outline Power Point - Outline web quest - Outline format pdf

-Parenthetical Citations Discussion -Parenthetical Citations Worksheet Drop box

Module 5 Outlining

-Topic Outline Discussion -Topic Outline Drop box

Module 6 Note Cards and Note Taking

-Paraphrase /Summary Worksheet -Rutgers Plagiarism video -Paraphrase / Summary Power Point

- Paraphrase / Summary Worksheet Drop Box

Module 7 Body Paragraphs

Body Paragraph Power Point Peer Evaluation Checklist

Body Paragraph Discussion Body Paragraph 1,2&3 Drop boxes Intro and Conclusion Discussion Introduction Drop Box Conclusion Drop Box

Module 8 Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs Module 9 Re-write and Revise

Introduction and Conclusion Power Point

Revision Power Point Research Paper Checklist

Rough Draft Drop Box Final Paper Drop Box

Janet Leahr -CIED 7602 Course Evaluation Grading Scale- This course is evaluated on a letter grade basis. A passing grade is evaluated at 70% or higher. Grades lower than 70% will receive a failing grade. Quality is expected in all products and performances. Given the percentage totals below, final grades will be assigned accordingly. 90-100=A 80-89=B 70-79=C 60-69=D Below 60=F

Grading Policy and Components We have a grading policy: To make sure that each student knows exactly what type of work will be assessed and evaluated. To make sure each student knows how work will be assessed and evaluated. To make sure students are assessed and evaluated fairly. To make sure that students understand the weighting of assignments and grades. Participation Grades: Module Drop Boxes : 35% of 15% of grade -Class work grade (Power Points and reading 1. Submitted Research material Topic -Class participation 2. Thesis Statement (Discussions) 3. Source Cards 4. Topic Outline 5. Rough Draft 6. 3 Body Paragraphs Attendance Policy Students are expected to maintain a regular and frequent presence in this online course, particularly when involved in online discussion groups. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that they have adequate equipment and access to maintain this online presence. Assessment Drop Boxes: 50% of grade. 1. Note Cards 2. Works Cited Page 3. Final Draft

Class Expectations

Within your coursework , you are expected to respect intellectual property, complete assignments with consistent punctuality, regularly access content online, make an effort to complete assignments completely and correctly, pay careful attention to detail in following instructions, show willingness to revise based on instructor or peer feedback, strive for creativity in devising products and processes, demonstrate enthusiasm in faceto-face and online endeavors, be helpful to peers, show self-reliance to enable independent progress/ completion of your work, display courtesy in written and oral

Janet Leahr -CIED 7602 communications, and exhibit cooperation in group work situations. As a professional, you should practice fairness based upon a belief that all learners can achieve. Online work is generally conducted asynchronously, and does not require students to be online at scheduled times. There may be occasional synchronous class activities such as chats that will be scheduled at mutually agreed upon times.

General Requirements Participants are expected to: Complete all assignments by their deadlines. Participate and actively engage in discussions with fellow learners while contributing to the course. Respond to 1 other students discussion post.

Technical Requirements Word processor Internet service provider E-mail Adobe Reader (free download at or other pdf reader

Standards of Academic Integrity The standards are listed online at: Instructor Janet Leahr Media Specialist Loganville Christian Academy Cell Phone: (404) 310-1284 Work Phone: (678) 554-9888 Email:, or Office Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm Adapted from: Dewar College of Education Valdosta State University, Department of Curriculum, Leadership, and Technology Syllabus

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