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BONDSMEN "Pilot" Written by Brad Cook Michael Kaitis Mason Stillwell

TEASER INT. DALES PICKUP - AFTERNOON DALE (45), a scrawny roughneck, tips a handle of whiskey to his lips and lets it flow. A School Zone sign blows past as his truck veers onto the shoulder. He over-corrects with his free hand, swinging into the wrong lane for a moment. An oncoming car honks. His eyebrows raise as he breaks into a grin and accelerates. EXT. SHITHOUSE BAR - AFTERNOON Dales truck skids to a stop in the gravel parking lot. He stumbles out of it and throws open the bar doors. Cheers ring out as he raises his hands victoriously and steps inside. EXT. SHITHOUSE BAR - NIGHT Drunk, giggly, and supported by TREE (52), a boisterous, buxom woman, Dale shambles over to his truck. DALE Are we doin this or what?! He gets behind the wheel. EXT. SEOR BACONS - LATER Dale fastens a noose around the neck of the restaurants mascot: a pig with sunglasses and a chefs hat. Hit it! DALE

The truck peels out. The rope tightens, then RIPS the statue out of the ground. Dale dances, pukes into the grass. EXT. SIDE OF THE ROAD - LATER The pig statue beams from the truck bed as Dale hops out. DALE (slurring) When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

2. He shuffles into the darkness, then drops his pants. Lights FLASH on, revealing a large home. A security siren wails. TREE Babe! Babe, we gotta split! Dale lurches toward the truck, arms up, pants down. EXT. DALES TRAILER - LATER A pair of keys dangles from Dales finger as he exits the mobile home, eyes glazed and smile sloppy. Tree watches. Nude from the waist down, he takes a seat on a motorcycle and starts it up. The engine echoes off the surrounding trailers. DALE Wait till you see this! He revs the engine, waving his shirt over his head and yelling incoherently with a cigarette butt stuck to his lip. Dale tosses the shirt, then grasps the brake in one hand and pops the clutch with the other. The spinning rear wheel sprays grass and dirt fifteen feet behind it. Woooooo! DALE (CONTD)

A police car pulls up. The happy pig statue glows in the blue and red lights as two OFFICERS emerge and draw their guns. FREEZE! OFFICER #1

Officer #2 runs to Dale and throws him off the bike, then handcuffs him with his partners assistance. OFFICER #1 (CONTD) Cmon, you drunk son of a bitch. Nobody takes Seor Bacon. DALE Drunk? Tree, you see anybody drunk here? Aint nobody drunk here! As they stuff him into the back of the cruiser, Tree speeds off on Dales motorcycle, shouting behind her: TREE Fight the power! END OF TEASER

3. ACT ONE EXT. STREET MARATHON - MORNING Hairy arms bulging beneath rolled-up sleeves, OLIVER WELLWOOD (38) glances at his watch, then back to the empty street splitting the crowded sidewalks. A RUNNERs figure appears, wavy in the heat haze. Oliver peers hard a moment, then smirks. He leans back onto a brick wall, blending in with the crowd. A cheer goes up as DONNELL FREEMAN (18) crosses the finish line, breaking the tape. He clomps to a stop, breathing hard as well-wishers swarm him. Oliver closes in before them. OLIVER Congratulations, Donnell. Donnells smile fades. He pushes through the group, hurdles the crowd barrier and takes off, leaving the crowd murmuring. Oliver breaks into a sprint after him. Donnell is much faster though, and lengthens the space between them. At the end of the street, Donnell lopes over a tall barrier and down the main road. Oliver reaches the barrier, which stands taller than his waist. He struggles to lift a leg above it then awkwardly rolls over. Oliver runs for a side road, but skids to a halt. The street is blocked by an overturned detergent truck. Beside it, a busted fire hydrant floods the alley with a thick, soapy foam. WORKERS mop frantically, to no avail. DOPEY WORKER (to his buddy) This oughta save the city thousands! Oliver shakes his head, then rounds the corner at the end of the main road. In the distance, Donnell hails a taxi. DONNELL Number one running-back in the state, baby! He disappears into the car. It pulls away, but not before the window rolls down, and a hand pops out holding up a single finger.

4. DONNELL (CONTD) Number ONE! Oliver bends down and clutches his thighs, gasping. EXT./ESTAB. WELLWOOD BAIL BONDS - MORNING A sad, run-down shack of a building with the words BUDGET BAIL BONDS - WELL TAKE ANYONE! emblazoned on the side. Dales motorcycle is parked beside it. INT. WELLWOOD BAIL BONDS - OFFICE - SAME Tree, looking barely more coherent than the night prior, flails her arms in the air. TREE I told you guys, he wasnt even drunk! He only had... how many beers did he have? EVELYN WELLWOOD (34) rubs her temples. EVELYN Enough to make it a bad idea to drive a golf club, let alone a car. TREE Dont you know what happens in jail? Aint you seen Oz? EVELYN (muttering) Big HBO fan? TREE You gotta help me out. I love him! Ill do whatever it takes! Evelyn glances down at paperwork. EVELYN Says here you met yesterday? TREE Whatever it takes! EVELYN With these charges on top of his priors, it might take more than youve got.

5. TREE Priors? Like what? EVELYN You want them alphabetically? Or should I go by year? Oliver enters the office with a sour expression. OLIVER Lost him. Hes gone. I knew we shouldve hired someone. EVELYN He is the number one running-back in the state. I heard. OLIVER

EVELYN (to Tree) Would you mind using the waiting room for a minute? With a scowl, Tree leaves. EVELYN (CONTD) Why didnt you enlist police backup? Dad wouldve. OLIVER And thats exactly the problem. We cant just beg the cops for help every time we get a bail jumper. We need someone we can rely on. EVELYN Beg them? Its their job. OLIVER Weve had three runners in our two months here. You know why? They think were soft. Because we are, thanks to dads policies. Evelyn rolls her eyes. EVELYN Youre not running for student council, Oliver. This is a business. Risk wont put you up in the polls, itll cost us our jobs.

6. OLIVER Im hiring someone. Dad retired. So did his rules. Worry lines crease Evelyns face. Its not-EVELYN

OLIVER In the budget, I got it, dad. Tree pops her head in the door. TREE Maam, the vending machine ate my dollar... Oliver takes a laptop off the desk and goes to the waiting room. Tree takes his place. TREE (CONTD) Just take it off my tab. Evelyn sighs. She holds out a bill. EVELYN Heres five bucks. Go get some food. Tree snatches the money and leaves. Evelyn picks up the phone and dials a number. After a few rings, she says: Hey dad. EVELYN (CONTD)

INT. WELLWOOD BAIL BONDS - WAITING ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Olivers fingers clack on the laptop keyboard. ON THE SCREEN In the headline field of a Craigslist ad, he types the words Bounty Hunter Wanted. In the text box, he enters Ever wanted to catch a criminal? Heres your chance! Steady employment available for the right man. ON OLIVER He looks off a moment, then down at his gut.

7. ON THE SCREEN He adds Must be physically fit. INT. WELLWOOD BAIL BONDS - OFFICE - SAME Evelyn paces beside her desk, phone to her ear. EVELYN Yeah, I told him hes the number one running-back in the state... He wont listen to me, you know that... I dont know, he just said hes hiring someone. Probably Craigslist. Maybe thats where he finds his Thanksgiving dates. As shes talking, Tree walks in with a bag of cheese puffs and an alcoholic energy drink. EVELYN (CONTD) Uh, can we talk later? A client just walked in. Yeah. Bye. Evelyn hangs up, then eases onto her desk chair. She picks up a sheet of paper, slips on a pair of reading glasses. EVELYN (CONTD) Plant yourself, Tree. Background checks. Youre up next. She glances at her computer screen. EVELYN (CONTD) One count of telemarketing fraud... Didnt even know that was a crime. Who? Dale? TREE

EVELYN Apparently your man has a wild side. INT. DALES TRAILER - DAY (FLASHBACK) Sitting in front of a phone book and a land-line phone at a grungy folding card table, Dale speaks into a headset. DALE Maam, I only deal in the most premium of internets. No pop ups.

8. Dale nods understandingly. DALE (CONTD) And I hear them concerns. He picks up a note card with the word Megabits written and underlined. DALE (CONTD) Thing is, we currently have a one time offer for fifty-two extra megabits per month if you sign now. BACK TO: EVELYN One count of owning illegal animals... (confused) All it says here is Sloth Party? INT. DALES TRAILER - DAY (FLASHBACK) Surrounded by a group of curious SLOTHS in party hats, Dale turns a treadmill on. He picks up a sloth and drops it onto the moving belt, and it slides right off the back. DALE Well, happy birthday. BACK TO: TREE He threw them a party and got arrested for it?? EVELYN ... And one felony count of illegal impersonation. INT. BANK - DAY (FLASHBACK) In a stiff, sweat-stained suit, Dale approaches the TELLER. DALE Excuse me, miss. Im that treasury guy from the government. He briefly flashes a plastic toy badge.

9. DALE (CONTD) Yeah, they sent me down here to check out some money things, so Im gonna need bout ten or twenty to take back to Washington. Yknow, for testing purposes. Theyre really breathing down my neck. The Teller eyes him with pity. TELLER Ten or twenty what? Million. DALE

The Teller reaches under the counter and pushes a button. BACK TO: EVELYN Despite your cursory relationship with Dale, I have some questions to ask. What, might I inquire, is his employment status? TREE Hes a pest psychic. EVELYN A pest psychic. TREE Like, say you got ants. Dale will come talk to the queen, will her to leave. Non-lethal techniques. Tree gives a resolute nod. EVELYN Unemployed. Got it. Does Dale have alcohol abuse problems? TREE Heck, he wasnt even drunk. EVELYN Does he have foreign ties? TREE Nope. No, Dales all American. She marks the sheet of paper.

10. EVELYN Youre aware that by co-signing Dales bail bond you consent to a background check? Tree hesitates, then nods. Evelyn types something. EVELYN (CONTD) Public indecency, eh? Woodstock. TREE

Evelyns eyes go wide. EVELYN You went to Woodstock? Did you see Joan Baez? Shes my hero. TREE No, ninety-nine. EXT. WOODSTOCK 99 - NIGHT LIMP BIZKIT rocks out on stage. Beyond the security fence, crowds of CONCERT-GOERS encircle a news van and rock it back and forth until it tips, shattering the windows. GOON This just in: this is crazy! Behind them, an enormous fire rages. In front of them, on a scaffolding tower, Tree whirls her shirt in the air. She reaches back for the clasp on her bra. BACK TO: EVELYN If thats all youve got, I think youll be okay. Oliver enters from the Waiting Room. OLIVER Ads up. Just a matter of time, now. Im off to interview Dale. Evelyn smiles at him, hands him the sheet of paper. EVELYN Dont forget the Risk Assessment.

11. TREE Can I come? No. OLIVER

He sets the laptop on his desk, then leaves. TREE They got a conjugal trailer? INT. JAIL - VISITING ROOM - AFTERNOON Dale sits across from Oliver at a wide table. DALE I dont remember much bout last night, but let me ask you one thing. They take Porkton Ramsay? OLIVER Seor Bacon has been returned to his rightful place at the drivethru menu. DALE Man dang, man. That Tree woman still hanging around? OLIVER Shes more than around. Dale winces. OLIVER (CONTD) Shes your co-signer. And she seems quite fond of you. DALE Least shes good for something. Wouldnt shut up, wouldnt put out. Kept saying she loved me. OLIVER You better hope she does, bub. Or someone else in here will. DALE What are the charges? I wanna add em to the resum.

12. OLIVER Disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, grand theft, destruction of private property, public indecency... Dale makes a keep-it-coming motion with his hands. OLIVER (CONTD) Sound ordnance violations, reckless driving, reckless endangerment, and driving under the influence. DALE Under the influence of what? How many dang times I gotta tell those blue bastards I wasnt drunk? OLIVER Given your history, they set your bail at a paltry thirty-thousand. DALE Hell, thats more than I make in... He starts counting his fingers. DALE (CONTD) Shit, I dunno... ten fingers? OLIVER Which means you need a bail bond if you wanna get out of here, which means you owe me three-thousand bucks. Dale wipes his forehead, licks his lips. DALE Aint got half that. Cant Tree pay it? Whats she co-signing for, anyhow? OLIVER Youll have to take that up with her. The court has also demanded a form of collateral. Houses, cars, assets-DALE Anything. Take anything you want, just leave my pappys bike be.

13. EXT. DALES TRAILER - AFTERNOON Tree exits the trailer, then stands by Evelyn who inspects Dales haggard motorcycle. Pappy is stitched on the seat. TREE Take the bike. Aint much worth much inside, and I got even less. EVELYN Even if we could legally sell it to pay the bond, that wouldnt bring in a grand. And he needs three. TREE Three grand? Shoot. EVELYN Bring the bike. The court wants collateral. As for the money, we have an affordable payment plan. TREE Wait, whos paying for what? Evelyn stares at her a moment, then drops her gaze. She fits a helmet onto her head and sits on the back of the bike while Tree takes her place behind the handlebars. INT. LONNYS HOUSE - BEDROOM - AFTERNOON LONNY RASLO (52), sturdy for his age, holds a phone to his ear as he stares at an aging laptop beside a childs photo. LONNY Yes sir. I see it. He clicks his mouse. LONNY (CONTD) Its just what I was looking for. ON THE SCREEN The headline of a Craigslist ad reads Bounty Hunter Wanted. LONNY (O.S.) (CONTD) Thank you for this opportunity. Sincerely. END OF ACT ONE

14. ACT TWO INT. DINGY APARTMENT - LATER Oliver stands inside the door on a ratty floor mat that reads Watch yo step. In front of him, four GANGSTERS, each smoking a blunt, lie stretched across worn sofas. For an uncomfortable moment, nobody speaks. Then, GANGSTER #1 lifts his blunt and regards Oliver. You mind? GANGSTER #1

OLIVER You see a badge? Long as you keep paying your bail fees like you been, smoke up. Besides, its medicinal, right? He wears a pained grin, waiting to see if the joke will land. A smile spreads from Gangster to Gangster. GANGSTER #2 Yo this guys cool. You smoke up? He offers up his roach. GANGSTER #2 (CONTD) This shits cured in a freezer at negative ten degrees kelvin. In the Death Valley summer. Oliver raises a palm to deny it. OLIVER Another time. Im here for a different type of green. GANGSTER #1 Sho nuff, sho nuff. Chron Don, pay the man. CHRON DON moves to a SAFE in the corner of the room. He covers the keypad and punches in six numbers. It pops open. Stacks and stacks of dollar bills fill the safe. Chron Don grabs two bundles, closes the safe, hands the money over. GANGSTER #1 (CONTD) Two thousand five hunnid. That kill my bill, right?

15. Oliver thumbs through the cash, almost flustered. OLIVER Our business is indeed finished, surprisingly. Unless you feel like putting my kids through college. Gangster #1 turns to his boys. GANGSTER #1 White man always tryina shake a brother down. INT. WELLWOOD BAIL BONDS - OFFICE - LATER Tree sits across from Evelyn, who stares down at her desk, pinching the bridge of her nose. TREE Now, Im a vegan. Im against animal cruelty, but I supported him taking that pig statue. Why? Thats just the type of person I am. And I still cant tell how he feels. Go. EVELYN

Evelyn points to the door. EVELYN (CONTD) Ill call you when I have something to tell you. Just, please. TREE Know what? Youre right. Im gonna go down there and tell him how I feel right now. EVELYN Thats... thats great. Do that. Tree hops up with renewed vigor. She turns back at the door. TREE Oh, and Evelyn? Thanks. For believing in me. In us. She struts out. Evelyn shakes her head, sinks into her seat. She pulls a sheet of paper off a stack - a mug shot of a criminal with his personal information.

16. EVELYN Time for our daily dance, Piers Bronzen. Where might you be? EXT. WELLWOOD BAIL BONDS - AFTERNOON Oliver pulls up next to the shack. As he gets out, he eyes an old luxury car parked in the first spot. His spot. Just as he looks off, the luxury car opens. LONNY RASLO (51) steps out, nearly half a foot taller than Oliver and even wider. OLIVER (mumbling) Nice sunroof... Oliver? LONNY

Oliver turns around, his demeanor reversed. OLIVER Yes, how can I help you? LONNY Maybe I can help you. I saw your ad. Im your guy. Oliver looks him up and down. OLIVER You look like my guy. Tell me about your qualifications. LONNY Right here? OLIVER Whats the difference here or there? Lonny lets his hands fall to his hips. LONNY Well, I bench two-eighty, run the hundred meter in eleven-five, and Im a second degree black belt. Lonny slips a GUN from one pocket, and a TASER from the other.

17. LONNY (CONTD) I do the dirty work. Concealed carry for all weapons, and friend, I got a lot of em. They may be able to outrun me, but they sure as hell wont want to try. Oliver raises an eyebrow, smirks. LONNY (CONTD) Lastly, because Im a licensed bail bond agent, I can work the graveyard shift, your least favorite shift, or any other shift you feel like giving me. Oliver chuckles, pure joy on his face. OLIVER You gonna clean the toilets, too? LONNY Nope. Mans gotta have a code. OLIVER This almost seems too good to be true, so heres the deal. If you can catch the client I lost this morning, youre hired. LONNY You got any leads? Oliver opens his BRIEFCASE. INT. WELLWOOD BAIL BONDS - OFFICE - MOMENTS LATER Evelyn paces the office, on her phone again. EVELYN Dad, Ive tried everything. I checked the credit history, I scanned the criss cross index, and if I have to read any more public records Ill end up as one of my own clients. She catches a glimpse of Oliver through the window. EVELYN (CONTD) Hey, I gotta go. Olivers here. Evelyns eyes light up as she listens.

18. EVELYN (CONTD) Piers? No... Could he? Oliver strolls inside. Evelyn pockets the cell phone, focuses on her monitor. OLIVER Guess who I just-Not now. EVELYN

She types rapidly. Oliver shrugs. OLIVER Works for me. Evelyn drums her fingers on the desk Come on... EVELYN

Her eyes dart back and forth as they move down the screen, until they go wide and she throws a fist in the air. Hes dead! EVELYN (CONTD)

OLIVER Oh no. Its Bill Cosby, isnt it? Ive feared this day for years. EVELYN No, Piers Bronzen! Oliver considers the information. OLIVER Less work, and we get to keep the money? I like that deal. Maybe we shouldve hired a hitman. EVELYN Didnt even need one. He tried to splice his neighbors internet cable and cooked himself on an electrical wire. OLIVER Shouldve gone to Dale for his internet. Oliver heads for the door when Tree, sweating heavily, BURSTS inside pushing her visibly upset MOTHER in a wheelchair.

19. TREE And I told you if you ever wanna see me again youll sign that check, Ma! She glances up at Oliver beside her. TREE (CONTD) Im here to finally set my man free. OLIVER Did you walk here? Trees mother puts an oxygen mask to her mouth and inhales. TREE Ma loves her walks. She ALSO loves me, which is why shes gonna sign this check right now. Tree holds the check out to her mother, who shakes her head. TREE (CONTD) If she doesnt, maybe we go pawn this wheelchair and see what it brings in, huh Ma? Her mothers shoulders droop. Tree hands her a pen. EVELYN Wait! Remember that payment plan I was telling you about? TREE Nope. I want this resolved. Tree pushes the pen in her mothers hand toward the check. She pulls her oxygen mask off and looks into Trees eyes. MOTHER (gasping) Who are you? TREE Im a woman in love. Evelyns got my back, am I right? Evelyn cant meet her gaze. Trees mother signs the check slowly but deliberately. TREE (CONTD) Thaaats good.

20. Tree snatches the check from her mother and hands it to Evelyn, who accepts it with a grimace. TREE (CONTD) (to Oliver) Now set my baby free! OLIVER Ill go give him the good news. EXT. SUBURBAN HOME - LATER An old luxury car squeals to a stop along the curb. Lonny steps out, grasping a can of spray adhesive. He lumbers through the yard and down the side of the house, then stops next to a window. Lonny covers his mouth and traces the outline of the window with the adhesive spray. He sprays the back and side windows, then pockets the can and returns to his car for two slats of wood. At the back door, then the side door, he carefully wedges one under the knob. Lonny circles the house once more, noting the impeded exit routes. At the back of the house, he looks up and sees a second story window. He draws a long breath. INT. JAIL - VISITING ROOM - LATER Oliver drums his fingers on the table as Dale approaches. DALE Bored, huh? Yeah, you-A GUARD shoves Dale from behind into the table. He sits. GUARD Mouth off again, I dare you. I dont care if Christ himself bails you out, Ill throw your ass in solitary anyway. You wont get visits with your pretty little girlfriend in there, I promise. The Guard leans against the wall, watching. OLIVER Pretty little girlfriend?

21. DALE Best I can guess hes talking bout Tree. She was in here a while ago babbling about us and white picket fences and whatnot. OLIVER You might be seeing those fences sooner than later. She just paid your bail fee. Dale smacks the table with his cuffed hands. GUARD Im warning you! DALE Well shit, that dont do me no good! Oliver is taken off-guard. OLIVER For one thing, that guard will cease screaming at you. DALE I tell you what. Id rather spend two months with the cons in here on both sides of the bars, if you catch my drift - than just one weekend with Tree. Oliver glances around. OLIVER I see the appeal. DALE I cant tolerate that woman, man! She clings and wants and needs and touches until Im plain overwhelmed. She aint much to look at, neither. Oliver sits forward in his chair. OLIVER Im just gonna go off the record here and lay it out straight. Youre a repeat criminal offender with no job--

22. DALE Hey, you know any other pest psychics in central Michigan? Ill beat their prices if you do. OLIVER And a woman you dont deserve is willing to pay your way out of jail. Youre gonna turn that down just because of her personality? DALE Youre God damn right I am. Bless the USA, amen. END OF ACT TWO

23. ACT THREE INT. SUBURBAN HOME - LIVING ROOM - LATER Lonny, now in a Detroit Lions sweatsuit and cap, sits crosslegged on the sofa beside MRS. FREEMAN, all smiles. LONNY The difference between athletes today and only ten years ago is simply astounding. Mrs. Freeman nods, eating it up. MRS. FREEMAN And you think Donnell is good enough? LONNY We believe Donnell has the potential to be a star player. Were ecstatic that you allowed us this chance to speak with him. The front door opens. Donnell swaggers inside, pants sagging. He halts a moment when he notices Lonny, then snaps his fingers. His grill gleams as his jaw drops. DONNELL Ooooh, shit! Bout time, yo! LONNY Yes it is, Donnell. MRS. FREEMAN Mr. Raslos a scout for the Detroit Lions! He wants to talk about your football career. Have a seat, son. Donnell plops down on a love seat next to Lonny. DONNELL So lets talk money. MRS. FREEMAN D! Where are your manners? Lonny unleashes a grin. LONNY Well get there. (to Mrs. Freeman) Hes a confident one, isnt he?

24. MRS. FREEMAN Always has been. LONNY Could I bother you for some coffee? MRS. FREEMAN Oh, Im so sorry! Of course you can. I shouldve offered. As she scurries into the adjacent kitchen, Lonny stands, begins to move toward the door. LONNY Let me ask you something, Donnell. How would you describe your character? DONNELL What character? LONNY The Detroit Lions arent interested in working with hoodlums. Would you say youre a good person? DONNELL Hell yeah Im a good person. I just dress like a hood. Lonny leans against the front door. LONNY I see. You know, I always wondered how those things felt. He points to his teeth. LONNY (CONTD) Whats that like? DONNELL Kinda like braces. LONNY Huh. Braces for gangsters. So, no run-ins with the law, then? DONNELL Nah. Im clean.

25. LONNY So you didnt commit armed robbery in March of this year, then skip your court date in breach of contract with Wellwood Bail Bonds? Donnells expression fades into fear. LONNY (CONTD) How we gonna do this? Donnell jumps up and sprints for the back door. He jiggles the handle and pushes, but the door wont open. MRS. FREEMAN D? Whats wrong? He takes off through the living room, past Lonny watching from the front door, and into the garage. Donnell tries the door-opener, but the garage door doesnt budge. He tries the side door with the same result. He dashes back inside, where his mom stands beside Lonny. MRS. FREEMAN (CONTD) Donnell, what is going on? DONNELL Mama did you lock up the doors? Donnell rushes up the stairs before she can answer. He stares down the window in his room, closes his eyes, then goes for it. But it wont open. He groans, slams a fist on the wall. Behind him, Lonny stands. A pair of handcuffs dangle from his finger. Donnell turns to face him, his face twisted. DONNELL (CONTD) Number one running back in the state! He tries to tackle Lonny, but Lonny sidesteps, sending him head first into the wall. Donnell collapses on the floor. Lonny cuffs his wrists. MRS. FREEMAN (O.S.) You boys practicing your football? EXT. WELLWOOD BAIL BONDS - LATER Oliver pulls into his parking spot. Lonny stands with Donnell in handcuffs beside his old car, now parked in the second spot.

26. OLIVER I knew this was a good idea. Oliver gets out. OLIVER (CONTD) Hey Donnell. Good to see you again. Better late than never, right? Donnell sneers at him. OLIVER (CONTD) (to Lonny) Only took you four hours. Im impressed. Consider yourself hired. Oliver and Lonny shake hands. Relief shows in Lonnys face. OLIVER (CONTD) But Donnells just a dumb kid. DONNELL Outran your fat ass. OLIVER Im eager to see what you can do when faced with a competent adult. LONNY You wont be disappointed. OLIVER I dont expect I will. Come with me, I need to introduce you to someone. LONNY Sure, absolutely. Lonny follows Oliver, dragging Donnell along behind him. INT. WELLWOOD BAIL BONDS - OFFICE - MOMENTS LATER Evelyn looks up from the computer monitor as the three of them enter the office. OLIVER Eve, Id like you to meet Lonny Raslo, our new bounty hunter. Hes strong, fast, and willing to work the graveyard shift, because hes a licensed bail bond agent.

27. EVELYN Can we even afford him? OLIVER Behind him is Donnell Freeman, the gentleman who outran me this morning. Lonny caught him in mere hours. We cant afford to not have him. Evelyn raises her eyebrows. OLIVER (CONTD) And it was my idea, not dads. Dont get me wrong, dad is brilliant. But hes too rigid. He never adapted to the times. EVELYN (flat) I guess youre right. OLIVER Finally. Thank you. EVELYN But it was dads idea to check the death records for Piers Bronzen. How long had you been looking for him? Two, three months? OLIVER I get it, now. Of course it was. What else has been his idea? EVELYN Not getting a bounty hunter! OLIVER Here I am chasing down criminals, and youre in here conspiring with dad. If he wanted to run the business, he shouldnt have retired! EVELYN Im scared, Oliver. He softens. EVELYN (CONTD) The business is in rough shape. I dont know what Im doing. I dont think either of us do. (MORE)

28. EVELYN (CONTD) Thats why I ask dad for help, okay? Thats why I let him tell me what to do. Im scared. OLIVER If we keep relying on dad for everything, well never succeed, well never grow. Either as bond agents, or as people. Look, sometimes all you can do is dive right in. I promise I wont let you sink. Can you do that? Evelyn sighs. I can try. EVELYN

DONNELL Yall aint got AC up in here? Oliver turns to Lonny. OLIVER Get this kid to jail. And good work. Go get some rest. Can you be back here by midnight? LONNY Whatever you need, boss. Lonny hauls Donnell out of the office. OLIVER I like him. EVELYN I hope you know what youre doing. They lock eyes for a minute in understanding. Tree hurries through the front door. TREE Evelyn! Evelyn! Was that you? Did you call me? What? EVELYN

TREE I got a call from a random number a minute ago. That wasnt you?



TREE Youre sure? No news about Dale? OLIVER Oh, thats right. Dale has decided to remain incarcerated for the time being. TREE WHAT?! My poor baby! You mean like some sorta hunger strike type situation? OLIVER Yeah, sure. TREE Well then I gotta support my man any way I can! What can I do thats illegal? How can I get in there with him? EVELYN When does Woodstock roll around next? INT. JAIL - VISITING ROOM - LATER Lonny waits at a table in an almost meditative posture, his chin perched on his closed fists. Followed by the guard from earlier, a heavily tattooed, bald INMATE (29) saunters over and sits across from Lonny. LONNY You look good. That a new neck tattoo? INMATE You know like boy scouts, how they get badges? This is like the prison version of that. LONNY Whats that one for? INMATE Best strangler. A silent moment passes. Lonny lays his hand on the inmates.

30. LONNY You cant go on like this. I got a job-INMATE Pop, I love you, but-LONNY Listen to me. I got another job at a bail bond agency. INMATE Really? We gonna do this again? LONNY Itll take some time before I can pitch them the idea, but just know Im working on it. INMATE Theyre not gonna take me. Just like all the rest of em. LONNY This ones different. Please, just dont do anything else to get in trouble. If not for me, do it for him. Lonnys son gives him a rare sympathetic look, then a nod. LONNY (CONTD) Thank you. Give me two weeks. INMATE Ill do what I can, but this is the game, yknow what I mean? If someone steps to me, I gotta do what I gotta do. His son stands, motions to the guard. They leave, neither of them looking back. INT. LONNYS HOUSE - LATER A BABY-SITTER meets Lonny at the front door holding a BABY. BABY-SITTER Theres grandpa! There he is! The baby giggles as the baby-sitter hands him to Lonny. Lonny tickles his smiling grandson.

31. INT. WELLWOOD BAIL BONDS - OFFICE - LATER Evelyn, cell phone to her ear, paces the room. EVELYN I told him everything... almost everything... Im just came out. Maybe you be doing this through me wanna continue. She sits at her desk. EVELYN (CONTD) No, he left an hour ago. Im waiting on our new employee to show... Yeah... I know, I know. She drags a palm over her forehead, through her hair. EVELYN (CONTD) I was afraid hed figure it out... If he did, he didnt say anything... As far as I can tell, Oliver thinks it all went according to his little plan. The front doorknob jiggles, then someone knocks. EVELYN (CONTD) That must be Lonny... Yeah, Ill tell him you said hi. Okay. Love you, too. Bye dad. END OF SHOW Well, sorry, it shouldnt if you