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Teacher Candidate: ___Ismael Cerezo______ Date: _______________ Lesson Plan Template: You may not use every box

every day during field experience Unit Title: __ Subject: __Math _______ Grade Level: Lesson Title/Number Common Core Standards 21st Century Skills

Only include what will be assessed.

Lesson Objectives
(Blooms Taxonomy)

Students will be able to(objective)

1. Define what it means for a number to be raised to a power and how to represent the repeated multiplication symbolically.

Must be numbered.

Acceptable Evidence
*Could be collected for accountability/auditing purposes.

Evidence that students have achieved objective # 1

Teacher input, development, instructional method(s), modeling, guided

1. Warm up (5-10 minutes)The teacher will have the warm up on the board for the students as they enter the room. The warm up will be written down in the writers notebooks.

practice, independent practice, and/or activities

In your warm up sheets, define exponents and where do you think you might see them in real life? -The teacher will create a discussion from the responses that the students give. -The teacher will also input his thoughts before asking students. -The teacher will also put up key points from the discussion on the board 2. Intro (10 minutes)- To introduce the lesson, the teacher will discuss about previous The teacher will begin by discussing that in the previous activity, -- -There were certain ways to condense certain operations like -3+3+3+3+3=15 -When we add 5 copies of 3 -We can say that 5x3=15 -Now imagine if we multiplied the same number 3, with itself 5 times -The teacher will let the students know that using exponents, 3x3x3x3x3=? -Using exponents, the expression can be written as 3x3x3x3x3= -Similarly, 3x3x3x3= or 3x3x3= The teacher will define the exponential notation as

Label: Bell Ringer

Also may be called: set induction, anticipatory set, introduction/review, Do Now

Label: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic Accommodations for learning modalities

Label: Checks for Understanding: directions, procedures/routines, and/or content (formative)

Ex. (CFU directions)

**Remind students of the importance of the parenthesis 3. Modeling- The teacher will model four different examples. After the three models are shown to the class, 1) 2) 3) 4) -the teacher will have the students work individually at first to try some of the examples provided. Directions: Rewrite in exponential form Ex 1) = 2) 3) 4. Independent practice (10-15 minutes)- Students will be given a worksheet with several problems that will be gone over in 10 minutes. Formative assessment:

Label: Evidence of Cognitive Student Engagement (CSE)

Assessment/ Evaluation Label: formative or summative and describe purpose

1. Independent practice worksheet 2. Warm up 3. Exit slips Summative assessment: N/A


Projector Computer


To end the lesson, the teacher will summarize the lesson by reiterating key points such as the definition of an exponent, etc. Afterwards, the teacher will hand out post it notes to every student, each student will be given a prompt on the board with the exit slip question. a. The question will to express the following in exponential notation

b. Will the product be positive or negative? N/A Accommodations and/or Interactions with Co-Teachers and/or Support Staff

Worksheets, whiteboard, dry erase markers, post it notes. Resources/ Materials

50 minutes Time Required