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Process automation with adapted industry solutions

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Consultation, support and maintenance of measurement and automation systems for the metal industries
Endress+Hauser is a Swiss family enterprise with more than 6,700 employees serving customers in 85 countries world-wide. As a vendor in the field of process automation we have been present in different industries for more than 50 years. Excellent products in relation to performance and price, as well as future-oriented services enhance the competitiveness of our customers to the highest degree of quality, safety and efficiency. Endress+Hauser sales and service companies as well as all production sites have been certified according to ISO9000 and the respective local manufacturing standards. Endress+Hauser stands for continuity, industry-specific know-how and long-term customer relations. You can demand more from us because we provide industry packages. We offer a host of proven and comprehensive solutions, particularly in the area of mining and metal, which help you lower your costs and increase the efficiency of your plant.

Endress+Hauser precision process instruments can be found in every process in a steel works. Listed below by measuring principle are examples of how Endress+Hauser solutions can optimize your process, help control and monitor environmental conditions and lower production costs. Flow measurement Filling of benzene and tar in the coking plant. Fuel supply to furnaces as well as mass measuring of inert gas such as argon with Promass 8xF mass flowmeters Ingot mold cooling of the continuous casting plant implements and flows in cooling circuits in general as actual value for controlling the cooling performance with Promag 5xW electromagnetic flowmeters Oxygen consumption measurement with Prowirl 72 vortex flowmeter at the refining (oxidation) or for burner supply for the molten metal Analysis pH measurement with the transmitter Liquiline M plus the CPA250 flow assembly and CPS11D sensor with digital Memosens-technology in the area of surface finishing, e. g. pickle line Stamolys CA71 analyzer for the supervision of sedimentation like silicate, phosphate and hardness in cooling water circuits Conductivity measurement with the CLS50 sensor e. g. in process water circuits Level measurement Level measurement in ore and coke silos plus burden bunkers with Prosonic S FMU9x and FDU9x sensor, alternatively FMR250 bulk solids radar Various levels in fine-grained, powdery products such as ground coke with Levelflex M FMP40 guided level-radar Various level limit applications in liquids with Liquiphant M and solids with Solicap M Pressure measurement Furnace pressure applications with Deltabar S PMD70 p pressure transmitter with ceramic sensor; measuring range 0.5 mbar ( 0.725 psi) Pressure measurement in vacuum plant with Cerabar S PMC71 in ceramic version to control the carbon reduction Volumetric flow rate measurement with Deltatop/Deltaset pitot tubes and orifices plates e. g. of mixed gas (natural gas) and contaminated air (blast furnace gas) in pipelines with large widths to 12 meters (8 feets)

Temperature measurement Complete package of head transmitters, resistance thermometers and thermocouples for various applications Abrasion resistant high temperature transmitters for gas temperature analysis Process solutions examples Leakage monitoring/lance cooling at the blast furnace, the electric arc furnace and converter Batch documentation (ISO 900x) with paperless Eco-/Memograph recorders (over digital bus networks) Consultation, design and execution of safety circuits acc. IEC 61511 e. g. for burner supply control with natural gas and oxygen or gasometer level regulation Services Instruments installed base survey to reduce stock SIL/ATEX seminars with focus on coking plant/blast furnace and chemical plants e. g. surface finishing

Fig. Steel production process: SMS Demag corporation, Dsseldorf

System Integration/Communication
Internet, GSM, Phone Engineering station P View Visualization FieldCare device configuration and asset management



PLC/ Controller MemographS PROFIBUS DP

Fieldgate FXA720

Fieldgate FXA520 420mA

Linking Device

Coupler/ Link

Remote I/O



PROFIBUS PA/DP and FOUNDATION Fieldbus PROFIBUSand FOUNDATION Fieldbus are open fieldbus standards. They have been specially designed for process engineering and process automation purposes. Endress+Hauser offers PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION Fieldbus instruments for level, pressure, flow, liquid analysis and temperature measurement as well as recording devices. Advantages: Standard is not dependent on a particular manufacturer Communication and power supply using two-wire technology Flexible topologies and bus structures *W@M see flipside

HART protocol, e.g. via remote inquiry In process instrumentation, the HART protocol has become the standard for SMART transmitters world-wide. Together with a Fieldgate, the HART protocol offers remote inquiry capability, remote diagnostics and remote programming. To this end, the Fieldgate uses the existing infrastructures of the Internet and software standards. Every Internet-compatible computer can request and represent measured values world-wide without any additional software. The Fieldgate offers transparency in production and supply processes and opens up new possibilities in inventory management e.g. time and cost optimized route planning for delivery vehicles.

Visualization and device configuration The P View visualization system is a highperformance and price-effective customer solution for process visualization. Measured tank values such as level or temperature are clearly depicted. FieldCare configuration and asset management software is based on the open FDT 1.2 standard (Field Device Tool) and provides easy access to field instruments from a central station irrespective of the manufacturer. FieldCare comprehensively supports engineering, configuration or setup and diagnosis of intelligent instruments. FieldCare makes an engineers life easier, e.g. from quick access to device manuals through to plant wide status monitoring of all field instruments.


Everything from one source

Consulting, implementation and maintenance of measuring and automation systems for the metal industry Optimized maintenance programs Endress+Hauser maintenance and support programs aim to improve plant reliability. To this end, we work together with your maintenance staff to define relevant service intervals, schedules and procedures and the allocation of respective resources which best suit your plant. This maintenance strategy is based on an assessment of overall process instrumentation and takes in to consideration all systems and procedures relevant to quality and safety. Our tailored support programs always take into consideration our customers specific work processes and methods, the local technologies, as well as the experience and know-how of en gineering staff. As a matter of course our service schedules and support measures will address your financial constraints and company targets.
Target zone: Optimal maintenance at minimum costs

Overall costs

No maintenance Extent of scheduled maintenance

Excessive maintenance

Too little maintenance is just as critical as too much Endress+Hauser helps you to find the right balance.

W@M Web-based Asset Management

W@M web-based asset management supports your business processes. Starting with the planning phase of your plant through to its operation Endress+Hauser offers you extensive services during the whole life cycle of your plant. W@M is an open information system providing data flow and archiving for the technical and operational management completely, conveniently and at any time and place.

Co-operation and partnership

From consultation and commissioning... Endress+Hauser is with you during the whole process as your partner in industrial instrumentation and plant asset management. The responsibility of Endress+Hauser does not end with instruments. We assume the overall responsibility for your plant. Be it fieldbus installation, remote instrument visualization, automation of processes or the realization of asset management installations all of this is engineered by a partner you know well. Our consultation services aim to provide the following: Cost reduction solutions by decreasing raw material and energy consumption as well as maintenance and down times Higher safety and fewer plant down times Solutions for a broader range of applications with fewer stocked instruments

through to operation and beyond

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