A comparative analysis of marketing strategies of Vodafone and Airtel in India

Telecom Sector in India have 125 million telephones network which is one of the largest communication networks in world, which continues to grow at a blistering pace. The rapid growth in the telecom sector can be attributed to the various pro-active and positive policy measures taken by the government as well as the dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit of the various telecom service providers both in private and public sector. The telecom sector has shown impressive growth during the past decade. Today more than two striking features of this growth viz. increasing preference for mobile phones and higher contribution of private sector in the incremental growth have pre dominated the telecom sector. The share of mobile phones (including WLL mobile) has overtaken the share of landlines with 62% in the total number of phones. The private sectors contributions also increasing rapidly. Currently more than 30 lakh phones are being added each month and it is targeted that by the end of 2010 the total number of phones may reach a level of350 million taking the tele-density to more than 30% which is currently at 24.63%. Network Expansion: The total number of telephone subscribers has reached 281.62million at the end of January 2010 as compared to 232.87 million in July 2009. The overall Tele density has increased to 23.63% in January 2010 as compared to 21.20% in August2009.Wireless Service: The wireless segment saw a surge of 78.77 million subscribers last month compared to 78.17 million in Mar. 2010. This pushed the total wireless subscribers’ base to 282.40 million by Apr. 31 2010. Every organization has to achieve its organization goals. For this it is very essential for an organization to know about the view of consumers and their competitive products. This survey research may be also aimed as to estimate potential buyer for the product. The objective of the study is as under:1. To identify the difference between market performance of Airtel industry and Vodafone. 2. To study the market of Airtel Industry and Vodafone on big scale telecommunication sector. 3. To compare various parameters of marketing strategies, manufacturing process, technology adopted production policy, advertising, collaboration, export scenario, future prospect for the two companies and government policies. 4. To study customer buying behavior and factors which influence the purchase decision process. 5. To know how the company has been successful in encountering the aggressive marketing strategies of competitors.

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