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Syrian Network for Human Rights' attitude towards the possible military intervention in Syria

A simple comparison to what happened in Libya, the human cost due to the international community's intervention had been less than double compared to Syria. Where we appreciate other Arab organizations, the number of victims during the whole of the Libyan revolution includes a foreign intervention with almost 35,000 victims, which is definitely a great number. But no doubt, if the international community does not intervene and allow Gaddafi to kill the Libyan people, it will exceed 200.000 victims. This fully applies on our attitude towards military intervention to end the rule of Bashar Alsassad, because the human cost will be more than double if Bashar Alassad continues governing the country, and continues the daily killing, which does not stop for even an hour in the day or night in all of the Syrian governorates. The monthly average of the victims' number is almost 5.000 victims. 80% of them are civilians. The Syrian regime has committed crimes against humanity and various types of other crimes including unlawful killings, torture, sexual violence, and attacking with chemical weapons. All have been systematic and widespread. We have pointed to these acts in a number of research reports, and the Commission of Inquiry in Syria and the Human Rights Council also pointed to these actions. The UN general assembly in 2005 founded an initiative known as "responsibility to protect "R2.P" Founded by the United Nations General Assembly in 2005, an initiative known as "responsibility to protect" or "R2P" considered that the regimes committed crimes against humanity lost its sovereignty as that sovereignty is a responsibility and not a right, so that the international community has the right to take necessary measures to protect civilians and to stop committing crimes. The last massacre was committed by the Government forces on Wednesday 21/8/2013 in Damascus countryside, and the photos of children and women who were killed as they slept in their houses, which were made available to the whole world, gave the international committee a big motive to hold its responsibilities and stop the recurrence of the Syrian regime for such crimes. Based on all this, and based on our long experience as sons of the Syrian people in dealing with the Syrian regime, we affirm that the Syrian regime will continue its revenge and will move forward with its killings until the last shot and tank. Also, we in the Syrian Network for Human Rights call upon the international community and Arabic League for decisive intervention to end the suffering of the Syria people who have been severely affected.

We note that letting criminals go unpunished will encourage them to commit more egregious crimes, so we expect a wider use of chemical weapons and ballistic missiles, and a high daily homicide rate to increase up to500 citizens.