The NCR 7731 combines an extremely flexible hardware platform with excellent document handling characteristics.

With a large (4.0" high by 10 long) read area, front image camera and a large list of readable fonts, the NCR 7731 is ideally suited for applications were the scanline can be anywhere on the document. The NCR 7731 offers a speed of up to 800 transactions per hour (30 DPM), which translates to excellent cost performance when processing payments that require the amount to be keyed, or in low volume sites. The NCR 7731 with the FLEX Software can also print receipts for over the counter cash payments.

Autofeed hopper: With a capacity of up to 750 documents, productivity can be greatly increased by loading the hopper and moving on to other tasks.

Power Hand Drop: Ensuring the best possible performance and throughput, the Power Hand Drop positions and feeds individual documents for correct, consistent feeding. There is no need to stop the transport to feed individual documents.

Front image capture is standard at 200 dpi in black and white and/or 100 dpi in 16 levels of gray. An optional rear image camera is also available. The 7731 uses quiet thermal transfer technology, and can encode one of 4 standard MICR fonts in one pass at 30 DPM. Supported Fonts: OCR A, OCR B, E13B, CMC7, OCR A Alphanumeric, FARRINGTON 7B, OCR B, 1403,SPECIAL, OCR B, Barcode.
With an individual pocket capacity of approximately 250 documents, the sorting function has been designed to maximize operator efficiency.

Pocket Modules: Available in 3, 6, or 12 pocket configurations, providing built-in endorser technology and "pocket-full" sensor detection functionality.

6 or 12 pocket configuration to expand the sorting capacity of your processing system. Branch server connection across the LAN network ensures that captured data and images are accessible and easily retrieved from different locations. Connected to virtually any standard PC and running on NCR's own reliable software tailored to meet your needs.5" LENGTH: 4.SPECIAL. OCR B. CMC7 OCR A ALPHANUMERIC. an NT-based common operating environment . Choose from 3.1" LENGTH: 10" FRONT IMAGE CAMERA STANDARD Scans images in black and white at 200 dpi at 100 dpi. FCC. EMC The compact 7731 utilizes state-of-the-art thermal encoding. To ensure maximum application flexibility. E13B. ink jet printing. . magnetic card reading and advanced optical character recognition for MICR and OCR fonts. Combined with NCR's Enhanced Item Processing Software and/or a third party application. OR TWELVE POCKETS POCKET CAPACITY OF 250 ITEMS PROGRAMMABLE ENDORSEMENT REAR ENDORSEMENT STAMP BY-DIRECTIONAL TRACK WITH AUTO EJECT SUPPORTED FONTS HARDWARE CONFIGURATION FEATURES HARDWARE OPERATION REQUIREMENTS SYSTEM DIMENSIONS: LENGTH: 48" DEPTH: 29" Maximum POWER REQUIREMENTS: 120v INTERFACE: SCSI-2 CERTIFICATIONS: UL. CE. FARRINGTON 7B OCR B.Additional Specifications TRANSPORT SPEED DOCUMENT SIZE UP TO 800 TRANSACTIONS PER HOUR MINIMUM HEIGHT: 2. The optional Automatic Document Feeder increases processing capacity to approximately 750 documents and allows single document insertion using the Power Hand Drop. BARCODE • • • • • • • 750 ITEM AUTOFEED HOPPER POWER HAND DROP THREE. (REAR IMAGE CAMERA IS OPTIONAL) OCR A. OCR B. the 7731 will help you transition your front or back office to imaging technology with minimal disruption to your productivity and overall efficiency. SIX. and further enhance operator productivity and efficiency. Your operator can load the hopper and move on to other tasks. 1403. the 7731 can be upgraded to a complete image-enabled "proof and encode" document processing system.0" CAMERAS MAXIMUM HEIGHT: 4.Windows Integrated Services Environment for Item Processing (WiseIP) is available on the 7731.

For example. Tellers can endorse items and print forms. A red light camera. the sorting function has been designed to maximize operator efficiency . Reading The 7731 can optically read over nine standard MICR and OCR code line fonts in any zone of a document. deposit tickets. add a magnetic card reader and ink jet endorser to streamline teller station processing. available in 3. an optional magnetic card reader. The standard model offers you the choice of front or rear endorsing . Additional fonts can be downloaded from the host application to encode a variety of document types. For the front office teller station. Print fonts are programmable and each endorsement can be altered from document to document as your needs dictate. and eliminate both specialized hardware and software processes. In a single pass. the 7731 can be expanded to include multi-pocket modules. or. Imaging Front image capture is standard on the 7731 and rear image capture is available as an optional feature. for improved reading of documents with red ink. positions and feeds individual documents for correct. These modules. This flexibility allows the 7731 to process a variety of documents and transactions. hand-fed items into the processor. for improved reading of documents with red outlines. the 7731 can be field upgraded quickly and cost effectively to meet the changing demands of your operation. allows easy operator access and eliminates the need for a "space-consuming" stand alone card reader. The Automatic Document Feeder. This lower cost technology offers the benefit of increased throughput. With an individual pocket capacity of approximately 250 documents and the option to add more pockets.and you can upgrade later to both front and rear. the 7731 provides dot matrix endorsement technology as part of the sorting operation. it can be expanded to include dual pockets that hold approximately 100 documents. may be added. which is located on top of the 7731. added to ensure the best possible performance and throughput. in a fixed position. The Power Hand Drop. Dot Matrix Endorsing When configured with optional multi-pocket modules for back office processing. Encoding Using quiet thermal transfer technology. 6. the 7731 is configured with a single document entry extension that guides individual. Front and rear endorsement stamps are also available. The programmable endorser can print up to 40 characters on a single line. with all of the same benefits plus approximately 750 document capacity. Sorting For a teller station unit. allows the operator to perform other important tasks while the system is running. such as receipts. on the rear of the document. the 7731 provides a high quality image at 200 dpi in black and white and/or 100 dpi resolution in 16 levels of gray. For higher volume needs. the 7731 provides best-in-class encoding functionality that can encode one of four standard MICR and OCR fonts in one pass at 30 dpm. the 7731 offers optional programmable ink jet endorsers that print text and graphics at 100 dpi anywhere on the document. Choose from the features listed below to customize the 7731 to meet your front or back office needs.As you discover new ways to capitalize on imaging technology. The 7731 system also offers two document feeders that can process a variety of items individually or in batches. For the back office environment. or a color-balanced-light camera. the 7731 is configured with a single exit extension. consistent feeding. provide built-in endorser technology and "pocket-full" sensor detection functionality. Document Feeding As a teller station unit. add an automatic document feeder and extra pockets to optimize your back office item processing. It also reduces operator keying and provides added security. Ink Jet Endorsing and Printing To simplify the printing process for the front office. or 12 pocket configurations. The 7731 can be quickly and easily configured or upgraded to address the varied processing requirements of the lowvolume front or back office environments. and even certified checks.

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