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To understand the differences in the company and resolve them first we need to explore from the point of view of the people involved in the situation and analyze the role of each.


Nitish was a graduate of IIT Madras and did his MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur. After completion of degree he joined a consultancy firm and worked for two years. He was perceived as a happy-go-lucky, cheerful and friendly person by his colleagues. But after two years he thought that his learning has stopped and decided to move to another job. He got the offer of Solutions Unlimited by reference of his college friend Arvind. He shifted to Hyderabad with his wife Pratima and grabbed this new opportunity.


Nitishs Interview at Solutions Unlimited was marred with complications, initially he rejected the company salary offer of 2.55 lakhs and demanded a compensation of 4 lakhs and even calculated his take home salary with a calculator in front of the Interview board. These demands were rejected by the HR, but Mr. Kapoors intervention and his scolding of Meena led to Nitish getting his demanded salary and this annoyed Meena.


Perception: Nitish feels that he is an outgoing and friendly person and he attributes all situations to himself and fails to see the external factors which affect the situation. Self-Centered: Nitish thought that the work done by him is special and expects others to appreciate his work. This might be because of his earlier profession as a consultant in a small consultancy where he was responsible for making business plans which requires greater degree of responsibility and authority on his part.


Perception: Meena`s reaction to nitish plainly rejecting the package offered to him by her and the later intervention by MR Kapoor, and the perception that she got out of it about Nitishs personality was very negative . Lack of professionalism: The way in which Meena handled the situation as per her role as a HR head and her jokes and taunts in office towards Nitish show a high level of

unprofessionalism, also victimization in a group carried out against Nitish by Meena also shows her incapability to satisfy the professionalism required for a HR role. Inability to Accept Negative Feedback: Meena on being asked to hire Nitish against her wish harbored negative sentiments while administering the neutral role of an HR.


Lack of proper hierarchical mechanism: The roles in Solutions Unlimited were not clearly defined and hence led to people overreaching their concerns and intervening in others work. Lack of Feedback Mechanism: There should be a proper feedback and appraisal channel accessible to all employees. Lack of proper issue-resolution channel: There is no proper issue resolution channel that takes care of all issues that are raised by employees. Example Alagu setup his own resolution system for Nitish. Roles and responsibilities not clearly defined: Meena working under director operations, taking care of HR. Nitish being hired, does not have clear objective as in what is he doing there so far.

The Problem is how to resolve the standoff between Nitish and the HR and reduce the power distance in Solutions unlimited and make the environment favorable to work in.

Two options for conflict resolution can be defined based on the Entities Involved 1. Effective resolution by Solutions Unlimited. 2. Resolution by Nitish and Meena.


Before these options can be evaluated we have to look at their impact on the situation. 1. Impact on professional Life: Nitish underwent a lot of stress and had to endure negative sentiments at workplace so an amicable solution to this standoff is required no matter how far the distance between the two may become. 2. Impact on Growth: Nitish was losing opportunities and the company was also losing an effective person where required when Meena was standing in his way to go to onsite for work.

1. Effective resolution by Solutions Unlimited. -Synchronization and communication between different departments in the company. -Have clear recruitment practices. Unclear or ill-defined hiring policies usually lead to such confusing results. - Personality development programs to improve the interpersonal skills and incorporate good organizational behavior among co-workers. -Incorporating feedback at regular intervals for all the employees. Feedback might have provided both Nitish and Meena a channel to express their shortcomings about each other. -Setting up proper reporting structure. It was never mentioned who was reporting to whom, so if someone stepped out of line then there had to be a proper channel of higher approach. -Setting up a guided meeting between Nitish and Meena to resolve all issues.

2. Resolution by Nitish and Meena. -Resolution by Nitish: Nitish should discuss his issues with Meena and reach an amicable solution, discuss what the shortcomings were and work towards a solution. -Resolution by Meena: Meena should leave her preconceived notions about nitish and put the events of the past behind and start realizing the potential of Nitish as an asset to the company and provide him support to attribute to the companys success.

I recommend that Nitish should initiate communication with Meena and come to an amicable solution, to maintain a healthy work relation and in the interest of the company.

-Meeting for resolution: Both Nitish and Meena should have a professional discussion and come to a resolution instead of keeping to themselves and facing issues on a daily basis. Solutions Unlimited should implement the following steps: -The organization should have organized a proper meeting between Nitish, Meena and Alagu to resolve this issue and maintain a healthy work environment. -Proper restructuring of the organization needs to be done with responsibility division and hierarchy classification and feedback mechanism in all four directions. -Solutions limited should hold monthly or weekly get-together events and sessions so that employees can work together and come close to resolve any issues, also sessions on how to maintain a healthy work environment need to be provided. Word Count: 1012 Words