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ANOTROL: An-oh-trol circa. 1970; a proprietary device used to provide reliable and effective application of anodic protection to sulphuric acid coolers and acid storage tanks. The name ANOTROL has been synonymous with Chemetics anodically protected acid coolers for over 30 years. Each new generation of Anotrol system has been based on a custom designed approach, incorporating state-of-the-art electronic circuitry. Like the acid cooler itself, simplicity, ease of operation and reliability have been the cornerstones to success in achieving the high standards required from this equipment.

Building upon the vast operating experience from over 1300 Anotrol systems, the new Anotrol 2000 retains a two main component format with a Remote Display Unit [RDU] in the Plant Control Room and an individual Controller Power Supply [C/PS] for each acid cooler or acid storage tank. The Controller/Power Supply, the heart of the operating system, is self contained in an integral all weather NEMA enclosure and is designed to be located immediately adjacent to the acid cooler or storage tank in the plant. The C/PS is essentially a smart power supply housing the hardware required to produce the anodic current output and the microprocessors, which monitor the anodic potentials and adjust the current output to achieve and maintain the protective passive film. In addition to its anodic protection function, the C/PS can also interface with the process instrumentation on the acid cooler and provide readout and data logging at the RDU. Designed for Reliability, Simplicity, Ease of Use, Installation and Servicing, the Anotrol 2000 C/PS, sets new standards for the Sulphuric Acid Industry. Wiring for the anodic protection system and process monitoring is all conveniently terminated within the C/ PS requiring only a single communication link to the RDU to provide total communication of the anodic and process status of the acid cooler.


Internal view of Anotrol 2000 C/PS

Process screen showing Acid and Water Temperatures and Pressures

The ANOTROL 2000 Remote Display Unit [RDU] brings a new user-friendly interface and level of communication to the operator. The touch screen enables the operator to quickly select the operating channel, review anodic status or check and adjust alarms for any Anotrol 2000 system plus monitor acid temperatures, pressures, flows or other selectable parameters for each cooler. Trending of the anodic and process parameters is also a standard feature as is a system log which records every event monitored by the system. An optional process assessment module is available to analyse cooler performance and provide early warning of possible operating problems. Each RDU can be hooked up to a LAN to allow interrogation by the plant DCS and can be remotely

monitored by Chemetics to provide an additional level of supervision or troubleshooting. Local alarms can be tied into the main plant alarm system. Anotrol 2000 can be programmed to provide display in multiple languages for greater user friendliness. The acid cooler operating manual can also be displayed on the RDU providing instant accessibility to procedures and other technical information. The Anotrol 2000 RDU is backwards compatible with Anotrol II C/PS units enabling an upgrading of those systems. Process monitoring is not available with Anotrol II. For more information on ANOTROL and other products, please contact us at the address below or visit our website at:

RDU showing typical acid cooler anodic display.

Cathode current trend during initial passivation.

Typical event logging screen.

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