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All students learn theoretical subjects in their classroom, but as we are the management students, apart from theoretical studies we need to get a deeper insight into the practical aspects of those theories by working as a part of organization during our summer training. Training is a period in which a student can apply his theoretical knowledge in practical field. Basically, practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge have a very broad difference. So this training has high importance as to know how both the aspects are applied together. The study of management acquires most crucial position in the business administration. In order to be successful, it is necessary to give priority to the management in an organization. But it cant be denied that the study of management would be more educational, materialistic and even more interesting, if it is to be paired with the work in organization as an employee. The training session helps to get details about the working process in the organization. It has helped me to know about the organizational management and discipline, which has its own importance. The training is going to be a lifelong experience. Management in India is heading towards a better profession as compared to other professions. The demand for professional managers is increasing day by day. To achieve profession competence, manager ought to be fully occupied with theory and practical exposure of management. This Project Report has been completed in Partial fulfillment of my management Program, M.B.A in the company( DEHRADUN PREMIER MOTORS MAHINDRA). which is a leading company of the top most automobile sector Organizations. The objective of my project was to meet with the customer and handle the customers.

I wish to thank all those who helped me and without whose support, I could not have completed this project successfully. First and foremost I express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Shahzaib Ahmed, A.S.M, MAHINDRA MOTORS, for granting me the permission to do the project and for his constant guidance during my project. I would like to thank with immense gratitude Mr. Indresh kumar, sales head . I have immense pleasure in expressing my deep sense of gratitude to Mrs.Manita harit, lecturer MBA, Department of Management Studies for his valuable guidance, time, co-operation and support without which this project report would not have been completed. Last but not least, I would like to thank my family and friends for their wholehearted support for the completion of this project.

(M.B.A) ROLL- 1005084



The summer training project on work A STUDY ON LCV PRODUCT OF MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA Under the guidance of MR. Shahziab Ahmed (Area sales manager) is the original work done by me. This is the property of the Institute & use of this report without prior permission of the Institute will be considered illegal & actionable.



As India celebrates its 50 years of independence, the passenger car industry celebrated a centenary of its existence in India in 1998. Despite this head start, the industry has never quite matched up to the performance of its counterparts in other parts of the world. The allpervasive atmosphere created by the companys license raj was primarily responsible for this situation. The various layers of Acts sheltered the industry from external competition and smothered the development of the Indian automobile industry... In this project I conducted a study on the consumer perception about small trucks. Firstly, I took three brands of small trucks; Eicher, Swaraj Mazda, Ashok Leyland for a comparative of study LCV segment. Later I went through the process of filling the questionnaires, to know exactly what the customers of small trucks perceived about their trucks. A sample size of sixty

respondents was taken. Sample unit was a customer who owned small trucks. Secondary data from various sources like magazines, journals etc was also collected. The findings showed that the consumers who owned small trucks basically wanted good performance, after sales service and a better payload at their budget, a less expensive one. All the trucks taken for the sample showed that the consumers perceived them as almost same in all the attributes like safety, comfort and luxury. Respondents liked Ashok Leyland more for its looks, whereas Eicher after sales service was perceived to be good. But, at the end the research was limited due to small sample size, small sample area and time constraints.