For many of us. This year. RunNUS is a beginning of your journey to a healthier lifestyle and participation in sports. thank you all for your support in making RunNUS 2013 a meaningful and insightful event for all of us. RunNUS 2013 aims to provide a platform for the NUS community and the public to be exposed to sports and healthy living. We hope to share this with all of our runners and create common memories that all will hold dear to. All net proceeds from the event will go a long way in helping our students to experience fun in education. Beyond the distance. we would like to share the NUS Spirit with you. After the event. all runners are encouraged to continue pursuing their interest in a host of different activities with us at NUS Students’ Sports Club.Content About RunNUS 1 Race pack Collection 4 Race Event Details and Programme Many More Exciting Prizes 8 11 Race Prizes 10 Getting to RunNUS 2013 12 Racebib and Timing Device 15 Runner’s Tips 17 Race Route Map 19 RunNUS 2013 Bazaar 21 Pre-Race Preparation 23 Post Race Tips 24 Race Advisory 26 For more information 28 RunNUS 2013 Proud Sponsors 29 Message from Project Director On behalf of the RunNUS organizing team. Over the years. I would like to express the sincerest of gratitude to all returning runners who have been joining us every step of the way. By participating in RunNUS 2013. Nicholas Project Director i RunNUS 2013 ii . RunNUS 2013 is the 7th installment of the RunNUS series organized by the NUS Students’ Sports Club. we have been gaining constant support from runners in all walks of life. you are doing more than just running. we wish all runners a great race ahead. Kent Ridge campus is a place where memories are created and our life stories take shape. On behalf of the team. Aw Wenlong. RunNUS is supporting NUS Annual Giving’s bid to raise funds for University-wide bursaries and scholarship. You will be able to experience more places and great running spots within the NUS Kent Ridge campus.

it not only offers an opportunity for runners to explore and have a better understanding of NUS. Not forgetting the element of fun. RunNUS 2013 hopes to reach out to every individual and encourage them to reach high and beyond their limits in their efforts to achieve their goals and helping those who are in need of their help. with a communal shoe print that signifies the first and many steps ahead in face of our challenges and attaining success for self and our community. RunNUS creates a valuable time for the alumni to reconnect with their lovely alma mater. Being the first major sport event in the academic year. RunNUS also brings in a carnival that offers a variety of on-stage entertainment including band performances. 1 2 . An annual institutional event. making it an exciting event that engages everyone. Seven years since its inception. lucky draws and refreshments throughout the event. RunNUS is a volunteer-initiated project. All these elements combine to reflect our identity and logo. The race has helped to raise funds for financially needy students through the NUS Annual Giving campaign. Moreover.About RunNUS RunNUS is annual running event organized by the National University of Singapore Students’ Sports Club (NUSSSC) to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the NUS population and the public. which brings together members of the NUS community and corporate entities in support of a good cause. RunNUS has been a partner of the NUS Annual Giving campaign. RunNUS is one of the many anticipated events held in NUS. Individuals are encouraged to support our fundraising efforts by making a gift directly to Annual Giving or by pledging a donation to the community through our race. Since 2010. Themed ‘Beyond the Distance’. Net proceeds from the registration fees and individual pledges will go towards supporting the University-wide bursaries. but also a moment for our freshmen to mingle with the students and staff within the institution. mini games.

C (Loops) and D2 (Loops) * For more accurate information on NUS Internal Shuttle services and the routes.Race pack Collection Date / Time • 16 Aug 2013 / 12. By Public Transport Alight at Bus Stop ID 18329 (Staff Club) or 18321 (Opposite Staff Club) with SBS Bus Service Number 95. Internal Shuttle Services towards Opposite Staff Club: • A1.00 pm • 18 Aug 2013 / 10. Singapore 117561) Getting There Internal Bus Shuttle services will start operations at 9.00 pm • 17 Aug 2013 / 10.00 pm to 8. By Internal Shullte Services (stop at Staff Club) a.00 am to 5.00 am to 5.00 pm Venue National University of Singapore (NUS) Multi-Purpose Hall 1 (Near NUS Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC) – 2 Sports Drive 1. 3 4 . Internal Shuttle Services towards Staff Club : • A2. click here. C (Loops) and D2 (Loops) b.00 am.

Photo Identity Card (for all runners) 4. click here. Race pack Collection Preparation All runners must collect their rack pack on Race Pack Collection Dates. 5 6 . Runner’s Acknowledgement/Confirmation Verification Slip 3a. Photocopy of runner’s Photo Identity Card 4. the organizing team reserves the rights to bar him/her from taking part in the race. In an event the organizing team is unable to affirm that the runner qualifies for the NUS race category. For more information. It is mandatory for runners to produce their NUS Matriculation or Staff card for verification of status to qualify for NUS race category.) 2. remember to bring along: 1. ulation/staff card during race pack collection will have to pay the balance of the respective race categories and a penalty fee.) If you are unable to make it for race pack collection personally. Bus Stop 3b. please dedicate someone to collect on your behalf. and the race fee will be donated directly to RunNUS adopted bursary. Signed runner’s Health Declaration and Indeminity Form *Participants who had signed up under NUS categories but fail to produce Matric- Map Carpark 5 For more information on NUS Map.By Car The carparks nearest to the Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC) are as follows: Carpark 4: Raffles Hall Carpark 5: Sports and Recreation Centre * Parking fee is chargeable for NUS carparks. click here. Race packs will not be issued after the Race Pack Collection Day nor on event day.duly signed by the participant Carpark 4 (download here. Photo ID of the collector 5. Indemnity Form and Health Declaration Form (download here. Your runners Acknowledgement/Confirmation slip 2. He/She will have to bring along: 1. * NUS Matriculation and Staff card (Applicable for all NUS race category) Racepack Collection Here 3. * Photocopy of runner’s Matriculation or Staff card of the runner for NUS categories. Letter of Authorisation Form . When collecting your race pack.

Sunday Exit Time 7:15 am (First Flag-Off for 10km Men’s Open) to 12.Purpose Field (Opposite University Hall) Entrance Guest-of-Honor iFactory Professor TAN Eng Chye NUS Deputy President (Academic Affairs) and Provost Citibank Booths ActiveHealth 7 8 .00 pm Reporting Venue National University of Singapore (NUS) Multi .Racepack Collection Area Layout Race Event Details and Programme Date 25 August 2013.

Honour Arrival Fun Run for Open and NUS (Wave 1) Flag .Off Women’s 10km NUS (Wave 2) Flag .Off Men’s 10km NUS (Wave 3) Flag .Off Fun Run for Open and NUS (Wave 2) Flag .Race Programme Time 06:00 am 06:45 am 07:15 am 07:25 am 07:35 am 07:45 am 07:55 am 08:05 am 08:15 am 08:25 am 08:30 am 08:35 am 08:45 am 08:55 am 09:00 am 10:00 am 10:15 am 10:25 am 12:00 pm Activity Start of Baggage Deposit Report to Start Point (Men’s 10km Open) Men’s 10km Open (Wave 1) Gun .Off Women’s 10km Open (Wave 1) Gun . Prizes are sponsored by: Race timing of Prize Winners in the 10km Competitive race categories will be based on Gun-Off timing of the respective NUS Men’s.Off Fun Run for Open and NUS (Wave 3) Flag . 9 10 .Off Guest . NUS Women’s.Off Commencement of RunNUS Performances and Games Release of 10km Race Results Presentation of Lucky Draw Prizes Presentation of Competitive Prizes End of RunNUS 2013 Race Prizes The Top 3 winners of the 10km Competitive race category will be awarded a medal and product prizes worth up to the following: For 10km Competitive Race Category Award Medals Men’s Women’s Champion Gold Open $900 $900 NUS Men’s Women’s $900 $900 $800 $800 $700 $700 $800 $800 $700 $700 First Runner-Up Silver Second Runner-Up Bronze Subsequent runners in the 10km Competitive race category who finish the race in the 4th to 15th place will also receive a prize by our proud sponsors. Open Men’s and Open Women’s category.of .Off Men’s 10km NUS (Wave 2) Flag .Off Men’s 10km NUS (Wave 1) Gun .Off Men’s 10km Open (Wave 2) Flag .Off Women’s 10km NUS (Wave 1) Gun .

Many More Exciting Prizes 5km Fun Run Mini Explorer There is something for all runners of the 5km race to spot and win exciting prizes. Other Bus services that reach National University of Singapore: • From Clementi Bus Interchange: 96 • Along Clementi Road: 151 • From Opposite Buona Vista MRT Station: 95 • Ayer Rajah Expressway (Dover ITE): 97. All grand prizes must be collected on stage by the prize winner with his/her race bib. 197. HANDPHONE NUMBER. By Public Transport Runners are advised to travel by the Mass Rapid Train (MRT) and alight at Kent Ridge MRT Station (CC24) and take EXIT A to proceed to Bus-Stop ID 18331 (at National University Hospital). Return the slip to the Information Counter and the winner will be announced at the Presentation of Lucky Draw Prizes on stage. Grand prizes will be announced and welcomed on stage during the Presentation of Lucky Draw Prizes. All lucky draw prizes must be collected before the event ends at 12:00 pm. visit SBS or SMRT. ing towards Kent Ridge Terminal) and alight at Bus-Stop ID 18311 (Block S12). 198. 11 12 . At the bus stop. RACE BIB NUMBER and your answer. Explore the 5km race route and count the number of times this icon appears. Getting to RunNUS 2013 NOTICE TO ALL RUNNERS As Internal Shuttle services will start operation at 09:00 am. Winners must present their race bib to receive the prize. Head towards the Football Filed across the road. board bus number 95 (headCollect an answer slip when you present your race bib and fill in your NAME. Lucky Draw Prizes All RunNUS 2013 runners are qualified for lucky draw prizes which will be held throughout the event. all runners are strongly advised to avoid boarding the Internal Shuttle to report for the race on time. Winners must present their race bib to receive the lucky draw prize. Please be informed that the other bus services mentioned may require transfer of buses or walking to the Football Filed. 963 For information regarding the start time of the different public bus services.

For more information on parking fees. 13 14 . Parking charges may still apply. click here.By Car The carparks nearest to the Football Field are as follows: • Carpark 4: Raffles Hall • Carpark 5: Sports and Recreation Centre • Carpark 6. click here. 7 and 10: Faculty of Science Runners are strongly advised NOT to drive down to the event location due to limited parking spaces. Maps Carpark 5 RunNUS 2013 Carpark 4 Bus Stop Carpark 10 Bus Stop Carpark 7 Carpark 6 For more information on NUS Map.

3. runner belts. and you will not receive a Finish Time and Finisher Certificate. Men’s 10km Open Women’s 10km Open Fun Run 5km NUS Fun Run 5km Open Race Bib Back 15 16 . kindly present your race bib to our staff and collect a RunNUS 2013 Finisher Tee. Failure to do so will result in DNF (DID NOT FINISH) or DQ (DISQUALIFIED). water bottles. kindly present your race bib and allow our staff to detach the baggage slip for you. modified. as well as en-route check points. Pinned at all four (4) corners. Ensure that you run across all timing mats provided at the Start Point (even if you are late). 3. 2.Racebib and Pointers to Note Race Bib Category Timing Device Men’s 10km NUS Women’s 10km NUS All participants are to ensure that the race bibs are: 1. For depositing of baggage. Worn clearly visible on the front of the torso and are not covered by jackets. End Point. DO NOT cross the START and FINISH line more than once. Stay 4 meters away from the START and FINISH line if possible. For 10km Competitive runners. 4. DO NOT REMOVE timing chip from race bib. This is to prove that you have completed the prescribed route. especially medical information at the back of the bib. 2. For all runners. wrinkled or vandalised by drawings. Intact with the perforated portions. 5. The slip can be used once only. Updated with the correct information before the race. 4. to receive an accurate time: 1. folded. Not altered. 3. etc.

5 Keep Left If you are not overtaking. If you are going to stop or slow down. This will encourage them to continue helping other participants and cheer them on. 6 Be Careful When Overtaking If you are overtaking. behind you first. There will be runners coming in right behind you. Running with others of a similar pace gives you a better race experience. ensure that there is no one right 3 Keep Off of Roads and Watch Out for Vehicles Runners are advised to run on the pedestrian pavement at all times to avoid the traffic on the roads. If unsure. Safety comes first! 2 At Gun-Off and Flag-off Runners are to line up from the Start Line based on their expected running speed. Do be considerate and allow faster runners to overtake you at any point of the race. Use caution when entering a water point. runners are encouraged to throw their wastes into the recycle bins for Metal. Please cross the road with care as well. do so on the right and call out “ON YOUR RIGHT”. please proceed to the back of the queue to avoid blocking other runners. Acknowledge those who are there to support and assist you during the event and along the race route. 7 Show Appreciation to Volunteers and Supporters 8 Be Careful at Water Points Water points can be crowded and chaotic. please keep left to allow others to run ahead. 10 Run Green In our effort to going Green in NUS. If unsure. Do be considerate and allow faster runners to overtake you at any point of the race.Runner’s Tips 1Eating Properly Load up on energy to finish the race! Do have a light breakfast at least an hour prior to your flag-off time. so keep going until it is safe to stop. 17 18 . Please exercise caution and be patient when overtaking as a portion of the route takes place in the park and some routes can be narrow. Plastic and Paper materials respectively that are placed along the running routes and in the Bazaar. 9 Keep Moving at the Finish Do not stop immediately at the Finish Line or in the chute. please proceed to the back of the queue to avoid blocking other runners. Running with others of a similar pace gives you a better race experience. 4 Do Not Take Up Entire Running Path Runners are to line up from the Start Line based on their expected running speed.

Race Route Map 19 20 .

RunNUS 2013 Bazaar 21 22 .

Join in the fun at RunNUS Bazaar and Performances Enjoy the fun as at RunNUS Bazaar that is packed with lots of exciting activities and goodies. Simply present your race bib to our friendly staff to receive your Finisher Tee. located beside the basketball courts. Watch our exhilarating performances on stage and join us to congratulate our prize winners. Please take note of the following: The organisers reserve the right to check any item or baggage deposited. Visit the Medical Point if you are not feeling well If you are feeling unwell. Collect your RunNUS 2013 10km Finisher Tee (only for 10km Competitive Runners) The Finisher Tee Collection counters are located at the far left of the Multi-Purpose Field’s Grandstand. please visit the Medical Point located in front of the Command Post for assistance. Toilets are also available in the Multi-Purpose Halls. Do note detach the Baggage Slip at any point of time. If you feel unwell. Allow our staff to detach the Baggage Slip and process the depositing of the Baggage for you. Post Race Tips Reward yourself with a ice-cold 100PLUS for completing RunNUS 2013. Hydrate yourself Take a sip of mineral water at our Water Point in front of the Command Post before heading to the start line. Kindly note that each runner is entitled to 1 (one) Finisher Tee only and the exchange for Finisher Tee size is not permissible. 23 24 . Go to the Toilet The nearest toilets is located at the behind the Grandstand/Baggage Deposit Counters. Deposit of Baggage The baggage deposit counters are located at the far left of the Multi-Purpose Fields’ Grandstand.Pre-Race Preparation Remove all items that you wish to bring along with you to the run and present your race bib at the baggage counter. get the attention of the nearest volunteer or visit our Medical Post located at the front of the Command Post for assistance.

Haze Advisory • The organisers will not be responsible for any loss and / or damage. In the event of cancellation.00 pm – 3-hour PSI reading exceeds 100. 25 August 2013. In the event of cancellation. personal or otherwise. during the race – 3-hour PSI reading exceeds 100. 25 August 2013.00 am – 3-hour PSI reading exceeds 100. • The organisers reserve the right to check any item or baggage deposited. cancellation of event Your well-being is our top priority and the race will be cancelled if PSI levels exceed the thresholds set. cancellation of event 3. 25 26 . arrangements will be made for participants to collect their Finisher entitlements. 24 August 2013. Registration fees are non-refundable and will contribute all net proceeds to NUS Annual Giving Campaign. Please take note of the following: • Owners of bags will have until 25 August 2013. 12:00 pm to collect their baggage. to the belongings and items deposited. The organising committee would like to assure all participants and volunteers that our haze advisory adheres to the national guidelines set by the National Environment Agency. People’s Association and Singapore Sports Council. Race Advisory Not feeling well? Don’t Run Runners who are feeling unwell on race day strong encouraged to not participate in this year’s race. You health and safety is our upmost concern and there are many opportunities to join us in future. Kindly note that any baggage not collected after the period will be disposed of. 8. Runners can collect their bags at the Bag Collection Tents from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. Facebook and RunNUS website within the hour. cancellation of event 2. participants and volunteers will immediately be informed via email. Key timings to note are as follows: 1.Collect your belongings Please present your Race Bib at the Baggage Counters to collect your belongings. 3. PSI readings will follow the 3-hour National Average provided by NEA.

27 28 . Participants are encouraged to travel light as bags will be screened at the security checks. Announcements will be made for the event to continue. 3. continue to proceed to event ground. DURING EVENT 1. Announcements will be made via marshals along the running route to advise participants to take shelter. If there are any delays. INCLEMENT WEATHER ADVISORY BEFORE EVENT 1. Follow us on Facebook https://www. Waves that are not flagged-off maybe delay for a period of 30 to 60 minutes.00 am.Security Advisory 1. 4. Runners will still be competing within their own categories. announcements will be made at the event ground. Runners are advised to seek Email us admin@runnus. For more information Visit our website http://www. Arrive early to avoid delays. 2. Runners will still be competing within their own categories. If it rains. event will be cancelled. Waves affected by inclement weather will have the race prizes awarded as luck draw prizes for the race category. or be cancelled.runnus. 5. Each race will be delayed for 30 to 60 minutes. If bad weather persists past 8. There will be security screening. 4. 3. Participants must seek shelter in inclement weather.

RunNUS 2013 Proud Sponsors Product Sponsors Official Hydration Official Muscle Rub Supporting Media 29 30 .

Product Sponsors Bronze Sponsors Silver Sponsors 31 32 .

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