30: Faithless Ones

by Joseph Frost

a play written for The 31 Plays in 31 Days Project

Draft August 31, 2013

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VOICE It was the faithless ones... the faithless ones who suffered in the absence. Lights up. It is a stony field. TERRIN, a young boy, stands one of the larger stones. He wears worn clothing and a bright red scarf. NAILL, mid twenties, sits on the ground, almost hidden amongst the stones. TERRIN If I could see anyone, I’d see them by now. NAILL Are you certain? TERRIN I am. Nothing far as the eye can see. Terrin jumps down near Naill. NAILL I saw it with my own eyes. It was horrible. TERRIN Was there blood? NAILL Was there blood. Of course there was blood. Was everywhere. Almost nothing but. TERRIN Theirs or ours. NAILL Wasn’t none of yours. TERRIN I’m on your side. NAILL No you’re not. You’re not. Say you’re not.

2. TERRIN I am. Naill grabs him. NAILL Tell me now, or I’ll not say another word about it. TERRIN I’m not. NAILL I’ll not have you on any side in this. It’s done, and that’s that. Last thing you need to be doing is signing up for a lost cause. TERRIN But we’re right, aren’t we? NAILL Terrin, by this time, there’s no one right any more. TERRIN Don’t you believe in what they died for today? NAILL What did they die for today? TERRIN Principle. NAILL Principle means very little in the streets with your guts on the outside. Bleeding from 3 wounds at once. TERRIN But they bled too, didn’t they? NAILL Who? TERRIN They. The others.

3. NAILL Not enough. TERRIN What’s that mean, not enough? NAILL Terrin... TERRIN What’s it mean, Naill? (beat) Look at me. NAILL Don’t be a man, Terrin. TERRIN One of us has got to be. NAILL You don’t know what it is to be there. You don’t know what it smells like when people die around you. TERRIN That blood on your hand isn’t yours. NAILL It isn’t. TERRIN It should be. NAILL It’s easy words to say in an empty field. TERRIN You’re in the same field. NAILL You don’t know how lucky you are. The only thing that I can’t do anymore, is to enjoy my ignorance, the way you can. TERRIN I’m not ignorant.

4. NAILL You are. And that’s why I envy you. TERRIN I’m going. NAILL Where? TERRIN I’m going to the fight. NAILL Sit down. TERRIN You can’t stop me. NAILL Sit down. TERRIN You’re a coward, Naill. I never thought I’d say it. I never thought I’d mean it. But if you’re not going to fight, I’m going to have to. NAILL I said sit. Terrin sits. NAILL (CONT’D) It’s simple. We’ve already lost. That’s done. What’s left now is to live on. TERRIN Live on? NAILL Take those shards of life left in the wake, gather them and assemble them. They may not be what they once were, but they can be new again. TERRIN Why do that, when all that needs to be done is to take our needs to our gods. They will take our side. NAILL That’s all well and good.

5. TERRIN It’s simple, I know. But it has the benefit of being the truth. Terrin rises. He begins to climb a stone. NAILL Don’t go, Terrin. TERRIN When I get there, I won’t say anything about what you’ve become. NAILL And what’s that? TERRIN Weak. NAILL Bravery is easy when you’ve not seen. TERRIN I’ll see. NAILL You will. You will. Terrin is on top of a stone. TERRIN I don’t like having to tell you this. You’re a coward, Naill. I never thought I’d see the day that you would value higher your neck over your brothers. I’m ashamed of you. I’m ashamed that I let you go fight for me, when all you did was run. The battle is what we run towards. That’s what we do. We run towards. A distant gunshot. Terrin is hit. He drops back down to the ground, directly onto Naill. NAILL Terrin! Oh god no! Terrin, speak to me. Speak. Sp-Naill begins to weep.

6. NAILL (CONT’D) God no... why... why God... Naill holds Terrin and cries. Moments. Blackout. End

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