The Inter-dimensional Village

By Ahati Kilindi Iyi In every traditional African village, there is always a spirit house (also may be called shrine or ancestral room) that represents where the ancestors live. This spiritual house is where we come from and the place where we go after we leave this life. Most importantly, this spiritual place is where we truly exist. The macro village has within it, tiny mathematical reflections called fractals. “A fractal is a pattern that repeats itself at different scales. It is ideal for modeling nature: a tree is a branch of a branch of a branch; mountains are peaks within peaks within peaks; clouds are puffs of puffs, and so on. But modern computer scientists aren’t the only ones to use fractals: Africans have been using them for centuries to design textiles, sculptures, architecture, hairstyles and more.” The tiny spirit villages emerge from the fem-to world where tiny sub “elementary” particle worlds exist, where civilizations at scales so small they are now only being conceived of in science. These inter-dimensional villages are stepping-stones to our reality. They model our reality and the only villages on earth that are found to be fractal are in Africa. Ron Eglash writes in Fractals, Complexity, and Connectivity in Africa “an understanding of the fractal culture enables an appreciation of the complexity of the mundane indigenous artifacts. This singular understanding can act as a powerful motivator for rethinking modernity.” These symbolic worlds built upon the knowledge of the ancestors form a virtual reality world that is materialized in our consciousness through the use of hallucinogenic plants and fungi. Africans along the great grasslands of the Sahara, while gathering food encountered the hallucinogenic mushrooms. The oral traditions speak of these other worlds encountered while under the influence of these compounds. Inter-dimensional travel is one of the hallmarks of experience encountered under initiation to the secret societies. The inter-dimensional village is an alternate reality that can be experienced in real time on multiple levels. The village is also a plenum of information from the imagination of the travelers and a repository of knowledge from those novel dimensions encountered while under the sway of the mushroom. The village exists everywhere it is superimposed over beneath and through the everyday reality we exist in and provides a refuge from ordinary space-time. Travelers in modern times are practicing group entheogenic journeys where the mushroom is ingested and individuals link up in hyperspace and enjoy group experiences in those realms. A man in Ohio links up with a woman from Baltimore in a pre-determined pre-created place under the influence of the mushroom to encounter the worlds together although physically separate. The purpose of the spiritual village is to serve as the great refuge from the mundane world of what we call real. These tiny communities exist in remote areas separated from the cities by hundreds of miles where the people live in poverty but are happy with life. This is because they live a double life and that extra ordinary life is where the fullness and grandeur of the post-human life is fulfilled. A life unbound by the constraints and complaints of how we live in the so-called real world. It is our true home and a reflection of the true self ungoverned by the physical body or the laws of physics. The early African travelers of hyperspace delved into uncharted waters alone without guides or gurus and made their way through unexplored areas of consciousness and left a useful road map for us to use today. The Africans, along the great grasslands of the Sahara, gave to the world the first and the oldest examples of hallucinogenic usage that are only now being acknowledged by the rest of the world.

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