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The Official Newsletter of the Rotary Club of South Triangle R.I. District 3780, Quezon City, Philippines VOL. XXII NO. 1 Thursday, August 8, 2013 Packos Grill

RCST 22nd Induction, an Inspiration!

By Pres. Ronnie U. Collado The Rotary Club of South Triangle 22nd Induction and Turnover rites last August 1, 2013 at The Buffet was held in simple, straight forward ceremonies. But the event was more meaningful and more moving experience for many of us who helped organize the event up to the last minute. The attendance was remarkable as it was attended by the District Governor and his staff, many PDGs, 44 First Class Presidents, delegates from Rotary Club of Baguio and Downtown Session, many guests and friends. Our program went smoothly and our speeches and talks were short and sweet. It was a very intimate gathering for many attendees and our shortcomings and bloopers did not diminish the grandeur of this induction. It will be remembered by many us as a fitting reminder that if we put our hands together we can produce remarkable results!

Gov. Francis and party meets RCST Board

By Sec. Ricky Rios Just before the very memorable and inspirational 22nd induction ceremonies of the club as Pres. Ronnie Collado put it, the clubs Governors Visit took place. Gov. Francis Rivera was accompanies by District Sec. Mar Cancio and Asst. Governor Ric Doria, among others. The RCST Board members present were Pres. Ronnie, Sec. Ricky Rios, Treas. Andrew Gutierrez, IPP/Club Admin Director Flor Ofrecio, Membership Director Kiko Gutierrez, Public Image Director Ben Roxas, TRF ViceChair Ray Achacoso and Pres.Elect Stephen Delumen. Gov. Francis waived the one-onone with Pres. Ronnie probably because Gov. Francis knows enough of the clubs concerns which he believes can be resolve by the club. And also probably Gov. Francis knows that Pres. Ronnie had nothing to complain about his club. A sign of confidence from Gov. Francis. During the interactive presentation, the Governor did not go with the sequence of the presentation prepared by the club but instead according to his preference. On membership, he is very satisfied with the 30% net growth of the club this Rotary year. On the TRF contribution, Gov. Francis was likewise satisfied with the 4 new Paul Harris Fellows of the club. Thank you to IPP Flor, Pres. Ronnie, new members Rtn. Mike Cantor and Rtn. Cocoy Manalaysay.

Regarding club administration, Gov. Francis knows very well that the clubs program are in place especially knowing how the club had been turned around. And for Service Projects, he particularly singled out the clubs signature project, the Com puter s c h oo l- O n- W heels (COW) a.k.a. Roving Computer and Pres. Skills Training Center (RCST CenRonnie ter). He wants the club to promote serenaded this project in the GML and in the by his fel- PRM which Pres. Ronnie readily low First accepted. PP Ben Roxas presented Class the public image program of the President club. during the clubs The visit was very productive. It 22nd inwas also a time to reminisce for duction Dream presidents Gov. Francis, DS ceremoMar and Sec. Ricky. nies at Flash report! 8/7 Rotary in Action The BufPP Butch Arroyo in UNTV with Star fet. Presidents headed by IPDG Penny Policarpio. You make RCST proud!

Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013

My warmest thanks to PP Frank Abueva for that long introduction and for modifying my backdrop. It was great. To Rtn Noni Unson, your presence, sir , was enough for us but your big Chivas was even better! Congrats to PP Kiko Gutierrez, The Rotarian of the Year Award was perfect award for you. You are an indefatigable guy. You just made things happen. You are here and now you are there. Lastly, thanks to Treasurer Andrew Gutierrez. Thank you for settling our club bills. Your concoction of milk tea has impressed the entire staff of Gov. Francis Rivera. You should serve us more often.

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Presidents Corner
By Pres. Ronnie U. Collado Felllow Rotarians, thank you for fully participating in organizing our Governors visit and our 22nd Induction and Turnover Ceremonies. My special thanks to IP Flor Ofrecio for guiding and directing the club during our rough times. The presence of Sec Ricky Rios made a very big difference in bolstering our confidence and strength as club. It was a night I will never forget because everyone contributed in their own way to make the event memorable and successful. The beautiful Rtn Anna Ong manned the registration received guests with perfect grace. PE Stephen Delumen and PP Ray Achacoso were an emcee tandem to reckon with. My deepest thanks to PP Butch Arroyo for the powerful closing remarks and for the last minute lechon that he donated to the club. I wont forget it , sir. To our inductees , Bong Garcia, Jr., Mike Cantor and Cocoy Manalaysay, I would like to say without mincing words, that your act of joining did not only add to the grandeur of the occasion but you are the linchpin in or constant dream to rebuild our club. For the first time in the history of the club, Mike Cantor and Cocoy Manalaysay, were the first Paul Harris and Inductees at the same. It was a big boost to us. It cant get any better than this.

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Membership Development
Finding and keeping members To be an effective, relevant, and vibrant group within a community, a Rotary club needs to continually admit new members and retain current ones. A club's ability to serve the community is directly related to the strength and size of its membership base. A club that stays active encourages Rotarians to remain connected to the organization. Each Rotarian: Reach One, Keep One " Each Rotarian: Reach One, Keep One," the membership slogan approved by the RI Board of Directors, is a reminder that every Rotarian is responsible for inviting new members and keeping clubs active and vibrant. It also stresses that retention is an essential component of a strong club and membership base. -oOo-

Mabuhay ang RCST


RCST and RC Downtown Session holds joint Dental Mission

The Rotary Club of South Triangle of D3780 and the Rotary Club of Downtown Session of D3790 held a joint dental mission last Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013 at the Porta Vaga, upper Session Road, Baguio City. The RCST team was headed by Pres. Ronnie. Other members were PP Kiko Gutierrez, Rtn. Anna Ong, IPP Flor Ofrecio, Treas. Andrew Gutierrez, Sec. Ricky, PE Stephen Delumen, PP Butch Arroyo, PP Ben Roxas, new members Cocoy Manalaysay Mike Cantor.

By PP Ray Achacoso On timeliness Procrastination is the thief of time. Edward Young Our costliest expenditure is time. Theophrastus

and He that fears not the future may enjoy the present. Thomas Fuller

Thanks to RCDS Pres. Jean Del Rosario and the RCDS team for hosting us. Thanks also to our dentist friends Sheila, Sena, Lou and to the PNP dentist team care of Pres. Janet Homo of RC Camp Panopio

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Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013


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Announcements and Correspondence

By Sec. Ricky Rios The RCST Busog Lusog Talino (BLT) feeding program was finally launched at M.H. Del Pilar Elementary School last July 29, 2013. Thank you to newly inducted member, Mike Cantor, for his donation of 120 pairs of sleepers for the participants of the BLT feeding program. Last Aug. 1, 2013, RCST had its Governors Visit at The Buffet. Gov. Francis Rivera was particularly impressed by the membership growth of the club and the TRF contributions. Gov. Francis is pushing the club to do more. Also last Aug. 1, 2013, right after the Governors Visit, the very successful 22nd Induction Ceremonies followed. CONGRATULATIONS to the 4 new Paul Harris Fellows of RCST! Ronnie U. Collado Florante C. Ofrecios Michael L. Cantor Francisco Ramon C. Manalaysay Aug. 4, 2013The Rotary Club of South Triangle and the Rotary Club of Downtown Session held a joint dental mission in Baguio City at the Porta Vaga. 11 members of RCST went up to Baguio headed by Pres. Ronnie. CONGRATULATIONS! RID 3780 Environment Summit: A WASTE MANAGEMENT & LIVELIHOOD SEMINAR Kabuhayan sa Basura Date- August 10, 2013 Venue - Silver hall, Rotary Center Time 8am to 12 noon The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Seminar with the theme "Engage THE ROTARY FOUNDATION, Change Lives," on August 24, 2013 at Rembrandt Hotel. Event starts at 12noon. Sept. 8, 2013 The Rotabowl 2013 will be held at the AMF Puyat Bowling Lanes at the Ever Gotesco along Commonwealth Ave. Entry fee is P3500. Host club is RC Cubao Central. Invocation National Anthem Call to Order

Night Chairman - PP Francis Gutierrez Meeting starts7:00 PM Treas. Andrew Gutierrez PP Ray Achacoso Pres. Ronnie Collado Dir. Nani Gellada Sec. Ricky Rios Pres. Ronnie Collado PP Ben Roxas Pres. Ronnie Collado

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The Rotary Club of South Triangle Board

RY 2013-2014
President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Club Admin Director Membership Director The Rotary Foundation Director Service Projects Director Public Image Director Immediate Past President President-Elect Ronnie Collado Richard Olitres Ricky Rios Andrew Gutierrez Flor Ofrecio Francis Gutierrez BH Herrera-Dy Nani Gellada Ben Roxas Flor Ofrecio Stephen Delumen

Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013

year and took on Yemets cause as its first service project. Yemets pursued further training abroad between 1993 and 1998, working in Australia, Canada, and France. Back in Kyiv, he became chief of pediatric cardiac surgery at the Amosov Institute. In 2000, doctors performed 244 surgeries. By 2010, the number had increased to 1,231. We operate on 10 to 11 patients a day, says Vladimir Zhovnir, the centers director. The average age of a patient with heart disease who needs surgery is one year old. The Kyiv club continues its close partnership with the center, providing equipment and donations of used furniture and other necessities, including 100 sets of sheets to outfit the beds in a new building. The club also sponsors opportunities for the specialists to receive further medical training. Im very emotional about this, says Alexei Kozhenkin, a charter member and past club president. It was the first project of the first Rotary club in Ukraine. It also turned out to be the most successful project. Proof of that success is on display at the annual Chestnut Run in May.

Page 4 Former patients, their families, medical staff, and the community participate in a race that promotes the center and helps provide funding for supplies and equipment. The children run 300 meters and the adults run a 5K through the streets of Kyiv. In 2012, more than 300 former patients took part, along with 7,000 others. Ichnatenko runs the race with her daughter every year. Whenever we participate, we recall our doctors, our clinic, the staff who were always attentive to us, she says. I have always had warm memories about this clinic. It is like a family. Tania Stukalyanko, whose son Sergei underwent heart surgery at six months old, also comes out for the race. We had been told that with such a diagnosis, people do not live, she says. But we do live. Among many happy stories from the center, Yemets heard some great news last summer: One girl, who was the third patient 20 years ago, during our period of establishing neonatal cardiac surgery, invited me to her wedding. That was exciting. -oOo-

Rotary World News

Rotary Club of Kyiv project mends children with broken hearts
By Susie Ma, The Rotarian-July 2013 The way Olena Ichnatenko tells it, her daughter has two fathers her birth father and the doctor who gave her a second chance at life at the Ukrainian Childrens Cardiac Center. She was 10 days old when doctors operated to correct a congenital defect. Ichnatenko remembers the early days after her daughter was born in a different hospital: We were told there that our child was dying and that is it. Only after she took Yaroslava to the cardiac center did she feel a bit of hope for her daughters life. Yaroslava, who celebrated her ninth birthday this year, is one of the facilitys many success stories. Dr. Illya Yemets, a charter member of the Rotary Club of Kyiv, founded the center in 2003, but its beginnings trace back to the 1990s, starting with a visit from Australian Rotarians led by Past District Governor Jack Olsson. They had stopped in Kyiv on a trip to develop exchanges in non-Rotary countries and learned of the need to train surgeons specializing in pediatric heart conditions. In 1991, Olsson arranged for Yemets to train at a childrens hospital in Sydney. When Yemets returned to Kyiv, he established the first neonatal cardiac surgery department in Ukraine. The department got off to a humble start, housed in a couple of rooms as part of the Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, with equipment donated by Rotarians in Australia, among others. I am pleased to say that many children were saved on that secondhand equipment, Yemets says. In 1992, he performed Ukraines first successful neonatal open heart surgery, on a 21-day-old baby. The Kyiv club was chartered that same