The River

The River's a wanderer,
A nomad, a tramp.
He doesn't choose any one place
To set up his camp.
The River's a winder,
Through valley and hill
He twists and he turns,
He just cannot be still.
The River's a hoarder,
And he buries down deep
Those little treasures
That he wants to keep.
The River's a baby,
He gurgles and hums,
And sounds like he's happily
Sucking his thumbs.
The River's a singer,
As he dances along,
The countryside echoes
The notes of his song.
The River's a monster,
Hungry and vexed,
He's gobbled up trees
And he'll swallow you next.
Exercise 1:
1. The River is compared to several
personalities. Name them.
(a) _____________
(f) _____________
(b) _____________
(g) _____________
(c) _____________
(h) _____________
(d) _____________
(i) _____________
(e) _____________
2. Why is the River a winder?
3. Why is the River a monster?
4. Why is The River personified as a hoarder?

6. What does the expression “twists and turns”
in stanza 2 mean?
7. Give one word to replace the phrase above.
8. What kind of things does a hoarder
normally keep?
9. What does the phrase “the notes of his
song” in stanza 5 mean?
10. Which word tells you that The River is so
11. Suggest two ways in which the poet
suggests movement in the poem.
(a) _______________________________
(b) _______________________________
12. What is the main theme of the poem?
13. Which stanzas give a clear image that the
river moves joyously?
14. Why do you think the word „River‟ is
spelled with a capital „R‟?
15. How is the last stanza different from the
other stanza?
16. Name three poetic devices used in the
poem, The River.

5. What does the line “to set up his camp” in
stanza 1 mean?

Reusing the river water c. Resounding of the river water Stanza 1: (a) __________ (b) __________ Stanza 4: (a) __________ (b) __________ Stanza 2: (a) __________ (b) __________ Stanza 5: (a) __________ (b) __________ 8. The river does not attempt to a. How is the river a winder? a. In stanza 5. The line river is like a tramp because it a. Elated c. Wanderer Stanza 3: (a) __________ (b) __________ Stanza 6: (a) __________ (b) __________ 9. Annoyed 7. the word echoes means the a. 2 . stanza 6 mean? a. Tramp c. Nostalgic c. Irritated b. Live in temporary homes 3. Building of reservoir b. Seems to be happy c. b. Loss of lives to flood c. What does vexed in line 2. Treasures 10. Scared d. Exercise 4: Fill in the blanks with correct words. camper b. Reflection of the river water d. Reflective d. The river starts its journey from the source in the mountains. The valley (11) ___________ with is songs and (12) ___________. The best time to play in the river is when the river is a a. Cheerful b. It turns round and round. c.Exercise 2: Describe the mood and personality of The River stanza by stanza. It likes to collect things and (7) ___________ them on its bed. Build two homes d. In what mood is the river described in stanza 4 & 5? a. It then (17) __________ nature and (18) __________. When the river is (13) ___________ as when it is exposed to (14) ___________ it can cause (15) __________ by pulling down tress and (16) __________ its banks. Destruction of houses along the banks d. It does not remain in one place forever. The river does not travel in a (5) ___________ line as it like to turn and (6) ___________ depending on the land it passes through. The last line in stanza 6 „And he‟ll swallow you next‟ most probably refers to a. Monster d. The following words have been used in stanza 1 to describe the river except a. Pick the words from the box below. We know this from the (9) __________ it makes and the way it (10) __________. Does not remain in one place forever b. Redoing of the river dance b. Keep c. Winder b. Baby c. wanderer 2. angry serious restless contentedenergetic tireless active carefulfun-loving destructive carefree satisfied 6. Goes to all places d. The river has no fixed home as it moves (1) ___________ through hills and (2) _________. It cannot remain still.Regretted Exercise 3: Read the poem „The River‟ and answer the following questions. The word __________ in stanza 3 indicates that the River is secretive. It is said to be a (3) ___________ or a tramp as it wanders around and does not even bother to look for a (4) __________ home. It goes round through hills and valleys d. Deep b. Villagers along the river banks losing their crops. a. Stay in one place c. Break up camp b. 5. The river can be as happy and (8) __________ as a baby. 1. Buries d. Nomad d. Is dirty 4.

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