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2 Date : 1/12/2000

BAGASSE HANDLING SYSTEM 24 MW CO-GEN PLANT AT SAMEERWADI WRITE-UP ON CONTROL SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE The control system will be based on available models of reputed makes of PLC, having all flexible features, which are normally found In large PLCs. PLC system included will be non redundant type , made up of digital input and output modules of 16 channels type. All the I/O modules, power supply units, etc., are housed in control desk(CD) The CPU along with its power supply and the communication cards are located in the PLC cabinet. The status of all pull cord switches and belt sway a switches for each belt conveyor (contacts of each set connected in series separately), ZSS, the status of the drives (running), bunker levels, etc., are wired to the input interface modules of the PLC located in CD. In addition, other inputs, such as, mode selection, path selection, drive ON/OFF operation on manual mode using PBs, etc., which are all mounted on the Control Desk, will also be wired to the input interface modules. The signals received at the I/O modules communicate with the CPU in the PLC cabinet. The ladder application program (to be developed by PLC equipment supplier) will be loaded in the PLC. The MMI software provided for the system takes these status inputs from the PLC and also from the PC and Keyboard. One monitor for the operator station is also provided. The outputs, which are activated by PLCs will drive the output relays mounted in the control desk. Set of required number of outputs available in the PLC will be wired up for indication in mimic (part of CD). This will enable the operator to quickly understand the fault and take remedial action. Separate group communication windows are provided in the mimic panel to identify whether PCS or BSS or ZSS operated and also which drive has tripped, i.e., correlating the above two, the operator will understand whether a particular drive has tripped due to its PCS operation. In case, only the drive trip annunciation comes, then he will understand it is due to its overload operation. Any fault in the PLC system will also be diagnosed annunciated. automatically and

In addition to the above, all the above will be displayed in the mimic on the monitor. Annunciations : Annunciations are provided as per list furnished separately. Power Supply A 230V UPS power system of adequate capacity shall provide power supply for the CPU, PC and also for the I / O interface cards and output relays.

Rev.2 Date : 1/12/2000

Interface Wiring Cabling All the DI /DO signals from MCC, Local Panels, etc., will be received at the Control Desk. In the case of wiring from MCC, all the DI /DO signals will be channelled through an interlocking module provided in the MCC, separately for each bus section, i.e., the contacts from and to the individual drive modules will be wired through inter modular wires within MCC itself. Grouped cables will then take off from this interlocking module to the control desk (PLC). Other Features At least 10% spares of I / O modules are provided in the control desk.