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Vol. XXXIII No. 8894

February 5, 2013 Rabia-I 24, 1434 AH

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PM opens GIS world conference

UAE | Accident

22 Asian workers die in Al Ain crash

At least 22 people were killed and 24 injured when a bus carrying Asian workers collided with a truck in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates yesterday morning. The accident involved a trailer and a bus carrying the workers to their place of work. The truck, carrying building materials, ended up on top of the bus. The victims were of Indian, Bangladeshi or Pakistani origin. The accident took place on the Old Truck Road during morning rush hour. A senior traffic department official said the lorry had overturned when its brakes failed and that there had not been a safe distance between the two vehicles. BRITAIN | History

Skeleton under car park is Richard III

A skeleton found under a car park in the English city of Leicester was on Monday confirmed as that of king Richard III, widely depicted as one of historys most notorious villains. Researchers from the University of Leicester matched DNA from the 500-year-old skeleton with a descendant of the kings sister, while the injuries to the body were consistent with the person being killed in battle. Page 16 REGION | Politics

Scandal rocks soccer world

Corruption linked to Asian betting syndicates and organised crime has long been seen as a threat to the game, but yesterdays announcement underlines the scale of the problem HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani being briefed by officials at an exhibition which was held on the sidelines of the second World Conference of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at Qatar National Conference Centre (QNCC) yesterday. The three-day conference, which was opened by the Prime Minister earlier, is being held in co-operation with the United Nations. It will discuss co-ordination to develop a mechanism to create a geographic information database of all countries. Page 2
Reuters The Hague

Bahrain national talks from Feb 10

Bahrains justice ministry yesterday announced that national talks aimed to end the kingdoms political stalemate will resume on February 10 after an earlier round failed to bring the opposition onboard. Page 10 PAKISTAN | Development

Ahmadinejad is ready to be rst Iranian in space

AFP Tehran

Amusement park in Abbottabad

Pakistan is planning to build a $30mn amusement park with a zoo and adventure sports facilities in Abbottabad, the town where Osama bin Laden was killed by US special forces, officials said in Islamabad yesterday. Page 24 SYRIA | Conflict

Khatib seeks talks with Assads VP

Syrias opposition chief, Moaz alKhatib, yesterday urged President Bashar al-Assad to respond positively to a call for dialogue and to delegate his deputy to end 22 months of warfare that has cost tens of thousands of lives. Page 12

resident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said yesterday he is ready to be the rst man in space under Irans ambitious programme which aims to send a human being into orbit by 2020. Our youth are determined to send a man into space within the next four, ve years, and Im sure that will happen, he said during a ceremony in Tehran where two new Iranian-made satellites were unveiled, according to Isna news agency. Im ready to be the rst Iranian to be sacriced by the scientists of my country and go into space, even though I know there are a lot of candidates, Ahmadinejad quipped. He added to the buoyant atmosphere, saying he was willing to auction (himself) and donate the money to the Irans space programme, which has shrunk because of international economic sanctions over Tehrans contro-

President Ahmadinejad looking at a space monkey during a ceremony to mark Irans National Day of Space Technology in Tehran yesterday. versial nuclear drive, Isna reported. The presidency website showed pictures of Ahmadinejad at the ceremony with what was purportedly Pishgam (pioneer), the monkey sent into orbit by Tehran last week. The monkeys launch was presented by the Islamic republic as a rst step towards sending a human into orbit by 2020. Ahmadinejad unveiled yesterday two satellites, named Nahid and Zohreh (Venus in Farsi and Arabic, respectively).

Nahid, an observation satellite equipped with solar panels, is intended to orbit at an altitude of between 250km and 370km (155 to 230 miles). Iran has put three other small satellites into the same orbit since 2009. Zohreh is a geostationary communications satellite that will be placed at an altitude of 36,000km (22,370 miles), something Iran has never tried before. No launch date was given. Irans space programme deeply unsettles some Western nations, which fear it could be used to develop ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads they suspect are being developed in secret, despite denials from Tehran. The technology used in space rockets can also be used in ballistic missiles. The UN Security Council has imposed an almost total embargo on the export of nuclear and space technology to Iran since 2007. Tehran denies its space programme has any link with its alleged nuclear ambitions.

undreds of soccer matches have been xed in a global betting scam run from Singapore, police said yesterday, in a blow to the image of the worlds most popular sport and a multibillion dollar industry. About 680 suspicious matches including qualifying games for the World Cup and European Championships, and the Champions League for top European club sides, have been identied in an inquiry by European police forces, the European anti-crime agency Europol and national prosecutors. This is a sad day for European football, said Rob Wainwright, director of Europol. This is now an integrity issue for football. Those responsible should hear the warnings. The worlds most popular sport, soccer is played on every continent. The World Cup and Europes Champions League are beamed worldwide and generate billions of dollars for national associations, clubs and broadcasters. Top players such as Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese international who plays his club soccer for Real Madrid, are household names. The matches in question, some of which have already been subject to successful criminal prosecutions, were played between 2008 and 2011, the investigators said. About 380 of the suspicious matches were played in Europe, and a further 300 were identied in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Corruption linked to Asian betting syndicates and organised crime has long been seen as a threat to the game, but yesterdays announcement under-

lines the scale of the problem. Ralf Mutschke, director of Security for world soccers governing body FIFA, said sports bodies and prosecutors needed to work more closely together. The support of law enforcement bodies, legal investigations, and ultimately tougher sanctions are required, as currently there is low risk and high gain potential for the xers, said Mutschke, a German former police officer. Criminal gangs are believed to be involved in match-xing networks, using them as a way to launder cash. Last year the head of an anti-corruption watchdog estimated that $1tn was gambled on sport each year - or $3bn a day - with most coming from Asia and wagered on soccer matches. A German investigator described a network involving couriers ferrying bribes around the world, paying off players and referees in the xing which involved about 425 corrupt officials, players and serious criminals in 15 countries. We have evidence for 150 of these cases, and the operations were run out of Singapore with bribes of up to 100,000 euros paid per match, said Friedhelm Althans, chief investigator for police in the German city of Bochum. Singapore police said last month that they were helping Italian authorities to investigate alleged soccer match xing involving a Singaporean, but said he had not been arrested or charged with any offence there. German investigators said international matches were implicated as were games in Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, Slovenia and Canada. Suspicious games had also been identied in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Fourteen people have already been convicted in Germany in connection with the investigation. Corruption goes beyond soccer. Three Pakistani international cricketers were jailed in Britain in 2011 for their part in a scam where players agree to rig a specic part of a game, socalled spot xing . Page 26

Qatar campaign to bust myths surrounding cancer

By Noimot Olayiwola Staff Reporter

national public awareness campaign to dispel widely-held myths about cancer will be run next month by the Supreme Council of Health (SCH), it was announced yesterday. According to recent gures, cancer is the number one cause of deaths in Qatar with breast cancer being the most common cancer among women and lung cancer among men. Every year, up to 1,000 patients receive cancer care at Hamad Medical Corporations National Centre for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR). The campaign is being planned after a cancer awareness measure study, conducted by the SCH between December 2012-January 2013 among residents aged between 25-60 years, revealed that a majority of the respond-

ents were holding mythical beliefs about the disease. The campaign will focus on raising awareness among students, workers and among healthcare workers. The SCH study found many myths among residents, which signies the need for public awareness and education , SCH Health Promotion manager Dr Alanoud bint Mohamed al-Thani said while presenting its results at a seminar yesterday. The seminar was held to mark the World Cancer Day being observed globally every February 5. According to the survey, some 76% of respondents believe that cancer is always fatal while another 81% and 82% respectively believe that cancer is very painful and some types of cancers are contagious. These misconceptions were helping to fuel stigmatisation of cancer patients, Dr Alanoud stated. Other myths held by respondents were: methods of diagnosing cancer is

Dr Mohamed al-Thani flanked by Dr Alanoud al-Thani, Astley, SCH NonCommunicable Diseases section head Dr Khulood al-Muttawa and the QCS health co-ordinator during a press conference at the Supreme Council of Health yesterday. painful (52% of respondents believed this); if you have cancer you will lose your hair (67%); some treatments are worse than cancer itself (89%); cancer is not manageable (31%); radiotherapy treatment leaves scars (32%); chemotherapy makes you sick (5%); you can lose your job if you have cancer (44%); cancer is a punishment from God (16%); and it is difficult to talk about cancer (55%). However, she said that some 91% of people surveyed believed that cancer could be cured. The survey showed reasons why there are barriers for seeking early diagnosis and treatment for cancer as well as why there is discrimination

against persons with cancer. She said that the surveys ndings prompted the need for an intensive awareness campaign and change of attitude. This years World Cancer Day , under the theme: Cancer Myths: Get the Facts , was organised in Qatar by the SCH in collaboration with the NCCCR, Primary Health Care Corporation, Qatar Cancer Society, Hayat Cancer Support Group and the Ladies of Harley- a branch of the Harley Owners Group. It is our intention to create awareness among physicians that they need to put some human touch to their work, especially when dealing with cancer patients as they need to reassure the patients as well as their family and help them prevent depression of their loved ones being diagnosed of cancer, SCH Public Health department director Dr Mohamed al-Thani stated. We are proud to have conducted this survey, which is helping us to dis-

pel various myths about cancer among residents and the theme of this years World Cancer Day also goes a long way in helping us to focus on the issue and to make a change through aggressive public awareness campaign, he said. Dr Alanoud al-Thani said the initiative we are healthy kids was launched by the Health Promotion department as part of efforts to inculcate cancer awareness among young children. We hope to see a generation of youth that will know some basic simple facts about cancer just like they know the countrys national anthem and ag, Dr Mohamed al-Thani said. NCCCR chief executive officer David Astley, who is also the HMC Tertiary Hospitals Group chief, stated that the centre was working closely with the SCH and the QCS to ensure rapid response in delivering cancer care, saying timely and sensitive care were vital to positive results in cancer treatment . Page 4

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013

PM receives dignitaries
In brief
Heir Apparent meets UN adviser on Yemen
HH the Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani met the United Nations special adviser on Yemen Jamal bin Omar and his accompanying delegation at his Emiri Diwan office yesterday. Talks dealt with the latest developments in Yemen.

National Day greetings sent

HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, HH the Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani have sent cables of congratulations to the president of Sri Lanka on the occasion of his countrys National Day.

HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani receiving the UN special adviser on Yemen Jamal bin Omar in Doha yesterday. The meeting dealt with co-operation between Qatar and the international organisation. They also reviewed the latest developments in Yemen. Right: HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister receiving the Foreign Policy spokesman of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) in Germany Dr Rainer Stinner in Doha yesterday. HE the Speaker of the Advisory Council Mohamed bin Mubarak al-Kholaifi also met Dr Stinner. Talks during the meeting dealt with parliamentary relations between Qatar and Germany and ways of enhancing them. The meeting was attended by the Advisory Councils Secretary General Fahad bin Mubarak al-Khayareen and German Ambassador to Qatar Angelika Storz-Chakarji.

Advisory Council holds meeting

The Advisory (Shura) Council held the ordinary weekly meeting of its 41st regular session yesterday chaired by its Speaker HE Mohamed bin Mubarak alKholaifi. The Council reviewed a draft law to issue a Common Law on Anti-dumping and Countervailing Measures and Safeguards for GCC countries and decided to submit it to the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee for further study. Meanwhile, the Advisory Councils Legal and Legislative Affairs met yesterday under the chairmanship of its rapporteur Nasser Rashid Seraye al-Kaabi. The Committee completed study of a draft law amending some provisions of law No 19 of the year 2005 on the practice of the engineering professions and decided to refer a relevant report to the Advisory Council.

Premier opens global meeting on Geographic Information Systems

QNA Doha

E the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani yesterday opened the second World Conference of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at Qatar National Conference Centre (QNCC). Delivering the keynote address, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of the conference, saying that it is a matter of pride that the meeting is being held in Qatar, especially since it involves all governmental and semi-governmental parties as well as private sector, civil society organisations and other relevant institutions. HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani pointed out that the conference assumes signicance as some countries and regions in the world are experiencing a number of social, economic, environmental and political challenges and other difficulties that adversely affect their growth and development as well as their neighbours . This makes it imperative to join efforts in order to face these challenges , the Premier and Foreign Minister said. The Prime Minister pointed out the conference is being held at a time when we desperately need to combine all efforts and initiatives from around the world to set a roadmap that leads to achieving the aspired goals. Through the exchange of experiences and the involvement of others in reviewing the lessons learned, it will be easier to face the challenges in a scientic manner , Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani told the participants. He explained that the important topics that will be discussed during the conference will lay the foundation for future strategies and programmes. We should not lose sight of the conditions of developing countries that are in need of support and assistance from

Message from Omani speaker

HE the Speaker of the Advisory Council Mohamed bin Mubarak al-Kholaifi has received a message from the Speaker of Omans Majlis al-Shura (Advisory Council) Sheikh Khalid bin Hilal bin Naseer al-Mawali, inviting him to visit Oman. The message was handed over by Omani Ambassador to Qatar Mohamed bin Nasser bin Hamad al-Wahaibi during a meeting yesterday with Speaker alKholaifi. The meeting was attended by the Secretary General of the Advisory Council Fahd bin Mubarak alKhayareen.

The Prime Minister and Foreign Minister being briefed about an exhibit at the the exhibition held on the sidelines of the GIS conference. HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani addressing the second World Conference of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at Qatar National Conference Centre yesterday. all of us in order to help them get developed according to the priorities in these countries and should provide data and geographic information that may be needed to control more effectively the various negative phenomena that require advance planning and an abundance of information in order to reduce their effects to ensure security and safety, he said. The Prime Minister said: The recommendations the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20), which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 2012, laid the foundation for a mechanism to reduce poverty and ways to promote social justice and environmental protection in our planet which has been suffering steadily from pollution and scarcity of resources which requires on us to work together and develop well-thought out longterm plans within the system of caring for the environment and conservation of natural resources . The Prime Minister expressed the hope that the conference would come out with studied recommendations and programmes in which everyone would participate. After the opening session, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani opened the exhibition held on the sidelines of the conference in which 10 organisations are taking part. The Prime Minister and Foreign Minister was briefed on the modern and advanced technologies applied in this eld. The conference aims to develop a mechanism to create a geographic information database of countries throughout the world to provide all information and data about each state.

Envoy presents credentials

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has received the credentials of Battal Mujab al-Dosari as non-resident ambassador of Qatar to Colombia. The Qatari diplomat conveyed the greetings of HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa alThani and HH the Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani to Colombian president. President Santos reciprocated the greetings of the Emir and the Heir Apparent wishing Qatar further progress and prosperity.

Uniform pattern for health insurance

HE the Minister for Energy and Industry Affairs Dr Mohamed bin Saleh al-Sada presenting a memento to the Prime Minister at the conference yesterday.
The health and social insurance scheme will be on a uniform and comprehensive pattern whereby the ailments and the types of treatment administered to the patients will be shown in a consolidated manner. Explaining this, the director of Health Insurance in the Supreme Council for Health Husain Reika spoke to the press on the sidelines of a workshop to train health officials on the global coding system (GCS) for diseases. Quoting his statement the local daily Arrayah said that the GCS will be used in all the public and private sector hospitals and health centres and clinics to indicate the type of services rendered to the patients. Training health personnel on the application of the GCS is essential for implementing the health and social insurance scheme he said. The 5-day workshop organised by the Supreme Council for Health was conducted by Lynda Best, a healthcare consultant form Canada.

Qtel relaunches QR1 remittance promo

tel has relaunched its QR1 remittance promotion to select countries until February 12 following the success of its Mobile Money and MoneyGram promotion in December. Qtel and MoneyGram have again reduced the transfer fee to just QR1 for each transaction to the Philippines, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Customers can save up to QR19 when sending money back home to friends and family. Qtel launched Mobile Money in 2011 to allow customers to use their mobile phones to send

Education Institute shifts office

he Education Institute has shifted its office from its present location on the C Ring Road to the Supreme Education Council Tower in the West Bay. A press release from SECs media office said that the public should henceforth contact the institute at its new location. Phone Number:44044992; E-mail: The institute deals with private and independent schools besides curriculum standards and other allied matters.

money home, transfer money locally, top-up Hala accounts or pay Shahry bills. More than 50,000 customers have signed up for the service since the launch of the partnership in November 2012, and the numbers are growing rapidly. The MoneyGram partnership is another enhancement to the Mobile Money service, which Qtel claimed is the fastest-growing nancial transfer service in Qatar. Qtel has a simple registration process for Mobile Money (called a Mini Wallet), where customers above 18 can dial *140# on their

mobile and follow straight-forward on-screen instructions to enter their Qatari ID information. Once registered, customers can deposit money into their account using any of the 200 Qtel Self-Service Machines across Qatar. Qtels Mobile Money service, in partnership with MoneyGram, is the rst of its kind in the world and allows customers to easily, quickly, conveniently and safely send money simply using their mobile phone to 293,000 local MoneyGram agents in some 196 countries around the world.

Mowasalat medical facility to undergo major expansion

he medical facility managed by the Qatar Transport Company (Mowasalat) for the benet of its employees is to undergo a major expansion. A report in the local Arabic daily Al-Sharq said that apart from expanding the present health clinic and setting up a separate facility for rst aid and ambulance service, a separate complex is under construction for the companys own medical commission. A three-storey build-

ing is under construction for the office of our own medical commission. And we will also have a dental unit, laboratory, pharmacy and a ward for short term stay said the Director of the companys medical facility, Dr Emad Bahlool. Mowasalats drivers who suffer from diabetes and blood pressure are provided with free of charge of equipment to check their levels of blood and sugar regularly. And all the drivers undergo yearly medical check-up he said.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013

British envoy calls on Al-Attiyah

HE the Chairman of Qatars Administrative Control and Transparency Authority Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah holding talks with the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Qatar Michael ONeill. Talks during the meeting dealt with the issues of mutual interest.

Ministry launches survey on quality of services

QNA Doha

he Ministry of Interiors Strategic Planning Department has launched a eld survey on the services rendered by the South Security Department. The survey aims to measure user-experience of those who visit the department for various services

and their feedback on quality of the services rendered, the ministry said. The survey will continue for one week where the team will distribute forms that focus on three points - reception service, procedures of the required service and the work environment. The ministrys director of Strategic Planning Colonel Abdul Rahman Majid al-Sulaiti said the ministry gives prime importance to

opinion surveys because of their vital role in supporting the decision-making process. The survey will provide important information that would enable decisionmakers to identify the opinions and trends of different social groups and take their views into account in decision-making process, he said. The survey is conducted in order to know the views of

the users regarding the level of efficiency of the services provided by the department to them in order to further improve services and raise the quality of staff performance, al-Sulaiti said. The director requested users to avail the services and co-operate with the survey team and provide constructive opinion that would help the ministry to improve the services provided to them.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Sidra hosts cancer awareness session

n support of World Cancer Day, Sidra Medical and Research Centre hosted an event to raise awareness and share information among the staff and invited guests. The session was held in collaboration with Think Pink Qatar. It is estimated that every year 12.7mn people learn that they have cancer and around 7.6mn die from it. Many of these deaths could be avoided through awareness and early detection programmes. World Cancer Day is an initiative to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment, while giving voice to the people, organisations and governments celebrating cancer survivors and remembering those who lost the battle. Carol Newsom, Sidra RN clinical nurse leader, and Think Pink Qatar founder Karen al-Kharouf, spoke. Two cancer survivors shared with the audience the realities of cancer and how it affected their families, friends and personal lives. They highlighted the importance of early detection, prevention, and staying healthy. Newsom informed the audience about myths and taboos around cancer with the hope of breaking down common stereotypes and opening lines of dialogue between individuals suffering from cancer and the broader community. She stressed the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer. According to the World Health Organisation, it is possible to avoid around 30-40% of cancer cases with prevention and another 30% with early detection and treatment. Some of the easiest changes a person can make consist of making simple lifestyle changes, including quitting smoking, limiting alcohol use, regularly exercising, wearing sunscreen, and eating a rich diet lled with vitamins and minerals, she said. Al-Kharouf said Think Pink Qatar works to ensure that conversations about breast cancer in Qatar happen freely and openly, that individuals suffering from breast cancer get the support they need, an important part of which is having a strong support system.

Executives of RasGas and other companies including Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil during the safety milestone celebrations at the Ritz-Carlton yesterday.

RasGas marks safety milestone

asGas recently celebrated a major milestone with the successful completion of 30mn man-hours with no-loss time incident (LTI). The companys Venture Group that manages several huge projects ranging from the Barzan to Helium 2 project yesterday honoured its employees and contractors. Achieving 30mn manhours without an LTI is an outstanding achievement, especially given the size and pace of the mega projects that this team is executing. Barzan is currently utilising more than 21,000 workers while the Helium 2 project peaked at 1,300 workers. Our employees, contractors and workers, many from different parts of the world, have worked tirelessly to ensure that we have an injury free workplace. Today we celebrate this focus on excellence in safety and will renew our commitment to sustaining an injury-free workplace as we continue to execute our projects reliably and with integrity, said Hamad Rashid al-Mohannadi, managing director, RasGas. RasGas continues to be at the forefront of safety performance in the oil and gas industry through the application of best practice safety management processes and positive leadership behaviours. At RasGas our vision is to execute projects and conduct operations where nobody gets hurt . This is achieved by an unwavering focus on safety by everyone throughout our organisation each and every day, said Nafez Bseiso, RasGas Venture Group manager. The event at the RitzCarlton in Doha was attended among others by senior staff and representatives from shareholder companies, Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil.

QA named official sponsor of football match

Qatar Airways has announced that it is the official sponsor of the much-anticipated Spain vs Uruguay football match, which will be held in Doha on February 6. Reigning European and World champions Spain will face the current South American champions, Uruguay, in an international friendly at Khalifa Stadium. The two teams, which feature a line-up of some of the worlds best players, will battle it out in a match that promises to be a spectacle for soccer lovers. Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar al-Baker said the airline is thrilled to bring the world-class players to Doha for one of the most highly anticipated soccer matches in the city this year. Qatar Airways has a strong affiliation with football, with the carrier being the official airline of the countrys national football team, he said. Our sponsorship of the Spain vs Uruguay match reinforces the airlines passion for this exciting sport. And there is much more planned, linking Qatar to the football world as the country gears up for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

QU students win award in programming contest

tudents from Qatar University (QU)s Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) won the Relentless Programmers Award at the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Oman Collegiate Programming Contest. The competition was held at Omans Sultan Qaboos University from January 19-20. Two QU teams participated in the contest; the mens team nished fth while the women were placed 12th among 30 teams from various GCC universities. The mens team comprised junior engineering students Abdelrazek Ibrahim, Abdelrahman Shouman and Kariem Fahmi. Abeer al-Marridi, Aya Hussein and Hagar Hus-

A section of the participants at the cancer awareness event.

Electronic bag project begins first phase

The Supreme Education Council (SEC) has announced the launch of the first stage of the Electronic bag project, which provides a computer to each student and teacher containing the e-resources of learning. The computers also contain educational contents and applications compatible with the standards of the Qatari curriculum. The project would be initially implemented at 10 selected Independent schools. A meeting was held with the directors and supervisors of these schools to discuss the necessary procedures for implementation, which starts by the second term of this school year. Preliminary preparations for the project included a study of the available electronic environment at the select schools, preparation for the teachers computers, training of teachers and students on the related issues and awareness sessions for parents about the project.

sein made up the womens team. They were accompanied by their coaches, QU assistant professor of computer science Dr Somaya al-Maadeed and Khalid AA Abualsaud. On the rst day of the contest, the students took part in a practice test on two questions and trained on the test system to familiarise themselves with the contest tasks. The next day, over ve hours, they participated in the competition in which they were given nine questions to solve. The mens team solved four questions to nish fth. On the students achievement, CSE head Prof Sebti Foufou said: Our students did very well and gained invaluable experience by competing in this event. At the department,

QU team members with the award. we ensure that our students are provided with optimum opportunities to practise what they learn in the classroom. The contest not only provided this opportunity but also allowed the students to demonstrate other life skills such as teamwork, competitive spirit and interpersonal communication, which would serve them well in their future personal and professional endeavours.

atar Rail, the company overseeing the construction of the much-anticipated integrated railway network, is seeking to further develop in-house geographic information system (GIS) in order to meet its unique and challenging requirements . GIS is vital to our operations especially that we are close in launching the construction phase of the rail and metro project, said Saad al-Muhannadi, chief executive officer, Qatar Rail, which is participating in the UN Initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) conference, currently underway in Doha. Stressing that GIS technology has been heavily promoted at Qatar Rail as it supports its use and implementation in all aspects of its work, he said in order for GIS to work for Qatar Rails unique and challenging requirements, the company custom-designed an application integrating Google Earths platform to securely disseminate over 200 geospatial datasets to hundreds of its staff and stakeholders. Numerous other GIS applications for desktop and mobile platforms have been

Qatar Rail to widen GIS use Q

Saad al-Muhannadi: GIS is vital to our operations. developed using a combination of open source and commercial software packages, he said, adding these applications ensure that Qatar Rail staff across multiple disciplines are kept up to date with the latest developments of the project. Asserting that the future of GIS at Qatar Rail is bright and promising, al-Muhannadi said: We will continue to exploit existing GIS technologies and develop our own in quest to deliver a world-class integrated railway system for Qatar. On its participation in the UN-GGIM conference, he said such forums provide an ideal platform for the company to discuss pertinent issues in the industry, exchange current best practices, and share experiences, raising Qatar Rails prole as a thought leader in transportation and rail matters.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Students performing a song at the event.

School celebrates Sri Lankas day of independence

he Stafford Sri Lankan School in Doha (SLSD) organised yesterday a function to mark the 65th Independence Day of Sri Lanka, which falls on February 4. Sri Lankas Independence Day is celebrated in accordance with the Lipass/ Joshua Louis Law to commemorate its internal political independence from British rule in 1948. The anniversary event at the SLSD was marked with the hoisting of national and school ags, a dance performance by primary school students, speeches by students and teacher Dinithi Nawarathna, and a song rendered by Lowe Sama. The chief guests at the occasion, school chairman Kumudu Fonseka and his wife, were joined by outgoing school principal Ayesha Rahuman and new principal Dr Wilfred Perera, as well as students and their parents. Fonseka recounted how Sri Lankan

Chief guests, school officials and others who attended the event. patriots fought for independence in 1948 in order to build a future for subsequent generations. Our forefathers had a great journey to achieve the independence, which was tested by their values and aspirations. However, the patriots will like to see how the generations after them have ruled and whether Sri Lanka can be part of the global village that is setting a positive foreign policy, he said. Fonseka urged teachers to help students become patriotic Sri Lankans. Encourage your students to communicate in their mother tongue, which is one of the keys to achieving this greatness as Sri Lankans, he told the teachers. Perera advised the students to conduct themselves in the most appropriate manner and asked them to respect Qatar, which has given them freedom to celebrate their countrys independence anniversary away from home.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Healthcare tutors mull techniques

he benets that improved teaching can bring to healthcare were discussed at this years Educators Across the Health Care Spectrum (EAHCSS) event held at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar (WCMC-Q) and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). The annual three-day event, held last month, featured speeches and various workshops in which educators discussed how teaching methods could be improved. The keynote speech, titled Improving Patient Care Through Improved Teaching , was delivered by Prof Scott Richardson, an international expert on teaching evidence-based healthcare. He shared his views with healthcare professionals from across Doha at the event, which was hosted by WCMC-Qs graduate medical education (GME) division in association with HMC and introduced by Dr Amal Khidir, chair of the EAHCSS organising committee. Medical staff and academics at HMCs Hajar Auditorium also received a live transmission of the keynote address. A series of workshops on a variety of topics were conducted over three days. The topics included teaching evidencebased medicine (EBM) and clinical reasoning in clinical settings; enhancing learners clinical-reasoning skills; and incorporating EBM into teaching. Dr Khidir said the interest and energy levels highlighted the determination of the educators to change as well as their interest in incorporating evidence-based teaching. He said: The discussions and interactions in the workshops emphasised the movement in Qatar towards inter-professional education. I see this activity, and more to come, as an opportunity to continue the collaborative spirit and exchange of expertise across the healthcare spectrum. WCMC-Qs manager for GME, Deema alSheikhly, said the educational series highlighted the need for continuing education at the highest levels and proved popular with academics and staff. It is an important crossdisciplinary educational programme that will bring two world-class scholars to WCMC-Q each year to speak on key topics in health education, she said. This collaborative effort between WCMC-Qs GME department provided a great opportunity for networking and building a sustainable local capacity in the eld of health education.

An informal discussion between experts attending a GME workshop that was part of the Educators Across the Health Care Spectrum seminar.

Synthetic turf inaugurated at Ideal Indian School I

The Indian ambassador, other guests and school officials, witness the march past that was part of the formal inauguration of the synthetic turf. deal Indian Schools multi-purpose synthetic turf was inaugurated on Sunday by Indian ambassador Sanjiv Arora. The guests of honour were Office of the Private Schools director Ahmed al-Ghali al-Marri, Qatar Sports Club marketing manager Tariq al-Mahmood and Qatar Green Building Council director Mishal M al-Shamari. Along with the guests of honour, the Indian envoy released colourful balloons to mark the occasion. The new sports facility features a football ground, synthetic track, rubberised oor as well as volleyball, basketball and tennis courts. The event was also attended by Indian embassy rst secretary Anil Nautiyal, school president Hassan Kunhi M P, principal Syed Shoukath Ali, members of the school managing committee, council members, students, heads of sections and staff and principals and representatives of other schools. Members of the school building committee were honoured. Mementos were presented to Yoonus P T, head of the committee, and members Yacoub Shamiah and

Mohamed Sabih Bukhari. Lindsay Charles Bojja, a budding athlete of IIS who won a bronze medal in the CBSE National Athletic Meet in Chennai, was also feted. Earlier, head girl Mehnaz Husain welcomed the gathering. A mass drill by boys, a cultural presentation by girls and a girls march past with their house ags were also held. The marching contingent was led by assistant head girl Asiya Aqueel Thakur. Head boy Rashad Mubarak proposed a vote of thanks.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Chinese to hold Spring Festival

By Ramesh Mathew Staff Reporter

everal activities will be held throughout this month in Qatar to mark the Chinese Spring Festival, which is usually celebrated as part of the Chinese New Year. The events are being held under the aegis of the Chinese embassy, said an official of the mission, quoting Chinese Ambassador Gao Youzhen (pictured). Youzhen took over as the envoy last year. One of the major highlights of the celebrations, according to the embassy official, is Joy of Spring Festival, a song and dance performance on February 13 and 14 at the Qatar National Theatre. It is being co-sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Qatars Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage, the official said. The festivities begin with a reception on February 7 at the Sheraton. It will start at 6 pm, added the official. The Chinese mission is holding a week-long Cultural week celebrations, starting

on February 9 at Mvenpick Hotel. To make the celebrations a colourful experience for the visitors and guests, the organisers are also planning a show by Cathy Future , a Chinese artistic group, which will perform between February 20 and 22. The venue will be announced later. As part of the celebrations, the organisers are also hosting a traditional Chinese cultural exhibition at the Qatar University between February 25 and February 28. In recent years, there has been an increasing level of activities in the Chinese community, which is making its presence felt in a number of elds. According to embassy sources, there are 6,000 Chinese in Qatar, many working in major projects including Lusail Development, and also at the new port. The communitys strength is also growing in the hospitality sector.

Al-Ghamdi, al-Hetmi and Dr MacLeod at the event.

CNA-Qs School of Health Sciences receives international accreditation

he College of the North Atlantic - Qatars School of Health Sciences has received international accreditation for its Occupational Health and Safety programme from the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH), UK. We have been approved to embed the NEBOSH International Diploma (IDIP) into our own two-year, full-time OHS Diploma so that upon graduating, our students will not only receive a CNA-Q parchment, but also the NEBOSH International Diploma, CNA-Q president Dr Ken MacLeod said. From an educational standpoint, this will make CNA-Q graduates some of the most qualied HSE professionals in the country, he claimed. The new designation will also benet the HSE professionals working in Qatar as CNA-Q has been approved to offer the NEBOSH International General Certicate (IGC) through its Department of Corporate Training and Continuing Education. Our qualied instructors will deliver the training in our stateof-the-art facilities, and examinations will be conducted in our accredited International Testing Centre. We are condent that this will be a major step towards improving the standard of quality of the safety industrys certication in Qatar. This new achievement goes a long way in assisting CNA-Q in fullling its mandate of providing for the technical training needs of new entrants to the sector as well as those already working in the sector. NEBOSH was formed in 1979 in the UK as an independent examining board and awarding body, offering a comprehensive range of globally-recognised, vocationally-related qualications designed to meet the health, safety, environmental and risk management needs of all places of work in both the private and public sectors. Their qualications are recognised by the relevant professional membership bodies including the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management. The announcement about the NEBOSH accreditation was made at the American Society of Safely Engineers (ASSE) inauguration of the new Qatar Section. Today we are also pledging our support for the development and growth of the Qatar Section of the American Society of Safety Engineers. ASSE is an organisation with more than 34,000 members 151 chapters globally, added Dr MacLeod. Fellow guest speaker Tariq al-Ghamdi, ASSE-Middle East Chapter president, was in attendance with colleagues from Saudi Arabia, where the forum had its rst chapter outside the US. Over three decades ago, our chapter was where the Qatar section is now, being inaugurated into the worlds oldest and largest professional safety organisation, he recalled. Chair of the new ASSE-Qatar section Khalid al-Hetmi said there is indeed a gap in the communication of safety and health needs in the country, gaps that can be lled and great potential that can be tapped with an active ASSE section in Qatar. Benets include access to a world-wide professional network of safety professionals, professional journals, safety awareness, leadership opportunity, awards and honours, personal benets and more.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Get best deals at veggie, fruit market just before closure

By Ayman Adly Staff Reporter

Snog outlet at Lagoona Mall

he wholesale vegetable and fruit market at Central Market in Abu Hamour offers good bargains to customers if they go there shortly before it closes around noon on weekdays. A visit to the market yesterday by Gulf Times revealed that most prices were reasonable and much lower than those offered by small groceries as well as big shopping malls for the same products. A cross-section of customers were unanimous in saying that the market offered a variety of items - mostly fresh - whose quality ranged from good to excellent. The prevailing good weather has also helped boost sales at the market, considering that it has no air-conditioning. Depending on the ability of a customer to bargain and wait until the market draws to a close by noon, a small carton of strawberries, comprising eight boxes of around 300gm each, can come for QR20-25.

Similarly, a sack of 8-10kg of medium-quality carrots can be bought for QR7-9, a box of ten lettuces for QR15-20, a 6-7kg box of tomatoes for QR8-15 (depending on the size and quality) and a 5-6kg box of black eggplants for QR5-6. Among the cheapest products on offer yesterday were cauliower, with a box of six medium pieces selling at QR5, and broccoli, with a similar box going for QR6-12. Pineapples were selling at a relatively low rate of QR4-7 a piece while a 7kg box of oranges had a price of QR12-17. However, the prices of cucumber, zucchini, green beans and okra were relatively high and had limited availability. For example, a small box of around 2-3kg of okra had a price tag of around QR28 while cucumber was selling for QR17 for a 5kg box. Meanwhile, a 2kg box of apricot was being sold for QR20-25, a 8-10kg box of bananas for QR 25-30 and a 1kg box of grapes for QR10. Usually, customers have to be careful about price variation among vendors for same products of the same qual-

ity and quantity. Most vendors quote an initial price for a product. When the customer starts walking away, they call him back and offer a lower rate. We generally expect customers to bargain. So, the asking price will normally be a bit high. It is reduced when the customer quotes a price, said Abubaker, an Indian vendor at the market. An expatriate said, The market is a good place for shopping, especially if you have a big family. Compared to the shopping malls, buying fruits and vegetables here can allow a customer to save a lot on the food budget. As I get more accustomed to the process of buying here, I can strike some excellent deals. She added that it was a good idea to reach the market by 11am or noon to avail of lower prices. On weekdays, shopping at the market could be a smooth and hassle-free process; also there is a big parking area. The Doha Municipality provides a good number of porters in green uniform. Carrying their pushcarts, the porters help customers gather their goods and also put them in their vehicles for a tip of QR5.

MBF Trading & Contracting, a subsidiary of Fahed Group, has opened its first Snog outlet at Lagoona Mall. Snog is a frozen yogurt that lacks fat and shuns sugar. A new outlet will open soon at Villaggio Mall.

HMC workshops shed light on developments in bio-risk management

amad Medical Corporation (HMC)s laboratory medicine and pathology department has held two workshops on bio-risk management to inform participants on World Health Organization (WHO) standards and latest developments in the eld of laboratory bio-safety and bio-security. Laboratories from all over Qatar, HMC hospitals, primary healthcare centres, Supreme Council of Health (SCH), Army, Police and Qatar Petroleum were invited to the workshops held at Hamad Medical City. The participants included laboratory consultants, specialists, safety officers, technologists and technicians. Dr Asma al-Marwani, haematology clinical scientist from HMCs laboratory medicine and pathology department, said: The department adheres to all the relevant standards of laboratory safety. Yet, we are vulnerable to bio-hazards while performing specimen tests and investigations. The workshops aimed to empower our staff with the necessary skills, tools, knowledge and condence to advise and

guide on sustainable bio-risk management, which will help reduce the threat of infectious diseases in the local laboratory environment and the community.

Laboratories from all over Qatar, HMC hospitals, primary healthcare centres, Supreme Council of Health, Army, Police and Qatar Petroleum were invited to the workshops
The course was facilitated by HMC clinical microbiology specialist Dr Godwin Justus Wilson, a WHO-certied facilitator in bio-risk management. Dr Wilson, also the laboratory medicine and pathology departments safety committee deputy

chairman, has been selected by the SCH to represent Qatar in the Advanced Bio-risk Management Trainer Conference organised by the WHO in Egypt. As part of the responsibilities of the course, Dr Wilson was keen to train 24 experts with various laboratory specialisations in Qatar and also advise and guide on sustainable bio-risk management. The workshops addressed biosafety and bio-security through various scenarios normally found in laboratories. The participants learned how to assess these risks, mitigate them and take necessary measures to prevent their recurrence, as well as to specify the duties and responsibilities of those dealing with them in order to ensure the safety of every per-

son involved in the process. The use of standard bio-risk management processes positively reects on all laboratory staff and establishes a process to minimise the threat of infectious disease in the local laboratory environment, Dr Wilson said. He added that the role of the laboratory was not conned to diagnostic investigations or collection of specimens to study infectious diseases and their causes. Instead, their job was also to ensure the safety of individuals working in the laboratory as well as the community. Dr Wilson said this should be done through strict adherence to global standards of bio-safety, while bio-risk management would help maintain a high quality of laboratory services.

A vendor in the vegetable and fruit section of Central Market. PICTURE: Ayman Adly

Alfardan Premier Motors adds style and comfort to Qatar Total Open 2013
lfardan Premier Motors Co, the exclusive importer of Land Rover and distributor of Jaguar in Qatar, is the official transport provider of the Qatar Total Open for the third year in a row. The Qatar Total Open 2013 will be held at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex from February 11-17. Jaguar Land Rover remains the official car for the prestigious tournament that brings together the worlds top women tennis players. Alfardan Premier Motors will add style and comfort to the event by rolling out a eet of 40 vehicles to transport players and staff to and from the stadium. Rabih Ataya, general manager of Alfardan Premier Motors, said: We are very proud to be part of this world-class sporting event for the third year in

Enjoy Indian Night at Grand Heritage Doha

a row, and we believe that an event of this calibre best reflects Alfardan Premier Motors brand image of class and luxury. Our continuing partnership with Qatar Tennis Federation highlights our commitment to partner with prestigious events that raise the global profile of Qatar as an all-round lifestyle destination. The Qatar Total Open 2013 marks a new milestone in Qatars illustrious track record in sports, Doha is claiming its title as the worlds new international hub for world-class sports events, added Ataya. Saad al-Mohannadi, tournament director of the Qatar Total Open, said: We are delighted to have continuous partnership with Alfardan Premier Motors who continue to deliver nothing less than superior automotive service in Qatar.

Alfardan Premier Motors will roll out a fleet of 40 Jaguar Land Rover vehicles to transport players and staff to and from the stadium.

he Grand Heritage Doha has announced another addition to its list of special calendar occasions - an authentic Indian Night. It will be held from 7.30pm to 11pm every Thursday, starting February 7. Flavours is the all-day dining buffet experience in the five-star hotel. Flavours Indian Night menu will feature a contemporary twist of Indian cuisine, including a variety of curries, biryanis and kebabs. Rupool Mazumder, director of food & beverage at Grand Heritage Doha, said: The idea is to keep the ethnic Indian flavours intact while our chefs bake a variety of fresh breads and kebabs in an authentic tandoori oven, making it a complete Indian experience for everyone. All the delicacies could be washed down with Indian tea or mango lassi.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Volunteers from Total clean up Halul beach

HE the Minister of Energy and Industry Dr Mohamed bin Saleh al-Sada, Kahramaa working president Issa Hilal al-Kuwari and Qatar Electricity and Water Company general manager Fahad al-Mohannadi, Qatar Chamber officials Mohamed bin Towar al-Kuwari and Remy Rowhani at the opening of the exhibition held as part of the Power-GEN 2013 at QNCC yesterday:. PICTURE: Jayaram.

Technology critical to assured supply of power, water: al-Sada

By Ramesh Mathew Staff Reporter

inister of Energy and Industry HE Dr Mohamed bin Saleh al-Sada has said that there is a greater need now than ever before for new, advanced technologies to generate more power and water in the GCC states, due to their rapidly growing industrial and consumer requirements. Delivering the keynote address at the opening ceremony of the 11th assembly of Power-Gen and Second Water World Middle East Conference and Exhibition 2013 yesterday, the Qatar minister said power and water are the most vital infrastructural components for the development of any economy and uninterrupted availability of both are essential for the sustainable development of any society. The minister said the authorities have put in place short, medium and long term strategic

plans to ensure round the clock and uninterrupted and adequate supply of water and power to residents in line with the goals and objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030, which focuses mainly on sustainable development. Al-Sada said such critical issues as improving power access to several millions of households across the world, climate change impact and ageing infrastructure have brought about drastic changes in the energy scenario all over. Growing energy and water consumption at global level, in particular in the GCC region have necessitated the adoption of advanced technologies and it is high time some signicant efforts are jointly initiated by developed and developing countries to meet the growing needs of the people, he said. While there was a 9% rise in domestic water consumption in Qatar last year compared to the previous year, the demand for power grew by more than 13% during the corresponding period, the minister said.

Speaking on the importance of developing alternative and renewable sources of energy locally and across the region, al-Sada said the development of such energy channels is essential as other familiar sources like oil and gas are dwindling because of their excessive use. He also spoke about progress on generating 5 to 10MW of solar power as part of a pilot project and the steps being taken by Qatar Solar Technologies to set up a poly silicon plant. The minister also felt global electricity consumption would be grown by 70% in 2035 from the present levels of 18,500 terra watts. It could be somewhere near 32,000 terra watts in 2035, which effectively means an annual growth of 2.2%, he said. The growth in the Middle East region should be close to 3.1% per annum, added the minister. While highlighting critical energy challenges at the global level, the minister pointed out that more than 1.5bn people in the developing world did not have any ac-

cess to electricity. Hence there is a greater need to provide energy access through greater use of renewable energy, he said adding that countless poor people in developing countries could not afford to pay even when energy is available. Al-Sada also spoke of how lack of access to clean, affordable and reliable energy sources has hindered human, social and economic development and is a major barrier to achieving the UNs Millennium Development Goals. The minister said the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporations (Kahramaa) activities are based on its ve main pillars, namely aligning its strategic plans with QNV 2030, modernisation of grids to adopt new technologies, advanced water and power generation plans to meet growing future requirements and adopting sustainable and clean energy and water production through effective conservation policies and increasing renewable energy sources.

otal in Qatar has held its third beach cleanup campaign on the western coast of Halul, an island located around 80km northeast of Doha, in order to raise awareness on environmental issues and preservation. Buoyed by the success of the rst two beach clean-ups held at Halul in November 2011 and June 2012, respectively, Total organised its latest drive in December. The aim was to keep the island clean and contribute to the preservation of the seashore ecosystem. A team comprising 85 Total volunteers surveyed the island and gathered litter to clean up the area, which consists of three protected beaches for nesting turtles.

Over 60 bags of waste were collected and deposited in recycling facilities in Halul. Total E&P Qatar is very proud to have left its mark in Halul through its participation in the preservation of the environment, especially on this highly-sensitive island, said Pierre Leschi, vice-president, Al-Khalij Asset. The next beach clean-up is due to take place in a few months and will focus on the north of the island, which happens to be one of the most inaccessible zones in the area. Facilities processing the production of several neighbouring oil and gas elds, particularly the Al Khalij offshore eld operated by Total, are located on Halul island.

Total volunteers who participated in the clean-up drive.


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Iran sees sign of change in US approach

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi says it is still very difficult for Tehran and Washington - more than 30 years after they severed relations - to trust each other
Reuters Berlin

ranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said yesterday he saw US Vice President Joe Bidens offer this weekend of bilateral dialogue between their two countries as a sign of a change in approach to Tehran by Washington. Iran is embroiled in a long standoff with big powers over its nuclear programme. Tehran insists its atomic activity is for peaceful energy only while the US and other powers suspect it of seeking the capability to build a nuclear weapon. As I have said yesterday, I am optimistic, I feel this new administration is really this time seeking to at least divert from its previous traditional approach vis-a-vis my country, Salehi told the German Council on Foreign Relations. Salehi, who attended the Munich Security Conference at the weekend where Biden made the offer, said in Berlin that it was still very difficult for Tehran and Washington - more than 30 years after they severed relations - to trust each other.

How do we trust again this new gesture? he said. Salehi said he hoped Barack Obama would keep what he said was a promise by the US president to walk away from wars ... and approaches that bring destruction, killings, bloodshed . He did not elaborate. Negotiations between Iran and Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany over Tehrans nuclear activities have been deadlocked since a meeting last June. European Union officials have accused Iran of dragging its feet in weeks of haggling over the date and venue for new talks. I think it is about time both sides really get into engagement because confrontation certainly is not the way, Salehi said in Berlin, referring to the US. And another thing: this issue of the nuclear le is becoming boring, added Salehi, a physicist by training who once headed the Iranian atomic energy agency and represented his country at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The European Union said this weekend it had proposed talks in the week of February 24 which could take place in Kazakhstan. Salehi called this good news but the EU said Iran has not yet accepted. Speaking on a visit to London, Iranian former nuclear negotiator Hossein Mousavian said the

nuclear deadlock would not be solved without a meaningful parallel dialogue between Tehran and Washington. I believe they should start immediately. They should put all issues on the table. They should start with issues of common interest like Afghanistan in order to create a positive momentum, he said after a speech at the Chatham House think tank. Mousavian seemed less upbeat on the prospect of success at the Kazakhstan round of talks, citing UN sanctions imposed on Iran to pressure it to curb its nuclear programme. As far as they (the West) are going to keep the main sanctions, they should not expect Iran to respond with concessions, he said. In Berlin, Salehi faced tough questioning about Iranian support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a civil war in which about 60,000 people have died. Salehi denied Iran was sending soldiers to help Assad, saying: The army of Syria is big enough, they do not need ghters from outside. Iran was only sending economic assistance, food and fuel, said the minister, adding that the Damascus government and opposition should sit down, agree a ceasere and call free elections in which he said Assad should be free to take part. About 100 Iranian opposition members protested outside the Berlin venue where Salehi spoke.

Demonstrators protest outside of the main offices of the German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin yesterday during the visit of Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi.

Tehrans nuclear advance may be no empty boast

Reuters Vienna

ran could be able to make thousands of next-generation uranium enrichment machines, according to a former chief UN inspector, adding credibility to Tehrans claims of technical advances in its disputed nuclear programme. As Iran and world powers prepare to resume talks aimed at easing a dispute that has raised fears of a new Middle East war, Tehran announced late last month it planned to install the new machines at its main enrichment plant. The move underlined Irans deance of international demands to scale back the uranium enrichment which Tehran says is for civilian purposes but which could also potentially be used to make material for atom bombs. Olli Heinonen, until 2010 a

deputy director general of the UN nuclear agency, said Iran had started purchasing special materials needed for manufacturing new centrifuges years ago when the sanctions on the country were not as strict as now. It was not clear how many of the upgraded centrifuges Iran aimed to put in place at its Natanz plant, which is designed for tens of thousands of machines. But the wording of a note by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to member states last week implied it could be as many as 3,000. There are reasons to believe that it (Iran) can manufacture those 3,000 IR-2s, Heinonen told Reuters in an e-mail at the weekend, referring to a centrifuge which is estimated to rene uranium several times faster than those Iran operates today. Iran has for years been trying to develop centrifuges more advanced than the erratic 1970s

IR-1 model it now uses. But their introduction for full-scale production has been delayed by technical hurdles, experts and diplomats say. They say UN and Western sanctions have limited Irans access to special steel, carbon bre and other components needed to make sophisticated centrifuges in larger numbers. Iran, which denies Western allegations of a nuclear weapons agenda, says it is able to manufacture them domestically. A Western diplomat in Vienna said he believed the IR-2 may be less dependent on imports than other enrichment machines. If Iran has mastered the more modern model, it could dash to a bomb considerably more quickly , said Cliff Kupchan, Middle East director at political risk consultancy Eurasia Group. Yet key questions remain about Irans actual capabil-

ity, Kupchan said in an analysis. Tehran virtually always overstates its nuclear and military achievements. Heinonen, a senior fellow at Harvard Universitys Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, said it was unclear to what extent Iran could make the various materials needed for the new model and how much it must nd abroad. But, the veteran Finnish proliferation expert added, Iran started to acquire them already around 2002 and 2003 when the sanctions and export controls were not yet that effective. The new machines would also require additional manufacturing equipment, as well as other items such as valves and frequency converters which are also hard to obtain in big quantities. However, Iran has been able to get or manufacture itself such gear for about 15,000 IR-1s, Heinonen said.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Death of Egypt activist stirs fury against police

Bahrains Justice Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ali al-Khalifah speaks during a press briefing in Manama yesterday.

Bahrain to resume dialogue on Feb 10

AFP Manama

Mohamed al-Guindis death and the footage of police beating a protester have confronted President Mohamed Mursi with uncomfortable parallels with Hosni Mubaraks regime
AFP Cairo

ahrains justice minister announced yesterday that national talks aimed at ending the kingdoms political stalemate will resume on February 10, after an earlier round failed to bring the opposition on board. Khalid bin Ali al-Khalifah said the dialogue will reconvene on Sunday after he met representatives of six opposition groups, as well as eight associations on good terms with the government, BNA state news agency reported. The opposition groups included Wefaq, the largest formation. It was not clear if the government would participate in the dialogue as a party, or just preside over the talks. But the opposition groups said in a joint statement they asked the justice minister for more clarications on the mechanisms of the dialogue and the parties involved, and asked for a balanced representation for the opposition . The groups also sought details on the agenda of the dialogue and a timeframe, in addition to the nature of the governments

participation , insisting on a strong representation for the government to avoid procrastination . King Hamad called in January for a new round of talks in a move cautiously welcomed by the opposition which had shunned earlier invitations, as protests rumble on despite a crackdown on demonstrations in March 2011. The opposition has repeatedly said it is ready for a meaningful dialogue, but has stuck to its demands for a real constitutional monarchy with an elected prime minister. Wefaq, which had pulled out of a similar round of talks in July 2011, said in December that it was ready for new dialogue. Bahrain has been shaken by unrest since its forces crushed Shia-led protests two years ago demanding greater rights. Yesterday, hundreds of protesters took to the streets in the city of Muharraq, near Manama, following a call by the Shia opposition. Another demonstration is planned for today. The International Federation for Human Rights says 80 people have been killed since the start of the Arab Spring-inspired uprising in Bahrain on February 14, 2011.

olice red teargas at protesters in the Nile Delta city of Tanta yesterday after the funeral of an Egyptian activist who slipped into a coma and died after several days in custody, witnesses said. Mohamed al-Guindi, 28, was arrested in Cairos Tahrir Square after joining protests demanding change on the second anniversary of the countrys uprising. The opposition says his death yesterday proves police have not reformed. The death came as police faced a backlash after riot policemen were lmed beating and dragging a naked man during clashes on Friday outside the presidential palace in Cairo, prompting a minister to resign, according to state media. The official Mena news agency reported that Culture Minister Mohamed Saber Arab tendered his resignation yesterday over the incident. The states Al Ahram newspaper reported on its website that Saber resigned over police abuse. In Tanta, witnesses said police red teargas on a march that approached the provincial headquarters, following Guindis burial in the city. Guindis lawyers say that after his arrest he was taken to a police

Mourners carry the coffin of Mohamed al-Guindi during his funeral in Cairo yesterday. camp in Al-Gabal al-Ahmar in Cairo where he was subjected to torture, before being sent several days later to Cairos Al-Helal hospital. According to the health ministry, Guindi arrived at the hospital unconscious and suffering from internal bleeding. The Popular Current, to which Guindi belonged, said the activist died as a result of torture . Guindis death and the footage of police beating a protester have confronted Islamist President Mohamed Mursi with uncomfortable parallels with Hosni Mubaraks regime, deposed in 2011 after an uprising partly aimed at police abuses. The presidency said in a Facebook statement that it had asked the public prosecutor to probe Guindis death, stressing there is no return to rights abuses of citizens and their freedoms... after the January 25 revolution . Two years ago, Egyptians poured into the streets demanding a complete overhaul of the interior ministry, whose police ofcers were accused of systematic abuse under a culture of impunity. But images of Guindis face bruised and battered on a hospital bed and the footage of Ahmed Sabers beating show how little has changed, rights groups say. Hundreds turned out in Tahrir Square for funeral prayers for Guindi and another activist who was shot dead in protests over the weekend, including Popular Current chief Hamdeen Sabbahi. Either we get justice for them, or we die like them, the mourners chanted. Tributes have poured in for Guindi on Twitter and Facebook, with activists dubbing him the new Khaled Said, an Egyptian man who was beaten to death by police in 2010 and who became a symbol of the ght against police brutality.


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Khatib calls for talks with Assad deputy

The head of the National Coalition says he is ready to talk to Vice President Farouq al-Shara
AFP Damascus

yrias opposition chief urged President Bashar alAssad yesterday to respond positively to a call for dialogue and to delegate his deputy to end 22 months of warfare that has cost tens of thousands of lives. The ball is now in the regimes court. They will either say yes or no, Moaz al-Khatib told Al Jazeera, following up on his surprise announcement last week that he was ready for talks with the Damascus regimesubject to conditions, including the release of 160,000 detainees. He later elaborated, telling Al Arabiya news channel he was ready to meet Assads deputy, Vice President Farouq al-Shara. Since the start of the crisis, Mr Shara has seen that things are not going in the right direction, said Khatib. If the regime accepts the idea, I ask it to delegate Farouq alShara for us to hold discussions with him. Assad last month announced he was ready for talks with the opposition but ruled out meeting groups such as Khatibs National Coalition which back armed rebels seeking to overthrow his regime.

Opposition groups, including the National Coalition, have in the past demanded Assad step down before peace talks can begin. Doctor Bashar, this country is in grave danger, come out of your bubble, if only for a moment. Look into the eyes of your children and you will recover some of your humanity, Khatib said, addressing Assad by the term adopted by state media and his supporters. We can help each other in the interest of the people, Khatib said. The regime needs to take a clear position. We will extend our hands for the sake of the people, and in order to help the regime leave in peace. Some opposition gures have denounced Khatibs proposal as traitorous. But he rejected the criticism and said: Our people are dying, and we will not allow that. His comments came as Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said Tehran would continue talks with Khatib following a preliminary meeting on Sunday on the sidelines of a security conference in the southern German city of Munich. We had 45 (minutes) to an hour discussion which was very fruitful... and we committed ourselves to continuing this discussion, Salehi said in Berlin. Khatib also meet in Munich on Sunday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who while expressing an interest in main-

taining regular contact with the opposition, said the dissidents insistence on Assad going was the main reason for the continuation of the Syrian tragedy . Adding to the latest urry of diplomatic activity, another Iranian official, Saeed Jalili, the head of his countrys Supreme National Security Council, was in Damascus yesterday where he renewed Tehrans support for Assad. Jalili also issued a warning to Israel after the Jewish state conrmed an air strike near Damascus, saying it would regret its latest aggression against Syria . Just as it has regretted all its wars... the Zionist entity will regret its aggression against Syria, Jalili said. Syria is at the forefront of the Muslim worlds confrontation with the Zionist entity. Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak has implicitly conrmed that the Jewish state staged the air strike on Syria, following reports of a raid which Damascus said targeted a military complex near the capital. Fresh violence yesterday killed at least 81 people across Syria, including six children who died as regime warplanes raided the outskirts of the rebel-held town of Douma near Damascus, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. And a three-year-old child and his 17-year-old brother were killed in army shelling of the northern province of Raqa, said the Britain-based watchdog.

Arab Israelis demonstrate outside the Ramle prison in central Israel yesterday in solidarity with hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners.

Israel arrests 25 members of Hamas in West Bank

AFP Jerusalem

he Israeli army said yesterday it arrested 25 Hamas members during the night in the West Bank, among them three parliamentarians according to sources in the Islamist movement. The army said that overnight 25 Palestinians were arrested all over the West Bank, but did not provide details. Sources in Hamas said 20 senior Hamas members were arrested in the West Bank, among them three parliament members. It named them as Hatem Kasha and Mohamed al-Tal, arrested in Hebron, and Ahmad Atoun, detained in Ramallah.

Hamas has 74 members in the 132-seat Palestinian Authority Legislative Council, which is based in Ramallah. The latest arrests bring to 12 the number of Hamas lawmakers being held by Israel. Senior Palestinian official Hanan Ashrawi condemned the arrests. She described them as deliberate Israeli plans to destabilise the internal situation, interfere in Palestinian institutions ... and deal a blow to national reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas, which respectively govern the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Security sources have told AFP that Israel plans to step up arrests of suspected militants in the West Bank to prevent a rising

tide of low-intensity conict and civil unrest from turning into an uprising. The crackdown comes amid an increase in Palestinian unrest which Israel ties to fallout from the eight-day battle between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip in November. z Some 200 Arabs demonstrated outside a prison in the central Israeli town of Ramle yesterday, demanding the release of hunger-striking Palestinian inmates. The protesters, from Israel and Israeli-annexed East Jerusalem who included women and children, demanded the prisoners release from detention without trial, an AFP journalist at the scene reported.

Banners in Arabic, Hebrew and English demanded Israel free the men and end the practice of administrative detention , under which suspects can be imprisoned without trial by order of a military court. The order can be renewed indenitely for six months at a time. Protesters carried Palestinian ags and pictures of inmates Ayman Sharawneh, Samer Assawi and other prisoners who are staging a hunger strike to demand their release. Sharawneh and Assawi have been fasting the longest among six Palestinians who prisoner support group Adameer says are refusing to eat in Israeli jails, although a spokeswoman for the Israel Prisons Service could not say how long that had been.

Schoolbooks reinforce Mideast conict: study

Reuters Jerusalem

sraelis and Palestinians depict each other in schoolbooks as an enemy and largely deny their adversarys history and existence, according to a US government-funded study published yesterday. Young minds are inheriting a century-old struggle for land and legitimacy through their schoolbooks, said a panel of Muslim, Jewish and Christian social scientists from the Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land. Countries who give donations to the Palestinian Authority have studied Israeli allegations of incitement to violence and even anti-Semitism in Palestinian schoolbooks for over a decade, but the report said both sides bore blame for ingraining enmity. The schoolbooks offer narratives to motivate members of society to be part of the conict, Daniel Bar-Tal of Israels Tel Aviv University, one of the lead researchers, told a news conference. In conict societies, people not only shoot at each other, but struggle for the narrative, the image of the other and of themselves. The conclusions drew strong reaction from the governments of each side,

Palestinian first-graders at a school in Ramallah yesterday. with Palestinians happy to have Israel included in a comprehensive study and Israel, which boycotted the investigation, calling it biased and unprofessional . Israeli non-governmental organisations have repeatedly presented ndings alleging incitement to the US Congress as well as the European and Canadian parliaments. The US State Department provided $500,000 for the latest research, after a study it performed itself in its annual rights review of the Palestinian territories in 2009 faulted Palestinian textbooks for imbalance, bias and inaccuracy . Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad welcomed the results of the new study, according to a statement from his office, saying it absolved Palestinian textbooks of the agrant accusation that they incite hatred toward the other . Israels education ministry said that the ndings attempt to draw a parallel between the Israeli and Palestinian education systems is baseless and has no grounds in reality. The result of the research shows that the decision not to co-operate with the investigation was justied, the ministry said in a statement sent to Reuters.

Suicide bomber kills 23 near Baghdad

AFP Baghdad

suicide bomber blew himself up near a group of anti-Qaeda ghters receiving salaries north of Baghdad yesterday, killing 23 people, the second bloody attack to hit Iraq in as many days. The blast, which officials said also wounded at least 44 people, came after Baghdad raised the salaries of the mostly-Sunni militiamen in a bid to placate weeks of anti-government demonstrations in predominantlySunni areas of Iraq. The victims of yesterdays attack, however, included both Shia and Sunni anti-Qaeda ghters, an AFP reporter at the scene said. The attack also comes a day after a co-ordinated assault on a police headquarters in a disputed city in north Iraq

killed 30 people amid a spike in violence nationwide. The bomber struck at 11am in Taji, a town 25km north of Baghdad, as the anti-Qaeda ghters were collecting their salaries. At least 23 people were killed, a vast majority of them militiamen but also three soldiers, according to a security official and a medical source. Another 44 were wounded, among them eight soldiers. Its a very awful and ugly attack, Raad Faisal Abbas, the town mayor, said from the local hospital. The victims are all young men, just trying to do a good job for their country. One of the wounded, Ali Khalaf, said many of the victims died because security forces did not immediately approach the scene as they were afraid of a second explosion. I blame the army, said the ghter, who suffered burns all over his body.

Normally, when we go (to collect our salaries), the army lets us enter the compound. This time, they left us outside and they blocked the entrance, he said. In the meantime, when we were gathering, the attack happened. Soldiers blocked off access to the site of the attack, and barred journalists from getting to the scene. Members of the Sahwa are made up of a collection of Sunni tribal militias that sided with the US military against Al Qaeda from late 2006 onwards, helping turn the tide of Iraqs bloody insurgency. Violence was also reported yesterday in Baghdad and in the ethnically-mixed northern city of Kirkuk. In Baghdad, a roadside bomb killed a police officer and wounded three of his colleagues, while four people were shot dead overnight in Kirkuk, officials said.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Kerry tells of boyhood East Berlin jaunt

Reuters Washington

S Secretary of State John Kerry spoke yesterday of biking around East Berlin as a 12-year-old, getting a glimpse of life behind the Iron Curtain as well as a grounding from his father, an American diplomat. Holding up the diplomatic passport he got as a boy when his father was sent to West Berlin in 1954, Kerry, 69, made self-deprecating jokes about how much he had to learn as he greeted employees on his first working day as secretary of state. As a 12-year-old kid, I really did notice the starkness, the desolation, he told hundreds of foreign and civil service workers who thronged the State Department lobby where they bid farewell to his predecessor, Hillary Clinton, on Friday. If the tabloids today knew I had done that, I can see the headlines that say, Kerrys Early Communist Connections. But I would reassure them by saying I really noticed a difference between East and West. There were very few people. They were dressed in dark clothing. They, kind of, held their heads down. ... There was no joy in those streets, Kerry said. When I came back, I felt this

remarkable sense of relief and a great lesson about the virtue of freedom and the virtue of the principles - the ideals - that we live by, he added. I was enthralled. Now, when my dad learned what I had done, he was not enthralled, Kerry said, prompting laughter. And I got a tongue lashing. I was told I could have been an international incident. He could have lost his job, he added. And my passport, this very passport, was promptly yanked. And I was summarily grounded. Kerry, who was formally sworn in as the 68th secretary of State on Friday, became the top US diplomat after ve terms in the US Senate, where he served on the foreign relations committee for some 28 years, the last four as its chairman. Earlier in his career Kerry worked as a prosecutor and served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War, returning to the US to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about his disillusionment with the war. In following Clinton and her predecessor, Condoleezza Rice, Kerry will be the rst man to lead the State Department since Colin Powell stepped down in 2005. So heres the big question ... after the last eight years, can a man actually run the State Department?, he said.

Obama takes gun control campaign to Minneapolis

First Obama trip outside Washington to push gun control; Minneapolis police chief met with Obama, Biden last week
Reuters Minneapolis

US Secretary of State John Kerry holds up his first diplomatic passport he received as a boy while making remarks to employees on his first day at the State Department yesterday in Washington, DC. Kerry was issued the passport when he travelled with his father, a foreign service diplomat, to post-WWII Germany.

resident Barack Obama yesterday took his gun control campaign to Minneapolis, making a visible push for reform ahead of his State of the Union address in a state with an active hunting culture where efforts have helped curtail violence. Obama wants to move quickly to pass laws before memories fade of the December mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, that claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults. On Jan 16 he proposed requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales, including private

sales; banning so-called assault weapons; and limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds. Gun control efforts face an uphill climb politically in the face of a powerful pro-gun lobby and a strong US tradition of hunting and gun ownership. A right to bear arms is constitutionally guaranteed to Americans. An effort to ban assault ries is seen as the toughest sell among the presidents proposals in a country where many Americans see gun control as an infringement of their rights and an example of government overreach. White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama still supported the assault weapons ban despite lackluster backing on Capitol Hill, including from members of his own party. The president supports, as he long has, the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban, Carney told reporters on Air Force One on the way to Minnesota.

The state is emblematic of the challenges Obama will face in advancing gun control in Congress. While Minnesotas two Democratic US senators have said they are sympathetic to measures to curb gun violence, the National Rie Association, the largest US gun-rights group, has backed all four Republicans and two of the Democrats who represent the state in the House of Representatives, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics. Obamas visit to Minneapolis, which in January hosted a regional gun summit led in part by Minneapolis Mayor R T Rybak, is the Democratic presidents rst trip outside of Washington to promote his gun violence agenda. After the meeting, Rybak, a Democrat, called on Congress to amend or end restrictions on the ability of federal officers to share information about guns with local law enforcement.

Eight killed in Calif. bus crash

AFP Los Angeles

Ex-Marine charged with snipers death

AFP Washington

t least eight people were killed and more than 30 were injured in a multiple vehicle accident in southern California that involved a passenger bus from Mexico, officials said. The accident occurred at about 6:30pm local time (0230 GMT yesterday) in a rural area

north of of the town of Yucaipa. The bus, operated by InterBus Tours, a Tijuana, Mexico-based company, apparently hit two other vehicles and rolled over, local re department chief Ronald Walls told reporters. In all, 43 people were involved in the crash, 38 passengers and the driver on the bus and two people in each of the other vehicles, according to Walls. It took reghters more than

two hours to extricate all the injured from the wreckage. In all, 27 were taken to area hospitals, at least six of them in critical condition. Some of the injured were children. A representative of the Mexican consulate was at the scene. According to media reports, the bus was headed back to Tijuana after visiting Big Bear Lake, a popular mountain ski resort northeast of San Bernardino. Witness Betty Harvey, a local resident, was driving behind the bus and thus was one of the rst to arrive at the scene. People were waving and

screaming, she said. It was quite horric. Details of the tragedy remain sketchy. It happened so fast, I dont know how it all happened, one unnamed passenger told The San Bernardino Sun newspaper. This was supposed to be a good day out with my companions and then this happened. InterBus official Jodi Garcia said initial examinations point to brake failure as the cause of the crash. The information that we have is that the buss brakes failed and the accident occurred, Garcia said.

n Iraq war veteran was facing murder charges yesterday for allegedly gunning down two men, one of whom was a former Navy SEAL sniper whose exploits in the same conict were detailed in a bestselling book. Chris Kyle, who wrote American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in US Military History, and his friend Chad Littleeld were shot dead at a ring range in Glen Rose, Texas on Saturday, authorities said. The two men are believed to have taken the suspected gunman, former US Marine Eddie

Routh, 25, to the range where the shooting took place. Captain Jason Upshaw of the Erath County Sheriff s Office said on Sunday that Kyle and Littleeld died of gunshot wounds and that Routh had been charged with two counts of murder and one count of capital murder. Kyle, 38, was credited with more than 150 conrmed kills during a decorated decade-long service career that included four tours in Iraq. Sheriff Tommy Bryant said Routh was believed to be suffering from some type of mental illness, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and that his mother may have contacted the veterans support foundation that Kyle was involved with.

Shooting suspect Eddie Ray Routh facing murder charges on for allegedly gunning down former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield in Glen Rose, Texas on Saturday.

App helps bring strangers together over meals

Reuters Toronto

A San Bernardino firefighter looks at the scene where at least eight people were killed and dozens were injured when a bus carrying a group from Tijuana overturned on its way back from Big Bear Lake on Highway 38 north of Yucaipa, California, yesterday.

ooking for new friends or dinner partners? A new smartphone app is designed to help people connect to others to set up groups for dinners. The app, GrubTonight, links hungry and adventurous smart-

phone users for dinners, fun evenings and friendship. We wanted to build a real-time spontaneous app where any night of the week you could go out and eat, because you need to eat anyway, and also have a social outing, said Eddy Lu, CEO and co-founder of Grubwithus Inc, an online community for group meals based in Los Angeles, California.

Users can browse group dinners through the app, which works with restaurants to ll open seats. Each night there are three prix-xe group dinners available. Bookings for the meals, which average about $20, are made through the app. The meal includes a shared appetizer, entree and a drink. GrubTonight is available in Los Angeles but the companys other

app, Grubwithus, is worldwide and enables users to attend group dinners that are planned several days in advance and revolve around themes. Users are also able to organise their own public or private group dinners using the app. When you want to create an event you just select one of our partner restaurants and the menu is already taken care of, said Lu.

People need efficient ways just to meet people. Its a good social way to come together and you need to eat three times a day, he said, adding that most users are between 20 and 35 years old. The company has organised meals in more than 50 cities worldwide but the app has been most popular in San Francisco, New York and Chicago.

New ad campaign on the true meaning of jihad

QNA Chicago

Muslim activist group has launched a new ad campaign to reclaim a word they say has been abused and distorted by Muslim extremists and by anti-Muslim groups. According to the (CNN), the MyJihad ad campaign is using print ads and social media to educate the public about what they say is the true meaning of the word jihad. The Merriam Webster dictionary denes the term as 1: a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty; also: a personal struggle in devotion to Islam especially involving spiritual discipline and 2: a crusade for a principle or belief. But some religious activists dispute the emphasis on holy war. They say the word is often misunderstood and has been co-opted and misapplied

by radical Muslims who use it to justify terrorist acts and by anti-Muslim groups who use the word to foment fear in non-Muslims. The word jihad literally means struggle, struggle for a good cause, said Nihad Awad, national executive director of the Council on AmericanIslamic Relations.

It is not aggression, and it does not mean to commit harm against other people...
It is a concept, a noble concept, within Islam that emphasises a personal struggle within yourself to be a better person, a better husband, better wife, better worker, better neighbour, he explained, adding It is not aggression, and it does not mean to commit harm against other people. If people commit harm against innocent people, it will be in violation of the spirit of Islam and a violation of the concept of jihad.

The campaign is the brainchild of Ahmed Rehab, an activist who is also the executive director of CAIR in Chicago. He launched the effort in December with a small group of activists. They began running ads on 25 city buses in Chicago and later expanded to buses in San Francisco. The ads began running at four metro stations in Washington in late January. They depict Muslims and non-Muslims sharing how they dene their personal struggles. One shows a young female photographer wearing a headscarf and holding a camera. The slogan reads MyJihad is to capture the truth even when its unpopular. The group has taken its campaign to social media, asking supporters to post on their Facebook pages and use #MyJihad on Twitter to share their personal struggles. Rehab said they have received tens of thousands of encouraging tweets, Facebook messages, letters and e-mails.


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


FARC denies peace talks in crisis

Reuters Bogota

olombias FARC rebels yesterday said peace talks with the government were not in crisis and were moving along steadily even amid a recent escalation in the conict. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, said in a statement that mal intentioned speculation that talks in Cuba had reached crisis levels were virtual creations of the media and right-wing elements seeking to hobble the process.

Conversations at the table are moving ahead in a normal mode, no one has stood up or threatened to formally leave, the FARCs leadership said. On the contrary, both sides are working to nd an approximation in the agrarian issue, with an urgency to reach signicant accords that represent advances toward ending the conict and reaching peace. In a tense atmosphere, FARC and government negotiators sought to find agreement last week on rural development the first part of a five-point agenda to seek an end to a

Dutch Tanja Nijmeijer, member of FARC, participates in peace talks between the FARC and Colombian government, at Palace of Conventions in Havana, Cuba, yesterday. half-century of conflict. The FARC has said it wants a better distribution of land in Colombia, which it says is concentrated in the hands of a few. The two sides traded barbs

as fighting intensified in Colombia - killing scores of guerrillas and security personnel and the rebels last week seized three members of the armed forces and three oil workers. US-backed strikes against the FARC in the past decade have severely weakened the rebels and limited their ability to attack the countrys economic drivers, helping attract billions of dollars in foreign investment. But the increased violence demonstrates that while weakened, the FARC is still a formidable force. The kidnappings angered

Colombians who hoped that the peace process could bring an end to fears of traveling and working in remote parts of the Andean nation. The rebels on Saturday said they would release the two police patrolmen and soldier in a move that could help ease the tension in Havana and rebuild condence in the talks. The oil workers have already been freed. President Juan Manuel Santos has said he wants the accord agreed on by November, but the FARC has rejected a timetable and pledged to remain at the table until the conict is resolved.

The FARC vowed last year to abandon kidnapping for ransom, but has said it will continue taking members of the armed forces, which it considers prisoners of war. Over its history, the drugfunded group has held dozens of police officers, soldiers and politicians hostage, including French-Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, seized in 2002, and three Americans taken a year later. Betancourt and the US-defence contractors were rescued by the military in 2008, when Santos was defense minister.

Fed up with crime, Mexico vigilantes form tribunal

The suspect was hauled before a tense crowd in the mountain village of El Meson in southwestern Mexico, and told he would be tried by a popular tribunal. His alleged crime: murder and dismemberment. He was among 47 men, two minors and four women detained by masked vigilante squads formed in early January by farmers tired of the polices failure to stop crime in their Guerrero state communities. Hundreds of people have grabbed hunting rifles and machetes in several communities since the movement began in the municipality of Ayutla de los Libres on January 6, patrolling their streets and taking prisoners. On Thursday, they opened a popular tribunal in the main square of the village of El Meson, without the presence of any authorities, which have not sanctioned the peoples court. The trials are due to start later this month. The authorities have not delivered, so the people have re-established the rule of law, said Mario Campos Hernandez, a priest who works with the indigenous communities. While hundreds of armed and masked vigilantes kept guard, relatives of the prisoners, crime victims and residents of El Meson listened attentively as the accused were introduced and various charges were listed - links to gangs, murder, kidnapping, extortion and drug dealing. The detainees include several relatives of a man nicknamed El Cholo, the head of a criminal cell operating in Ayutla, a town of 13,000 people. Some victims recounted their dealings with the prisoners. One witness, a 12-year-old boy, testified that the head of a crime group was training him to become a hitman. I saw how he tortured people, how he killed them, how he dismembered people, said the boy, whose face was covered. It was the January 5 kidnapping of Eusebio Alberto Garcia, a community leader in the village of Rancho Nuevo, that inspired civilians to form self-defence groups. He was freed by the vigilantes a day later. He told the crowd that he was kidnapped because he had urged his villages cattle farmers to stop making the regular payments demanded by organised crime groups. You go counsel people to not pay a fee. They dont want to pay 500 pesos ($39), now theyll pay more, he recalled his captors as saying. Local people say their towns are much safer since the vigilante squads started patrols and checkpoints. A 31-year-old corn farmer who now acts as the bodyguard of a self-defence squad commander said the criminals would leave anonymous message warning people: We will kill those who walk the streets at night. Things are calmer now, said Monserrat Martinez, a 19-year-old beautician school student, as she ate ice cream at a local shop. Before, you wouldnt see anybody on the street. The night belonged to them (the criminals). The vigilantes say they want to try the suspects under their traditions and customs, a form of justice that exists in other parts of Guerrero, with sentences including years of forced labour.

Brazil may buy Russian weapons

Agencies Moscow

Elected to new post

he Brazilian defence ministry intends to discuss purchasing air defence systems from Russia during talks with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev later this month, the ministry said revealed. We are interested in acquiring three batteries of Pantsir-S1 missiles and two batteries of Igla missiles, General Jose Carlos De Nardi, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Brazilian Armed Forces, said in a statement. The possible purchase of Russian anti-aircraft weaponry will be discussed during Medvedevs visit to Brazil scheduled for the end of February, the general said. An agreement, if signed, would envisage the construction of a factory in Brazil and the transfer of technologies, he pointed out. The Pantsir-S, produced by Russias KBP, is a gun-missile system combining a wheeled vehicle mounting a re-control radar and electro-optical sensor, two 30-mm cannons and up to 12 57E6 radio-command guided short-range missiles, and is designed to take on a variety of targets ying at low altitudes. The Pantsir can reportedly engage targets up to 20km by missiles and 4km using cannons. The export version of the system, Pantsir-S1, has been sold to the United Arab Emirates, Syria and Algeria. The Igla is a Russian man-portable infrared homing surface-to-air missile.

Congressman Henrique Alves reacts as he is congratulated by other congressmen after he was elected the new president of Brazils Chamber of Deputies at the National Congress in Brasilia yesterday. The chamber elected Alves to succeed Marco Maia.

338kg of cocaine found in tomato cans

IANS/EFE Asuncion

Paraguayan exporter was arrested in a police operation that found 338kg of cocaine hidden in a shipment of 1,400 cans of a tomato product being sent to Spain, officials said. Paraguayan Interior Minister Carmelo Caballero told a press conference that the operation was a direct blow against drug trafficking and estimated that

the drug would have a value of $20mn on the European market. An exporter is detained in the case, certain to be indicted and, apart from that two other raids were carried out - one in the storeroom where the shipment was being prepared and where several more pieces of evidence were collected, and the other at the exporters address, police commander Aldo Pastore said. In a communique, National Police said that agents found 300 packets of cocaine weighing 338kg in 1,400 cans la-

belled as a tomato product. The exporter in custody has been identied as Carlos Alberto Echague Martinez of the Avati SA company, and the shipment was headed for the Spanish company C B Tropical in the southern city of Malaga. Besides the man under arrest, police are investigating three foreign citizens from Argentina and Chile, suspected members of a drug-trafficking organisation, though the commander refused to identify them while investi-

gations are still in progress. He added that only after analyses have been completed will it be possible to say if the cocaine came from Bolivia or Colombia. Pastore said that this is the first seizure in Paraguay of drugs hidden in liquids such as the tomato puree - up to now they have been detected in shipments of lumber, handicrafts and grains. Drug traffickers are very inventive and are always changing their ways of trafficking, he said.

Castro makes surprise appearance in Cuba

Reuters Havana

Ailing Chavez better

Reuters Havana

etired leader Fidel Castro voted in Cubas general election on Sunday and chatted with well-wishers and Cuban reporters in Havana for more than an hour, in his first extended public appearance since 2010. Castro had voted from his home in three previous elections since taking ill in 2006 and ceding power to his brother Raul two years later. A stooped, snow white bearded Castro, 86, was seen on state-run television as he cast his ballot in the late afternoon, wearing a blue plaid shirt and light blue jacket. The announcer said Castro talked about efforts to reform the economy, Latin American integration, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and other matters. He was heard in a weak voice praising popular participation in Sundays election. The people are truly revolutionary, they have really sacrificed. We dont have to prove it, history will. Fifty years of the blockade and they havent given in, he said. Cubans went to the polls to elect a Communist Party-selected slate of 612 deputies to the National Assembly and more than 1,000 delegates to provincial assemblies, at a time of change in how they live and work, but not in how they vote.

Former Cuban president Fidel Castro casts his vote at a polling station in Havana. President Raul Castro and other leaders were also shown on television casting their ballots and commenting on the importance of the election as a show of support for reforms and independence from the US. Raul Castro is decentralising the state-dominated economy, allowing more space for private initiative in agriculture and retail services and has lifted many restrictions on personal freedoms, such as travel and buying and selling homes and cars. He has also introduced term limits (two five-year stints) for top government posts, but has drawn the line at legalising other political parties and contested elections. Renouncing the principle of a single party would be equal to legalising one or more imperialist parties, Castro said at a Party conference last year.

iling Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who had cancer surgery in December, is doing much better and recovering, Cuban leader Fidel Castro said in remarks published yesterday. Chavez, whose country sits atop the worlds largest proven oil reserves, has not been seen or heard from since his December 11 operation in a Havana hospital - sparking much speculation about his fate. The 58-year-old is much better, recovering, Castro said of his friend and ally in comments carried by the official Granma newspaper. It has been a strong struggle but it has been improving, he said, adding: We have to cure him. Chavez is very important for his country and for Latin America. Castro, 86, also told reporters before voting in Cubas parliamentary elections on Sunday that he gets a daily update on Chavezs condition. Chavez was too sick to attend his own inauguration January 10 to a six-year term, prompting the government to indenitely delay the swearing-in under an interpretation of the constitution that was slammed by the opposition.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Scented candles help Kate battle morning sickness

Kate Middleton has filled her home at Kensington Palace with scented candles in a bid to overcome her battle with morning sickness. The candles are made with oils of the rare South African buchu plant, the Daily Mail reported. The buchu leaves are used as a remedy for gastrointestinal ailments. The plant gives off a scent similar to blackcurrant. Kate was admitted to hospital in December for morning sickness. The duchess has now turned to natural food remedies, including Turkish figs and lavender biscuits. The candles are also available in English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine fragrances. Expected to go on sale later this month, the candles cost 39.50 each.

Man remanded on girl murder charge

A man has appeared in court accused of murdering a 16-year-old girl whose body was found in an alleyway. College student Sasha Marsden had been fatally stabbed in the head and face before attempts were made to set her on fire. The teenagers body was found in Kirby Road in the South Shore area of Blackpool last Thursday night. David Minto, 22, of Kirby Road, appeared before magistrates in the resort, charged with her murder. During the short hearing, Minto, wearing a navy blue jumper and jeans, spoke only to confirm his name, address and date of birth. He was remanded in custody to appear at Preston Crown Court today.

Four held over teen stabbing freed on bail

Four people arrested in connection with the murder of teenager Hani Abou El Kheir have been released on bail. Hani, 16, was stabbed to death on January 27 in Pimlico, central London, by a group of people believed to have been wielding knives and swords. On Sunday a man aged 48, a woman of 47 and two girls aged 16 and 17, who were arrested on Saturday on suspicion of assisting an offender were bailed to a date in March, Scotland Yard said. Two men aged 18 and 19 and two boys aged 16 and 17 arrested on suspicion of murder on Saturday remain in custody at police stations in east London. Police believe at least 10 youths were involved in Hanis killing.

1,000 doctors charged with alcohol abuse

Over 1,000 doctors have faced disciplinary hearings for alcohol and drug misuse over the past five years, a report said. Figures from the General Medical Council show that 1,356 doctors have been assessed for alcohol and drug addiction or mental health problems over the same period, the Daily Express reported. As many as 544 doctors were found to have drinking problems and 598 were diagnosed with mental health issues. Experts said this was likely to be the tip of an iceberg because most such doctors do not seek help. Clare Gerada of the Royal College of General Practitioners, who runs a help service for sick doctors, said: Many are exhausted and under tremendous pressure.

Newtons books found after 300 years!

A dusty box full of textbooks found at the bottom of a cupboard in a school laboratory turned out to be 300-year-old works of Isaac Newton owned by the schools first principal. The books were found in Newcastle-under-Lyme School, Staffordshire, the Daily Express reported. The discovery was made by physics student Will Garside working on recording artefacts. The books contain Newtons Laws of Motion and an account of the principles of gravity spanning more than 1,000 pages. The set of three volumes is believed to have been the property of the first headmaster, Francis Elliot Kitchener, who was at the school from 1874. The school said it will not sell the books.

Cameron faces party revolt over gay marriage

AFP London

Knife-wielding man charged

rime Minister David Cameron faces a battle to placate traditionalists in his Conservative Party bitterly opposed to gay marriage ahead of a parliamentary vote on the contentious issue today. Cameron has given strong backing to the plans to allow same-sex couples to marry, but they are fast becoming a highly divisive issue for his party. The prime minister has promised lawmakers a free vote on the proposed legislation in the House of Commons today, meaning party managers will not try to influence their choice. But there is concern in Conservative ranks that more than half of the partys MPs could vote against the bill. Many grassroots Tories are warning that a green light for gay marriage could alienate rankand-le Conservatives. On Sunday, more than 20 current and former constituency chairmen delivered a letter to Camerons Downing Street ofce urging the prime minister to delay any parliamentary decision on gay marriage until after the next election. The letter warned that if the plans pass into law, there would be signicant damage to the Conservative Party in the runup to the 2015 election . A ComRes poll of just over 2,000 people who voted Conservative at the 2010 general election found that 20% agreed that they would have considered voting Conservative at the next election but will denitely not if the coalition government legalises same-sex marriage . The survey in the Daily Telegraph newspaper also found that 62% of voters overall thought Camerons chief motivation was trying to make the Conservatives seem trendy and modern .

Police stole identities of dead children, reveals report

Undercover officers created aliases based on details found in birth and death records, investigation reveals
Guardian News and Media London

A man who was shocked by police with a Taser stun gun as he waved large knives outside Buckingham Palace was yesterday charged with affray and possessing a bladed weapon in public. Talhat Rehman, 54, from Harrow in north-west London, was seen ranting and pressing one of the knives to his chest outside the central London palace, just before noon on Sunday. Police shocked him with a Taser and arrested him in front of crowds of tourists who had come to see the main residence of Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch and her husband were at her Sandringham estate at the time of the incident. Rehman faces two counts of possessing a bladed weapon in public and one count of affray.

ritains largest police force stole the identities of an estimated 80 dead children and issued fake passports in their names for use by undercover ofcers. The London Metropolitan (Met) police secretly authorised the practice for officers inltrating protest groups without consulting or informing the childrens parents. The details are revealed in an investigation by the Guardian, which has established how over three decades police officers trawled through birth and death records in search of suitable matches. Undercover officers created aliases based on the details of the dead children and were issued with driving licences and national insurance numbers. Some of the police officers spent up to 10 years pretending to be people who had died. The Met said the practice was not currently authorised, but announced an investigation into past arrangements for undercover identities used by SDS (special demonstration squad]) officers . Keith Vaz, the chairman of parliaments home affairs select committee, said he was shocked at the gruesome practice. It will only cause enormous distress to families who will dis-

cover what has happened concerning the identities of their dead children, he said. The technique of using dead children as aliases has remained classied intelligence for decades, although it was ctionalised in Frederick Forsyths novel The Day of the Jackal. As a result, police have internally nicknamed the process of searching for suitable identities as the jackal run . Two undercover officers have provided a detailed account of how they and others used the identities of dead children.

It will only cause enormous distress to families who will discover what has happened concerning the identities of their dead children
One, who adopted the fake persona of Pete Black while undercover in anti-racist groups, said he felt he was stomping on the grave of the four-year-old boy whose identity he used. A part of me was thinking about how I would feel if someone was taking the names and details of my dead son for something like this, he said. The Guardian has chosen not to identify Black by his real name. The other officer, who adopted the identity of a child who died in a car crash, said he was conscious the parents would still be grief-stricken . He spoke on the condition of anonymity and argued his actions could be justied because they were for the greater good . Both officers worked for the secretive SDS, which was disbanded

in 2008. A third undercover police officer in the SDS who adopted the identity of a dead child can be named as John Dines, a sergeant. He adopted the identity of an eight-year-old boy named John Barker, who died in 1968 from leukaemia. The Met said in a statement: We are not prepared to conrm nor deny the deployment of individuals on specic operations. The force added: A formal complaint has been received which is being investigated by the DPS (directorate for professional standards) and we appreciate the concerns that have been raised. The DPS inquiry is taking place in conjunction with Operation Hernes investigation into the wider issue of past arrangements for undercover identities used by SDS officers. We can conrm that the practice referred to in the complaint is not something that would currently be authorised in the (Met police). There is a suggestion that the practice of using dead infant identities may have been stopped in the mid-1990s, when death records were digitised. However, the case being investigated by the Met relates to a suspected undercover police ofcer who may have used a dead childs identity in 2003. Since then dozens of SDS officers, including those who posed as anticapitalists, animal rights activists and violent far-right campaigners, have used the identities of dead children. One document seen by the Guardian indicates that around 80 police officers used such identities between 1968 and 1994. The total number could be higher.

Ailing Gascoigne has faith in recovery

AFP London

Archbishop takes office

Hunt under re in hospital cuts row

London Evening Standard London

aul Gascoigne thinks he can still get back on track despite a worrying public appearance last week, according to Professional Footballers Association (PFA) chief executive Gordon Taylor. The former footballer, who has struggled with alcohol problems in the past and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act in 2008, was lmed trembling and speaking incoherently at a charity event on Thursday. The footage, published by The Sun newspaper, prompted Gascoignes agent, Terry Baker, to say that his client needed immediate help and that, as an alcoholic, his life was always in danger . However, Taylor said that his organisation had

been in touch with Gascoigne over the weekend and received assurances that the former England star was determined to recover from his latest setback. He still feels he is capable of getting back on track and (that) it is a relapse he has had, Taylor told the Press Association. I can only say, whatever help he needs, he must come on (board) and we will help to provide it. I think he does need specialist care and a very strong 24hour support system, but again, it needs him to be part of that. Gascoignes former England team mate Gary Lineker expressed concern at the weekend, writing on Twitter: I can only hope he nds peace somehow, but fear those hopes may be forlorn. Taylor admits there are worrying parallels between Gascoignes case and that of former Manchester United winger George Best, who died at the age of 59 in 2005 after a long bat-

tle with alcoholism. However, he took issue with suggestions from ex-United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel that the PFA needed to step up its efforts to give Gascoigne help. We have tried to support him throughout all his problems with rehabilitation at various clinics, with medical help, Taylor said. We go one step forward and two back at times and this is just the situation. If we are not careful, it is going to be akin to George Best. It is unfortunate, but we try to keep going. I cant think of a player who has had more support and constant help over the number of years that we have been there for Paul. It is quite ironic - it is nice that people like Peter Schmeichel care about him, but they dont appreciate the work we have done for him, a lot of which has to be condential. If anything, I have been criticised at times for keeping faith and trying to keep going with him.

Justin Welby, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, stands on the steps of St Pauls Cathedral with his wife Caroline after a ceremony yesterday. The ceremony, known as the Confirmation of Election, forms part of the legal process by which Welby replaces his predecessor, Rowan Williams, as Archbishop of Canterbury.

ealth Secretary Jeremy Hunt pressed ahead with plans to downgrade Lewisham Hospital despite the critical concerns of the NHSs medical director, it was revealed. Professor Sir Bruce Keogh warned him that cutting the accident and emergency and maternity departments could lead to major problems at neighbouring hospitals required to treat patients diverted from Lewisham. It comes as Hunt was yesterday under re for claiming in Parliament that the NHS chief told him the proposals could save up to 100 lives every year a claim never made in his report. Sir Bruce, who was asked by Hunt to review the proposed axing of Lewishams casualty and maternity wards prior to a nal decision last week, backed the changes but told the health secretary that their timing will be critical .

Lewisham handles 110,000 A&E patients and 4,400 births a year. Many of its patients are expected to divert to Kings College or to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich. This will result in both handling more than 8,000 births a year and having to double-staff the units. Campaigners and MPs had already complained that hospitals including Kings College, in Denmark Hill, had been forced to turn away expectant mothers on 37 occasions in 18 months because their maternity wards were full. Sir Bruce said there was a need to ensure there is no risk to patients by inadvertent underprovision at hospitals receiving displaced Lewisham activity , particularly acute medical emergencies . Sir Bruce told Hunt that it was illogical to transfer all A&E patients elsewhere prompting the health secretary to retain a downgraded casualty unit at the hospital able to deal with about 80,000 of the less serious cases Lewisham handles each year.


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Skeleton under car park is of King Richard III, reveal scientists
A skeleton found under a car park in Leicester was yesterday confirmed as that of king Richard III, widely depicted as one of historys most notorious villains. Scientists from the University of Leicester matched DNA from the 500-year-old skeleton with descendants of the kings sister, while the skeleton had the twisted spine and battle injuries consistent with contemporary accounts. It is the academic conclusion of the University of Leicester that, beyond reasonable doubt, the individual exhumed at Greyfriars in September 2012 is indeed Richard III, the last Plantagenet king of England, lead archaeologist Richard Buckley said to applause at a press conference at the university. He said the kings remains would now be re-interred at Leicester Cathedral, in keeping with archaeological practice to bury remains on the nearest consecrated ground. The find has caused huge excitement among historians, as it provides firm evidence about a monarch whose life has been shrouded in controversy ever since his death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. Richards body was paraded naked and bloody on the back of a horse in Leicester, in central England, before being buried in an unmarked grave at Greyfriars, a friary in the city. The crown passed to Henry VII and the Tudor monarchs, who, with the help of William Shakespeare and other playwrights, painted Richard as a brutal, hunchbacked villain who stopped at nothing in his quest for power, even murdering his two young nephews to secure the throne. The skeleton confirms that Richard did have severe scoliosis which caused his spine to be twisted and his right shoulder appear higher than his left, but according to Jo Appleby, the projects lead osteologist. There was also evidence of humiliation injuries to his face and his buttocks, which may well have been inflicted on his naked body by rivals after his death. The researchers were confident they had found Richard, but the final green light came just hours before more than 150 journalists were due to gather for the announcement, with the confirmation of the DNA results. Geneticist Turi King revealed that the skeletons DNA matched that of two descendants of Richards sister, Anne of York - a Canadian-born carpenter, Michael Ibsen, and another person who wishes to remain anonymous. It presented a strong and compelling case that these are indeed the remains of Richard III, King said. Ibsen, the 17th generation descendant, said he was stunned at the discovery, and was looking forward to seeing the facial reconstruction of Richard, although he added: It wont look like me. Historians now hope to dispel some of the myths about Richard, publicising evidence that he never killed his nephews and looking again at what he achieved in his brief two-year reign, including the establishment of a system of bail and legal aid. Philippa Langley, a member of the Richard III Society who co-ordinated and helped fund the search, said she hoped a new image would emerge of the king and the two-dimensional character devised by the Tudors will be no more. We have searched for Richard and we have found him. Now its time to honour him, she said. There had been debate about what to do with the bones amid calls from some for them to be buried in the city of York, Richards power base, but it has been decided that his final resting place will be Leicester Cathedral.

there was no evidence of the twisted arm depicted by Shakespeare. The man was the right age - Richard died aged 32 - had a high-protein diet consistent with someone of high birth, and had a slender, almost feminine build, which matched contemporary accounts.

In a forensic search that at times resembled a television crime drama, there were also clear signs of the person having been in battle. A slice was taken off the back of his head by a weapons such as a halberd, a type of axe, which with another injury nearby would have probably killed him,

Agatha Christie was probed by secret service

Guardian News and Media London

id Agatha Christie have a spy in the governments top-secret codebreaking centre at Bletchley Park? That was the fear of intelligence chiefs at MI5 during World War II who were so concerned that they decided to investigate her contacts. What made MI5 suspect one of Britains famous crime writers? The answer, it can now be revealed, lay in the name of a character in her wartime novel N or M, whom she called Major Bletchley. He appears in the book as a friend of Christies pair of detectives, Tommy and Tuppence. In the book, published in 1941, N and M are the initials given to two of Hitlers agents as Tommy and Tuppence hunt for the enemy within.

Bletchley? My dear, I was stuck there on my way by train from Oxford to London and took revenge by giving the name to one of my least lovable characters
Major Bletchley comes across as a tedious former Indian army officer who claims to know the secrets of Britains wartime efforts. Christie happened to be a close friend of Dilly Knox, one of the leading codebreakers at Bletchley Park. MI5 was concerned that the majors inside knowledge of the progress of the war was based on what the codebreakers knew about Hitlers plans. Had Christie mischievously named the character Bletchley because Knox told her what was going on there? The codebreakers at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire had broken German Enigma machine cyphers, enabling Churchill and

his military commanders to know what the enemy was planning. Berlin believed Enigma was unbreakable, making it all the more essential to ensure that only a very small circle of people knew what the codebreakers at Bletchley were up to. What worried MI5 even more was that it was Knox who had just broken the Enigma machine cypher used by German secret service officers sending spies to Britain. According to a new account of the achievements of Bletchley Park - The Codebreakers of Station X, by Michael Smith, published yesterday by Shire books MI5 was anxious to nd out what Christie knew. It sent officers to question Knox, fearing that if they or the police questioned Christie the investigation was certain to be publicised. Knox said Christie could not possibly know what was going on at Bletchley, but agreed to ask her himself. He realised he had to be careful exactly what he said to the author. He invited her to his home at Courns Wood, Naphill in Buckinghamshire, and, according to friends of Knox, over tea and scones asked why she had named the Indian army major Bletchley. Christie replied: Bletchley? My dear, I was stuck there on my way by train from Oxford to London and took revenge by giving the name to one of my least lovable characters. MI5 was relieved. Knox was dying of cancer when he broke the Enigma code used by German spymasters. He did not live to see how his discovery was a key factor behind the success of the D-Day Double Cross deception operation. British military commanders deceived their German opposite numbers and knew that Berlin believed the allied landings would take place near Calais and not on the Normandy beaches.

Huhne pleads guilty to speeding lie, quits as MP

Agencies London

ormer Cabinet minister Chris Huhne faces jail after yesterday admitting dodging a driving ban by handing speeding penalty points to his then wife. Huhne, 58, who resigned as energy and climate change secretary last year, pleaded guilty at Southwark crown court to a charge of perverting the course of justice. The dramatic move came on the day he was due to stand trial before a jury with his ex-wife Vicky Pryce. Justice Sweeney warned the disgraced Liberal Democrat MP that prison was a very real danger when he returns to court to be sentenced. I am going to grant you unconditional bail again and I will deal with your sentence on a date to be notied, said the judge. You should have no illusion whatsoever as to the sort of sentence you are likely to receive understand? Huhne, standing in the dock, nodded. The charge dates back to 2003. Outside court, Huhne conrmed he would be standing down as MP for Eastleigh in Hampshire. In a statement, he said: I pleaded guilty. Im unable to say anything more while there is an outstanding trial. Having taken responsibility for something that happened 10 years ago, the only proper course of action is for me to resign my seat in Parliament, which I will do very shortly. Thats all Im able to say. Only last Monday Huhne had entered a not guilty plea to the charge. Last February Huhne became

emerge as evidence during the trial. In particular, the court heard that the prosecution would present transcripts of text messages between Huhne and his son Peter, the youngest of his three children with Pryce. The prosecution said the texts were relevant because they contained an exchange about the alleged 2003 offence. The texts, from 2010-11, gave a painful insight into the breakdown of the family. In them, Huhne repeatedly tried to reach out to the then 18-year-old only to be rebuffed with insults and expletives.

You should have no illusion whatsoever as to the sort of sentence you are likely to receive understand?
The court heard that Peter Huhne had called his father the most ghastly man I have ever known and had repeatedly told him to stop contacting him. Media had not previously been able to publish the texts because of reporting restrictions on pretrial proceedings designed to avoid prejudicing jurors in the trial. Some of those restrictions were lifted after Huhnes guilty plea. Huhnes resignation means a nightmare by-election test for Nick Clegg in marginal Eastleigh. Huhne held the seat with a majority of 3,864 for the Liberal Democrats in 2005. Tories signalled they would fight hard to win but they could face a stiff challenge from the United Kingdom Independence Party. David Camerons official spokesman declined to comment on the former ministers resignation.

Former energy secretary Chris Huhne, with his partner Carina Trimingham, speak to the media outside the Southwark Crown Court in central London yesterday. the rst Cabinet minister in history to be forced from office by a criminal charge. He resigned from the government announcing that he intended to clear his name . But his political career is now in ruins. Pryce, 60, pleaded not guilty to a similar charge of perverting the course of justice during court proceedings last year. Yesterday she denied the charge on the grounds of marital coercion and her trial will start today. The charge dates back to 2003 when Huhnes car was caught speeding on the M25 near Stansted airport. At that time Huhne was an MEP and had just own back to the UK from Strasbourg. He would have faced a driving ban because he had already accrued nine penalty points on his driving licence and three extra points would have put him over the threshold. The deception remained secret until two national newspapers broke the story in 2011 and this publicity led to a police investigation. Huhnes marriage to Pryce had broken up in 2010 when his affair with party aide Carina Trimingham became public. Yesterday Trimingham was in court sitting in a seat in the public gallery behind the dock just feet from Huhne and Pryce. The maximum sentence for perverting the course of justice is life in prison but that is very rarely applied. The average sentence for the offence is about 10 months. As recently as last month, Clegg had described Huhne as a big beast and told reporters he would like to see to see the ex-minister return to the top table of British politics, were he cleared of the charge. Huhnes failed application to have the charge against him dismissed, which was heard last month, gave a flavour of the intimate details that would

Supplement linked to death still on sale

Guardian News and Media London

Official visit

Flying instructor gets six months jail

Agencies London

he supplement that contributed to the death of the marathon runner Claire Squires is still available legally through overseas websites, it has emerged, despite it being banned for sale in the UK by regulators four months after she died. Several websites outside Europe that ship to the UK still sell the original Jack3D supplement, containing the amphetamine-like stimulant DMAA (1.3 dimethylamylamine) that an inquest found on Wednesday had been a contributory factor in the death of the 30-year-old, one mile from the nish line of the London Marathon. Because the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) can only regulate products on sale on the UK high street or through UK-based websites, online retailers based overseas can still legally ship the product to the UK.

We have no jurisdiction over other countries, conrmed a spokesman for the MHRA, an executive agency of the department of health. We try to work with regulatory partners to try to get websites taken down if they are in Europe but we cant do much about sales from other countries like China, Russia or the US. Even if products are being sold into the UK from Europe, we only have a degree of success. Once the product has entered the UK, it is not illegal to buy or possess it. Substances we have banned are not controlled substances, added the MHRA spokesman. Our ruling means that products containing DMAA are, effectively, unlicensed medicines. He said there was a vastly under-reported problem of people selling banned products to each other in gyms. This happens in a very under the radar-type way, he added. The majority of people who take DMAA products are regular gym-goers. The police would not get involved.

The manufacturer of Jack3D reformulated the ingredients of the supplement after it was banned in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia but several sites still sell the original formulation. When it banned the powdered supplement, the MHRA said it was the most popular of its kind in the UK. Squires took the supplement without realising that the powder contained DMAA and was unaware of the dangers. The original formulation of the supplement was also available through a seller on the UK eBay site. The fact its banned now is very welcome. But the ban hasnt eliminated the supply. The difference now might be that if you go looking for it youre probably better informed than if you just pick it up off the shelf. This will hopefully alert people to the general risk that if youre using something that has a genuine physiological effect, you should be careful, said Graham Arthur, director of legal at UK Anti-Doping.

Prime Minister David Cameron welcomes Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud at 10 Downing Street in London yesterday.

ying instructor whose multi-millionaire student died in a helicopter crash has been jailed for six months for lying to get him a pilots licence. Former army captain Ian King, 53, falsely signed off businessman Paul Spencers incomplete training records weeks before the tragedy, which also killed Spencers wife Linda. While it was impossible to say whether Kings actions caused the crash at Rudding Park resort in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, in 2008, he showed complete and utter disregard for the rules and deliberately deceived authorities, a judge at Leeds Crown Court said. King, of Clifford, near Wetherby, denied making a false representation with intent to deceive the Civil Aviation Authority but was found guilty by a jury after a week-long trial. Spencers flying experience fell below what was required for a licence and some of the

hours were before the date he was licensed to begin his training, the court has heard. King, who has two previous convictions for Civil Aviation Authority breaches and was suspended from acting as a flying instructor in 2009, signed off falsified logs in a bid to fast-track his licence. The logbook showed that Spencer, of Brighouse, West Yorkshire, had done 51.3 hours of training, the minimum being 45 hours. The jury of six men and six women was told by the Crown that phone records, e-mails sent by the businessman, fuel purchases and weather conditions contradicted the official log certied by King. Judge Tom Bayliss said the former instructor, who is married and has a family, cut corners and was unco-operative throughout the investigation. Im satised youre a proud working man. You have a reputation for honesty and integrity in the community, judge Bayliss told the defendant. But that, Im afraid, is only part of the story. Spencers logbook was a work of ction.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Dutroux seeks early release

AFP/DPA Brussels

elgiums notorious serial paedophile killer Marc Dutroux has asked a special court for early release after serving 16 years of a life sentence for the kidnap, rape and gruesome murder of several young girls. The 56-year-old, the countrys most reviled criminal, was escorted under heavy surveillance from a high-security prison to the central Brussels courthouse as a helicopter hovered overhead and 125 officers stood guard over the court building. Weeks before he can formally lodge a request for early release on April 30 Dutroux at a closed-door hearing that lasted almost two hours asked to be placed under house arrest with an electronic tag. We agreed to make no statement until the court hands down a decision on February 18, his lawyer Pierre Deutsch said at the end of the hearing. Court president Luc Hennart said that the ruling would be read out publicly, in contrast to a hearing yesterday that was held behind closed doors and under heavy police guard. Deutsch, told the newspaper La Libre Belgique that he hoped the judges will not buckle under the public pressure . There had been widespread outrage last year when Dutrouxs ex-wife and accomplice, Michelle Martin, was freed after serving 16 years of a 30-year sentence. But yesterday only a handful of protesters gathered outside the court with signs protesting that Dutroux should stay in jail . Many of the victims relatives boycotted the hearing over their inability under Belgian law to argue against the early release. Only two families were present

Dutroux (right), whose crimes horrified Belgium in the 1990s, is escorted by police officers at the Palace of Justice in Brussels yesterday. Left: Protesters hold a banner reading Dutroux should stay in jail in front of the Palace of Justice. Below: Journalists gather at the courtroom as Dutroux appeared before a special court seeking to be released and placed under house arrest with an electronic tag.

at the proceedings yesterday, Hennart said. They did not have a face-toface encounter with Dutroux, he noted. Hennart declined to give any details on the two-hour hearing, other than to say that it took place in perfect serenity . Im not really worried that hell be released, Luk Delbrouck, a lawyer for one of the convicted killers victims, Eefje Lambrecks, told journalists after the hearing. Lambrecks, whose brother attended the hearing, was 19 when she disappeared in the port of Ostend in 1995. Her body was found almost a year later along with that of a 17-year-old. Deutsch had said that his client, who was slipped into the court unseen through a back door, would ask for early release on the grounds that he could nd a job, or at least an income, accommodation, and show why the risk of recidivism should as far as

possible be discounted . Coming months after his former wife and accomplice won parole to go live in a convent, the request has horried Belgians and revived demands for a rewrite of the countrys legislation on parole. Parliament is currently examining a proposal to tighten conditions for winning parole. A handful of protesters outside the courthouse demanded a hanging for Dutroux, the rope for paedophiles . The former electrician was jailed for life in June 2004 for the kidnap and rape between June 1995 and August 1996 of six young and teenaged girls, four of whom died. With both the prison and judicial administration having said the chances of a relapse for Dutroux are too great to agree to an early release, he has little hope of winning the appeal. His release would be a bombshell in Belgium, still traumatised

by the worst criminal case in the history of the kingdom, and one of the rst in Europe to put paedophilia squarely in the public eye. The release in August of Michelle Martin caused an outcry. The 52-year-old mother of three of the jailed killers children, a former schoolteacher, was granted release on parole in May after serving barely half of a 30-year sentence. Martin, who like many of his other women met him at an ice rink, was found guilty of helping Dutroux hold his victims prisoner, and of complicity in the deaths of two eight-year-olds, found starved to death in a locked cellar. Dutroux, an unemployed electrician allegedly surviving on drug-dealing and stolen cars, was arrested in August 1996 after a 14-year-old went missing. She was found alive two days

later along with a girl of 12, cowering in the basement of one of his homes. The case then took a gruesome turn when the bodies of the two eight-year-olds were found buried in the garden of his main residence. Less than a month later, the bodies of two more girls were

found in another property owned by Dutroux. Public shock turned to fury when it emerged not only that police had missed a string of clues, but that Dutroux had been released from jail in 1992 after serving just three years of a 13year sentence for the abduction and rape of ve girls.

Martin, a quiet woman who consistently pleaded submissiveness to Dutroux, admitted to having locked the door to the cellar where he held the girls captive. She was supposed to have fed them when Dutroux was away but told the court she was too afraid.

Altered mug shots spur investigation

Reuters Athens

Greek finance minister sent bullet in the mail

Greeces finance minister was sent a bullet and a death threat from a group protesting home foreclosures, police officials said yesterday, in the latest incident to raise fears of growing political violence. The package was sent by a littleknown group called Cretan Revolution, which warned the minister against any efforts to seize homes and evict homeowners, police sources said. The group sent similar letters to tax offices in Crete last week. Yannis Stournaras, a respected economist who became finance minister in June, has angered many Greeks by championing austerity policies demanded by the European Union and International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the price for bailout aid. There have been a spate of small attacks in recent weeks in Greece, including makeshift bomb explosions outside the homes of journalists and political figures as well as shots fired at an office used by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. Those attacks were followed by a bomb explosion at an Athens shopping mall last month which wounded two people and stoked fears that Greece could be headed for a new bout of leftist violence amid its worst economic crisis since World War II. Some of the attacks were claimed by leftist groups protesting capitalism and police raids against squats in the centre of Athens.

Talks to boost Kosovo ruling coalition falter

Reuters Pristina

Greek prosecutor has ordered an investigation into whether four suspected bank robbers were beaten in custody after police published mug shots that were altered to make their injuries appear less severe. Rights groups and critics have long accused Greek police of detaining immigrants and other prisoners in shocking conditions. Photos published in the Greek media of the men, who were aged between 20 and 25 and arrested on Friday, show them bruised and bleeding while being escorted by police. But mug shots released by the police over the weekend had injuries missing. One had been altered to remove a purple bruise from beneath the suspects left eye. In another, black bruises below the suspects eyes and cheeks appear to have been erased. Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias acknowledged the photographs had been altered, but defended the decision by saying that it was to make the four men recognisable to the public. Photoshop was used and I just like you, just like any reasonable person asked why was this done?, Dendias told Greek TV when asked about the press reports. Because if they hadnt been Photoshopped, in order to make them resemble an image that the average person would recognise them in, then the photos wouldnt have been published in the rst place.

Police officers escort suspected bank robbers Andreas Bourzoukos (above) and Nikolaos Romanos (below, left) at prosecutors office in Kozani town in northern Greece on Saturday. Left and below, right: Handout mug shots of Bourzoukos and Romanos as distributed by the Greek police on Saturday.

egotiations to shore up Kosovos shaky coalition government by enlisting the support of a former guerilla commander have broken down, officials said yesterday, raising the prospect of a snap election. Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, who tried to bring former premier Ramush Haradinaj and his Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) in to his coalition government to bolster his slim majority in parliament, insisted the coalition remained stable. The current coalition is very stable and effective and will continue to do its job, Thaci told journalists in Pristina. Today we had a very friendly meeting with Haradinaj and we agreed to work together on the issues with common national interest while other steps will be taken under new political conditions and circumstances.

Neither side gave reasons for the failure of the talks. Haradinaj, acquitted in December of war crimes by a UN court in The Hague, had wanted to replace Thaci as prime minister in exchange for the support of his AAK partys 12 deputies in parliament. Having assessed the current political situation in Kosovo, there was no agreement that would allow (Thacis Democratic Party) PDK and AAK to co-govern under the current circumstances, Haradinajs AAK said in a statement. Majority Albanian Kosovo seceded from Serbia in 2008 with the backing of the West, but the impoverished country of 1.7mn people still struggles with instability and weak governance. Thaci is currently involved in European Union-mediated talks with Serbia, with the West pushing the two to establish functional, neighbourly relations. Serbia says it will never recognise Kosovo as a state.

He said that police believed the injuries occurred when the suspects resisted arrest rather than when they were in custody. The leftist Syriza opposition criticised Dendiass comments and demanded an investigation into allegations by the families of the men saying they had beaten in police custody. Greek news websites also published a letter by the mother of one of the suspects accusing the police of treating her son brutally

because of his anti-establishment beliefs. Police authorities in Greece are following the examples of torture in the Guantanamo prison, the letter said, adding: My son and the others arrested was not treated like every other law violator but with particular hatred because he is an anarchist. The four men were arrested during an attempted armed robbery at the branches of Greek

lenders ATEbank and Hellenic Postbank in the northern town of Kozani on Friday. Two of the detainees appeared in court yesterday on charges of belonging to the Conspiracy of Fire Cells group, an urban guerrilla group which has claimed responsibility for a spate of bomb attacks since 2009. Greece has seen a surge in political violence in recent weeks, including a series of small makeshift bomb attacks against jour-

nalists and political gures as well as a shooting attack at an ofce used by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

Serbia coalition intact despite PMs drug cartel scandal

DPA Belgrade

erbias ruling coalition will remain intact, leaders said yesterday, despite speculation that a snap election would be called after a report linked Prime Minister Ivica Dacic to an alleged organised crime gure, officials said yesterday.

Aleksandar Vucic, the countrys deputy premier and head of the senior partner in the coalition, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), said that his party continues working in the government. The SNS leadership met yesterday to discuss a response to leaked police surveillance reports showing that Dacic, who leads the Socialist Party of Serbia

(SPS), has had contacts with a member of a powerful drug cartel operating from Serbia and Montenegro. Dacic insisted that he was unaware of the mans links to the outt and that the report was leaked to destabilise the ruling coalition. The SPS controls 24 of the coalitions 144 seats, out of the total 250 in the parliament.

With Vucic spearheading the largest crackdown on corruption in Serbia to date, disclosure implicating Dacics links with organised crime raised the prospect of the coalitions disintegration and snap polls just nine months after general elections were held. Early elections appeared likely particularly as the popularity of Vucic and the SNS has soared since its anti-corruption efforts

began producing arrests including those of a former government minister and Serbias richest tycoon. Vucic admitted that a snap election would suit his party, but said that interests of the state and the people are more important . We will have elections when the majority of the people asks for new authorities, he said.

MALL CINEMA (1): Ice Age 4: Continental Drift 3 & 5pm; Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola (Hindi) 7 & 10pm. MALL CINEMA (2): Kamath & Kamath (Malayalam) 2.15, 4.45 & 9pm; Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (3D) 7.15 & 11.30pm. MALL CINEMA (3): Standing Ovation (2D) 2.30pm; 2 Days In New York (3D) 4.30pm; Aala Gosety (Arabic, 2D) 6.15 & 11.15pm; Lincoln (2D) 8.30pm. ROYAL PLAZA Cinema Palace (1): Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (3D) 2.30 & 11.30pm; Aala Gosety (Arabic, 2D) 4.30, 7 & 9.15pm. ROYAL PLAZA Cinema Palace (2): Rise Of The Guardians (2D) 2.30 & 4.30pm; Beat The World 6.30pm; Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol 8.30pm; Jack Reacher 11pm. ROYAL PLAZA Cinema Palace (3): Paranorman 2.30pm; Hassal Kheir (Arabic) 4.30pm; Snow White & The Huntsman 7pm; Vamps 9.30pm; Mr & Mrs Eweys (Arabic 2D) 11.30pm. CINEMA LANDMARK (1): Snowflake: The White Gorilla (2D) 2.30pm; Lincoln (2D) 4.30pm; Kamath & Kamath (Malayalam) 7.30 & 10.30pm. CINEMA LANDMARK (2): Tad, The Lost Explorer (3D) 3pm; 2 Days In New York (2D) 5pm; Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (3D) 7, 9 & 11.30pm. CINEMA LANDMARK (3): Aala Gosety (Arabic, 2D) 2.30, 4.45, 7 & 9.15pm; Warm Bodies (2D) 11.30pm.


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Spains PP vows legal action in graft scandal

AFP Madrid

Rajoy: implicated.

pains ruling Popular Party said yesterday that it would take legal action against anyone who published or leaked information implicating its executives in a case of alleged corruption that has sparked calls for the prime minister to resign. Leading centre-left newspaper El Pais on Thursday published account ledgers kept by two former treasurers of the party purportedly showing that at least a dozen senior party ofcials, including Prime Minister

Mariano Rajoy, received payments from a secret slush fund. The report has sparked daily protests by hundreds of demonstrators outside of the rightleaning partys headquarters in Madrid as well as in other locations across the country at a time when the unemployment rate stands at a record 26% and the government is imposing tough spending cuts. The leader of Spains opposition Socialist party, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, on Sunday called on Rajoy to resign over the corruption scandal. The Popular Party (PP) will launch lawsuits against anyone or any group of people who have

accused the Popular Party or its management structure of illegal or irregular actions , one of the partys secretaries, Carlos Floriano, told reporters. The lawsuits will target all those who leaked the allegations as well as those who published them , he added without specifying who would be cited in any legal action taken by the party. We cannot tolerate in any way any suggestion of illegal, irregular or reprehensible practices in the Popular Party, Floriano added. El Pais said the slush fund used to make the payments was made up of donations, mostly

from construction companies. Ledgers kept by one of the former party treasurers cited by the newspaper, Luis Barcenas, apparently showed payments including 25,200 euros ($34,000) a year to Rajoy between 1997 and 2008. Barcenas was already under investigation in connection with a separate corruption case. Spanish media reported last month that he had millions of euros in a Swiss bank account. He has denied that the Popular Party kept secret accounts and that Rajoy and other top party gures received underthe-table payments. I say it is a gross manipula-

tion, he said yesterday during an interview with the Antena 3 television station. There does not exist, nor has there ever existed, secret accounts. Rajoy said that case had nothing to do with the party and that it had never had foreign bank accounts. We must not allow Spaniards, of whom we are demanding sacrices, to think that we do not observe the strictest ethical rigour, he said on Saturday in his rst public reaction to the corruption allegations. The scandal drove Madrid share prices down more than 3% in late afternoon trading yesterday.

Erdogan again attacks delay in Turkeys EU entry

Reuters Prague

Budget cuts blamed as stillbirth tragedy shocks France

AFP Paris

rance has launched an investigation into a stillbirth that occurred after a fullterm pregnant woman was sent home from an overrun maternity unit in a case that has raised concerns over the impact of EUdriven austerity on the countrys renowned health system. A military campaign in Mali was knocked off the top of Frances news agenda yesterday as commentators demanded to know how such a tragedy could happen in a country that prides itself on its medical facilities.

A Paris prosecutor began looking into the case after the parents of the stillborn child led a complaint of criminal negligence while Health Minister Marisol Touraine has commissioned an emergency administrative and medical enquiry into what went wrong. The baby was discovered to have been stillborn overnight Thursday-Friday at the Port Royal maternity unit in Paris. The expectant mother had come to the clinic during the day on Thursday and on the previous Tuesday seeking to have her labour induced. On both occasions she was sent home because, according

to her partner, there was no bed for her, despite the couple warning staff that the baby was not moving much . Whether the prospective fathers account was accurate will be addressed by the investigation but the head of the maternity unit, Dominique Cabrol, has already conrmed that the clinic was at saturation point on Thursday. AP-HP, the body that runs public hospitals in Paris said in a statement: We now have to get to the bottom of why woman was sent home, whether there were no beds and if so, why was she not transferred to another maternity unit.

Politicians from across the political spectrum questioned whether the tragedy was the result of cutbacks in staff numbers. Paris hospitals have been told to make 150mn euros ($200mn) of cutbacks this year as part of a drive to cut the national decit in line with European Union rules. Medical professionals say cuts have not helped but believe a recent reorganisation of maternity services in Paris is also to blame. Under a 1998 reform, maternity clinics are classed on a scale of 1-3, with type one being for women who are expected to have a trouble-free pregnancy

and type three for those liable to have complications. In practice, what has happened is that demand for type three clinics has outstripped supply, creating bottlenecks, according to Jean Marty, the chairman of the body that represents French gynaecologists. People think they will be safer in a type three clinic with the result that they are ooded with patients and at the same time the administration has been trying to close type one establishments to recover the additional costs, Marty told AFP. We see the results today with patients who should be in type three clinics being sent back. It is not

human error, it is a structural problem. Cochin-Port-Royal is a huge maternity unit by French standards with some 5,000 births last year and advanced facilities for dealing with premature and complicated births. Frances National College of Midwifes (CNSF) also pointed the nger at the changes, saying: Every new study shows Frances infant mortality results worsening. If all the most advanced means were not being made available for all pregnant women, the cases where they are really needed would be able to access them in good time.


Paris women can now wear ... trousers

Women in Paris can finally wear trousers without fear of criminal prosecution after the government said a more than 200-year-old ban no longer had any legal effect. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Frances minister of womens rights, said in a statement that the ban, imposed on November 17, 1800, was incompatible with modern French values and laws. The municipal order required Parisian women to seek permission from local police if they wanted to dress like a man by wearing trousers. It was modified in 1892 and 1909 to allow women to wear trousers if they were holding a bicycle handlebar or the reins of a horse but had officially remained on the books. Answering a question in the Official Journal of the French Senate, Vallaud-Belkacem said that while it had not been formally struck down, the order was in effect abrogated. This order was aimed first of all at limiting the access of women to certain offices or occupations by preventing them from dressing in the manner of men, she said. Parisian women had demanded the right to wear trousers during the French Revolution, when working-class revolutionaries were known as sans-culottes for wearing trousers instead of the silkknee breeches (culottes) favoured by the bourgeoisie.

Dotted lines

Man jailed over role in honour killing

A court in Germany has sentenced a Kurdish father of six to six-anda-half years in jail for his part in the honour killing of his 18-year-old daughter. Fendi O, 53, whose family is of Yazidi faith from eastern Turkey, was convicted for helping his five children murder their sister, Arzu. He denied playing any role in her murder. Last year, the court in the western city of Detmold was told the family opposed her relationship with a German baker. The siblings admitted in court that they kidnapped Arzu in the hope they could persuade her to come home. They denied intending her death. Her brother Osman, 22, was jailed for life. He admitted firing the shots that killed her. Two sisters, Sirin, 27, and Kirer, 25, were jailed for 10 years for kidnapping and being accessories to murder. Two brothers, Elvis, 21, and Kemal, 24, received five and a half years for kidnapping. Arzus body was found in January 2012 near a golf course in the town of Grossensee, 20km east of Hamburg.

A woman walks with her polka-dotted umbrella yesterday over the Raschplatz in Hanover, Germany.

urkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said yesterday that his countrys half-century wait to become part of the European Union was unforgivable and it should be admitted without delay. The country of 74mn launched a formal EU accession bid in 2005, four decades after the rst talks, but the process has stalled due to opposition notably from France and Germany, as well as unresolved differences over the division of Cyprus. Last October, Erdogan said the EU could lose Turkey if it did not grant it membership by 2023, the centenary of the founding of the modern Turkish state. It was the rst time he had given an indication of how long Ankara could wait. Speaking in Prague on the rst day of trip to central Europe, Erdogan said that Turkey had originally begun talks on integration in 1963. The fact that the process was still dragging on was a particular slight because millions of Turkish people already live in EU states, he said. This delay for Turkey in the process is unforgivable, Erdogan told a news conference in the Czech capital. Our co-operation and solidarity with European countries will of course continue, even if they do not accept us. But our wish would be for Europe, even though they have not accepted us, to realise that 5mn citizens of Turkey live in the EU ... We say: Dont delay. Lets nish it . At the end of last year, Ankara accused the EU of bigoted attitudes in a report on its application process. Turkey has closed only one of the 35 policy chapters that must be agreed with EU candidates. France, Cyprus and the blocs executive Commission have blocked all but 13 of those remaining, and Brussels has halted talks because it says Turkey does not meet EU standards on human rights or freedom of speech or religion. In December, Germanys foreign minister said the standstill was unsatisfactory and called for fresh impetus. Frances new president, Francois Hollande, has stopped short of endorsing Turkeys EU candidacy but has said it should be judged on political and economic criteria a contrast to his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozys position that Turkey did not form part of Europe.

Attacked Bolshoi ballet chief leaves for Germany

AFP Moscow

Rail firm trains first women drivers

Hungarian Railways (MAV) has begun training female train drivers for the first time in its 145-year history. There is no coal to shovel or heavy weights to lift these days, which makes the job more suitable and attractive for women, MAV spokesman Karoly Peiper told AFP. Our trains are modern and largely automated. A total of 21 students including seven women started the course which will last 13 months and include 320 hours of practical instruction on 10 different engine models.

Daily rapped for anti-Islam article

Austrias media authority has condemned Viennas biggest free daily newspaper Heute for an article deemed insulting to Muslims. The December article in Heute (Today) reported that a suspect in a murder trial was the sort of person who thankfully tends to live in the shadow of the moon crescent. The newspaper also mocked the way Muslim prayers are conducted. The Pressrat authority ruled that this constituted a denigration of people of Muslim faith as well as discrimination on religious and/or racist grounds and vilification of a recognised religious community.

he Bolshoi Ballets artistic director has left Russia for Germany in the hope of recovering his eyesight after an acid attack, claiming he knew the mastermind behind the gruesome assault. Sergei Filin almost unrecognisable from the boyish-looking ex-dancer who headed the Bolshoi for the last two years walked out of hospital wearing dark glasses and his face swollen. I feel good, I would even say excellent. If only my eyes saw a bit better, Filin told journalists as he left the Moscow burns unit to head for the airport accompanied by his wife. I sometimes open my eyes but what I see is only just enough to be able to sense objects or to wash, that is the maximum. Were not talking about any serious vision at the moment, he said. The 42-year-old has already undergone ve operations on his eyes since being rushed to hospital on January 17 after being splashed in the face with sulphuric acid in an attack that he has linked to his work at the theatre.

The attack on Filin outside his apartment block in central Moscow revealed the dark intrigues swirling at the Bolshoi where Filin was a star dancer before going into management and becoming the ballet troupes artistic director in 2011. In an interview with Russian television aired late on Sunday, Filin said that he believed he knew who masterminded the attack and reaffirmed his belief it was linked to his work. My heart knows who did it and in the depths of my soul I have the answer to this question, but it is my perception, my imagination, and so far its only what I can think to myself. The attack was carried out by a man with his face concealed by a scarf, Filin said, adding he was sure that the perpetrator was simply carrying out a masterminds orders. Of course, the person who splashed me with acid from a jar and the people who ordered it are totally different people, he told Rossiya 24 state television. This is linked to my professional activities. It was not something spontaneous. He linked the attack on him to the case of former Bolshoi ballet director Gennady Yanin, who

Filin in 2011. Left: Filin speaks to journalists as he leaves a hospital with his wife Maria. pletely bald or look absolutely like Frankenstein, he joked. During Filins sick leave, veteran ballerina Galina Stepanenko has taken over as the troupes artistic director but the theatre decided to cancel a major March premiere, a new staging of Igor Stravinskys The Rite of Spring. Apparently still mindful of his security, the Bolshoi will not name the German clinic where Filin will be treated, the RIA Novosti news agency reported. The Russian health ministry has said Filin will y to the German spa town of Aachen. Doctors said Filin will require several plastic surgery operations and more treatment on his eyes in the coming weeks.

in 2011 was forced to quit after a smear campaign in which photographs showing him apparently engaged in gay sex were posted on a website. I think it is quite a serious aftermath of the incident that happened with Genanady Yanin when he was at the Bolshoi Theatre, Filin said, saying that he believed the attackers struck after failing to nd similar compromising material on him. They were collecting negative information, that is for sure. They needed more than half a year to realise they wouldnt nd what they were looking for.

He declined to comment further on the ongoing police investigation, which has included interviews with Bolshoi dancers including the prominent male star Nikolai Tsiskaridze. I think that in the nearest future we will learn the answers to the questions that interest you, Filin said. Filins facial skin appeared reddened and tight but the greatest damage evident was to his eyes, which he blinked frequently and only opened to slits during the interview, his rst public appearance without a protective mask. Im ready to go around com-

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Six killed in Kenya cattle rustling

Six people, including three police officers, have been shot dead in a cattle theft raid in northwestern Kenya, a local police chief said yesterday. The three officers were ambushed as they pursued stolen animals. Three locals were also killed in the raid, area police chief Omondi Musewe said. The incident took place Sunday night in Ngaratuko in Baringo county as some 30 officers were pursuing cattle thieves, he said. He added he thought some of the raiders who managed to escape sustained gunshot wounds in the firefight. In November, in another incident in northern Kenya, more than 40 policemen were killed in an ambush as they pursued cattle thieves.

Somali Islamist insurgents return to Twitter

Somalias Al Qaeda linked Shebaab insurgents have returned to Twitter with a new account, less than two weeks since they were suspended after posting photographs of a French commando they had killed. For what its worth, shooting the messenger and suppressing the truth by silencing your opponents isnt quite the way to win the war of ideas, read one of the messages on the new account, which opened late on Sunday. Shebab officials yesterday confirmed that the account was genuine. Their previous English-language account was suspended last month, days after posting grim photographs of a French soldier, and after threatening to execute Kenyan hostages.

NGO ends Mozambique flood aid over corruption

A charity has withdrawn assistance from floodtorn Mozambiques biggest displaced persons camp after its administrators allegedly plotted to steal food meant for thousands of people, a report said yesterday. Camp officials near the southern town of Chokwe put down their own names for aid worth $225,000 Gift of the Givers organisation told South Africas The Times. Things went wrong because of the government officials, Imtiaz Sooleiman, the head of the South African-based non-governmental organisation, said. They were taking from the people we were meant to be helping. We discovered these bogus and fictitious lists with people not in need of anything.

French tanker hijacked off Ivory Coast

A French tanker has been hijacked off Ivory Coast, port authority officials in the economic capital Abidjan confirmed yesterday, after a report that the vessel had been seized by pirates. The boat was hijacked in international waters, said Alexis Guie, in charge of communication at the port. The International Maritime Bureau had said that a French tanker disappeared at the weekend off the west African country. The French government has said that those aboard the ship, which was sailing under a Luxembourg flag, comprised a crew of 19 Togolese sailors. Pirates usually target fuel cargo, selling on the lucrative black market, rather than seeking a ransom to release ships.

South Africa court convicts great white shark hunter

A South African court has convicted a man for killing a great white shark in the countrys firstever ruling on such a case, the agriculture and fisheries ministry said yesterday. The landmark decision was lauded by conservationists who said they hoped the move will help dissuade others from hunting the protected species. A Western Cape court fined recreational fisherman Leon Bekker 120,000 rand ($13,400) for catching and killing the predator in 2011. This is the first great white shark case and conviction in any South African court, the ministry said in a statement. Bekker was also handed a 12-month suspended prison sentence.

Islamists supply routes in Mali hit by French jets

Paris keen to pass baton to African force; Food shortages worry aid agencies
AFP Bamako

SA farm workers win wage increase

AFP Pretoria

rench ghter jets yesterday pounded Islamist supply bases in northern Mali to ush the insurgents out of hiding as Paris pushed for African troops to quickly take over the offensive. Dozens of French warplanes carried out massive air strikes on rebel training and logistics centres in the area around their last stronghold of Kidal over the weekend in the mountainous northeast of the landlocked county. It is about destroying their rear bases, their depots, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told France Inter radio. They have taken refuge in the north and the northeast but they can only stay there long-term if they have ways to replenish their supplies. So the army, in a very efficient manner, is stopping them from doing so. The extremist ghters who controlled northern Mali for 10 months have ed into the Adrar des Ifoghas massif in the Kidal region near the Algerian border, after being driven from most of their strongholds by the three-week Frenchled assault. They are believed to be holding seven French hostages with them, complicating the operation. Algeria has beefed up its positions on the border to prevent the inltration of terrorist groups, said Mohamed Baba

A teacher and a student stand at the blackboard as other students look on in a classroom in Gao, in the north of Mali, on the first day of the reopening of schools yesterday after the French bombing of Islamist targets. Schools reopened in Gao after the town was taken on January 26 by French and Malian forces from Islamists who had been occupying it for the last year. Ali, a member of parliament from the southern town of Tamanrasset. Delegations from the African Union, UN, European Union, West African regional body Ecowas, banks and aid groups readied for a meeting today in Brussels to mull Malis path to stability once the offensive ends. When a state falls apart it takes time to put it together again, like Humpty Dumpty, said a senior official speaking on condition of anonymity. The jihadists are determined, he said. Its going to take years to achieve the end outcome. But I hope it will only take months to achieve a secure enough environment. After successfully reclaiming the key towns along the Niger river last week, the French-led troops, joined by Chadian soldiers, have been working for nearly a week to secure the remote desert outpost Kidal. France is eager to pass the baton to some 8,000 African troops pledged for the UN-backed AFISMA force, still deploying at a snails pace, after sweeping to Malis aid on January 11 as the Islamists threatened to advance south towards the capital Bamako. We want to be rapidly relieved by the AFISMA African forces in the cities that we hold, the French foreign minister told France Inter radio. After meeting with French President Francois Hollande in Paris, US Vice President Joe Biden backed that demand and said the UN should make the African mission a formal UN peace-

keeping operation, a plan UN officials say they are pushing forward. Despite being keen to share the military burden, Hollande had vowed during a visit to Mali on Saturday that he would not abandon the country to chaos. France will stay by your side as long as necessary, as long as it takes for Africans themselves... to replace us, he said. Al Qaeda-linked groups seized control of the bow-tie shaped nations vast northern triangle in the wake of a coup in Bamako in March last year. The Islamists initially allied with Tuareg rebels - ghting a decades-old battle for independence of land where they have lived as desert nomads for centuries - but quickly cast them aside and imposed a brutal version of Islamic law. Northern residents have celebrated throwing off the shackles of harsh Islamist rule, but are facing food shortages as Arab and Tuareg traders ee reprisal attacks against light-skinned Malians accused of backing the Islamists. Britain-based aid group Oxfam said ghting had severely restricted traditional trade routes. If the traders do not come back soon, it warned, markets will likely not be properly stocked and food prices will stay high. This comes on top of a crippling food crisis which has put an estimated 18mn people at risk of starvation across the Sahel, an issue which has rarely made headlines even during the Mali conict. The International Red Cross said despite the retreat of the Islamists, residents who had ed ghting - estimated by the UN at over 350,000 - were hesitant to return home, with only 7,000 in central Mali returning so far.

UN says Australias refugee camp in PNG is inadequate

AFP Sydney

Shackleton Antarctic bid makes landfall

AFP Sydney

UN report yesterday criticised Australias immigration camp on Papua New Guinea, warning living conditions are harsh and asylumseekers detention arbitrary. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees called for no more children to be sent to the camp on remote Manus Island, which was established as part of Australias plan to ship refugees offshore to deter more from coming. In its report, the UNHCR warned of very signicant inadequacies in the legal and operational framework governing the transfer, treatment and processing of asylum-seekers. Detaining asylum-seekers on a mandatory and indenite basis, without possibility for review, amounted to arbitrary detention which is inconsistent with international human rights law , it added. The key failing is that there are in place no legal frameworks for the processing of

refugee claims, UNHCR regional representative Richard Towle told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. A UNHCR team that visited Manus for three days last month said both Australia and PNG were committed to adequate procedures and conditions being in place despite the difficulties faced in remote Pacic locations. But it said at the time of their visit, living conditions for most of the 221 detainees on Manus were harsh and, for some, inadequate. The hot and humid weather made the temporary accommodation very uncomfortable, Towle said. The government spokeswoman said the standard of facilities at Manus were in line with the living standards and amenities for local PNG residents . Detainees have access to health, mental health, education and recreational services, she said. Australia last year dealt with a record 17,202 asylum-seekers arriving by boat. The majority pay people-smugglers for passage from Indonesia on leaky wooden vessels, and sinkings are routine.

n exhausted British-Australian expedition recreating Ernest Shackletons 1916 crossing of the Southern Ocean in a small boat made landfall yesterday after a perilous 12-day journey. Led by renowned adventurer Tim Jarvis, the team of six reached Peggotty Bluff on rugged South Georgia, where they landed their vessel in the same place Shackleton and his men beached the James Caird nearly 100 years ago. The next leg will see three of the team tackle a two-day climb to 900m over the mountainous, crevassed interior of South Georgia. That will take them to the old whaling station at Stromness on the other side of the island, where Shackleton and his men, with little more than the clothes on their backs, raised the alarm about the sinking of their ship, the Endurance. Jarvis said the boat trip, using only the equipment, navigational instruments and food available to Shackle-

This handout photo released yesterday from Shackleton Epic shows crew members bringing the vessel Alexandra Shackleton to shore at South Georgia to successfully complete the first leg of their historic re-enactment. ton, was extremely tough, describing it as truly about endurance - mental as much as physical . There was just no way to keep dry. The waterproong with wax didnt work, he said. Below deck, the boat was constantly damp and being on watch meant that you were directly exposed to the elements. On a few occasions a big wave washed over the deck and down the hatch soaking everything down below.

Aussie dream gets costly as cities Down Under outprice Europe, US

By Belinda Goldsmith, Reuters London

he cost of living the Australian dream has surged with Sydney and Melbourne among the ve most expensive cities in the world, outstripping most European and US locations, according to an annual survey released yesterday. Asia and Australasia account for 11 of the worlds top 20 most expensive cities, with eight from Europe and one from South America, the Economist Intelligence Units (EIU) worldwide cost of living index found. No North American cities featured in the top 20.

This compared to a decade ago when there were six Asian cities, 10 European cities and four US cities in the top 20 of the list that calculates living costs in 131 cities in 93 countries and is used by companies for costings when relocating staff. In the 2013 survey, Tokyo reclaimed the title as the worlds most expensive city. Currency swings pushed Zurich into the No 1 position last year but government exchange rate controls have driven the Swiss city back to No 7 in the list. Osaka in Japan was ranked the second most expensive. Jon Copestake, editor of the EIU Worldwide Cost of Living Index, said one of the most notable changes was the rising costs in Australia, with Sydney third in

the list and Melbourne fth. Sandwiched between them was Oslo in Norway. Ten years ago, there were no Australian cities in the top 50 most expensive cities and I have not seen this sort of climb with any other cities, said Copestake. But economic growth has supported ination and the strength of the Australian dollar against other currencies besides the US dollar has driven up costs. Visitors will certainly feel the difference and people living there will have noticed prices have crept up. The survey is based on costs of over 160 items ranging from food and clothing, to domestic help, transport and utilities. Copestake said the return of Tokyo to top of the list came as no great surprise

as the Japanese capital had steep real estate costs and rents, as well as high wages fuelling prices. Since 1992, Tokyo has been the topranking city in every year bar six when Zurich, Paris and Oslo claimed the No 1 spot. Also featured in the 2013 top 10 were Singapore, Zurich, Paris, the Venezuelan capital of Caracas and Geneva. Copestake said fears over economic austerity and the stability of the euro had pushed the index of eurozone cities down in the past year while the inclusion of Caracas was due to articially high exchange rate controls. Although no North American cities feature in the top 20, the EIU said the cost of living in New York had risen rel-

ative to other places in the US. It shares 27th position as the most expensive US city with Los Angeles. The Canadian city of Vancouver remains the most expensive location in North America, ranked 21st in the index. But while Asia and Australasia is home to 11 of the 20 most expensive cities, the region is also home to six of the 10 cheapest. Mumbai in India and Karachi in Pakistan were the joint cheapest locations in the survey followed by New Delhi, the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu and Algerian capital of Algiers. Rounding out the bottom 10 were Bucharest in Romania, Colombo in Sri Lanka, Panama City, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, and Iranian capital Tehran.

outh Africa yesterday raised the basic farm workers wage by more than 50% after months of violent strikes in the countrys scenic fruit- and wine-growing region. The wage hike comes on the heels of hefty increases won in the mining sector after the industry was rocked by wildcat strikes that killed over 50 people. Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant announced the new minimum daily wage will be pegged at 105 rand ($11.77) per day from March, rising from 69 rand ($7.74) per day. I would urge organised business and labour in the agricultural sector to use this opportunity to come together to nd ways of improving labour relations in their sector, Oliphant said. Organised agriculture warned the 52-percent hike will force job cuts in a sector that employs nearly 700,000 people. Whats going to happen now is that with the increase of labour costs we will actually go to a point now where we will shed surplus labour on the farms, said Carl Opperman of Agri WesCape, the regional commercial farmers union. Workers demanding over double their basic daily pay went on strike in November. The violence spread to several towns and killed three people. The unrest in towns near Cape Town saw vineyards, property and vehicles torched and sparked several clashes with police ring rubber bullets at stone-hurling crowds. Analyst Peter Attard Montalto of Japanese bank Nomura said the move could make a large number of farmers uncompetitive against imports. It also shows once again the direct link between violent strike action (this time around farms in the Western Cape in recent months) and capitulation by government, he said in email comments. Once again we worry that the success rate of violent protest action in achieving large wage increases (...) is sending a very bad signal that competitiveness can be easily sacriced for a politically easy life, he added. A wave of violent strikes hit South Africa last year, moving out of the platinum sector to gold and coal mines and forcing employers to agree to signicant pay hikes. The new wage regulations start March 1 and will increase by consumer ination plus 1.5% over the following two years. An independent report on the industry found the average wage on farms was around 85 rand and that if it increased to more than 105 rand, many farms would be unable to pay operating expenses. It also found that a wage of 150 rand would not provide the nutritional needs of workers. The Food and Allied Workers Union described the unprecedented hike as a short-term victory for the workers, adding they will continue the ght for a higher minimum wage. The raise is a meaningful step towards obtaining a living wage for farm workers, the union said. We will, however, fearlessly continue to push for higher wages in the sector, with the clarion call for a 150 rand per day minimum as our mandate. Farmers had hoped for a maximum increase of 17% and said the 52% hike would see the sectors national labour bill go from around 13bn rand to nearly 20bn a year.


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Admiral probed over spy link
AFP Taipei

South Korea, US hold naval drill under N-test threat

A defence ministry spokesman has confirmed the three-day drillcondemned as a warmongering exercise by North Koreawas under way in the East Sea off the southeastern South Korean port of Pohang
AFP Seoul

Taiwanese admiral has been questioned over his alleged involvement in one of the islands worst espionage cases, officials said yesterday, as concerns mount over Chinese inltration of the military. Defence ministry spokesman David Lo announced the admiral has come under investigation, but declined to provide details. The Taipei-based Apple Daily said the admiral, whom it identified as Hsu Chung-hua, has been transferred from his position as the commander of fleet based in Penghu, an island group in the middle of the Taiwan Strait. According to reports, the investigation is linked to the September arrest of three senior military officers suspected of leaking secrets to China, considered to be one of the most serious breaches in the islands history. One of the officers arrested in the raid was Chang Chih-hsin, formerly a commander in charge of political warfare at the navys METOC (meteorology and oceanography) office which keeps highly classified maps and charts. Military experts say that China could learn more about the operation of Taiwans submarines if it obtained such information.

outh Korea and the US launched a joint naval exercise involving a US nuclear submarine yesterday, as tensions rise on the Korean peninsula ahead of an expected nuclear test by North Korea. A defence ministry spokesman conrmed the three-day drillcondemned as a warmongering exercise by North Koreawas under way in the East Sea (Sea of Japan) off the southeastern South Korean port of Pohang. Although South Korean military officials stressed the drill was scheduled before the North threatened to detonate its third nuclear device, the presence of the submarine has been seen as a warning to Pyongyang. The USS San Francisco, armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, is joined in the drill by a 9,800-tonne Aegis destroyer, the USS Shiloh. The exercise includes at-sea operating training, detecting and tracking a submarine, anti-

South Korean and US warships take part in a joint maritime exercise in the East Sea off Pohang, about 370km southeast of Seoul yesterday. air and anti-ship live re training and anti-missile training, the Yonhap news agency quoted one military official as saying. The drill comes as the North has ramped up daily threats of a nuclear test in response to expanded UN sanctions imposed after its long-range rocket launch in December. On Sunday, state media reported that the Norths young leader, Kim Jong-un, had chaired a high-level meeting to discuss a great turn in bolstering military capability and issue important guidelines to top officials. Although the report made no specic mention of a nuclear test, many observers in South Korea saw the meeting as amounting to an official goahead for a detonation. Some predict the test will come before the Lunar New Year on February 10, while others suggest it will be timed to coincide with the birthday of Kim Jong-uns father and late leader Kim Jong-Il on February 16. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak urged officials to stand well prepared for any test after a meeting Sunday with his top security advisers, and the defence ministry said Monday that the North had completed all technical preparations. The only thing left to make is a political judgment, said ministry spokesman Kim MinSeok, calling on Pyongyang to show restraint. Recent satellite imagery has conrmed activity at the northeastern nuclear test site at Punggye-ri, with the North covering the entrance to a test tunnel in an apparent attempt to prevent external monitoring. Over the past week Pyongyang has issued a series of daily warnings threatening an aggressive response to the latest UN sanctions, including a promise Saturday of the toughest retaliation . The North insists that its December rocket launch was a

purely scientic mission aimed at putting a satellite in orbit. But most of the world viewed it as a disguised ballistic missile test that violated UN resolutions triggered by the Norths previous nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009. South Koreas president-elect Park Geun-hye, who takes ofce later this month and campaigned on a promise of greater engagement with Pyongyang, warned the North that the consequences of a nuclear test would be severe. I urge North Korea once again to immediately cancel its plan for a third nuclear test, Park said yesterday. North Korea must realise that it will gain nothing from this kind of provocation and will instead face a strong response from the international community. Seouls top nuclear envoy left for Beijing on Sunday to meet with his Chinese counterpart in an apparent last ditch effort to avert another test. The Norths only major ally and economic lifeline, China is seen as the one country with real leverage over the regime in Pyongyang. Beijing also chairs the stalled six-nation nuclear disarmament forum on the North, which involves the two Koreas, Japan, the US and Russia. The North withdrew from the aid-for-denuclearisation talks in April 2009 and staged its second atomic test a month later.

Getting ready for Chinese New Year celebrations

Communist newspaper rejects hacking charges

AFP Beijing

TV extra dies eight times a day as Japanese soldier

For one Chinese TV extra, playing with the enemy has proved the secret of his successone that requires him to die as often as eight times a day. Shi Zhongpeng, 26, works at the Hengdian film studio in the eastern province of Zhejiang, where scores of productions are shot every year about the Japanese invasion of China that became part of the Second World War. He appeared as a member of the Japanese forces more than 200 times last year, the Qianjiang Evening News reported, sometimes dying on set eight times in a single day. The secret to being picked by the casting teams, he was quoted as saying, was to appear as sleazy as possible, so he adopts a ferocious look at auditions, while stooping slightly. His biggest wish, he added, was to change sides and play a soldier of the Eighth Route Army, a Communist-led force within the Republic of Chinas military before and during the Second World War. China and Japan have a bloody history, and are currently embroiled in a bitter territorial dispute over islands in the East China Sea. A total of 150 movies or TV dramas were filmed at the Hengdian studio last year, 48 of them about the anti-Japanese war, the report said. Over the year there were 300,000 roles for extras, it added, 60% of them as Japanese soldiers. Chinas film industry is subject to strict censorship, leaving only a limited number of subjects directors can focus on. Theres a limit on costume stories and spy dramas are not allowed to be aired during prime time slots, the report quoted Zhou Weicheng, general manager of Greentown Media, as saying. What can we shoot other than the anti-Japanese war?

A boy poses for a photo under a tree decorated with red lanterns after a snowfall, ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations, at Ditan Park (the Temple of Earth) in Beijing yesterday. The Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, begins on February 10 and marks the start of the Year of the Snake, according to the Chinese zodiac.

Japan bookings still falling amid island row

AFP Tokyo

ookings on Japanese package tours to China for February and March are down around 80%, tourism industry data showed yesterday, as a months-old territorial row dragged on relations. Tours to China, booked

through Japans seven biggest travel agencies, fell by 80.3% year-on-year for February and by 77.2% for March, the Japan Association of Travel Agents said. Tokyo and Beijing have been embroiled in a bitter sovereignty dispute over a chain of islands in the East China Sea, called the Senkakus in Japanese and the Diaoyus in Chinese.

The Japanese nationalisation of some of the islands in September sparked sometimes violent anti-Japan rallies across China. Business travel demand is still there but the dispute had a big psychological impact on sightseeing demand, association spokesman Hiroyuki Seishi said. The drops for February and March show demand for travel

to China was not picking up after the drop of 74% in October and declines of nearly 80% in November and December. Demand has taken a hit from the territorial dispute in past years, Seishi noted. The latest are-up and media reports on the rallies discouraged even more people who do not want to go to unsafe places, he said by telephone.

he official mouthpiece of Chinas ruling Communist Party yesterday roundly rejected claims of hacking attacks from China by American media outlets, hinting instead at ulterior motives by the US. The Peoples Daily article echoed vehement government rejections last week after The New York Times and Wall Street Journal linked Beijing to cyberattacks and the Washington Post accused Chinese hackers of targeting it. The reports added to rising concerns about Chinese hackinga US congressional report last year said increasingly skilled Chinese state-backed entities were seeking to breach US systems, calling the country the most threatening actor in cyberspace . The front page Chineselanguage commentary in the Peoples Daily, which could not be found on its English website, said: Even those with little understanding of the Internet know that hacking attacks are transnational and concealable. IP addresses simply do not constitute sufcient evidence to conrm the origins of hackers, it added. The paper accused the US of fanning fear of China out of self interest, saying that it has invoked national security as a justication for trade protectionism and economic sanctions. America keeps labelling China as hackers, simply

playing up the rhetoric of the China threat in cyberspace, providing new justication for Americas strategy of containing China, it added. The article repeated the Beijing governments position that China is also a victim of hacking, saying that there were more attacks from USbased IP addresses on Chinese websites in December than from any other country. Despite this, it said, China did not draw simple inferences or hasty conclusions about the attack source . There were attacks from 3,000 foreign IP addresses in the month, it added. The New York Times reported last week that hackers stole corporate passwords and accessed the personal computers of 53 employees after the newspaper published a report on the family fortune of Chinas premier Wen Jiabao. Some security analysts said the media attacks were probably linked to the Beijing authorities, while others argued it was difficult to ascertain whether the attacks stemmed from China or if hackers acted on government orders. The Chinese government clearly has the capability of doing this, wrote the founder of a group,, that monitors Chinese Internet controls, a system termed the Great Firewall. Online censorship in China is both massive in scale and sophisticated, meaning that they have to employ very skilled people, he said, using the pseudonym Martin Johnson for security reasons.

Wikipedia aims for billion users with mobile spread

AFP Tokyo

ikipedia is aiming to use mobile phones to reach a billion people by 2015, a senior executive has said, doubling the present number. The rapid spread of cellular networks in the developing world is providing fertile ground for this expansion, even as it robs the site of potential editors, Jay Walsh, senior director of communications at the Wikimedia

Foundation, said in Tokyo. Reaching people in far-ung parts of the world where computers are scarce requires a pared down, text-only version of the collaborative online encyclopaedia, he said. Its surprisingly challenging to take your website and make it available on the simplest phone, Walsh said on the sidelines of a conference in the Japanese capital on Sunday. In areas like the Middle East, opening your phone and accessing a project like Wikipedia could cost you the equivalent of the couple of US dollars,

which is a serious amount of money in those countries. Were trying to eliminate that bar-

rier so people dont have to think about that, he said, adding the sites global audience stood at around 483 mn. Tie-ups with telecommunications providers such as France-based Orange and VimpelCom of the Netherlands, are driving this expansion, penning deals that mean waiving data charges for customers accessing the site, in an initiative called Wikipedia Zero. According to figures from Morgan Stanley, the number of mobile phones and other portable devices accessing the Internet will overtake the number

of laptops and desktops this year. But while browsing is easy on a handset, editing a page on a small screen and without a physical keyboard is more of a challenge. The number of active editors someone who edits a page at least five times a monthpeaked on the English language site in 2007 at 50,000, he said, adding it has been in decline ever since and now stands at around 33,000. Theres a sense of the project being finished, he said. Executives hope Wikipedia Zero

will help rebalance the editorial brain drain, expanding into markets where local versions of the site remain in the start-up phase. The Swahili language version of Wikipediaone of the 285 available has just 88 active editors. But, admits Walsh, the constraints of the mobile phone as a tool for editing, remain a big hurdle. Our main focus is on the technological infrastructure to make it easy for this to work, he said. Its about big ideas, bringing about change and making the world a better place.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



East Asian nations to meet on Palestinian aid

Japan is to host a meeting of Asian countries next week to discuss financial assistance for the Palestinian Authority, a report said. Ministers from Japan, South Korea and several member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, such as Thailand and Indonesia, will get together on February 13 and 14, Kyodo News agency said. Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad is expected to attend the meeting aimed at helping pave the way for resuming direct talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, the agency quoted government officials as saying. No confirmation of the meeting was available from the Japanese government.

Vietnam jails 22 activists for subversion: lawyer

Vietnam yesterday sentenced 22 activists to lengthy jail terms ranging from 10 years to life imprisonment, a defence lawyer said, after one of the countrys largest subversion trials for years. The harsh punishments are part of a crackdown on dissent by the communist regime. The defendants were convicted of trying to overthrow the governmenta charge which rights groups say is routinely laid against activists. The groups 65-year-old ringleader Phan Van Thu received a life sentence, while the other 21 defendants were given between 10 and 17 years followed by up to five years house arrest, lawyer Nguyen Huong Que said.

Thais angered by comedy shows language of love

A US comedy skit that makes fun of Thailands booming sex industry has angered the government and it is trying to block videos of the sketch on the Internet, the Thai culture minister said yesterday. The skit on the Saturday Night Live programme is a parody of an advertisement for a Thai-language course by the Rosetta Stone company, which shows men surreptitiously learning phrases for use in Thailands notorious nightlife, such as: Take your clothes off. Culture Minister Sonthaya Kunploem was not amused. Were working with the Foreign Ministry to let the US know it is offensive, he said.

Group condemns Malaysia for deporting Uighurs

Human Rights Watch yesterday denounced the Malaysian government for forcibly returning six ethnic Uighur asylum seekers to China, saying they face an uncertain fate. The New York-based group said their deportation in December was a violation of law and demanded Malaysia ensure it does not happen again. While Malaysians were celebrating the New Year, their government was forcibly returning Uighur asylum seekers to a dangerously uncertain fate in China, deputy Asia director Phil Robertson said. HRW said sources had reported that the six men had been detained earlier in 2012 for attempting to leave Malaysia on fake passports.

Four killed in Yangon oil tanker blast

At least four people were killed yesterday when two oil tankers caught fire and sank in the river in Yangon, an official said. The tankers were docked at a jetty owned by military-controlled Myanmar Economic Holdings when the blast happened in a suburban area of the city. The cause was unclear. We found four bodies so far, said a fire department official at the scene. The victims were believed to be workers on the vessels. I was shocked when I heard the sound of the explosion, said Thein Zaw Htay, a 35-year old helmsman of a nearby boat. I saw a ball of fire explode into the air from the tanker. The oil burned and flowed into the river.

Philippine growth claim faces criticism

UNA Secretary General and Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco has said that last years 6.6% growth reported by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) had a faint impact on poverty alleviation and stalled employment
By Ritchie A Horario Manila

Protest over US military presence

espite the 6.6% economic growth posted by the government, the countrys unemployment and poverty rate are still high, according to the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA). UNA Secretary General and Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco said that last years 6.6% growth reported by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) had a faint impact on poverty alleviation and stalled employment. Even if we have a reported growth of 6.6%, the government must take concrete steps for the people to feel its impact in their day-to-day lives, he added. Tiangco said that Budget Secretary Butch Abad should be commended for being honest and forthright in admitting that employment failed to grow in 2012 despite the 6.6% growth in the GDP. He said reality is gauged and measured by tangible gut concerns and not purely statistics. Sen Gregorio Honasan and former senate president Ernesto Maceda, meanwhile, underscored the need to have a broad base of support in the Senate that would push for measures

to help create more jobs, expand infrastructure, and further increase the countrys competitiveness. They said that the main propeller of the 6.6% growth reported by the NSBC is the high volume of dollar remittances from overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and not the gains from key sectors like agriculture and industry. Maceda, who will run for senator under the UNA ticket, is convinced that the registered growth in the gross domestic product was mostly due to the increase in OFW remittances since the increase in agricultural production is negligible and imports grew only by 2.6%. How can you have a 6.6% growth rate when the imports are only 2.6%? At any rate, the question now is, can it be sustained? Maceda asked. Meanwhile, Honasan said, The 6.6% is a good start but not only Sec. Butch Abad, but also NEDA Sec. Arsenio Balisacan say this must be inclusive. Jobs and infrastructure should reflect on the much awaited trickle down effect to be believable, credible and tangible to the poor Filipinos, he added. UNAs Nancy Binay added that Abads statement emphasises the need to be inclusive not only in spreading the benefits of renewed economic activity but in garnering support from all parties and sectors in addressing unemployment and poverty. On Friday, Abad admitted that although the economy may have grown last year, the supposed growth failed to trickle down to the grassroots level. Manila Times

Filipino protesters take part in a rally near the US embassy in Manila, Philippines yesterday. Protesters were reportedly demonstrating against US military presence in the country and urging authorities to investigate the US minesweeper USS Guardian that has been stuck at the Tubbataha National Marine Park off Palawan province, 600 kilometres south of Manila, damaging around 1,000 square metres of coral reefs.

Bid to rescue Jordanian journalist leaves 21 dead

Reuters Manila

wenty-one people have been killed in the Philippines during an apparently unsuccessful bid to rescue a Jordanian journalist kidnapped by rebels eight months ago, Philippine security officials said yesterday.

Members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), a group of former rebels who have made peace with the government, attacked jungle bases of the Abu Sayyaf group on Jolo island to free Jordanian Baker Atyani, said Antonio Freyra, a police chief in the area. Atyani, a journalist working for the Al Arabiyah network, and his two Filipino television

crew members were taken captive in June while reporting in the area. Based on our information, the MNLF lost eight members and the Abu Sayyaf suffered 13 casualties, Freyra told reporters. We have no information on the fate of the Jordanian journalist, he said. Atyanis two Filipino colleagues were freed on Saturday.

Authorities said they could not say if ransom was paid for them. An army spokesman, Colonel Arnulfo Burgos, said the military was not involved in the rescue bid but sent troops to help evacuate residents who ed from the area and to prevent the ghting from spreading. About 60 families in the Patikul area were relocated tem-

porarily because of the clash, he said. Jolo island in the Philippine south is a stronghold for the Abu Sayyaf rebels who are notorious for kidnappings and some times killing captives. The militants are also holding an Australian, one Swiss, one Dutch and one Japanese person on Jolo and nearby Basilan islands.

Power plant accident victims mourned

Cambodia bids farewell to revered ex-king Sihanouk

AFP Phnom Penh

Relatives of victims of an industrial accident at a power plant in Manila, grieve after identifying the bodies yesterday. Five workers were killed and dozens injured when a scaffolding collapsed while they were repairing a smokestack, according to rescuers.

Myanmar holds positive peace talks

AFP Yangon

yanmar held fresh talks with Kachin ethnic minority rebels yesterday, vowing to keep up efforts to nd an elusive breakthrough in a conict that has overshadowed dramatic political reforms. The two sides agreed to con-

tinue dialogue with the aim of reaching a strong ceasere in Myanmars violence-wracked far north, according to a joint statement released after the talks in the Chinese border town of Ruili. They agreed to hold another meeting before the end of February. Both sides discussed in a friendly and open manner, said Hla Maung Shwe, a govern-

ment-appointed mediator who took part in the meeting. As we have agreed on future talks, I think it was positive, he said by telephone. Although a dozen rounds of talks between the government and the Kachin since 2011 have failed to make progress, the fact that the two sides were meeting at all for the rst time in months was seen as a positive development.

ens of thousands of mourners massed in the Cambodian capital yesterday as the kingdom cremated its revered former king Norodom Sihanouk, who steered his country through six turbulent decades. The cremation was part of a week-long funeral for the mercurial ex-monarch, which started with a lavish procession through the streets of Phnom Penh on Friday and will see his ashes returned to the palace on Thursday. Sihanouk died of a heart attack in Beijing in October, aged 89. His embalmed body had been lying in state since then at the royal palace. Official guests including French Prime Minister JeanMarc Ayrault, Japans Prince Akishino and several Southeast Asian leaders attended the cremation, bowing in respect in front of the gilded casket. After religious ceremonies led by chanting monks, Sihanouks tearful widow Monique and son King Norodom Sihamoni symbolically lit the pyre.

Cambodias King Norodom Sihamoni (centre left) and Queen Monique (centre right) cry during the cremation of the late former King Norodom Sihanouk, near the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh yesterday. Smoke was seen rising into the sky from the crematory, an elaborate pagoda built specially for the occasion and illuminated as darkness fell. A 101-gun salute echoed in the night and reworks burst over the city. Sihamoni said people across the nation wish his majesty to stay in heaven... near the Lord Buddha forever . And please the revered king father help protect the kingdom of Cambodia and the Cambodian people forever, he added. Earlier mourners jostled to get to the front of the queue to enter the cremation site to pay their last respects to the chameleon king, who was deft at moving with the political tides. He liberated the country from colonial France, brought peace and development for the country, said 72-year-old Chum Lao. But now he has gone, I cannot see what the future of the country will be without him, he added. A father of 14 children over six marriages, Sihanouk abdicated in 2004 after steering Cambo-

dia through six decades marked by independence from France, civil war, the murderous Khmer Rouge regime, his own exile and nally peace. But even though the everchangeable monarch had allied himself with the Maoist movement, Sihanouka self-confessed naughty boy who loved to direct lms, write poetry and compose songsremained hugely popular. Many elderly Cambodians credit him with overseeing a rare period of political stability in the 1950s and 1960s, following independence, until the Khmer Rouge emerged in the 1970s. Up to two mn people died under their reign of terror, including ve of Sihanouks own children. Thousands of people had already queued up at the crematorium over the weekend for a glimpse of the gilded casket, but the general public was kept several hundred metres (yards) away from the site for the actual cremation. Were frustrated with the barricades, said Tos Toch, 47. We wanted to see the cremation with our own eyes. I love him very much. He was the best king ever, she added.


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Vishwaroopam to hit Tamil Nadu cinemas

Actor-director Kamal Haasan yesterday said his controversial film Vishwaroopam would hit the cinemas in Tamil Nadu on February 7. The announcement came a day after a twoweek ban on the film was revoked by the state government. The film will release all over Tamil Nadu on Thursday, February 7, Haasan said in a statement. After talks with Muslim groups, Haasan had agreed to cut a few scenes from his film. The Rs950mn espionage thriller was set for release in Tamil and Telugu on January 25, but on the previous day the Tamil Nadu government imposed a two-week ban fearing protests by Muslim groups.

Nariman resigns as solicitor general

Solicitor General of India Rohinton Nariman resigned yesterday. He sent his resignation letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, with a copy to Law Minister Ashwani Kumar, sources said yesterday. Though the reasons for his resignation are not immediately known, the sources said Nariman and the law minister had differences on certain issues, and that the central governments top lawyer in the Supreme Court was upset with the way government instructions were reaching him.

Andhra CM in Delhi for Telangana talks

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy and state Congress chief Botsa Satyanarayana arrived in New Delhi yesterday for talks with party leaders over the Telangana issue. They are likely to meet Congress general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad, who is also in charge of party affairs in the state, and other central leaders. Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde had declared that a decision on Telangana would be announced by December 28. Later both Shinde and Azad said some more time was required. Protesting the delay, seven Congress MPs from Telangana last week sent their resignations both from the parliament and the party to party president Sonia Gandhi.

Incandescent bulbs to be banned in govt offices

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah yesterday said the government will ban the use of incandescent bulbs in government and public buildings in the state to cut down on power bills. The chief minister, who also holds the power portfolio, posted on his Twitter site: Am going to move a proposal in the cabinet to ban the use of incandescent bulbs in govt & public buildings. Cant sustain power losses. The incandescent bulbs are likely to be replaced by compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, which consume less power. The state spends around Rs40bn annually on electric power import bill but low recoveries have led to mounting losses.

Stranded passengers wait for the opening of a highway at a bus terminal in the northern city of Jammu, the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir, yesterday. Kashmir remained cut off from the rest of the country as heavy snowfall in the Pir Panjal mountain range closed the Srinagar-Jammu highway and delayed all flights to the valley. The highway is the only road connection between the landlocked valley and the rest of the country.

Trierweiler to be treated as Hollandes wife during visit

Agencies New Delhi

Dancing for a cause

ndia will treat French President Francois Hollandes partner Valerie Trierweiler as if she were his wife, resolving a potential protocol headache for his visit at the end of the month. Hollande has been with Trierweiler, a 47-year-old divorced journalist, for the last ve years and the couple have announced no plans to marry. It is conrmed that the French president is coming to India with his partner, external affairs ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin said. Last month, ministry officials arranging the travel plans asked the French authorities how they should treat Trierweiler at official dinners and other events. The wives or husbands of foreign dignitaries are normally given a spot next to the Indian prime ministers wife at official dinners and a special programme of meetings and visits is also organised. We were told that she should be provided the hospitality given to a spouse, said Akbaruddin, adding that meetings between the French president and top Indian leaders would be held on February 14 in New Delhi. Last year, Trierweiler was left seething during a visit to Washington when American journalists quizzed her about her status at a G8 summit. They kept asking if I was actually allowed to be there. What kind of era are we living in? she told French newspapers on her return. Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy visited India

alone in 2008 after choosing not to bring his then partner Carla Bruni, whom he has since married. Meanwhile, nancial details of the over $10bn deal for the purchase of 126 French Rafale medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) for the Indian Air Force are being worked out ahead of Hollandes visit. There are a lot of technical aspects of the deal, which are being worked out by the defence ministry, an external affairs ministry official said, declining to say whether it would be inked on February 14, the day of official engagements of the French president in India. French rm Dassault Aviation bagged the deal last year to provide the new generation ghter aircraft for the IAF after being declared the lowest bidder. Eighteen of the 126 planes are to be purchased directly from Dassault, while Hindustan Aeronatics Limited (HAL) is to manufacture the other 108 under a licence at a facility in Bangalore. The two countries inked a civil nuclear deal in 2010, according to which two French reactors worth $10bn are to be built at Jaitapur in Maharashtra. However, there have been sustained protests by local residents against the project. External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid during his visit to Paris last month assured France of Indias commitment to the 9,900 MW Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project. French state-controlled nuclear group Areva and Indias Nuclear Power Corporation Ltd are in commercial discussions for the import of reactors for the Jaitapur plant.

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (third right) and television star Shweta Tiwari (second left) perform for the Support My School campaign in Mumbai on Sunday. The second edition of the campaign was organised by Coca-Cola India and NDTV at the Yash Raj Studios.

Kalmadi pleads not guilty to graft charges

Congress MP Suresh Kalmadi faces charges of criminal conspiracy, forgery, abuse of office and intimidation over a contract awarded to Swiss Timing
Agencies New Delhi

ormer Commonwealth Games (CWG) Organising Committee chief Suresh Kalmadi yesterday pleaded not guilty in court to an array of corruption charges related to his handling of the chaotic Delhi Commonwealth Games in 2010. Kalmadi, an MP of the ruling Congress Party, faces charges of criminal conspiracy, forgery, abuse of office and intimidation over a contract awarded to Swiss Timing, which is part of the Swatch luxury goods empire. Swiss Timing, which is named in the case but has not responded to a court summons, won a Rs1.1bn ($21mn) contract to serve as the official time-keeper and results provider. Kalmadi signed a statement to declare his innocence of all Hollande with Trierweiler: protocol headache resolved.

charges and did not address the court. My client has pleaded not guilty, Kalmadis lawyer, S Agarwal, said outside the court. The court has formally framed charges today. Agarwal said that Kalmadi may try to challenge the decision to order a trial in the Delhi High Court. We will examine the charges and take a further decision on the matter, the lawyer said. Seven others on trial also pleaded not guilty in written statements submitted to a special court set up to try the suspects over the massively overbudget Delhi event. They face a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Also facing charges are Kalmadis deputy during the Commonwealth Games Lalit Bhanot, who has since been elected number two in the Indian Olympic Association in a scandal-tainted process. The dysfunctional organisation of the Delhi event

- the most expensive in Commonwealth Games history at $6bn - led to Kalmadi becoming a public hate-gure and he was booed by the crowd during the two-week event. In the police charge-sheet detailing their evidence against the accused, Swiss Timing is accused of paying money to companies as kickbacks to Kalmadi and others via its local partner Gem International. In one instance, Gem is accused of paying a Hyderabad-based rm for cabling work at an inated price. The company allegedly had no previous experience and was unable to produce proper paperwork to investigators. The Delhi Commonwealth Games were intended to showcase India on the global stage, but infrastructure problems, delays and widespread corruption allegations instead highlighted many of the problems that blight the country. They also led to criticism of the

stranglehold of politicians over Indian sports associations. Kalmadi, an MP of more than 30 years who smiled at the press as he entered court in a grey suit, ran the Olympics body for 16 years. The former air force pilot stepped down at the end of 2012 and was replaced by Abhey Singh Chautala, a local politician from Haryana seen as a close ally of Kalmadi. Bhanot was also elected unopposed as secretary-general of the Olympics body, which led the International Olympic Committee to suspend India because of the tainted nature of the leadership transition. The Delhi Commonwealth Games Organising Committees director-general V K Verma, procurement director Surjit Lal, sports director A S V Prasad, treasurer M Jayachandran and three others are also on trial. The main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party welcomed the ling of the charge-sheet but sought to know if action would also be taken against Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit for irregularities during the Games. While the BJP welcomes

the belated charge-sheeting of Suresh Kalmadi, it would like to know about the other recommendations of the Shunglu Committee, which was constituted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to examine the entire CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) report pertaining to the Commonwealth Games, BJP spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad said. The Shunglu Committee has given very stringent comments against the collusion and inaction of the Sheila Dikshit government. It has used an expression, there was a method in the madness , he said. Manmohan Singh had assured the house (parliament) that he would take appropriate follow up action in the light of the conclusion and recommendations of the Shunglu Committee, Prasad said. The BJP would like to know whether the prime minister will allow the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) to fairly and honestly investigate the role of the entire Sheila Dikshit government as far as massive irregularities relating to the preparations are concerned, he said.

French leader urged to intervene over India child abuse case

AFP Paris

awyers for a French consular official who has been charged with raping his three-year-old daughter in India have urged President Francois Hollande to intervene in the high-prole case. The lawyers say Pascal Mazurier, who worked in Frances consulate in Bangalore, has been the victim of an attempted framing by his estranged Indian wife. Mazurier and his legal team

accept that France cannot be seen to be questioning the Indian judicial authorities handling of the case. But they are hoping to persuade Hollande to press for Mazurier to have access to his three children, who are all French nationals, French daily Liberation reported. Mazurier told the paper his wife had left him and made the allegation against him shortly before he was due to be transferred to Cape Town, South Africa. She gave me to understand

that she would be coming with me but then moved out after ling the complaint, Mazurier was quoted as saying. Mazurier was charged with the rape of his daughter in June 2012 after a highly-publicised arrest. He was released from custody in October but remains under house arrest and has been forced to surrender his passport. He told Liberation he was unable to see his children for fear of reprisals in light of the attention his case attracted in the local media. Ive been given an address but

I cant take the risk of going there alone, he said. Mazurier added that he did not expect Hollande to question the judgment of the Indian authorities. The French authorities have a duty of neutrality. All they can do is check that I was not maltreated in prison. The officials lawyers however said there was clear evidence that the mother may have fabricated the evidence which led to their clients arrest and incarceration. We now have clear proof that the mother fabricated and ma-

nipulated evidence, the lawyers were quoted as saying. The lawyers also questioned why the Indian authorities had not attempted to secure testimony from the alleged victim, arguing that the prosecutions case now rests entirely on statements made by the mother. They say the father has suffered the double injustice of being falsely imprisoned for a crime he did not commit while simultaneously having to deal with the agony of knowing that his daughter may have been raped.

Mazurier: appeal

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Dont take Shobhaa De seriously, says Massey

Globally celebrated author Reginald Massey yesterday questioned writer Shobhaa Des credentials as a literary person, saying she should not be taken seriously as she wrote soft pornography which titillates. Massey, speaking as a guest at the Taj Literature Festival in Agra, told a huge gathering that she doesnt have a style like Dickens or Jane Austen...She need not be taken seriously. But he clarified it was his personal view. De Sunday participated in the three-day event which began on February 1. As Massey arrived a day late, a session was conducted for him yesterday. Massey is considered an authority on culture, religion, music and dances of India.

World Sufi Spirit Festival from Feb 22

The sixth edition of the World Sufi Spirit Festival (WSSF) starts on February 22 in Jodhpur and it will bring an eclectic mix of Sufi music from a host of talents across the world. Hosted by the royal family of Jodhpur, the Sufi music festival will start at the Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur and will culminate on February 27 at Ahichhatragarh Fort in Nagaur. The festival promises to present music traditions from various parts of the world. Performers from Egypt, Turkey, France, Pakistan, Paris, Mongolia and Afghanistan will showcase their talent. From India, musicians from Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan will be seen participating in the fest.

Daimler sets up rooftop solar power plant

The Indian subsidiary of German auto giant Daimler AG yesterday announced the setting up of 300KW solar power project on the rooftop of its warehouse at a plant near Chennai. Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd (DICV) said the solar power project has been set up at cost of Rs40mn. A company official said the project will take care of 2.8% of the companys power consumption. He said the focus on solar power began last year in line with Daimlers global focus towards green energy for captive consumption. The solar power plant will be synchronised with Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd soon.

Nissan hikes prices of three models

The Indian subsidiary of Japanese automobile maker Nissan Motor Company yesterday raised the prices of its three models - Micra, Sunny and Evalia. Nissan Motor India in a statement said the price hike applied to all the variants of the models and ranged between 1.5% and 2.5%. The prices of hatchback Micra will go up by 1.5%, Sunny sedan by 2% and utility vehicle Evalia by 2.5%. The price rise, which we held back for several months, is to offset rising input costs and also to ease the impact of currency fluctuation, Nitish Tipnis, director of Hover Automotive India, Nissans national sales company, said.

A parrot nibbles on Simolu flowers on the outskirts of Guwahati in Assam. This seasonal flower not only attracts a variety of wild birds and honeybees but has become an attraction for the nature lovers as well.

Court to examine validity of juvenile act

IANS New Delhi

he Supreme Court will look into the constitutional validity of provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act under which a person is treated as a minor until he or she turns 18. The bench of Justice K S Radhakrishnan and Justice Dipak Misra issued notice to the central government on a petition that has sought the legally dened age of minor to be lowered from the existing 18 years to 16. The petition led by advocates Sukumar and Kamal Kumar Pandey asked the court to declare that certain provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000, were in violation of the fundamental rights as guaranteed under Articles 14 and 21 (equality and liberty) of the constitution. The issues raised in the petition assume signicance in the wake of a minors alleged involvement in the brutal gang-rape and torture of a 23-year-old woman in Delhi on December 16, 2012. The court asked Attorney General G E Vahanvati whether the age under the Juvenile Justice Act has any nexus with the gravity of the crime committed by the offender and whether the provisions of the act were not in conict with the Articles 14 and 21 of the constitution. The attorney general told the court that it had to be seen why a juvenile offender had done something in conict with the law and whether society had failed to curb such a conduct. Vahanvati said it should also be looked into whether the trial court should be given the discretion to decide under what provision of law a juvenile offender should be tried in case of heinous offences. The attorney general also said that the question needs to be answered whether the age limit for shielding a juvenile offender from trial in a court should be reduced to 16 or retained at 18 years. At present, the case of an offender up to the age of 18 year is heard by a Juvenile Justice Board.

Ordinance on sexual crimes only a starting point: govt

The government defends the ordinance and promises debate as women protest
Agencies New Delhi

Members of All India Progressive Womens Association (AIPWA) take part in a protest against new laws on sexual crimes in New Delhi yesterday.

he government yesterday defended its ordinance on enhancing punishment for sexual crimes and said it was open to public suggestions as parliament would debate the issue. The ordinance is only the starting point of a legislative process. I appeal to everyone to allow the process to be completed in the budget session (of parliament), Finance Minister P Chidambaram said at a news conference here. President Pranab Mukherjee gave his assent to the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance on Sunday that among other changes allows rape that leads to the death of the victim to be treated as a capital offense. The government says it is largely based on the recommendations of the Justice J S Verma Committee, set up by the government on December 23 following nation-wide outrage over the gruesome gangrape of a 23-year-old woman. Womens groups, which have termed the ordinance a big joke, held a protest at Jantar Mantar here. This ordinance is an eyewash. It has diluted the recommendations of the Justice Verma Committee. We want a bill based on the panels suggestions, said

Kavita Krishnan, secretary of the All India Progressive Womens Association (AIPWA). Women activists had urged Mukherjee on Saturday not to sign the ordinance, saying it lacked teeth to fight sexual crimes against women. The ordinance has to be passed by parliament within six months to be made into law. Chidambaram said the government would welcome suggestions from the public to replace the ordinance with a bill in parliament. He said that discussions would be held with political parties. These consultations will afford ample opportunity to make changes in the ordinance. The bill passed by the parliament will reect the broadest possible consensus on the imperative and urgent need to have an effective law to protect women and to punish crimes against women, he said. However, the finance minister agreed there were difficult issues arising out of the suggestions made by the panel. Chidambaram said the government has not included some clauses recommended by the Justice Verma Committee but had not rejected anything. It is not right to say the government has rejected the recommendations of the Verma Committee. We have been faithful to the Justice Verma panel recommendations, he said. Some clauses like AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act), marital rape and lowering the age of juveniles need

more discussions, he said. The finance minister called on all political parties to support the government in getting the bill passed. Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari who also attended the press conference said: If there are objections, the government will look into them with a positive framework and take into consideration whatever is necessary. The stringent provisions in the ordinance will have a deterrent effect on potential criminals, Chidambaram said. These provisions will ensure fair and speedy trials. Under intense public pressure, the government has changed the criminal code without waiting for parliament to reconvene. The brutal attack on the physiotherapy student on December 16 shocked India and reverberated around the world, triggering street protests and drawing attention to the scale of sexual violence against women in the worlds largest democracy. The trial of five men charged with conspiracy to abduct the woman, sexually assault and murder her will start today in a fast-track court in New Delhi. A sixth accused has been judged to be a juvenile and is facing a separate judicial process. All have pleaded not guilty. Going beyond the recommendations of the Verma panel the government has stiffened penalties to allow for capital punishment if an assault leaves the victim in a persistent vegetative state.

AI ew Dreamliners despite grounding order: official

Agencies New Delhi

All-girl band calls it quits after fatwa

Agencies Srinagar

ational carrier Air India flew two Dreamliner aircraft without passengers even after US regulators grounded the global fleet last month due to technical problems, an official said yesterday. The Boeing aircraft owned by Air India were allowed to fly from New Delhi to Mumbai for maintenance reasons, said Arun Mishra, director general of Indias civil aviation regulator. A spokesman for Air India declined to comment. When the Dreamliners were grounded, they had come to Delhi from Frankfurt and Paris. Air India asked us for permission to take them to Mumbai because they have their maintenance facility there and also they were paying very high parking charges in Delhi, Mishra said. We gave them permission with strict orders that no passenger will be allowed. Just two pilots were allowed inside each aircraft, said Mishra, declining to say when the ights were made. Indian regulators had grounded Air Indias six Dreamliner jets on

In this photograph of September 8, 2012, a security serviceman looks on as Air Indias first Boeing 787 Dreamliner taxis on arrival at the Indira Gandhi international airport in New Delhi. January 17 in line with the US Federal Aviation Administrations advisory to cease ying the aircraft. Aviation Minister Ajit Singh had demanded that US giant Boeing compensate the ailing Air India after the grounding order. Air India and Boeing had earlier concluded negotiations for an undisclosed sum in compensation over a four-year delay in delivery of the Dreamliner to India because of production problems at the company. Indian officials had said they were seeking up to $1bn in compensation for the delays but neither side has disclosed whether the money has been paid. Air India bought 27 Dreamliners as part of a 2005 multi-billion dollar deal. It received the first plane last September and now has six, with the remaining 21 due to arrive by 2016. Boeings troubled next-generation model has suffered a series of glitches, although the company insists the plane is safe. World regulators grounded all 50 operating Dreamliners after a re aboard a parked Japan Airlines 787 on January 7 and a smoking battery that forced the emergency landing of an All Nippon Airways 787 on January 16.

ammu and Kashmirs most senior Muslim cleric has called for the plug to be pulled on an allgirl rock group, calling the band un-Islamic and accusing them of indecent behaviour. Pragaash (First Light) sprang to prominence last December when the high school trio, all of whom are Muslim, won an annual Battle of Bands competition held in Srinagar. But the three-piece, whose members are all aged around 16, has since been the target of a cultural backlash in the state, including hate mail on their Facebook page. The band has since stopped performing. When girls and young women stray from the rightful path and indulge in shameless and indecent behaviour... this kind of non serious activity (music) can become the rst step towards our destruction, the government-appointed Grand Mufti Bashiruddin Ahmad said on Sunday. Some girls who believe this mirage to be a real spring are set on a destructive path. They should stop in their tracks.


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Malala, in video message, says getting better

AFP London

alala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl shot in the head by the Taliban for campaigning for girls education, said she was getting better in her rst public statement released yesterday. Today you can see that I am

alive. I can speak, I can see you, I can see everyone and I am getting better day by day, said the 15-year-old in a video message made before she underwent surgery on her skull on Saturday. Speaking clearly in English, she said: Its just because of the prayers of people. Because all people men, women, children all of them have

prayed for me. And because of all these prayers God has given me this new life a second life. And I want to serve. I want to serve the people. I want every girl, every child, to be educated. For that reason, we have organised the Malala Fund. In an attack that drew worldwide condemnation, a Taliban gunman shot Malala at point-

blank range as her school bus travelled through Pakistans Swat Valley on October 9. Surgeons in Pakistan saved her life with an initial operation to relieve the pressure on her brain before she was own to Britain to be treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, central England. Doctors say the bullet grazed

Malalas brain and travelled through her head and neck before lodging in her left shoulder. In the surgery this weekend, she had a titanium plate tted to replace part of her skull and surgeons inserted an implant to help restore her hearing in her left ear. The Malala Fund is a charity set up in late 2012 to promote

education for girls. Malala rst rose to prominence aged 11 with a blog for the BBCs Urdu-language service charting her life under the Taliban. Since her attempted murder, millions of people have signed petitions supporting her cause, while the United Nations declared a global Malala Day last November.

Malala Yousafzai

Afghan, Pak leaders want peace deal in six months

British Prime Minister David Cameron hosts talks between Pakistans President Asif Zardari and Afghan leader Hamid Karzai at his retreat near London
AFP London

Amusement city planned for Abbottabad

AFP Islamabad

he leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan said yesterday they would work to reach a peace deal within six months, while throwing their weight behind moves for the Taliban to open an office in Doha. Following talks hosted by British Prime Minister David Cameron, Afghan President Hamid Karzai and his Pakistani counterpart Asif Ali Zardari also urged the Islamists to join the reconciliation process in Afghanistan. But with no Taliban representative at the tripartite talks and with the militants still refusing to talk to Kabul, analysts said the commitment by the three leaders risked being onesided. They had a private dinner on Sunday and then full talks yesterday at Camerons Chequers country retreat near London, amid growing fears that a civil war could erupt when international troops leave Afghanistan in 2014. All sides agreed on the urgency of this work and committed themselves to take all necessary measures to achieve the goal of a peace settlement over the next six months, they said in a joint statement issued by Camerons office. They supported the opening of an office in Doha for the purpose of negotiations between the Taliban and the High Peace Council of Afghanistan as part of an Afghan-led peace process, the statement said. Karzai had previously shunned the idea of a Taliban office in Doha because of fears that it would lead to the Kabul government being frozen out of talks between the United States and the Taliban. The joint statement also said that the Afghan and Pakistani

akistan is planning to build a $30mn amusement park with a zoo and adventure sports facilities in the town where Osama bin Laden was killed by US special forces, officials said yesterday. The 50-acre riverside development on the edge of Abbottabad, where US Navy SEALs shot the Al Qaeda leader dead on May 2, 2011, will include restaurants, a heritage centre and articial waterfalls. The government of northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province hopes the project, announced as a public-private partnership, will boost tourism but denied it was intended to improve the towns image after the humiliation of the bin Laden raid. The amusement city will be built on 50 acres in the rst phase but later will be extended to 500 acres, Syed Aqil Shah, the provincial minister for tourism and sports, said. It will have a heritage park, wildlife zoo, food street, adventure and paragliding clubs, waterfalls and jogging tracks. Work is due to begin in late February or early March, he Britains Prime Minister David Cameron shakes hands with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari during trilateral talks at Chequers, the Prime Ministers official country residence, near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, west of London, yesterday. leaders had agreed arrangements to strengthen co-ordination of the release of Taliban detainees from Pakistani custody. Afghan peace negotiators have welcomed Pakistans release of dozens of Taliban prisoners in recent months, a move they believe could help bring militants to the negotiating table. There was no immediate reaction from the Taliban. The summit was the third trilateral meeting in a year following meetings in Kabul in July and New York last September but the rst in which Pakistani and Afghan army and intelligence chiefs took part. Cameron, whose country is the second biggest contributor of troops to Afghanistan with 9,000 troops still in the country, appealed directly to the Taliban to join the reconciliation process. Now is the time for everyone to participate in a peaceful, political process in Afghanistan, he told a press conference after the talks. Karzai told the press conference he hoped in future to have very close, brotherly and good neighbourly relations with Pakistan, which has been regularly accused by both Kabul and Washington of helping to destabilise Afghanistan. Support from Pakistan, which backed Afghanistans 19962001 Taliban regime, is seen as crucial to peace after Nato troops depart but relations between the neighbours remain uneasy despite some recent improvements. Zardari said it was in Islamabads interests to support the initiative. Peace in Afghanistan is peace in Pakistan. We feel that we can only survive together, he said. We cannot change our neighbourhood or our neighbours. Pakistani political and security analyst Hasan Askari dismissed as too ambitious the prospect of securing in six months a settlement to end more than 11 years of war. The lack of Taliban involvement in the talks was a particular problem, he said. The Taliban in March 2012 suspended contacts with American representatives in Qatar over a potential prisoner exchange and opening a liaison office in the Gulf state, and publicly refuses to negotiate with Kabul. Askari said the most realistic achievement in London would be better co-operation between Afghanistan and Pakistan, whose relations for years have been clouded by mutual blame for violence plaguing both countries. Asked whether there could be a peace deal in six months, Askari said: I dont expect that, it would be a major upset of the calculation.

said, and will take eight years to complete. Funds worth Rs3bn have been allocated, he said. Abbottabad, a quiet, leafy town nestling in the foothills of the Himalayas around 50 kilometres north of Islamabad, has long been a popular spot for well-heeled families from the capital to spend weekends away. The town also houses Pakistans elite military academy and the discovery of the worlds most wanted man on its doorstep prompted allegations of incompetence or complicity between the armed forces and the 9/11 mastermind. But Shah insisted the new development was simply about promoting tourism, not polishing the towns tarnished image. This project has nothing to do with Osama bin Laden, he said. We are working to promote tourism and amusement facilities in the whole province and this project is one of those facilities. The authorities demolished the compound where bin Laden hid with his wives and children last February, fearing it could become a shrine to Al Qaeda followers.

Vaccination drive urged for measles

Low immunisation coverage coupled with lack of public awareness and ineffectiveness of measles vaccine have resulted in death of about 100 children during the last two months of the previous year in Pakistans northwestern regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Federally Administered Tribal Areas, said paediatricians. They said that many of the affected children got infection as they were not vaccinated against measles. While many of the immunised children also developed measles because the vaccines they received were not effective, they added. According to paediatricians, measles has become a nationwide epidemic owing to governments focus on polio vaccination that left children vulnerable to other vaccinepreventable childhood diseases. They said that measles killed children while polio handicapped them therefore priority must be accorded to control the former. Low vaccination coupled with lack of awareness on the part of parents results in death of children, said a senior paediatrician.

Polio continues to cripple lives in Pakistan

Internews Karachi

Pakistani mother foresees the future of her child and tears curl up in the corner of her eyes as fear, regret and guilt take over. He cries all night because his feet hurt. His walk has become wobbly, weeps Muslimah, looking at a boy wearing brown shalwar kameez, tightly held by his elder siblings as he struggles to walk barefoot across the room. Her son is just two-and-ahalf years old and she knows exactly how his life is going to end up. She knows he will grow up to be a cripple, to be ridiculed by others. She sees no prospect of education or career for him. She knows theyll be lucky if he winds up as a truck broker, earning a few bucks at best. By predisposition of his disease, just like his father, Musharraf is ill-fated and damned. In a home where polio was already testing Muslimahs patience after spending a lifetime

with her crippled husband Usman and a relative, her son also fell prey to the merciless virus. Young Musharraf is Karachis rst polio victim in 14 months and comes from a family which already has two polio victims living under the same roof Musharrafs father and his uncle. I have a polio-stricken husband, and now I would have to raise such a child. I have left everything to God, Muslimah says in a submissive, almost defeatist tone, and wiping tears with her black chaadar (shawl). Musharrafs three elder siblings were all administered antipolio drops but when his turn came, the dosage was stopped midway by his father, who himself suffers from polio. We came to know about Dr Shakil Afridis alliance with the Americans, said the father, referring to the doctors alleged fake immunisation campaign which led to the capture of Osama bin Laden in 2011. We thought that the polio campaign was being run by the Jews and Americans, so I wouldnt let anyone give drops

Pakistani security officials escort heatlh workers as they administer Polio vaccination to children in Peshawar. to my child, said the crippled man, with face lines that showed just how deep and unforgiving his regret was. After his son was diagnosed with carrying the virus, Usman asked the doctors to give him the drops, but it was too late. The fair-skinned, brown-haired toddler remains polio affected. Usman and his family live in a bare-bricked building in an im-

poverished area swarmed with garbage and sewage in Railway Colony of Bin Qasim town. While the men were out at work yesterday, the women, in broken Urdu, narrated stories of the house plagued by polio. On a charpoy sits wrinkledfaced Shamim, the boys grandmother. When Usman was born in the 1980s, there was no concept of polio campaign in our village, she says referring to their hometown of Bisham, Shangla. The family believed that Usman was crippled because of a high fever. I would massage his legs with oil and hoped that it would cure him. It was years later when the family moved to Karachi that they came to know about his disease. He was never able to get a proper job because of his condition. He has lived a very difficult life. Sitting next to her is Nasir, a teenage cousin of Usman, who also suffers from the polio virus. As he blankly stares into space, his mother Gulshala laments,

He was as young as Musharraf when he was diagnosed with polio. He is also mentally challenged and becomes violent at times. I dont know why our family is becoming affected. It seems like a family disease. The grief-stricken family claims Musharraf contracted the virus when he went out with his father to the market a few days ago. His fever and the slight crippling feet alarmed the family, and soon doctors broke the devastating news. This is a family where men did not go to school and where women are not allowed to stir abroad. We women live like animals because we are not allowed to educate ourselves and work. And if our men keep becoming crippled, how will the family survive? asks Shamim. As the mother struggles to come to terms with a life she thinks will be wasted, Musharrafs father sits and stares into abyss - wondering how things would have been different had they administered the drops to their youngest son.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Lankan president vows no tolerance of religious rivalry

DPA Colombo

eligious rivalry will not be tolerated in Sri Lanka as it could lead to separatism, President Mahinda Rajapakse said yesterday. A string of protests have been held by both Buddhists and Muslims against each other in recent weeks. A group led by Buddhist monks has campaigned against what it calls the spread of (Muslim) fundamentalism. Muslims have complained of intimidation, including demands to close some of their businesses. Religious differences, just as racial differences, lead to destruction of the country. Anyone who causes such division supports the division of the country. We will not leave room for that, Rajapakse said in Trincomalee, 254km northeast of the capital Colombo, while marking the countrys 65th Independence Day celebrations. If anyone is trying to build religious rivalry in Sri Lanka again, they do not serve their religion, but serve the interests of separatism in the country, Rajapakse said. Buddhists comprise about 70% of the 20mn population, compared with the 8% who are Muslims. We cannot leave room for what could not be achieved through terrorism to be gained by this. He was referring to the defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam rebels, who campaigned for a separate state in the northern and eastern parts of the country but were defeated in 2009 after a 26-year armed conict. Rajapakse criticised attempts by some countries to interfere in the internal affairs of his country. Reading out from the UN

Charter, Rajapakse said that every nation has a right to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. He also said that the best way his government responds to allegations from some countries is to invite their leaders to visit Sri Lanka and see rsthand the post war situation. The island nation has been criticised by some countries over its alleged human rights abuses during the war. It is expected to face pressure during the UN Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva which will begin at the end of this month with the US already saying that it will put forward a resolution against the country.

Activists urge ban on nger test of sex assault victim

AFP Dhaka

If anyone is trying to build religious rivalry in Sri Lanka again, they do not serve their religion, but serve the interests of separatism in the country
The government has been accused of failing to address alleged human rights abuses believed to have been committed by the military during the nal stages of the war against the Tamil Tiger rebels. Later, speaking in Tamil, the president urged Tamils not to fall prey to the false propaganda of the Tamil diaspora. He said that the opposition in Sri Lanka has a responsibility to protect the independence of the nation. However, Sri Lankas main opposition party, the United National Party (UNP) boycotted the governments Independence Day celebrations and decided to hold their own celebrations instead. We decided to hold our own celebrations in Galle this year. Therefore none of our members attended the governments celebrations, UNP lawmaker Ravi Karunanayaka said. Rajapakse, meanwhile, said

Sri Lankan Navy personnel fire a 21-gun salute on the capitals seafront Galle Face promenade to mark the island nations 65th Independence Day in Colombo yesterday. the country will continue with its non-aligned foreign policy and strengthen its ties with non-aligned nations. The Sri Lankan president granted amnesty to 1,200 prisoners on the occasion, officials said. The prisoners were released after a short ceremony held at Colombos Welikada prison which was attended by prisons commissioner P W Kodippily and other government officials. Prison officials said that those released were serving minor sentences and some were those who had not been able to pay their nes. The amnesty did not apply to those convicted of murder, drug offences, rape, and armed robbery, officials added. The release of prisoners serving minor offences has become a yearly ritual in Sri Lanka. The move has been welcomed by prison officials who have long been complaining of overcrowding in prisons islandwide.

angladeshi experts and activists yesterday urged the government to ban a demeaning physical examination of rape victims, saying the procedure is of no benet in proving whether an assault has taken place. The countrys British colonial-era law, which dates back to 1872, requires that doctors use two ngers to determine whether a woman who is alleging rape is habituated to sex . But with studies and doctors raising questions over the effectiveness of the test, lawyers, police officials and women rights activists have joined forces to demand the government scrap the process. The two-nger test is demeaning and does not provide any evidence that is relevant to proving the offence, over 100 experts including doctors, lawyers, police, rights activists said in a joint statement.

The test hardly helps glean any evidence when the victim is a married, middle-aged or a woman who has conceived multiple times
The reported number of sexual assaults on women in Bangladesh have been growing steadily in recent years, reecting a trend across South Asia including in India where the fatal gang-rape of a medical student in December triggered weeks of protests. Local rights group Odhikar reported 805 rape cases last year. Although the gure is vastly under-reported, it is nearly double the reported cases in 2009. Under Bangladeshi law, physicians and forensic experts examining rape cases must follow a government-prescribed medical evidence form which requires them to give details of the alleged victims internal organs. But doctors say the two-nger test, medically known as per vaginal examination, can be avoided. The test hardly helps glean any evidence when the victim is a married, middle-aged or a woman who has conceived multiple times, said Habibuzzaman Choudhury, head of forensic medicine at Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College. In case of under-aged rape victims, the effect of assault is so pronounced on their bodies and sex organs that it can be detected without the two-nger test, he said, demanding its ban as it further traumatises victims . India has also faced calls since the December gang-rape to scrap similar physical examinations, with the New York-based Human Rights Watch organisation calling the procedure unscientic and degrading .

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse, centre, addressing the nation while being flanked by Army chief Lt General Jagath Jayasuriya, left, and Navy chief Vice Admiral Jayanath Colambage during the islands 65th Independence Day parade at the port city of Trincomalee, some 257km east of Colombo, yesterday.

Nepal scraps licences for hydro power projects

IANS Kathmandu

NGOs step up to the plate to help Nepal poor

Agencies Kathmandu

epals Department of Electricity Development has scrapped 14 licences worth 611MW of hydro electricity to discourage the practice of holding rivers for electricity generation without a progress. While cancelling the licences, the department followed due process of law providing the licence holders to furnish replies within 35 days deadline publishing public notices, media reports said yesterday. Some more projects may get their licence dismissed, if they, too, fail to show the progress, said Gokarna Raj Panta, information officer of the department, as quoted by the Himalayan Times. The department issues survey licence to electricity developers for two years. The licences need to be renewed every year until ve year. After that, construction works must begin and failing to do so means scrapping of the licence. Licenses were earlier distributed haphazardly without evaluating capacity and intention of applicants. Licences should be provided through open competition now, said Suryanath Upadhyay, a former energy secretary. Some of the hydro projects which got their licences canceled include Phulkot Karnali (210MW), Thuli Bheri (121MW), Madi Seti (86MW), Naskhola (50MW), Upper Madi (38MW) and Nyasim Khola (30MW).

he Nepal government has joined hands with local as well as international not-for-prot groups to reach food to people in the poorest regions during the winter season. Every winter, northwestern Karnali region runs short of food supplies which have become a perennial problem. Due to adverse weather during winter, no crops grow in this region, and the people do not have enough food supply to eat, an official of Reconstruction and Research Development Centre, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Mugu district, said. Many people are forced

to migrate to India in search of employment and to escape the food shortages every year, Bishnu Prasad Acharya added. Acharyas NGO has been providing food to residents of Mugu, Kalikot, Humla, Jumla and Dolpa districts with assistance from the World Food Programme (WFP). According to the Nepal living standard survey of 2010, poverty levels in these areas are around 37%, much higher than the national average of 25.16%. We have been providing food to about 46,000 people through our food for work programme in which we ask the people to work on the communitys cash crop in return for the food, he said. Many other districts around the country face similar problems. Food insecurity largely

stems from distribution problems, according to Puspa Sharma, research director for South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment (SAWTEE).

Due to adverse weather during winter, no crops grow in this region, and the people do not have enough food supply to eat
Nepals agriculture to date is largely dependent on the monsoon. Food production can uctuate based on the arrival of monsoons. But still, the main cause of food insecurity is the lack of effective distribution channels to transfer food from districts with surplus production to those with a food decit, he added.

However, efforts are being made to ensure food security throughout the country. International agencies have come forward to assist. The Global Agriculture and Food Security Programme (GAFSP) under the Global Agriculture Fund (GAF) has recently agreed to provide Nepal with $46.5m to enhance food security in 20 food-decit districts. With the programme, we intend to encourage and assist farmers in the food-decit districts to commercialise their farming and enhance production, a ministry of agriculture development official said. Many of these districts also suffer from lack of access to markets for their cash crops. Under the programme, we are also planning to enhance farmers access to markets for their products, he added.

The government is also contributing $11.5m for the programme, which includes activities to create awareness about health, sanitation and nutrition, and to provide dietary support to young mothers and infants. The programme is expected to benet directly around 150,000 small and marginal farmers, 50,000 young mothers, children and adolescent girls, and 25,000 agricultural wage workers. Sharma said the government should also work on land-use policy to ensure that farmlands are not converted to commercial venues. Even in areas with good food production like Terai, there is a growing trend of converting farmlands into real estate. This could lead to decline in food production nationally, he said.

Jamaat calls general strike in Bangladesh

DPA Dhaka

n Islamist party in Bangladesh called a nationwide strike for Tuesday as a special court prepared to issue a verdict against one of its leaders accused of war crimes during the 1971 liberation war. Raqul Islam Khan, acting general secretary of Jamaat-eIslami Bangladesh, announced the shutdown after a war crimes tribunal said it would rule in the case against Abdul Quader Mollah. Mollah is charged with genocide, rape, looting and crimes against humanity during the nine-month armed war against Pakistan that left up to 3mn people dead and tens of thousands of women raped. Jamaat-e-Islami party, which opposed independence,

accused the government of a political vendetta through the show trials. We have called the strike to protest the governments blueprint to convict our leaders, Khan said. On January 21, a tribunal gave a death sentence to Abul Kalam Azad, a former leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, for his role in the war. There is no scope to give verdict from a controversial tribunal to save the country from the civil war, said senior Jamaat leader Selim Uddin while addressing the rally in Dhaka yesterday. He said: Dont push the country towards a civil war by creating discord. Thousands of Jamaat leaders and activists took part in the rally that began at around 10:50am local time, demanding the scrapping of the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT).

The party, which has long been demonstrating against the efforts of the government to try war criminals, last week enforced a daylong strike demanding the release of its nine top detained high-ups including its spiritual leader Ghulam Azam. Security measures have been beefed up in and around the tribunal. Police officials say security has also been tightened across Dhaka, specially at key points of the city as in a sense this is the rst verdict against a directly involved political party leader. Mollahs Jamaat is a key ally of former prime minister Khaleda Zias Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)-led alliance. Apart from Jamaat, BNP has also dismissed the court as a government show trial and said it is a domestic set-up without the oversight or involvement of the United Nations.

A member has a slogan painted on his chest during a Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing Chhatra Shibir protest at the Motijhil area in Dhaka yesterday.


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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Private investment key to European growth

In most European countries, action to spur private investment in local services and transport should also be considered
By Eric Labaye London

GULF TIMES A huge blow to the integrity of football

The revelation that hundreds of football matches around the world have been xed by a betting maa operating from Singapore has further tarnished the image of the beautiful game which has been plagued by a whole range of controversies on and off the eld. European police agency Europol said yesterday that they have identied 680 suspicious matches including qualifying games for the World Cup, the European Championships and the Champions League in a scandal that threatens to erode not only the credibility of football but also raises questions about the way the game is run across continents. The scandal, coming as it does just a few months after Lance Armstrong went from cycling great to perhaps the most-despised sporting pariah in history, brings into sharp focus the tremendous inuence wielded by crime syndicates despite the various checks and balances that have been put in place to prevent such activities. Indeed, the head honchos of various football federations whose main task is to ensure the good health of the game and maintain its integrity cannot deny culpability in the scandal and should be dealt with aptly. This is a sad day for European football, said Rob Wainwright, director of Europol. This is now an integrity issue for football. Those responsible for running the games should hear the warnings. To say that football is the worlds most followed sport is an understatement, especially considering the passion of fans which borders on fanaticism. Of course, it also generates billions of dollars every year, and by the look of it a sizeable portion of it could well be tainted by unscrupulous deals and arrangements. The matches in question, some of which have already been subject to successful criminal prosecutions, were played between 2008 and 2011, the investigators said. About 380 of the suspicious matches were played in Europe, and a further 300 were identied in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Of course, sports betting is legal in several countries but it has not stopped illegal bookmakers from making a kill by enlisting the services of corrupt players, referees and officials in a vicious cycle of greed and deception. A German investigator described a network involving couriers ferrying bribes around the world, paying off players and referees in the xing which involved about 425 corrupt officials, players and serious criminals in 15 countries. According to him bribes of up to 100,000 euros were paid per match in countries such as Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, Slovenia and Canada. Names of players and clubs involved would not be revealed as of now as investigation continues. Match-xing is not limited to football though. Cricket has also fallen victim to corruption. The Hansie Cronje affair several years ago and the jailing of Pakistani players in 2011 for spot-xing permanently scarred the game, forcing the International Cricket Council to come up stringent punishments, including life bans. The latest scam is a wakeup call for FIFA which is run in dictatorial fashion by Sepp Blatter. Much like Barack Obama who was tasked with xing the US after eight disastrous years under George W Bush, Blatters successor, too, will have a lot on his plate when the Swiss veteran nally vacates his post in a couple of years after taking charge in 1998.

hen the European Council next meets, on February 7, it should look at private investment as a means to kick-start Europes stagnant economy. With the usual drivers of GDP growth constrained across Europe, the one economic sector able to spend is the non-nancial corporate sector. Indeed, publicly-traded European companies had excess cash holdings of 750bn ($1tn) in 2011, close to a 20year high. Unlocking that cash would give Europe a much larger stimulus package than any government can provide. In 2011, for example, private investment in Europe totalled more than 2tn, compared to government investment of less than 300bn. And yet, while trends among European economies have varied, private investment was, overall, the hardest-hit component of GDP during the crisis, plunging by more than 350bn ten times greater than the fall in private consumption and four times more than the decline in real GDP between 2007 and 2011. The magnitude of the privateinvestment downturn was, in fact, unprecedented and lies at the heart of Europes economic malaise. Likewise, by historical standards, the private-investment recovery is running late. In more than 40 past episodes in which GDP fell and private investment declined by 10%, recovery took an average of ve years. Europe is four years removed from

the onset of recession, but private investment in 2011 was still lower than its 2007 level in 26 of the European Unions 27 member states. To be sure, the fact that companies are holding on to their cash, rather than paying it out in dividends, signals that they expect investment opportunities to return a far more positive situation than in Japan, for example, where companies lack cash to invest. But European companies remain hesitant, despite low interest rates, keeping private investment well below its previous peak. Governments can help to persuade companies to let go of their cash by removing regulatory barriers such as zoning regulations in retail and a plethora of requirements in the construction sector concerning everything from the height of ceilings to the size of staircase areas. They should also address the lack of uniform standards across Europes internal borders; for example, there are 11 separate signaling systems for rail freight in the EU-15.

Governments need to understand the barriers to investment

After Sweden eased planning laws in its retail sector during the 1990s, the country posted the strongest retail productivity growth in Europe (and outstripped that of the United States) between 1995 and 2005. Standardisation and liberalisation in European telecoms underpinned 9% growth in value added and productivity in this period, compared to 6% growth in the US. The largest scope for renewed private investment is in capitalintensive sectors in which government has a major presence as regulator. Even if European countries were to close

only 10% of the variation in capital stock per worker at the subsector level, the impact could be more than 360bn in additional investment offsetting the 354bn difference in private investment between 2007 and 2011. Many projects, from airports to university campuses, benet from returns over decades, which implies that weak demand in the short term will have only a limited impact on their overall viability. Even among more near-term projects, some for example, retrotting buildings with more energy-efficient features could become viable with action from policymakers. Some degree of investment will add to demand, which may persuade others to invest a virtuous circle. This approach is not about picking winners and losers . It is about targeted microeconomic reforms that reduce or remove barriers to private investment, thereby encouraging the non-nancial corporate sector to propel European GDP growth. But it is important to get this policy activism right. First, governments need to focus on sectors in which action is likely to trigger renewed investment on a scale large enough to boost GDP and quickly enough to enable private investment to drive the recovery. Governments often become enamoured of innovative sectors, such as semiconductors, that account for only a very small share of total investment. Policymakers may wish to develop these sectors as a catalyst to innovation, but they should not expect that such initiatives alone can spur a recovery in private investment. In fact, construction and real estate are the most promising candidates, as they account for roughly one-third of European xed investment and more than 17mn jobs. Although these sectors are unlikely to rebound to precrisis levels in Greece, Ireland, and

Spain for many years, other European economies, including the United Kingdom, Italy, and Sweden, as well as some Eastern European economies, have scope for further investment. To meet Europes ambitious 2020 energy targets, retrotting existing buildings and improving new buildings energy efficiency, including the use of more energy-efficient materials and equipment, could lead to roughly 37bn in additional annual investment between now and 2030. In most European countries, action to spur private investment in local services and transport both large sectors should also be considered. Governments, however, need to understand the barriers to investment: regulatory failures; weak enablers, including nancial and human capital; poor infrastructure; and substandard technology. And they must undertake rigorous cost-benet analyses, in order to ensure that any intervention translates into private investment that promotes productivity growth. It is here at the level of execution that governments often perform poorly. Too often, they spend money to support private-sector projects that fail to provide a positive return for the broader economy. Three ingredients are vital to getting it right: backing for initiatives at the highest political level; participation by all key stakeholders in deciding what action to take and driving its implementation; and establishing small, high-powered delivery units with clear mandates to co-ordinate interventions. Europes leaders need to put private investment at the centre of their growth strategy by devising policies that open the gates to large potential ows. The European Council meeting on February 7 is an ideal opportunity to make a start. - Project Syndicate zEric Labaye is chairman of the McKinsey Global Institute.

The head honchos of the game cannot deny culpability in the worldwide scandal unravelled by Europol

Importance of respecting others online

By Fatma al-Nuaimi Doha

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rom a very early age, parents teach their children to respect their elders, have proper manners and to play nicely with others. Yet far too often these important life lessons are not applied in todays digital age. With more and more children and teenagers across Qatar connecting to the Internet whether on their laptops, smartphones or tablets, it has become increasingly important for parents and teachers to ensure that they are practising the same level of respect online as they do in person. Today marks the 10th anniversary of Safer Internet Day, and appropriately the theme is Connect with Respect . In my work as the manager of Cyber Safety at the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR), keeping our citizens safe online has become my passion, and the notion of respectful

online practice is at the very core of cyber safety. One of the most important things we can teach our children is that actions online have real world implications. The fact is that words hurt just as much when posted to someones Facebook wall or sent via text message. In fact, they can hurt more because the record of them lives on and others can often magnify petty comments even further.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Safer Internet Day, and appropriately the theme is Connect with Respect
Unfortunately, digital harassment of this kind may go unnoticed by parents and unreported by youth. Unlike

bullying or abuse in the schoolyard, digital abuse or cyber bullying is far too often a hidden offence. By talking to our children about respecting others online, we can help build a positive digital environment that embraces learning and discovery, while minimising negativity and inappropriate content. Parents and other family members should sit down with children and clearly discuss what behaviour is appropriate online. They should stress the importance of thinking critically about the information they encounter and how to maintain their privacy. Fostering open channels of communications with children about the digital world will help them feel more comfortable talking to adults if they encounter offensive content or if someone is harassing. ictQATAR has created a website, Safe Space, to help parents and teachers talk to children about online safety. Safe Space,, shares information and resources for parents, teachers, teens and children on how they can fully benet from the

Internet while engaging in safe habits. The website is updated regularly, and presents valuable information in a clear, accessible manner. I encourage everyone to check it often, and to share it with friends and family. At ictQATAR, we have also been working with schools across the country to help make cyber safety an ingrained part of our national curriculum. Through a variety of workshop and outreach initiatives, the lessons shared on Safe Space are being brought directly to students, parents and teachers. Qatar is a society that has always taken collective responsibility for the well-being and safety of our children. Teaching them to be smart and respectful online citizens is just an extension of the values that we already strive to install in them. I hope everyone will join in marking Safer Internet Day to help ensure children throughout the country are connecting smartly, safely and respectfully. zFatma al-Nuaimi is cyber safety section manager, ictQATAR.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


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Reduce the stigma of mental illness

Public perceptions of the risk of violence associated with mental illness are at odds with the facts
By Anthony Jorm Melbourne

ames Holmes, accused of opening re in a crowded movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, last summer, had no criminal history, but was seeing a psychiatrist prior to the incident. Adam Lanza, suspected of murdering his mother and gunning down 20 children and six adult staff members at a Connecticut elementary school before taking his own life, had never been in legal trouble, but had been diagnosed with a personality disorder , as well as the developmental disorder Asperger syndrome. Anders Behring Breivik in Norway, Jared Lee Loughner in Arizona, Seung-Hui Cho in Virginia the list of mass murderers dened according to their mental illnesses goes on. The fact is that deciding to murder, at random, a large number of innocent people reects deeply disturbed thinking, which might reect a mental illness. But, contrary to popular belief, this does not mean that people with mental illnesses are likely to be dangerous or violent. The belief that they are and the reporting that feeds it is reinforcing widespread stigmatisation of those with mental illness, increasing their suffering and preventing them from participating fully in society. Public perceptions of the risk of violence associated with mental illness are at odds with the facts. In the United States, for example, roughly 42% of adults believe that a depressed child is likely to be dangerous. And

70% of Americans believe that patients hospitalised for a mental illness may be dangerous. But, according to the American Psychiatric Association, people with mental disorders, who account for roughly one-quarter of the population in a given year, commit only 4-5% of violent crimes. Indeed, while mentally ill people may be more likely to commit violent acts if they are not treated, or are misusing alcohol or drugs, the risk is small. Personal experience usually refutes the link between mental illness and violence. A survey of the American public found that, while 68% of adults knew at least one person who had been hospitalised with a mental illness and 10% knew five or more people, only 9% had ever been threatened or physically harmed by such a person. People in close contact with the mentally ill, such as mental-health professionals and family members of people affected, are the least likely to believe that they are dangerous. The discrepancy between experience and perception is largely caused by the media, which frequently link mental illness with acts of violence. One study of American newspaper reports found that 39% of reports concerning mental illness were focused on violence or danger. In Germany, extensive reports on violent attacks against prominent politicians by two people suffering from schizophrenia in 1990 bolstered the German publics belief that mentally ill people are dangerous. Coverage of violent acts that result in multiple deaths is particularly extensive. The public inevitably seeks some explanation, and the media will explore any potential link to mental illness to provide one for example, acquaintances reports of odd behaviour and social withdrawal or

accounts of previous interactions with mental-health professionals. Meanwhile, defence attorneys may try to lessen their clients culpability by claiming insanity, as Breiviks lawyers attempted to do after he killed 77 people to protest the multiculturalism that he claims threatens Norway. Although this approach is rarely successful Breivik received a 21-year sentence it is

widely reported, linking crime to mental illness in the minds of the public. The perception that mentally ill people are dangerous is global. But it is more prevalent in developing countries than in the developed world. The major exception is the US, where the ready availability of rearms contributes to one of the highest homicide rates and the highest gun

homicide rate among developed countries. Given that multiple homicides in the US draw international interest, media reports highlighting a perpetrators mental illness or describing insanity pleas inform perceptions of mental illness worldwide. Loughners shooting of 19 people in 2011, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, attracted global attention,

as did the court-ordered evaluation of his mental competency. Indeed, on the other side of the world, the newspaper The Australian mentioned Giffords 160 times in the six months following the shooting, compared to just one mention in the previous 12 months. Though mass shootings are extremely rare even in the US, the medias coverage continually reinforces negative perceptions at home and abroad. In this manner, the US may well be exporting the mental-illness stigma to the rest of the world. Similarly, Chos history of mental illness was widely discussed. Moreover, his mental-health records were released to the public two years later, reviving the link between his crime killing 32 people and wounding 17 others before committing suicide and his mental illness. In this context, US President Barack Obamas gun-control efforts which include intensifying background-check requirements and increasing nancing for mental-health programmes for young people hold global signicance. While expanding the scope of mental-health services is a positive step, with the potential to contribute to the physical safety of US citizens, it is crucial that this link not be allowed to feed the perception that people with mental illnesses are dangerous. Rather, American legislators and media outlets must use their international inuence to reduce the stigma experienced by people suffering from mental illnesses worldwide. - Project Syndicate zAnthony Jorm, a former president of the Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research, leads the Population Mental Health Group at the Melbourne School of Population Health, and is chair of the Research Committee of Australian Rotary Health.

Doha needs traffic study
Dear Sir, Dohas growing traffic congestion calls for an urgent scientic study on energy wastage and health hazard from air pollution. The study will help the government realise the urgency of solving traffic congestion being witnessed on some of Dohas key roads. This will help authorities to take measures for improving road connectivity and rescheduling of office and school timings. Traffic congestion causes wastage of energy resources like petrol and diesel. A judicious timing for the working of offices and schools will have a positive effect on traffic jams and hence on health. Inhaling large amounts of exhaust fumes can trigger a heart attack up to six hours after exposure, according to a study in the British Medical Journal. The study found that high levels of pollution can increase the risk of suffering a heart attack. It identies exposure to pollutant particles and nitrogen dioxide in exhaust fumes, which are the main culprits of contaminated urban atmospheres. M K Kunjuo Doha The move to introduce an early warning system in collaboration with the World Health Organisations regional office to improve surveillance on the outbreak of food poisoning and other food-borne diseases , is also a step in the right direction. Thank you SCH! RT (Full name and e-mail supplied)

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A welcome move by health council

Dear Sir, The Supreme Council of Healths plan to issue new guidelines for food handlers to ensure that they are free from diseases is appreciated. The restaurant business is booming in Qatar. The food outlets have a large number of single workers as their customers. It is important to make sure that food handlers are free from any contagious diseases and are following proper hygiene. The new SCH initiative, we are happy to note, is in addition to the annual medical test food handlers undergo at the Medical Commission.


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How to get the most out of your worrying time

By Kevin Horrigan St Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT

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Tehran is a website where really smart people write about subjects that make most peoples heads hurt. I check it out whenever I need to feel particularly stupid. Each year, John Brockman, the literary agent who runs the Edge Foundation, invites a group of ridiculously brilliant people to write essays about a single subject, usually a scientic one. This years subject was suggested by the technology historian George Dyson: What should we be worried about? Dysons premise: People tend to worry too much about things that it doesnt do any good to worry about, and not to worry enough about things we should be worrying about. This sounded good to me. My hobbies include worrying, moping and brooding. I spend way too much time obsessing about grizzly bear attacks. I gured the piece could help me spend my leisure hours more effectively. I gured wrong. First off, some 150 really smart people contributed things to worry about. Their essays ran to 168 printed pages. I got through maybe 50 of them before going catatonic. One guy, John Tooby of the University of California-Santa Barbara, threw out an entire list:

Gamma ray bursts of the type that occur from time to time in parts of the universe, wiping out any possibility of life. Impacts with supernovae or asteroids like those that hit Jupiter a couple of times a year. Super volcanic eruptions. Coronal mass ejections (super sunspots, I think) that not only destroy all electro-magneticbased technology but the power grids necessary to repair it. A reversion by the sun to the normal instability found in G-type stars.

People tend to worry too much about things that it doesnt do any good to worry about, and not to worry enough about things we should be worrying about
Tooby also warned about scientists who cant support their hypotheses. He quoted the great physicist Richard Feynman: Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts. Several pages later, another writer warned about scepticism of science. Great. Which of these 150 smart people know what theyre talking about? Several warned about climate change. Others warned about the

wrong response to climate change that might make things worse. Some of the experts were worried about the population explosion. Others worried about birth rates, suggesting that too few people is a bigger long-term worry than too many. Geoffrey Miller of New York University warned that the Chinese, heretofore known for the quantity of their people, are now working on quality instead. Eugenics experiments are aimed at trying to breed a race of super-babies. Mengele would be proud. David Buss of the University of Texas warned that social norms increasingly are making it harder to find attractive men and women. The competition to attract the most desirable mates is ferocious, he said. The most ominous thing I read, and one I plan to focus my worries on, came from Seirian Sumner of Englands University of Bristol: synthetic biology. We are a stones throw away from re-creating extinct organisms, Sumner writes. The woolly mammoth genome was sequenced in 2008, and Japanese researchers are reputedly cloning it now, using extant elephant relatives as surrogate mothers. Why is this a good idea? Did they not show Jurassic Park in Japan? There are already attempts to recreate ancient ecosystems through the

re-introduction of the descendants of extinct megafauna (eg Pleistocene Park in Russia), and synthetic woolly mammoths may complete the set, she reports. I looked up megafauna . It means really big animals . Then I looked up Pleistocene Park, which is real and located in a particularly desolate part of Siberia. Efforts there are under way to re-create an entire Pleistocene-era ecosystem. The Pleistocene lasted roughly 2.5mn years, until it petered out about 12,000 years ago. It incorporated various ice ages and featured not just woolly mammoths, but all kinds of scary apex predators (those that could eat you). Among them, scimitar-toothed tigers (sabres werent bad enough?), cave lions (25% bigger than regular lions) and worst of all, cave bears, of which there may have millions. A cave bear is, for all intents and purposes, a Pleistocene grizzly bear. Wonderful - the Russians are developing a lovely ecosystem that might someday accommodate roving herds of grizzly bears, which could easily swim the Bering Strait, bypass Sarah Palins house, catch the Alaska Highway and be at my house in two or three weeks, tops. Its nice to know I havent been worrying needlessly. zReaders may e-mail Kevin Horrigan at:








Manama Doha

Abu Dhabi




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Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Khalife enthrals Qatar

AFP Doha

amous Lebanese composer Marcel Khalife enthralled a Qatari audience with his Arab Spring-inspired suite Oriental in Doha, presented in collaboration with the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra he helped set up in 2007. The late Sunday performance aimed to echo the cries of the Arab people for freedom, said the 62-year-old composer, whose latest work brings together tunes from the traditional Iraqi maqam musical style, mixed with others from the Levant, North Africa, Egypt and Andalusia. There is much happiness in Oriental, echoing the cries of ordinary Arab people, which had been suppressed for (some) 50 years before they took to the streets to demand freedom, Khalife told AFP. The Leipzig Radio Choir sang in Arabic accompanied by the Qatari

orchestra at the Doha Opera House, located in the Katara Cultural Village. Khalifes 31-year-old son Rami, following his fathers footsteps, presented a requiem, inspired by the violence shaking the Middle East and North Africa. The large amount of death around us, especially in Syria and Arab Spring countries and the whole world led me to composing this requiem, said Rami, who played the harpsichord accompanied by chants from the Korean soprano Whal Ran Seo. For Khalife, a leftist since his youth, the two works are complementary. The aspiration of Arabs to freedom is an irrevocable process which will move ahead despite the obstacles of extremism and sectarianism, he said, adding that difcult years are ahead. Khalife played an important role in the establishment of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. It has 101 musicians from 30 countries.

Cultural relations between Qatar and China being discussed at the Katara meeting.

Boost for Qatar-China cultural ties

he Katara Cultural Village has welcomed Chinese Ambassador to Qatar Gao Youzhen to celebrate diplomatic relations between the two countries and boost cultural ties. Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, general manager of Katara, met the Chinese ambassador to discuss current and future cultural relations between the two countries. The main aim of the meeting was to explore ways to

host joint cultural events to portray the rich Chinese culture in Qatar. The meeting included talks on collaboration between Katara and the embassy. Dr al-Sulaiti said: This initiative allows us to celebrate and further build upon our strong relationship with China. Katara will showcase a number of events and exhibitions to commemorate the diplomatic relations and we are extremely

delighted to be partnering with the embassy of China to promote Chinese culture locally. The meeting was attended by Darwish Saleh Ahmed al-Shibany, manager of marketing and international relations and acting manager of cultural affairs at Katara; Malika Mohamed alShraim, manager of PR and communications at Katara; and Omar Ali al-Mannai, general managers office manager.

Minister attends concert

HE the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Dr. Hamad bin Abdulaziz al-Kuwari, has attended Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra concert which was performed at Qatar Opera House at Katara Cultural Village building in the West Bay. The concert, performed on Sunday night, hosted Lebanese singer, composer and oud-player Marcel Khalife, who is also an adviser to the orchestra, in addition to the German Radio Choir. Marcel Khalife performed during the festival, Chants of the East or (Tahaleel Al Sharq), which was being played in Arabic for the first time by the German Radio Choir. The ceremony also included a musical piece by Khalife. Meanwhile, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra in co-operation with German Radio Choir, will perform their next ceremony at Qatar National Conference Centre (QNCC), on Friday, February 8, where the two parties would perform the Beethoven: Choral Symphony No. 9.

Dr Mohamed al-Kuwari

The pedometer given to Step Into Health participants.

Lebanese composer Marcel Khalife is pictured during a rehearsal with the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, presenting choral compositions inspired by the Arab Spring, at the Doha Opera House on Sunday.

Doha Jazz to launch Blues on the Corniche

By Peter Townson Doha

Thousands sign up for AZF tness plan

spire Zone Foundations (AZF) new communitycentric tness programme Step Into Health has attracted more than 13,000 individuals - including 60% Qataris - of all ages from across the country since its launch six weeks ago. More are signing up every day for the initiative, sponsored by Commercialbank Qatar, RasGas, and Qtel, and aimed at engaging the Qatar residents in a selfmanaged lifelong plan based on a moderate amount of daily healthy activity. The programme is unique as it is based on non-competitive and recreational exercise that can be easily tted into everyday life. It has been designed for everyone aged 16 and up and for all tness levels. There is no need for wearing special clothes, sports shoes, or going to the gym or any walking/ running trails. It motivates the people to just walk more along within their normal daily activities. Hilal al-Kuwari, president of AZF, said: At Aspire Zone, we continuously aim to nd ways in which we can inspire members of the Qatari community to enhance their tness levels and transition smoothly into a healthier lifestyle. To do so, we build on all our accumulated knowledge, resources and expertise. Dr Mohamed Gaith al-Kuwari, director of the Healthy Lifestyle programme at Aspetar, said modern scientic research had conrmed that the majority of people do not undertake 3,000 to 5,000 steps daily, depending on the nature of their work. Moreover, it has been proven that the impact of increasing movement on an individuals health doesnt manifest until they have started walking 10,000 steps a day or more. Therefore, walking 10,000 steps a day has a bigger impact on our health than exercising three hours a week. More than 50% of the registered Qatari participants are female, a further reection on the ease of the programme for individuals with busy lifestyles. Dr Ez Aldeen Ibrahim, Step Into Health co-ordinator, added that more than 60% of all registered participants fall in the 25-45 age bracket. Mohamed Abdullah al-Malki, one of the participants, expressed his satisfaction with programmes enabler, a pedometer. Id like to express my gratitude to AZF for this initiative and making the device free of charge for all participants. This is an excellent AZF programme designed to encourage members of the community not only to participate, but more importantly to continue in the long term and make this a daily part of their routine. A number of participants reiterated al-Malkis sentiment, adding that the secret to achieving the goal of 10,000 steps a day is uploading the data from their pedometers and regularly checking the results through a mobile app made available for free from AZF. Step Into Health joins an array of other community inspired events by AZF that are designed to support its vision to encourage a healthy lifestyle through fun and popular physical activities such as walking, running, and swimming.

opular music collective Doha Jazz is set to launch Blues on the Corniche, an album recorded to raise money for Cancer Research UK, at an event at the W Hotel and Residences on February 9. Doha Jazz was formed by British musician Chris Coull in 2000, bringing together a number of musicians and different styles of jazz music to perform at various events across Qatar. Since its launch, the group has played for high prole guests including the local royal family and other gures such as former US president Bill Clinton, at a wide array of events. The album, which was recorded during February and March of last year, is a collaboration between musicians from Doha Jazz, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, Qatar Music Academy and the International Centre of Music, Doha. Coull explained that the album featured a mixture of

Chris Coull (right) and some of the other Doha Jazz members ahead of the launch of Blues on the Corniche on February 9. original pieces and cover songs. Some of the most recognisable pieces are Autumn Leaves, BB Kings The Thrill is Gone and Dvorjaks Largo from his New World Symphony. When my wife and I moved to Qatar over 10 years ago, we had little thought as to what the future might bring. Qatar was a very different place then and to produce a CD like this one would have been if not unthinkable then nigh on impossible, noted Coull. The fact that we now have so many great jazz players here is a testament to Qatar and its drive for the future. This whole project would not be possible without the dedication, time and commitment of the 20 or so musicians and technicians involved in the making of this CD and I would like to take this opportunity to

thank them all, he said, adding in particular, special thanks go to Mike Pigneguy who has been with me every step of the way in the production and musical direction. I would also like to thank Commercialbank Qatar for their generosity in funding the making of this CD, ensuring that 100% of the sales proceeds are able to go to the charity CRUK. The inspiration behind the CD comes from Coull and his familys personal experience. When we found out nearly a year ago that my wife Claire had breast cancer it was a huge shock. At this moment in time, Claire is nearing the end of her chemotherapy and we are all hopeful for the future and eternally grateful for the treatment we have received in Qatar and the support of all our friends and family, he explained. Coull explained that tickets for the launch event cost QR100 and are available by calling 55710746 during office hours or by visiting, while the album is available online at or

Seminar on auditors role in business continuity

he Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) held a seminar on business continuity management (BCM) at the Marriott Hotel recently. The event saw an overwhelming response from more than 150 experts, including auditors, strategists as well as risk, business continuity and IT professionals. Sundaresan Rajeswar, IIA board member who chaired the session, said: Business continuity is not a mere document or disaster recovery plan or an IT project solved with technology alone. It deals with people, process and technology as a whole. Internal auditors need to play a consulting role in business continuity management in order to secure the business future of their organisations. The presenter, Daman Dev Sood, is Business Continuity Institutes 2012 Global Merit Award winner. He delivered a presentation on how and where internal audit could assist the management in companies to embark on a drive to protect assets. Business continuity management is a holistic process to identify potential threats and the impact on business operations. The framework enables organisational resilience to untoward incidence, Sood said. The new international standard is renamed Societal Security-Business continuity Management systems , which indicates a greater scope. There are risks, possible disasters and potential threats in any business, which can seriously impact an organisations ability to continue after the event. For this reason, organisations should plan and build resilience to recover from such incidents in the least disruptive and most economical way. A video clip from an Omanbased organisations real-life disaster scene and resilience actions was shown to help the audience understand BCM activities better. The focus was on the ISO 22301 standard that details the principles of a successful, pragmatic and tested business continuity assurance programme. Sood advised auditors on periodical reviews and tests of procedures and policies for reliability, relevance and readiness. This probably is the only one of the whole gamut of policies and procedures that every organisation hopes will never have to use. It works like an insurance policy, he said, emphasising the importance of independent testing. The benets of ISO 22301 certication include an assurance of established best practices with global benchmarks, enhanced safety of assets and the added condence of interested parties. Girish Jain, Chapter VicePresident, co-ordinated the event while Chris Adonis, past president, summed up the signicant learning. Consolidated Gulf Company, local partner, sponsored the event. The Chapter is scheduling a debate on current internal audit topics and a seminar on fraud deterrence this month. The national internal audit conference is planned for May.

Officials at the IIA event.


Britain sets out new law to break up errant banks


GULF TIMES Tuesday, February 5, 2013 Rabia-I 24 1434 AH

Qtel rms grip on Asiacell
Qatar Telecom now owns 64.1 % of Asiacell; Asiacell shares end 5.7% higher on Baghdad bourse debut; Listing roughly doubles Iraq bourse capitalisation
Reuters Baghdad/Dubai

Tasweeq signs deal with Dubais ENOC for supply of condensate

$1bn Note successful

atar Telecom used Iraqi unit Asiacells $1.27bn share sale, Iraqs largest ever otation, to raise its stake to 64% in a vote of condence in a country recovering from years of war and economic sanctions. As the rst big equity sale since a USled invasion of 2003 toppled Saddam Hussein, the listing of Iraqs No2 telecom operator was seen as a test of investor appetite, with other local telecoms rms also required to oat as a condition of their operating licences. The initial verdict seems positive. Asiacell shareholders, led by managing director Faruq Mustafa Rasool, sold 67.5bn shares in the offer, a quarter of its share capital, at 22 dinars apiece

and it was fully subscribed by Sundays close. A day later, Asiacell shares ended 5.7% higher at 23.25 dinars on the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX). Some 70% of the public offer went to foreign investors, including Qtel. Iraq did not have a mobile phone market under Saddam Hussein and the sector has blossomed since his fall to become the countrys fastest growing industry after oil. With the economy forecast to grow 10% a year over the next three years, the potential for mobile phone operators is great, although there are also security and logistical problems. Qtel said yesterday it had raised its stake in Asiacell to 64.1% from 53.9% previously implying it may have accounted for more than a third of the shares sold in the public offer. Qtel agreed in June to pay $1.5bn to double its holding in Asiacell to 60% as part of a broader strategy to tighten its control over its foreign units, which span the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Part of that deal a 6.1% stake

was subject to regulatory approval, which Qtel has now received, it said. That means ahead of Asiacells bourse debut, Iraqi holdings in Asiacell fell to 28.6% from 46.1%, according to Reuters calculations. Yet a key aim of Asiacells otation was to return some of the countrys wealth to its people. The stock is unlikely to be very liquid considering that a large part of the share sale was bought by foreign direct investors who are likely to keep the shares for a long time, said Hassan Aldahan, chairman of Baghdad-based investment company Bain Alnahrain. About 32.9mn Asiacell shares changed hands on the ISX yesterday. This trading was worth 759.17mn dinars ($651,600), with the bourses total turnover $4.02mn. That compares with a January daily bourse average of $4.59mn. Asiacells offer valued the company at about $4.95bn and its listing roughly doubles the bourses market value. This marks the birth of the ISX as a real stock market, said Bartle Bull, portfolio manager of Northern Gulf

Now, more investors will follow Iraq and there will be more liquidity for the next IPOs in the telecom sector
Partners Iraq equity fund in New York. Iraq has a far more open, dynamic business culture than many Gulf countries. The Iraqis are smarter and tougher. We should see some more companies coming. Asiacells bigger domestic rival Zain Iraq, a subsidiary of Kuwaits Zain, as well as France Telecom affiliate Korek, are also required to offer a quarter of

their shares under the terms of their operating licences, having missed an initial August 2011 deadline to do so. The big cell phone companies are the bellwether stocks in any market, theyre so well correlated to the overall GDP story, said Bull, who invested about 10-20% of his funds money in the Asiacell offering. He expects Zains share offer to be launched by mid-year. While Asiacell had rst mover advantage in tapping local Iraqi liquidity, Sebastien Henin, portfolio manager at The National Investor in Abu Dhabi, said the operators otation would aid its domestic rivals listings. Iraq is a market that is largely unknown, with only a few fund managers investing in it and Asiacell has highlighted the market dynamics, added Henin. Now, more investors will follow Iraq and there will be more liquidity for the next IPOs in the telecom sector. Plus, theres a global shift from xed income to equities and a lot of this is moving into emerging and frontier markets.

Qtel has successfully closed its latest $1bn senior unsecured notes to be issued by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Qtel International Finance Limited under the Global Medium Term Note Programme established on the Irish Stock Exchange, a Qatar Exchange notification said yesterday. The Notes will be unconditionally and irrevocably guaranteed by Qtel. The telecom operators two most recent issuances issued on January 31, 2013 were $500mn 15-year Notes with a coupon of 3.875%, due on January 31, 2028; and $500mn 30-year Notes with a coupon of 4.5%, due on January 31, 2043. The transaction was priced at a margin of 2.15% over the 10-year US Treasury rate for the 15-year Notes and at 1.625% over the 30 year US Treasury rate for the 30-year Notes. Net proceeds from the sale of the Notes (Reg S/Rule 144A) will be used for Qtels general corporate purposes, including refinancing existing indebtedness, the QE notification added.


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Shell India unit to challenge tax claim on share funding

Reuters Mumbai

Osborne: It is right that those who are responsible ... must also bear a level of responsibility.

UK sets out new law to break up errant banks

New laws will make banks ring-fence retail operations; Break-up threat in place if banks try to flout new laws; Government to make final decision over break-ups
Reuters Bournemouth, England

nglo-Dutch oil major Royal Dutch Shells Indian unit will challenge a claim by the local tax authorities that a share sale to its overseas parent in 2009 was undervalued by $2.7bn, the latest tax conict involving a foreign company in India. Shell India said yesterday that as part of its investment in the country Shell India Markets Pvt Ltd issued 87mn shares to parent Shell Gas BV at Rs10 apiece in 2009. Tax authorities have valued those at Rs183 a share, proposing an adjustment in the value of the deal of Rs152bn ($2.7bn), Shell said. India has stepped up enforcement of tax collections as it looks to raise revenue to help plug its scal decit. But the Shell case comes at a time when India is still trying to settle a long-running $2bn tax dispute with British mobile phone rm Vodafone that has dented foreign investors condence in the country. Vodafone, the largest corpo-

rate investor in India, has repeatedly clashed with Indian authorities over taxes since it bought Hutchison Whampoas local mobile business in 2007. While Indias Supreme Court backed Vodafones position that it does not owe tax on the acquisition, a subsequent law change enabled India to impose such taxes on mergers retrospectively. Shell said yesterday the transfer pricing order by the tax authorities was based on an incorrect interpretation of tax rules and was bad in law as the amount is a capital receipt on which income tax cannot be levied. Taxing the money received by Shell India is, in effect, a tax on foreign direct investment, which is contrary not only to law but also to the spirit of the recent global trip by the nance minister, Shell India chairman Yasmine Hilton said. Finance Minister P Chidambaram last month met with investors in Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt and London in a push to attract investment to India as he looks to shore up the countrys nances and stave off a credit rating downgrade. An official in the Indian tax

office with direct knowledge of the matter said the Shell case was a result of a difference of opinion on the valuation of shares and that Shell had a right to contest it before a dispute resolution panel of the department. If the difference in the share valuation is established then the company can be asked to pay taxes on the interest earned on $2.7bn, said the official, who did not want to be named as he was not authorised to speak to the media. He did not specify what the tax liability would be. There doesnt appear to be a malade intention here, but difference of opinion, he said. News of the tax dispute with Shell came ahead of a visit to India later this month by British Prime Minister David Cameron. An Indian foreign office spokesman conrmed the trip on Monday. India expects to raise $70bn from corporate tax and $37bn from individual tax payers in the current scal year that ends in March, according to nance ministry estimates. Net corporate tax collections for the rst nine months were up 10.6%, compared with a 15% target.

ritish banks that fail to shield their day-to-day banking from risky investment activities will face being broken up, Finance Minister George Osborne said yesterday. Britain is shaking up its system of bank regulation following the 2008 nancial crisis, when the government poured 65bn ($102bn) of taxpayers money into rescues of Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds. The sector has also come under re for rigging the Libor global interest rate, mis-selling insurance, breaking money laundering laws and paying bonuses widely seen as excessive. Banks were already expected to have to ring-fence operations such as standard bank accounts and payments from their riskier investment banking activities, which will hit major players such as Barclays, HSBC, and RBS. But Osborne said he was prepared to go further. If a bank outs the rules, the regulator and the Treasury will have the power to break it up altogether full separation, not just a ring-fence. In the jargon, we will electrify the ring fence , he said in a speech. The break-up of banks which fail to keep to the rules was de-

manded by members of parliament who reviewed government plans late last year. Under the new rules, the Bank of England will monitor whether banks ensure that risks taken by their investment banking arms do not endanger their retail divisions. If the central bank nds a breach, the government will make the politically sensitive decision on whether to employ the nuclear option of forcing banks to sell one of the two arms.

I want to see how we can strengthen the sanctions regime for senior bankers ...
Osborne said the government could punish directors of failed banks by banning them from the industry. I want to see how we can strengthen the sanctions regime for senior bankers for example, should there be a presumption that the directors of failed banks do not work in the sector again? he said. RBS is expected to be ned for attempted manipulation of Libor this week. Osborne repeated his call for nes to be paid out of money earmarked for bankers bonuses, saying it would cause enormous public anger if the taxpayer footed the bill. The thing that could have potentially been the cause of real public anger this spring (would have been) money from the taxpayer going to pay the RBS Libor nes in America, he said. Asked whether there should be resignations at RBS as a re-

sult of the banks imminent ne for rate rigging, Osborne said it was quite well known that RBS are thinking about changes amongst the investment banks senior management. It is right that those who are responsible not just those who are directly responsible, but also those who were dong the supervising, must also bear a level of responsibility, he said. RBS is expected to part company with the head of its investment bank, John Hourican, when the settlement is announced later this week. Banks have come to accept the idea of a ring-fence, having initially resisted it. A source close to one of Britains biggest lenders said the industrys main concern had been to have clarity over what future regulation will involve. The source said that, with lenders already under intense scrutiny, Osbornes decision was a longer term move designed to prevent banks letting standards drop when attention is less focused on the industry. Antonio Horta-Osorio, chief executive of Britains biggest retail bank, Lloyds, had earlier welcomed the ring-fencing proposals, saying it would lessen the chances of taxpayers money having to be used again to bail out UK banks. Legislation was to go to parliament later last night, and Osborne said he expected it to be passed within a year. The British Bankers Association, a lobby group, said the plans were regrettable . This will create uncertainty for investors, making it more difficult for banks to raise capi-

tal which will ultimately mean that banks will have less money to lend to businesses, it said. Osborne, who delivered his speech at US investment bank JP Morgans offices in Bournemouth, southern England, insists his reforms strike the right balance between responding to public anger and avoiding a populist over-reaction. Our country has paid a higher price than any other major economy for what went so badly wrong in our banking system. The anger people feel is very real. Lets turn that anger from a force of destruction into a force for change, he said. Britains shadow nance minister, Ed Balls, said the government had not gone far enough. For all the rhetoric and the partial climb-down he has been forced into, George Osborne is still failing to deliver the radical banking reform we need, he said. Shares in UK banks were lower following the speech. RBS led the fallers, down 1.6%, with Lloyds and Barclays trading 1% lower and HSBC down 0.9%. However, Tony Anderson, a partner in the banking team at international law rm Pinsent Masons, said the move could backre on the government making it more difficult to sell of its shareholdings in RBS and Lloyds. There could be signicant political fallout for the Government from any proximity between a sell down of shares in a state owned bank and a full separation of banking operations following a breach of the ring fencing measures, Anderson said.

Gauge of US business investment plans down

Reuters Washington

Gold crawls up but economic recovery hopes limit gains

Reuters Singapore

EU bank supervisors warned on discrimination

Reuters Brussels

ational regulators across the European Union have until the end of the month to show they are not damaging the single market by being too heavy handed with banks from elsewhere in the bloc, the EUs executive European Commission said yesterday. It reminded them in a letter last Friday that the free movement of capital is a founding tenet of the single market. Yesterday, the executive said in a statement that on several occasions national supervisors have acted independently to impose allegedly disproportionate prudential measures on local arms of nondomestic EU banks. In taking such action, national supervisors did not respect the mandatory procedures, such as consulting other national supervisors of the same banking group in advance, it said. The supervisors must inform the commission by the end of February about their current supervisory practices so that it can determine any possible further steps as appropriate . The executive, as guardian of the EU treaty, can take a country to the European Court of Justice for rule breaches that

could trigger penalties such as nes. The European Banking Authority would try to resolve differences among supervisors before any legal action would be considered, EU officials said. Last month the executive said it was looking at whether German bank regulator BaFin was inhibiting the free movement of capital by imposing curbs on moving cash within a bank. The Bank of Italy is said to have raised the issue about BaFin with the European Banking Authority. Italian bank UniCredit has a large German subsidiary, HVB. The European Central Bank becomes the main regulator for big eurozone lenders from next year and this will help to iron out supervisory clashes within the eurozone, officials said. The Commission said curbs have been on shifting capital and prots within groups, and on lending. All supervisors must work together to avoid fragmenting the single market and harming growth and stability, it said. Its becoming a problem, said one regulatory source on condition of anonymity. For example, as a safeguard, supervisors are encouraging banks to use the ECBs payment system for loans to other euro zone lenders rather than lending directly. Debate among supervisors has become very active in order to push against

fragmentation, the source said. The EU is approving a law to implement Basel III accord that sets global minimum standards for capital requirements. But the EU wants to limit leeway for national regulators to impose higher requirements on banks under exceptional circumstances when nancial stability is at stake. Britain has lobbied for more wriggle room as its regulators discourage foreign branches and puts pressure on lenders to set up subsidiaries that are required to have their own capital and liquidity buffers to withstand market shocks. Britain has put pressure on bank branches from Cyprus, an EU member country, to become subsidiaries. The US Federal Reserve proposed in December that arms of foreign banks face the same rules as local banks. This so-called subsidiarisation , dubbed balkanisation by critics, is largely due to not being able to wind down a failing big bank without taxpayer help or triggering the market mayhem seen when Lehman Brothers went bust in 2008. Taxpayers remain on the hook until the too big to fail problem is solved, which could take years and, in the meantime, supervisors want to play safe and make sure all banks on their patch hold enough liquidity and capital.

old ticked up yesterday but was unable to breach the upside limit of a recent trading range as mostly upbeat US data took some shine off the precious metal, which withers when economic recovery gains traction. While US non-farm payrolls rose by a modest 157,000 in January, job gains in the two previous months were revised up by 127,000. The US manufacturing sector hit ninemonth highs in January and US consumer sentiment rose more than expected. The urry of mostly upbeat data followed a surprise contraction in gross domestic product in the fourth quarter reported last Wednesday. Investors remain fairly optimistic in the US recovery, which makes gold less attractive, even though recent data is rather a mixed bag, said Chen Min, an analyst at Jinrui Futures in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. Unless we see surprisingly good news for gold, it will be trapped in a narrow range of roughly $1,660 and $1,680 an ounce. Trading interest in the Chinese market is expected to wind down this week, as China approaches a week-long Lunar New Year holiday starting this Saturday, Chen added. Spot gold inched up 0.3% to $1,671.16 an ounce by 0343 GMT. US gold was little changed at $1,672.10. The benchmark gold on To-

kyo Commodity Exchange hit a record high of 5,000 yen a gram, boosted by a weak yen on expectations that the Bank of Japan will continue loosening its monetary policy. Five weeks into 2013, spot gold is down 0.2% so far this year, after a 12-year winning streak, as recent data from Europe to China and the US suggest a brighter outlook for the global economy. Apart from dulling its safehaven appeal, signs of a recovering US economy are also weakening the case for the Federal Reserve to prolong its monetary stimulus, cutting golds draw as an ination hedge. Holdings of SPDR Gold Trust, the worlds largest goldbacked exchange-traded fund, were unchanged at 1,328.092 tonnes for the fourth consecutive session. The fund recorded an outow of 22.728 tonnes in January, its biggest monthly outow since last July. Asias physical market saw light trading volume as the range-bound prices sapped interest from market participants. We see some light buying from Indonesia, but Thailand is quiet, said a Singapore-based dealer. Everyone is waiting for a fresh catalyst and a clear direction. Spot platinum rose to $1,705.25, its highest in nearly four months, drawing support from the US data. Platinum and palladium benefit when economic outlook improves as they are widely used in industrial applications, as well as jewellery.

gauge of US business investment plans dropped in December, a possible sign companies were losing condence in the economys strength due to fears over tighter scal policy, government data showed yesterday. The data from the Commerce Department also gave some positive signals, with a big jump in defence industry orders suggesting some of the surprise fall in US economic output late last year was poised to reverse. Many economists have expected businesses to invest more timidly because of uncertainty over government spending cuts and tax increases, which had been scheduled to kick in last month. Congress ultimately struck a last-minute deal to avoid or postpone many of the austerity measures. Signs of any blow to condence have been difficult to discern from economic data, but yesterdays data provided a hint of weakness in December. The government issued a revised estimate for capital goods orders outside of the defense and aircraft industries, showing they edged 0.3% lower in December. Previously, the government had estimated this closely watched proxy for investment plans had gained 0.2% during the month. Overall factory orders rose 1.8% during the month. That was below the median forecast of 2.2% by analysts polled by Reuters. Outside of the transportation industry, growth in factory orders rose a meager 0.2% in December, with new orders for consumer goods down 0.1%. More volatile components helped make up for that softness, with civilian aircraft orders up 10.1%. Military aircraft orders surged by 56.4%, a sign that defence spending could rebound after declining sharply in the fourth quarter. The drop in defence spending dragged heavily on the economy in the fourth quarter, when gross domestic product posted a surprise contraction according to an advance estimate released last week. Outside of the defense industry, new factory orders rose a modest 0.3%.

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Ahli United nets $213mn gain from bank stake sale

Ahli United Bank is seeking regional acquisition targets after making a total profit of $212.9mn on the sale of a 29.4% stake in Qatars Ahlibank, Bahrains largest lender said yesterday. Ahli United said last month it had agreed to sell the majority of its holding in Qatars seventh-largest lender by market value to Qatar Foundation. Completing the sale yesterday for a total price of $615.9mn, equivalent to 60 riyals ($16.48) per share, Ahli United said the move was forced upon it by regulatory considerations and didnt mark a reversal of its expansion strategy.

Several Dubai GREs to issue debt this month

Several Dubai government-related entities are expected to issue debt this month to take advantage of abundant liquidity in credit markets, a top Dubai government official told a local television station yesterday. For sure, we will see several debt issuances this month and from more than one GRE in Dubai and in the UAE, because the liquidity in the market is abundant and we should benefit from it. If this liquidity isnt used then it will be costly for the banks and financial institutions, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum, the chairman of Dubais Supreme Fiscal Committee, told Dubai TV.

Saudi PMI slows slightly in January

The healthy growth rate of business activity in Saudi Arabias non-oil private sector eased slightly in January, a survey showed yesterday. The SABB HSBC Saudi Arabia Purchasing Managers Index slipped to a seasonally adjusted 58.1 points last month from 58.9 in December, staying well above the 50-point mark that separates expansion from contraction. Output growth slowed to 60.5 points from 62.6, while new orders growth slipped to 65.8 from 67.3. However, the survey also showed both input price and output price inflation picked up marginally in January.

Sonatrach, ENI bring Algeria gas field onstream

Algerias Sonatrach and major Italian energy firm ENI announced yesterday the start-up of production at a wet gas field 1,000km (625 miles) southeast of Algiers. The Menzel Ledjmet East (MLE) field, in the rich Berkine Basin, has a daily production capacity of 9mn cu m (318mn cu ft) of gas, 15,000 barrels of oil and condensate and 12,000 barrels of LPG (liquid petroleum gas), the companies said. The field, which is jointly operated by ENI and Sonatrach, was brought onstream yesterday. The Italian firm bought the MLE gas permit from Canadas First Calgary Petroleum in December 2008.

Aramco shuts its Riyadh refinery for maintenance

State-oil giant Saudi Arabian Oil Co (Saudi Aramco) yesterday said it shut its 124,000 bpd refinery in Riyadh for a month for planned maintenance. During the maintenance period there wont be a shortage of refined products for clients and Aramco will compensate the market by boosting the capacity of other refineries in the kingdom, it said. A source familiar with the matter told Dow Jones Newswires in December that the plant will be shutdown for modification to produce low-sulphur gasoline. The Riyadh refinery is supplied with crude oil from the EastWest pipeline.

Tasweeq in deal to supply condensate to ENOC

Qatars petroleum marketing firm signs annual contract for 20,000 bpd of condensate for Jebel Ali refinery atar International Petroleum Marketing Company (Tasweeq) has signed a contract with Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) for the supply of 20,000 bpd of condensate for the latters Jebel Ali renery. The annual contract underlines ENOCs commitment to explore new condensate suppliers to ensure a steady supply of rened products and meet the growing domestic requirement for fuel products in Dubai, the company said. The contract was signed by Tayyeb alMulla, ENOC managing director (supply, trading and processing) and Saad Abdulla al-Kuwari, Tasweeq chief executive ofcer. Al-Mulla said: ENOC and Tasweeq are long-term partners. ENOC is the rst to off-take condensate from the Qatari rm during the start of the Dolphin and North Field projects in 2007. Building on the relations, ENOC has been regularly receiving condensate from Tasweeq to partially meet the needs of its condensate splitter in the UAE. ENOC chief executive officer Saeed Khoory said: We are committed to identifying new sources of condensate for the optimal operations of our renery. Further strengthening our established partnership with Tasweeq, the new contract will add to our operational efficiencies and enable

us to meet the growing demand for fuel products in Dubai. To meet our business and organisational growth goals, we are looking to strengthen the volume of spot cargo from third-party suppliers in the Gulf region and Far East to manage our import pipeline in line with governmental guidelines. Al-Kuwari said: We are honoured to strengthen our partnership with ENOC. We share strong synergies with the company, and the new contract highlights the growing role of Tasweeq in supporting the requirements of our partners in the Gulf region as well as other international markets. With a capacity of 120,000 barrels per stream day, ENOCs renery in Jebel Ali processes condensate or light crude oil to yield rened products such as naphtha, jet fuel, reformate, diesel oil, fuel oil and LPG for local and export markets. The products add to the companys local supply chain as well as for exports. ENOC said it diligently adheres to all prevailing laws and regulations to ensure that its business is conducted in line with applicable sanctions, and has been continually studying the sourcing of alternative economically viable condensate feedstock for its renery in Jebel Ali. By exploring partnerships with new suppliers, ENOC is highlighting its commitment to continually optimise its renery operations, adherence to the highest ethical standards in all operational aspects and creation of long-term value, the company said.

Al-Mulla and al-Kuwari (left) shake hands after concluding the condensate supply deal between Tasweeq and ENOC.

Egypt central bank moves to curb pound drop under new chief
Reuters Cairo

gypts central bank tightened the pounds trading band in the interbank foreign exchange market and reduced the frequency of foreign currency auctions yesterday, apparent moves to slow the currencys decline as a new central bank governor takes office. Hisham Ramez took up his new position on Sunday with the pound trading at a record low against the US dollar because of political instability linked to the countrys transition from decades of autocracy. A foreign exchange dealer at a Cairo bank said banks may now only buy or sell dollars or their equivalent to other banks in a band of 0.01 pounds above or below the weighted average bid at the central banks regular currency auctions. Previously, the limit had been 0.5% above or below the average bid. But analysts doubted the moves would halt the fall in the pound and expected the country to have to continue running down its nancial reserves. Political strife has triggered a ight into dollars and other foreign cur-

rencies, putting renewed pressure on Egypts stock of foreign currency which the central bank warned in December had fallen to a critically low level. This prompted the central bank on December 30 to introduce a system of regular auctions of US dollars to get the exchange rate under control, and since then it has allowed the pound to slide by 8% against the dollar. The pound was last bid at 6.6995 on the interbank market yesterday, strengthening slightly from its closing level of 6.7153 in the previous session. In another move coinciding with Ramezs move into office, the central bank also signalled it would reduce the number of foreign currency auctions held on a weekly basis to two from three. This means the price of the currency will be revised only twice this week instead of last weeks three times. The central bank sold $73.1mn at its 17th such auction yesterday, and said the next one would be tomorrow. After introducing the foreign currency sales on December 30, the central bank had initially held daily auctions. It later reduced the frequency to three a week, holding the auctions on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. The bank gave no further details

on the timing of further auctions in a brief statement. We expected the decline in the frequency to happen at a later stage when the supply and demand are in balance which is not the case at the moment, said Hany Genena, head of research at Pharos Securities Brokerage. There is no balance and by reducing the frequency of auctions the supply of dollars to the banking system will be even lower so dollar pressure on the pound is expected to be even higher, he said. Souheir Asba, a frontier market strategist at Societe Generale, said the pound would keep weakening. The problem is I dont believe they have enough money to prevent the depreciation, he said. If they keep doing the auctions, it is mathematically impossible that the EGP will go up, although we dont know how much, in terms of dollars, is actually going in. But I do believe that the outow is bigger than the inow, he said. The pound has lost 13.4% of its value against the US dollar in the two years since Mubarak was toppled. Egypts foreign reserves currently stand at around $15.5bn, less than half their level on the eve of the uprising against Mubarak.

A man checks a currency board in a bank in Cairo. Political strife has triggered a flight into dollars and other foreign currencies, putting renewed pressure on Egypts stock of foreign currency which the central bank warned in December had fallen to a critically low level.


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Core business growth helps al khaliji post QR512mn prot

Directors propose cash dividend of 70% of net profit, which translates into QR1 per share; NPL ratio improves; French units net jumps 13% to QR62mn

QIIC prot jumps 30% on income growth

atar Islamic Insurance Company has reported a 30% jump in its net prot to QR58.29mn in 2012 as shareholders income grew faster than expenses. The company has recommended a 35% cash dividend, which will have to be approved by shareholders at an annual general assembly, which is to be convened at a later date. The proposed dividend will lead to an outgo of QR52.5mn in 2012 against QR45mn in the previous year. Under policyholders statement, total surplus recorded an 8% fall to QR16.01mn as net claims grew faster than total underwriting incomes. Gross contribution fell 2% to QR206.51mn with reinsurers share dropping 11% to QR48.10mn; while wakala fee grew 5% to QR44.03mn. Thus, net contributions could rise only a marginal 0.5% to QR114.37mn. However, a substantial 95% reduction in unearned contributions helped it to report a 12% jump in net earned contributions to QR113.68mn. Although net commissions paid more than doubled to QR2.48mn, total underwriting revenue was up 11% to QR111.20mn. However, net claims incurred surged 21% to QR92.42mn, which led to a 21% slippage in net underwriting income to QR18.78mn. Of the QR18.78mn net underwriting income, followed by takaful and health contributed QR13mn; general accident (QR3.06mn); marine and aviation (QR1.78mn) and motors (QR0.94mn). Under shareholders statement, income from their investments more than doubled to QR19.25mn, wakala fee by 5% to QR44.03mn, rental income by 48% to QR8.24mn and shareholders share in policyholders investment income more than doubled to QR17.13mn. However, share of prots from associates (Tashelaat Islamic and Al Muqawel) sunk 82% to QR1.04mn. A 10% rise in write off and impairment loss on nancial assets to QR8.48mn and 1% in general and administrative costs to QR19.66mn resulted in its total expenses to grow 8% to QR33.17mn. Total assets were valued at QR678.87mn comprising policyholders assets of QR366.96mn and shareholders assets of QR311.91mn. Total equity stood at QR277.67mn on a capital base of QR150mn and earnings-pershare was QR3.89 at the end of December 31, 2012.

eneting from growth in its core business and gaining from opportunities in a low rate environment al khaliji bank posted a net prot of QR512.2mn in 2012, up 5.2% compared with the previous year. The banks total assets stood at QR33.7bn, up 24% on QR27.2bn in 2011, according to al khaliji nancial results released yesterday. Loans and advances totalled QR13bn in 2012, up 13% on the previous year. Deposits grew 43% to QR17.3bn in 2012 compared to QR12.1bn in 2011-end. The loans to deposit ratio stood at 77% in 2012. Earnings per share (EPS) were QR1.42 in 2012 compared to QR1.35 in 2011. The capital adequacy ratio of al khaliji was at 21.4% and Tier 1 capital ratio at 19.4% in 2012. After reviewing the audited nancial statement yesterday, the banks board of directors proposed a cash dividend of 70% of net prot, which translates into QR1 per share. The banks non-performing loans (NPLs) were at QR59mn in 2012, down 5.5% from 2011. The NPL ratio improved to 0.45% by 2012-end. Al khaliji (France SA) net prot was QR62mn in 2012, up 13% on 2011. The French unit represented 10% of the groups total assets. Al khaliji chairman and managing director Sheikh Hamad bin Faisal bin Thani al-Thani said: The good results al khaliji has achieved in a year characterised by a very constrained banking environment reveal the clear strategy and vision of our board of directors, which is being well executed by a dedicated team. With a strong focus on our preferred banking core areas, and realising the opportunities in a low rate environment we have continued generating good results. We believe our priority is to continue the growth while maintaining a solid balance sheet for the expected conditions. We are very satised with the 2012

results especially knowing that the global economy is still vulnerable. We continue to have a positive outlook for the Qatar economy in 2013 and for the ongoing growth of our bank. We are well positioned to support the government projects and the public sector. Our focus remains on our strategies to grow, while maintaining a prudent balance sheet, and we remain committed always to providing good returns to our valuable shareholders for the years to come. The banks rating was recently affirmed at A- by Fitch with stable outlook which, reects positively on the future. Robin McCall, al khalijis group chief executive officer said: Al khaliji maintained its performance throughout 2012 due to growth in the core business amid declining yields and protable investment opportunities, while remaining conservative in its approach. The bank has been paying dividends since 2010. We are well positioned to continue generating value to our shareholders in the years to come. In spite of the loan growth in 2012, the loans to deposits ratio was based on sufficient inows of deposits, which reects the funders condence in the bank, he added.

Al khaliji bank corporate office at West Bay.

Sheikh Hamad and McCall: strong focus on preferred core banking areas.

QIG doubles 2012 prot to QR152mn

atari Investors Group, which is primarily engaged in the production and sale of cement, has more than doubled its net prot to QR152.26mn in 2012 on strong operating earnings. The company has suggested a 7.5% cash dividend, which will have to be approved by shareholders at an annual general assembly, which is scheduled on February 26. The proposed dividend will entail

an outgo of QR93.25mn in 2012 against QR62.16mn (5% cash dividend) in the previous year. Net prot from cement alone was QR90.83mn, followed by contracting and engineering (QR61.25mn), real estate (QR12.30mn) and marine and aviation (QR5.91mn), whereas industrial subsidiary showed a net loss of QR0.04mn and other segments (QR22.47mn). Sales of cement grew 85% to

QR359.11mn and contract and service income more than doubled to QR105.44mn; thus resulting in a 92% jump in total operating income to QR464.55mn, according to its nancial statement led with the Qatar Exchange. Cost of cement sales rose 60% to QR236.29mn and that of contract and services by 63% to QR40.48mn. Although total operating cost grew 60% to QR276.77mn, the company

more than doubled its gross prot to QR187.78mn. However, income from short-term deposits shrank 69% to QR0.10mn, income from equity-accounted investees by 45% to QR13.22mn, investment income by 61% to QR1.75mn, rental income by 21% to QR2.35mn and increase in fair value of investment properties by 66% to QR7.25mn. But gain on sale of available-forsale investments more than doubled to

QR7.26mn and other income by 66% to QR2.88mn. General and administrative costs surged 33% to QR53.64mn and nance costs by 62% to QR8.02mn. Total assets were valued at QR3.33bn comprising current assets of QR0.54bn and non-current assets of QR2.79bn. Total equity stood at QR2.02bn on a capital base of QR1.24bn and earningsper-share was QR1.22 at the end of December 31, 2012.


Etihad Airways profit triples; Jet stake buy close

to 49% in the countrys domestic carriers, many of which are facing stiff competition and high operating costs. Etihad said it carried 10.3mn passengers last year, up 23% over 2011. The average seat factor was 78.2%, up 2.4% over 2011. Equity and codeshare partners contributed to more than 1.2mn passengers tapping Etihads network. The airline hedged 80% of fuel costs during the year, the same level as in 2011. projects in the emirate. Aldar handed over 1,457 units at its Al Falah development last year, the largest state housing programme in Abu Dhabi. Revenue for 2012 nearly doubled to 11.4bn dirhams from 6.7bn dirhams a year ago, driven by government housing projects, Aldar said in a statement on the Abu Dhabi bourse. The developer booked 1.1bn dirhams in provisions for impairments, write-offs and fair value losses on investment properties in 2012, much less than the 3bn dirhams booked in 2011. Net profit for 2012 doubled to 1.3bn dirhams from 642.5mn dirhams in the prior year period. regional fund managers, was forced to suspend operations in Egypt during the Arab Spring uprising in 2011. It also operates in other unrest hit countries like Libya and Syria. It has been expanding in the Middle East and Africa and bought South Africas Berco Express as well as Kenyas Oneworld Courier and In-Time Couriers last year. For the year, Aramex had profit of 244.1mn dirhams on revenues of 3.1bn dirhams, compared to profit of 211.5mn and sales of 2.6bn dirhams in 2011. Shares of Aramex are already up 8.5% this year after posting gains of 11.11% in 2012. fourth quarters was aided by a 29.4% growth in operating income. Over the full year, fee and commission income in 2012 was 20.8% higher than it was in 2011. Impairments dropped to 826.5mn dirhams in 2012, down from the 1.2bn dirhams set aside for bad loans in 2011. Loans and advances increased 9.9% over the course of 2012 to 41.4bn dirhams from 37.7bn dirhams at the end of 2011. Mashreq proposed a cash dividend of 38%, subject to central bank and shareholders approval, the statement added.

Abu Dhabis Aldar Properties posted a 31% rise in quarterly profit yesterday, buoyed by the completion of more government projects and lower provisions. Aldar, Abu Dhabis largest developer by market value, was hit by a real estate market collapse in the emirate and rescued with government aid of over $10bn. In return, it sold assets to the government including the Ferrari World Theme Park. The company agreed a state-backed merger with rival Sorouh Real Estate last month to help them weather a downturn in which property prices have more than halved since 2008. Aldar said fourth-quarter net profit was 239mn dirhams ($65.07mn) compared with 182.1mn dirhams last year. Two analysts in a Reuters poll had forecast profit of 323mn dirhams and 572.5mn dirhams. The government continues to support the firm by awarding state housing

Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), the largest Shariah-compliant lender in the emirate, posted a 33.9% rise in its fourth-quarter net profit yesterday, beating analysts forecasts. DIB made a net profit of 1.19bn dirhams in 2012, it said in a statement, a 13% increase on 2011. The bank made 336mn dirhams ($91.5mn) in the three months to December 31, Reuters calculated based on previous financial statements, up from 251mn dirhams in the corresponding period last year. Two analysts polled by Reuters expected a net profit of 148mn and 219mn dirhams respectively. The bank saw healthy growth across a number of key areas, from our asset and deposit bases through to our net profit, Mohammed al-Shaibani, chairman of DIB, said.

Aramex plans to target more acquisitions in Asia and Africa, the logistics firm said yesterday, and reported a 15% rise in quarterly profits. Dubai-based Aramex maintained a cautious outlook for the year due to ongoing unrest in the Middle East, its core market. The firm said it made fourth-quarter net profit of 65.7mn dirhams ($17.9mn) for the three months to December 31, up from 57.2mn dirhams in the prior-year period. Revenue rose 20% to 814mn dirhams, in the quarter, from 681mn dirhams in the prior-year period. Quarterly profit was driven robust gains in its core Gulf Arab region market as well as Southeast Asia, Aramex said. The courier company, a favourite of

Mashreq, Dubais second-biggest bank by market value, posted a big jump in fourth-quarter net profit yesterday, as provisions dropped and the bank earned more fee income. The lender made a net profit of 400mn dirhams ($108.9mn) in the final quarter of 2012, compared to 64mn dirhams in the prior-year period, according to a Reuters calculation based on the banks full-year earnings statement. Arqaam Capital forecast the bank would make a quarterly profit of 146mn dirhams. Net profit for the full year stood at 1.37bn dirhams, up from 820mn dirhams in 2011, the statement said. The profit increase between the two

Abu Dhabis Etihad Airways, which is edging closer to an investment in Indias Jet Airways, yesterday said net profit tripled in 2012 as its fast-expanding global network attracted more passengers. Etihad, which has stakes in Air Berlin and Virgin Australia, earned a net profit of $42mn in 2012, compared with $14mn in the previous year. Revenue rose 17% in 2012 to $4.8bn from $4.1bn in 2011, the airline said in a statement. The eight-year old carrier made its first profit in 2011. Etihad Airways is close to taking a stake in Indias Jet Airways the Abu Dhabi airline

said yesterday after reporting a tripling in profits for last year. Such a deal would support the Indian carriers efforts to woo foreign investors to help cope with fierce competition and high costs in the Indian market. We are doing our due diligence (on Jet Airways) in the next week. We will present it to our board and take it from there, chief executive James Hogan said at a press conference. The Jet Airways deal would be the first foreign investment into Indias aviation industry since the government relaxed ownership rules in September last year. This allows foreign airlines to buy up

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Rally in GCC company bonds fades as stocks appeal grows

GCC shares offer dividend yields that are almost 50% higher than emerging-market peers, data compiled by Bloomberg shows
Bloomberg Dubai

Aldar Sorouh overvalued amid excess Abu Dhabi housing: BofA

Bloomberg Dubai

ulf corporate bonds fell in January, sending yields up the most in 14 months, after a four- year rally eroded returns and Dubais economic recovery boosted the appeal of equities. The average yield on Gulf Cooperation Council company bonds tracked by HSBC/Nasdaq Dubais GCC Corporate US Dollar Sukuk Index rose to 3.55% on January 31, up 36 basis points, or 0.36 percentage point, for the month. That outpaced a ve basis-point advance in global sukuk yields while global company bond yields climbed 16 basis points. The rally in GCC corporate debt outpaced equities between 2009 and 2012, with bonds gaining 76% in the period versus a 17% advance in the Bloomberg GCC 200 index of stocks. Shares in Dubai, the worlds fourth-best performers last month, are leading a rebound in the Gulf this year after the emirates economy grew at the fastest pace since 2007. GCC shares offer dividend yields that are almost 50% higher than emerging-market peers, data compiled by Bloomberg show. We are seeing investors shifting from xed-income and sukuk to equities markets as they take on greater risk, Tariq Qaqish, deputy head of asset management at Dubai-based Al Mal Capital, said by phone on Sunday. Investors in general were very conservative in the last ve years, especially in the UAE. The recovery that affected the real estate market and Dubai economic growth has built investors condence. While bonds in the six-nation GCC beat developing nation peers in 2012, stocks on the Bloomberg GCC gauge lagged the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, which jumped 15% compared with 3.7% for Gulf equities. Shares in the GCC and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa are set to outperform emerging markets as higher dividends and state-funded expansion lure investors hunting for better returns, Franklin Templeton Investment Management Ltd said in December. The six-nation GCC is investing oil wealth on more than $1tn of projects, including schools and roads in Saudi Arabia and stadiums to host the 2022 soccer World Cup in Qatar. Investors are starting to favour stocks over sukuk as a pickup in global growth will boost corporate earnings, CIMB Investment Bank Bhd said last week. The International Monetary Fund said on January 23 it expects 2013 global economic growth to accelerate to 3.5% from 3.2% last year. GCC sukuk led declines among emerging-market Islamic bonds last month. The yield on Dubais 6.396%

The yield on Dubai port operator DP Worlds 6.25% notes maturing in 2017, which comprise almost a quarter of the HSBC/Nasdaq Dubai index, gained 12 basis points in January to 3.41%, having dropped 263 basis points in 2012. notes due 2014 climbed 15 basis points in January, the most since November 2011. The yield had retreated 377 basis points in the year to January 10 to an all-time low of 1.89% that day. It has since risen to 2.43% as of 5.23pm yesterday in Dubai. Among companies, the yield on Dubai port operator DP Worlds 6.25% notes maturing in 2017, which comprise almost a quarter of the HSBC/ Nasdaq Dubai index, gained 12 basis points in January to 3.41%, having dropped 263 basis points in 2012. It was at 3.56% today. The spread between Dubais notes and Malaysias 3.928% sukuk due June 2015 widened to 98 basis points yesterday from 59 on January 11, an all-time low, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. This years yield advance for GCC companies was linked to declines in US Treasuries, used as the benchmark for most Gulf corporate bonds, according to Samer Mardini, Dubai-based vice president of xed income and Islamic nance products at SJS Markets Ltd. Treasury 10-year note yields climbed above 2% last week, the highest since April. The rally in GCC corporate sukuk has merely taken a breather, according to Mark Watts, Abu Dhabi-based head of xed income at National Bank of Abu Dhabi. This is a healthy move triggered largely by a sell off in US Treasuries, Watts said. Naturally, this has shaken a few of the less well-anchored clients out of the market. Still, some investor allocations are going toward equities and putting pressure on bonds, analysts including Malek Khodr Temsah, vice president of treasury and investments at Albaraka Banking Group, said. Dubais benchmark DFM General Index rallied 16% in January, almost equal to its gain in all of 2012, while shares in Saudi Arabia climbed 3.6% and Qatari stocks advanced 4.4%, the most in almost two years. Stocks on the Bloomberg GCC index offer a divided yield of 3.84% versus 2.61% for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. With global economic growth prospects improving, were in the early stages of witnessing a shift by global investors from xed income to equities and this has resulted in GCC sukuk coming under pressure, Temsah said by e-mail on Sunday. With investors re-gaining their condence in the corporate earnings outlook on the back of strengthening macroeconomic data, well see some capital shift back to stocks, he said.

ldar Sorouh Properties, the company resulting from the planned merger of two Abu Dhabi developers, is overvalued as the emirates real estate market suffers from excess supply, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said. Aldar Sorouhs market value of 10.5bn dirhams ($2.86bn), based on Sundays closing price, is 5% higher than it should be, BofA said in a note yesterday. Sorouh Real Estate Co was lowered to underperform from neutral at BofA, which set the stocks price estimate at 1.69 dirhams, compared with a closing price of 1.72 dirhams today. Aldar Properties said on January 21 it will offer 1.288 shares for each Sorouh share in a government-backed acquisition to create a group with assets of about $13bn. Abu Dhabi, which spent $9.8bn bailing out Aldar in 2011, is trying to revive its real estate market after prices dropped more than 50% during a property crash in the United Arab Emirates. While we view the proposed merger as positive for the Abu Dhabi real estate market, which continues to suffer from excess supply particularly in the residential sector, we think that the market could be overestimating the value of the combined entity, BofA said. Abu Dhabi, the largest of seven emirates that make up the UAE federation, last year said it was resuming stalled projects including branches of the Louvre and Guggenheim museums. The emirates property industry is recovering more slowly than neighbouring Dubais. The price of a mid-range apartment in Abu Dhabi fell 4.1% in the year to December, compared with an 18% jump in similar Dubai units, according to data of property broker Cluttons. Aldar Sorouh generates less recurring revenue and operates in weaker real estate markets than Dubai-based Emaar Properties BofA said. Aldar and Sorouh derive all revenue from the UAE, while Emaar secures more than 15% from operations in countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Property development and sales account for 93% of Aldars revenue compared with 49% for Emaar, which also derives 36% of revenue from leasing and 15% form hospitality, according to the latest quarterly results lings compiled by Bloomberg.

Resilient UAE markets Qatar bourse ends at despite rise; Egypt at 3wk high foreign buying support
Reuters Dubai

nvestors in the UAE shrugged off weak earnings from Aldar Properties and the countrys two markets rallied as condence in local equities supported buying. Dubais measure climbed 0.9% to head back towards Thursdays 37-month high. Emaar Properties helped lift the market, gaining 1.7%, while Arabtec rose 3.1%. Dubai Islamic Bank added 0.9% ahead of its earnings, which were due out later yesterday. Dubais market jumped 20% in 2012 as property prices recovered and lifted sentiment towards the sectors stocks. Theres no doubt that there has been a lot of capital ow in real estate, especially from foreigners, said Amer Khan, fund manager at Shuaa Asset Management. What youre seeing on the ground is being reected in the market so a pullback would not be too strong. This is long-term money and theres no reason for a reversal. The market however, is stretched technically and some stocks are overbought, he added.

On neighbouring Abu Dhabis market, Aldar Properties fell 4.2% after its fourth-quarter earnings missed estimates despite a 9.8% increase over 2011. Aldar is still up 7.8% in 2013, after a 39% surge in 2012. From an earnings perspective, its not a phenomenal story but that has been the case for many years so it is not a surprise, Khan added. The rms performance dragged Sorouh Real Estate, which is in the process of merging with Aldar, down 2.3%. Sorouh has gained 36.5% in 2013 on merger hype. The emirates index however, closed 0.3% higher at a fresh 34-month high as banks supported. First Gulf Bank gained 1.6% and National Bank of Abu Dhabi added 0.5%. In Egypt, the bourse rallied to a three-week high as foreign investors brushed off political unrest and bet domestic strife will ease. Large-caps supported gains. Telecom Egypt rose 2.5%, Orascom Telecom climbed 2.2% and Commercial International Bank added 0.8%. Cairos index advanced 1% to its highest close since January 10. Shares in Orascom Construc-

tion Industries (OCI) edged up 0.04%. Egyptian construction and fertiliser rm OCI NV, newly listed in the Netherlands, said 93.3% of global depository receipt (GDR) holders in parent rm OCI agreed to swap them for OCI NV shares. OCI will delist after the remaining shareholders accept an offer to exchange their shares to those of OCI NV or sell them for the offered price of 280 pounds in cash. Investors are moving to other liquid stocks that will lead the market after OCI - the largest by market value - delists. Egypt is losing OCI - its not a good point for the market, said Sebastien Henin, portfolio manager at The National Investor. Unfortunately there are no IPOs in the pipeline. Liquidity will decrease a little bit. Elsewhere, Saudi Arabias measure slipped 0.1% as petrochemical and banking shares weighed. Saudi Basic Industries Corp (Sabic) and Al Rajhi Bank slipped 0.8 and 0.7% respectively. Kuwaits index gained 0.6% to 6,310 points; Omans index advanced 0.5% to 5,813 points, while Bahrains index eased 0.05% to 1,085 points.

By Santhosh V Perumal Business Reporter

he Qatar Exchange remained at for the third day yesterday despite robust buying support from foreign institu-

tions. Although transport and consumer goods sectors experienced strong buying interests, the 20-stock QE Index (based on price data) stood at 8,725.03 points, down a meager 0.01%. Losers outnumbered gainers in the market, which is, however, up 4.38% year-todate (YTD). The telecom, industrials and transport sectors were the best performers YTD as their stocks gained 7.33%, 5.79% and 4.68% respectively, while insurance and real estate indices continued to be in the negative turf. Among the major gainers were Nakilat and Qatar Telecom; while QNB, Commercialbank, Qatari Investors Group, Barwa and Mazaya Qatar bucked the trend. The 20-stock Total Return Index also fell 0.01% to 11,884.58 points, the All Share Index (comprising wider constituents) by 0.05% to 2,105.09 points and the Al Rayan Islamic Index by 0.13% to 2,543.89 points. All the three indices factored in dividend income as well. Under the All Share Index category, the realty index shrank 0.61%, followed by industrials (0.20%) and banks and nancial services (0.17%), while the indices of trans-

port, consumer goods, telecom and insurance gained 1.05%, 0.51%, 0.35% and 0.14% respectively. However, market capitalisation expanded 0.71%, or more than QR3bn, to QR478.82bn with micro and mid cap equities gaining 0.43% and 0.16%. Small and large caps fell 0.34% and 0.11% respectively. Micro and small cap equities have registered 1.83% and 1.18% fall YTD, while mid and large cap rose 6.02% and 3.83% respectively. Of the 42 stocks, only 14 advanced, while 19 declined, ve were unchanged and four were not traded. Qatari individual investors turned net sellers to the tune of 0.37% or QR0.63mn. A lower 34.49% of them purchased equities compared to 40.36% on Sunday and a lower 34.86% sold against 37.08%. Non-Qatari retail investors net selling surged to 8.82% or QR15.09mn. A marginally lower 11.31% of them were into buying against 12.75% the previous day, whereas a higher 20.13% compared to 15.87%. Foreign institutions turned net buyers to the extent of 13.28% or QR22.72mn. A much higher 28.77% of them bought equities compared to 14.65% on Sunday although a marginally higher 15.49% offloaded against 15.41%. Domestic institutions turned net prot takers to the tune of 4.09% or QR7mn. A lower 25.43% of them were into buying against 32.24% the previous day and a lower 29.52% of them into selling compared to 31.64%.

Total trading volume was up 8% to 4.69mn shares, while value fell 9% to QR171.09mn but deals rose 2% to 2,851. The transport sectors trading volume more than tripled to 1.90mn shares and value more than doubled to QR34.26mn on more than doubled deals to 718. The telecom sectors trading volume almost tripled to 0.23mn shares and value more than quadrupled to QR20.14mn on a 93% jump in transactions to 232. However, the industrials sectors trading volume plummeted 59% to 0.60mn shares, value by 50% to QR29.92mn and deals by 35% to 524. The insurance sectors trading volume plunged 47% to 0.08mn shares, value by 38% to QR5.54mn and transactions by 41% to 60. The consumer goods and services sectors trading volume tanked 13% to 0.20mn shares, value by 47% to QR9.27mn and deals by 13% to 241. The real estate sectors trading volume declined 8% to 0.37mn shares, value by 15% to QR8.13mn and transactions by 14% to 204. The banks and nancial services sectors trading volume shrank 6% to 1.31mn shares, value by 15% to QR63.82mn and deals by 8% to 872. Actively traded stocks (in terms of volume) were Nakilat (1.80mn shares); Masraf Al Rayan (469,618); Gulf International Services (345,453); Doha Bank (234,823) and Barwa (213,436). In the debt market, there was no trading of treasury bills.


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Boeing sues Sea Launch partners for $350mn

Boeing has sued its Russian and Ukrainian partners in satellite launch service Sea Launch, saying they refused to pay it more than $350mn following the joint-ventures bankruptcy filing in 2009. The lawsuit, filed in US District Court in Los Angeles yesterday, targeted RSC Energia, a company partially owned by the Russian government, and two Ukrainian state-owned companies, PO Yuzhnoye Mashinostroitelny Zavod and KB Yuzhnoye. Boeing said it partnered with the companies, as well as Norways Kvaerner Moss Technology, in 1995 to create Sea Launch, which focuses on launching commercial satellites.

China startup dodges IPO ban, floats on website

Chinese entrepreneur Zhu Jiang didnt need a stock market to raise cash for his media startup. Impatient to tap investors even though Beijing has frozen new share sales, Zhu started flogging stock on shopping website Before Taobaos owner Alibaba Group shut down his virtual store yesterday saying the platform wasnt allowed to host share offerings, Zhu had pulled in a total of 1.2mn yuan ($192,700) from more than 1,000 online punters. For start-ups, time is life, Zhu, founder of Beijing-based video content producer Makev, said on his official microblog on Sunday.

Private firm registrations in China soars 12.6%

Chinas economy is benefiting from more than 10mn private enterprises that are now established in the country. As of September last year, more than 10.59mn private firms were registered in the country, an increase of 12.6% year-on-year, according to Wang Qinmin, chairman of the AllChina Federation of Industry and Commerce. As a report by the Federation indicated, the registered capital of the enterprises has reached 29.8tn yuan ($4.7tn), marking a year-on-year rise of 21.3%. The average registered capital of each firm also grew by 7.8% year-on-year, indicating the strength of these businesses, the report said.

Oracle to buy network gear maker Acme Packet

Oracle agreed to buy Acme Packet, which makes network equipment to speed up voice, video and data delivery across networks, for about $2bn. The $29.25 per share offer represents a 22% premium to Acme Packets Friday close on the Nasdaq. The deal value is based on the number of outstanding shares as of December 31. Users are increasingly connected and expect to communicate anytime and anywhere using their application, device, and network of choice. Oracle Communications along with Acme Packet can help service providers and enterprises meet these demanding requirements, Oracle said.

Cyprus central bank gets new deputy head

Cypruss outgoing government appointed a deputy governor of its central bank yesterday, saying it was warranted by a tougher workload in the banking sector ahead of an impending international financial bailout. The unexpected appointment triggered criticism from opposition parties asserting the outgoing left wing government was trying to consolidate its influence over the central bank less than a fortnight before elections on February 17. The deputy governor, Spyros Stavrinakis, is a close aide of Central Bank governor Panicos Demetriades.

HTC plans cheaper phones for China as revenue sags

To launch phones below 1,999 yuan; China a battleground as Samsung, Apple dominate globally; Company sees Q1 revenue T$50-60bn, below analysts forecast
Reuters Taipei

Big Dutch pension funds keep 19bn in commodities

Reuters Amsterdam

aiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp will shift its focus more towards emerging markets and offer lower priced phones in China this year as it grapples with slumping revenue in the shadow of Apples iPhone and Samsungs Galaxy series. HTC gave a disappointing outlook yesterday for rstquarter revenue, saying it would be at to 17% lower than in the previous three months worse than analysts had forecast while margins are also seen holding steady or shrinking. The former contract manufacturers fortunes have been declining sharply since the second half of 2011, as the growing global dominance of Apple and Samsung Electronics in smartphones quickly deated the success of its own brands rapid rise. China, the worlds most populous nation and a rising consumer power, is a key battleeld for smartphone makers with its still low levels of penetration, but its price-conscious consumers pose a dilemma for premium brands keen to maintain their high-end image but eager to tap the mass market. HTC chief nancial officer Chang Chia-Lin told a conference call for investors yesterday that his company, which has tended to rely on developed markets for most of its revenue and in China has focused on mid- to high-end models, was now ready to offer smartphones priced less than 1,999 yuan ($320) currently its cheapest phone in China. Were going to go down, but not below 1,000, he said. We see theres still room to play in

HTC headquarters at Hsintien, New Taipei City, northern Taiwan. HTC said the company will shift its focus more towards emerging markets and offer lower priced phones in China this year. 1,000 to 2,000 yuan phones. Chang said HTC would also more closely target emerging markets overall this year. It expanded its reach to Myanmar last month by introducing localfont phones. Apple chief executive Tim Cook has vowed to focus on Greater China as his companys next big growth driver. Apples revenue from the region jumped to $7.3bn in the December quarter, up 60% from a year earlier. HTC said it expects rstquarter revenue of T$50bn to T$60bn ($1.69-2.03bn). That compares with T$60bn in the fourth quarter and T$65.75bn a year ago. Analysts had forecast HTC would earn revenue of T$62.77bn for the quarter, according to the average projection of 18 analysts polled by Thomson Reuters. HTC also said it expects a rst-quarter gross margin of

about 21 to 23%, at to lower from 23% in the prior quarter, and an operating margin of 0.5 to 1.0%, also at to lower from 1%. The weaker-than-expected rst-quarter revenue outlook follows a 91% year-on-year slide in the Taiwanese companys net prot in the fourth quarter that fell short of analyst forecasts. Analysts doubt that 2013 will be a turnaround year for HTC as the power of its brand lags far behind Apple and Samsung. But some have said that the next version of its agship smartphone, code-named M7 and which they expect to be launched in the middle of this month in New York and London, could give the company a rst-mover advantage of a few months on features such as higher-resolution cameras. Chang declined to give details or a launch date for the new model but said he expected sequential revenue growth quarter to quarter in 2013 as the company rolls out new products. Samsung Electronics, the worlds top smartphone maker, said last month that it expected the global smartphone market to shrink in the rst quarter from the seasonally strong fourth quarter, while the overall handset market would see growth at a mid single-digit percentage rate this year from 2012, with the smartphone segment set to slow. Strong smartphone sales powered an 89% increase in operating prot at the Korean company in the October-December quarter to a record $8.3bn. Cupertino, California-based Apple, which faces intense competition from Samsung, sparked a slide in its share price late last month when it forecast lower revenue of $41bn to $43bn in its current scal quarter, down from $54.5bn in the previous quarter and below the average Wall Street forecast of more than $45bn. Yesterday, shares of HTC fell 1.6%, versus a 0.9% rise in broader market. HTCs shares have fallen more than 40% since the start of last year, compared with a 12% rise in the Taiwan stock benchmark.

he two biggest pension funds in the Netherlands plan to maintain investment in commodities even after their latest quarterly reports showed commodities as their worst performing asset class and a big US fund halved its exposure. Dutch funds ABP, for state employees, and Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn PFZW for health and medical care workers, along with Californian state pension fund CalPERS, were among a handful of big pension funds that invested in commodity derivatives as an alternative to stocks and bonds in the middle of last decade. CalPERS slashed its investment in commodity derivatives by more than half late last year from $3.45bn to $1.56bn on October 31. ABP and PFZW have kept their exposure to commodity derivatives unchanged, at 3.6% and 7% of their total portfolios, respectively. The two funds have total commodities investments of more than 19bn, although ABPs includes investment in resource company stocks as well as commodities markets. The purpose of the commodities in our portfolio is diversication and inationhedging, said Jan Willem van Oostveen, PFZWs manager for investment and nancial policy. An investment in commodities is lowering the total amount of portfolio risk. If you take them out of the portfolio, the total risk is going to increase. Quarterly reports published by ABP, the worlds thirdlargest state pension fund, and PFZW, the second-largest pension fund in the Netherlands, showed commodities were their worst-performing asset in the last three months of 2012. PFZWs commodities investments lost 0.8% overall in 2012,

falling 1.6% in the last quarter, its latest quarterly report showed. PFZW allocated 9.315bn of its total assets of 129.6bn to commodities. Of that exposure, 80% is in petroleum markets, 10% in industrial metals, 5% in agriculture and 5% in livestock. ABP said 3.6% of its total assets of 281bn are held in commodities, worth about 10bn euros, shared between commodity market investment and resource company equities. It reported a loss of 4.2% for commodities in the last quarter of 2012 but said that overall in 2012 its commodity investments rose 4.4%, following a rise of 6.1% in 2011. It declined to give a breakdown of its commodities investment. APG, the asset manager of ABP, said the fund had increased investment in natural resources company assets, which are part of the commodities portfolio, to counter effects of volatility in the market. The combination of liquid commodities and natural resources should lead to a better risk/return relationship. This, for example, via diversication across sectors - adding timberland as a sector and within sectors for example adding iron ore, Olav Houben, head of commodities at APG, said. The fund invests in production companies in the mining, oil and gas sectors that hedge their commodity sensitivity as little as possible , he said. We prefer investments via unlisted structures to secure the exposure to commodity price development. PFZWs asset manager, PGGM, said it changed the way it gets exposure to commodity assets to secure exibility. We have changed our investment approach over the years from one of being 100% total return swap-based to an almost 100% futures-based portfolio, PGGM said in an e-mail.

Draghi was informed of Monte Paschi doubts, but not at fault

Reuters Rome

ario Draghi was informed of doubts raised by Bank of Italy inspectors about the Monte dei Paschi bank but had little control over what has been widely criticised as ineffective oversight of the scandal-hit lender, a senior BoI source told Reuters. The roots of the corruption and derivatives scandal at Monte dei Paschi all stem back to when Draghi, now president of the European Central Bank, was chief of Italys central bank from 2006 to 2011. The Bank of Italy (BoI) says it did everything in its powers to oversee Monte Paschi, including forcing it to raise new capital and applying behind the scenes pressure to force out its executives, who left last year. Last month, the BoI approved 3.9bn ($5.3bn) of state loans needed by the ailing Siena bank to shore up its capital. But the BoI, under Draghis leadership, is under re for not acting faster to sanction those managers and make its doubts public even though its inspectors had spotted the derivatives contracts at the centre of the scandal back in mid-2010. The criticism has come from Monte Paschi shareholders, savers and politicians red up by the campaign for a national election this month, but also from some banking and regulation experts. However, the senior BoI source stressed that the decision on launching a sanctions procedure, involving publicly blaming and ning bank officials, does

not depend on the BoI governor and its ve member executive board, but on the banks inspectors and then a series of lower committees. The inspectors are the only people responsible for initiating a sanctions procedure so if they dont nd anything in the course of their inspection then its not possible for the top management to start the process, said the source, who asked not to be named. We instruct the staff to be absolutely free from any inuence from us, to present exactly the case, so if a sanction is decided then they present a proposal to the board and the board decides on the actual implementation of the sanctions. In the summer of 2010 BoI inspectors uncovered two opaque derivatives contracts that could cost Monte Paschi 720mn and are now at the centre of fraud investigations, yet did not propose that sanctions be launched. That decision had nothing to do with the board, the official said, though he added that Draghi was shown the inspectors report. He declined to say whether he thought it was a good decision not to propose sanctions at that time. That 2010 inspectors report was leaked to the press and sparked much of the current criticism of the BoI because the sharp criticisms of Monte Paschis accounts and operations made by the inspectors were not followed by pressing action. The BoI did not summon Monte Paschis executives, now under criminal investigation, until November 2011, after

Former president of Italian bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Giuseppe Mussari (left), arrives in a car with his lawyer Fabio Pisillo at a court in Siena, Italy, yesterday. Reports state that Mussari was questioned by judges as prosecutors are probing Mussari as well as other executives for alleged fraud with respect to the shareholders of the Siena-based bank. Draghi had left to head the ECB. It did not launch a sanctions procedure - which is still not completed - until the following year, after the officials had left the bank. Monte Paschis shareholders did not nd out about the irregularities until last month. The Bank of Italy said it informed Siena prosecutors about their concerns over the derivatives contracts some time in 2012, but the prosecutors had already been investigating Monte Paschi since November of the previous year, and possibly earlier. We may perhaps appear to be slow, but I think we are deliberate, the official said. He also stressed that although Monte Paschi failed to comply with the BoIs requests, the wrongdoing was already done at the time of the 2010 inspection. What took place afterwards was to

try to disguise the losses but it wasnt a recurrent or growing pattern of misbehaving, he said. The BoI is itself under investigation by prosecutors for allegedly not controlling Monte Paschi properly, in a case brought by a consumer body. Centre-right politicians, led by former Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti and Northern League chief Roberto Maroni, have strongly attacked the central bank and Draghi. Tremonti himself is also under the spotlight because, as economy minister, he was responsible for overseeing the banking foundation which was Monte Paschis controlling shareholder as it piled up debt. The centre-left has generally been more cautious, calling for more powers for the central bank rather than openly blaming it for laxity. The idea that the BoI lacks sufficient powers for effective oversight has become a common theme in the Italian press, with attention focusing on the fact that while it can replace the board of an offending bank, it cannot re individual managers. The BoI source made clear that giving the bank this power would be a welcome step, though he was careful not to acknowledge any blame for the Monte Paschi scandal. If we get that power it will certainly be an additional tool but I dont subscribe to the idea that we dont have sufficient powers and that the exercise of our powers wasnt effective, he said.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Japan GPIF to sell $18bn less assets in 2013-14

Holding review of investment targets, asset allocations around April; chairman says JGBs place in portfolio should be debated; JGBs currently account for two-thirds of $1.2tn portfolio
Reuters Tokyo

apans Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), the worlds biggest public pension fund with invesments mostly held in Japanese government bonds, plans to sell 1.7tn ($18.4bn) fewer assets to pay pensions in 2013/14 than it sells this scal year. GPIF chairman Takahiro Mitani told Reuters in an interview yesterday that the fund, whose portfolio of $1.2tn is bigger than the Mexican economy, will review its long-term investment target and portfolio allocation model around April. The review should include a discussion of the investment strategy towards Japanese gov-

ernment bonds, which form two-thirds of GPIFs portfolio, Mitani said, as yields on 10-year JGBs were languishing at around 0.8%. Meantime, he said, the fund plans to raise about 4.7tn for pension payouts for the financial year starting in April, down 26.6% from the planned sale of 6.4tn during the current year. We have already completed securing the necessary amount of cash needed for pension payouts for the current business year, Mitani added. GPIF became a net asset seller for the rst time in 2009/10, and investors in JGBs closely follow the funds sales. The public fund cashed out about 2.54tn of domestic bonds and foreign bonds during 2011/12. Mitani, a former Bank of Japan executive also said that he did not think Japans equity market was overheating, despite a near 30% climb since mid-November, and that foreign investors perceptions of the Japanese market had improved since

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took power in December. Regarding the question on whether or not Japanese shares are near their top, I would say I dont think so, Mitani said. Last year, a Board of Audit report, requested by the upper house of the national assembly, called for the public fund to consider reviewing its target and allocations. Under the current mid-term plan, the public pension fund is required to raise a nominal annual return of 3.2%, or 1.1% above the rate of change in nominal wages. GPIF allocates its funds in four conventional asset classes foreign equities, domestic equities, foreign bonds and domestic bonds. It makes allocations in line with its model portfolio, which give a weighting of 11% to domestic stocks, 67% to domestic bonds, 9% to foreign stocks, 8% to foreign bonds and 5% to short-term assets. Mitani said he did not know whether it was necessary to

change the portfolio drastically, but welcomed the forthcoming review, and particularly as it would give a chance to debate JGBs place in the portfolio. This will be a good opportunity to review our mid-term investment target, the chairman said. The public fund is making an effort to improve its investment returns. GPIF plans to complete the selection of asset management companies to manage its $136.05bn foreign equities portfolio around summer, Mitani said. Mitani said GPIF was in the second stage of its selection process, having whittled down the number of candidates after issuing a tender in June. GPIF last chose fund managers for foreign stocks in March 2009, when it appointed 14 asset managers for its foreign stocks portfolio. GPIF is expected to start the process of picking new managers for Japanese equity investment once the foreign equity managers have been selected, Mitani said.

Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) chairman Takahiro Mitani speaks during an interview with Reuters in Tokyo yesterday. GPIF plans to sell 26.6% fewer assets to pay pensions in 2013/14 than in this fiscal year.


Commerzbank posts surprise fourth-quarter loss

American Platinum (Amplats) reported yesterday a switch into a steep operating loss in 2012 amid surging operating costs, and said it was focusing on turning its performance around. The company reported an operating loss of 6,334mn rand for 2012 from a profit of 7,965mn rand in 2011 and said that what it termed headline earnings per share also switched into a loss of 5.62 rand from a profit of 13.65 rand ($1.53, 1.13) in the previous year. Net debt shot up by 186%, and the company waived its dividend. The company took a knock from low mineral prices, high inflation levels and wildcat violent strikes. In a bid to swing back to profitability, the company plans to cut 14,000 jobs and shut two of its shafts in the platinum belt of Rustenburg, northwest of Johannesburg. We need to do something about the profitability of the company, chief executive officer Chris Griffith said in a conference call. We have got to turn around this company. Amplats reported an 8% fall in its output of refined platinum to 2.22mn ounces, mainly because of the two months of industrial action in the last half of the year. Chief financial officer Bongani Nqwababa said there is still significant headroom to manoeuvre. In response to the rolling losses, the firm has decided to cut its investment programme drastically. We have reduced our capital expenditure target for 2013 to 2015 by approximately 11bn rand ($1,2bn, 910,000 euros) and for the next decade by 25%, to 100bn rand ($11,2bn, 8.2bn), it said in a statement. The company announced on January 15 that it would lay-off 14,000 workers in a restructuring, but has stalled the process pending talks following an outcry from unions and the government. Griffith said yesterday that 30% of those jobs are likely to be redeployed within the company. hit their bottom line. However, the firms have been helped by the yens recent slide, which make exports more competitive and ups the value of repatriated foreign earnings. Yesterdays surge was also due to short-covering by investors who had bet on a decline in the firms share prices, analysts said. 0.60 Swiss francs, unchanged from the year before, the bank said. Julius Baer, one of Switzerlands biggest private banks, announced last August that it would buy Merrill Lynchs wealth management business outside the US and Japan for some 860mn Swiss francs, in a bid to strengthen its presence in emerging markets. The purchase was finalised last week, the bank said. We initiated the transition into Julius Baers next strategic phase of growth, (and) the integration ... is well on track, Collardi said.

Simon Property
Simon Property Group reported a 21.9% increase in a key earnings measure in the fourth quarter, helped by higher rents and sales at its malls and outlet centres, easily beating estimates. The company also raised its dividend for the sixth straight quarter. Simon said fourth-quarter funds from operations (FFO) increased to $827.4mn, or $2.29 per share, from $678.9mn, or $1.91 per share, a year earlier. Revenue rose to $1.34bn from $1.17bn. Analysts, on average, had expected FFO of $2.17 a share, according to Thomson Reuters. FFO is a REIT performance measure that usually excludes gains or losses from property sales and removes the effect that depreciation has on earnings. The company, the No1 US mall and outlet center owner, also raised its quarterly dividend to $1.15 per share from $1.10 per share. The dividend is payable February 28 to shareholders of record on February 14.

Swatch Group said it was optimistic about 2013 as it reported higher margins, providing further evidence the luxury goods sector was set to benefit from improved demand in major markets such as China and the US. The group, which makes colourful plastic watches as well as Omega and Breguet timepieces, is targeting double-digit growth this year after having enjoyed continued healthy growth in January. Looking ahead, it said it expected long-term growth in the Swiss watch industry of 5-10% per year. Swatchs comments come after sector peers such as LVMH and Burberry said last month they expected good trading conditions in China helped by improved consumer confidence after the regime change. Swatchs positive outlook and forecast-beating results helped lift the stock more than 3%, compared with an unchanged European sector index. Swatch said it expected growth to come as well from the high-end jewellery arm of Harry Winston which it acquired last month and which analysts expect to start lifting sales and profit in second half of this year. The acquisition boosts Swatchs presence in the jewellery market which is set to enjoy solid growth this year as well as in the US where it was not very present and where luxury executives see a rebound. The group underlined its optimism with a 17% increase in its dividend to 6.75 Swiss francs ($7.48) per bearer share from 5.75 francs in 2011, and 1.35 francs per registered share, previously 1.15 francs. Full-year results from Swatch, which also makes Tissot watches, showed net income rising 26% to 1.61bn Swiss francs ($1.78bn), far ahead of expectations according to analysts polled by Reuters. The groups operating margin rose to 25.4%, versus 23.9% a year ago, which Vontobel analyst Rene Weber contrasted to the decline reported last week by the worlds biggest luxury goods group LVMH.

Germanys second-biggest bank said yesterday it posted a more-than-forecast fourth-quarter net loss of 720mn (976mn) following charges related to the sale of its Ukrainian bank offshoot and the depreciation of tax assets. The Frankfurt-based bank said it booked an extraordinary depreciation on deferred tax accruals of 560mn and charges of 185mn following the sale of its Ukrainian Bank Forum operation. Analysts had expected the partly owned state bank would report a loss of about 560mn in the final three months of 2012. Net profit last year came in at 6mn euros compared with 638mn in 2011, Commerzbank said. Announcing the result, Commerzbank said it expects to book restructuring charges of about 500mn during the first quarter of this year as a result of its move to trim its workforce by 4,0006,000 people over the next four years.

launch of its Tokyo-Helsinki route due to the Dreamliner problems, with a 300mn hit to its January sales over the Dreamliner. Operating profit in February and March would shrink by 500mn, added JAL President Yoshiharu Ueki. However, JALs chief, a former pilot, stood behind the next-generation Dreamliner, which Boeing says is more fuel-efficient due to its construction from lightweight composite fibre materials. The battery incident was unfortunate. But it is a wonderful aircraft, Ueki told a Tokyo press briefing. Yesterday, JAL said its international passenger segment sales rose 6.7% over the year earlier on new routes and services, while domestic passenger revenue rose 1.7% year on year in the nine-month period. The domestic figures reflected a recovery following the 2011 quake-tsunami disaster, the carrier said. JAL re-listed its shares in September, marking a spectacular turnaround three years after it went bankrupt with massive debts and saw its stock delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japans premier bourse. The new listing followed a share offering that raised around $8.5bn, the second biggest in the world in 2012 after Facebooks $16bn offering.

Clorox quarterly profit soundly beat analysts estimates as a severe flu season boosted sales of disinfecting wipes, and results were helped by a new concentrated version of its namesake bleach. The company also yesterday raised its full-year sales forecast to an increase of 3% to 5%, from 2% to 4%. The company, which also makes Brita water filters and Burts Bees skin care products, said it earned $123mn, or 93 per share, in its fiscal second quarter ended December 31. It earned $105mn, or 79 per share, a year earlier. Analysts, on average, targeted 81 cents a share, according to Thomson Reuters. Sales rose 9% to $1.33bn, topping the average analyst estimate of $1.27bn. The volume of goods sold rose 5%. Price increases and cost cuts have helped Cloroxs recent results. Over the past few years it has raised prices on a variety of products, such as its namesake bleach, Pine-Sol cleaners, GladWare disposable containers and Brita filters, as it has faced higher costs for materials. Aside from raising its sales forecast, Clorox increased its fiscal-year earnings outlook to $4.25 to $4.35 a share, from $4.20 to $4.35 a share.

Japans Hitachi said yesterday that its quarterly profit plunged 41%, pointing to weaker demand for construction machinery and automotive equipment for the hit to its earnings. The conglomerate, whose products range from diggers to nuclear reactors, said it earned 20.2bn ($217.8mn) in its third quarter to December, down from 34.2bn a year earlier. Sales slipped 7% to 2.11tn, it said. For the nine months to December, Hitachi said net profit was down to 50.3bn from 85.1bn a year earlier. The company slashed its full-year to March net profit estimate by 50bn to 150bn on 8.9tn in revenue. Weakness in the construction equipment unit was largely due to lower sales of hydraulic excavators due to the impact of lower demand in China, it said, as concerns remain over the strength of the worlds second-biggest economy. But Hitachi said its power systems unit as well as social infrastructure and industrial systems division, which includes its elevator and escalator business, both saw a boost in sales. In October, Hitachi said it would buy British atomic power venture Horizon to expand its nuclear business overseas, as the Japanese remain wary about atomic power after the Fukushima disaster in 2011. The purchase price was 696mn ($1.09bn). Horizon planned to build two or three 1,300-megawatt-class reactors at each of two nuclear power stations in Britain and Hitachi will take over the task, the Japanese company said at the time.

Panasonic shares soared nearly 17% yesterday as investors reacted to the Japanese electronics giants latest earnings, while rivals Sony and Sharp also spiked on upbeat sentiment. Panasonic jumped 16.89% to 692 in Tokyo morning trade, following the companys announcement after the close of Fridays session that it posted an operating profit of 121.95bn ($1.32bn) in the nine months to December, and a 61.4bn net profit in the last three months of 2012. That marked a huge reversal from a net loss of 197.6bn a year earlier, with Panasonic citing aggressive cost-cutting as part of a massive corporate overhaul aimed at stemming record losses. However, Panasonic also said it lost about $6.77bn in the nine months to December and was on track to lose a whopping $8.3bn over its fiscal year to March, after posting a record loss in the previous year. Sony, which reports earnings this week, jumped 9.44% to 1,483. Sharp was up 7.90% to 355 by the break, after the embattled maker of Aquos-brand electronics offered a glimmer of hope on Friday, saying it eked out a small operating profit in its October-December quarter. The company, which last year warned over its survival, also said that its restructuring meant its future as a going concern was no longer in serious doubt, although it doubled its nine-month net loss to $4.6bn. The embattled trio has seen sales slump on the back of the global slowdown, a strong yen, fierce overseas competition, and strategic blunders as they also took on huge restructuring costs which

Japan Airlines said yesterday net profit in the nine months to December fell to $1.52bn, but it lifted its full-year profit forecast by more than 16% despite recent Dreamliner woes. JAL, which re-listed its shares in Tokyo last year after a high-profile bankruptcy restructuring, credited its European, US and Southeast Asian business for the boost to the earnings estimate. However, it warned that Tokyos strained relations with China and a slow recovery in the global economy made its outlook less clear. The carrier and rival All Nippon Airways (ANA) have been hit by the worldwide grounding of Boeings Dreamliner after a number of incidents including a fire on a JAL plane in Boston and an emergency landing on an ANA flight in Japan. The global no-fly order imposed by US regulators has seen Japans two biggest carriers major customers of the aircraft, with more than 100 combined orders that are central to their ambitious expansion plans slash hundreds of flights, affecting tens of thousands of passengers. The regulators have said they will not allow the 787 to fly again until they are sure the problems around the battery system are fixed. Yesterday, JAL posted a 140.64bn ($1.52bn) net profit in April-December, down 3.7% from a year earlier, but said it would see a profit in the year to March of 163bn from an earlier 140bn forecast. Sales over the nine-month period rose 3.6% at 942.04bn. Earlier yesterday, JAL said it has postponed the

Julius Baer
Swiss private bank Julius Baer yesterday posted a 15% hike in its 2012 net profit, beating analyst expectations amid healthy cash inflows as global financial markets began bouncing back. Net profit at the bank, which specialises in wealth management, jumped to 298mn Swiss francs ($328mn, 240mn) last year, while its assets under management swelled 11% to 189bn Swiss francs, it said in a statement. We remained well in favour with clients in all our markets in 2012, company chief executive Boris Collardi said in the statement. He said substantial net new money inflow near the top end of our target range underlines the fundamental strength of the bank. Analysts polled by financial agency AWP had expected the Zurich-based bank to rake in a net profit of 275mn Swiss francs last year, while managing 189.3bn in assets. Net inflows at Julius Baer were, meanwhile, down 5.7% last year at 9.7bn Swiss francs. The board of directors would propose a dividend of

Gannett Co reported a rise in fourth-quarter revenue on strong ad sales at its television stations and as subscribers paid more for its newspapers as profit topped estimates. Gannett, the largest newspaper chain in the US, yesterday reported revenue of $1.52bn versus $1.38bn in the year-earlier period, and topped analysts expectations of $1.49bn, according to Thomson Reuters. Part of the increase in revenue had to do with an extra week in the quarter, compared to the same period last year. Still, the company benefited from political advertising at its local TV stations and from its digital pay model it has rolled out at its newspapers. Net income totaled $103mn, or 44 per share, compared with $116mn, or 49 per share for the same period last year. Excluding special items, earnings came to 89 per share compared with 72 in the same period last year.

Strike-hit and top global platinum producer Anglo

Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013 36 Gulf


Moscow bourse aims to raise $500mn in IPO

To be valued at $4bn-$4.6bn; price range set at 55 roubles-63 roubles; trading to start on February 15
Reuters Moscow

Asian marts mixed; late prot-taking offsets rally

AFP Tokyo

oscows stock exchange will be valued at up to $4.6bn in its planned stock market otation, which will raise around $500mn for the company and selling shareholders, according to a price range published by the company yesterday. The Moscow Exchange, Russias main venue for trading in stocks, bonds, currencies and derivatives, is to oat on its own platform in an attempt to revitalise Russias capital markets and convince companies to list domestically rather than abroad. Promoting Moscows markets has been backed by the Kremlin in a bid to transform the Russian capital into a global nancial centre. President Vladimir Putin recently called for upcoming privatisations of state assets to be held in Russia. Analysts caution, however, that it will be difficult to break a trend for Russian companies to seek listings in London or New York, continued scepticism about shareholder rights in Russia and a slump in local share trading volumes. The exchange, formed in 2011 through the merger of Moscows two largest stock exchanges, Micex and RTS, set an indicative price range for its initial public offering (IPO) of between 55 and 63 roubles, conrming a Reuters report on Friday. That values it at between $4bn and $4.6bn based on a share count of 2.197bn. Around 60% of the 15bn roubles ($500mn) of proceeds will go to selling shareholders while around 40% will go to the company, which is raising money to invest in IT and its clearing business. The company may increase the size of the offering, if there is enough demand, by up to 5bn roubles. The company and shareholders selling through a Micex subsidiary will be subject to a lock-up preventing them from selling any more shares for 180 days, the company said in a statement, without specifying any restrictions that previous RTS shareholders might have. The exchanges largest shareholder is

Employees work at their desks inside the Moscow Exchange in Moscow, Russia (file). The biggest bourse in Russia plans to raise more than $500mn in an initial public offering. Russias central bank, which will retain its 24.3% stake. Other shareholders are banks and brokers such as Sberbank with 10.3%, Unicredit, VTB, Gazprombank, US private equity fund Cartesian Capital and the state-backed Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). The RTS shareholders before the 2011 merger were large investment banks, according to an archived version of its website. During the merger, ve RTS shareholders Renaissance Capital, Alfa Bank, Aton, Troika Dialog and Da Vinci Capital agreed to sell a controlling stake to Micex. The exchange declined to comment on the identity of other RTS shareholders. The Moscow Exchange said that VTB Capital, acting as a manager in the offering, will have the right to acquire up to 13% of the issued shares. Dividends of no less than 30% of consolidated net prot will be paid for 2012 and 40% of prot will be spent on this years dividend payout. Next year, half of the exchanges prot will go to paying dividends, it said. Final pricing of the IPO is expected Feb. 15 and trading of the shares will start the same day under the symbol Moex.

sian markets were mixed yesterday as late prot-taking offset a rally on Wall Street that was fuelled by upbeat jobs data out of the US. The euro and dollar were mixed against the yen after racking up healthy gains in New York on Friday. Tokyo closed 0.62% higher, adding 69.01 points to a 33-month high of 11,260.35, while Seoul slipped 0.23%, or 4.58 points, to 1,953.21, and Sydney fell 0.28%, or 13.6 points, to 4,907.5. Hong Kong fell 0.16% as dealers cashed in prots after the index spent most of the day in positive territory and around 21-month highs. The Hang Seng Index fell 36.83 points to end at 23,685.01, while Shanghai rose 0.38%, or 9.13 points, to 2,428.15. The dollar bought 92.90 against 92.80 in New York late on Friday, while the euro sat at 126.35 and $1.3600, compared with 126.60 and $1.3637. Eyes will turn later in the week to China, which is due to release key data on ination and trade ahead of the Chinese New Year public holiday. Australias central bank will also announce the outcome of its policy setting meeting, with analysts expecting it to keep interest rates on hold. Gold was at $1,665.40 at 1045 GMT compared with $1,665.35 late Friday. In other markets, Singapores Straits Times Index closed up 0.19%, or 6.23 points, to 3,297.37; Kuala Lumpur shares gained 7 points, or 0.43%, to close at 1,634.55; Jakarta ended up 8.93 points, at 0.20%, at 4490,565; Bangkok added 0.48% or 7.15 points to 1,506.37; Taipei rose 0.86%, or 67.19 points, to 7,923.16; Manila rose 1.86%, or 117.37 points, to 6,435.98, a new record and Wellington ended at, edging up 0.47 points to 4,246,40.

Euro stocks dive on political turmoil in Spain, Italy

Indian shares fall on earnings concern

Bloomberg Mumbai

ndian stocks declined for the third day, led by state-owned lenders after Bank of Barodas earnings missed analysts estimates because of an increase in bad loans. The BSE India Sensitive Index, or Sensex, lost 0.2% to 19,751.19 at the close, wiping an intraday advance of 0.6%. State Bank of India, the nations largest lender, fell the most in three months and was the biggest drag on the gauge. Bank of Baroda, which is not a Sensex member, slumped the most since October 2008. Bharat Heavy Electricals, the nations power-equipment maker, slid to a four-month low. The Sensex closed on February 1 at its lowest level since January 11 amid concern over valuations

as earnings from Bharti Airtel, the largest cell-phone operator, and Bharat Heavy trailed estimates. Nine of the 10 biggest losers on the 60-member BSE India Public Sector Undertakings yesterday were state-run lenders, data compiled by Bloomberg show. Bank of Barodas shares plunged 7.4%, the steepest loss since October 27, 2008, to Rs804.15, the biggest losers on the MSCI Asia Pacic Index. Thirdquarter net income fell 22% to Rs10.1bn ($189.5mn), according to an exchange ling. Thats less than the Rs13.2bn estimated by analysts in a Bloomberg survey. Chairman S S Mundra said the bank expects most slippage from loans to companies and that the next three quarters would be challenging in asset quality. State Bank of India fell 2.5% to Rs2,352.6, the lowest level since December 24. UCO Bank

slid 4.2% to Rs71.4. Andhra Bank tumbled 3.8% to Rs106.4. Union Bank of India decreased 3.6% to Rs240. Indian banks bad-debt ratio jumped the most in at least ve years in the year ended September 30 as the highest interest rates among the major emerging economies in Asia and a weak rupee eroded companies earnings and crimped their ability to repay debt. Shares of non-state lenders rallied. ICICI Bank, the countrys biggest private lender, rose 0.9% to Rs1,181.75. HDFC Bank gained 1.1% to Rs646.9 and Housing Development Finance Corp, the biggest mortgage lender, surged 2.6% to Rs798.25. Tata Steel, Indias biggest producer of the alloy, fell 1.5% to Rs395.05. Bharat Heavy declined 2.6% to Rs219.1, the lowest close since September 20. Oil & Natu-

ral Gas Corp, the largest explorer, dropped 1.9% to Rs325.75. The stock surged 27% last month. Tata Motors, the owner of Jaguar Land Rover, surged 3.7% to Rs292, ending a four-day, 8.7% drop. The stock may increase 25% in the next 18 months as the Indian carmaker takes steps to expand and improve its brands, Barrons said in its February 4 edition. The stock lost 5.5% on February 1 after sliding as much as 10%. The slump was a result of a software glitch at Religare Capital Markets, the Mumbai-based brokerage said in a statement the next day. The S&P CNX Nifty Index on the National Stock Exchange of India fell 0.2% to 5,987.25. India VIX surged 4.2% to 14.34, ending a four-day drop. The Sensex has lost 1.8% since reaching a two-year high of 20,103.53 on January 25. It trades at 13.7 times estimated earnings

for the year ending in March 2014, the highest level since February 2012. The MSCI Asia Pacic Index is valued at 14.8 times, data compiled by Bloomberg show. Meanwhile, Indias rupee fell from the highest level in more than three months on speculation importers stepped up dollar purchases to benet from the exchange rate. The rupee declined 0.2% to 53.2850 per dollar in Mumbai, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The currency touched 52.9150 earlier, matching the strongest level since October 18. One-month implied volatility, a gauge of expected moves in the exchange rate used to price options, was little changed at 9.75%. Three-month onshore rupee forwards traded at 54.22 per dollar, compared with 54.20 on February 1. Offshore non-deliverable contracts were at 54.05 versus 54.03.

European stock markets plunged yesterday and the euro dropped against the dollar amid fears of political turmoil in Spain and Italy, with banking shares suffering some of the heaviest losses. Londons FTSE 100 index of top companies fell by 1.58% to close at 6,246.84 points. Frankfurts DAX slumped 2.49% to 7,638.23 points and in Paris the CAC shed 3.01% to 3,659.91 points, its sharpest fall since mid 2012. Madrids Ibex 35 gave up by 3.77% in value to 7,919.6 points, while Milans FTSE-Mib nosedived 4.50% to 16,539 points. Markets were jolted after Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was pressured to resign amid a growing corruption scandal, while in Italy, the party of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi showed solid gains in polls ahead of national elections later this month. The rate of return on Spanish government 10-year bonds

jumped to 5.438% in trading on the secondary market, from 5.208% on Friday. Italian 10-year government bond rates rose to 4.468% from 4.329%, while benchmark German Bunds fell to 1.612% from 1.672%, a sign that investors were looking again for a safe haven. A breakdown of the stock losses showed that banks were on the front line, with Santander, the biggest eurozone bank by market capitalisation, shedding 5.7% to 5.691 euros in Madrid, while Italian peer UniCredit lost 8.29% to 4.25 euros in Milan. Royal Bank of Scotland was down by 3.49% to 328.6 pence in London and Barclays off by 2.83% at 291.5 pence. In Frankfurt, Commerzbank stock plunged by 5.90% to 1.52 after Germanys second-biggest bank said that its full-year net profit tumbled to just 6.0mn in 2012 after heavy write-downs pushed it into the red in the fourth quarter.

Stocks rally tempers hedge funds negative bets

Reuters Paris

edge funds are trimming outright negative bets on stocks in favour of a strategy more suited to a rising market but which could still make a prot if the rally falters. Combing through the market to buy stocks, sectors or indexes expected to outperform and sell peers set to fall behind, the funds bet on the gap in performances a strategy that is already outpacing the market in 2013, Deutsche Bank data shows. You buy the undervalued companies, on which investors underestimate the earnings potential, in sectors that have been avoided by the market, and on the other side of that position, you identify the darlings of the market, the excessively expensive stocks among

which you can nd good short opportunities, said Nicolas Rousselet, head of hedge funds and managing director at Unigestion. Short-selling involves borrowing an asset from a long-term holder such as a pension fund then selling it. The aim is to then buy it back at a cheaper price and pocket the difference. However, given the scale of the broad market rally since mid-2012, which has seen world stocks surge about 23%, pure short-selling has been suffering, ending the year as the worst hedge fund strategy in 2012, down 16%. According to New York Stock Exchange data, short interest the quantity of shares sold short has fallen 13% on Wall Street since mid2012, with the trend accelerating in December when short interest dropped 4.8%. Short sellers have also been closing

positions in Europe, with short interest on the Stoxx Europe 600 falling to 2.3% of shares out on loan, from 3% in early July. Expectations of further gains in stocks this year, as investment ows into the asset class accelerate, is prompting hedge funds to abandon pure short selling and turn instead to a long/short approach. The shorts have capitulated. While pure shorts have gone quiet, were seeing a big revival of the long/ short strategies. Most of the short interest you see in the market at the moment is coming from people playing pairs trades, Unigestions Rousselet said. Trading the gap between the performance of both positions creates a natural hedge against the overall market direction, limiting the damage in case of a market correction and great-

ly reducing the portfolios volatility. Regardless of the markets overall direction, youre making money as long as your long pick outperforms your short pick, on the upside as well as on the downside, said David Thebault, head of quantitative sales trading at Global Equities. After struggling for years as the jolts of the euro zone crisis dictated market direction, stocks pickers are thriving again, with the focus back on balance sheets. The degree to which shares move in unison, or correlation, has fallen back to 2007 levels, boosting the European long/short equity strategy, up 7% so far in 2013, Deutsche Bank data shows, double the broad market gains. According to Schroders, which launched a new long/short equity fund last week, long/short currently ranks first among hedge fund seg-

ments for projected net inflows in 2013. One of the most popular pairs trades recently, hedge fund managers said, has been to buy shares of German car makers such as BMW and Daimler and short stocks of troubled French automaker PSA Peugeot Citroen. The trade has been very protable in the past few years as the German car makers beneted from their signicant exposure to emerging markets while Peugeot, which had focused on the European market, suffered from the regions crisis. However, as the overall market is widely expected to recover further this year, more and more hedge funds are buying shares of battered rms instead, and shorting stocks that have been resilient during the crisis and which look relatively pricey. This hunt for recovery stories has sparked rotation within sectors, with

both Renault and Peugeot surging 10% since the start of 2013 while BMW is slightly down. Long/short strategies also work at a regional level, with hedge fund managers playing the resurgence of equities from peripheral European markets, using country index derivatives and exchange-traded funds. Societe Generale strategists recently recommended a long/short pairs trade with a long position on Frances CAC 40 index and a short position on Germanys DAX, betting on the French markets catch-up rally. Geographical pairs trades work well at the moment, said Fabrice Cuchet, global head of alternative investments at Dexia Asset Management. One of the long/short ideas weve been playing was to buy Spanish banking stocks, as the countrys debt yields fell, and sell German banking shares, he said.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Company Name
Saudi British Bank Sabb Takaful Saudi Basic Industries Corp Saudi Cement Sasco Saudi Dairy & Foodstuff Co Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Co Al Sagr Co-Operative Insuran Saudi Advanced Industries Saudi Arabian Coop Ins Co Salama Cooperative Insurance Samba Financial Group Sanad Cooperative Insurance Saudi Public Transport Co Saudi Arabian Refinery Co Hsbc Amanah Saudi 20 Etf Saudi Re For Cooperative Rei Savola Saudi Cable Co Saudi Chemical Company Saudi Ceramic Saudi Electricity Co Saudi Fisheries Al-Hassan G.I. Shaker Co Saudi Hotels & Resort Arabian Shield Cooperative Saudi Investment Bank Saudi Industrial Development Saudi Industrial Export Co

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Financial Corp/The Dhofar Tourism Dhofar Poultry Aloula Co Dhofar Intl Development Dhofar Insurance Dhofar University Dhofar Power Co Dhofar Power Co-Pfd Dhofar Fisheries & Food Indu Dhofar Cattlefeed Al Batinah Dev & Inv-50% Dhofar Beverages Co Computer Stationery Inds Construction Materials Ind Cement & Gypsum Pro Marine Bander Al-Rowdha Bank Sohar Bankmuscat Saog Bank Dhofar Saog Al Batinah Hotels Majan College Areej Vegetable Oils Al Jazeera Steel Products Co Al Sallan Food Industry Acwa Power Barka Saog Al-Omaniya Financial Service Taghleef Industries Saog Gulf Plastic Industries Co Al Jazeira Services Al Jazerah Services -Pfd Al-Fajar Al-Alamia Co Ahli Bank Abrasives Manufacturing Co S Al-Batinah Intl Saog

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12,572,094 3,272,006 10,178 45,503 12,849,003 29,894 32,056,897 133,190 721,515 10,000 1,599,796 205,446 7,428,704 33,739 2,152,857 3,000 10,930,799 6,976,030 900,000 508,582 19,500 555,000 4,782,668 72,101 18,642,399 3,191,326 199,000 100 2,846,664 15 38,012 5,000 75,000 4 792,513 985,860 6,026,222 65,292 120,230 2,053,160 3,868 24,871 19 100 1,000 37 4,445,289 3,493,372 1,462,720 50 2,339 13,259,864 3,823,830 176,935 6,000 519,500 270,000 47,386 2,698,035 14,583 1,856,250 229,099 33,507 21,059,128 47,900 14,106,488 1,000 3,833,614 9,071,883 1,719,032 10,000 5,804,840 4,917,930 490 390,967 49,050 3,435,847 27,771,485 108,367,214 9,735 1,299,025 1,590 25,982,150 2,253,553 1,500 13,000 35,661,118 15,100 3,023,640 2,663 1,092,212 150,200 75,100 2,637,041 40,805 1,500,320 1,000 3,273,232 10,000 20,000 469 11,800 331,150 80,000

Company Name
National Takaful Company Waha Capital Pjsc Union Insurance Co Union National Bank/Abu Dhab United Insurance Company Union Cement Co United Arab Bank Abu Dhabi National Takaful C Abu Dhabi National Energy Co Sudan Telecommunications Co$ Sorouh Real Estate Company Sharjah Insurance Company Sharjah Cement & Indus Devel Ras Al Khaima Poultry Ras Al Khaimah Co Rak Properties Ras Al-Khaimah National Insu Ras Al Khaimah Ceramics Ras Al Khaimah Cement Co National Bank Of Ras Al-Khai Qatar Telecom (Qtel) Q.S.C Umm Al Qaiwain Cement Indust Oman & Emirates Inv(Emir)50% National Marine Dredging Co National Corp Tourism & Hote Sharjah Islamic Bank National Bank Of Umm Al Qaiw National Bank Of Fujairah National Bank Of Abu Dhabi Methaq Takaful Insurance #N/A Invalid Security Gulf Pharmaceutical Ind-Julp Investbank Insurance House Gulf Medical Projects Gulf Livestock Co Green Crescent Insurance Co Gulf Cement Co Foodco Holding Finance House First Gulf Bank Fujairah Cement Industries Fujairah Building Industries Emirates Telecom Corporation Eshraq Properties Co Pjsc Emirates Insurance Co. (Psc) Emirates Driving Company Al Dhafra Insurance Co. P.S. Dana Gas Commercial Bank Internationa Bank Of Sharjah Abu Dhabi Natl Co For Buildi Al Wathba National Insurance Intl Fish Farming Co-Asmak Arkan Building Materials Co Aldar Properties Pjsc Al Ain Ahlia Ins. Co. Al Khazna Insurance Co Agthia Group Pjsc Al Fujairah National Insuran Abu Dhabi Ship Building Co Abu Dhabi National Insurance Abu Dhabi National Hotels Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Abu Dhabi Aviation

Lt Price
0.90 0.70 1.10 3.68 0.00 0.83 3.22 0.00 1.39 1.15 1.72 0.00 0.77 1.12 1.31 0.46 0.00 1.13 0.75 5.50 110.60 0.81 0.70 10.25 6.40 1.02 1.98 3.82 11.00 1.04 0.00 3.10 1.89 0.94 1.57 0.00 0.54 1.17 1.26 3.45 12.70 0.94 0.00 9.68 0.54 6.10 3.00 0.00 0.49 1.30 1.50 0.50 2.25 15.00 0.72 1.38 32.00 0.75 2.25 0.00 1.02 5.65 1.75 3.45 3.60 2.90

% Chg
0.00 1.45 0.00 -1.87 0.00 0.00 2.22 0.00 0.00 1.77 -2.27 0.00 0.00 -1.75 0.00 0.00 0.00 -0.88 -1.32 2.80 2.41 2.53 0.00 -2.38 13.48 0.99 0.00 0.00 0.46 -0.95 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 1.60 0.00 0.00 -0.72 3.85 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 7.53 2.86 -4.17 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.89 0.00 0.00 0.00 -1.69

50,000 21,851,042 144,000 591,288 10,000 30,201,936 190,997 45,000 7,589,848 7,169 10,433 12,900 31,736,040 379,350 420,811 355,200 200 472,797 403 1,000 1,076 223,426 15,000 20 2,373,385 922,800 4,500 97,354 48,878 100 255,000 3,000 13,076 1,410 485,289 55,300 1,355,611 74,507,824 7,292 13,697 11,541,658 4,200 304,091 140,000 25,000 100 49,389 36,362,592 17,634 6,300 19,000 300 50,000 700,000 814,162 2,728,895 10,000

Company Name
Saudi Hollandi Bank Al-Ahsa Development Co. Al-Baha Development & Invest Ace Arabia Cooperative Insur Allied Cooperative Insurance Arriyadh Development Company Fitaihi Holding Group Arabia Insurance Cooperative Al Abdullatif Industrial Inv Al-Ahlia Cooperative Insuran Al Alamiya Cooperative Insur Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Dev Al Babtain Power & Telecommu Bank Albilad Alujain Corporation (Alco) Aldrees Petroleum And Transp Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair & C Alinma Bank Alinma Tokio Marine Al Khaleej Training And Educ Abdullah A.M. Al-Khodari Son Allianz Saudi Fransi Coopera Almarai Co Ltd Saudi Integrated Telecom Co Alsorayai Group Al Tayyar Amana Cooperative Insurance Anaam International Holding Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Arabian Pipes Co Advanced Petrochemicals Co Al Rajhi Co For Co-Operative Arabian Cement Arab National Bank Ash-Sharqiyah Development Co United Wire Factories Compan Astra Industrial Group Alahli Takaful Co Aseer Axa Cooperative Insurance Basic Chemical Industries Bishah Agriculture Bank Al-Jazira Banque Saudi Fransi United International Transpo Bupa Arabia For Cooperative Buruj Cooperative Insurance Saudi Airlines Catering Co Methanol Chemicals Co City Cement Co Eastern Cement Etihad Atheeb Telecommunicat Etihad Etisalat Co Emaar Economic City Saudi Enaya Cooperative Insu United Electronics Co Falcom Saudi Equity Etf Filing & Packing Materials M Food Products Company Falcom Petrochemical Etf Gulf General Cooperative Ins Jazan Development Co Gulf Union Cooperative Insur Halwani Bros Co Hail Cement Herfy Food Services Co Al Jouf Agriculture Developm Jarir Marketing Co Jabal Omar Development Co Al Jouf Cement Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Co Knowledge Economic City Kingdom Holding Co Saudi Arabian Mining Co Malath Insurance Makkah Construction & Devepl Mediterranean & Gulf Insuran Middle East Specialized Cabl Mohammad Al Mojil Group Co Al Mouwasat Medical Services National Agriculture Develop Najran Cement Co Nama Chemicals Co National Gypsum National Gas & Industrializa National Industrialization C Maadaniyah National Shipping Co Of/The National Petrochemical Co Rabigh Refining And Petroche Al Qassim Agricultural Co Qassim Cement/The Red Sea Housing Services Co Saudi Research And Marketing Riyad Bank Al Rajhi Bank Saudi Arabian Amiantit Co

Lt Price
28.20 15.75 16.80 69.75 57.00 21.95 16.00 30.50 33.10 58.50 64.75 8.75 23.80 30.50 15.30 37.00 119.00 13.50 85.75 38.50 25.20 56.00 66.75 25.40 26.20 85.00 52.25 38.70 82.50 30.30 27.50 56.00 47.60 27.30 64.00 38.50 37.70 63.25 17.25 42.10 29.80 0.00 26.30 30.60 56.75 29.00 57.25 84.25 13.35 17.50 59.25 13.05 74.75 9.60 47.00 109.50 24.00 48.90 30.30 25.00 57.00 15.35 28.80 43.80 19.15 103.00 44.00 154.75 21.65 16.45 11.75 13.35 20.00 33.70 22.80 40.60 27.40 18.00 0.00 52.25 26.00 20.00 13.40 27.40 19.95 28.50 29.60 19.95 19.90 17.55 14.30 79.75 34.40 22.50 23.20 68.25 15.05

% Chg
0.00 9.76 0.00 0.36 -0.44 0.00 1.27 -1.61 -0.90 -3.70 -1.15 -1.13 -0.83 -0.65 5.15 1.09 2.15 -0.74 0.29 -1.53 -1.18 0.00 0.75 -0.78 0.00 0.59 -5.00 1.31 0.61 -0.66 1.10 -0.88 0.21 -0.36 3.23 0.52 0.00 1.61 -0.58 -2.09 -0.33 0.00 -0.75 -0.33 -0.44 -1.69 -1.72 2.43 -0.37 -0.28 1.28 0.00 0.34 -0.52 -1.26 -0.23 0.00 -0.20 0.33 0.00 0.00 -0.32 -2.04 -0.68 -0.26 0.00 -0.68 0.00 0.70 0.30 -0.42 -0.74 0.25 1.20 -2.56 0.50 -0.72 -0.28 0.00 0.97 0.00 0.76 0.00 -1.08 -2.44 0.00 -1.66 -0.25 -0.75 -0.28 0.00 -0.31 -0.29 0.22 0.22 -0.73 3.44

5,995 4,834,797 950,612 522,083 726,928 682,862 2,038,648 410,962 54,397 504,207 408,470 20,088,352 186,049 267,711 1,292,147 613,836 59,098 13,037,033 542,619 54,966 338,457 609,084 65,581 8,247,429 705,644 183,238 1,318,363 1,605,485 83,053 385,791 238,685 399,746 135,146 43,450 789,026 154,442 255,420 870,864 688,178 750,175 105,579 275,484 61,342 92,044 517,944 240,488 66,275 606,270 1,458,840 119,360 3,074,616 167,195 7,870,603 2,534,589 8,381 17,600 1,502,381 2,225,777 40,000 795,612 1,052,916 1,160,690 64,052 1,034,842 52,906 63,884 26,023 2,785,949 363,924 1,083,474 2,478,018 737,757 464,772 1,014,726 47,140 72,681 1,296,499 94,030 239,556 1,657,695 2,231,882 26,277 314,653 700,385 1,097,639 470,835 129,029 163,771 1,898,785 36,629 152,392 227,933 399,917 1,169,010 4,857,839

Company Name
Voltamp Energy Saog United Finance Co United Power Co United Power/Energy Co- Pref Transgulf Investment Hldg Co Taageer Finance Salalah Port Services Asaffa Foods Saog Sohar Poultry Shell Oman Marketing Shell Oman Marketing - Pref Smn Power Holding Saog Al Shurooq Inv Ser Al Sharqiya Invest Holding Sohar Power Co Salalah Beach Resort Saog Salalah Mills Co Sahara Hospitality Renaissance Services Saog Raysut Cement Co Port Service Corporation Packaging Co Ltd Oman United Insurance Co Oman Textile Holding Co Saog Oman Telecommunications Co Sweets Of Oman Oman Orix Leasing Co. Oman Refreshment Co Oman Packaging Oman Oil Marketing Company 0Man Oil Marketing Co-Pref Oman National Investment Co Oman National Engineering An Oman National Dairy Products Ominvest Oman Medical Projects Oman Ceramic Com Oman Intl Marketing Oman Investment & Finance Hsbc Bank Oman Oman Hotels & Tourism Co Oman Holding International Oman Fiber Optics Oman Flour Mills Oman Filters Industry Oman Fisheries Co Oman Education & Training In Oman & Emirates Inv(Om)50% Oman & Emirates Inv(Emir)50% Oman Europe Foods Industries Oman Cement Co Oman Chlorine Oman Chromite Oman Cables Industry Oman Agricultural Dev Omani Qatari Telecommunicati National Securities Oman Foods International Soa National Pharmaceutical-Rts National Pharmaceutical National Packaging Fac National Mineral Water National Hospitality Institu National Gas Co National Finance Co National Detergents/The National Carpet Factory National Bank Of Oman Saog National Biscuit Industries National Real Estate Develop Natl Aluminium Products Muscat Thread Mills Co Muscat Insurance Company Modern Poultry Farms Muscat National Holding Musandam Marketing & Invest Al Maha Petroleum Products M Muscat Gases Company Saog Majan Glass Company Muscat Finance Al Kamil Power Co Interior Hotels Hotels Management Co Interna Al-Hassan Engineering Co Gulf Stone Gulf Mushroom Company Gulf Invest. Serv. Pref-Shar Gulf Investments Services Gulf International Chemicals Gulf Hotels (Oman) Co Ltd Global Fin Investment Galfar Engineering&Contract Galfar Engineering -Prefer Financial Services Co. Flexible Ind Packages

Lt Price
0.36 0.17 1.42 1.00 0.09 0.17 0.49 0.63 0.21 2.36 1.05 4.50 1.15 0.11 1.62 1.35 1.03 2.45 0.50 1.43 0.55 0.37 0.21 0.30 1.44 0.91 0.15 2.41 0.32 2.14 0.25 0.31 0.40 0.00 0.37 0.10 0.52 0.52 0.23 0.00 2.21 0.30 2.76 0.51 0.02 0.11 0.35 0.10 0.11 1.00 0.64 0.56 3.65 1.33 1.45 0.48 0.07 0.15 0.00 0.10 0.00 0.04 2.05 0.54 0.13 0.90 0.00 0.30 3.75 0.00 0.20 0.20 0.00 0.00 1.72 0.00 19.30 0.86 0.50 0.17 1.98 0.13 1.25 0.16 0.08 0.51 0.09 0.10 0.17 11.00 0.11 0.35 0.45 0.06 0.13

% Chg
-1.36 2.41 9.67 0.00 1.08 0.00 0.00 0.81 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.02 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 -0.68 0.00 1.01 -0.69 -0.18 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.49 0.00 1.39 0.00 -0.31 0.00 0.00 1.66 0.00 0.00 0.54 0.00 -3.70 0.00 0.89 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.40 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 -0.30 0.00 1.05 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 -0.63 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.97 0.00 0.00 0.96 -1.70 0.00 6.90 0.00

12,868 202,882 9,900 1,313,606 5,000 10,882 21,400 78,680 1,645 5,768 950,600 33,626 115,000 145,000 12,153 86,320 14,900 28,408 91,921 3,000 908,213 124,793 521,660 94,500 163,450 12,500 1,657,676 481,500 13,500 60,900 2,538,328 87,600 448,500 927,262 354,327 -

Company Name
United Paper Industries Bsc United Gulf Investment Corp United Gulf Bank United Finance Co General Trading & Food Takaful International Co Taib Bank -$Us Securities & Investment Co Seef Properties Sudan Telecommunications Co$ Al-Salam Bank Delmon Poultry Co National Hotels Co National Bank Of Bahrain Nass Corp Bsc Khaleeji Commercial Bank Ithmaar Bank Bsc Investcorp Bank -$Us Inovest Co Bsc Intl Investment Group-Kuwait Gulf Monetary Group Global Investment House Kscc Gulf Finance House Ec Bahrain Family Leisure Co Esterad Investment Co B.S.C. Bahrain Duty Free Complex Bahrain Car Park Co Bahrain Cinema Co Bahrain Tourism Co Bahraini Saudi Bank/The Bahrain National Holding Bankmuscat Saog Bmmi Bsc Bmb Investment Bank Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Bahrain Islamic Bank Gulf Hotel Group B.S.C Bahrain Flour Mills Co Bahrain Commercial Facilitie Bbk Bsc Bahrain Telecom Co Bahrain Ship Repair & Engin Albaraka Banking Group Banader Hotels Co Ahli United Bank B.S.C

Lt Price
0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.23 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.13 0.00 0.08 0.26 0.00 0.61 0.15 0.04 0.18 0.00 0.22 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.12 0.00 0.18 0.84 ` 1.10 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.64 0.06 0.00 0.08 0.66 0.34 0.54 0.40 0.42 0.00 0.77 0.00 0.60

% Chg
0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 2.94 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 -4.00 0.00 -2.66 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 -6.10 0.00 0.00 0.00 -0.49 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

16,500 34,000 1,085,907 8,000 2,530 10,000 10,000 248,000 10,000 100,000 100,000 10,000 30,710 10,000 40,000 30,298 3,580 206 5,000 50,000 134,373 25,000 1,700,000



Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Company Name
Exxon Mobil Corp General Electric Co Wal-Mart Stores Inc Microsoft Corp Intl Business Machines Corp Chevron Corp Procter & Gamble Co/The Johnson & Johnson Pfizer Inc At&T Inc Jpmorgan Chase & Co Coca-Cola Co/The Verizon Communications Inc Merck & Co. Inc. Bank Of America Corp Cisco Systems Inc Intel Corp Home Depot Inc Walt Disney Co/The Mcdonalds Corp United Technologies Corp 3M Co American Express Co Caterpillar Inc Unitedhealth Group Inc Boeing Co/The Du Pont (E.I.) De Nemours Hewlett-Packard Co Travelers Cos Inc/The Alcoa Inc

Lt Price
89.09 22.40 69.20 27.76 204.44 115.21 75.35 73.97 27.44 35.03 47.73 37.38 44.27 41.09 11.56 21.11 21.36 66.63 54.20 94.98 89.59 100.76 59.27 98.35 55.68 74.62 47.70 16.69 78.30 8.89

% Chg
-1.06 -0.97 -1.83 -0.61 -0.36 -1.11 -0.75 -0.28 -0.71 -1.35 -0.25 -0.43 -0.65 -1.77 -1.32 1.34 0.00 -1.00 -0.72 -1.01 -0.28 -0.79 -1.07 -1.15 -0.16 -0.33 -0.58 1.40 -1.99 -1.28

3,236,048 10,736,847 2,447,901 11,480,960 731,335 1,637,022 2,771,570 2,084,259 7,593,593 6,192,230 5,830,419 2,380,240 4,693,978 9,280,591 41,451,676 9,786,650 8,743,575 1,292,168 1,696,401 1,707,002 1,918,446 544,419 1,079,147 1,656,406 1,443,066 1,298,624 1,278,507 6,059,141 1,036,437 3,908,499

Dow Jones Indus. Avg S&P 500 Index Nasdaq Composite Index S&P/Tsx Composite Index Mexico Bolsa Index Brazil Bovespa Stock Idx Ftse 100 Index Cac 40 Index Dax Index Ibex 35 Tr Nikkei 225 Japan Topix Hang Seng Index All Ordinaries Indx Nzx All Index Bse Sensex 30 Index Nse S&P Cnx Nifty Index Straits Times Index Karachi All Share Index Jakarta Composite Index

Lt Price
13,897.35 1,502.32 3,157.99 12,718.11 45,768.49 59,314.98 6,238.59 3,672.87 7,668.41 7,962.60 11,260.35 955.75 23,685.01 4,929.14 922.47 19,751.19 5,987.25 3,297.37 12,211.35 4,490.57

-112.44 -10.85 -21.11 -50.72 +490.43 -1,036.18 -108.65 -100.66 -164.98 -267.10 +69.01 +13.10 -36.83 -12.79 +0.55 -30.00 -11.65 +6.23 -3.43 +8.93

Lingering optimism

Company Name
Bridgestone Corp Asahi Glass Co Ltd Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Meta Sumitomo Metal Industries Kobe Steel Ltd Jfe Holdings Inc Sumitomo Metal Mining Co Ltd Sumitomo Electric Industries Smc Corp Komatsu Ltd Kubota Corp Daikin Industries Ltd Hitachi Ltd Toshiba Corp Mitsubishi Electric Corp Nidec Corp Nec Corp Fujitsu Ltd Panasonic Corp Sharp Corp Sony Corp Tdk Corp Keyence Corp Denso Corp Fanuc Corp Rohm Co Ltd Kyocera Corp Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd Nitto Denko Corp Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nissan Motor Co Ltd Toyota Motor Corp Honda Motor Co Ltd Suzuki Motor Corp Nikon Corp Hoya Corp Canon Inc Ricoh Co Ltd Dai Nippon Printing Co Ltd Nintendo Co Ltd Itochu Corp Marubeni Corp Mitsui & Co Ltd Tokyo Electron Ltd Sumitomo Corp Mitsubishi Corp Aeon Co Ltd Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Gro Resona Holdings Inc Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdin Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Gr Bank Of Yokohama Ltd/The Mizuho Financial Group Inc Orix Corp Daiwa Securities Group Inc Nomura Holdings Inc Nksj Holdings Inc Ms&Ad Insurance Group Holdin Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Tokio Marine Holdings Inc T&D Holdings Inc Mitsui Fudosan Co Ltd Mitsubishi Estate Co Ltd Sumitomo Realty & Developmnt East Japan Railway Co West Japan Railway Co Central Japan Railway Co All Nippon Airways Co Ltd Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Kddi Corp Ntt Docomo Inc Tokyo Electric Power Co Inc Chubu Electric Power Co Inc Kansai Electric Power Co Inc Tohoku Electric Power Co Inc Kyushu Electric Power Co Inc Tokyo Gas Co Ltd Secom Co Ltd Yamada Denki Co Ltd Fast Retailing Co Ltd Softbank Corp

Lt Price
2,414.00 609.00 274.00 0.00 128.00 2,272.00 1,528.00 1,031.00 15,790.00 2,460.00 1,054.00 3,615.00 567.00 403.00 773.00 5,190.00 269.00 400.00 692.00 348.00 1,457.00 3,170.00 26,170.00 3,580.00 14,330.00 3,190.00 8,100.00 5,760.00 5,490.00 502.00 975.00 4,595.00 3,550.00 2,401.00 2,593.00 1,769.00 3,315.00 1,008.00 741.00 8,850.00 1,064.00 687.00 1,389.00 3,870.00 1,176.00 1,922.00 1,033.00 530.00 423.00 327.00 3,860.00 433.00 197.00 10,440.00 561.00 523.00 1,946.00 1,969.00 136,600.00 2,790.00 1,144.00 2,093.00 2,184.00 2,791.00 6,270.00 3,680.00 8,020.00 183.00 3,925.00 6,820.00 137,100.00 209.00 1,131.00 838.00 722.00 865.00 427.00 4,550.00 3,470.00 25,020.00 3,455.00

% Chg
0.37 1.00 7.45 0.00 8.47 11.10 5.45 -0.87 -1.44 -0.40 -0.09 1.12 4.04 2.03 3.20 0.00 11.16 6.38 16.89 5.78 7.53 0.48 2.95 2.29 1.13 5.28 -0.25 3.97 1.86 0.20 4.28 2.22 1.00 -1.36 0.62 0.40 -0.15 1.51 0.82 0.57 3.00 3.31 1.09 -1.15 0.60 1.69 -0.86 2.91 2.42 1.24 5.61 0.46 7.07 5.35 4.08 2.15 1.73 2.39 2.40 4.73 1.33 0.14 0.60 0.83 0.16 0.96 0.12 1.67 1.55 -0.15 0.22 -0.95 0.09 -0.95 -0.96 -1.48 -1.16 -0.87 -0.86 0.68 0.29

2,584,100 5,395,000 88,683,000 61,420,000 13,307,100 6,256,000 4,034,300 207,900 7,897,200 2,397,000 1,557,100 42,549,000 53,517,000 18,961,000 1,227,400 123,489,000 28,682,000 99,541,600 210,605,000 95,196,200 2,691,300 177,400 2,453,400 1,267,300 387,400 639,400 1,166,100 1,454,700 19,732,000 23,034,600 12,200,500 6,748,500 2,332,900 1,734,300 2,322,500 7,917,800 7,964,000 1,742,000 1,208,400 7,546,200 16,967,000 11,161,100 1,293,700 13,893,800 8,036,200 4,514,100 140,089,700 33,414,200 24,198,000 17,325,500 4,262,000 457,489,400 1,557,830 25,291,000 75,991,300 1,144,600 1,617,000 74,870 3,908,400 3,167,500 4,079,000 4,081,000 1,758,000 609,200 425,600 364,500 41,605,000 3,408,800 822,100 61,445 16,591,700 1,766,100 4,485,800 1,488,100 1,495,300 6,721,000 364,000 745,140 559,200 8,803,600

A woman stands in front of an electronic board flashing the numbers of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the foreign exchange rate of the yen against US dollar in Tokyo yesterday. Tokyo closed 0.62% higher, adding 69.01 points to a 33-month high of 11,260.35 on the back of lingering optimism over a sharp rally on Wall Street which pushed close to new records.

FTSE 100
Company Name
Xstrata Plc Whitbread Plc Wpp Plc Wolseley Plc Wood Group (John) Plc Weir Group Plc/The Vodafone Group Plc Vedanta Resources Plc United Utilities Group Plc Unilever Plc Tui Travel Plc Tesco Plc Tullow Oil Plc Tate & Lyle Plc Severn Trent Plc Standard Chartered Plc Sse Plc Serco Group Plc Smith & Nephew Plc Smiths Group Plc Standard Life Plc Shire Plc Sage Group Plc/The Schroders Plc Sainsbury (J) Plc Sabmiller Plc Resolution Ltd Rsa Insurance Group Plc Randgold Resources Ltd Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc Rio Tinto Plc Rexam Plc Reed Elsevier Plc Royal Dutch Shell Plc-B Shs Royal Dutch Shell Plc-A Shs Royal Bank Of Scotland Group Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc Pearson Plc Prudential Plc Polymetal International Plc Petrofac Ltd Old Mutual Plc Next Plc National Grid Plc Wm Morrison Supermarkets Melrose Industries Plc Marks & Spencer Group Plc Meggitt Plc Lloyds Banking Group Plc Legal & General Group Plc Land Securities Group Plc Kingfisher Plc Kazakhmys Plc Johnson Matthey Plc Itv Plc Intertek Group Plc Imperial Tobacco Group Plc Imi Plc Intercontinental Hotels Grou Intl Consolidated Airline-Di Hsbc Holdings Plc Hammerson Plc Hargreaves Lansdown Plc Glaxosmithkline Plc Glencore International Plc Gkn Plc G4s Plc Fresnillo Plc Experian Plc Evraz Plc Eurasian Natural Resources Diageo Plc Capital Shopping Centres Gro Crh Plc Croda International Plc Capita Plc Compass Group Plc Centrica Plc Carnival Plc Bt Group Plc British Sky Broadcasting Gro Burberry Group Plc Bp Plc Bunzl Plc Bhp Billiton Plc British Land Co Plc Bg Group Plc British American Tobacco Plc Barclays Plc Babcock Intl Group Plc Bae Systems Plc Astrazeneca Plc Aviva Plc Arm Holdings Plc Antofagasta Plc Amec Plc Aggreko Plc Aberdeen Asset Mgmt Plc Admiral Group Plc Associated British Foods Plc Anglo American Plc #N/A Invalid Security

Lt Price
1,155.50 2,636.00 995.50 2,923.00 814.50 2,015.00 170.45 1,247.00 730.50 2,561.00 296.10 358.60 1,172.00 792.00 1,623.00 1,643.50 1,419.00 553.50 723.50 1,214.00 336.90 2,143.00 324.80 1,917.00 331.80 3,139.50 258.50 130.50 6,310.00 968.00 3,598.50 462.50 698.00 2,248.00 2,198.00 329.60 4,171.00 1,191.00 935.50 1,077.00 1,634.00 183.70 4,114.00 693.00 249.60 236.30 376.40 429.00 50.27 148.00 798.50 273.70 724.00 2,234.00 117.10 3,140.00 2,342.00 1,187.00 1,895.00 211.50 704.40 477.00 693.00 1,439.50 384.30 246.50 276.00 1,660.00 1,084.00 290.00 326.70 1,883.50 354.60 1,313.00 2,433.00 786.00 772.50 349.00 2,571.00 262.00 814.50 1,394.00 462.35 1,133.00 2,166.00 557.00 1,097.00 3,281.50 291.00 1,045.00 331.40 3,039.50 351.30 891.00 1,125.00 1,079.00 1,597.00 400.80 1,215.00 1,746.00 1,909.50 0.00

% Chg
-3.31 -0.26 -1.44 -2.44 -1.63 -0.05 -1.73 -0.95 -0.14 -1.61 -0.30 -0.55 -0.59 -1.49 -0.31 -2.64 -0.63 -1.25 -0.62 -2.33 -3.36 0.37 -0.22 -2.74 -0.42 -0.59 -1.30 -1.51 3.70 -0.31 -2.19 -2.32 -2.17 -2.43 -2.31 -3.20 -1.46 -1.57 -3.06 -1.46 -0.91 -2.91 0.39 -0.50 -0.83 -1.75 -1.54 -2.81 -2.65 -2.50 -0.75 -0.40 -3.98 -3.96 -0.34 -1.38 -0.68 0.25 -0.05 -0.98 -2.11 -1.47 -1.35 -0.86 -3.41 -1.12 -2.40 -2.64 -2.34 -2.36 -3.43 -1.18 -1.34 -4.09 -1.06 -0.63 -0.52 -1.16 -0.58 -1.06 -1.33 0.50 -2.15 -1.39 -2.19 -1.24 -2.32 -1.38 -3.00 -0.29 -1.92 -0.95 -4.56 -0.28 -2.93 -0.55 -1.60 -1.35 -1.54 -1.08 -2.28 0.00

2,547,993 237,499 1,564,106 426,836 397,036 436,428 67,757,806 1,069,750 1,492,929 1,631,245 1,780,994 6,146,516 1,320,431 793,175 260,744 1,392,043 1,304,106 366,892 1,031,840 371,700 3,226,543 886,407 1,053,532 215,520 3,651,101 3,337,382 1,511,543 5,233,684 511,747 4,396,468 2,361,990 983,075 1,870,770 2,300,451 1,717,321 6,733,398 446,271 766,189 3,030,881 313,321 435,724 5,593,997 305,992 3,317,531 3,129,772 1,397,308 2,453,982 1,883,083 80,514,207 6,882,008 723,415 2,919,483 855,409 1,051,946 13,003,966 175,196 681,615 420,582 788,012 4,457,491 12,170,485 606,067 417,414 3,329,138 5,963,734 3,472,736 933,780 210,609 652,931 2,757,302 1,363,959 2,343,041 1,401,951 1,790,866 160,631 849,802 1,608,292 6,198,903 915,495 11,277,960 1,363,592 789,672 15,211,224 170,352 2,910,199 898,010 5,463,118 1,155,858 54,226,976 366,185 3,085,559 1,276,709 10,038,984 4,150,201 1,481,880 879,603 987,190 1,572,947 169,314 664,538 1,665,815 -

Euro rally halts as political uncertainty, data weigh

Reuters New York

he euro slumped from recent highs against the dollar and yen yesterday as political uncertainty in Spain and Italy renewed concerns about the regions debt crisis just days before a European Central Bank meeting. After rising for four straight days against the dollar and hitting its loftiest level since late 2011 on Friday, the euro succumbed to selling pressure, partly stemming from weak Spanish unemployment data and a smallerthan-expected improvement in a eurozone investor sentiment index. The data served as a reminder that despite recent reports showing the worst of the eurozones recession may be behind it, its recovery is far from being solidied. Spanish 10-year bond yields climbed to six-week highs after Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy faced calls to resign over a corruption scandal involving allegations in the media that he received payments from a slush fund. Rajoy denies any wrongdoing. Further adding to euro bearishness was news of a probe of alleged misconduct involving an Italian bank that was expected to widen three weeks before a national election. Polls showing Italys former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, regaining ground before elections

due this month added to investor concerns. Italy and Spain are the eurozones third- and fourth-largest economies, receptively. German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Spains Rajoy she had full condence in his governments ability to push through reforms needed to overcome his countrys economic crisis. The political uncertainties surrounding the region may further dampen the appeal of the single currency as the governments operating under the single currency struggle to get their house in order, said David Song, currency analyst at DailyFX in New York. The euro last traded down 0.8% at $1.3534 after hitting a session low of $1.3521, the lowest since January 30. The euro had risen to $1.3711 on Friday, a level unseen since late 2011. Against the yen, the euro was last down 1.1% at 125.34, off a 33-month high of 126.96 struck last week. The underlying eurozone economic performance remains weak, which does not naturally lend itself to a sizeable buildup in euro long positions, according to Nick Bennenbroek, head of currency strategy at Wells Fargo in New York. As a result we still expect the euro to soften over time, although it will probably take a relapse in the economic data or a return to dovish central bank rhetoric for such a decline to occur, he said.

We see the euro as little changed at $1.35 in three months, and gradually sliding to $1.28 in twelve months, he said. As a result, we still view the euros current levels as a selling opportunity. Nevertheless, the euro remains up 2.6% against the dollar so far this year and it could continue to climb should the European Central Bank express no concern about the currencys recent gains at a news conference after its interest rate decision on Thursday. Monetary stimulus or balance sheet expansion usually hurts a currency as it increases its supply. Once the ECB fails to cut rates on Thursday, which is our view, the euro will be free to move higher again, but with the uncertainty surrounding the meeting the euro will likely weaken slightly or trade sideways, said Adam Myers, senior FX strategist at Credit Agricole in London. The dollar touched a fresh 2-1/2year high of 93.18, but last traded down 0.3% on the day at 92.48, according to Reuters data. The yen will remain weak, though it will likely not be sold at the momentum seen last week, said Myers, who added that investors would be looking to buy the euro and dollar against the yen on dips. Sentiment towards the yen is negative as the BoJ is expected to remain under pressure to ease monetary policy aggressively.

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% Chg
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1,069,394 235,077 12,329,467 1,455,816 1,301,481 4,364,348 689,967 112,630 1,432,498 2,206,778 3,455,991 1,746,920 938,002 2,402,876 821,344 4,086,721 2,600,116 476,290 1,026,731 1,155,812 722,797 1,020,970 1,035,943 23,894,123 7,924,666 989,271 13,342,799 4,278,294 2,429,998 5,319,555 343,612 2,729,029 2,872,637 648,331 49,277 705,710 168,909 11,176,528 2,267,844 3,653,981 1,518,617 1,106,792 6,739,221 391,808 7,068,803 4,364,210 1,250,949 168,770 2,570,864 321,004

Lt Price
8,725.03 7,025.44 6,309.86 1,085.40 5,812.61 2,890.24 1,864.66

-1.29 -7.86 +34.95 -0.59 +27.73 +9.37 +16.38

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12,181 1,206,000 2,415,000 3,171,000 4,515,900 2,506,100 11,405,000 6,229,000 30,478,000 1,327,600 6,556,500 1,551,800 2,647,900 1,461,400 3,046,200 2,049,400 3,424,700 4,963,100 7,224,600


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Spain crash out to Canada, US battle to survive

We were really close. I was up in the tiebreak today but Tomas played better and showed why he is number six in the world
AFP London

hort-handed vetime champions Spain crashed out of the Davis Cup Sunday when Canada completed a famous World Group triumph while 32-time winners US edged Brazil in a dogght. Milos Raonic secured the crucial winning point in Canadas 3-2 victory in Vancouver by beating Guillermo Garcia-Lopez 6-3, 6-4, 6-2 to send Canada into their rst Davis Cup quarter-nal. They will tackle Italy in April for a place in the semi-nals. Missing top players Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer, Nicolas Almagro and Fernando Verdasco, Spain, winners of the title three times in the last ve years, and the 2012 runners-up, had been 2-0 down on Friday. Marcel Granollers and Marc Lopez kept their hopes alive with a 4-6, 6-4, 6-7 (4/7), 6-3,

6-2 victory over Daniel Nestor and Vasek Pospisil in Saturdays doubles. But Raonic, the world number 15, was unstoppable on Sunday ring 22 aces and 55 winners past the hapless Garcia-Lopez, the world 82, as Spain were beaten in the opening round for the rst time since 2006. Albert Ramos beat Frank Dancevic 7-5, 6-4 in a dead rubber to create the nal margin. The US escaped an upset when Sam Querrey rallied to beat Thiago Alves 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (7/3) and give the Americans a 3-2 triumph. Querrey red 26 aces for a perfect weekend in his rst Davis Cup home tie. Brazils Thomaz Bellucci battled back to defeat John Isner 2-6, 6-4, 6-7 (7/9), 6-4, 6-3, in Sundays opener at Jacksonville, Florida. Isner red 22 aces in the clash but also committed 81 unforced errors. The US had been 2-0 ahead on Friday before twins Bob and Mike Bryan suffered a stunning loss in the doublesjust

Canadas Milos Raonic hits a return to Spains Guillermo Garcia-Lopez during their Davis Cup tennis tie in Vancouver, British Columbia on Sunday. (Reuters)

the third of their Davis Cup careerto Marcelo Melo and Bruno Soares, going down 7-6 (8/6), 6-7 (7/9), 6-4, 3-6, 6-3. The Americans will meet 2010 champions Serbia, who had already defeated Belgium. Tomas Berdych beat Stanislas Wawrinka in a battle of Davis Cup ironmen as defending champions Czech Republic reached the quarter-nals. The Czechs led Switzerland 2-1 overnight after Berdych and Lukas Rosol beat Wawrinka and Marco Chiudinelli 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-7 (3/7), 24-22 in the longestever Davis Cup match, an exhausting doubles which lasted a minute over seven hours. World number six Berdych and Wawrinka, the 17th-ranked player, returned on Sunday for the rst of the reverse singles in Geneva and three hours 15 minutes later, it was the Czech who triumphed again, claiming a 6-3, 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 (7/5) win. Stan is one of the players who I dont like to play. He has a dangerous game, said Berdych, of a

player who also featured in a vehour defeat to Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open last month. The match on Saturday will go down in history. You play tennis for moments like this, added Berdych, who won all three rubbers he played this weekend and spent almost 13 hours on court. Wawrinka insisted that despite his three matcheshe had also won his opening singles on Fridayhe would have been able to play a fth set on Sunday. I care about this competition and love to play for my country, said Wawrinka, who was Switzerlands top player in the absence of Roger Federer. We were really close. I was up in the tiebreak today but Tomas played better and showed why he is number six in the world. The Czech Republic will now travel to Kazakhstan in April for the quarter-nals. Kazakhstan, who beat Austria 3-1 in their World Group clash on Sunday in Astana, knocked the Czechs out in the rst round in 2011.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Ravens clinch emotional Super Bowl against 49ers

All the work we did in the offseason, the whole entire season, everything came down to five yards and we werent able to get it done
Reuters New Orleans

Harbaugh blasts ref decisions

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, beaten by his brother Johns Baltimore Ravens, criticised key decisions made by the referees after his team fell 34-31 in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Harbaugh questioned two non-calls in the final series when the 49ers failed to convert with a first and goal as they looked to find receiver Michael Crabtree with the game on the line. Theres no question in my mind that there was a pass interference and then a hold on Crabtree on the last one, said Harbaugh. The 49ers coach was also unhappy with, on Baltimores subsequent possession, the failure of officials to call holding as Ravens punter Sam Koch took a safety to eat up time. I still havent gotten an explanation on the safety. It was obviously the intent of the Ravens to tackle and hold... but not one holding flag came out, he said. I realise I am on the side of the 49ers, Im the coach and probably have some bias there but in my mind I thought it was obvious, but thats not the way they saw it, he added. Harbaugh also protested the decision to penalise his cornerback Chris Culliver for pass interference, allowing the Ravens to make a crucial first down after Joe Flacco had thrown an incomplete pass on third down with the score 31-29. I didnt think that was an interference, said Harbaugh.

he Baltimore Ravens reclaimed the greatest prize in North American sports after a dramatic, nail-biting 34-31 Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Inspired by their powerpacked quarterback Joe Flacco, the Ravens survived a ferocious comeback from the 49ers and a bizarre power outage that stopped the game for more than half an hour to win their second Super Bowl. John Harbaugh, the head coach of the Ravens, won the most anticipated sibling rivalry in American team sports against his younger brother Jim, who holds the equivalent job with the 49ers. And Ray Lewis, the combative 37-year-old Ravens linebacker destined for the Hall of Fame, ended his 17 season career with a second Super Bowl title, 12 years after he won his rst. The game, at the Superdome in New Orleans, was preceded by one of the most poignant moments ever witnessed in the 47 editions of the Super Bowl when a choir from Sandy Hook Elementary School joined Jennifer Hudson in a stirring rendition of America the Beautiful . The 70,000 spectators rose to their feet, many with tears in their eyes, as the children sang, nearly two months after the deadly shooting rampage at their Connecticut school. Our wish is to demonstrate to America and the world that, We are Sandy Hook and we choose love, the school said in a statement. The action on the eld was as wild as the parties that have taken place in Bourbon St in the days leading up to the game as the Ravens opened up a commanding lead. With Flacco, who was named Most Valuable Player, calling the shots and wide receiver Jacoby Jones scoring two of the most spectacular touchdowns seen in a Super Bowl, the Ravens looked to be cruising to victory when they led 28-6 early in the third quarter. Flacco made a great start, orchestrating a six-play, 51-yard drive on his teams rst possession that culminated with a 13yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Anquan Boldin. In the second quarter, he threw a one-yard scoring pass to tight end Dennis Pitta, then a spectacular 56-yard scoring strike to Jones. The Ravens led 21-6 when Beyonce came out to perform a stunning halftime show then opened the second half with a Super Bowl-record 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown from Jones that will be shown on highlight reels for generations to come. Black out But just when it seemed the

Baltimore Ravens Lewis hoists Lombardi Trophy while celebrating victory in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on Sunday. (Reuters)

Edging brother in Super Bowl bittersweet for John

New Orleans: John Harbaugh realised a coachs dream when his Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl on Sunday, but it made the traditional post-game handshake between opposing coaches bittersweet as it was with his younger brother. Moments after the Ravens barely held on for a 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, the two brothers met at midfield as confetti rained down upon them while their parents watched from inside the Superdome. The meeting with Jim in the middle of the field was probably the most difficult thing I have ever been associated with in my life, said John Harbaugh. I am proud of him. The Ravens coach, who shared a bedroom with his brother until going off to college, had seen his team soar to a 28-6 lead on the first play of the second half when Jacoby Jones returned the kickoff 108 yards for a touchdown. But after a 35-minute delay when half of the overhead lights went out in the Superdome in one of the most bizarre moments in a National Football League title game, Baltimores Harbaugh had a feeling that the game was far from over. The way it was 28-6 and the lights went out with whatever happened, I just knew with Jim Harbaugh being on the other sideline and all of those years we have been together, that the game was going to be a dog fight right to the end, he said. Those guys were coming back. There is no greater competitor and no greater coach in the National Football League or in the world, as far as I am concerned, than Jim Harbaugh. The way that team played proves it. They showed it today, the way they battled back and fought right to the end. That is who he is and that is who they are. I could not be more proud of him and what he has done. San Francisco got on a roll when play resumed, scoring 17 consecutive points to make it a fight to the finish. The 49ers made one last drive at winning the title, moving into a first-and-goal from the seven-yard line in the final minutes. After a two-yard gain, Baltimore stopped them on three successive pass plays in a goal-line stand to clinch the win. We are a very resilient team. We have a lot of resolve. That is why we won the game, said the Baltimore coach who has taken the Ravens into the playoffs in each of his first five seasons at the helm. John Harbaugh said it was fitting that the game was settled by a goal-line stand with his defenders backs to the wall. Speaks to our mental toughness. Speaks to our faith and trust in one another and our belief in one another, he said. That is what wins and loses San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh congratulates his brother, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, after the Ravens won the Super Bowl. (AFP) games.

result was a foregone conclusion, a section of the lights at the Superdome, hosting the Super Bowl for the rst time since Hurricane Katrina devastated the city in 2005, blacked out. Play was stopped for 35 minutes while red-faced officials and technicians restored power.

When it came back on, the game instantly took on a completely different complexion. With Colin Kaepernick nally nding his targets and making inroads with the football in hand, San Francisco piled on 17 unanswered points. When Kaepernick rushed for a

touchdown himself with just 10 minutes to go in the nal quarter, the margin was down to just two points and momentum was on their side. But Justin Tucker kicked a 38yard eld goal to give his veteam lead and the 49ers failed to score the touchdown they

needed to win, getting only a two-point safety, as the Ravens defended their line for dear life. Five yards short, all the work we did in the offseason, the whole entire season, everything came down to ve yards and we werent able to get it done, said dejected 49ers tackle Joe Staley.

Both team played down the impact of the power outage, saying it was the same for both teams, while the Harbaugh brothers embraced each other as confetti rained down from the roof after one of the most emotional nights in American sport.

I just love him obviously. I think anybody out there who has a brother can understand what that is all about, John said. The meeting with Jim in the middle was probably the most difficult thing I have ever been associated with in my life. I am proud of him.

Kelly Rowland, Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams of Destinys Child perform during the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show at Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Sunday. Ravens fans (Right) celebrate the teams NFL Super Bowl XLVII victory over the 49ers, in the Fells Point area of Baltimore. (AFP)


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


LeBron leads Heat over Raptors

We got to make sure everyone gets involved, everybodys into the game
Agencies New York

Canadiens edge Sens to extend winning run

Reuters New York

Buffalo NY Islanders Montral Washington 3 0 2 3 Florida New Jersey Ottawa Pittsburgh 4 3 1 6

eBron James scored 30 points, grabbed eight rebounds and passed out seven assists to spark reigning NBA champion Miami over the Toronto Raptors 100-85 on Sunday. James, last seasons NBA Most Valuable Player and NBA Finals Most Valuable Player, hit 10-of16 shots from the eld for the Heat, who had lost two of their prior three games but improved to an Eastern Conference-best 30-14. Chris Bosh added 28 points for Miami while Dwayne Wade contributed 23 points, ve rebounds, ve assists and three steals for the Heat. Rudy Gay, obtained by Toronto on Thursday in a trade with Memphis, scored 29 points to lead the Raptors, who fell to 1731 with their fourth loss in ve games. DeMar DeRozan added 27 points for Toronto, including a perfect 14-for-14 performance at the free throw line. It was Miamis 10th victory in a row over the Raptors, a streak dating to January of 2010. Gasol, Kobe ignite Lakers to one point win over Pistons Spanish big man Pau Gasol scored 23 points and grabbed 10 rebounds while Kobe Bryant added 18 points to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a cliffhanger 98-97 NBA victory at Detroit. Bryant made a 3-point play for the Lakers to help the visitors claim their fth triumph in six games despite missing four free throws, two each from Steve Nash and Earl Clark, in the nal 16 seconds. Will Bynum missed a lay-up that would have put the Pistons ahead in the nal seconds. He nished with 18 points and 10 assists while Greg Monroe led Detroit with 20 points and 12 rebounds. The Lakers led by as much as 72-54 with eight minutes remaining in the third quarter before the Pistons battled back, closing the period with an 18-6 run. Nash nished with 11 points and 10 assists while Clark contributed 17 points and 10 rebounds. Gasol, who had 15 points on 6-of-9 shooting in the first half, helped the Lakers improve to 2-3 without star center Dwight Howard in the lineup because of a nagging right shoulder injury. Howard, who is averaging 16.5 points and 11.9 rebounds a game, underwent platelet rich plasma therapy in Los Angeles that

arey Price made 32 saves as the Montreal Canadiens avenged Wednesdays loss to the Ottawa Senators with a 2-1 victory on Sunday to extend their home winning streak to ve games. The Canadiens, who lost 5-1 at Ottawa in their previous meeting, reversed their fortunes on home ice to move within one point of the Eastern Conference-leading Boston Bruins. Despite falling behind 1-0 after Jakob Silfverbergs power-play goal just 1:38 into the game, Montreals David Desharnais and Erik Cole responded with rst-period goals. Max Pacioretty gave Montreal (6-2-0) a boost by returning to the lineup eight days after having his appendectomy removed and assisting on the teams equalising goal. I look at adversity as a good thing, Pacioretty told reporters. Ive had to deal with a lot in my career, whether it be injuries or getting sent down.

Its made me the player and the person I am and Im thankful to have got all these opportunities. P.K. Subban, playing in his second game since he ended a contract holdout, assisted on Montreals winning goal. Craig Anderson made 30 saves to keep the Senators (53-1) aoat but they ultimately fell to their Northeast Division rival. Ottawa is still missing center Jason Spezza, out with a back injury, and it showed in their lack of offense. Still, the Senators thought they had tied the game early in the third period but an apparent goal by Andre Benoit was waved off because of goalie interference. We didnt think it should have been waived off but thats the way it goes, said Ottawas Daniel Alfredsson. We still had some good chances after that. It wasnt to be.

Miami Heats Ray Allen bowls over Toronto Raptors John Lucas III driving to the basket in the second half of their NBA game in Toronto. (Reuters) stimulate healing of the bone and tissue. Celtics win without Rondo The Boston Celtics withstood a furious comeback from the Los Angeles Clippers for a 106-104 win on Sunday to record their fourth consecutive victory since losing starting point guard Rajon Rondo to injury. Paul Pierce drained a crucial three-pointer with two seconds remaining, pushing Bostons edge to 106-101 after a big lead was trimmed to two points in the nal minute, and the home team survived despite Jamal Crawfords game-ending threepointer. Boston has won four straight since Rondo, the teams thirdleading scorer and leader in steals and assists, was ruled out for the season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Balance is the formula for our success, you know we got to do it by committee, said Celtics reserve Jason Terry, who had 13 points. Obviously we got two of our key parts down (with Jared Sullinger also out for season), but again, spreading the wealth. We got to make sure everyone gets involved, everybodys into the game. The Clippers, however, are struggling without Chris Paul (knee) who has missed 10 of their last 12 while Los Angeles has dropped six of their last eight. Behind Pierces team-high 22 points the Celtics controlled the way early and led by 15 in the fourth quarter before the visitors fought back to make things tense. Eric Bledsoe, starting in place of Paul, had 23 points and 10 assists while Blake Griffin nished with 20 and 11 rebounds. Los Angeles also got 23 from Crawford, who scored 12 in the nal quarter to spark the comeback. On Bostons nal possession, the Clippers chose not to foul and the Celtics ran the clock all the way down to two seconds before Pierce nailed the backbreaking shot. I wouldnt have wanted to foul them there, said Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro. If we get a stop there, three or four seconds to go weve got plenty of time. Heats Spoelstra gets nod as East All-Star coach Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra will guide the Eastern Conference squad in the 62nd NBA All-Star Game thanks to the reigning NBA champions 10085 victory on Sunday at Toronto. The victory kept the Heat, 3014, atop the East after Sundays games, which put Spoelstra, in his fth season as Miamis coach, in position to coach in the annual matchup of elite talent for the rst time in his career. The East and West stars will meet on February 17 at Houston, Texas. Spoelstra, 224-132 as an NBA coach, will be opposed by Gregg Popovich, the San Antonio Spurs coach whose team has the best record in the NBA and the Western Conference at 38-11. Chicagos Tom Thibodeau and Oklahoma Citys Scott Brooks coached in last years All-Star Game and were ineligible for the honor this year as a result.

Toronto Boston 106 Detroit 85 Miami LA Clippers 97 LA Lakers 100 104 98

Montreal Canadiens Desharnais celebrates his goal with teammates during first period of NHL action in Montreal yesterday. (Reuters)


Mickelson wins Phoenix Open by four shots

Reuters Scottsdale

hil Mickelson held off a last-day charge by fellow American and playing partner Brandt Snedeker to end a week of scintillating golf with a four-shot triumph at the Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, Arizona on Sunday. Left-hander Mickelson birdied three of the last six holes to close with a four-under-par 67 at the TPC Scottsdale, completing a wire-to-wire victory with a record-tying 28-under total of 256 to clinch his 41st PGA Tour title. The 42-year-old Californian, who never relinquished his grip after taking control of the tournament with a stunning rst-round 60, joined Arnold Palmer, Gene Littler and Mark Calcavecchia as triple winners of the Phoenix Open. Mickelson sank a 14-footer at the 17th for his fth birdie of the day, then safely two-putted for par at the last before removing his cap and giving a thumbs-up to the fans crammed around the

18th green. Its tough, a beaming Mickelson told Golf Channel after sealing his rst win on the PGA Tour since the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am 12 almost a year ago. I played really good golf and I had to really ght off a charging Brandt Snedeker, who played great. Its a hard thing to do, to win on the PGA Tour and Im very appreciative and fortunate. FedExCup champion Snedeker, who birdied four of the rst nine holes to pile early pressure on the pacesetting Mickelson, had to settle for second place after signing off with a 65. Another American, Scott Piercy, was alone in third at 23 under after shooting the second-best score of the tournament, ve birdies in his last six holes giving him a sizzling 61. Reigned supreme Mickelson, however, reigned supreme throughout the week and, with his sixth PGA Tour victory in Arizona, he tied fellow American Johnny Miller for the most wins in the state. I hadnt won in a while,

Mickelson said after matching the tournament record low of 28-under 256 set by Mark Calcavecchia in 2001. When you havent won, you want it bad. I was nervous heading into todays round. It means a lot to get back into the winners circle. Mickelson, six strokes in front when he teed off in the nal round on a cool and overcast morning at Scottsdale, narrowly missed a birdie opportunity from 10 feet at the par-four rst. He then recorded his rst bogey of the week after nding a greenside bunker with his approach at the par-four second, slipping to 23 under and ve ahead. Snedeker sank a 12-foot birdie putt at the par-ve third to trim Mickelsons advantage to four but the tournament leader immediately responded by draining a 30-footer for birdie at the parthree fourth. I had to kind of get control of my thoughts after the rst few holes when things were going where I didnt want them to go, said Mickelson. I started seeing what I wanted to do with

the ball. And then I started to hit some good shots. Though Snedeker again countered by chipping in from 30 feet to birdie the par-four sixth, Mickelson rebounded with an outrageous birdie putt from 56 feet at the par-three seventh. The gifted shot-maker, aiming well right of the hole, rolled his ball uphill and watched as it skirted the fringe of the green while breaking left before disappearing into the bottom of the cup. Mickllson surprisingly lipped out with a ve-foot birdie putt at the eighth and one hole later Snedeker cut the lead to three when he coaxed in a 22-footer for birdie to get to 22 under. A two-putt birdie at the par-ve 13th gave Mickelson welcome breathing space, and he also birdied the 15th after getting up and down from a greenside bunker to remain four strokes clear. Snedeker nished strong with a run of three consecutive birdies from the 15th before he bogeyed the last but Mickelson was always able to stay at least three strokes ahead.

Phil Mickelson celebrates after winning the Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Sunday. (Reuters)

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



QDB teams up with HMC in Sport Day initiative Q

The usual quiet along the Corniche will be shattered by the roar of the hydroplanes during the Oryx Cup this week. Inset: Kip Brown


Qatar to support Brown in Oryx Cup

No driver has won the Oryx Cup twice
Agency Doha

he 2013 Air National Guard Hydroplane Championship roars into life in Doha Bay over the next seven days and less than a month since Qatar hosted the last Oryx Cup UIM World Championship, the nale to the 2012 season. Drivers, managers and team staff may have gone back to the United States between the two Qatar race meetings, but all the boats and race equipment have been kept in safe storage in Doha in readiness for the 2013 Oryx Cup UIM World Championship, which starts a new season of H1 racing from Feb 7 to 12. After the disappointment of losing U-1 Spirit of Qatar to an accident in one of the race heats at the start of January, Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor al-Thani, president of the

Qatar Marine Sports Federation (QMSF), has been in discussions with U-1 team owner Erick Ellstrom of Ellstrom Racing and agreed to support the challenge of Kip Brown and Our Gang Racing in the 2013 Oryx Cup. Damage done to the U-1 boat, which has been renumbered as U-96 Spirit of Qatar for the new season, was extensive and it was doubtful whether Dave Villwock would have been able to make the start of the Qatar races in any case. Rather than miss out on a Qatar boat being represented at the QMSFs home race, Sheikh Hassan has agreed for Our Gang Racing to be entered as U-95 Spirit of Qatar for the 2013 Oryx Cup UIM World Championship. The familiar red, blue, yellow and white colour scheme of the U-17 Miss Red Dot will be replaced by the colours of the ag of Qatar in a livery identical to the damaged U-1 boat. Kip Brown will take the helm. The Miss Red Dot was closely watched

after the damage sustained by U-96 during the event in January, said Sheikh Hassan. We kept looking at their performance. They were fast and thats when we decided in plan B. Kip is no stranger to the podium, so we can expect him to run hard and go for the win in Doha. The guys wanted a chance to x the boat and get it back in the water, stated Ellstrom. They are making good progress, but it is becoming more and more evident that the damage to the hull and the systems is probably just too great to be overcome in such a short period of time. So we move to plan B, which will have us working with Nate and Kip Brown, John OBrien and Our Gang Racing to eld a team for our sponsor. Four of our guys will be working with the Our Gang Racing team and we look forward to working with them. We will see how far we get with our boat by February 8th. If we think the hull is stable and the critical systems are functioning, we may

put a motor in it and see how it runs. That could mean the possibility of both U-95 and U-96 Spirit of Qatar running in the Doha race meeting. In the four-year history of the Oryx Cup, no driver has ever won the trophy twice. J Michael Kelly won the inaugural race in 2009, Dave Villwock was triumphant in 2010, Scott Liddycoat took the chequered ag in 2011 and rookie Jimmy Shane stunned defending National High Points champion Steve David to secure the 2012 Oryx Cup last month. The provisional racing schedule is weather dependent, but race officials are hoping to run testing, qualifying and the rst of the heats on Friday, February 8th and the second and third set of heats on Saturday, February 9th. The intention is then to delay the fourth heats and the 2013 Oryx Cup UIM World Championship nal to Tuesday, February 12th to coincide with Qatar National Sport Day.

atar Development Bank will team up with Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatars leading medical services organisation to celebrate the countrys National Sports Day on the 12th of February 2013 by launching its Time to Change campaign. Held on the second Tuesday of February, Qatars National Sport Day follows the countrys ambitions to turn sports into a way of life paving the way for a new era of sports culture and happenings targeting particularly the youth. Additionally, the event aims at creating strong awareness of the various health benets brought about by a well-balanced, active and sporty lifestyle and the positive impact of sports in general on every individuals life. On the occasion, organisations representing both the public and private sector line up a series of sports-oriented activities for their staff and their families who are encouraged to engage in such programmes. QDB and HMC will have two tents at the Corniche and Aspire Park providing a team of qualied nurses and dietitians in both locations for BMI testing. The body mass index (BMI) is a medical method for estimating human body fat based on an individuals weight and height. The test helps in measuring body fat due to obesity and other related health issues becoming a discernible problem in most countries around the world. Additionally, Raw ME, an up and coming Qatari ve-

gan fast food chain founded by Qatari entrepreneur Layla al-Dorani, will partake in the initiative providing 100 per cent fresh juices in line with their aim to be the vanguards of healthy and nutritious diet in the country. The presence of Raw ME strongly accentuates QDBs commitment to support the growing culture of entrepreneurship in Qatar, paving the way for creativity and innovation to raise the bar of the private sector. Mansour bin Ibrahim alMahmoud (pictured), CEO of Qatar Development Bank said: The signicance of National Sports Day lies in spreading education and awareness within our society about the necessity to place very high importance on embracing a healthy lifestyle. At QDB, we rmly believe that as a modern and progressive organisation in Qatar we must commit a major effort in order to enlighten our community to the positive consequences of living well. We also believe that occasions such as the National Sports Day are great motivational platforms for us all to introduce that little bit of change which could lead to remarkable impacts on our lives, both personally and professionally.



Tennis complex gears up to welcome worlds best players A

s tennis greatest ambassadors plan to descend upon Doha for the Qatar Total Open, under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, being held February 11-17, the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex is preparing the venue for a host of athletes, sponsors and fans. The venue was inaugurated by H.H. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar, in 1992. The stadium had an initial capacity of 4,500 seats but it was later enlarged in 2008 to seat the current capacity of 7,000 spectators. 2008 also saw additional renovations to the setup of the venue with the addition of new stands, VIP boxes, Lower, Middle and Upper sections and the VIP Village, Public Village and Food Court. In 2012, two more show courts were added. Currently, the venue has one Centre Court, four show courts, and 20 outside courts. This makes the Khalifa International Tennis & Squash Complex the ideal setting for one of the greatest sporting events on the world stage. Set up of the Public Village, VIP Village, and Kids Zone are now underway and the venue is being transformed into an interactive, entertaining home for tennis and so much more during the rst week of the New Year. The Public Village offers fun and entertainment for the entire family. When not courtside watching matches, fans can take part in a variety of activities in the Public Village. The Food Court is located to the left

Barshim wins gold in Moscow

QNA Moscow

A poster inside the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex. of the Public Village where food and beverages can be purchased from top vendors such as Pizza Hut, Asiana, Arbys, Sterling Fast Food, TCBY and Coffee Beanery. To the right of the Public Village are the sponsor booths and Qatar Tennis Federation merchandise store. The Total booth is always a favourite among fans and WTA Tour players who stop by daily to sign autographs. Other sponsor tents include Fifty One East, Qatar Duty Free, Wilson, BMW, and Qatar Airways. The Kids Zone will host activities like facepainting, medallion-painting, arts and crafts and will also include inatable castles and an obstacle course. The VIP Village provides an opportunity for fans to mingle with players, sponsors and other VIP guests all in a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a variety of international cuisines, live stations and beverages, while some of the best lounge DJs in the city provide music throughout the event. Guest can collect their copy of the Ofcial Tournament Program at the VIP Reception Desk, purchase official Qatar Tennis Federation merchandise, strike up a conversation with other VIP guests over espresso at the coffee corner, and even meet a tennis star. The Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex also provides medical services, restrooms and an information kiosk for all those attending the games. Tickets are on sale at www. and at the following locations: City Center, Lagoona, Landmark and the Khalifa International Tennis & Squash Complex. The matches will be telecast live in Doha on Al Jazeera Sports channels both in English and in Arabic. Various Al Jazeera divisions will be covering the tournament to give viewers a total experience of the tennis both on court and behind the scenes. Last years international television broadcast reached over 150 million homes worldwide. The Qatar Total Open 2013 will be seen and read about throughout Qatar and the world thanks to the tireless media who cover the event from start to nish. Tickets are still available for those who can watch the action in person by going to or purchasing tickets at Lagoona, City Center, Landmark or the Khalifa International Tennis & Squash Complex.

atars Mutaz Essa Barshim grabbed the spotlight again when he cleared 2.37 meters to equal his own Asian and Qatari indoor mark on way to winning the gold medal at the Russian Winter meeting, an IAAF Indoor Permit Meeting, in Moscow. Mutaz and Russian jumper Ivan Ilyichev were the only contestants left after the bar was raised to 2.30M. While the Russian failed, Mutaz cleared it easily on his rst attempt. The 2012 London Olympics bronze medallist then put the bar higher at 2.37M and once again cleared it on his rst jump. However, his attempts of equaling the meeting record of 2.40 did not succeed. IIyichev nished second on 2.27M, just a centimetre short of his personal best. Barshim had arrived in Moscow aware that Russias Aleksiy Dmitrik had cleared 2.36M in the German city of Arnstadt on Saturday. I told my coach that Id certainly make it better, said the Qatari after he had succeeded in fullling his prophesy. Earlier last week, Mutaz had cleared 2.34M to win an international indoor high jump event in the eastern Czech town of Trinec. The vertical jumps indeed proved to the feature of the

Mutaz Barshim Russian Winter meeting with Great Britains pole vaulter Holly Bleasdale going over 4.75M. Bleasdale, the 2012 IAAF World Indoor Championships bronze medallist who also nished sixth at Olympic Games, needed three attempts to clear 4.65M and lay third in the competition at that point, but then cleared 4.70M with her second attempt before going over 4.75M at the rst time of asking in the Russian capital. Three failures followed at 4.80M, but the 21-year-old had already done enough to win the competition ahead of Brazils 2011 World champion Fabiana Murer and Cubas 2012 Olympic Games silver medallist Yarisley Silva, who both cleared 4.65M with their rst attempts but could then go no higher and were second and third respectively on countback.


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


2015 Asian Cup qualifier

Balotelli flies into a storm

Former Man City striker scored twice in Milans win over Udinese
Reuters Milan

averick striker Mario Balotelli ew straight into another storm as he made his AC Milan debut on Sunday, even if it was not directly of his making. Balotelli, playing three days after completing his move from Manchester City, scored twice in the 2-1 win over Udinese after being included in the starting line-up at the last minute following an injury to Giampaolo Pazzini in the warm-up. The second goal, a penalty converted three minutes into stoppage time, came amid furious protests from the visitors who claimed there was nothing wrong with Thomas Heurtauxs tackle on Stephan El Shaaraway. El Shaaraway fell theatrically to the ground, rolling over at least three times, to win the penalty and the referee was surrounded by furious Udinese players after blowing the nal whistle immediately after Balotellis goal. Udineses sporting director Fabrizio Larini was fuming. We feel weve been done out of a point that we deserved to take home, he said. Everybody saw it was not a penalty. AC Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri admitted it was a fortuitous decision. We were lucky with the penalty, it could have been given or not given, he said. The controversy was because it happened in the last 30 seconds. Balotelli played well and I think he has a lot to give Milan, he added. Balotelli, playing for the club he supported during his boyhood, said he needed more match practice. Im happy but I need to train to improve my tnesses level, he said. I wasnt supposed to start but it worked out well for me. Balotelli, who moved to Milan for a fee media reports put at 20 million pounds, nearly scored after less than a minute when he burst past two defenders and clipped the far post. He then set up a chance for MBaye Niang and it was no suprise when he opened his account by turning the ball in from six metres after El Shaaraways cross from the left fell at his feet. He nearly added another two minutes later with a dipping shot which was turned over by

Qatar national football team practices ahead of its 2015 Asian Cup qualifier match against Malaysia, which will be held tomorrow at the Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium in Al Sadd. Below: Officials watch the training.

AC Milans Mario Balotelli celebrates his goal against Udinese during their Serie A match on Sunday. (AFP) the bar by Udinese goalkeeper Daniele Padelli. It was a typically erratic performance from Balotelli, however, and he failed to control the ball on several occasions causing Milan attacks to break down. Giampiero Pinzi equalised on the break in the 55th minute when Udinese caught Milan napping and the home defence suddenly began to look vulnerable. Balotelli went close in the 85th minute with a low free kick which Padelli turned around his post before the stormy nale.



Brazilian Dante relishing Eng clash

AFP London

Togos Adebayor attacks coach

AFP Nelspruit

aving helped Bayern Munich set a new defensive record, Brazilian centre-back Dante is relishing his chance to make his international debut against England and dangerman Wayne Rooney on Wednesday. With his amboyant hair style, coolness under pressure and ability to launch counterattacks from the back, Dante has been the rock in a Munich defence which has shipped just seven goals in 20 league matches, a new German record. The 29-year-old Dante Bonm Costa Santos is set to make his international debut at Wembley having nally achieved his goal of a Brazil call-up, a year before his country hosts the World Cup. Ive taken the rst step. I want to seize this chance and show my qualities, he said after

catching the eye of Brazil coach Felipe Scolari. Having been part of the Borussia Moenchengladbach team which only narrowly avoided relegation in 2011, Dantes towering displays helped turn Gladbach into title-contenders last season to nish fourth. Plucked by Bayern to strengthen their back four, the Brazilian has been a revelation this season, playing in all 20 league games. Having waited so long for his Brazil chance, Dante is targeting a regular place, starting by helping to beat England, and is relishing the prospect of potentially facing England striker Wayne Rooney. Im really pleased to have got the call and Im looking forward to the prospect (of facing Rooney), he said. Hes a world-class striker - a high quality player. His movement is fantastic. Hes got everything. You have to be right on your game against those sort of players because they can turn a game in a ash.

he fragile peace between Togo coach Didier Six and his star player Emmanuel Adebayor has been shattered following the teams quarter-nal loss to Burkina Faso. In the aftermath of Sundays 1-0 extra-time defeat, Adebayor rounded on the inexperienced Six in a no-holds-barred attack on the Frenchmans style of management. The coach was not a help! Me, I was on the pitch, so I couldnt do both jobs (coaching and playing). I tried to do my best, but its true he didnt help us, the Tottenham striker told French radio station RFI. Adebayors sentiments were endorsed by Togo goalkeeper Kossi Agassa, who in a not-soveiled criticism of Sixs tactical nous said: Its not up to the players on the pitch to make changes.

Togos Emmanuel Adebayor (right) is shown the yellow card after a foul on Burkina Faso goalkeeper Daouda Diakite during the Africa Cup of Nations quarter-final in Nelspruit on Sunday. (EPA) Togos build-up to the 2013 Nations Cup was dominated by a will-he-wont-he saga involving Adebayors participation following a series of runins with the Togolese Football Federation over matters of security, management and bonuses. Adebayor told RFI: If the Togo team is organised in the best way possible, I will always be there for it. Its true that I hear each time hes coming,

Togo coach Didier Six hes not comingbut thats because there are lots of problems. If these problems are resolved, I will be there. Youve seen that I give the best of myself. I speak in the dressing

room, Im a leader, Im the captain. Adebayor, who scored once in Togos run to a rst quarternal appearance, added: Im disappointed, disgusted, beaten! We came here with the idea of winning the Nations Cup, to go to the nal and, unfortunately, we were knocked out by Burkina. The disappointment is more than enormous. Despite his attack on Six, he insisted that now was not the time to look for scapegoats. The most important thing is to return home quietly and tomorrow well see what everyone has to say. On his international future, Adebayor said: My international career is not stopping here. Ive been in a Nations Cup quarter-final, now I think Ive got the qualities to go to the semi-finals, and a final, and to win the title. But you know as well as I do that our management isnt really up to that.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



No Casillas, Xavi, Alonso as Spain take on Uruguay

Spain coach Vicente del Bosque will now have to choose between Liverpools Pepe Reina and Victor Valdes of Barcelona

Sergio Ramos signs autographs for the fans.

Spains Carles Puyol (left) and Gerard Pique arrive at The Torch Hotel in Doha yesterday. PICTURES: Noushad Thekkayil
DPA Doha/Madrid

orld champions Spain arrived yesterday evening in Doha for tomorrows friendly against South American champions Uruguay to be played at the Khalifa International Stadium. The team checked in at The Torch Hotel, which is very close to the venue. Vicente del Bosques men, however, arrived with their own set of problems without injured Iker Casillas, Xavi and Xabi Alonso. Casillas, who captained Spain to World Cup glory in 2010 as well as to Euro triumphs in 2012 and 2008, is out for around two months with a broken nger in his left hand. Bosque will now have to choose between Liverpools Pepe Reina and Victor Valdes of Barcelona.

Reina did fairly well in Liverpools 2-2 draw at Manchester City on Sunday, and Valdes was outstanding in Barcas 1-1 draw at Valencia later in the evening. Meanwhile, Alonso has been ruled out with a groin strain. His place has been taken in the squad by Atletico Madrid youngster Mario Suarez, who has done well for Spain at Under-21 level. The Barcelona playmaker Xavi withdrew yesterday with a pulled muscle in his leg, and not present either is Chelsea striker Fernando Torres, owing to poor form. Coming in for Torres is Malagas young sensation Isco, who raised eyebrows across Europa in the autumn when he helped his side into the round of 16 of the Champions League. I just cant wait to join the squad, this is wonderful news for me, said Isco, who scored in Malagas 1-1 draw with Zaragoza on Sunday.

If I am called upon to play then I will really try to make the most of the opportunity. Also in the squad is right-back Cesar Azplicueta of Chelsea. This will be an important test for us, against experienced and highquality opponents, del Bosque said. Tomorrows friendly will be an appetiser for the clash between the two champions in Recife, Brazil, in the Confederations Cup on June 16. Leading the Uruguay attack will be veteran Diego Forlan, who knows Spanish football well after successful spells at Atletico Madrid and Villarreal. Alongside Forlan will be Edinson Cavani, who is in spectacular form for Italian club Napoli. In the squad announced last week by Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez, there are seven players based in Italy, ve from Spain, three from England and two from Brazil, with only two players from the Uruguayan league called up.

Footballs greatest trophies on view at Aspire Academy

Doha: Spain the reigning World and European Champions is bringing its glittering collection of trophies to Aspire Academy in Doha. The FIFA World Cup and UEFA European trophies will be on display at the Aspire auditorium today between 09:30 and 18:00. Speaking ahead of the match, Ivan Bravo the Director General of Aspire Academy said, It is a true honour to have the two highest prizes in football here at our Academy. I know fans will relish the opportunity to see the trophy that we will be bringing to our country in 2022 when we are the proud hosts of the FIFA World Cup.

Andres Iniesta (centre) at the hotel.

Players arrive at the hotel.



Messi penalty saves Barca at Valencia

AFP Barcelona

Lionel Messi penalty rescued Barcelona as they were held to a 1-1 draw at Valencia before their lead at the top was cut to nine points when Atletico Madrid clinched a 1-0 win over Real Betis. The four-time World Player of the Year extended his record scoring run to 12 matches in the league with a penalty after 39 minutes with Valencia having taken the lead through Ever Banega. Although Barca won their last league game at home to Osasuna, they lost a fortnight ago against Real Sociedad and this was a lacklustre display at the Mestalla. Like Real Madrid, who lost to Granada on Saturday, Barca seemed to be suffering the effects of their 1-1 Spanish Cup semi-nal rst-leg but they still have a signicant lead over Atletico. A second-half Diego Costa header saw Atletico maintain their 100 per cent record at home this season and they are seven points clear of their more prestigious city rivals Real. Barcelonas assistant coach Jordi Roura admitted his side were not at their best. It is certainly true that we arrived after a tough game and they always take their toll. In the rst half it was

Barcelonas Lionel Messi (right) celebrates his goal against Valencia during their La Liga match on Sunday. (AFP) difficult for us to get into the game and we improved after that, said Roura, standing-in for Tito Vilanova who is having cancer treatment. We came with the intention of picking up three points but it is a difcult stadium to win at and generally I think the draw was fair. In ve years we have won only once here. In the second half we had more depth and we had three or four chances which we didnt take. Barcelona rested captain Carles Puyol as former Livepool player Javier Mascherano was thrown into central defence alongside Gerard Pique while Andres Iniesta was once again chosen in attack instead of David Villa and Alexis Sanchez. Apart from a 5-0 thumping by Real Madrid, and their elimination by the same side in the domestic Cup, Valencia have been in good form with four wins from ve matches in the league. While Barca probed in typical fashion looking for an opening, Valencia broke with speed down the wings with Jose Guardado and Juan Bernat. Guardado had a snapshot which which went wide in an even contest

and another break from the home side saw Roberto Soldado brought down by Mascherano after 22 minutes while the resulting free-kick was red into the wall by Tino Costa. Valencia were snapping at the heels of the Barca midelders who were looking uncomfortable and Valencia got the breakthrough from Banega. Pique cleared a cross to the Argentine who had time in the centre of the area to bring the ball down and pick his spot in the corner. Barca appeared in trouble but then they won a penalty as Joao Pereira clipped Pedro Rodriguez on the edge of the area and Messi nished with aplomb from the spot. It seemed to inspire Barca who raised their tempo towards half-time but it was Valencia who went nearest to scoring in the dying minutes with a long range strike from Guardado which was palmed away by keeper Victor Valdes. Fabregas shot wide after a delightfully threaded pass from Messi, but it was Valencia who continued to have the better openings with Soldado failing to hit the target when well placed which was followed by substitute Sergio Canales who was unable to put the former Champions League winners under further pressure. Villa came on as a substitute but inexplicably missed when in front of goal for Barca and then in the nal minutes, Valdes spread himself well to deny Soldado once again.

European clubs meet in Doha

By Sports Reporter Doha

he 10th European Club Association General Assembly will commence today in Doha, which for the rst time includes non-European clubs from Asia and around the world. The two-day assembly is expected to be attended by over 200 clubs. At a plenary session to be held at the St Regis hotel today, Qatar Football Association (QFA) President, HE Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed al-Thani, will welcome all members of the ECA and invited guests. An official dinner will commence for delegates at the Museum of Islamic Arts later in the evening where Secretary General of the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee, Hassan al-Thawadi, will provide a speech outlining preparations already underway for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar. Hassan al-Thawadi said: The 10th ECA General Assembly coincides with the European Club Associations 5th anniversary and we are delighted to welcome and help celebrate this landmark with all ECA members. The ECA has taken the lead in terms of integrating international football at club level through sharing of knowledge and best practices and hosting the GA is an important step for Qatar with regard to its ambition to be recognised as a platform for dialogue within the world of sport.


Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Mercedes a new adventure for Hamilton

AFP Jerez, Spain

ewis Hamilton unveiled Mercedes new car for the forthcoming Formula One season here yesterday, hailing the teams drive and determination to win the championship as beyond compare. The Briton described his arrival as the start of a new chapter... a new adventure and said he was excited to unveil the F1 W04 Silver Arrow at the Spanish circuit of Jerez. I have never seen a group of people that is hungrier for success than this one, he added.

I cant wait to drive it and see where I can make a difference to help push the team forward with Nico (Rosberg)... We are playing a long game here but I know we will have success together and Im excited to be a big part of making it happen. Hamilton and Rosberg posed with the car, which had its rst run out at the Andalusian circuit and will now be put through its paces for the next four days in testing in time for the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne in March. New executive director Toto Wolff also said he had been impressed with the quest for perfection at the team. The people are highly moti-

vated, open-minded and determined to succeed. Our drivers are hungry for success, too, and it will certainly be fascinating this season to see how Nico and Lewis perform together. Ultimately, though, Formula One is very straightforward and the only thing that counts is lap time. Team principal Ross Brawn described the F1 W04 as a clear step forward in design and detail sophistication . He added: With Lewis and Nico, we have what I believe to be the strongest driver line-up in Formula One and I know that a healthy competition between them both will help drive the team forward.

Bookwalter keeps lead, BMC win time-trial

The team was just incredible

GREAT GOING: BMC Racing Team riders cycle during the second stage of the 2013 cycling Tour of Qatar, a 14km team time-trial along Al Rufaa Street in Doha. (Reuters)
By ND Prashant Doha

FINE SHOW: British F1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton (L) and Nico Rosberg of Germany pose during the presentation of the new Mercedes W04 Formula One car at the Jerez racetrack in southern Spain. Formula One teams start testing their 2013 cars in Jerez this week. (Reuters)


Russia on track for Sochi GP Putin

AFP Moscow

ussia is ready to host the Formula One Grand Prix in Sochi after it holds the Winter Olympic Games in the southern Black Sea city in 2014, President Vladimir Putin told the motor racing supremo Bernie Ecclestone yesterday. Putin has already agreed with Ecclestone to hold Formula One races at a circuit being built around the Sochi Olympic Park, the rst time Russia will have hosted such an event. I am happy to say that our project is developing, Putin told Ecclestone at a meeting in Sochi, in comments released by the Russian government. Out of six kilometres (of track), over three kilometres have already been asphalted. Its true

that this is not the nal layer but it shows that work is going in the necessary direction. Putin indicated that Russia was still aiming to hold its rst Formula One race in the Olympic year of 2014, as previously envisaged. I think that as we planned we can hold our rst races in October 2014, Putin told the Formula One supremo. The projectagreed in a deal signed in 2010 for Russia to host Formula One from 2014 to 2020 - will use infrastructure built for the games including a stretch of public roads. Ecclestone, who state television showed wearing a leather jacket at the meeting, was quoted by the Kremlin as saying he was very impressed by the work undertaken so far. Some countries would be ashamed to see these results, he said, apparently referring to the tardy construction of sporting infrastructure in some parts of the world.

merican Brent Bookwalter of BMC Racing consolidated his position in the general classication by winning the 14km team time-trial with his teammates Greg Van Avermaet, Stephen Cummings, Yannick Eijssen, Michael Schr, Taylor Phinney, Lawrence Warbasse and Adam Blythe clocking 1607 . Finishing second, ve seconds behind was Sky team comprising Bernhard Eisel, Chris Sutton, Ian Stannard, Edvald Boasson Hagen, Mathew Hayman, Gabriel Rasch, Luke Rowe and Geraint Thomas. The third place was claimed by Mark Cavendishs team Omega Pharma-Quick Step clocking 1617 . BMC riders, thus, have occupied the top ve places going into the third stage today. Bookwalter, with this victory now, has a six-second advantage over compatriots Phinney and 10 seconds over third-placed Blythe. The team was just incredible. I felt like we already had a consistent pace and we were actually cautious on the turnarounds. So maybe we lost a couple of seconds there. But I was condent; the energy we saved was going to come through near the nish. I think it was all for one, one for all today. Phinney really led us well today, not just with his pulls but with his leadership. Were going to enjoy today. Its

FINE SHOW: BMC Racing rider Brent Bookwalter of the US (L) poses with Belgian cycling legend Eddy Merckx after being presented with the leaders jersey at the end of the second stage. (Reuters) a big team effort, and well come back out to do it again, said a pleased-looking Bookwalter. The Japanese National Team was the rst to set off for the 14kms race and they nished the course in a time of 1755 . However, that timing was quickly eclipsed by all the teams. Bardiani Valvole-CSF Inox immediately broke it by setting 1723 . However, their lead also didnt last long as Italian team Cannondale set a new best time of


Stage 2 Team Time-Trial 1. BMC Racing Team (USA) 1607secs 2. Team Sky (GBr) + 4secs 3. Omega P-Quick Step (Bel) +10secs 4. RadioShack-Leopard (Lux) + 11secs 5. Katusha Team (Rus) + 15secs 6. Team Astana (Kaz) + 17secs 7. Orica-GreenEdge (Aus) + 23secs 8. FDJ (Fra) 9. Cannondale (Ita) + 24secs 10. Team Saxo-Tinkoff (Den) + 26secs 11. Argos-Shimano (Ned) + 30secs 12. AG2R La Mondiale (Fra) + 33sec 13. Team NetApp-Endura (Ger) 14. IAM Cycling (Swi) + 37secs 15. Vacansoleil-DCM (Ned) + 51secs 16. B Valvole-CSF Inox (Ita) + 59secs 17. Champion System (Chn) + 115secs 18. Japanese National (Jap) + 148secs Overall standings after stage 2 1. B Bookwalter (USA) BMC 3h 44 44 2. Taylor Phinney (USA) BMC + 6secs 3. Adam Blythe (GBr) BMC + 10secs 4. Greg Van Avermaet (Bel) BMC 5. Michael Schr (Swi) BMC 6. Bernhard Eisel (Aut) Team Sky + 11s 7. E Boasson Hagen (Nor) Sky + 15s 8. Geraint Thomas (GBr) Sky 9. Mathew Hayman (Aus) Sky 10. Luke Rowe (GBr) Team Sky

1631 . Cannondales time was surpassed by Astana, who were seven seconds quicker with 1624 . Astana then enjoyed the lead for some time with AG2R La Mondiale and Saxo-Tinkoff failing to overcome their time. Later, RadioShack-Leopard team comprising World time-trial champion Fabian Cancellara went on to set a new benchmark of 1618 for the rest of the teams to chase. RadioShack-Leopards time proved too much for NetAppEndura, IAM Cycling, Vacansoleil-DCM, Argos-Shimano, Katusha and Orica-GreenEdge but not for Omega Pharma-Quick Step, who went on to better the timing by 1617 . Sky team then quickly displaced Omega Pharma-Quick Step by lowering the time by another six seconds. However, BMC Racing was simply exceptional on the day, with Phinney giving it everything at the line for the best time of 1607 . Team Bardiani Valvole CSF Inox also suffered a huge setback ahead of the time trial when their Italian sprinter Sacha Modolo was forced to quit the Tour of Qatar following a fractured wrist. Modolo will be returning home soon. Todays 143kms third stage starts from Al Wakrah at 12.30pm and ends at Mesaieed by 3.45pm. The rst intermediate sprint will be held after 20kms at the 1st crossing of the nish line at Mesaieed, while the second after 81.5kms at the second crossing of the nish line.


Water sports extravaganza planned for Sport Day

Doha: Water was and is still recognised as one of the elements of life, in all ancient and modern civilisations. Qatars history has always been pledged to water. As a State surrounded by sea, countrys main productive and energy resources come from the water world. Apart from its critical role to peoples life and countrys growth, water remains also the eld of recreation and a means of fun, a way out from ordinary life. For this, water sports wouldnt have been omitted by the National Sport Day programme. One of the most popular Doha areas, the Corniche, will host Sailing, Rowing and Canoe Kayak activities on February 12, 2013 as part of the celebrations for the National Sport Day. A variety of events, designed to encourage all people to try water sports and follow healthy lifestyle. The centre stage of the Sailing activities will be Ory. A variety of different boats will be showed off ashore while sport specialists will explain how the accurate usage of sails, mast and rigging allow vessels ow and how taking advantage of the weather conditions make boats y on the sea. For those who defy the challenges of a water adventure, a registration desk will be the starting point of a sea voyage under the navigation and surveillance of sailing skippers with vast experience. Rowing and Canoe Kayak activities will take place at the Sheraton Bay. Indoor rowers, also known as ergometers, will be placed ashore with experts demonstrating the ideal technique, rhythm and movement of a rower and helping all those who are interested to grab a handle and start practicing. Indoor rowing popularity grows fast in recent years. The World Rowing Federation has established an annual World Championships competition in winter time which constantly attracts worlds best rowers. Adventurous Canoe-Kayak sport will be practiced on a special designed water racing track. All potential kayakers will be asked to wear their vests and carry their paddles to join a kayak race simulation, under the close monitoring of experienced safety guards. Despite the nal result, fun and excitement awaits those who will defy the challenges and row on the Doha water land.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Sailors in action in this file picture.

Gulf Times Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Australia to send advance party for India tour

Australia have lost five of their last seven Tests in India and have not won a series there since 2004
AFP Sydney

IPL team fined for foreign exchange breaches

AFP Chennai

ustralia will send an advance party of eight players to India this week to help acclimatise to the playing conditions ahead of the four-Test series later this month, Cricket Australia said yesterday. Chief selector John Inverarity said the squad would travel to India in three separate groups catering for playing commitments in the current one-day series at home against the West Indies which ends next week. It is planned to have Jackson Bird, Ed Cowan, Moises Henriques, Usman Khawaja, Nathan Lyon, James Pattinson, Peter Siddle and Steve Smith travel to India on Thursday (February 7), Inverarity said. He added that all-rounder Glenn Maxwell and wicketkeeper Matthew Wade would leave on Saturday along with opening batsman David Warner, who is recovering from a thumb injury. The remaining six players Michael Clarke, Shane Watson, Xavier Doherty, Mitchell Starc, Phillip Hughes, Mitchell Johnsonwill travel on February 11 at the conclusion of the ODI series against West Indies, subject to minor alterations, he said. The players in the 17-man squad will travel to India in three separate groups in an effort to nd the best balance for players. Australia, who have lost ve of their last seven Tests in India and have not won a series there since 2004, have two warm-up games in Chennai ahead of the opening Test in the same city on February 22-26. Inverarity said teenage leftarm spinner Ashton Agar would also travel to India and spend a week, playing in the rst warmup xture and providing nets practice for the Australian batsmen in the lead-up to the Chennai Test. Last year we took Mitchell Starc to the West Indies to further his development and this is a similar opportunity for Ashton, Inverarity said. Australia touring squad Michael Clarke (captain), Ed

Australia defend rotation after Warne attack

Australian cricket chiefs yesterday backed chief selector John Inverarity after stinging criticism from Test great Shane Warne and other ex-players over the controversial rotation policy. Warne used his website to speak out against resting playersparticularly fast bowlersto guard them from breaking down as a result of the relentless demands of international cricket. But Cricket Australia (CA) chairman Wally Edwards insisted Australia were on the right track after meeting under-fire Inverarity and general manager of team performance Pat Howard. The CA board gave its unequivocal support for the methods being used after Howard and Inverarity addressed the board of directors in Melbourne yesterday against a backdrop of criticism from former players and the media. Edwards said Australia, who dominated the international game for more than a decade, were bidding to become the worlds top side by putting into place policies formulated after the release of a wide-ranging report 18 months ago. To build a new cricket side is a long term thing.... Im condent were on the right track, Edwards said. They (Howard and Inverarity) noted that since the appointment of the current team performance leadership group Australia has played 15 Tests of which weve won 10. Weve lost two and had three very creditable draws. In that time Australia has moved from fth to third on the world Test rankings. Warne, 43, earlier yesterday called for the best 11 to be selected at all times in each form of the game on his website When we were number one there werent mission statements ying around, but we got the selection process right and the best 11 were selected for every game, he said. Example: Glenn McGrath didnt want to be rotated or rested, he wanted to play every game, and we all did. The comments from the spin legend came in part two of his manifesto entitled Where is Australian cricket at? , a week after he labelled cricket chiefs muppets . CA chief executive James Sutherland said he had a robust discussion at the weekend with Warne, second on the all-time list of Test wicket-takers, and invited him to work with Australias spinners. Theres no doubt about his passion and enthusiasm for the Australian cricket team to be successful, said Sutherland, who admitted the board could improve communication with fans and the media over selection. Hopefully there are opportunities for him down the track to be closer to us and have an even greater involvement, he added. Australia, third in the Test and one-day rankings, lost their recent Twenty20 series against Sri Lanka after drawing the one-day series and beating the visitors in the Test series. The home side lead the West Indies 2-0 in their vematch ODI series before heading off on a four-Test tour to India later this month.

wners of Indian Premier League side Rajasthan Royals were yesterday slapped with a ne of one billion rupees ($18.8mn) for alleged foreign exchange violations, officials said. The enforcement directorate of the ministry of nance said it had given the owners, who include Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty and her businessman husband Raj Kundra, 45 days to pay the ne. The foreign investment in the franchise was made in agrant contravention of Foreign Exchange Maintenance Act, the directorate said in a statement. This is the rst major ne imposed on an IPL team by the government, which has been investigating nancial and foreign exchange irregularities in the Twenty20 league.

We are discussing the contents of the order with our lawyers and intend to launch a full appeal against the order
The directorate said as part of its investigations it had already issued 24 notices to IPL franchises and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on foreign exchange violations. Rajasthan Royals said they were seeking legal advice and would appeal against the order. We are discussing the contents of the order with our lawyers and intend to launch a full appeal against the order, it said in a brief press release. The IPL has become a major event in the international cricket calendar, attracting the worlds most exciting players such Kevin Pietersen to entertain large domestic audiences. But it has also been hit by a series of nancial scandals, and its founder Lalit Modi was sacked in 2010 following allegations of corruption and money-laundering. Rajasthan Royals won the inaugural edition of the IPL in 2008 under the captaincy of Australian spin great Shane Warne, but failed to qualify for the play-offs last year. The sixth edition of the IPL will be held in April-May. IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla declined to comment.

Cricket Australia chief selector John Inverarity. Cowan, David Warner, Phil Hughes, Shane Watson, Matthew Wade, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Johnson, Peter Siddle, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, Moises Henriques, James Pattinson, Xavier Doherty, Jackson Bird, Usman Khawaja, Steve Smith. from his injury and we look forward to seeing him get back to his best, chief selector John Inverarity said in a news release. Khawaja made eight not out and three as Australia beat West Indies by nine wickets and 54 runs in the rst two matches in Perth. Squad: Michael Clarke (captain), George Bailey, Ben Cutting, Xavier Doherty, James Faulkner, Aaron Finch, Phillip Hughes, Mitchell Johnson, Glenn Maxwell, Clint McKay, Mitchell Starc, Matthew Wade, Shane Watson. crickets most prestigious individual prize, four times. The Test and one-day skipper won for the second straight year with 198 votes, ahead of joint runners-up Mike Hussey and two-time winner Shane Watson, who each polled 165 votes. Clarke also comfortably won the Test cricketer of the year award, again for the second year in a row, after scoring 1,080 runs at an average of 77.14 in the nine Tests covered by the voting period, from February 25 last year to January 28 this year. Watson won the Twenty20 award and also polled well for the one-day honour, which was won by paceman Clint McKay. Top-order batsman Phil Hughes, who moved from New South Wales to South Australia ahead of the season, was named the domestic player of the year, and Queensland batsman Joe Burns was voted the Bradman young cricketer of the year.

Watson returns to Australia one-day side

All-rounder Shane Watson returned to the Australia squad for the ongoing one-day international series against West Indies at the expense of Usman Khawaja yesterday. Watson missed Australias victories in the rst two encounters in the ve-match series because of a calf problem and has been recalled as an opener for the third and fourth matches in Canberra tomorrow and Sydney on Friday. Shane Watson comes back into the squad ... as an opening batsman. Shane has recovered

Clarke wins fourth Allan Border Medal

Australian captain Michael Clarke won his fourth Allan Border Medal as the nations cricketer of the year at a gala ceremony in Melbourne yesterday. Clarke, 31, and his predecessor as captain Ricky Ponting, are the only players to win the medal, considered Australian


Powell rues career-best did not earn Windies a win

IANS Perth

pener Kieran Powell said he was disappointed at not being able to deliver a victory for the West Indies in the second One-Day International against Australia here. The left-hander carved out a career-best 83 off 90 balls in a 126-run, fourth-wicket stand with Dwayne Bravo (45) but the West Indies, chasing 267 for victory, faltered for 212 off 38.1 overs, to slip to a 54-run defeat at the WACA Ground Sunday, reports CMC. We lost early wickets and we decided we would back ourselves to go for our shots if the ball was in our zone but other than that we would grind it out. It paid off for a bit but we werent able to go all the way and win, Powell lamented. After the hard graft earlier on, I knew I would get the chance to play my shots and I went for it as the ball was coming onto the bat well. I felt I played well, but I was disappointed I could not take the team to victory - that is the most important thing when youre playing for your country, you want to be on the winning side. Powell struck ten fours and two sixes - both effortless leg-side

Kieran Powell disappointed at not being able to deliver a victory for the West Indies in the second One-Day International against Australia. strokes - in an entertaining innings that kept the West Indies in the hunt after they had plummeted to 33 for three in the eighth over. The knock was his second halfcentury in three innings on what is his rst tour Down Under, and he said the series was already proving valuable from a personal standpoint. Overall, I would have to say it has given me the condence I needed, he explained. I have been trying to crack OneDay cricket and this tour is teaching me a lot about the limited-overs version of the game. I have been successful in Test cricket last year and now Im learning about One-Day cricket. Powell will return to Canberra for Wednesdays third One-Day International at Manuka Oval, where he hammered 92 in the lone tour game last week.

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Spain crash out to Canada, US survive

Balotelli flies into a storm


Bookwalter keeps lead, BMC win time-trial

GULF TIMES Tuesday, February 5, 2013 Rabia-I 24, 1434 AH

Ravens clinch emotional Super Bowl

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AFP Johannesburg

Steyn bowls SA to victory

ale Steyn struck with the second new ball to secure a 211run win for South Africa before lunch on the fourth day of the rst Test against Pakistan at the Wanderers Stadium yesterday. Steyn dismissed overnight batsmen Asad Shaq and Misbah-ul-Haq inside his rst three overs with the new ball to sweep away the last serious resistance by the tourists. He also took the last two wickets to nish with ve for 52 and match gures of 11 for 60. Wicketkeeper AB de Villiers held ve catches to add to the six he took in the rst innings. He equalled the world record set by Jack Russell for England against South Africa on the same ground in 1995/96. He also became the rst player in Test history to make a century and

claim ten or more dismissals in a match after hitting an unbeaten 103 in the second innings. Graeme Smith, captaining a South African Test side for the 100th time, said his men had achieved a peak of excellence on the second day when they bowled out Pakistan for 49 and then stretched their lead beyond 400 with solid batting. Day two was the standard, he said. We reached the height that we can achieve as a team. Staying at that level was the challenge. To keep backing up performances is the key for us. We have to focus on keeping standards high. Shaqs dismissal ended a stubborn fth wicket stand of 127 with Misbah. The pair added 20 runs to the overnight total of 183 for four in the ve overs that had to be bowled before the new ball could be taken. Only another four runs were added before Steyn had Shaq caught at second slip by Jacques Kallis for 56 in the third over with the new ball. Shaq had faced 168 balls and hit nine fours

In his next over Steyn had Pakistan captain Misbah caught behind for 64, made off 167 balls with 11 boundaries. Sarfraz Ahmed chopped a ball from Vernon Philander on to his stumps and Saeed Ajmal provided De Villiers with his tenth catch of the match when he gloved a lifting ball from Morne Morkel to the wicketkeeper. There was some frustration for the bowlers as Umar Gul slogged his way to 23 and Morkel was denied a wicket after bowling Junaid Khan when a replay showed he had sent down a no-ball.

But Steyn had Gul caught behind and then trapped Junaid leg before wicket with the fourth ball of the last over before lunch. Misbah said Pakistan needed to nd a way to deal with South Africas fast bowlers. We have to give credit to the South African bowlers, especially Steyn. He took the game away from us, said Misbah. We have to work on how to handle the new ball and the outswinging deliveries. We have to negotiate that well. In the second innings we saw that when the ball gets old we can score runs.

South Africa, rst innings, 253 Pakistan, rst innings, 49 South Africa, second innings, 275-3 dec Pakistan, second innings (overnight 183-4) Mohammad Hafeez c De Villiers b Philander ...... 2 Nasir Jamshed c Peterson b Steyn ................... 46 Azhar Ali lbw b Kallis ......................................... 18 Younis Khan c De Villiers b Morkel .................... 15 Misbah-ul-Haq c De Villiers b Steyn .................. 64 Asad Shaq c Kallis b Steyn .............................. 56 Sarfraz Ahmed b Philander .................................. 6 Umar Gul c De Villiers b Steyn .......................... 23 Saeed Ajmal c De Villiers b Morkel .................... 11 Junaid Khan lbw b Steyn ..................................... 9 Rahat Ali not out .................................................. 3 Extras (b4, lb4, nb4, w3) ................................... 15 Total (100.4 overs) .......................................... 268 Fall of wickets: 1-7, 2-64, 3-70, 4-82, 5-209, 6-210, 7-218, 8-240, 9-261 Bowling: Steyn 28.4-10-52-5, Philander 22-3-602 (1nb), Morkel 25-7-89-2 (3nb), Kallis 15-5-35-1 (1w), Peterson 10-3-24-0

Dale Steyn....Man of the Match